Udupi: 24-year-old woman dies during delivery, medical negligence alleged

Pareekshith Shet

Daijiworld Media Network - Udupi (SP)

Udupi, Jun 18: A young woman who had been admitted to hospital for delivery died all of a sudden a few days ago, allegedly due to medical negligence. 

Shruti Suvarna (24), eldest daughter of Gangadhar Poojary and Geetha Poojarthi from Pangala near here had married Sandeep working at Bengaluru three years back. She had completed post graduation in arts.

Shruti had recently arrived at her parental home here for her maiden delivery. She was admitted into Gandhi Hospital in the town for delivery, but unexpectedly she lost her life. Her parents strongly believe and allege that negligence on the part of obstetrician, Dr Chayalata, had caused their dear daughter's death.

Dr Chayalata

At the advice of the doctors, Shruti had visited the hospital on June 6 for delivery and was admitted on the same day. She was hale and healthy, and from the hospital, she also chatted freely with her husband over WhatsApp, even forwarding photos of the hospital and her room to her husband.

At night, she went into labour, and reportedly, Dr Chayalata attempted normal delivery initially, and opted for caesarian section when this did not work. Because of uncontrolled bleeding, Shruti's condition deteriorated. After the situation went out of hand, the doctor sent her to KMC Hospital Manipal, where treatments given failed to improve her condition. Shruti died on June 7. Shruti's parents believe that negligence of Dr Chayalata caused her death.

The parents of Shruti, who were submerged in grief, conducted funeral of their daughter without even conducting postmortem at the advice of relatives. They neither registered any complaint with the police. Shruti's husband, who too was shaken, has now filed complaint in police station against the doctor. Because postmortem was not conducted, chances of getting justice appears bleak. The case has got lot of coverage through social media.

Both Sandeep and his in-laws are fighting to come to terms with this situation. Shruti has left behind a small child to be cared for by them. The parents say they have realized that they made a mistake without getting postmortem done and registering police complaint before conducting funeral. They have earnestly requested people in similar situation not to commit these mistakes.

The hospital and Dr Chayalata have been steadfastly claiming that Shruti Suvarna died due to profuse bleeding and that neither the hospital nor the doctor is guilty of negligence in this case.

A case stands registered at Udupi town police station.


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  • Ganesh, Udupi

    Thu, Jun 23 2016

    Saddened by the death of Ms Sarita. May her soul rest in peace.
    While I fully appreciate the grief of the kith and kin of the deceased I request them to exercise restraint while giving vent to their feelings and not blame the doctor concerned for the unfortunate event of death.
    Now that the IMA through a press release exonerated the doctor of all charges and allegations the matter should be treated as closed.
    In view of the above, friends, please note that sending false messages to insult, defame,intimidate, mislead or deceive people or to intentionally cause public disorder is punishable under law. It is obligatory in Daijiworld to provide the IP address and other details of the senders of such comments to the authority concerned upon request.
    Hence sending offensive comments will be at your own risk.

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  • Vikas, Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 23 2016

    continued ... (3/3)

    We bring to your notice that unscrupulous comments and responses will demoralise the already "over worked" doctors and affect the society in routine medical practice.At the same time IMA and said doctor will not shy away from legal trial as per law of the land. Infact we encourage patients and relatives knocking the doors of statutory bodies like medical council or court of law.But we decisively denigrate medias one sided trial.We request the public to understand that no doctor worth his salt would kill a patient or do harm to a patient in his professional carrier.
    We again end with a note that we sympathise with the bereaved family and pray for the wellbeing of the deceased's child. But at the same time we express solidarity with lady doctor who has been working for the welfare of society selflessly for the past 25years, who is being subjected to mental torture and disrepute harming her professional interest which is unbecoming of civilized society. We request media a important part of Indian democracy to publish true facts and help us to preserve the trust between patient and doctor which is important part of curative process.

