Bengaluru: HDK comes down heavily on Hindi Diwas, 'stop imposition' trends on Twitter

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Bengaluru, Sep 14: Over the last few days, many Kannadigas have been raising their voices demanding service in Karnataka in Kannada lanaugage. Now they have come together to oppose Hindi Diwas celebration. Seeking service in Kannada particularly in banks, the social media had carried out a campaign, with hashtags #ServeInMyLanguage and #StopHindiImposition trending on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, former chief minister, Kumaraswamy, has expressed his resistance to the idea of celebrating Hindi Diwas.He has objected to forcible imposition of Hindi on people of other languages.

"In India, which is made of different languages, culture and traditions, Hindi is being imposed on the people of other languages through different ways. Today's #HindiDiwas is one such clandestine effort. Hindi Diwas represents linguistic arrogance, and hence is being resisted by Kannadigas who have self respect, he stated.

"Hindi is not the national language and our constitution did not coin the concept of Hindi as the national language. Stil, the effort to project Hindi as the national language of the country and to playing politics to achieve this means has been going on since long. Now it has reached a new level. Before people using different languages revolt against such efforts, imposition of Hindi should be stopped," he said.

Kumaraswamy pointed out that Hindi Diwas is being celebrated on September 14 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Bohar Rajendra Singh who fought to implement Hindi in the central government dealings. He wondered what is there for the people speaking other languages to celebrate either the birthday of either Rajendra Singh or Hindi becoming a language of administration.

Terming Hindi Diwas as a 'wasteful' effort, he demanded it to be scrapped. He also asked the central government, if it wants to go ahead with the celebration of Hindi Diwas, to also declare different days for celebrating all other languages including Kannada. He said that there are some confusing poits in articles 343, 344 and 345 of the Indian Constitution which seem to support Hindi. He asked the BJP, which is eager to ammend the constitution, to protect the self respect of othe languages by changing these articles.

"Like Hindi Diwas, the three-language new national education policy is a way to impose HIndi on us. Why can't the two-language policy be maintained? I would like to know which states having Hindi as their language are following three-language policy. The state government should not to accept NEP," he stated. He also discounted efforts being made to project Hindi as a matter of policy with nationalism, patriotism and Hindutwa. He termed this as an act of treason and said that measuring the level of patriotism on the basis of language one speaks as a challenge to national integration. He also said that Kannadigas who had ruled the state which stretched fromRiver Cauvery to River Godavari, are adventurous and have self respect. If they stand out against the efforts beingvmade to impose HIndi, he said, the conspirators will fail in their gameplan.

Kumaraswmy opined that imposing of Hindi is being termed by the concerned as learning the lanuguage. He said that learning can be by choice and not through imposition. "Imposition of a language should not be in such a way that it challenges the soul of the other lanuage and it should not pave way for the extinction of the other language. It should never be in such a way as to damage culture, diversity and integration of the country," he pointed out in his tweet.

Many other Twitteratis also echoed similar sentiments. Tamil Nadu has always been strongly opposing the prominence being given to Hindi.



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  • richard, sharjah/shirva

    Tue, Sep 15 2020

    koopa mandooka's only understands width length bridth of koopa only

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  • DM Bangera, Mangalore /Mumbai

    Tue, Sep 15 2020

    This son of Devegowda is out of job. People of Karnataka are not stupid to be fooled by him.

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  • bala, urwa

    Tue, Sep 15 2020

    People from our twin districts know minimum three languages unlike Hindi,Malayali,Telugu and Malayali people which is an advantage. Learn more languages to increase the knowledge.

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  • Raj, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 15 2020

    Tshirts which say "I am Indian. I don't speak Hindi" are best sellers in Tamil Nadu.

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  • naveen, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Knowing more language is advantage for everyone...….These politicians want to run their shop using these type of stupid statement & survive in their field rather than doing good things to the public......That days are gone now when this type of statements yielding some benefits to secure their political base.....Grow up!!……..

