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Jacintha's Suicide Notes Reveal her Pain and Anger over Prank Call

Jacintha's Suicide Notes Reveal her Pain and Anger over Prank Call

London, Dec 14 (Mirror): Nurse Jacintha Saldanha wrote three emotional notes revealing the anguish that led to her suicide after she was duped by two Aussie DJs into believing they were royalty.

In one, the distraught mum of two outlines how she struggled to come to terms with the prank call by Mel Greig and Michael Christian to the hospital where pregnant Duchess Kate was being treated for severe morning sickness.

But in another she criticises senior colleagues at the King Edward VII hospital over her treatment after the pair had pretended to be the Queen and Prince Charles asking about the duchess’s condition. That note is said to have left her family furious.

Grieving husband Ben Barboza is understood to want an inquiry into the hospital and an independent probe into the days leading up to her death.

As the anger grew last night, it was revealed staff at 2Day FM in Sydney, the station behind the hoax, had been ordered to live in safe houses after receiving death threats.

A source close to Jacintha’s family said: “One of the letters, which is the longest, deals with the hospital and is critical in its tone. Needless to say, Ben wants a full inquiry into what happened, and he wants to make sure the truth comes out. Within the letter Jacintha calls into question some of the treatment she received at the hospital.”

Police are in possession of the original notes. However the family have been provided with transcripts of all three.

Jacintha’s third suicide letter is more of a practical one which deals with the 46 year old’s funeral arrangements.

Senior Labour MP Keith Vaz, who is working on behalf of her relatives, said last night: “The truth of this matter has to come out for the sake of her family.”

Tragic Jacintha, from Bristol, was found hanged last Friday at the nurses’ home where she was staying, the opening of her inquest at Westminster coroner’s court was told. The contents of the letters were not read out, however the family source insisted they want the truth to be made public about what happened.

Detective Chief Inspector James Harman of the Met told the hearing: “Jacintha Saldanha was found by a colleague and a member of security hanging from a scarf attached to a wardrobe. There were also some injuries to her wrists.

“At this time there are no suspicious circumstances. Two notes were found at the scene and another note recovered from her belongings.”

Coroner’s officer Linda Martin said unsuccessful attempts were made to resuscitate Jacintha, who had a daughter, Lisha, 14, and 16 year old son Junal.

Her body was identified by Ben, 49, and a postmortem was carried out on Tuesday. Mr Harman said police in New South Wales had been asked to obtain statements from Greig and Christian. Friends and family of the victim were being interviewed and emails and any phone calls made investigated.

Coroner Fiona Wilcox fixed a provisional date for a full inquest on March 26, which would have been Jacintha’s 47th birthday.

She told relatives in court: “I would like to pass on my sympathy to you and her family and all those who have been touched by this terribly tragic death.” Jacintha had answered the prank call from the DJs and put them through to another nurse who gave out details of Kate’s condition.

Mr Vaz has written a letter to King Edward VII chief executive John Lofthouse about the tragedy. It contained a reference to comments made by David Cameron that “having the full facts” allows people to come to terms with what has happened. The campaigning MP wrote: “I have dealt with similar cases in the past and I would agree with the Prime Minister that the family need to get the full facts, from the time she took the call from 2Day FM to the time she was found.”

The letter also said Jacintha’s family would take up the hospital’s offer of bereavement counselling and they had also given bosses a list of questions they wanted answered. Southern Cross Austereo, which owns 2Day FM, has said all profits from advertising on the station for the rest of the year would be given to a fund for her grieving family, with at least £320,000 being donated.

But there were fears for its staff last night over the sick death threats. Some have been sent to safe houses and hotels and 24 guards have been recruited to protect them. One of the threats that arrived yesterday is alleged to specifically target Christian warning there are “bullets with your name on” and others involve a shotgun.

The menacing threat is believed to have originated from South Australia and was delivered to the wrong address.

Mr Vaz said Jacintha’s relatives will hold a memorial service for her in London tomorrow. He did not reveal the venue but said the event would be for “family and friends all over the country” to celebrate her life.

It is understood the service will be at Westminster Cathedral.

The King Edward VII pledged to carry on helping Ben and other relatives.

A spokeswoman said: “The hospital has met with the family and will continue to support them for as long as is required.” She added that a senior member of staff has been assigned to “comfort” them.