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  • Vikas, Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 23 2016

    continued ... (2/3)

    Indian Medical Association, Udupi Karavali, with the help of senior obstetricians has taken stock of the situation and would like to state the following facts to clear the doubts in the minds of the public:
    Bleeding after delivery is an expected complication of every delivery. It is an unusual but known “Medical complication” The said death occurred as a result of post partum haemorrhage. Post partum haemorrhage is a medical complication, where mother loses significant volume of blood within a short period because of various reasons after delivery. The most common cause is poor contraction of the uterus following childbirth. The incidence of PPH in India is 2- 6 % after the delivery. In India PPH contributes to staggering 30 to 40 % of all maternal death and 45% of the maternal death occurs within 24 hrs of the child birth. When PPH happens it is a serious condition where patient can go into shock, organ failure and death inspite of best medical management.
    The said doctor has noticed that blood was not clotting and immediately, within thirty minutes has shifted the patient and child to higher centre, KMC, along with supportive medical team comprising a doctor and 2 nurses, for emergency transfusion and necessary treatment after due intimation to the duty doctor at KMC Manipal.
    IMA does not see any negligence on the part of the doctor. The allegations of vessels being cut are totally false , malicious and unfounded. We request the public not to believe in malicious messages and facebook and whatsapp shares.
    As a disheartening development, secondary to this death certain fringe elements in society, self d custodians of patients' rights are threatening the doctor of dire consequences. IMA sees this as a very bad development. We CONDEMN such rage responses. We have already apprised the police authorities of this. We will, in no uncertain terms, tolerate this sort of tactics and will deal with it firmly as per the law of the land...

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  • Vikas, Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 23 2016

    Press statement of IMA Udupi karavali

    Death of a mother at the time of "child birth"is really a worst thing that can happen to anyone. Yes,the medical fraternity also joins the family of the deceased in their grief.
    At the same time we notice that an experienced senior "lady"doctor is being unfairly targeted by some sections of media and social network without knowing the actual facts. So, IMA Udupi, Karavali is issuing this press note to clarify our views.
    The said delivery took place in one of the well equipped secondary care centres for delivery, at the hands of a qualified, experienced, well known obstetric surgeon.
    The said doctor attends the said patient admitted during the day at 11pm, when the patient had gone into labour. The doctor tried her best for normal vaginal delivery, but as the doctor noticed that the baby's heart beat had slowed down, decided to go for a caesarean section. She calls for a child specialist and an anaesthetist to attend the delivery after consulting the parents.
    After successful delivery, the doctor notices excessive bleeding which is not clotting. Doctor,in consultation with patient's parents decides to shift the patient to higher medical centre, KMC, Manipal as she feels, patient will require massive blood transfusion. Patient is shifted to KMC, Manipal where she dies three hours after admission. The family of the deceased cremate the body without postmortem, even though they were advised a post-mortem. After a lapse of 5 days, the same family decides to lodge a complaint alleging medical negligence on the part of the doctor. Social networks and a section of print and visual media have been disseminating malicious, biased and unscientific things like 'doctor has cut a "blood nerve", doctor killed the patient' without ascertaining the facts and showing the doctor in negative light...

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  • Murali Krishna , Bangalore

    Thu, Jun 23 2016

    It's only Doctor Mistake,

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  • Sandeep, Udupi

    Wed, Jun 22 2016

    Dear all, Whoever backing Useless Doctor Chaya, pls check facts.

    Shruthi was healthy till last moment on 6th while getting admitted. No complications found in her previous scan records.
    Shruthi and her mother visited twice to Chaya's clinic after I dropped her in Udupi on completion of her 9 month. In this last two visit Chaya has just checked the previous records and kept saying that the baby is fine and has come to the correct position. She asked shruthi if pain doesn't come on 4th n 5th then please come and get admitted on 6th.

