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Bangalore: Karnataka's 'Dirty Picture' is a Worldwide Hit!

Bangalore: Karnataka's 'Dirty Picture' is a Worldwide Hit!

Daijiworld Media Network - Bangalore

Bangalore, Feb 8: For once, the deeds of our lawmakers have made international headlines, but for the wrong reason. The 'porngate', as dubbed by the media, concerning Krishna Palemar, Laxman Savadi and C C Patil has given much fodder not just to state and national media, but the international ones too.

To add salt to the wound, the international media's focus was repeatedly on the fact that such a shameful act was done by ministers of a party that claims to upkeep morality and tradition.

From Washington Post to The Australian, Oman Tribune to ABC Online to BBC and Sydney Morning Herald, almost all the major newspapers and media across the world carried stories of how the ministers were caught watching a porn video during Assembly session and then resigned.

While The Guardian carried a detailed report on the incident, Al Jazeera flashed images of people venting their ire against the ministers in Bangalore.

Cartoonist Satish Acharya's take on the incident

 Cartoon printed in a Kannada daily on Feb 9

Even Pakistan was not to be left behind in reporting the incident. The Nation carried a report with photograph and stated, like many others around the world, that the politicians were from 'a morally conservative party'. The stress was also on the fact that one of them was a minister of women's affairs.

Twitter and Facebook have been abuzz with activity, with debates and funny takes on the incident making the rounds. YouTube too registered hits, with around 10 clips recording a viewership of one lac.

Cartoonists too had a field day, with one of them, Kundapur-based Satish Acharya coming up with a creative take on the incident. His cartoon shows C C Patil and Laxman Savadi 'explaining' their act - while the minister for women and child development states he was learning how a 'child develops', the cooperation minister chips in with 'And I was cooperating'!

Incidentally, it has come to light that the video the trio were caught watching in the Assembly orginated in Kasargod and is called 'Fasila'. As is well-known by now, the video shows a woman clad in black sari dancing and undressing. The video was reportedly shot two years ago.

Interestingly, the demand for the video clip has reportedly increased after the incident. In Hubli-Dharwad, for instance, a DVD titled 'Ministers' Dirty Picture' is being sold by the minute, according to reports.


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    Sat, Feb 11 2012

    The 3 Idiots.

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  • armanmohammed, mangalore

    Fri, Feb 10 2012

    Karnataka's' 3cricketors are 1.Anil kumble.2.Rahul dravid.3.shreenath are world famous after many years hard work in cricket..but this 3 blue - ministers are very famous world wide with in a few seconds with out -hard work.

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  • Ashish, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 10 2012

    Koti Koti "Porn"aamagalu!!!
    Jai Ho to u know who, who and who!!!

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  • sunil, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Congrats you are world should encash this free publicity to sell your real estate business. You have not allowed us to build houses in mangalore. This IS A CURSE by people of KUDLA. You are a land grabber, you build flats only to NRIs & very rich indians who avoid TAX. Take a lesson or two from Mr. Eric Correa. you WILL NEVER EVER ENJOY the wealth you have GRABBED!!!! Jai Kulda, Jai Hindustan!!!

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  • xavier, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Dear all,
    I'm looking for so called moral police P.Muthallic & Co. immediately for necessary action at Karnataka assembly.Mutthallic's appropriate action is greatly appreciated.Thanks

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  • sharekhan, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    The mangalore district police are not made any arrest or even find any hide-out of Prostitute , brothel's'since Krishna palemaar took -over as in charge ministar of the prove's'that paalemar is directly  involved in this porn business in the city.

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  • Jumbo, Ottawa

    Thu, Feb 9 2012


    All the late night shows in US and Canada making fun of acts of these ministers in assembly specially one with women and child portfolio.

    Unfortunatelty these perverts are confident that this case will vanish away just like yeddy and reddys and reelcted next election.


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  • Mark, Udyavara

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Having sex with mutual consent is nobody's business.

    But sitting in public office (property, electricity, air conditioning) paid by people's money and abusing is the concern!

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  • Yathish, UAE

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Awake, aware BJP- Guilty should be punished.

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  • Abdul Hamid, Jokatte/Dammam

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Thank you BJP............Thank you for providing India with entertainment. After Anna Hazare's joker act was over, people were bored you have come to their rescue.

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  • Mohammad Salauddeen Bantwal, Panemangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    These Ministers believed "Kaamakke Kannu Illa" proverb and watched Porn in Assembly. Unfortunatel they forgot "Camera Galige Kannu Ide"!!

