AAP imbroglio: Dramatic potpourri, reminder of 'Animal Farm'

Florine Roche

Apr 1: The AAP infighting drama has everything to make it an entertaining and comedy thriller – suspense, backstabbing, blackmail, open scuffle, bullying, accusations and counter-accusations, manipulations, behind-the-scene manoeuvrings, horse trading, dirty politics, mobile recordings, videos and blame game. While infighting is common in political parties after a harsh drubbing in elections, as is now happening in the Congress, it is the other way round as far as AAP is concerned. The wrangling which was going on clandestinely before Delhi elections have come out in the open within a few day of the being voted to power in Delhi elections and that too with a thumping majority. This bickering in AAP has come as a big dampener for all those who were happy to see AAP emerging as viable alternative political force to take on the BJP and the Congress.

The AAP imbroglio reminds us of the fall of the first non-Congress government that ruled the centre headed by Morarji Desai of Janata Party in 1979 due to its internal contradictions. The main characters in that drama were Morarji Desai, Choudhary Charan Singh and Indira Gandhi. It was Desai’s indifferent attitude and Charan Singh’s ambition that hastened the fall of the Desai government formed after the Emergency debacle. A maverick Charan Singh was waiting for an opportune time to topple Desai government. So, when the opportunity came knocking he seized it and pulled out from the government. Having done that, he lost no chance to become the Prime Minister with help of the same Indira Gandhi who had jailed him during emergency. On her part Indira Gandhi played her political cards adroitly when she withdrew support within five months of Charan Singh becoming the Prime Minister, leading to the fall of the Janata government. In the elections that followed Indira Gandhi was voted back to power.

Though such a situation may not arise in Delhi as of now because of the sheer majority AAP enjoys, one cannot help drawing comparisons between these two incidents. So, what does this significantly different political development in AAP actually indicate? Is it a clash of ideology or merely a struggle for power and clashes of bruised or bloated egos? AAP drama has certainly given credence to the oft repeated quote that says ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Aravind Kejriwal used to swear by internal democracy, getting rid of VIP culture and personality cult, clean political funding, internal Lokpal and much more. In reality he has shown glimpses of being a despot equivalent or worst than what he has been accusing of other political parties before assuming power as the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Today the people of Delhi and elsewhere have every right to ask Kejriwal and his cronies what has happened to his promise of bringing about a paradigm shift in the political scenario of the country by annihilating some of the ills plaguing us such as corruption, maladministration, bureaucratic red-tapism and equal opportunities for all. What happened to his trump card of being different from other political parties? Omar Abdulla’s tweet says it all – “To think that commentators were actually advising older political parties to be more like #AAP seems #AAP has decided to be more like us :-)”.

The AAP squabbling also reminds us that both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were surrounded by a coterie of political cronies and a bunch of chamchas restricting the entry of others into their inner circle. It was this coterie which was the undoing of Indira Gadhi and even Rajiv Gandhi. Now it is the same coterie culture which is the root cause of the problems engulfing AAP. Aravind Kejriwal had a panacea for every problem faced by Indians before he came to power. But he is incapable of solving the internal strife within is party which is sure to split wide open any time. How can people trust him to solve the problems of the common people when he can’t set his house in order?

After getting rid of founding members of AAP Yogendra Yadav, Prashanth Bhushan and a few others who were the architects of the party building it from scratch, we are told Kejriwal is now in full control of the party. His infamous speech ‘it is either me or they’ is a reflection of his arrogant and haughty attitude towards those who question his style of functioning and his despotic way of running the party affairs. After sacking these senior members he has appointed only his confidants to plum positions to stem any dissent and silence those who oppose him or voice concerns about how the party affairs are governed.

Arvind Kejriwal and other founding members came into limelight on the issue of Jan Lokpal bill during the Anna Hazare Movement. The fact that the internal Lokpal was ejected unceremoniously yesterday shows Kejriwal camp has scant regard for the very ideals they e highlighted when they were all aam aadmi people. They have least regard to the basic democratic principles in pursuit of their goals of ousting the dissidents. Prashanth Bhushan termed his sacking and subsequent development as Stalinist Purge.

