'Westline Signature' South India's tallest tower set to launch in Mangaluru

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Mangaluru, Sep 16 : Indian real estate sector has witnessed a spectacular growth in the last few decades giving a big boost to the country’s economic growth. The sector has witnessed a titanic shift wherein the preference has changed from traditional independent homes to lavish and high-rise luxurious apartments. Mangalore too has been witnessing this paradigm shift wherein people have been showing interest in opting for ultra modern, high rise and high-end luxury apartments. As a true sign of the times savvy builders have been able to feel the pulse of the changing mood and preference to come out with projects to cater to the dreams, needs and aspirations of the fast growing new generation of buyers. Westline Builders Pvt Ltd is in the forefront in leading such a trend in Mangalore.

In a relatively short time Westline Builders has created a huge buzz in the market with some of its outstanding projects. The company has been known for providing some of the best apartment homes to live in and in the process has been transforming Mangalore’s skyline with landmarks sprinkled across the city. In doing so the company has played a stellar role in raising the standard of living of the people of this coastal region.

To validate this Westline is on the threshold of launching its most ambitious project so far - “Westline Signature” which is coming up in the most desirable and posh locality at Nanthoor Hills, which is also the most elevated part of Mangalore. To be launched tomorrow (Sep 17, 2016) this slender, elegant, gorgeous and futuristic project of Mangalore, designed to race skywards, will stand tall with 53 floors and will have the distinction of being the tallest project in the entire South India. “Signature’ will be a modern architectural marvel inviting both admiration and envy while providing its inhabitants a fascinating combination of stylish design, idyllic location and lavish lifestyle amenities. It is designed to represent a symbiosis between the stylish facade and the creative landscape perfectly synthesizing artificial and natural elements. The aim is to provide a comfortable and high quality lifestyle and also fill a sense of pride among the inhabitants.

The vision and creative approach of its Chairman and Managing Director Nasir Mohideen has been pivotal factor in the company’s march towards stardom. Armed with a Masters degree in Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia and with his experience in the field he has been able to comprehend the rudiments of real estate business to put a solid foundation for the company. Westline Builders is emerging as a realtor of high competence and credibility with a swelling list of devoted and repeat customers. In a free-wheeling chart with our reporter Nasir Mohideen delineates the company’s foray into the market, its various projects including its Super Grand project “Westline Signature” and also various other aspect that concern the real estate industry in general.

Q. You entered into the realty field when the industry was witnessing a downslide. Was it a conscious decision or it just happened?

A. It is true that our company got into this real estate business when the industry was going through a slump period. The downturn faced by the realty market did not impede our decision to get into this field. In fact the prevailing conditions spurred us all the more to strengthen our base with a sturdy foundation. Having endured the sluggish period we were confident of gaining a foothold and we are happy we have made a confident beginning. With pioneering and revolutionary projects of developing residential and commercial space we have made our presence felt in the real estate meadow of Mangalore.

Q. What are the challenges you faced in your effort to strengthen your position in this field?

A. Though challenges were plentiful our challenge was to stand out in the crowd in a market that had players of diverse calibre. Obtaining clearances to our projects from various statutory bodies was also a challenge because considerable time, money and energy had to be invested in that direction. I hope the government comes out with the promised single window clearance process very soon to ease our difficulties. With our focus on quality and transparency in dealings it was not difficult for us to find our rightful place and assert our position.

Q. What are the factors that helped you gain foothold amidst a large number of players both established and newcomers?

A. We always believe that there is no shortcut to success. We believe that quality is a major consideration for people when buying their dream home. So we never compromised on that factor and moreover there was no ambiguity in our assurances given to the customers. We have come up with aesthetically brilliant projects and while executing them we have gone to the depth to ensure we deliver what we promised.

Q. You have said you want the company to stand out. What according to you sets apart Westline Builders from others?

A. Our USP is that we basically get involved in detail in every stage stage of construction starting from the concept to the finish. Every layout we selected is screened by the architect, management and the marketing wing to eliminate flaws that might affect the quality of the project. All the wings of the company get actively involved in designing the elevation of the building as we also pay priority for the aesthetic beauty of the project. Finally the end product matters a lot.

Q. Though you have many ongoing projects your most ambitious project to date “Westline Signature” the luxury apartment project which is creating ripples in the realty market with many firsts to its credit. What makes “Signature” so special?

