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Peace - Begins with you and me

Peace - Begins with you and me

Rachita Poornima Cabral
Associate Professor
Alva's College, Moodbidri

Mangalore, Feb 16: “We come from a Nation where we allow a lady of Catholic origin to support a Sikh to be sworn in as Prime Minister by a Muslim President to govern a Nation that is 80 per cent Hindus. We have 5000 newspapers, 35,000 Magazines and over 21 different languages with a combined readership of over 120 million. We have the 3rd largest army in the World but we still fold our hands in a Namaste because we believe that we are neither above nor below anyone else in the World”.

These words from a popular Bollywood movie was the first thing that came to my mind when the concept of Saamarasya had to be dealt with. ‘Saamarasya- Unity in Diversity’ is one of India’s most powerful characteristics. And India has undoubtedly proved through its years and years of History that diversity does not pull us Indians apart, it brings us closer together.

Though the political scenario is changing even as the above statement is being made the fact remains that India is one country that is more colourful, both literally and metaphorically than any other nation. Diversity comes with a price; it brings in new views of the world, which sometimes trigger acts that are ruthless and cruel.

There are stories of Faith based violence in the news day in and day out. Yes, there are certain public discourses that have a constant undercurrent of religious prejudice.  A fear does exist sub-consciously that maybe someday people of some faith may take over the lives of people of other minor faiths and it is this fear that probably instigates acts of crime and violence as the streets flow with the blood of innocent victims. But we do know deep in our hearts that real peace cannot be achieved through violence it can only be achieved through love and understanding.

It is indeed practically difficult but we do need to make a beginning somewhere. Intolerance is in itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit. Said Gandhi and his statement that he considered himself a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist and a Confucian is probably the only feasible solution we have in this fast changing troubled World today.

Each religion does have a particular set of religious rites, of commands, restrictions and ethical principles to follow but their teachings teach us that the foremost of all is to spread love, peace and happiness. The Islam teaches tolerance not hatred, universal brotherhood, not enmity, peace not violence. The Bhagavad Gita very clearly says be compassionate and gentle and show good will to all. And the Bible simply says Love your Neighbour as you love yourself. The Religious Books tell us so much but we sometimes choose to turn a blind eye to wise teachings.

But yet there has been a lot of Christian bashing, , Muslim bashing, Hindu bashing and racial bashing going on  all over India and most of it is very disheartening. The most troubling part of all this bashing is that it is being done by adult men and women, mostly educated, whose job it is to shape the lives of our young children.

Do we do this bashing because we are scared, or do we hate because we have been hurt or is because we have not opened our hearts to know others?

Hate brings more hate. If our neighbour is unsafe, we are not safe. If someone next to us is attacked tomorrow it may be our turn. Security comes from accepting that all of us are different but similar in spirit, hopes and dreams.

It is this truth that lies beneath the Celebration of Saamarasya - The Annual Peace Event organized by the Karnataka Christian Educational Society (KACES) and INTERFAITH COALITION FOR PEACE that brings together people of all faiths and believes in advocating religious harmony and love.

Indian cuisine reflects diversity. Every civilization, empire or country that has ruled or even stepped one foot in India has brought a small but powerful influence into Indian food. Food, Music and Dance are intertwined with our lives and Saamarasya blends this into the day two- day celebration of Peace and Unity.

On the 16th of February 2013, is the Kalaothsava, a Cultural Celebration of various genres of Music, Dance and Mime. On the 17th of February, Aharothsava, the Food Festival promises an array of mouth watering dishes, both local and continental favourites.

This attempt to bring People of all walks of life has been initiated with the hope of revisiting our rich cultural heritage and spreading the message of peace in every little way possible.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth only makes the World blind, so it is left to each one of us whether we want to roam around blinded, in ignorance pain and suffering or with happiness, love and peace sharing love and universal brotherhood.

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  • Vivi Dsouza, Mumbai/Q8/Neeruda

    Wed, Feb 20 2013

    This article is very good, means too good from our Rachita Cabral. I pray that we all implement in our homes, work places, Schools and where ever we go taking our good Spirit of love and understand. God bless all.

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  • Rajesh, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 19 2013

    I appreciate your thoughts on peaceful coexistence. which seems to be the need of the hour.however i feel that smaller religions will soon become extinct and with that their unique culture may be lost forever.we see parsi & jain communities shrinking in numbers.The monotheistic religions want the whole world to be one religion & they feel they are ordained from god to bring the people of other religion around. when the monotheistic religion exceed 50% of the worlds poulation we may see faster rate of conversions. the sad part would be during the transition there may be lot of bloodshed. allthough it is ideal to have a common religion in this world. The path leading to it may have lot bodies strewn around it. I hope it does not happen that way. let religion be an vehicle for the people to follow right path. The spirit should be live & let live. let all religion live with dignity.

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  • Mahesh, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 19 2013

    Good article Ms.Rachitha. Keep on writing like this. We all Indians are like a Kichdi, mixture of all religions. That is the beauty and taste. Some times we play, some times fight, some times cry and some time we laugh also. But education is the main thing which make us mature people. We mostly study in Christian educational system, where dedicated teachers, nuns or priests work selflessly for our good. When we finish our education/classes we just forget them and do our future education. We owe much from their dedication without caste or creed. We really appreciate the message of love and peace. May God bless us always and keep us happy.