Mr Cameron paid tribute to Jacintha in the Commons on Wednesday. He said: “She clearly loved her job, loved her work and cared deeply about the health of her patients and what has happened is a tragedy. There will be many lessons that need to be learnt.”


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  • prescilla d.s , mangalore,muscat

    Thu, Dec 20 2012

    rightly said,prescilla,thank you.

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  • Dinesh, mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    After reading all those lengthy comments one can conclude that first.. the heads of those two Aussie RJs should roll... followed by those hospital authorities who ill treated Jacintha.. and last but not the least .. the heads of so called .. ROYAL FAMILY... hope those family business of ruling the country will vanish across the world and let DEMOCRACY and social equality takes over.." Long live the king/ queen..but just as a pensioner!!

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  • Well wisher, M'lore/UK

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    RIP Jacintha. I am really saddened by reading people's judgements about a soul who is no longer alive to defend herself. I work in the healthcare syste here in the UK and know how exactly they function. There is a lot of scapegoating and blame games. I can imagine how hard it must have been for Jacintha especially given that King Edward is a private hospital with such high profile clientale. This case in particular was associated with the Royal family for God's sake. I am pretty sure that there must have a been a huge pressure on her from the hospital. She was probably worried about being fired and then worried about who would give her another job, after having been fired from her previous job. Poor lady had a lot of shame to deal with. The PRANK was in extremely poor taste. All in all seems like the hospital failed.

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  • sallub, Bangalore

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    Pinto, Mangalore has asked the right questions
    Those feeling very sorry for JS, can you pls answer
    Also Eric Coelho, Mangalore has said the same things.
    My opinion are in the same lines
    but I am unable to write as well as both of them
    Too much un-necessary hype around this SUICIDE death of JS

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    Eric Coelho Mangalore, Your Statement
    So many people commit suicide in India for some reasons or the other which goes unreported. But this issue is given too much importance because it was connected to a Royal Family.
    But none of them worked under the British Royal Family or King Edwards Memorial Hospital. None of them have received prank call and harassment and traumatize. None of their answered calls were published on air or made it public. Jacintha was made scapegoat. The Inquest will start on March 26th a wider circumstance of this case will be brought forward to you. When a very high profile stays in the hospital it is the duty of the hospital management to take up the maximum security by the security department and not by the nurse.

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    Eric Coelho it is not easy to resign and run when you are under the Monarchy. I think you are living under your family home where everything comes easy for you. You are still living in Mangalore that is why you do not understand the international standards.

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  • c.m, manglore

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    Mostly I Feel In That Time Loneliness Took Her In To Depression And May Be She Took This Step In Hot Temper, If Peace Of Mind Not There In The Time Of Troubles Come Life Is Like A Hell. And Mind Which Way Taking Done Know.
    Like This Situation If She Had Some Her Loving People Near To Share Her Difficulties, Emotions, And Their Love And Advise Was Helping Her To Avoide This Step,
    She Just Transfer Call Is Not Big Mistake, She Was Not Given any Report.
    She Took Wrong Choice In Wrong Time. Why She Dint Took Off Little Days And Until She Get Peace ?
    Now Everything Is Pinish, No Use Of Talking, Feature Anyone Like That Problem Hits Try To Be Cool Your Mind Think, Ask Advise With Any Elders, Councelors, And Mainly Pray. God Will Show You Direction.
    All Have Challenges, Trails, Tribulations In The Life. For Kings, Ministers, Or Normal Person, If Everyone Take Like This Step Than How World Will Go? Lots Getting Life Treats Also They Are Not Runnig But Facing Challenges.
    ( I Was Surprised Between Those 2-3 Days She Was Not Spoken With Husband, Children, Friends Or Anyone, Everyone Has Cells Mobil's, And No One Contacted Her?.)
    This Issu Was Given Too Much Importance Because It Was Connected To Royal Family As Well International And Popular in Media

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  • Arline, Mangalore

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    I can totally relate to this as having lived and worked in Canada and I know how a 'brownie' is treated for the slightest, silly mistake - poked, ridiculed and belittled even though we are thousand times better and hardworking than most of them (perhaps its jealousy at the workplace!) I walked out on my job after 7 yrs. (had enough!) - with the support and help from my family. I can imagine what Jacintha must have felt and gone through. Its got nothing to do with menopause - its just the way we are treated and how strong one is to endure it. Believe it or not!. I hope her husband will shed some light as to her emotional state after the incident.