    As per Chaya's advice she and her mother went to Gandhi Hospital on 6th 1pm for admission. Chaya visited the hospital and given a treatment to Shruthi for bringing labour pain around 7pm. Post which shruthi started getting pain from 7:30pm. Chaya has not done any scan before operating her. Around 11pm when the pain was unbearable Nurses from the hospital took Shruthi to OPD and called for Doctor. Doctor came later between 11 - 11:30pm and started doing her normal process i.e. she tried to take baby out thru Normal. She had slit vaginal opening area to pull baby out which she failed.

    She later took Shruthi's mom's permission and did cesarean and took baby out at 1:40am. Then around 2:30am Chaya doctor came and asked Shruthi's mom is it possible to arrange any Child Specialist doctor. Knowing that the lone poor lady can't help she went inside. Again around 2:45am she came out and asked Shruthi's mom is it possible to arrange Blood from Govt hospital.

    Shruthi's mom was alone and was speechless at the moment. Shruthi's mom then started calling all the relatives and informed the matter. Around 3:20am Chaya decided to send the patient to KMC when she realised she is not fit for it. While reaching KMC BP n Pulse rate was not recordable Shruthi was unconscious.

    This clearly proves that Chaya doctor doesn't have much knowledge to deal with such complications. She even didn't have idea to remove Uterus to stop bleeding in such case this was suggested by expert.

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  • Np, Udupi

    Tue, Jun 21 2016

    All those who have posted meaningless negative comments, please take a step back and think. Does it look believable that a doctor who has been in successful practice for over 25 years could be negligent? If indeed she is negligent why are the patients continuing to go to her for treatment?
    Dr. Chhayalata has been the most successful and reputed gynecologist in Udupi. She treats her patients with utmost dedication, always available for late night deliveries, and lowest CS on record. It is unbelievable that the media and Internet are being used for spreading negative propaganda and twisting facts without knowing the truth. People should be smart enough not to believe everything they read, and use their judgement on why a doctor would cause harm to her patients and ruin her reputation. Please stop posting negative comments and withdraw any that you have already posted.
    My heartfelt condolences to the patient's family and loved ones.

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  • shweta, Udupi

    Tue, Jun 21 2016

    Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.
    Guys, lets stop jumping the gun a & start thinking and acting seriously. With all the monkeying business by the social(sorry, need to say unsocial) media we as responsible and educated mass should verify facts before accusing either the good doctor or the hospital.
    Facts : doctor is a merit student from Bellary Medical College and KMC Hubli(now KIMS)
    Practice : more than 25 years
    Eligibility: gynaec with highest number of patients in a private clinic in Udupi
    Patience : worth an elephant. Talks & soothes patients and relatives forgetting her time deficiency

    Now comes the subject : as mentioned in a previous post by an experienced doctor the case was of failure of blood clotting mechanism, which was immediately refered to KMC and patient was shifted. Its our and Shrutis parents loss that she died later. But the media for the sake of TRP has crossed all limits of decency and is attacking the doctor baselessly.
    An action always is followed by a reaction. Here the reaction is serious. My daughter and her friends who have been wishing to be doctors are now apprehensive after hearing all this media circus. My daughter questions me why should any one come to such honourable profession if they are solely going to be justified by the monkeying media.
    Please practice restraint while writing nonsense at the behest of such fools and verify facts before each comment.
    Young minds easily get disturbed.
    Lets all pray almighty gives strength to the bereaved family.
    May god be with all of you and observe your good deeds.

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  • Sneha Vinod Pai , Udupi

    Mon, Jun 20 2016

    I don't feel it's right to blame the doctor chayalatha without knowing the true facts....I would like to share my experience...I personally had to undergo c section for the same reason stated in this case...it's all because of dr.chayas right decision at right time ...and her hopes to my family... I was blessed with a healthy baby boy...I had actually lost all hopes bt then it's her ... who told me to be positive and think abt all good...so today myself and my family are very much greatful to her...so please don't post negative comments without knowing the actual facts of a respectable doctor chayalatha.... anyways RIP to Shruthi & sympathy to her family..

