Mangaluru: We are not communal, have formed committee to resolve road issue - St Aloysius College

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Mangaluru, Jul 28: To further a dialogue on the St Aloysius College road renaming debate, and find a solution amicably, St Aloysius College has formed an action committee, which will meet on Saturday, July 29.

This was informed at a press meet at the College on Friday, July 28. The issue relates to renaming of St Aloysius College road after Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty, former chairman of Vijaya Bank, whose regional office is located on the stretch.

"With an intention of giving respect and cooperation to the process of finding a solution to the problem, St Aloysius College restrained from precipitating the issue further through any agitational programme in the last few weeks, yet, we have called for a meet to inform why we are fighting for this issue," said president of St Aloysius College Alumni Association (SACAA) Archibald Menezes.

College registrar A M Narahari said, "With an intention of giving respect and cooperation to the process of finding a solution to the problem, St Aloysius College restrained from precipitating the issue further through any agitational programme in the last few weeks. However, a few organisations like the Bunts Sangha have started making wild allegations against the college and also against the respected legislators that they have communalized and politicized the issue.

"St Aloysius College never practiced communalism and never believed in playing politics. In fact, the college is known for harmony with high secular credentials. There is only one community in St Aloysius that is St Aloysius Community. We have tried to find a consensus three times so far. But there has been no dialogue of sorts. Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty was a student of this insititute, so there is no question of us wanting to disrespect him. We Had held the protest earleir to voice our dissent, and are not for conflict with any community.

"A broad-based 'action committee' has been set up for planning and executing the future action programmes. The action committee headed by St Aloysius Alumni Association will include the representatives of present students, staff, prominent citizens, like-minded organisations and well-wishers of the college. The newly constituted action committee is meeting tomorrow, to chalk out the future course of action. There is no question of succumbing to any threats of agitation. We are determined to fight out democratically till the name of 'St Aloysius college road' is retained. We are determined to fight out democratically till the name of 'St Aloysius college road' is retained," he added.

Highlighting some facts on the road he said, "It was in 1979 due to special efforts of late Blazius D’Souza and the late P F Rodrigues, former ministers of Karnataka, the road was inaugurated with the consent of the muncipality. A plaque was installed at the time of inauguration as St Aloysius College Road on to the compound wall of KMC. The plaque is still there. It is a strong proof.The fact that such a name board existed has been admitted by Ajith Kumar Malady in his memorandum to district in-charge minister."

Rector of St Aloysius Fr Dionysius Vas added that the College was open for dialogue and had called for a talk yesterday (July 27) which was not attended by the other party. "We will not disturb the communal peace. We urge you to support us with communal harmony. St Aloysius community is interested in communal harmony. St Aloysius College Road name was a token of respect bestowed on the instutute on the centenary eyar. Our claim is to recognise this piece of land and keep the name. We cannot keep the St Aloysius College Road in any other place.

"We are looking for a dialogue and a win win situation. Even if we lose this fight, we don't mind. Our aim is communal harmony," he added.

"Vijay Bank Officers’ Organization did not specifically ask for this road. In fact their application to the corporation was to name any road in Mangaluru as 'Sunder Ram Shetty Road'. Therefore, if an alternative road is suggested by the city corporation or the government, their demand will be met," said Sumith Rao, a member of the action committee.

Speaking about the technical glitch in the proposed name by the bank union, he added, "The proposal made to City Corporation itself was defective. It was mentioned in the proposal as the road from Ambedkar Circle to Hampanakatta, which created confusion, as the vehicle movement is in the reverse direction. Usually the road direction is based on the vehicular movement."

"There was no specific debate in Mangaluru City Corporation with regard to the approval. Many corporators have openly expressed surprise on how the resolution was passed without a debate. Some officials have quietly seen to it that the resolution is recorded as passed," he added.

St Aloysius College principal Fr Praveen Martis, Action Committee convenor N G Mohan, alumna Sumitra, college pupil president Aman Ahmed, alumna Michelle D'Souza were present at the meet.

The College also provided pictures and documents affirming the usage of the name St Aloysius College road for decades.