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    Thu, Feb 9 2012


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  • A.Rodrigues, Mangalore-Qatar.

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Krishna leelae.Excellent video shoot by the TV cameramen.

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  • Vicky, Karkala/Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Haha .. Brilliant title for this Article !! Absolutely True N Bang On !!!

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  • Ganesh Hegde, Dubai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012 lived upto your name. Krishnaleela in assembly.

    Savadi and Patil singing : Krishna..nee begane baaro.

    Krishna...bande ottige bande.

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  • haneef, mali africa

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Kudos to our ministers!! now they got international recognition. you will also get in comedy circus

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  • Durgadas Suvarna , BLORE/MLORE

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Rakesh Shetty, mangalore agree with your comments. Also such real things happened in the past. Please go through the comments of Mr Don Amnon, Lower Bendoor, Mangalore especially first two points and whatever he mentioned is 100% correct. The third point which is mentioned is what happened in karnataka two days back which is also not correct, but definitely not worse than first two points which he mentioned.

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  • Ganesh Bhat , Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Kalladka Bhatta has insulted muslims and christians to the extreme. He had crossed all his limits. Also he had praised hindus to be the best character and culture. That was theory and this is practical!

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  • sasi, delhi

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    The Three Ministers, one may be assigned the port polio of Ministers incharge Pornclip sensors so they will have more opportunity to examine officially during office working hours also varities of clips of All countries &recommend suitable clip for award if they deserve for good quality,expression etc.One minister may be deputed for spl traing at USA for 12months course at Porn Industry so as to give suitable suggestion for Mangalore based "Vayusena "of their party. How not to act or act in porn movies. The 3rd man may be drafted by BJP for all india supervion of this vanishing Industry .Action National All india leaders

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  • Canute, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Unhappily married guys, wives are not cooperating whole heartedly in the game, what do these men can do better than this other than warming the seats in vidhana saudha?

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  • Devdas A., Mangalore / UAE

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Adarniya sabhapati mahodaya, atithi vishesh matsya mantri Shri J. Krishna Palemarji, Sahakar sachiv L. Savadiji aur mere piyaaare sahpatiyo

    Aaj agar BJP aasmaan ki bulaaandiyo ko chhu raahaa hai to uska shreya sirrf ek insaan ko jaataahai – Shri Yediyurappaji.

    Give him a big hand. He is a great guy really.

    Peechle buttis saal (BJP estd in 1980) se inhone nirantar is DESH mein balatkar pe balatkar kiye. Umeed hai aagey bee karte rahege. Hamein to aashcharya hota hai ki ek PARTY apne jeevan kaal mein itni balatkar kaisi kar sakta hai. Inhone kadi tapaasya se apne aapko is kaabil bunaya hai. Waqt ka sahi upyog ghante ka purna istemaal koi inse seeke. Seeke inse seeke. Aaj YEH sab LOG yaha hai, kal desh videsh mein fail jayenge. Waadaa hai aapse jis desh mein honge waha balatkar karenge, INDIA ka naam roshan karenge. Dika denge sabko jo balatkar Karne ki kshamtaa yaha ke MINISTARON mein hai wo sansaar ke kisi MINISTARON mein nahiii. No other MINISTER. No other MINISTER.

    Adarniya mantriji! Namashkar aapne is KARNATAK ko wo chees di jiski hamein sakht zaroorat thi. “KAAM (work)”! KAAM hota sabi ke paas hai. Sab chupa ke rakte hai, dekhata koi nai. Aapne apna KAAM is balatkari purush ke haat mein diya hai, ab dekiye yeh kaisa iska upyog karta hai (to become CM again)

    Is mouke pe mujhe ek SHARE yaad arahe…
    Utthamum BED ROOM Kamam
    ASSEMBLY kaamam Nikrishta kaamam – praana gatakam.

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  • Don Amnon, Lower Bendoor, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012


    Don’t peep neighbour’s house . First check your house.

    Don’t go party wise .If want to see moral value of Cong’s/ JDS/BJP ‘s great politicians first read “ KAMARAJA MARGA” written by Ravi Belegere of Hai Bangalore.
    Definitely you will spit.

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  • Rakesh Shetty, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Friends No problem this wont effect to BJP in karnataka. They caught just watching thats no matter, if they caught real doing with others then that will be the shame to all. It happens in politics. Jai hind.

