Mangaluru: Velita Lobo wins MTG, Merwin and Swetha Nach Nara Nach Naari winners

Three new serials launched, to be telecast in Daijiworld from January

Pics: Dayanand Kukkaje

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Mangaluru, Dec 24: Daijiworld 24x7 TV’s mega stage show of Konkani programmes, ‘Sambhram; Unlimited’ was held at St Agnes College Grounds, Mangaluru on Sunday, December 23.

The special entertainment programme of around 4 hours duration was watched by a big crowd. Going by their response, they enjoyed every moment of it.

The show was mainly dedicated for presenting awards to winners of popular Konkani reality shows, ‘Mhojo Tallo Gaitalo’, ‘Nach Nara Nach Naari’ and ‘Tara Rum Pum’.

The winners of the shows were as follows:

Mhojo Tallo Gaitalo: Velita Lobo is the winner of the singing contest, while Gavin Menezes was first runner up and Jason Lobo was second runner up.

Nach Nara Nach Naari: The dancing contest was won by Merwin and Swetha duo, Sandesha and Delina were the first runner up while Rahul and Diana were adjusted second runner up.

Tara Rum Pum: The first winners were, Patcy and Nancy from Derebail. Leo and Lavina from Ranipura won the runner up prize.


Three new Konkani serials were also launched during the same event, which will be aired on Daijiworld TV from January onwards. ‘Mrs Meena and Family’(director - Stany Bela) Tukai Na Makai Na (director - Pradeep Barboza) Choliye Chotrai (director - Vincent Fernandes) .

Two new shows titled 'Thodi Kushi Thodi Doshi’ and 'Ami Dogi Sezara 2’ were also launched on the occasion.

Sambhram Unlimited also celebrated the success of Daijiworld Television's Konkani segment (Primetime 9 pm to 10 pm, Monday to Friday).

Earlier during the stage show all sponsors, coordinators and anchors as well as prominent artistes who contributed to the success of Daijiworld TV were honoured.

6 couples, who are well known in Konkani world, inaugurated the show with filling six colours to the jars.

Walter Nandalike, Founder , Daijiworld Group of Media welcomed the dignitaries and gathering .

Managing director of Daijiworld TV Alexis Castelino, director of operations Melvyn Rodrigues were present.

Former MLA J R Lobo congratulated Daijiworld Media and TV for promoting Konkani in a big way. He also congratulated the winners and participants of contests. "Within a short span of time, Daijiworld TV became very close to our hearts. It has become part of our life now. We are lucky to see the prime time dedicated to Konkani Language. Today Daijiworld is a strong stage to showcase our talents. We will see new stars in singing and dance category today. It does not mean others are not stars. All are equal and deserve appreciation,” Lobo said. 

‘Sambhram Unlimited’ was packed with the performances from the artistes of various reality shows and guest artistes with enthralling music and comedy.

The finalists of Mhojo Tallo Gaitalo and Nach Nara Nach Naari enthralled the audience by their singing and dance. 

Actor and comedian , Mellu Valencia entertained the crowd with his comedy dialogues. 

Melodious song by Meena Rebimbus and special dances by Neena , Vinol, Pearl ,Pradeep and Blessy were highlights of the show

'Bhangramani 2', the music album of well known musician and choir teacher Alwyn Noronha Bajpe, was released at the event.  

Great personalities from the Konkani world from around the world graced the show.

Reena Castelino, Babitha Pinto and Sweenie compered the programme. 


It may be recalled that, while launching TV channel back in June 2014, only limited Konkani programmes were available. 'Amchi Mathi Amchi Munsha' by Leslie Rego was the first introductory programme, followed by Soad 4 reality show hosted by Mandd Sobhann.

After February 2015, Konkani programmes dominated prime time in TV channel. Music, serials, live panel discussion, dance, and live quiz shows not only attracted people to the TV sets around three districts of coastal cities, but also attracted huge international audience through TV app, YouTube and Facebook live streams.

The tremendous response received for Konkani events, and game-changing reality shows like Mhojo Tallo Gaitalo and Nach Nara Nach Naari have changed the prospects of Konkani television programme through unprecedented response and popularity from Konkani loving people all over the globe.

Not only Konkani event, but Tulu comedy shows, Kannada news, music and other programmes also captured the audience from all walks of life irrespective of caste, creed and language. 

Mhojo Tallo Gaitalo- singing reality show 

‘Mhojo Tallo Gaitalo’, in short MTG, the city's first-of-its-kind singing reality contest, is dedicated to Konkani’s legendary singer and composer late Wilfy Rebimbus. The entire show, based on the compositions of Wilfy, has received tremendous appreciation and has become an instant hit in the Konkani world. 