A. A luxury apartment can be a true jewel only if it gives an opportunity to the occupants to stay attuned to the high life of the city and experience all the joy that comes with it. Westline Signature is work of architectural marvel, with the stunning amalgamation of stylish design and modern architecture. Its central and convenient location in the most elevated and posh locality of Mangalore in Nanthoor Hills, adds to its aura as the most eagerly awaited project. The project is coming up in a verdant land wherein the structure occupies only 20 percent of the total area with about 80 per cent of open area to give the much needed breathing space to the residents.

Q. What makes “Signature” such an awe inspiring project?

A. For us Signature is much more than a mere building. It is the execution of a long drawn dream that has taken shape in the form of this designer project. We believe that buying a luxury apartment is not just about having a lavish home to live in. It is also about doing a great future investment that can provide the right kind of return on investment. Signature boasts of breathtaking view of the pristine beauty of Dakshina Kannada thus ensuring riveting vistas from the very first level of the tower. With a splendid view of the landscaped garden and the roaring waters of the Arabian Sea it is sure to add more fizz to the everyday life of the residents.

Q. Signature Westline is projected as first of its kind of project of Mangalore. What are the unique features of this residential tower?

A. Apart from being the tallest project of South India Signature boasts of a few distinctive features. It is one of its kinds of project designed to ensure minimum sunlight on the outer walls to reduce heat and ensure coolness. It is a ‘L’ shaped structure with minimal common walls thus ensuring the much needed solitude to the inhabitants. The french windows facade ensures that the apartments will have a pleasant brightness during the day. This is the first residential project of Mangalore with a proposed central chiller air condition system, thus giving a huge health benefit to the occupants contrary to the gas operated split AC systems. This centralised A/C shall also provide the benefit hot water to the residents 24X7X365 as a byproduct of heat generated by Air Conditioning system. The central A/C will also ensure energy efficiency saving nearly 50% of the energy bills of the residents.

Q. What kind of lifestyle luxury amenities are offered to the inhabitants of “Signature”?

A. Signature offers configurations of 2BHK,3BHK, 3BHK Duplex with media room and 4BHK Duplexes with media room. The apartments will be bright, spacious and airy with abundant natural light. This is the first project in Manglaore to be announced with ‘building management system’ (BMS) wherein the residents can monitor and manage the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical services. Roof top facilities include a full-fledged health club, a 100 ft lap pool and a wading pool for children, open air Jacuzzi and open air pool theatre and nutrition bar counter, dedicated yoga and aerobics room, sauna, spa, steam, a sophisticated gym and ayurveda massage centre and much more. With a view to provide maximum leisure “Signature” proposes multiple sports arenas, jogging and cycling track, a mini theatre, children’s play area and also the ultimate luxury of abundant open space. We also propose extensive landscaping with waterfalls to provide a soothing and refreshing atmosphere so that they can sit and relax with the loved ones or take gentle strides enjoying the surrounding beauty and serenity.

Signature offers two level parking facilities and in one level part of the basement is proposed for enough roof height to accommodate multi-level car parking by mechanical lifts. The building will shine bright like a twinkling star as it provides for changing the lighting hues to coincide with the feasts or festivities to be celebrated. The project is also registered for Platinum Pre-Certification by Indian Green Building Council. This green certification will have positive impact on the health and lifestyle of the residents of Signature. As per the rating done by an accredited consultant of IGBC, Westline Signature has scored a high on energy modelling which is quite an incredible achievement. Energy efficiency, cross ventilation, breathtaking view of the roaring Arabian Sea and the verdant landscape of Mangalore comes as a bonanza for the occupants of Signature.

Q. What are the future growth plans of Westline Builders?

A. Currently we have about 9 projects which are under various stages of construction and in another three years we will have more than 1 million sq ft of built up area to strengthen our presence as a builder and developer of good stature. Focusing on our professional approach, dynamism, transparency in dealings, innovative projects and infusion of global trends into our projects we are intending to set new trends in the real estate field. That is our dream and we will work towards realising those dreams.

To know more click on the link below

Emai : properties@westlinebuilders.com

Mobile: 99000 33888 or 99000 72751 or 99000 72752
Landline: 0824 2444 444

website: www.westlinebuilders.com

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  • Abdul, UAE

    Mon, Sep 19 2016

    congrats westline,happy too see that Mangalore is developing

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  • Sidd, Abudhabi

    Mon, Sep 19 2016

    All the best westline builders...