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  • James Mendonca, Vamanjoor / Dubai

    Sun, Jul 30 2017

    Mr. . Sundaram Shetty is alumni of St Aloysius college. If he was alive , he would not agreed to name this road to his name removing his Alma Mater name. Please retain old name St Aloysius college road and name any other road preferably in Mulky in his name.

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  • Anand, Dubai

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    Mr Sundar Ram Shetty himself was the student of this school. Which soul would like to remove the school name and replace with his?????? This is absolutely not right.

    Secondly when a name has already been granted to the college several years back and now trying to rename it is unjustifiable. No residents of any place or a child for instance if they were asked to rename their names would tolerate it.

    I hope better sense prevails and let the name remain as it is.

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  • Peter, KSA

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    Bankers do business to gain profit. Educational Institutions instill knowledge in children and mold them to be good citizens. Decide whom should we respect - profit making businessmen or the institute serving the nation.

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  • SPAT, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    If we were to question St Aloysious or Mr Shetty if they would want a road to be named after them would they respond ? I am sure these great selfless souls would have suggested the other persons name ..
    Keep fighting guys ..for your commnunity ..caste ..creed ..for the wrong reasons ..Hope and pray the good lord will bless with right intelligence to work for humanity

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    It was a ploy by jobless people to divide on communal basis and reap reward in terms of votes. No prize for guessing who they are! First of all why the name SAC is itching to them? Why they chose SAC only? Why they did not get any other place or road in DK? It is evident that there are forces working against selfless work of SAC and other institutions!

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  • LEENA SALDANHA, Bondel / mangalore

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    Aloysius name to be retained .......... with Aloysius ................

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  • raj, mangaluru

    Sat, Jul 29 2017


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  • Vinit D, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    As per internet records, Vijaya bank was founded by A.B.Shetty at Bunts hostel in 1931. Mulki Sundaram Shetty joined the bank in 1946 and grew the bank to one of the country's leading banks. The bank moved its HO from mangalore to bangalore in 1969.
    This founders branch near jyoti talkies is at the very end of the one way road that starts from Hampankatta to Jyoti talkies .The old structure has been replaced by newly constructed building . Most people do nothave to use this road to go to this bank . It is easier to approach this bank walking from jyoti talkies than from hampankatta.
    St.Aloysius college, a Institution that exists here since 1880 . This road is the main access to this college.
    The situation here is just like the neem patent case. Neem is an indian plant that was patented by the US. It would be better if Bunts hostel road is renamed after Mulki Sundaram shetty.

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  • John B. Monteiro, Bondel Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    I support the suggestion of Dr. Mohan Prabhu of Canada and Ahmed KC of Mangauru for dividing the whole road stretch from Hampankatta to Ambedkar Circle, via the hill, into two and amicably share it in a spirit of accommodation and harmony.
    I had made this suggestion first in an article on Daijiworld on July 1 wherein I had called it wise King Solomon’s solution. He had ordered the cutting of a child into two equal parts and give each part to the two women who claimed it as theirs. At that point, one claimant mother pleaded for not cutting the child but to be given to the rival claimant.
    That is when King Solomon decided who was the true mother of the child and gave it to the mother who preferred to keep the child alive even if it had to be given to the pretender mother.
    So, in the Mangaluru road naming/renaming issue, let us take the King Solomon route and divide the whole inanimate road into two stretches - one from Hampankatta to the lane turning to the college campus and the second from the eastern side of the college lane turning (west of the Masjid) and up to Ambedkar Circle – off which is located the Regional Office of the bank.
    They say that it is not the length of the barrel but the strength of the bullet that counts. It is not the quantity (length) but the quality (generously sharing) that should count. This should be a landmark compromise and a monument to harmony.
    As a grateful student of the college and a long-time delighted customer of the bank, I appeal for an dispassionate compromise and, thus, set an example for future generations of Mangalurians.

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  • Sunil Sanil, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    I am sure Sundar Shetty would not have liked this kind of fighting/protest if he was alive. He would have preferred St.Aloysius name instead of his name. He is great personality. Do not drag him to your personal ego.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    Don't fight!! After all what's there in a name????Tomorrow the name "Vijaya Bank" itself may not survive because of mergers between banks due to colossal NPAs!!!