In this talent hunt, aspiring singers above the age of 15 could sing the compositions of Wilfy. Aired on Daijiworld 24x7 channel every Friday at 9 pm, the show had garnered excellent reviews. The show was hosted by Babita Pinto, well known singer and VJ. 

In its first round itself, the show headed towards creating a milestone in Konkani’s musical history. Before even winning the title, the contestants have already registered their names in Konkani’s music world. Various music directors and composers recognized their voices and many got chances to sing for various musical projects.

The winner was honoured with ‘Grand Golden Mike' title. 

'Nach Nara Nach Naari’ - couple dance reality show

‘Nach Nara Nach Naari’ is another Konkani dance reality show airing in Daijiworld24x7 TV every Thursday at 9 pm. The audition round held at Forum Fiza Mall last year received outstanding response with contestants thronging the venue from various parts of the state. When the show hit the TV screens, it became a hit. After many rounds, the talented dancers succeeded to get a huge fan following by their innovations performances.

Contestants danced to a different tune, theme and style every week and scores were given by the judges. Each week one couple was eliminated based on the scores given by judges. Sweeny Maria D’Souza is the host of this show.

Many contestants who participated in ‘Nach Nara Nach Naari’ have become popular dancers of the city. Many got chances to perform in various other public shows also.

‘Tara Rum Pum’ - Konkani ‘Anthakshari' show

‘Tara Rum Pum’ a Konkani Anthakshari show aired on Daijiworld24x7tv has brought the Konkani world together. Every week, families waited for the show to be aired to hear their favourites and new hit songs. The music-based show was hosted by Manoj Fernandes, Floyd Cascia, Shanthi Priya Lasrado and Angeline D’Souza this year. A total of 32 teams participated in this show from various parts of the coastal region.

Contestants sang more than 1000 Konkani songs during this show and same number of questions was asked to the participants. The final battle was held between Team Derebail and Team Ranipura.

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  • Ronald D'Souza, Derebail;Auckland New Zealand

    Wed, Jan 9 2019

    Congratulations the to winner Velita and all the finalists. There was little difference between them but there has to be one winner. Special thanks to the organisers especially Ashith Pinto for all the hard work to make this enjoyable and entertaining programme to watch.

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  • Clarence Miranda, Mangaluru

    Sat, Dec 29 2018

    Congratulations to all winners. Kudos to everyone who worked hard and made it all possible.
    Shri Walter Nandalike and late Shri Wilfie Rebimbus are a gift from God to all Mangalurians.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [2]

  • Janet, Kaikamba

    Thu, Dec 27 2018

    Congrats dear velita....lovly voice of calm girl....keep it up....

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [5]

  • Prasanna joel sequeira, Shirthady

    Thu, Dec 27 2018

    Congrats velita lobo.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [3]

  • Apolinaris D'Souza, Valencia/Muscat

    Wed, Dec 26 2018

    Congratulations to all the Winners. Congratulations to the Organizers and the entire team who have been tirelessly working behind the scene for the past one year for the success of this program . Not forgetting all the participants of all the three shows who took part in this competition from the day one. You all have Won our hearts. Hats off to Daijiworld.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [5]

  • Monica Valdar Kuruvitage, Dubai-UAE

    Tue, Dec 25 2018

    One-of-its-Kinda event and the efforts of the entire MTG is commendable. An Honest effort can bring a big achievement, to name a few- Ashith Glen Pinto, Babita Dcosta, Alwyn Noronha, Reena Castelino, Alexis Castelino and the entire team , you proved it well. Very professional and extremely well organized. There a few people can make history with their selfless work and you all have done it. Congratulations to you all.
    Myself and Thushara Kuruvitage would like to Thank the Daiji team for an opportunity of being a part of this event. Look forward to wittnesing events as this dedicated to our Legendary 'Konkan Kogul' Amar Wilfyaab.
    Stay Blessed!

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [12]

  • William F D'Souza, Kirem/Mumbai

    Tue, Dec 25 2018

    Congratulations. Simply Great/ Fantastic. Wish you all the best for the future. With most admiration.LONG LIVE DAIJIWORD.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [5]

  • Rudolf Rebello, Kalmady/ Mumbai

    Tue, Dec 25 2018

    Brilliant wonderful show (muzo thalo gaitolo). A real tribute to the Late Konkan Kogul Wilfy Rebimbus. Watched all the episodes didicatedly and enjoyed thoroughly the singing and the comments corrections and appreciation by judges and the encouraging words of Konkan Maina Meena bai. However the Winner Velita was certainly not expected. Sure winner was either Jason or Gavin . Bad luck Gavin and Jason. The both of you will be stars of Konkani Songs.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [10]

  • Jossie Mascarenhas, Bajpe / Dubai

    Tue, Dec 25 2018

    In MTG I feel most of the credit should go to Mr. Ashith Glen Pinto whose brainchild it was. He has been the real 'soothradhari' from behind the stage to bring this show to a glorious culmination.