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  • mohd, mangalore

    Sun, Feb 17 2013

    in spite of all this advanced world adresses us as third world country thats the biggest tragedy.

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  • Joel, Mlore/Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Feb 17 2013

    Very Meaningful Article Rachitha, Great work......... Let Peace Prevail...

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  • Aurel Dsilva, kallianpur/Dubai

    Sun, Feb 17 2013

    Nice Article Rachita,Keep up the good work,Peace be with you : )

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  • Vinaya Soans, Mangalore/Bahrain

    Sun, Feb 17 2013

    Peace is related to every religion..Very well written Rachitha..

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  • Rachitha P. Cabral, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 17 2013

    Thank You everyone! Happy to recieve such a positive response for my first article on Daiji World. May Peace reign in all of us. : )

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  • ad, mangloor

    Sun, Feb 17 2013

    A nation, the greatest one, in this universe not because its wealthy, not because its mighty, not because its large but because it lives in human harmony, speaks one language with
    different dialects and tongues,eats one food with different tastes and it survives supporting a population of almost 1.5 billion in a democracy that is second to none with diverse religious beliefs.

    No one nation in this world can claim this status. Every nation is envious. Every nation wants an economic pie of of our impending economic progress. Once a curse, Indias population is a envy of the world because we as a nation can live and others live on our backs. we are not selfish, not dominant, nor seek imperial values like many progressive claim nations do.
    Why are we sitting back as a poor nation yet all the richness exists within our national territories.

    Its time that we salute our nation and stand by as one people with increased patriotism.

    Our nation must demand an equal status in economic as well as diplomatic among other nations of this globe.

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  • Thomas Saldanha, Bangalore

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Very nice article.

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  • Stany D'sa, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    India is vibrant democracy and most toelrant country in the world. Hindus are majority community as christians/Muslims respect them. Minority communities live with peace and harmony.I feel Hindus have never denied any rights of other minority community and that is the beauty all are living with love and dignity. I love my India. I love Rachita's artcle.

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  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Very thought provoking article. I wish more people like Rachita express their views publicly so that the people who are oppressed and afraid get some comfort to think that there are some good people left.

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  • GERALD, Modankap

    Sat, Feb 16 2013


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  • Arnold Lobo, Qatar / Bangalore

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Wonderful article Rachita. An eye opener to all of us who were blind to the wonderful results we receive when we do not retaliate and forgive those who have hurt us . Lets all begin this with our families , our neighbor's , our colleagues at work place by shunning hate and inviting tolerance , patience , understanding and love to one another and I am sure this world will be a better place to live .

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  • Jawar D'Souza, M'lore/Doha

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Very good article, 120 million out of 1.1billion how far are we. Any way we should not have turned so voilent when a great leader like Ghandiji taught us non voilence. Hope people will understand the true value of love. God bless us all.

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    For those who did not understand -
    Rachita's composition(Virachitha) is Nectar (Amritha), Adbuthaa(Stupendous)and is complete(Poorna)in every form and equivalent to
    to full moonlight(Poornima)
    This was a word(ly) floral.Did I pen anything wrong?? Anybody?

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  • haneef, dubai

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Article is need of the hour! let young india join to-gether abolish dis-u-nity.

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  • Lavina Pinto, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Eye opening article for those who hate each other. Lets join our hands for peace & love at our neighbourhood. Keep writing Rachita....

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  • kailasnathrai, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Excellent. Really it needs for present.

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  • A.M Shaikh, Dubai, Belapu, Kaup

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Rachita ke roop mein Bhagwan, Allah aur Jesus Bol raha hai
    We got a heart touching article in this morning. Rachita Keep it up and God bless you.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    In India if every one lives in Peace and Harmony some political parties will loose all the importance.
    No prizes for guessing which party.....

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  • Lancelot N Tauro, manglore - Doha Qatar

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Oh GOD, WE ARE struggling for PEACE.
    SHANTI keliye kuch be karenge.!!!
    PEACE HARMONY prevail for ever n ever. OHM SHANTI OHM... Aamen.

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Idu Poorna
    Sama Poornima
    This a word Floral
    Dear Cabral....

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  • Arun, Mumbai

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Awesome Article. Wish grand success to the program. Let trust, peace,harmony, love and care for each other prevail between us. SARVE JANAH SUKHINA BHAVANTU.

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  • Bigjobs consultancy, balmatta

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Wish the samarasya festival at Kaces ground a sucess.May peace and harmony prevail in Mangalore

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  • Ganesh, mangalore

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Eyes opening article.

    this should be published and distributed all over india.

    people can open eyes. enough i enough.

    now we have put break for crime, murder and rape.

    all my brothers and sister let work for our country and peace.

    once again Thanks for Rachita.

    giving good news in the morning.

    " God Bless You "

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  • THERESA LOBO, Mukamar-Sharjah

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Very Nice Article on PEACE AND LOVE. Thanks Rachita Poornima Cabral for writing this. I just pray that Let there be always Peace /Joy /Love everywhere and all over the world.

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  • Valerian Dsouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Good piece of valuable information from Rachita Poornima Cabral
    Associate Professor for TIME TO TIME INTROSPECTION and RENEWAL of our faith in harmonious living.
    Inspite of several odds, if we are surviving, people of India are still believe in live and let live policy and harmonious at heart.

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  • Anand, karkala/Dubai

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Good article on peace and love, written in a very simple language.

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