Mangalore: Unanswered questions cast shadow of doubt on Rohit's death

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Mangalore, Mar 27: On March 23, when locals of Tannir Bavi spotted the severed head of Rohit, just a few feet away from his body, they suspected it was a clear case of murder and informed the police immediately. The police who rushed to the spot came to the conclusion that it was an accident and not murder. The police argument was that Rohit (22), a final year medical student of a college in the city was speeding in his Pulsar bike and must have hit the tree. His head must have got severed from the rest of the body having hit the branch of a tree due to the speed. They came to this conclusion as the blue Pulsar bike which Rohit was supposedly riding, had fallen a few meters away from his body near an electric pole.

But not everyone buys this theory of the police, especially the parents and relatives of Rohit who believe that there is an orchestrated move to hush up the incident by treating it as an accident and close the file. Having lost their only son, the parents of Rohit and his relatives want justice to be done to their son. They have raised many questions that apparently look credible and unless the police come out with clear answers to these questions there is every reason to believe that Rohit was murdered and the police have shown undue haste in concluding it to be a case of accident.

Friends turned Foes?

First of all, apart from loopholes at the accident site, the needle of suspicion in Rohit’s case is directed towards his two friends who were with Rohit on the night when he was supposed to have met with an accident. Rohit’s parents and close family members argue that Rohit always used to travel by car and he did not have a bike. So whose bike did he ride? Why did he not travel by his car on that particular night? The behavior and statements of his two friends with whom Rohit had come out for dinner on the night on March 22 also is a pointer that there is something fishy in the tragic death of young Rohit. His friends had revealed that they went to the restaurant on the previous night to buy food but Rohit left them without a word in his Pulsar bike at high speed towards Tannir Bavi road. These friends of Rohit had said, “they went behind him but having failed to trace him returned home”, which looks too incredible to believe.

Parents of Rohit advocate M S Radhakrishnan and Dr Sreedevi, both working in Bahrain, argue that if three friends (it is believed there was another friend also) had gone out for dinner together and if one went missing, "how could they go and sleep in Rohit’s flat without worrying why their friend had not returned? What did they do with the food? Did they eat even when their friend failed to return? What happened to Rohit’s share of food? If he was missing why did they not inform the police or others concerned? Why did they lock the flat before sleeping when they knew their friend had not returned and the wallet, car key and keys of Rohit’s flat were with them? Why did they not check Rohit’s whereabouts even at 8 am the next morning when Rohit failed to come back? Even after coming to the scene of the crime they did not come forward to own the responsibility about the victim or about the bike? These friends had also put up a feeble defense that they believed Rohit had gone to buy cigarettes at Tannir Bavi when he went speeding in the bike. Can anyone tell them which cigarette shops are open in Tannir Bavi at 11.30 pm? Does it not sound fishy?” his parents ask.

His parents and those who know him closely also point out that Rohit was a shy boy who never ventured out of his home in boxer shorts. But at the accident site Rohit’s body had only a boxer shorts and not a Bermuda. The belt and Bermuda was later recovered from his Honda car by the police. It is also revealed that the smart card from Rohit’s Nikon camera is missing leading to further suspicion.

While these are the questions raised pertaining to the behavior of the friends of Rohit, his parents firmly believe that there is prima facie evidence to believe it is a clear case of murder, if one has a glance at the accident site. .

Clues at accident site

A close look at the accident site including the position of his severed head and body, gives credibility to what his parents say. Rohit’s parents who are still in daze, point out that the accident location, location of the body and the bike don’t justify the accident theory. Rohit’s cousin Kiran argues that if the head was severed by a branch of the tree the branch should be thin or sharp to have that severing effect, which is not the case with Rohit’s accident.

Kiran has based his argument on the engineering equation that if the body and head was moving at a high speed, as the police argued, both the body and head will continue moving even after the impact of the accident and therefore the head should have rolled like a ball after the accident and would accumulate dust, debris and sand in the process. But Rohit’s severed head was found in a clean state thus debunking the police theory of accident due to high speed. Even if one is to believe that a sharp branch of a tree severed his head he argues that the head will not tear off with a straight cut and the cut would have been from the base of the neck. But Rohit’s cut was just below the chin thus giving credence to the theory of murder. Another cousin brother of Rohit says “whatever might be the impact of the accident or collision the head will not be severed in this fashion.

