Natural carb diet may be the answer for weight loss and good health

Florine Roche
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru

Mangaluru, Jan 11: Just recently I was fascinated when I came across this sentence in an article: “New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain”.

Come new year and we know there are thousands of people who resolve to lose weight as one of their New Year’s resolutions. With lot of parties and functions around in the beginning of the year it is extremely difficult for people to stay on track on their resolve to eat healthy. As a result, most resolutions fall apart in the very first week. You might be one of those who have the willpower to stay true to your resolutions or if you are one among who want to lose weight no matter what time of the year. Then natural carb diet, that provides lower quantities of sugars and better fats and proteins ,may provide you the results you have been looking for all these years. This diet has become a rage nowadays because there is increased awareness and there are also health benefits beyond weight loss.

Physician Dr Srinivasa Kakkilaya has been a strong exponent of what he terms as ‘natural carb diet’ for all the ills that we are faced with; mainly due to our unhealthy food habits and the sedate lifestyle we have been leading. Dr Kakkilaya says he chanced upon this idea when he was searching for more information on insulin, the hormone that controls growth and manages blood glucose. Along with his wife Dr Balasaraswathy, Dermatologist, he began to evince keen interest in the subject and over the last decade pursued all the research on the subject. They realised that even recent research holds sugar as the major culprit to all the health related evils. Based on such studies and also their own, the couple has been advising dietary restrictions that have worked wonders for many, both in terms of weight loss and health benefits.

There are people who come to Dr Kakkilaya specifically seeking advice on this natural carb diet and vouch for the benefits they accrued by following that diet. Even those cynics who used to say “I tried every diet and nothing worked” are able to shed their weight by cutting carbs.

In an interview to Dr Kakkilaya delineates the intricate aspects of the diet he prescribes to his clients and how it works.

Q. What prompted youto study and experiment with natural carb diet?

A. I had to give a lecture on insulin and during the preparation I came to know a lot about the impact of our food on insulin. That lecture was the trigger point and both my wife and I began in- depth study of the subject.

Q. How long have you been studying and experimenting on this diet?

A. We have been studying for the last 10 years, having noticed that many modern diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancers, fatty liver, autoimmune, acne, psoriasis etc., are related to high insulin levels or hyperinsulinemia, and these are on the increase. Many of these diseases are actually associated with ageing. But now even people in the 30’s are susceptible to these diseases which is more to do with the kind of food and lifestyle that we are accustomed to. Based on what we studied, we experimented with the diet on ourselves and only later, we could recommend it to those who came to us.

Q. Can you elaborate on why there is a need for such a diet in today’s society?

A. Earlier it was the communicable diseases that we mostly had to fight and we succeeded. Now it is the non-communicable diseases that we have to deal with increasingly. Over the last few years, there has been a drastic change in the quality and quantity of food that we consume. Parents want to give the best to their children and feed them more, saying ‘we did not have this luxury, let our children enjoy’; but this is proving to be detrimental to their wellbeing. As a result people eat in 20 years what our elders ate in 60 years and that is the root cause of all the evils.

Q. Have you given any name for the diet you prescribe?

A. We have not given any specific name to it yet.

Q. Low carb diet which you call as ‘natural carb diet’has become quite a fad these days. What is this diet all about?

A. It is true that more and more people talk about low carb diet because of the awareness and the good results. The diet we prescribe restricts the type and amount of carbohydrates one can eat. We suggest restriction or rather total avoidance of milk and its products, sugar and sweets, including fruits, all processed food, deep fried foods etc., and restricting cereals based on the pre-existing diseases. We advise using virgin oils like coconut or olive oils.

Q. So what kind of food do you recommend to those who want to opt for the diet you prescribe?

A. They can eat all kind of pulses, vegetables, both raw and cooked, nuts, eggs, meat and fish in all forms, except deep fried and green or black tea and black coffee.

Q. Is it the same as the Palio diet popularised by Dr Lorene Cordain?

A. It is somewhat close to it but there are certain differences with regard to the consumption of fructose. Also, we have modified this diet to suit our people, our climate and our lifestyle.