Kejriwal might succeed in tightening his grip over the party as of now, which is no doubt a dangerous development. It makes way for personality cult. Sadly the coterie surrounding him today comprises political opportunists including many journalists-turned politicians. Though the hypocrisy of Kejriwal gang has been exposed time and again including its efforts to indulge in horse trading, common people still believed that AAP is a welcome development in the murky politics of India and voted it to power. Sadly the AAP experiment is proving to be a futile experiment, having failed to come to terms with its vicissitudes.

Here I recall George Orwell’s political satire “Animal Farm” where Orwell describes his novel as a ‘violent conspiratorial revolution led by consciously power hungry people’. Further he says the turning point of the story was supposed to be when the pigs (people in power) kept the milk and apples for themselves which were supposed to be shared by all. Kejriwal camp wants to keep all the milk and apples only for its coterie members and has been trying to brusquely dump all those who raised their voice against despotism and personality cult.


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  • subramani periyannan, Trichirappalli,Tamilnadu

    Mon, Apr 06 2015

    Ramleela Grounds and the Mass that made it AAP will soon decide and may expel Kejriwal , power monger ,more arrogant than any other leader we have ever seen in independent INDIA. He must be Ejected OUT

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  • Michael Noronha, Mysore

    Thu, Apr 02 2015

    Ignore these immature brats. They will meet the same fate as the Assam Gana Parishat. Mature persons would have taken their promises at face value. Now put up with the adage "The people get the Government they deserve" and in this case "They desired as well".

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  • The Guru, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 02 2015

    Happy aapril fool day... Enjoy delhites for next 5 years.... 15lakh CCTV cameras are on the way... Delhites please switch on wifi.. 15 Mbps speed of internet is available ... Password is Aapril fool...

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  • Marle, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 02 2015

    I really don't believe, well all this for a free WIFI ?

    CCD offer it too for free at their cafe lounges!

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  • Victor Alvares, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Thu, Apr 02 2015

    I have been reading news items in print media before computer revolution in India and believe what is written there is truth. Now I know that every writer is tilted/aligned to some political party. After TV shows such as Times Now's news hour, I am came to know that many media-men are given free flats in metros and many of them are in the pay roll of the main political parties. Some are promised post retirement plum posts, et,etc.

    This article slightly smells like the writer is a staunch supporter of some national party and there is heartburn at the loss in Delhi.

    AAP's fundas are very strong. Yes, there are internal issues which is inevitable as all credit goes to one person.

    My suggestion: AAP's success is based on strong Arvind. Without Arvind's leadership and moves AAP is like waterless pipe.

    I love Arvind.

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  • Jossie Mascarenhas, Bajpe / Dubai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Perfect comment by Stephen Menezes, Shirthady Dubai. This analysis reminds me of BJP paid media propaganda during the Lok sabha elections. I was really surprised at the tone of this article whereas the reality is quite different.

    Florine, just because you read some biased reports or comments from some other sources does not mean you too should write the same. Do some real analysis and be fair.

    Do you have any other options other than sacking these guys ? Can you work together by keeping them ? The main aim of this party is to serve people and not to settle issues within the party which will not end. And to fulfill promises it is important that there is peace and strong leadership within the party. To a great extent AAP has achieved it now. Best of luck.

    And no one-sided reporting please.

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  • Glen Mendoca, Tallur

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    The writer picked only negative points on AAP in this article, in reality AAP already implemented their election promises in Delhi, like free water, subsidised electricity, free wi-fi in metro rail, e-ration card services etc.
    For sure they will definitely fulfill all their promises which they made during the election time.

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  • Langoolacharya., Belman/Washington,DC.

    Wed, Apr 01 2015


    "Samudra Mathana" going on in AAP....first poison is coming out...wait for some more time...Amrith will come out and party will be clean without ambitious, scheming and opportunistic people...

    Have patience people....


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  • R.Bhandarkar, Mangaluru

    Thu, Apr 02 2015

    Where from 'Amrith'?
    Rear or front?
    C'mon Langools- You knew and I told you!

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    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    AAP ko Laga SHAAP...