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  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    So many people commit suicide in India for some reasons or the other which goes unreported. But this issue is given too much importance because it was connected to a Royal Family. Jacintha is at total peace with god abandoning her family totally. I have seen and experienced in my 35 years of working life where people come across lots of ups and down at work, stress and go into depression but I have never come across one case of suicide. Whatever may be the outcome of the autopsy report and suicide note, I totally condemn the act of Jacintha.

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  • Charlotte, Mumbai

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    Why was Jacintha not given any councelling from the hospital? I'm sure with their support and help she would be alive today. It's so strange that the Aussie DJs were given intensive councelling after aking the prank call. The show was reviewed before it went on AIR. May Jacintha RIP.

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  • CW, Mangalore/USA

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    Mr. E. Coehlo and all others who have supported him, my humble request to you is: Can you please spare Jacintha at least in death?
    She was not worried about her job or status but agonized herself over the thought of being haunted by paparazzi with constant stalking, labeling her as "dumb" nurse who transferred the call. She would have been left with humiliating titles like that for the rest of her life. However even that could have been solved had they moved permanently back to India and our community supported them.. But then she must have been worried about children adjusting back etc. I do not support suicide but this one leads me towards empathy and not towards judgement.
    Many men who have commented here do not know the tenderness of emotions which women go through especially in their 40s. For many women due to the onset of menopause mind turns into a wreck and body goes through difficult transition. Others go through daily anxiety attacks. I have seen so many women go through this phase over and over again. What you call pride, anger, ego, coward is what I call feeling betrayed, helpless, harassed and down right fallen.. Even if she sought counselling no power on earth could have stopped her from the haunting and taunting of Paparazi and she must have debated it again and again in her head.Here in the US too prank was broad casted. A news anchor even laughed ridiculing about the person who transferred the call. How many news channels have done this all over the world?Think about you being ridiculed by the rest of the world.She worked hard all her life and now asked to live being an "idiot" for the rest of her life.. Those DJs succeeded to erase the life time of good work of a woman in couple of minutes.
    We should rightly mourn her and not judge her because we never know when will it be our time to push to the limits. The real cowards were those DJs who faked the identity and glorified their success of duping.

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  • Preeti, Preeti

    Sat, Dec 15 2012

    For anyone, to get a job in this high profile hospital is required to pass certain personality test, bravery credentials alongwith experience.I dont think the hospital treatment followed by this prank call was the only reason for her to committ suicide (if at all). Somehow i agree with Pinto's comments, have question about her husband too? why did he call her friend and not her? any existing family issues?

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  • Thomas, Dubai

    Sat, Dec 15 2012

    Stop commenting it will not help because Jacintha is no more now and the sensitive lady is has become scapgoat of someone's arrongant behaviousr. May Jacintha's soul rest in eternal peace.

    Today you question yourself whether you are a killer of someone by your words, deeds, proud and selfish behaviour [how you treat your colleagues, juniors, maids, husbands, wives,husbands,children.

    Even I strongly say that suicide is not a solution for all problems. Just think about Jesus Christ how many trials and tribulation gone though he is a son of God.

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  • Ibrahim, Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 15 2012

    The overacting hospital senior staff might have infuriated innocent lady. She went to save the lives of patients and ended up her life...innocent soul could not get needed comapssion and support at the sensitive moment. real loss to her family and community and the stupid management of royal hospital.

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  • Jennet Prescilla, Mangalore Muscat

    Sat, Dec 15 2012

    First and foremost I would like to convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Jacintha and Pray Almighty may grant eternal rest to the dear departed soul.
    While I do not condone the drastic steps taken by Jacintha following this bizzare incident, I will not call her a coward. We are not aware of the circumstances that lead to this decision of hers. Mr. Eric coelho suggest that she could have left her job does he know anything about the result or the threats or otherwise by the hospital? she might have been threatened with a suspension or worse still termination from her services (this is only a presumption from my part) The hospital is now trying to placte the family by offering them counseling and moral support. If the same was extended to Jacintha I believe she would not have ended her life. Well people comment that she is egoistic, coward etc etc. but try to put yourselves in her shoes when you are made a laughing stock publicly, where the FM radio is boasting of its achievement in conning a gullible nurse with a hoax call,the hospital slapping her on her wrists for this would have been too much to bear for her. I do agree that she should have taken her family into confidence before taking this drastic step. Pray there is an end to such gimmics by Radio, TV etc. like the candid camera shows etc. which we see on TV. This more like ragging in colleges which is now banned in view of several drastic consequence, hope this too will serve as a deterrent for such future incidents and the hoax callers are severely punished and the radio station is sued to suitably compensate the grieving family.