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  • Manoj Sequeira, Barkur/Johannesburg

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Forget about other countries, even Africa they broadcasting this incident !! God save my Karnataka state !!

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  • walter vijay, mangalore/salalah

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    I read news last week about two boys watching blue clips on bus stop. Cops sent them to jail.  So now where should we send these buddha kamukas?

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  • Dr S kamath , Mumbai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Behold Dear Daiji readers there is latest Shocking news Break.As per Legal experts - Cyberlaw -Viewing PORN IS NOT AN OFFENSE BUT RECORDING AND TRANSMITTING IS AN OFFENSE .I think then TV-9 is the culprit here

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  • santhosh, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    They want to promote bjp culture in to international level to attract more tourist now they watched porn movies in assembly next they will take drugs in assembly, rave party in assembly so they showing to tourist saying by we are better then your country for drugs and sex we can enjoy where ever we want please support us next for election ,come and have party so we will get more income

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  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Mr.Don Amnon, Lower Bendoor, Mangalore...whatever you have mentioned is totally right..what about italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi ..who are indulged with underage prostitutes..!!

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  • NRD , Bangalore, Bangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    CM has to expand our state ministry by one more called "Minister for state pornography and Sex Videography" and all these ministers can be given Doctorate.

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  • Pravin, Jubail / Kaup

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    The Supreme Court-appointed special investigation team (SIT) on Wednesday gave a clean chit to chief minister Narendra Modi over allegations of his involvement in the 2002 riots.

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  • Rocky, Bangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Most of the comments are by Hypocrates.Can these people vouch that they have not watched porn content ever.Can others in the opposite camp also vouch for the same.These people will be on the front seats watching the movies of Hashmi.All this is uselss controversy created by the Indian media.

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  • RR, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Palemar:Bhatre,yaan ereg saportu malde,itte eer yenk saportu malpodu.
    Bhatru:Au maata aapuji Palemare,eer yenada pandude nekk maata kai padiyara?
    Palemar:Bhatre,eereda pandud yaan poorekkla kai padare aapunda?Pani
    Bhatru:Au maata yenk gothiji,eer maldina sari ejji,undu maata guttudu malpodu atta Palemare?
    Palemar:Bhatre,itte yaan daada malpune?
    Bhatru:Onthe dina eer illad kulludu unden maata guutudu thoole,bukka thooka aavande?

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  • nagendra nayak, Kudremukh

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    What a Moron, will be remembered forever as "Blue Janata Porno" - BJP

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  • lukas, malpe

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Our CM justifying act of 3 MLA by giving example of 25 incident of congress party.In that he said about Naina shahni Tandoori Murder case but he should remember that accused susheel now facing death penalty for this like that we need disqualification of 3 MLA and face investigation for watching blue film in Vidhan Soudha.Shame of these BJP leaders and their followers!even last parliment speaker Somanath Chaterji disqualified more than 7 MP for bribing in evidence of CCTV

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  • Amanash, Udupi/Dubai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Murthy, mangalore/dubai,
    They only resigned from the ministry.. What about constituency they represent. How can people even call them leaders when they are not even fit to be the peons. Its not about any party/politics, they have shamed our beloved country and our state in front of the whole world.. They dont belong to any party (BJP has side lined them). Now, they are Individuals whose Immoral Act has to be condemned by each and every citizen of INDIA.

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  • Devesh, Patna

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Party with a difference has many other idiots like these three idiots in Karnataka. It is time that BJP and all its allied organizations should give up moral policing and let everyone live in peace and with freedom.

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  • abba, abudhabi

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Strange. still some people suppportig them by giving some examples.This also shame.....

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    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Dear Readers, Why this shouting D? Net is filled with tens of thousands of such videos & photos. What for? For whom? Who is not watching these? Anybody who has access to net and a litl privacy surf these sites and honestly let's say enjoy it. Had it not been fact the net would not have been filled with the porn. Many studies have clearly brought out males constantly think of sex after a certain age.
    The fault lies in the place of occurrence.

    But then, at the time when this happened, the topic under discussion must have given the ministers free time.If u make the discussions in the House more meaningful and specific rich with clear action plan for the development of the state & welfare of people this will never occur.
    Who knows who will be caught next- ministers in Parliament, Officers in their Secretariat chair, Professors & Students in the classrooms.
    All the best for the victors & vanquished

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  • Ron, Cok

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    I thought young guys struggle with porn but here a group of 40 year old men having families been caught in this act ... better nip it at the bud ... than be a A

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  • Amanash, Udupi/Dubai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Shameless people, if they wanted to watch porn then they should have done this in the comforts of their home.. not in the parliament.. Now, the whole world is airing this news.. The so called protectors of Indian culture are of course the most culture less people.. Only Talking/Preaching doesnt help you have to follow the same to protect it.. If this kind of things happen in public then god only knows what they do in private..