They also term it strange to find Rohit’s footwear near the bike that caused the accident. If the accident was due to high speed, as the police term it, then the light weight slippers which Rohit was wearing should have flung far off due to the impact of the accident. Further, they point out that the picture clear show that the bike is damaged from behind. The damage caused to this bike does not look resemble like a damage caused by the skidding of the bike.
If the accident theory holds good, then it is argued that the accident site should have soaked with blood caused by the cutting of the aorta. Rohit’s body also said to have severe damage on the left side of the thoracic region and his family suspects that the area was severely crushed with a stone to camouflage a fatal knife wound. The position of the fallen bike, the damage or lack of damage to the bike and to the electric pole, also raise questions doubting the accident theory put forth by the police.

While going through all the suspicions raised by Rohit’s family, one is bound to get a feeling that these questions are genuine and police were in unwarranted haste to declare it as accident case. These are the questions which even the common people need to know and only a thorough investigation after considering all sorts of evidences will be able to throw light on the events leading to the tragic death of a blooming life.



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  • Gladys, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 22 2014

    Police paisa khaya, case kathum keya. chori ka case me gharka mamla kerke dakal keya. this is the justice of Mangalore police.No wonder increasing the crime in talks.

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  • KB Biju, Kochi

    Thu, Apr 03 2014

    This incident should be probed in detail by the CBI. He is a student in Mangalore sent from Kerala. His parents, (my family friends) deserve justice and peace of mind.

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  • Mahesh Karthik, Bangalore

    Wed, Apr 02 2014

    It is extremely unfortunate for his parents to see their son die , let alone in this manner. It is also utterly surprising that the police have closed the case as a mere accident while murder is written all over it. Very disappointed with the way our police force has acted in this case. I hope that the society will come together and compel to police to reopen the case and start the fresh investigations in the murder angle.

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  • Ivan Dsouza, Doha/mangalore

    Mon, Mar 31 2014

    As a physician with experience in trauma and emergency, I can confidently say that the chance of a branch severing the head of the young boy is highly implausible. Perhaps less than 1 percent. This is a cover up. By whom, one cannot say!

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  • Rita, Germany

    Mon, Mar 31 2014

    A tragic and untimely death of a Young Boy.Here the Police have already given their Statement who knows with the "help" may Need not be from a medical faculty to see that it is unnatural see the bike it is just leaned to the electric pole.A accident bike doesn't look like that.probably something happened in the room and later head was transferred to the present place.Please investigate room properly .why there is no blood drained at "accident "place ,spray some spray in his room which for forensic use used and see if anything you can make out.This spray reacts to Protein in the blood.Did forensic People exam his Body?was there any Food in his stomach?

    Even rooms of his freinds which he was with last time could bring more evidence .his bed cover,matress could Show some stain if any,or small blood stain on for any small evidence that could help in this case.Am sure it is not a accident case.It must have happened somewhere in the room ,either in his own or freinds room.My heartfelt sympathy to the parents,who lost their only son in a unusual way and could not be there to talk or help him.

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  • prashanth, mangalore

    Sun, Apr 06 2014

    !!I fully agree with you as well as the rest of the folks. There is definitely something fishy going on somewhere.Why is that the mgmt of AJ as well as the police go well overboard in trying2tell&convince every1 that this is an accident in spite of so many odd&glaring bits&ends,why was there such a significnt absence of blood in such a supposedly hi speed acc? What was the outcome of his cell records? Was their room properly examined, where was the post mortem done&who did it? Were the reports cross checked @a competent authority? Did u take an opinion from his colleagues at the institution, whose bike was it? there r tons of q,s but hardly any answers...Very sad, why doesnt some1 get2gether &put4th a petition in the court &get the matters moving quickly.But whatever it is ...Pz do something soon.