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [1]

  • Mohidin , Mangalore - Dammam

    Sat, Sep 17 2016

    Team Westline, All the best for your new project “Signature” May there be success at every project of Westline led by Br Nasir Mohideen and his energetic team.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [8]

  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, Dubai

    Sat, Sep 17 2016

    All-round "Mangalore" very nice project elegant design and architecture. All the best

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [15]

  • Sharath Kumar, Mulki / Dubai

    Sat, Sep 17 2016

    Congratulations Mangaluru....!!!!
    Mini Dubai of Karnataka State.
    All the best to the entire team of "Westline Signature". Thank you Daijiworld.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [17]

  • Hilary D'sa, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    It is great to see the structure.But where is the infrastructure such ss road ,drainage,etc. Most important is fire brigade doesnot have facility to go more then 10 stories in case of any fire mishap.So arrange at the site.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [34]


    Fri, Sep 16 2016



    Reply Report Abuse Agree [12]

  • Amritha, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    Congrats westline for ur upcoming project " SIGNATURE"

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [7]

  • abdulla, india

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    Make Ullal the Knowledge city .build 2 Neat bridges for traffic..
    Make Nethravathy the VENICE..
    Build metro from Ullal to Bajpe.Bull doze total hapankatta to the ground ZERO and make CBD or central business develop area with neat High rise towers..
    start bulding neat Coastal beaches . Cornish roads.
    build 3 Tier roads. for traffic congestion. Lay down the bLUE PRINT ..Master plan first.
    All these fancy buildings here and there will have no meaning unless and until the entire city of Mangalore has the proper INFRASTRUCTURE FIRST.
    Mangalore will be worse than Bombay and Bangalore put together e
    so, lay down the plan .. start building step by step...
    like any other city like DUBAI ..SINGAPORE ..LONDON.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [60]

  • Anti Corrupt, Mangalore, Kuwait

    Sat, Sep 17 2016

    First, supply 27×7 water and electricity.

    Report Abuse Agree [38]

  • chris, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    More and more high rise building are coming in Mangalore that's great and the price also will be in lakhs or crore for the flats.

    But the main concern is there no proper job opportunities in Mangalore no proper roads,transport,water and other facilities as we have seen the shortage of water this summer.
    so whats the point of so called hifi building only invest and keep.

    And one more main concern is how builder rate their property while selling their flats it is too high compared to Mumbai or Bangalore. Just say what ever you like as I have seen many people invested and now selling their flat due to current gulf crisis.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [29]

  • Francis Lobo, Muscut

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    Congrats Westline.

    By the way who are the architects for this project ?

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [9]


    Fri, Sep 16 2016


    Reply Report Abuse Agree [10]

  • Syed Mohiudin, Iruvail/Riyadh

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    Congratulation to 'Westline Signature' Good Luck and hope you that you will finish the structure soon.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [7]

  • Herman, Muscat

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    Welcome move as Mangaluru also will be in the line of high sky scrapers like any other Metro cities in India.
    The city corporation should immediately resolve all issues like water shortage and drainage to meet the problems of city. A desalination plant for potable water like Gulf states is the remedial step toward solving water shortage as Arabian Sea is very near to the city. Garbage treatment plant with most modern technology and good drainage system will put city in top table in the country.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [12]

  • Rohit Kumar, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    congrats westline. U R the best.good design

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [11]

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    Among all the states, Karnataka stands Tall ...

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [42]

  • Mohammed, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    Congrats to whole team of Westline.
    Westline Team will make mangalore proud with their extraordinary architecture and constructions.
    Good Luck !

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [17]

  • Hemanth, Bangalore/Bangalore/CT

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    Beautiful design...congrats westline :)

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [17]

  • Max and Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore, Houston/Dallas, Texas

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    The more High-rise complexes in and around Mangalore brings good news of progress and prosperity in our Economy, in our standard of lifestyle and much more.

    Complexes such as these will bring new jobs for all trades and professions. It will attract the rest of India to think about future prospects for Mangalore.

    All that we need in Mangalore is proper roads, broader roads, cleaner roads added with many other infrastructural support so that everything move forward with success to all inhabitants living in and around Mangalore. Best of luck.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [23]

  • Raphic, dharwad

    Fri, Sep 16 2016

    congratulations "westline" for launching a prestigious project. Project of this kind will add value to mangalore and this is the present requirement as cities are fast developing and rural people moving towards cities for their comfort and needs.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [20]

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