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  • Murthy, mangalore/dubai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Dear All....the ministers resigned. Let the assembly committee to investigate the issue. Matter is closed for now. Our sincere suggetion to opposition to discuss about the development in the assembly.

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  • B.Benjacobsingh, Marthandam

    Thu, Feb 9 2012


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  • Asif, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Karnataka has become PORNATAKA after Minenatka etc etc. Whoever kept the name of our state ending with NATAKA beat Socrates hands down as they must have foreseen the number of nataka`s going to happen.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sarita D'Souza, Valencia / Kuwait

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    JAI HO !!!!! Where is Nagesh ? No comments from him .....

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  • suvasini, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    BJP,BHAJARAG. RAM SENE AND ALL SENAS AND RANGAS etc. etc. say celebreting valantine s day is a foreign culture.... and they protest to ban such things. Now your own people that also leaders had made India specially Karnataka to bend their head in ashame throught the world.So now ragas senas etc. wake up give justice to these 3 ediots and BAN THEM FROM POLITICS,SOCIETY AND FROM CITY and show your courage and love care for Indian rich culture!!!!!!!

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  • Umer Ali, Mangalore (Riyadh)

    Thu, Feb 9 2012


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  • VINCY, Bangkok

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Now let KPB come out from the cave and see what is happening.He talk big only in south kanara that too limited to some taluks.If he is really a social reformer then let him talk like anna hazare.Even DVS need permission from KPB to sack the ministers.

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  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupi

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Like .. "why this video watch, video watch video watchED

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  • Don Amnon, Lower Bendoor, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Indian state assemblies are notorious for Sex scam’s

    1.In TN DMK MLA’s attacked Ms.Jayalalitha molested and pulled out the Sarie.

    2. In Kerala one MLA open his Dhoiti and shown of........?????

    3.In Karnataka ministers are busy with watching BHAKTA PRALHADA Mahathme

    Next time we can see drunk & puke ,prostitution, drug consumption, rape and Murder etc in any one of 28 state assemblies / Parliament

    Dream of SWARAJYA of Freedom fighter fulfilling

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  • gokul, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    as karnatka is exploring the possibility of introducing sex education in schools, this can be used as one of the chapter in it

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  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Mr.R.Bhandarkar, M..Neela Aasmaan (blue tooth) is introduced by none other than western track down all your activities sitting down far away in US/Europe.. Please do not buy 'BLACKBERRY' are on target..!!

    telephone wireless first used for military purposes from which mobile introduced by zionists to conquer all over the world..for there market strategy..!!! women's who are sitting inside 24x7 are also watch the whole world..what's going around..without disturbing others..and revolt afterwards for there basic rights..!!good tactics..

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  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    I think in International level, BJP's BLUE FILM episode will beat Bill Clinton & Monica's sex act in White House.

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  • Ravi, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Shameer, UAE Not "rule you" must be "serve you". They are elected to give good service to the nation and be good example to the world. All their expense and salaries are paid by our hard earned money by paying tax by each and every citizen. Constitution says that they are the servents of the nation, but they do the opposite.

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  •, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Also Nepali news published the issue. Mobil is not Indian culture must be banned. Because of western technology our ministers got corrupted. Trio are the deshi ministers they will never do these things.

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  • Pradeep, M'lore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    In India there is democracy,
    In Karnataka, ministers enjoy 'porno'cracy...

    Central Govt. is full of Corruption,
    Karnataka Govt. doesnot mind prostitution...

    With its policies & corruption, Central Govt. digging its own grave,
    In the name of promoting tourism, Karnataka Govt is supporting Rave...

    Ministers act is unpardonable & offending,
    But some 'Maamu' on this forum will soon come out defending...

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  • Francis, Moodbidri/Dubai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Anyway Karnataka is now "WORLD FAMOUS" not by good work but with dirty things. Congratulations who those voted these PORNSTARS.

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  • MAS, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Wake up ABVP!!! Wake up ABVP!!! where are you guys ? Are you sleeping ??? Why not you are protested whole world is protesting for this misbehavior in the assembly. Where is your morality???