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  • Vikas, Mumbai

    Mon, Jun 20 2016

    Dr Chaya is the most respected doctor in Udupi area. Without any evidence or proof making such allegations is not justified. My heart goes out to the faimly of Shruti for their loss. But such negativity towards the doctor is not justified.

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  • Kuldeep, Mumbai

    Mon, Jun 20 2016

    Delivery is complicated procedure with a small percentage of risk involved. Ask any doctor to give a 100% survival chances guarantee in writing prior to the delivery. He/she would mock at you showing the way out. My doctor in Mumbai had educated me of such dangers associated with child birth so that we sit up and take notice, prior to D-day.
    There were fantastic demands like double parking space for each bed, state of the art facilities in each maternity home vis-a-vis a hospital's and many more. Maternity homes not matching up to these minimum facilities must be banned. It’s good to dream. But do you realize the price tag associated, sir? Even if a few here could afford it, would the rest settle for managing a delivery at home in the experienced hands of an ‘Aaya’? Be realistic please! Enquire well before venting your frustration on a public forum. Rely on the explanation of people directly involved in the probe who have hands on all the details of this mishap and who are technically qualified to judge the matter accurately.
    The possible clinical/surgical errors suggested could be the work of an amateur. A doctor with 20yrs experience can't be shown in such poor light. The IMA has probed the matter and approved the suitability of the doctor’s action. I'm certain the post mortem would have clarified the doctor's position in the matter. If she were a quack, then sustaining in this business this long would be impossible.
    Dr. Chaya has handled many cases including that of my sister's with excellence. My direct experience and what I gathered from the experiences of others, the doctor usually suggests deliveries the natural way rather than the commercially viable C-section.
    In spite of the best of earthly efforts the inevitable comes knocking at ones door at times. My deepest condolences are with the aggrieved family. May Shruti Suvarna's soul RIP and god give strength to her family.

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  • VM, Udupi

    Sun, Jun 19 2016

    My deepest condolences to Shruti and sympathy to family members.

    It's quite obvious to show our anger, frustrations when we loose our young sister, wife, daughter or daughter in law.

    But the its painful to read harsh comments on Dr.Chayalatha without knowing her ability. Yes, we heard about few failures, does she really solely responsible for that ? no one knows, unfortunately it happens. Is it advisable to stop working forever only because we failed to succeed some time? Should we forget her efforts in successful deliveries more than 20 years? My elder son is 15 year old now, she took good care of my wife during her two deliveries.

    RIP Shruti. I can understand the feelings of Shruti's and others family to as whom Dr.Chaya failed to deliver her service successfully.

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  • sharan, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 19 2016

    As a practicing gynaecologist I feel that the days are not far away when we will go back to deliveries by midwives.I have seen the young gynaecologists want to do only superspecialisation in OBG.no one other than midwives will be left to conduct deliveries.our gynaecologists are busy & spending sleepless nights conducting safe deliveries & have no time to respond to the foolish remarks of lay people..but our budding gynaecologists read these killer remarks from you people who know nothing other than blame doctors for anything or everything that goes wrong.very encouraging behaviour..your wishes will be a reality soon.delivery with midwives..very safe.midwives are good too.nothing to worry.safe motherhood to all.God bless all..patients,midwives& gynaecologists.

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  • Deepak.kotian, Abudhabi

    Sun, Jun 19 2016

    Mangalorean police department firstly they can't catch the real culprit.Without having any postmortem report what they are going to do any magic.
    Everything depend upon god when the time comes everyone has to go no one can stop either by this way nor by other way.After the death we the people start making dramas this is doctors mistake.Anyway RIP.

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  • Peter Lewis, Kalmady/ k s a

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Unfortunate, Dr. Chayalatha is a experienced and good Doctor. My sympathies with the family.