Q. Considering that meat, fish and egg form a major part of this diet what kind of food do you suggest to vegetarians?

A. Vegetarians can also follow the diet with suitable modifications. But their choices may be limited.

Q. Are there any hidden risks?

A. The diet provides all the required nutrients to the body. But one has to adhere to the recommendations strictly.

Q. You hold sugar as the major culprit for most of the ills we face health-wise?

A. In the course of our study we have realised that sugar is not the kind of food to be used by humans. Our population has become addicted to sugar. In fact sugar is 8-times more addicting than cocaine and behaves similar to alcohol on our mind and our body. It does not satisfy our hunger but makes people crave for more. That is why people who are obese often remark that they don’t eat much because they are not satisfied. Non-living food like chocolates, creams etc., will not interact with human system like natural food does. When we eat too much of this lifeless food, our body gets confused and its control system goes haywire. That triggers a host of diseases in the human body.

Q. Do you recommend this diet to all kind of people irrespective of age?

A. It is for everyone, but the grade would depend on the age and associated problems like obesity, diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver, levels of certain hormones etc.

Q. Is it difficult to switch over to a complete natural carb diet considering that we are so accustomed to cereals and legumes?

A. Some kind of motivation is required. In the initial period the person will have a lot of craving. Some of them will also experience mild withdrawal symptoms and children may become cranky. There are people with the mindset who says ‘what is life without sugar’? It is difficult to convince such people about the benefits of the diet. The person who adopts this diet should be motivated to do so.

Q. Do all those who come to you abide by your suggestions and recommendations?

It is only 60 per cent who pass the test. 20% vacillate and another 20% give up after initial try.

Q. How soon will the person experience the change in him/her?

A. People lose 4 to 5 kg in the first month and then 3 kg every month. It is a smooth affair and they will feel and look much better by that period.

Q. What are the other benefits apart from weight loss?

People feel lighter and more energetic and they remain fresh the entire day. And the diet helps to control blood sugar, blood pressure, lipids, PCOS etc., much better, and often without any medications.

Q. What precautions should be taken by those who opt for this diet?

One has to get evaluated for all the pre-existing problems, change or stop the medications suitably and follow the advice meticulously.

Beneficiaries speak:

Bharati Shevgoor, a media personality was advised by her Physician Dr Kakkilaya to adopt this low carb diet with lots of vegetables, sprouted pulses and non-vegetarian food, as she was overweight. She says she was mentally prepared to take the plunge this time as she had failed to do so in an earlier attempt.

I am 54 and my husband is 63 and the doctor told at this age we cannot lose weight by merely exercising. Exercise may help us to be agile. We wanted to regulate what we ingest and that was achieved though the change of diet.

Bharati says she learnt to make tasty dishes with sprouted pulses, replaced rice with cucumber and tomatoes and great difficulty stopped the intake of high-sugar content fruits. She began to consume her favourite cup of coffee without milk and sugar, though she is not diabetic.

Bharati says she gave herself a weekly break as she feels the secret was not in depriving herself the pleasures of eating. More importantly regulation or disciplined food habits is the key to achieve the desired results. “I would eat a little of the ‘forbidden” stuff at social occasions”, she points out. But within no time her craving for food vanished and so did her need of carbs. The change began to bear fruits in no time. She says “I lost 10 kgs in 4 months and I began to feel lighter, younger and energetic. It has been almost a year now and don’t feel the craving anymore or I don’t feel I am on diet.

Bharati uses green gram, or tori (matki), Bagdo and Horse gram and preparesdishes using masala, onions and tomatoes. For breakfast she prepares egg Omelette with lot of vegetables. They consume the sprouted curry for lunch and dinner. In the evening thecouple eats two dosas without oil which is the only carb they consume. She also prepares fish and chicken dishes. Mr Shevgoor had developed diabetes but after adopting this diet he has given up medication. Along with diet the Shevgoors also do brisk walking for 30 minutes.