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  • Hary, Kudla/Dubai

    Sun, Mar 30 2014

    Police Paisa Khaya

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  • Dr Anilsoonu, Mezhuveli

    Sat, Mar 29 2014

    Me and my family express our condolence to the bereaved family .

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  • Devraj C S, Pathanamthitta

    Sat, Mar 29 2014

    When the days passing after the gruesome murder of Rohit Radhakrishnan, MBBS final year student of AJ Institute of Medical Science, Mangalore at Tannir bhavi area on 23rd March 2014, more and more questions are being raised on the circumstances which lead to his death.

    1. What we found was a body with completely crushed thoracic region and served head. Then where did he exactly hit? On the tree? Or on a rock? Or the side walls of the road? Wherever it is, there should be enough flesh, skin, tissues and other body parts sticking to that? Where does that go?

    2. Where does the whole body blood gone? (a human body contains 5 liters of blood.

    3. Who took the decision to move the body to AJ Medical College? (I understand that, the usual practice is to move the dead bodies to the district general hospital).

    4. Why the forensic doctor of the AJ hospital was taking extra efforts to convince the parents that the death was due to an accident, even before autopsy?

    5. Why the forensic doctor from AJ was present at the time of autopsy?

    6. Why there was no one from AJ came to console braving father of Rohit?

    7. Why AJ has not laid his body at college to pay respect and homage to their classmate for 3 years?

    8. Why the parents of his friends with whom Rohit had last seen are not even making a phone call to the parents of Rohit even to convey their condolence till date?

    9. Why no representative from AJ called the parents to offer condolence?

    10. Why AJ is spreading and concluding Rohit’s death was due to accident. How can they conclude this even before the police reports or the postmortem reports are revealed?

    11. Why Facebook page of AJ doesn't have even a single condolence message?

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  • Abraham Simon, Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 28 2014

    Need to give a petition to Karnataka Home Ministry and appeal for a detail enquiry to find the truth.

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  • Aadil Khan, Kasaragod/Saudi Arabia

    Fri, Mar 28 2014

    The reasons for the mysterious death of this young doctor could also be the enmity and jealousy among his close friends over the girlfriends, if any, or money issues.

    This could be verified on the analysis of the phone call data of between the victim and his close friends.

    Hope Police will focus their investigation on the above directions.

    My sympathy goes to their parents.

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  • readerwriter007, pune

    Fri, Mar 28 2014

    bhari bejar sangathi. yeth porluda family photo and they don't have their son today. I am not sure how they can accept this cruel fact. But going through the matter, seeing all the comments... it's clear that it's not a normal accident case. Especially from his friends' front as well as the accident scene. I am not sure what's the great benefit the police will get by diverting it as an accident than proving it's a murder. If money, will it serve your life time ? Just think of tomorrow if your son or daughter found lying on pool of blood like this. Please, stop diverting the subject. Trigger an thorough investigation and put culprits behind bar. I am sure it's not a big deal to find the culprit behind for the Mangalore police who are so famous for their efficiency. Please... all our blessings and wishes will be with you if you are able to succeed.

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  • Abhishek Padival Jain, Sullia/Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 28 2014

    If the deceased Rohit's Parents press more on Murder theory , then Mangalore Police will just fix a mentally ill person in this case like they fixed mentally deranged Santhosh Rao in Ujire Saujanya Murder case, and close the investigation. Our D.K. Police are good in all such things.

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  • Mallikarjuna , Bengaluru

    Fri, Mar 28 2014

    Out of every Ten Murders more than five murders are closed by the police stating it as an accident or suicide. Police are bigger Criminals than actual murderers.
    My cousin was murdered by his business partners in Gokak and his body was hanged with a rope tying it around Stomach (not around the neck) and police said it was suicide. Is it ever possible to commit suicide by tying rope around the WAIST instead of Neck anywhere in the world, that too hanging 25 feet above the ground without any ladder or stool to climb ? But Karnataka Police say it is Possible ! How pathetic police are .

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 28 2014

    Too bad to die a budding doctor in a mysterious way.My sincere condolences to the family and hope the police will break the mystery behind the death.All the best.Thanq.