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  • MKS, Udupi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Please refrain going to this Dr. I met her during my wife's 1st delivery 14 years ago which was normal delivery .This Dr. is very arrogant talking to me and wife during visits. Once wife had allergy during pregnancy due to medicine given by her & she mentioned what should I do? .After normal labour pain at mid night we visited hospital & called Dr. on emergency. On approaching us she was screaming and literally firing my mother in law asking why we have not come to hospital in day time. Then she said am not responsible if something goes wrong... Looks she always prepared for this kind of failure then she can claim easily to patient.
    Time for her retirement

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  • vikram, Dubai

    Sun, Jun 19 2016

    Unfortunately this doctor still exists...

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  • kumar, kudla

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    not for or against anybody.

    went through the areticle & the comments of people.

    just started reserching about the topic as a layman.

    discussed with some doctor frends.

    read the below link :-


    as per the various data available in net, even in the contry like united states of america with most advanced infrastructure & most "talented" doctors, some unfortunate mothers die during the child birth process.

    we have to try to avoid this, but can we totally eliminate death at hospital?

    how do we layman conclude that doctor is inefficient or negligent?

    the said doctor in question :- what was her qualification , experience, etc ? how many deliveries or surgical removal of babies she has done in her carrier, out of which, how many deaths happened?

    onething, no doctor will be happy to see their patient suffering or dyeing under theor care...

    issue is about competency and neglegency ... i dont know... only learned people can tell...


    RIP SHRUTI. feel sad for the family.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Sun, Jun 19 2016

    @Kumar Kudla,first let me extend my sympathys to the Family,besonderes to the Little Baby who never learnt,her mother.Now the sad demise of this Lady could have certainly avoided.On the Basis that the deceased was operated .why the Operator was not able to find the cause of bleeding?when it was able to control,instead of sending elsewhere,could have take the measurement to control bleeding and save the life ,with her Familys conscent,could have takenout her Uterus.It saves first bleeding ,so a step to save life.Of course bleeding during delivery ,or during Operation is very dangerous and big risk to life.I dont know the cause of bleeding,might be rupture of Uterus,or placenta adherent?A clinic which conducts caesarian must also be in a state to handle when complication arise,but not shift elsewhere when a Patient is critical.May her Soul find rest in Heaven.sad incident.

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  • Arumeeth kaur , Udupi

    Sun, Jun 19 2016

    Mosy hospitals are ill equipped to handle many emergencies. Hospital must follow the clinical establishment act But not many norms are followed For eg every hospital must have a parking space of 12 which means every every bed have a 2 parking space of 2. How many follow it? I have seen patient party struggling to park their vehicles when they visit their near and dear ones In short norms are not followed Result disastrous!!

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  • Veerapandian, Oman

    Sun, Jul 17 2016

    First Victim : Varsha, 22 years old (Died on 24th April 2015) in Adarsh Hospital
    Second Victim : Shruti suvarna, 24 years old (Died on 7th June 2016) in Gandhi Hospital
    In both cases, Caesarean section was done by Dr. Chayalatha. She may be good at conducting normal delivery. But does she know how to do Caesarean section? It is unlikely that the cautery equipment (used to control bleeding during surgery) was not working. Because similar incident has happened in 2 different hospitals involving the same doctor. And this is not some complicated heart or brain surgery. And a pregnant woman is not like a chronic ill patient, it's not like elderly patient with multiple problems or anything. Simple Caesarean section. Both these young pregnant women who went to hospital, normal before surgery and rapidly deteriorated and died after surgery done by Dr. Chayalatha.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Nashville

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Is she really a MD ...

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    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    RIP and condolences to the bereaved family. Doctors are know as life saving gods, but they also known as devils fo killing innocents due to negligence or something out of their knowledge or control. Please investigate proper clinic and doctor before getting admitted.

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  • Dr. T.A.Koshy Mangalore,

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    First, let me express my sympathy to the bereaved family.
    In my opinion, based solely on DW reports, the cause of death was due to failure of blood clotting mechanism. The Manipal hospital would have issued a death certificate, mentioning cause of death. What does it say ? The onus of responsibility of giving the cause of death actually rests with Manipal hospital.