Praveen Tauro, who is working in media marketing, was 89 kg a few months ago. A common friend of his suggested he go to Dr Kakkilaya and seek his advice to lose weight. He met Dr Kakkilaya on September 5, 2014 and began to follow his diet conscientiously. He shifted to Omelette, pulses, egg burji, fish and meat and green tea. He completely avoids soft drinks, tea or coffee with milk, fruits and fruits juices, milk and milk products, fried food, rice and other cereals. He was 89 kg when he began the diet and lost 12 kg in 40 days. He says he feels more energetic and fresh. The flipside of it is that he had to change his wardrobe completely.


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Comment on this article

  • Anuradha, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 24 2016

    Google search for ketosis or ketogenic lifestyle or Low carb high fat diet(LCHF) and you will know clearly what this diet is about and how it works.

    Indian doctors keep you in the dark with regard to the science involved. I found lot of You Tube videos about this diet, follow this diet and have lost lot of weight and have health improvement. I have never visited any doctor. You need to read and understand and follow. It is not very hard to follow.

    And actually pulses are also not to be consumed. There is no restriction on coconut oil, ghee and butter and from these fats, we get our energy when we are doing this diet. Proteins have to be restricted to one gram per body weight maximum and only 50 grams of carb per day maximum. Once you are into ketosis, the food cravings(they mislead you using the word sugar - it is carb which is converted into sugar)stop and you are not hungry at all. Fats are very satiating and you cannot consume more even though there is no restriction.

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  • Roshni, UK

    Sat, Jan 24 2015

    It would be helpful if Dr Kakkilaya can clarify the long term effects of this diet -(1)the effect of high protein diet on cancers, (2) the effect of no carbs on brain and other organs in the body.

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  • philomin , dubai manglore

    Sun, Jan 18 2015

    Thank you Dr, i want to come and meet u can tell me how can i loose weight.please can u give me ur number or wr is ur clinic.thank u sooo much.

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  • Fr. Edward Rodrigues sj, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 14 2015

    I am a beneficiary of this diet. It works well. Happy to lead a tablet-free life now

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  • Ginna , Pangala

    Tue, Jan 13 2015

    Congrats its very good advice to live good and fit, I’ve learned to be fit by cutting down crabs, and one hour yoga at least 3times a week. So it’s all about what you’re going to put in your mouth and how you’re going to burn it out, as far I know the diet plan should be individualized, if you are overweight or want to live healthy, nice article thanks

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  • saleem, uppala / dubai

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    It looks quite confusing , No one has given proper diet plan . Everybody claiming that they have lost Weight . Kindly help us by providing diet plan

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    You are right Mr Kumar.
    In the olden days when our forefathers used to toil in the fields, didn't use pesticides or synthetic manure but organic produce their health was perfect until their old age of 95 or 96.
    Their eyesight, teeth were better than that of todays kids. They never used paste but used charcoal as well as salt & leaves of mango trees. My granny used to eat chakkulis till her passing day,hearing was better than us.
    With pesticides, in organic fetilisers the soil has become docile & depleted of its nutrients we cannot get balanced diet as well.
    Pollution is taking a toll on our bodies along with stress of modern lifestyle devoid of raw foods & more ready to eat processed foods with unhealthy fats instead of coconut oil is a contributory factor in modern diseases making India the Capital of coronary heart diseases & diabetes affecting more younger people than in the west.
    Sedentary lifestyle of spending more time infront of TV & gadgets making hardwork so easy with consumption of unhealthy processed foods have made the chronic diseases the norm than rarity.
    Unless doctors get more relevant research & new medical knowledge available they themselves are confused or ill informed to address the diseases to heal them than treating symptoms which pharma companies like to get benefited.
    Food Can Heal or help the body to Heal itself, while the same food without moderation with modern lifestyle can cause diseases as well.
    We are What We Eat. The cost of the diet prescribed by the doc here is beyond many people with present inflation in their prices.
    Though some relatives of me are following his diet with weight reduction as well as reduction in Diabetic & BP drugs as a result, I won't prescribe to the idea of meat & fish consumption without limit, as it contains pesticide, antibiotic residue in them causing more toxic for the body in the longer run. Short term benefits should be weighed in before consuming meat products.
    Everything in Moderation is Better.