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  • Rudolf, Mumbai

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    Wish the parents of the deceased gets the supreme courage to overcome this great crisis in their life!!!

    The way the head is cleanly severed from the torso (without any crush injury on the head), as seen in the pics, looks unlikely it is from an accident!! However, an expert forensic doc experienced in such type of cases would be able to instantaneously tell whether it is due to the accident or otherwise, and that is the only hope!!! RIP!!

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  • Nithyananda Beskoor, Udupi, Dubai

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    If it is not an accident, then the alcoholic effect as in many cases when you are high in spirits you will not know what you are doing or did and will not fully remember what happened the previous day. I remember our good old days where we have fought for trivial matters.

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  • Mangalore doctor, surathkal

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    The torso and the head have separated... but where is the crush or impact injuries on the decpatitated head.. its not adding to the accident theory.. when a object with velocity gets thrown off it will show crush injury marks on the skull.. let the police the forensic examination report of the skull.. the nature of injuires of the neck also can give clue for hesitation marks and accident injuries.

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  • Naveen, Udupi/Bahrain

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    Whenever we take our d/o to Dr sridevi for treatment she communicates about her studies in manipal and the people are loving caring and positiveness towards mangaloreans,
    We recall her saying i go and stay with my son during his exams and he loves to sleep on my lap.
    Today rohit is not with us, Cops want to close the file.
    Cops Grill three of them the truth emerges.
    Mangalorean,s be supportive for them to get justice NGO take a initiative to help them

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    If his friends are studying MBBS too, then the finger of suspicion falls on his friends for that CLEAN CUT Head,
    From the impact the bike had suffered it doesn't look to be involved in high speed crash.
    My theory is he was killed in a fit of rage by his friends, who transported his body in the car & their bike(if it not registered in his name) was planted there.
    Post mortem report will shed more light on how his death happened & whether his body has suffered any trauma of an accident or homicide covered to look like an accident.
    May God Console the Parents.

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  • Homer, Bharat

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    My heartfelt condolences to the parents. Our cops were indeed in haste to declare this as an accident. They must realize that a young life is lost and more information needs to be divulged by cops on why they think it's an accident. Forensic science can shed light on what object Or weapon has caused this.

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  • jaya, banneje

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    I think our managlore police no need headache.. they want cleanly wash thier hands... so they given a statement its an accident not a murder... that day that spot which police doing duty at 11.30 ... there is any answer?... y bse he was from Kerala?.. even he was from kerala... but HE WAS INDIAN ..... i am HRTLY reuesting with Kernataka Govt please give a right justice to his parents.....BSE I AM ONE INDIAN.

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  • Ethan, Florida\ Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 30 2014

    One little ,Two little , Three little Indian !!

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  • William Rodrigues, Milagres, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    The locality is very clear and there is no tree or a branch protruding out at the lowest level where the accident has happened. There is concrete barrier or a wall to avoid bike skidding. Really, it requires a thorough check up. There are many questions to be answered by the department concerned.

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  • Koti , Udupi

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    My heart goes to the parents. Their Agony cannot be explained. Severing neck from the body is not normal in an accident. There are some hooligans tie wire across the roads and in the night its very dangerous. However the case looks complicated and should be investigated thoroughly before coming to any certain conclusion.

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  • satish shetty, karkala

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    i think this is the case of revenge., something is hiding behind this death., and i hope the cops will definitely come with some genuine statement ., any RIP

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  • Prashnath, Mlore/Dubai

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    You can also say the police theory is possible just by below points,
    1. Speeding in that area is the major cause of accidents.
    2. Head getting cut in bike accident happened before. If you do a simple Google search you will find some.
    3. Friends might be just drunk or high on weed and went home to sleep.
    4. It's not uncommon to students to go for a long ride in bike alone.
    5. The motive to cut someone's head like that way and leave it on road side will not be this secret. parents or friends might have known.

    RIP Rohith, hope his loved ones get clear, convincing answers from the police and his friends.

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  • Ajith, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    Forensic experts only can reveal the truth behind the tragic death of this youth. People can say anything based on their emotions.

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