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  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, Dubai

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Without Postmortem report, we cannot say anything. police case been register after funeral process. without Postmortem report, I don know how police investigation dept. spell out the justice.

    RIP Shurthi,

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  • Praveen, Udupi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Dr Chaya is the most negligent Gyno in Udupi. Just one year ago she had killed another young girl during delivery at Adarsh Hospital. Her medical licence should be abolished immediately. She must be made reponsible for this death and sent to jail. She should be made to compansate the family for this death heavily. I have heard lot of complaints of negligence against this Doctor who should be suspended from immediate effect.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Mon, Jun 20 2016

    @Pravven Udipi,when so many People complain against her,why dont someone try to find out if she has any licence?we here so often licence was bought?Did anyone control?

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  • amarnath Shetty, Bantwal

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    It is unfortunate and these days Hospitals are to be verycareful and if it is happened as a humunterian , atleast they have to be with parents who lost the life and to be clarified very thouoghly what is happening. But this time some doctors attitude very intolerable.

    RIP. Be always get good openion from xperts.

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  • Bollu, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    First of all people should not go to a doctor or hospital if they don't have faith or confidence in them.Once gone it is not correct to blame the doctor or hospital because delivery,surgery etc are not as easy as people think.What is the point in spreading news through social media like facebook?If they had any doubt they should have immediately lodged a complaint and should not have cremated without inquiry or post mortam.

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  • John Tauro, M'luru / Kwt

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    The doctor concerned attempted for normal delivery and later opted for caesarean. I hear these days doctors go for caesarean even when there are no complications, with the sole purpose of extracting bigger amounts from the patients. Perhaps caesarean was not necessary in this case.

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  • lukas, malpe

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    as my knowledge Chaya is good gynecologist but some of delivery case may bleed after cesarean section but here facilities from the Hospital not doctor. when I was working Manipal one patient from malpe survived after receiving around 40 units of blood for post CS bleeding. most of the patient die in private and government Hospital because of lack of facilities special resuscitation team of Anesthesia Team not any doctor.

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  • P. Shirish Kumar Hosabettu, Muscat, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Actual truth only God knows.

    Parents made a big mistake, not going for postmortem.

    Why KMC Doctor who attended her is not giving the reason for the death. After all she died in KMC hospital.

    How we readers comment here blindly without knowing the cause of death??

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  • Rudolf, Man

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    One doc will never give evidence against another unless coz of personal enmity!

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  • P. Shirish Kumar Hosabettu, Muscat, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Here investigation team have all the right to question the KMC Doctors who attended her, if their answers are not satisfied then KMC Doctors will be in trouble.

    Be practical not logical.

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  • PINTO, Qatar

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    According to messages circulated over social media this is fourth such case of medical negligence by this doctor. If this is true, can officials from ministry of health book a suo motto case so that at lease future lives can be saved?

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  • Rudolf, Mum

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Quantum of deaths due to excessive bleeding seem to be very high compared to the population which indicates something is drastically wrong going on especially in small nursing homes!



    DUE TO RESERVATION AND CAPITATION MENACE AND CORRUPTION IN MED EDUCATION MOST DOCS ARE HIGHLY INCOMPETENT, recently there was a report that majority of mbbs pass docs are not able to suture a simple wound or even plaster a fracture, which shows to how low levels quality of med edu has fallen down!


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  • Hussain, Abudhabi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Shankar Anna

    Out of record...What's your profession???

    RIP Shruthi
    Its such a tragic news ...:(
    May the Almighty provide her family the strength.

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  • Shankar, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Hussain Bhai,
    you need not have degrees to back your knowledge always.
    That is required only when your intention is to make money out of your knowledge.