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  • kumar, mangalore

    Tue, Jan 13 2015

    thank you dev,

    i am just trying to get a menu without cereals for one week.

    meat/fish/nuts/eggs/vegetables/black coffee & tea only....

    dear daiji readers, please observe, there is not even a single menu list from any experts without cereals....

    and losing weight is not the only indicator of health. what about the overall improvement of health & well being without cereals...

    all the experience mentioned here are telling that they lost weight, it is good. BUT WHAT EXACTLY THEY ATE TO REDUCE WEIGHT, nad along with reducing weight,can one work his/her regular work without cereals?

    and finally, is there any one single human being among daiji readers," who did not eat any cereal & cereal product for one complete month" ?

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Tue, Jan 13 2015

    Some clients have mentioned in the article what they ate including sprouted pulses which have their nutrition enhanced due to that.
    This doctor gives you a list of what to eat or suggests about that. My relatives adopted to his diet & felt energized more to carryout their day to day work without any tiredness & whenever they ate at parties they felt little bit lethargic.
    But I caution about long term effects of diet not yet known or studied about meat products in the place of simple carbs. Cancer is triggered by growth hormone fed chicken or meat producing animals by greedy.
    Antibiotic resistant bacteria is on the rise as a result of uncontrolled use in poultry & dairy .

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  • prajwal mathias, mangalore/bangalore

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    This is one of the best diet .Both me and my sister have followed Dr kakilaya's diet .We have lost close to 12 kg and also my medical results are awesome .Hats off to Dr. kakilaya!!!

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  • jayne, puttur

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    Thank you doc!! Guys trust me his diet plans works.. i lost 20 kgs in 3 months.. !!

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    No more confusion Kumar-
    If you are healthy or has kids who want to consume fruits & ice creams, don't worry, everything in moderation is good or not as bad as made out to be.
    This diet is for those who want to reduce weight & to get healed from diabetes, cholesterol, BP etc & for those who like to reduce if overweight & obese.
    Others can avoid sugar or sugar-free alternative sweeteners which increase weight as well as toxicity in the blood releasing free radicals which damage our whole system as well as vital organs leading to lifestyle diseases.
    Though I am within BMI index & has no health issues I stopped taking sugar in my coffee or tea & reduced my weight by 5 Kgs in a year without any change in my diet which consists of all the no noes in the list except sugar.
    So my personal opinion fruits that are seasonal in moderation is good to have balanced diet, except for those who want to get healed or to reduce their weight. But they too can have some fruits which are low in sugar but have more vitamins & minerals along with fiber like apples or sour oranges. Avoid fruit juices & eat raw fruits as chewing & eating them satiates craving early with less calories unlike juices.
    Curds is better for all as it has pro-biotic benefit which is more important to keep gut bacteria flora healthy to heal many diseases according to new findings.

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  • kumar, kudla

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    thank you dev,

    i fully agree with your comments.

    i was really confused with the prescribed diet banning "all cereals/milk products/fruits"- to all human beings...

    my grand father & grand mother lined up to the age of 9296 years...
    they ate rice,chapathi,curd,fresh fruits & little bit of fried items, fish & meat & eggs as & when available... & lived without diabetes,BP,cholesterol,cancer,obesity...

    they used to work till their last days in farm, taking care of cattle, watering trees...

    now the diet excluding cereals/milk products/fresh fruits.... and only meat/fish/eggs/vegetables/nuts/pulses...

    i met three doctors about diet, each one is telling different things, whom to follow.

    is there any scientific evidence for dr kakkillaya's diet prescription, please help us.

    what are the opinions of other leading experts of mangalore.

    please note my direct question to the doctors... should we stop eating the cereals/milk products/fresh fruits to maintaining good health...

    meat/fish/eggs/vegetables/pulses/nuts/black coffee...... is it sufficient to live & work.. IS IT THE APPROPRIATE DIET TO HUMAN BEINGS.....

    with good intention & scientific reason i am requesting dietitians/ experts to come out with more useful guidance..

    thank you daijiworld / dr kakkillaya/ mr dev ....

    i just can not imagine everyone living without cereals ( please note all cereals & products of cereals), milk products,fruits of all kind.....

    thank you everyone.