    You can never forget those 3 judges who have sacrificed so much of their time and intellect to choose the best. It should have surely been a himalayan task. Kudos and thanks.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [14]

  • Santosh, Manglore

    Mon, Dec 24 2018


    Reply Report Abuse Agree [5]

  • Fr Felix Monteiro, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 24 2018


    Reply Report Abuse Agree [4]

  • Max and Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore, Houston/Dallas, Texas

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    "Sambrham" is in fact an equivalent of "Celebration" that proudly displayed the Konkany talent and Konkany culture in a most fabulous way at the St. Agnes School grounds on Sunday, December 23, 2018 with a packed audience. The entire program in fact lasted for 4-1/2 hours but was filled with dancing, singing and variety entertainment that kept the entire audience with fun and pride. The Show organized by the Daijiworld group is surely one of a kind. The quality of performance was almost a close resemblance of the OSCAR AWARD show with all the precision and zeal, and we must complement the organizers who masterminded the entire Show with prompt and glamor.

    The Singing competition as well as the dancing competition was too good to be true. The musical display, the lighting extravaganza and the sound system was tuned to the highest quality that we have never seen in Mangalore before. The Daijiworld group was very precise in including almost everyone who had helped them from the time the Daijiworld who marched to the stage like a procession to receive their "Awards of Recognition". We were pleased to witness the young men and women of Mangalore performing their talents so professionally, and we went home with a whisper of gratitude for all that we enjoyed from the start to the finish.

    Mangalore is changing, and changing fast as a vibrant society where Konkany language and Konkany culture has every room to flourish as an unique Society as well as community. We wish each and every Konkany stalwart best of success in all their future enthusiasm in promoting our culture to a higher pedestal. We wish each and everyone in the community best of success in all their future aspirations for Mangalore in promoting their Konkany language and Konkany culture.

    Late Wilfy Rebimbus has left behind strong footprints in the Konkany society, and we are proud to have Meen Rebimbus and her family, Viswas and Veena with their respective partners to continue their journey.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [10]

  • Prinson D'lima, Santhekatte- Kallianpur/Doha- Qatar

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    Congratulations to Velita and Marwin-Shweta! well deserved

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [7]

  • rakesh dsouza, mangalore

    Mon, Dec 24 2018


    Reply Report Abuse Agree [5]

  • J.F D Souza, Attavar, Mangalore.

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    Super and well organised programme KONKANI SAMBRAM unlimited . hats off to Walter nandalike and Daijiworld entire team. Really a good program. I enjoyed it. Congratulations to the Winners of MTG and NNNNari .

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [11]

  • Vijay Moras, Madanthyar/ Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    Congrats to Velita Lobo !!!
    Congrats to My favorite Jason Lobo. Still you have to prove your Ability & Talent!!! Hats off

    Vijay Moras, Kuwait

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [12]

  • Vijay Moras, Madanthyar/ Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    Still you have Time to Prove your ability and Talent!!!

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [7]

  • CGS, Valencia, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    Konkani Sambhram organised by Daijiworld Media was a spectacular, fantabulous and colourful show which is undoubtedly one the best shows ever organised in Mangalore.
    Congratulations n Best wishes to MTG winner Velita Lobo, NNNN winners Merwyn n Swetha, Tara Rum Pum winners Patcy n Nancy and all the runners up n participants of the reality shows. Thanks to Meenabai Rebimbus n Family, Congratulations to the three outstanding comperes Reena Castelino, Babita Pinto n Sweenie D'Souza.
    Congrats to Alwyn Noronha on releasing of his wonderful album Bhangramonni-2. Good luck to all the new serials shortly telecasting in Daijiworld Tv. Hats off to Walter Nandalike and the entire team of Daijiworld Media.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [5]

  • Augustine Daniel DSouza, Udupi Mumbai STATE OF KUWAIT.

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    Congratulations Velita Lobo GOD Bless.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [8]

  • JEEVZ, Mlr

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    Congrats Velita

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [7]

  • Prakash D' Cunha, Bajpe/Ashoknagar/Abudhabi

    Mon, Dec 24 2018

    Excellent. Hats off to Daiji World. Waiting for the next show. All the best.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [6]


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