    DisAgree [8] Agree [88] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dev Sagar, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Hello, where is Mr Kalladka Bhatta and the infamous Muthalik? We are missing their expert comments. Bhatta had d that muslims and christians always do the wrong things and the hindus have the best character! Now actions speak louder than his words.

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  • BENJAMIN, Managalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    HEY GUYS post some nice funny jokes in this matter...... and make this Brand new Dirty Picture HIT (Lead Act.... Palemar, Savadi and Patil....... Producation in Association with BJP)

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  • Mitwa, Sharjah

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Bangalore was once paradise for investors and IT-HUB Silicon City....Garden City

    Now thanks to BJP for spoiling Bangalore completely

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  • Kamal Taiyyeb, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    I am surprised why all the moral police, Prabhakara Bhatta, BD and RS are silent. Why nobody is supporting, defending, justifying or even criticising the ministers. The so called hindu nationalist party, guardians of culture, protectors of women, propagators of hindutva have shown their true colours. It's a shame and disgrace for the BJP and the blind supporters.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [57] Reply Report Abuse

  • Simona, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Shameless creatures....

    DisAgree [3] Agree [38] Reply Report Abuse

  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Iit's in worldwide people involved in sex tactics..former presidents/prime ministers/IMF chief..where it our three minister's stand in between..!!!

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  • ashik, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    i like this news very muchh

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  • P.A.Shanu, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Misbehaviour in cabinet or parliament has been watched so many times in the previous past. These are the leaders chosen by us as our representatives. It is our mistake in misjudging our representatives mannerism. I hope and wish the general public has learnt this and will take this as a lesson when they moves to pooling booth next.

    It is frequently said and spread that BJP is the party for culture and decency among other political parties in India. But whatever we have seen in BJP so far proves otherwise.

    Renukacharya , halappa, Savadi, Patil , Palemar are the few came into limelight but many are in waiting list to join these with adventure.

    lets wish all of them good luck to bring Indias name on top around the world

    DisAgree [2] Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse

  • Aloka Nath, Bengaluru

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Remember Battas speech in Uppinangady. He was telling his followers " burka derthdh thoole', thirth atth mith" and his followers were doing the same. This is RSS, BJP and sangh parivar and their thinking, philosopy respect for women and culture. Batta also said do not give mobile to girls. He knew what is in a mobile.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [64] Reply Report Abuse

  • shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udupi

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Kar nataka has become world famous for wrong reasons.... Hang those who made karnataka infamous....

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  • Shameer, UAE

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Parabag popi kaala! )

    In the assembly if these guys dare to watch porn..wonder what they do outside.

    To only the sensible and honest citizens of India - would you still want to elect such people in the next election to rule you?

    DisAgree [5] Agree [47] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ajith, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    I am going to add these blue boys as reference to my CV.At least I will get international jobs in pornography.I have also been approached by porn director to coax these 3 politicians to act in his porn Movie,Palemar can quit his business and become a porn star.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [40] Reply Report Abuse

  • KN Lobo, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Huvavada Huva Mallige
    BJPge yenaythu helu Mallige!
    Hallappa Haraadi ketta
    Laksmana Savdi Nodi ketta!
    C C Patil Inukki Ketta
    Palemar matra Kottu ketta alla Maliige
    Yenaythu Helu mallige

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  • GERALD, Modankap-Bantwal

    Thu, Feb 9 2012


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  • R.Bhandarkar, M

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    'Neela Aasmaan So Gayaaa-ho-(Javed Akhtar-the renowned poet)
    'Neele Neele Ambar Pe- (the magnificient- Anand Bakshi)may not have got 'international' recognition for their depicting the universal 'blue'. However by painting our entire Karnataka 'blue' our (in)famous 'blue tooth'boys have given a new (?) dimension to the colour ! But the colur has hit back-Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow
    may well be replaced by

    DisAgree [5] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shameer, UAE

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Thanks to these 3 ex-ministers of Karnataka. They have made us hold our heads high with shame. There was whole a lot of discussion going around in the channels about this incident. Shameless creatures. Deport them to Guantanamo bay.

    Mr. K Parabakra Butt...we didn't hear anything from you. We are waiting to hear some words of appreciation about these ministers. Please...

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/ Mumbai

    Thu, Feb 9 2012

    Nagesh  - Our Karnataka is now going to be No.1 in the WORLD. Cheers!!!!

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Title : Bangalore: Karnataka's 'Dirty Picture' is a Worldwide Hit!


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