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    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Mangalore became Mangaluru, So LIGHT HOUSE HILL ROAD will become Belakina Mane Betta Road! on a compromise note call Alasanna Shetty Road.!😁

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  • Prakash Mascarenhas, Uppinangady / Dubai

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    Belakina Mane Betta Rasthe - not Road

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  • Namma Naadu, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    In pure Kannada it is belakina mane daari ..
    Raste and Marga are loan words

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Call whatever you want,
    people know only one name ...

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017


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  • J.F.D SOUZA, Attavar, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 29 2017

    Better do this. Everything will be settled. Why stick on to Light House Hill Road only? Shift from here.

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  • Joe Britto, Nakre/Bangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    AA)There are Many Roads in the world which have which have Multiple names or even 3 names .

    Names are often given in a two-part form:
    an individual name known as the specific, and an indicator of the type of street, known as the generic. Examples are "Main Road", "Fleet Street" and "Park Avenue".

    The type of street stated, however, can sometimes be misleading: a street named "Park Avenue" need not have the characteristics of an avenue in the generic sense.
    Some street names have only one element, such as "Broadway", "The Mall", or "The Beeches".

    The section of N. 3rd Street from W. McKinley Avenue south to Wisconsin Avenue was renamed N. Old World 3rd Street to promote the German businesses, like Mader’s Restaurant and Usinger’s Sausage, which had been on the street for many years. The rest of 3rd Street kept its name, resulting in three names for the thoroughfare.

    BB)Maybe the Road could have 3 names :

    1. From Vijaya Bank building till the Idgah – M.Sundaram Shetty Road.

    2. From Idgah start till the end of Park – Idgah Road.

    3. The Rest will be St, Aloysius College Road.

    OR as some suggested :

    St. Aloysius Idga Sundaram Shetty Road

    This way all will be satisfied to some extent.

    The Modalities will have to be worked out in such a way that the Resident as well as offices situated will have minimum hassles in the days ahead.

    Remarks : It's sad that today the country is indeed busy with so many Non Issues when the need of the hour is to resolve burning issues like Education, Job, Prices, Tackling Rampant corruption and Nepotism etc. etc.

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  • Swamy, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Why ABVP is not present here?. Are they not bothered about students wishes and fight along side?. Why double standard by ABVP?.

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  • Swamy, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    St. Aloysius College deserves to keep the road name because of its contribution to the society from time immemorial, whereas Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty is a product of this institute and has benefitted from this institute. St. Aloysius College is fighting to uphold and maintain the institution's name which is pride of the society and not a single individual personality like Sunder Ram Shetty. The opponents should be fighting to change the name into Vijaya Bank Road at the most which sounds very controversial and absurd to fight in line with St. Aloysius College name. The contribution, sacrifice and service what the college has offered can never be compared with Sunder Ram Shetty's service, hence retaining the name is least the nation can do in return to this great institute.

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  • francis dsouza, udupi

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Why People are back of changing the Name of roads,Airports,Citys ,this all political minded people let them do something good for the public , instead wasting there time good for nothing.

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  • J.F.D SOUZA, Attavar, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Those who wantthe road name as Sundaram Shetty Road opt for another road say From Jyothi Circle upto Catholic Club (Milagres Center0 or from Jyothi Circle to Bunts Hostel so that there ends the dispute.

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  • Vantage Point, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Utter nonsense....Even if you change it people will still call it by the old name...
    Eventhough pump well circle is changed to mahaveer circle...Nobody in mangalore refers it as Mahaveer circle...

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  • Ricky, Udupi

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    You are trying to justify that you are not communal, But I say you people are really adamant in erasing culture of soil. When it is Bavutagudde road, what is the need for changing. Moreover your institute is not in this road and you had a option to keep a road name which in front of your college (technically). But you guys are so adamant to have your name in big road.

    People don't try to make an effort to remove names like Kadri, Bavutagudde, Hampanakatte, Gorigudde, Bendur well. and many more which is part culture of our soil.