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  • Hussain, Abudhabi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Shankar Anna

    At some point of time u realize having both degree and knowledge is important !! You need both for survival !!!
    I don't have much knowledge on this but a young life is lost for whatever reasons...Its beyond explanations...No one must go through this trauma

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  • jessy, mangalore

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Today I told my mother about this she told me she gave birth all of us at home by the help of a woman who used to make deliveries without mbbs or md degree. Everything fine at that time

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  • vivek, hirebyle/Abu dhabi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Jessi..that time...they would get lot of excersise ....by doing house hold work....no matter 1 or 10 ...they were ready....don't risk it now....world is in our finger tips....just for finger tips...

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  • R.Bhandarkar, Mangaluru

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    1.In some cases I go by the looks and even by having a glance at the photos.
    2. here I have the support of those who have lost their loved ones.
    3. Think this Dr.is at serious fault which has caused the death of an innocent.

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  • Arumeeth , Kodyadka

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Bleeding after delivery or Cesarean section can occur without any reasons. Sometimes the pateint can succumb despite the best efforts by the doctor. The questions we need to ask here are as follows?
    1) Did the Hospital where she underwent surgery had full facilities of post operative monitoring to recognise the signs of bleeding? Were there trained nurses and qualified resident doctors?
    2) Was bleeding recognised in times and treated with blood and medications?
    3) Was she referred in time to major hospital?
    4)Treatment at Major hospital was it done properly?
    Death can occur despite best of treatment. However if there was a delay o negligence at any of these sitautions then only blame the doctor. Otherwise no innocent doctor must be punished. Please do a good enquiry before blaming anyone. Because I feel no innocentt doctor must be punsihed,

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  • Indian, National

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    In Middle East (Gulf) according to some reliable sources, if any patient approaches doctors in hospitals, instead of checking patient thoroughly they ask symptoms and put the same input into in their PC software and prescribe the medicine according to PC software recommendations. Now a days In India we have plenty of doctors and over supply of Engineers every where. Now a day’s all students are scoring 95-98%..!!!! According to IT survey about 58-60% Indian population (youngsters) are spending their 6hrs day time daily on internet like useless on FB & Whatsup…. Current living style and Commercialization of medical, engineering, IT Profession, has increased many risk on medical and construction/IT sectors. God save us from these all risks.

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  • vivek, hirebyle/Abu dhabi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Please ......in middle East or far east ....people die...accordingly...... only thing I understood....don't blindly trust your doctor ....seek second openion...if you are wealth...seek 3rd..4th...until...unless patient die ...

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  • Sanjay, Hebri

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Forget justice, no postmortem conducted, it's waste of time filing case....such a educated family, did funeral without postmortem, what's the use of such education

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  • Lenston Dsouza, Nandalike / Kuwait

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Its really a tragic incident for both families. Even I heard many cases like these that, mother dies due to over bleeding, Heat Attack, BP low, etc... But as I read in other news paper/websites about this incident, Doctor mistakenly cut the main vein than required vein. Further also mentioned that, its may be 5th or 6th case failed on Dr. Chayalatha hand at the time of surgery. One more point I want to share that, in our DK/Udupi district most of normal deliveries converted as caesarian delivery for money propose & playing with patience life. For them dead or live, they will get their bill. This should be stop immediately through DC or Health Ministers wise action. In other hand any poor went to government hospital for delivery, they will lost their live by unhygienic environment & rusted equipment used for delivery. Also poor peoples were run to private pharmacy for medicine even its available in Gov. pharmacy. This was I experienced in Karkala Gov. hospital to ask for medicine, they said out-of-stock. When doctor send his compounder for asking same medicine, its available as much as u want.
    My question is to Gov.,
    when these kind of mafia will stop..??
    Where is going our TAX money..?? Until when we have to tolerate this torture..??
    Where u are utilizing reserved money of every year budget..??