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  • Mike, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Florine Roche, please do some further research. Your article is far from reality. AAP is totally a different party unlike any political parties existed, exists and will exist. Can you imagine a party consisting of all MLA's kicked out from AAP, how it's existence going to be? And what it benefits the voters, provided that party lasts till then. What's going on in AAP is shear filtering out the corrupt people and rogue agents of opposite party mainly like BJP who have somehow sneeked into the party. Arvind Kejriwal is upright, no nonsense person, for the moment it looks like he is dictating terms and rightly so to deal with these type of rogue elements. The overwhelming majority of the party candidates are with Kejriwal who are well qualified and can speak for themselves. At preset AAP is the biggest threat to any major political party in India and I won't be surprised God forbid if there going to be any political assassination, lynching, murder or death of any AAP candidates because of their very stand they have taken and if it happens AAP will grow even more stronger and people will embrace them with whole heart.

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  • Jossie Mascarenhas, Bajpe / Dubai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    The writer seems to be very naïve in political affairs. Or does she have any soft corner for those trouble makers ? From the word go she is picking up the negatives and only negatives. There are 2 things: one is party, second the people.

    What Kejriwal has done is 100% or more correct. This is how the party will be strengthened and survive which is essential to serve people.

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  • Stephen Menezes, Shirthady/Dubai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    The writer sounds very biased, more like a paid journalist of other political parties. Don't forget 300 AAP members met and 247 voted against the dissidents, it's not AK, he was not even present during the voting. It's true he said it is either he or them, because they wanted him to step down form party convener's post, which means either us or he. The dissidents were systematically maligning the party and AK, and certainly some one was behind all these, AAOP directly fights against the biggest industrialists like Reliance, Adani etc etc, so who knows who is behind the scene, AAP has done the right thing by throwing the Bhushan's, Yogenda and gang. If you really want to know truth, as a journalist do a sting operation and find out and let us know as well, instead of doing a desk-top review and write up.

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  • Mahendra Shetty, Mumbai Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015





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    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Why does this sound like the script of a Saas Bahu story. Arvind cried, Arvind did this, Arvind said that and its always about Arvind....I have begun to feel AAP stands for Akela Arvind ka Party

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  • Karan, Katapadi/Dubai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    There are many such fights happening in BJP and Congress but it is kept out of media or not exposed. AAP being a new party they do not know how to keep their matters within the closed door. However, AAP is best political party in India and has a great future. All the Best. They will deliver their poll promises and slowly BJP and Congress will vanish all over India.

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    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    If this tamasha continues,the people of Delhi would certainly pull AAP down.

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  • Henry Sequeira, Kateel/USA

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    There is no point in crying over spilt milk and a few rotten apples. Let us give time to AK and his team and judge after a year or so on their performance. For the moment it seems that they are doing a pragmatic thing. Which is unavoidable meaning the cleansing of the bad elements in the party.

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  • Sebastian, Udupi / Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    AAp Kaiyalli Adhikara kottaddu Mangana Kaiyalli Manikya Kotta haagaagide.

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  • Dev Sagar, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Any sensible person can understand that Yogendra Yadav and Prashanth Bhushan are puppets in the hands of some powerful enemy of AAP acting remotely.

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  • Christopher DCunha, M'lore/AUH

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    As long as they deliver whatever has been promised people like me will not bother about their internal politics. AK did a best thing, at the budding stage itself he has rooted out the internal problems.

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  • R Mallar, Kasaragod/ Dubai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Kejriwal, after the election victory stated that AAP should not become "ahankaris" like BJP. And see who is telling that it is either me (aham) or them.
    People like Kumar Vishwas and Ashutosh will be recorded as the ultimate villains by history.

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  • Indian, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    AAP is not a God's party and Arvind is not a God
    But truth is that they are honestly committed for well being of ordinary people ...
    AAP is not 100 % perfect party even no party is perfect.
    They may have flaws
    but when i compare it with its competitors
    It is a long way ahead ..

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  • jeetendra hegde, mumbai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Congrats for throwing Kejri ahead of all parties, volunteers and founders .

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  • Indian, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    What about Feku Modi????

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  • Marle, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 02 2015

    Ask this question to yourself!

    You seem to be a Paki spy? ain't you?