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  • veera pinto, mangalore

    Sat, Dec 15 2012

    vincent paladka
    R u sure this is not forced suicide or murder.I dont thinks it is 100% confirmed it is suicide and hard to believe that.

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  • Angelina, uk

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    Agree everybody reacts to the action a nurse myself i know the great pressure and stress we go through when things go wrong but Jacitha had her loving husband and kids to support atleast would have discussed with them openly before taking this drastic decision..... anger, frustruation and feeling of shame will effect every individual in a different way but she was not the nurse who spoke on the phone, she only connected the call to the ward......what happened to that nurse? is she an immigrant? feel sorry for her family.....May her soul rest in peace.

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  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    In fact "Coward" is too harsh a word by me and in the same way "Suicide" is too harsh an act by JS. JS in such situation could have surrendered her mortgage and come back to India. She could thereafter lived for her husband, kids and rest of family members who loved and respected her. Let us sit back and think "Was it right on Jacintha's part to take such a step?". Life is not easy but it has its ups and downs and when we want to act negatively it is like "Fast action" like "Fast Food". Time we respect our life, Time we respect our parents who have given us birth naturally and time we leave this world naturally. I am sure JS had faith in God but never had faith in herself. That is why I used the word "Coward" and I stand by it. RIP JS.

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  • Wilson DSouza, Paladka

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    For the sake of her children, she should have resigned for the job and joined somewhere else, if there is humiliation. Suicide by such an educated lady is not at all justified! Sets a bad precedent to demonstrate anger!!!

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  • veera pinto, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    Nurses are shortage in UK and north america..therefore, they import nurses from Asea. How about India providing world class health facility in India with the best doctors/nurses available India with foreign patients with their foreign income. May be it is just a dream, lol :)

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  • Pais, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    I agree with Eric Coelho: If Jacintha did commit suicide (which is highly debatable) then its sad she didnt think of her loved ones before she took the drastic decision. I am sure a lot of us will think " its easier said than done", but remember its your life and you have only one life to lead. You loose it and its gone forever leaving behind tragic memories that will haunt her family for life.

    Jacintha should have been brave in such times, maybe even taken her family into confidence and discussed the matter with Friends/Police/consulate if required. There for sure would have been a easier way out then death..

    My sympathies are with her Family and i pray God gives them the strength to fill in the Void Jacintha created in their lives.

    On a another note, i cannot digest the attention this case has received. We all know the Vulture nature of Media and how starved they are for ratings and sensationalizing anything for that matter.

    There are hundreds of suicide cases in this world. I am sure if asked, (if possible that is) then each of the victim would have a sorry justification for their action/decision. There cant be a foolish or less justified reason in these cases, then why glorify one such case and give it all the prominance. If Jacintha did end her life, she did it with her own will i am sure. if circumstances did influence her into making that decision then her will to survive for herself and her family should have been stronger than her will to end her life. the truth is she made a selfish decision for herself

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  • EP, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    It is too much the people discuss/comments about Jacintha who committed suicide. In her life of 46 years she might have gone through many ups and downs, attended the critical patients, seen many a deaths on her duty, heard about horrible murder committed by her own sisters etc. In such case it is her stupidity to commit suicide just because she has transferred the prank call to another nurse. She should have stood strong and fought her case. Guys, it is better if everyone pray for her soul rather than writing unwanted comments.

    Many a people die every day due to poverty, hunger, sickness, among our relatives, neighbours, churches, schools etc. etc. and no one cares for them.

    When you kill somebody you don't feel the pain the person and the family go through!!! Only when somebody commit suicide or murdered in our family we feel the pain!!!