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  • sathish jm, kumpala

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    We have been learning Hindi as third languages since decades. Our Hindi movies and songs are our pride. Our national television DD broadcasts in Hindi. All our railway/airport announcements are in Hindi. Our leaders addresses nation in Hindi and our Hindi speaking leaders can become MP in Kerala.
    All of us are Hindustanis are commonly connected with one language that is Hindi. Whether it is having official title or not but Hindi is indeed our national language. We should promote this nationwide. Leaders like HDK who cannot reach think beyond Hassan and Ramanagara cannot understand this.

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  • John Tauro, M'luru

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Hindi was introduced in state government schools over 50 years ago, when both the state and centre were ruled by the Congress. Why there was no opposition then? Only Non-Congress ruled states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal opposed. What does HDK is trying to convey now? College students study the language by choice. What is his problem? In fact what we see today is that Malayalam is gradually being imposed in Mangalore.

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  • k b r, Mangala Uru

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    linking Hindi language to nationalism or to Hinduism is dangerous and much pursued to consolidate vote bank... Hindi language is the single largest vote bank in India...

    Rest of India does not need Hindi... they do not need 3 language formula whereas Hindi states have 2 language formula... 3 language formula is additional burden of Hindi language for non-Hindi children...

    English is world language and language of Science, Engineering, Technology and option for Indians to avoid English since it is the most widely used International language at present, same language can be used for inter-state communication within India...

    Question to ponder on... why is Hindi belt is economically backward compared to non-hindi states...

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  • Rathan, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Try to think this way "non hindi" ppl r less in our armed forces? Why
    Because of armed forces guarding our borders we (both Hindi and non hindi speaking) r safe and continue our work /job
    Why you say we should learn englush for science/technology?
    Do you German or Japan or French ppl study in their mother language and you know how much talented they r in technology.
    Nobody is forcing anybody to study Hindi. When he was in power he could have introduced 2 language policy why he did not bring?
    Now all dombarata and nautanki

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  • RAVINDRA, Bangalore , Dubai,

    Mon, Sep 14 2020


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  • Shetty, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    No imposition and no opposition also. Kannadigas love their mother tongue unconditionally and we dont oppose other language to prove our love.

    HDK can escape to neighbouring states and try to fan lingustic hatred. For Kannadigas its always nation first and region second. Many people tried to build Kannada parties here to serve their own interests, but smart Kannadigas always gave them thumbs down.

    Love your mother tongue the most but dont oppose any language. Let people be free to learn as many as possible.

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  • M, Manjarun

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    If Hindi can't be imposed, why are you imposing Kannada on tulu speakers and Konkani speakers ?

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  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    When states were formed, they were formed on the basis of a particular language.

    The administration of the state (including public service) would be conducted in that language.

    If Tulunad becomes a state, obviously Tulu will be the language of administration.

    In states where Hindi is the state admin language, everyone should learn Hindi.

    But Kannada should not be imposed on Bihar, and Hindi should not be imposed on Karnataka.

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  • richard, sharjah/shirva

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Dear manglorean...if your impose expose only get languages of inter states and Tamils argue and you talk same lime tamils
    most majority accepts Hindi as common language for national integrity, if you and HDK not interested its your mistake!! dont explore your 'bakwas' ..ok

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  • Prakash, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    No one is imposing Kannada on you.You are in Karnataka where the language is Kannada if you go to Bagalkot,Mandy's or Mysuru.Only in coastal Karnataka we have various languages.And Konkani belongs to Maharashtra/Goa,it is the language that migrants from those places brought here.

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  • John Tauro, M'luru

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Konkani is also one of the languages of Karnataka. Konkani speaking people of Karwar, Kumta and Ankola are not migrants. These areas are part of Gomantak or Greater Goa. The state for Konkani was not formed under the States Reorganisation Act of 1956. The present borders of Goa were created by the Portuguese.

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  • k b r, Mangala Uru

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    it is temporary problem, once Tulu Nadu becomes reality, Tulu will be official language. However in Tulu Nadu when formed, Konkani will not be official language...

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  • abdul munim, UDUPI

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    karnataka is the only south Indian state which budges under the pressure of Hindi hooligans because of saffron brigade.

    bacchali janara party does not have the guts to play their gimmicks in any of the other south Indian states as they do not give a damn to it.