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    I think college management should not urge its name to be used for road.
    College itself is a big landmark. It has its own recognition.
    Why do you want road to be named after college. Leave that matter.
    Let them name it as they want.
    College will get recognition when its students excel in life. Not otherwise.

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  • Swamy, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    The same logic applies to the bank as well, right?.

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  • Arun Fernandes, Bangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Even if you, as a learned man with all your wisdom for giving such a sane advice, has to change your own name, the law doesn't allow it, unless you follow a procedure....
    Having said that I feel, your advice would have made a lot of sense in case the College management had pushed to rename the road. The name on this road has been in existence, since time immemorial, so be it always. Why does anyone want to change the name now. Your wisdom must be shared with the Vijaya bank group who have raised this issue from nowhere and have muddled the waters. Hence they are the ones who should allow the mud to settle down, so that we see clear water again like before and allow things to function in harmony and sanity.
    I hope you will agree.

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  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Why all these agitations . After all thousand of people have received their education at the hands of the Jesuit fathers of sacred memory. This great institution has been responsible for imparting education to any number of people. In the galaxy of aloysian firmament one can see politicians, doctors, men fighting for India guarding the frontiers and several people of distinction.

    The road is aptly names as St. Aloysius college road. Hope people of GOODWILL will understand this concept and resolve the gnawing problem.

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  • Af,,, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    People are making this small issue an international news,
    do not name it, ort rename it, leave as it is ,those who want let them call what ever name they want, people need peace,harmoney and freedom .

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  • tom cat, mumbai , manglore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    "St.Aloysius College we know and every one knows" but who is Sunder Ram Shetty ? I don't think a individual can be greater than Institution. Case decided . Foxes and Jackals go back to your holes.

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  • Amith, USA

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    It's like Mulky people "ENCROACHING" Mangalore? Instead of all these unwanted press meet, Let there be Referendum among Mangalore domiciles. "DOOD KA DOOD PAANI KA PAANI " Will the "BALAGA" people agree???? Never!!!! because it's an hidden agenda to Disturb the peace of mind of Mangaloreans and to blame the present MLAs during election session.

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  • RohanPinto, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    First of all there is no comparison between a world famous Aloysius college and Mulki sunder Ram, So no dialogues necessary between irrelevant comparisons He might be done good deeds in his time, not now Everybody knows about Aloysius institutions , Lakhs of people benefited from here with education and live all over the world , How many people knows about Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty , A hardly a few personally benefiters, If they really respect Mulki Shetty and his deeds, they should have started education or old age home for neglected, or abandoned children rather than choosing an easy way by renaming the Aloysius Road spending without penny .

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  • Dr Mohan Prabhu, LL.D, QC, Mangalore (Kankanady)/Ottawa, Canada

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    There is no need for the entire stretch from Hampankatta to SAC to be named SAC Road. Let the SAC stretch begin where the inauguration plaque was placed in 1979 to the entrance of the college campus; the remaining stretch towards Hampankatta can be name as Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty. Road, clearly demarcating the two, thereby both the SAC and its old student can exist side by sider.

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  • santhu, Mumbai/Udupi

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    the Orignal Name Bavutagudda road would be best option.

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  • G R PRABHUJI, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    In few time later the bank is going to merge with some big bank. That time Vijaya bank name will be no more?

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  • Ahmed K.C., Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    If still adamant, I have a suggestion.
    From Hampankatta ( where this road begins ) till Masjid in Bavuta gudda do not change the name let it be as it was "St. Aloysius College Road" then,
    From Masjid till Jyothi signal name it as "Sundar Ram Shetty Road"

    Hope this would solve the problem.

    Then if still persist,

    Shift the Vijaya bank, Regional office to a newer and larger premises and name the area and roads as "Sundar Ram Shetty Town" and Sundar Ram Shetty Road.

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  • PEDDU, managluru

    Fri, Jul 28 2017



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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Fri, Jul 28 2017

    If you don't know who is that big shetty in the current context, then you indeed have a perfect name.. So appropriate.. LOL

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