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  • Rajiv, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    Doctor is not required if the below things are followed strictly.
    1.Do all your household works on your own and do not depend on maids and servants.
    2.Do not keep any of your household works pending, keep your house neat and tidy on your own.If you engage yourselves in these activities you do not need any other exercises.
    3.Try to grow flowers and vegetables in your own garden and terrace.
    4.Eat only when you are really hungry, do not eat deep fried items.
    5.All boiled food items if eaten in moderate quantities are good for health.
    6.Sleep at least 7 hours in night, avoid sleep during day time.
    7.Avoid vehicles for small distances, keep walking.
    8.Reading books keeps you healthy.So avoid TV, internet and read books,newspapers and periodicals more.
    9.Go to bed atleast before 10 and get up early in the morning.
    10.Eat fresh prepared food and avoid stored food in refrigerators.
    Closely observe what a good doctor practices for himself. What they advise to their patients and what they practice are always different.

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  • Fitness first, Dubai/Udupi

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    Yes, this diet is very effective. I started the same from 2nd Jan and lost 3 kgs in the first 5 days and waist reduced by 4 cm in 8 days. Together with low carb diet I also do work out for about one hour daily. I am 62 years old and now I find it easy and I feel light and energetic. To have the effect faster, it is better to stop alcohol, sweet, fruits and milk products. But one day in a week, we can go wild and can eat and drink what ever we like. This is the better and interesting part of this diet so that we don't feel sick of eating bland food. I strongly suggest this to all those health conscious people but little bit of will power is also required.

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  • shaila, dubai/udupi

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    Hello Mr.Fitness first.. first of all congrats on your strict diet.. will u please give us your diet chart so dat we can also benefit from the same. really it will be helpful for those who want to come in shape and live a healthy life.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [5]

  • Shridhar, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    I have tried this diet for 5 years and could control my diabetes without any medications.. The main motto is to avoid sugar, cereals like Wheat and Rice..Instead of Rice substitute it with Salads.. The only difference with this diet what I followed is I consume Yogurt... The wheat products are really poison to our system... You can try this diet for 3 months religiously and experience the difference for yourself...

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  • Auldius P. B. Pais, Mangalore/Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    Please provide Dr. Kakkilaya'contact details for the benefit of people who may want to contact him for consultation/further details of the diet to be followed.

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  • kumar, kudla

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    first of all thanks to daijiworld for publishing this wonderful artilce & interview with dr srinivas kakkillaya.

    as per my understanding of the article & my relative who was prescribed with kakkillaya's diet "human beings should not eat" the following items :-

    rice,wheat,raagi,jower,corn,banana,pinaple,papaya,guava,apple,grapes, carrot,beetroot,sweet potato, potato,milk,curd,buttermilk,all milk products, seethafal,chikku, watermelon,uppittu, chapathi,bread, rusk, parota, ( because all these are wheat product!!!!!)

    my close relative who went to dr srinivas kakkillaya came to my house & told me that this is what was told to her !!! even she showed the prescription to us & told us not to eat the above mentioned things.

    i request doctors of Mangalore & any other part of this planet who read daijiworld "to enlighten us on what we can eat", considering the above article.

    i really can not understand, how a human being can survive without eating cereals !!!!!!!

    i am not an expert on the topic and not competent person to teach public, but my relative's expression after her visit to dr kakkillaya & the subsequent events forced me to bother.

    please guide us on the above diet / confusion about cereal & milk .....

    thank you very much.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [10]