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  • Arumeeth, Kodyka

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Before blaming the doctor let's understand some facts. Bleeding after delivery csn occur unexpectedly.D doctor can only treat the condition with blood medicines. Sometimes whatever you do patients can succumb. Even in developed nations mothers due if bleeding. The doctor here would have done her best. Despite that patients csn sometimes die. Let there be an enquiry by the authorities if the doctor made a mistake then only punish the dictor. Otherwise do not blame the dictor. I understand that death is s tragic event and I sympathisises with the family . Hope there is s good enquiry into the doctors management and the facilities a r the hospital where she was treated initially. Questions to be asked 1 did the dictor monitor her properly following delivery for bleeding! 2 was she treated for bleeding adequately? 3 did the nursing home where she treated had adequate facilities like trained nurses monitors etc 4 was she referred in time ? 5 dud the hospital where she referred handle the situation well these are the questions that must be answered before coming to any conclusion and blaming the doctor. If doctors are blamed for everything doctors will loose morale and they will be stop taking risks and it will be bad for the society in large. Please don't outrightly blame s dictor

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  • Sunil D'souza , Udupi /dubai

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    In my openion After trying for normal delivery she came to a situation go for c section.In hurry may be she cut wrong nerve thus bleeding.Doctor may be passed with 50% marks.That led to few accidents in her profession. Better she quit. Life is precious there is no excuse.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Sun, Jun 19 2016

    @Sunil desouza Udipi,Please dont write anything rubbish without knowing ABC.of pregnency and anatomy.dont believe News papers.A uterus bleeds profusely when not controlled at right time like a open drain.to a certain amount bleeding is normal,but it Returns back to its previous stage with either medication or soon after delivery.Ina case of Operation,medication and quick closure does.still there are Situation,bleeding continues due to many reasons.Then one has to react quickly findout reasons and dont neglect.Sometimes unfortunately with all care Fails all earthly efforts.Thatswhy delivery is to be taken serious.

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  • asha, attur

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    She is again in the news.I think day by day its going more...i heard one more story from her before. O M G. its too much !!

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  • Sneha, Udupi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    It is not necessary that every time dr has to b blamed. U don't know the inner story, so Plz stop blaming Dr, she did my delivery too... I can say that she is one the bestest gynec I have ever seen... She did my delivery so smoothly Nd painless. After the delivery I was walking like a normally. I didn't realise the pain at all. I will ever b thankful to Dr chaya. I don't think such experienced Dr will kill a life with her negligence.

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  • Shankar, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    U were lucky!!

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  • vivek, hirebyle/Abu dhabi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    2*2 is = ????.....4 ...right ??.....easy........2/5 8*3= ????....how much?????.....bit critical is it ??....choose a doctor ...who can solve it all!!!...plz...don't recmond ...unless you put her in acid test ...

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  • Harish, Kadaba

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    make proper enquiry, hang the culprits

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    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    It's the case of sheer negligence,and above all exploration of poor and sober people.

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    Sat, Jun 18 2016


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  • Shankar, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Dr. Chayalatha,
    What was the reason for profuse bleeding of the patient?
    Did you cut any prominent artery?

    If the bleeding was due to placental tearing, there are many ways to stop.
    Did you monitor her immediately after the delivery or you rushed to another case?
    Did you check for placental remains inside the uterus? or u were late for another surgery?
    Did you feed a piece of placenta as a last resort to the patient?

    When will you all morons in white apron prioritize human life over your greed for money?

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  • Alwyn, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    If there is uncontrolled bleeding Doctor can help. They can give blood transfusion and some medication to stop the bleeding. Most of the time low platelets, coagulation factors disorder and blood pressure will lead to death. The only one person can help is "GOD". Doctors are like us human being but educated and they can not do anything if God decide something. May her soul rest in peace and give strength to her family to over come with this.

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  • Rahil , Udupi

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    She is again in the news. My sister kid also died because of her negligence. Later she is saying human error.
    I think day by day its going more

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  • arm, ksa

    Sat, Jun 18 2016

    Current living style and Commercialization of medical Profession, has increased caesarian sections. God save us from these Doctors, RIP.

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