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  • Valerian, Dubai/Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Infighting is there everywhere. BJP congress is solving it with muscle power or offering meaty posts. etc etc. AAP is not offfering those kinds of solutions. It acted as a bitter medicine to other corrupt parties. If we want to go with our old system of political system, its our choice. Then we can count thousand and one scames etc. Two members breaking away will not affect the functioning of Delhi assembly. Unlike other parties rebel leaders not taken away half of MLA's in a plane to unknown places..or to resorts..
    Look at BJP...BJP means Modi. There is no second person you can see there. Though country is democratic, party has maintained a discipline behind a leader.
    In Congress also president has tremendous power in the party. AAP is trying to bring democracy in the party.

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  • Indian, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    No problem with AAP's internal fight. They started good job in Delhi and will deliver 90% of their poll manifesto.

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  • Raj Amin, Udupi

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Kya mast joke mara re...

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  • Indian, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Reality ko joke math samaj mere bhai...

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  • Raj Amin, Udupi

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Bas kar yaar kitna hasayegaa...

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  • Raj Amin, Udupi

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    AAPrilfool Banaya...

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  • Ahmed, Mlore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    A truthful man has many enemies.

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  • masif, Jubail

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Opposition Party Success after election,- Divide the Ruling Party

    Shakuni abi maza lerraa
    ha ha ha

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    ..look how a Media Editor ASHUTHOSH raised to top level within a year just by chamcha giri..He was nothing to do with IAC, He was no where in ANNA agitation, He didnt contributed in any way to growth of AAP..Yogendra was founding member, struggled a lot..AAP may be getting funds now, but Bhushans contributed 1 crore to AAP during its formation, at that time nobody had any idea how AAP will perform in election or even it survive..But still they are branded as traitors & kicked out..this is how MAYAVATI did to Kanshiram in BSP..now everybody know what MAYAVATI is..

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  • Indian, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    What about Amith Sha (having 13 criminal cases) in BJP???

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    ..whats the story, what you are writing!!..by the way PAPPU's infamous case is running in SC..on OWAISI, countless cases are there..

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  • Roshan P. D'Mello, M'lore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    One must note that, the internal rifts are not for power, ministership, seat or anything else like in other parties.

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  • Abdulrehman Kunil , mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    In short YY & PB were over ambitious, wanted everything on a platter, wished for Bhushan clan rule, cunning, twisting & turning a typical lawyer style.

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  • Suleman A.H., Udupi

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    People have short memories. If Kejriwal delivers his promises to some extent, every thing will be alright.

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  • KRPrabhu, B'luru

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Hearty congratulations..Delliates.You truely deserve this!!!!        

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Yogendra Yadav and Prashanth Bhushan have been propped by Ambani and Adani ...

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  • vellano1, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    That is what was intended to be, ROADIES new season! MTV Raghu was hired to cordinate it! lies, deception, backstabbing,. vote out, abuses, politics, plotting - all his cript..vhe vhe vhe

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  • Roshan P. D'Mello, M'lore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    "Happy FEKU Diwas"

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  • vellano1, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    haha... but where is he, we are aslo missing him! heard he is writing a new book, "bharat ek khoj, dwiteeya" somehwere in Spain! all his followers r sad today! vhe vhe vhe

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  • Rajesh Shetty, Mlore shj

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    He was supposed to come with a blue print today.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [9] Report Abuse

  • Stany, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    good for indian politics.

    Cong BJP supporters have learnt few things such a internal democracy, PAC, NE, National council, etc

    Hope they will search it in their party

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  • vellano1, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    BJP has a better structure! infact all parties have! except congress where high command consists just one lady!..

    BJP has a powerful parlimanetary board.. that is true decision making body.. election to it once gives you lots of voice! Modi was kept away from it.. but when he came, he came like a RAJA! .... getting there is tough... it is thru years of hardwork, dedication and delivery! Not like these ashish khetans and Yogendra yadavs, who came quitting their jobs, when movement had reached a peak and they found some benefits here!... jameen se jhuda leader hi kich kar sakta hai!...

    good that kejri kicked out these leftist leaders who hated Modi, ambani and everything in this world! and now what we have is just Sonia's wonder kids, sisodia, kejri - a full blown congress A team! , yes, A team, not even B as pappu has taken that team! vhe vhe vhe

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  • yogesh, mumbai

    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    Poora saal kejiwaal delhiwaalon ko april fool banayega

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