  • Dev, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    Everything is Possible!
    The above diet is not only for those who want to loose weight but for those who want to get healed from lifestyle diseases as a result as well.
    Regarding sweet potato consumption opinion differs as it doesn't let blood sugar level to spike suddenly like other root origin foods as it contains fiber which helps in reducing weight.
    Consumption of meat & fish needs moderation, otherwise it would increase toxicity in blood & will put more strain on vital organs.
    One silver lining is occasional treats won't harm one if they do follow their diet at home & try as much as possible in ing what to eat or not to eat when in a party.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [6]

  • kumar, kudla

    Mon, Jan 12 2015

    hello, dev,

    my question is direct..

    can human being live without cereals?
    is it the need of hour to stop eating cereals ( means rice,oats,wheat,chapathi,bread,raagi,rusk,barley) as suggetsed by dr srinivas kakkillaya to maintain good health?

    question is very clear from my side :- the above mentioned cereals can we eat or not for maintaining good health?

    second question is milk & milk products, is it recommended for Indian children or not? give us clear answer.

    third & last confusion:- "fruits" for non-diabetic people, should we recommend or not ? forget sweet potato, MY DIRECT QUESTION IS about banana,chikku,mango,orangepinaple,guava.... my confusion is that if non diabetic people can eat"fruits" or not... that is what we are confused.

    my relative's prescription ny dr kakkillaya suggets not to eat cereals / fruits / milk products at all.

    and eat only fish,meat,pulses,vegetables ( excluding potato & sweet potato & beetroot)....only this much.

    this is what is confusing us.

    once again thanks to daijiworld & dr kakkillaya for a healthy discusiion.

    please through some more light on the topic for healthy human beings.

    with best regards to dr & daiji,

    mr kumar

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [4]


    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    Nice informative article /interview which gives lot of knowledge health and especially diabetic obesity and reacted diseases.Dr Srinivas kakillaya,well known Kakkilaya family having active in social media writing about socio-economic-political articles and some times inviting views and debates the subject.Being my Face Book friend I am very much pleased to read his inkling about this article/interview.

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  • avani, mlore

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    First I read "Natural Crab diet". LOL. Sorry for the mistake. Wondering even fruits are not good?

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [4]

  • Muhammad, mangalore

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    Eat whatever natural foods you like but avoid sugar,excessive salt and high fat processed and fried foods...
    Sugar salt fried fats packed and processed=Junk foods avoid it...

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [14]

  • Sunita Dsouza, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    One of my friend forced me to visit Dr. Kakkilaya as I was lethargic and overweight. This diet really helped me. I reduced 10 kgs in 2 months from 75 kg to 65 kgs. More than weight loss I have gained my health back. I am more active now. When I say I am on diet people think I am punishing myself, but I don't actually feel I am on a diet. I had tried GMs diet etc in the past, but none of them worked. This diet has worked wonders for me..

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [8]

  • Abu Mohammed, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    I have seen many benefiting from Dr. Kakkilaya's diet plan. It really works. Unlike other commercial doctors, Dr. Kakkilaya does not advise unnecessary tests and medication.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [7]

  • jp shetty, kota

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    rich people thinking about how to reduce weight mean time poor crying for food, exercise should part of our daily life,
    1.avoid junk food,
    2.gym,swim or playing football
    3. avoid late night sleep
    4.stop to look at ur stomach every day, go for dips u have beautiful chest

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [10]

  • Sudarshan Rao , Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    Dear Sir
    I am very keen to read more about your studies. Where did he publish it?
    What kind of study it is?
    Thanks a lot for further information

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [6]

  • Lancy M Pinto, Mangalore/Doha

    Sun, Jan 11 2015

    Agree sugar I mean refined bleached sugar is toxic but would suggest diet matching blood group, organic oils like rice bran oil, coconut oil, olive oil, unbleached & unpolished organic brown rice, skip jumping for lymph cleansing, walking equivalent to 10000 steps each day, moderate climbing of stairs instead of lift, squatting natural position to poop, clockwise circular massage of large intestine especially leaking ileocecal value will surely work faster for better health. Our digestive system is basically the chemical brain which is dominant of other systems. 'We are what we eat'.

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