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  • Michael Noronha, Mysore

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    I am appalled at the glorification of the Outdated Royalty of Britain still when the whole world desires democratic Governments. While right to privacy deserves to be respected a prank should not have been magnified by the RJs as a scoup resulting in Jacintha's death. the same deed by the papparazzi ended Princess Diana's life. A thorough probe needs to be ensured by the World body to find our whether it is a suicide or a murder. After all Kate getting pregnant is not an invention but a normal thing to happen to any married women. It is sad we lost a "Florence Nightingale"

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    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    Heartfelt condolences to Jacintha's husband and her family in their bereavement. After reading all the comments in these columns we would like to put on record that the Mangalorean community in London has been very active in coming to the help of the tragic hit family. In fact President of SKAL (South Kanara Association London) wAs the first one to initiate contact with the family to offer help and personally visited their home in Bristol along with Hon. Keith Vaz MP to console them and make arrangements for the funeral service. Keith Vaz also arranged with the Hospital to create Memorial Fund for Jacintha's family. He is heavily involved in getting to the truth behind this tragedy. But like all such instances it takes time to know the real truth. So we should not jump to clusions that nothing is being done. SKAL is the only organisation which is taking active interest for Mangaloreans in London. The whole community is behind the family and all are united in one spirit to get to the truth. Keith has been in touch on the family's behalf with the Police Commissioner, Hospital and the Prime Minister. We are sure that Keith will go to the bottom of this case and offer help and the right information to the bereaved family very soon. email us or offer your comments to SKAL on

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  • Raj, Udupi

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    RIP ..JS...Mangaloreans are very brave, specially Shirva /Manchakal belt. They are fighters & achivers. Its very rare somebody ending her life. We all know the life of gulf, where people face life alone.

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  • Pinto, mangalore

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    Guys....there are so many questions unanswered as jecintha is not with us....just becoz of one prank call nobody will committ suiside..she only transferred the call to the second nurse.
    prank call is just a reason...she must have had some other issues as well....
    its not that easy to committ suiseide in the wardrobe due to hight and weight....
    why her husband is quiete?
    why was she living in the hospital quarters while she has kids and husband?
    why didnt she tell her husband about the call?
    She could have come home and explain the situation to her family or close friends.

    why her husband ring her friend to know abt Jacintha not her?
    when he didnt hear from her friend why didnt he ring the police?
    According to The Guardian, Jacintha Saldanha's family did not know anything about the hoax phone call – or Jacintha's innocuous part in the incident – until after Saldanha's death was discovered. They had not seen or heard the news of the prank.

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  • RAM, Mangalore / Bahrain

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    Royal Family of England nothing but the VISIBLE DEVILS of today's world...!!!???

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  • GERALD, Modankap

    Fri, Dec 14 2012


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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    It is quite obvious Jacinta’s Superiors in the hospital humiliated and threatened her about being black listed or sacked. She may have had a lot of financial and family commitments and fearing loss of job she panicked and took this bizarre step. May her soul RIP.

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    Fri, Dec 14 2012


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  • Nancy, Mumbai

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    Mr Eric Coelho, Mangalore....I think you are bit Harsh here..

    I too against Suicide.

    Some time many hesitate to discuss their personal problem with anyone. All are not same.

    Who knows what all difficulties Jacintha was facing from HIGH Authorities?.

    If she was alive then we all people would have commented saying "how could she transfer the line without proper investigation? Is it possible to call Prince & Queen to call hospital early in the morning?" etc etc.

    Its a matter of time for Jacinatha. May be she could not bear the humiliation she was facing around her. After all she was a Nurse to High Profile person.

    If she was failed in her suicide and was alive, she might have thought that suicide is not ultimatum.

    But now nothing can bring back.

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  • GERALD, Modankap

    Fri, Dec 14 2012


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  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 14 2012

    The Prank call leading to harassment by Sr. Hospital Staff led to suicide. Was it not best for Jacintha in such situation to leave the job immediately than take this drastic step. She took an instant decision without even talking to her husband and kids the problems she faced after this prank call. JS never waited for her life to end naturally but took it on her own for which she had no right. There are so many people in this world who face lots of ups and down and suicide is not the only solution. There are many remedies by sharing your difficulties, emotions with your family and friends. But now with JS, it is my life, it is my right and she thought "death" was the only action. JS to say in one word you were a "Coward".

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