    Kannadiga saffron brigade wants to please feku and daku at the cost of all other regional languages of the state including kannada, tulu, etc

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  • DM Bangera, Mangalore /Mumbai

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Saffron is for all Hindus whether Kannadiga or not. This man HDK doesn't have any problem celebrating tippu jayanthi.

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  • Joe, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Please stop this drama, most of the people working in government sectors are keralites or tamilians are they kannadigas , go to mangalore railway station that is a good example.

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  • k b r, Mangala Uru

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Hindi people do not study any language properly, they know, speak Hindi only... Because they do not know any other language, they expect others to learn Hindi so that illiterate/semi-literate Hindi folks can manage well in their mothertongue with rest of Indians...

    Non-hindi states have to learn three languages , mothertongue, English and Hindi.

    Hindi is useless language for south Indians because hardly any job opportunity in Hindi states which are bimaaru states, no significant migration from non-Hindi to hindi states...

    Hindi state people migrate to non-hindi states for jobs, business, education... they should study languages of the respective states where they go for bread and butter...

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  • Manu, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Every country has one national language to communicate and English is not our National Language We learn English, State language in our school then speak our mother tongue at home, so whats the problem in learning one more language to communicate between other states. Ask any common Indian which language is easy to speak, is it Hindi or English? Soke people only make this as political issue just show their love to state language, why did HDK son studied in English medium school if he loves so much Kannada?

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  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Hindi, as a literary language, did not exist 200 years ago.

    But Urdu had developed as such, and was widely used.

    What people spoke, however, were many dialects, and were known as Hindustani, Khadi Boli, Bhojpuri, etc etc.

    But languages like Tamil were far advanced as literary even 500 years ago.

    RSS has attempted to make India have one everything, including 'One national language'.

    South of India is far advanced in every field, yet north Indians with their Hindi want to be the rulers.

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  • Bhavya Baliga, Udupi

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    He who hates Hindi, hates India.

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  • Kiran Poojary, Bengaluru/Mangaluru

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    I love my India. I don't hate Hindi. But I don't like Hindi language imposition.

    Tulu is also a language of this country. Make people of UP/Bihar learn Tulu in schools. Then you will understand the true color of Hindiwalas. Then you can say "He who hates Tulu, hates India"

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  • Manu, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Why did you learn Hindi in school?

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  • sachi, mangalore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    I agree with HDK. Language should not be imposed on citizens. Definitely we Indians love languages and we can learn language easily. Ask any gulf Indian they quickly learn Arabic. Ask a Mangalorean he knows tulu,kannada, konkani, hindi, Byari, Malayalam, Coorgi, Kundapuri, and individual cast dialects shivalili, Havyak, aregannda etc. and we are not against languages we love to learn new language. Ask a Mangalorean who is in Mumbai he learns Marathi, Gujratai and punjabi as well!!!

    I was a kannada medium student and I Choose Sanskrit in high school as first language, Hindi 2nd language and English compulsory. Then a policy came from Govt that Kannada is a must so they dropped Hindi from 2nd language for those opted for Sanskrit as first language. One can select only Hindi if Kannada as your choice as first language. We were taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th STD kannada in 8th, 9th, & 10th STD as a punishment for selecting Sanskrit as first language.

    We have not taken care of GOVT schools, & Kannada medium schools and our education policy is utter confusion.
    The irony is my Mother tongue is kannada , My son goes to English medium school, he is in 7th STD he is not speaking, reading, writing Kannada properly!!!!!

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  • Manju, Abuja

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    He / She who likes Hindi is an anti-indian as Hindi is not an indian language. It was brought to india by moguls. There is no difference between urdu and hindi other than script. Pakistani PM and our India PM talk in same language (hindi and urdu no difference) but our Indian PM cannot communicate with any of the south indian chief ministers in their respective language. Promoting Hindi is like promoting Pakistani language.

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  • John Tauro, M'lore

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    Hindi and Urdu are same for those who have learned the language by watching Bollywood movies.

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  • Salah, AUH

    Mon, Sep 14 2020

    He/She who hates fellow India, is Deshdrohi!

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Title : Bengaluru: HDK comes down heavily on Hindi Diwas, 'stop imposition' trends on Twitter


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