Mangalore: Twilight Delight at 81 - Cupid Restrikes

December 3, 2008

“Live your beliefs and you can change the world around”, said American author, poet, and Philosopher Henry David Thoreau.  Greatly prodded by this quotation that appeared in a T V channel everyday, noted Advocate and Notary of Mangalore Mr Clarence Pais did exactly that.  He stood up to what he believed in, to pick up the threads of his life which was in total disarray after the demise of his wife  and gave a new beginning to it. 

At 81 when most people call it quits Pais has taken the bold step of finding a new life companion for him to fill the vacuity left behind by his late wife Flavia Mary Pais. After going through registered marriage on October 17, 2008, he is all set to wed his wife, 69 year old spinster Sophia D’Souza of Bendoor parish in a formal but simple church ceremony on 26th December 2008.  It is more of a companionship marriage with the partners trying to find solace and comfort in each other’s company, when they need it the most.  

It is indeed a bold step because usually the society sneers and pokes fun at such trendsetting occurrences.  Pais did not bother what the society might think about it.  Rather he has shown that life can begin all over again at 80 plus. He must have taken a cue from the great African leader Nelson Mandela who picked up the threads of his tattered life by marrying Graca Machel, a widow, on his 80th birthday in 1998 and the marriage is still working.  The only difference was that Pais had led a very happy and peaceful married life of 55 years before his wife Flavia succumbed to Leukemia in March 2008. Though critics may say it was too early for him to tie the knot again, the circumstances were such he was forced to act decisively and quickly.


It was during the mourning period that Pais was given a sanguine advice, incidentally by a widow, on what life was in store for him as a widower.  She consoled me saying “my experience is that widows can survive after the death of their husbands.  But no husband who was greatly devoted to his wife for many years has survived for more than a year and a half”, he recalls.  Initially he pooh-poohed the suggestion only to realize its implication as time passed by.  David Thoreau had said “I have never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude”.   Pais tried to find company in solitude but says “this grand quotation did not work in my case.  Slowly I began to realize the importance of the sanguine message given by the widow”, he confesses.  

His five children - 4 sons and a daughter are settled in Mangalore and abroad but he lived all alone, T V being his only companion. “I work hard from 10 am to 6 pm and from 6 pm to 10 am the next morning I led a life of solitude and I was getting into a state of depression”, he says. He added “Passing time was a nightmare and as days and months passed I was in total despair”. He then consulted his friends and well-wishers who insinuated that he should go for a marriage not so much for the exercise of conjugal rights but to take the place of a mother/sister or companion who will show the same kind of love and affection of a wife.  

But he was careful not to fall from the frying pan to the fire by marrying in a hurry and get into deeper troubles.  Recalling the events that led to his fortunate meeting with Sophia he says “I knew Margaret who has been with us in fighting the case regarding the Light House Hill property.  As I used to go to her house I met Sophia, a highly educated and cultured lady, who is very shy in nature.  I proposed to her and for my good fortune she agreed”, he says with a mischievous grin.


While Clarence is a widower for Sophia it has been an entirely new experience.  Older Sister Margaret D Abreo says “though Sophie relies on me for most decisions, it was entirely her verdict that sealed the deal.  I am not sure whether she realizes the gravity of her decision but I feel she required more courage and conviction than Clarence to accept the proposal.  I can only say it is an intervention of god and he has worked it out for us”.  Sophie has been a spinster who lives with her sister Margaret for the last few years.  She is a MA/BEd and had spent considerable years in Germany teaching Bharathnatyam there.  She came back to Mangalore on her sister’s request a few years ago and has been living with her.  Life took a new turn with Pais proposing to her.

Pais says when he revealed his plans to his children they supported his decision wholeheartedly though he says “I feel it is a bit painful for them to realize and accept that their mother’s place is being usurped by someone else.  But they agreed that it was the best thing to do under the circumstances”.  All the 5 children of Pais are married and settled independently and property matters are also completed.  His eldest son L C Pais is a Christian Marriage Registrar in Mangalore.  Second son Antony is a Cancer Surgeon in Saudi Arabia.  Third son Peter is a Mechanical Engineer in Muscat.  Fourth son David is working as his junior and youngest daughter Vimala is settled in America.

The best part of the event is that his elder son registered his father’s marriage and youngest son signed as a witness for the marriage certificate.  All his four sons will be present for the church ceremony, except his daughter, who is unable to make it for the wedding.  Was he nervous or afraid in coming to a decision?  “Now there is no fear”, he says. “I am 81 and I can look forward to at the most 5 years or more and I feel it is worth the gamble.  Why should I deny myself the comforts of having a companion for whatever period I live?” he asks.   “My decision has been appreciated by the Bishop and the parish priest of Milagres and by many of my well-wishers and friends”, he adds.     

There were a few dissenting voices from distant relatives and well-wishers who derided his decision and wanted to pull his legs having fun at his cost. “But I stood like a rock and the dissenting voices have melted down”, he explains.  

Clarence has always stood up for his convictions and has rendered yeomen’s service in the religious and socio-economic fields of parishes and dioceses.   After graduating from Madras Law College his started practicing in 1952 and was appointed a Notary in 1963.  As an advocate he noticed the injustice done to Christians as per the Indian Succession Act where a Christian widow could not rely upon the will of her husband until it was approved by the District Judge at a cost of 15% of the value of the property. This clause applied only for Christian widows and not for Hindu, Muhammadan, Buddhist, Sikhs, Jains etc. 

Pais filed a writ petition on the advice of Soli Sorabji but lost in the Supreme Court.  Undaunted, Pais used his personal rapport and knowledge to bring the injustice to the notice of the concerned in Delhi and finally the cabinet took a decision to introduce a bill in Parliament to amend the act to include Indian Christians and Parsis in the category of exempted communities.  The bill became a law in 2002 benefiting more than three crores of Indian Christians and about sixty lakhs Parsis in the country.  It is perhaps a rare instance where a single action benefited the entire community of a country.  Recognizing his service to the Christian community he was granted with the rare honour of the Knighthood of St Gregory the Great on 4th April, 2008, which was incidentally his 80th Birthday. Since then he has been known as Chevalier Clarence Pais. 

Age has not withered his enthusiasm for work which keeps him active and agile.  He still works from 10 to 6 and is hale and healthy.  He attributes his good health to taking good care of his body without abusing it by smoking or consuming alcohol and to regulated food habits.  

Having stood for what he believes in Clarence Pais has certainly sent a positive signal to all those who are facing similar circumstances in life but are afraid to take decision fearing the society.   “I have not afraid to take a decision and I have shown that age is not a matter to find a suitable partner for oneself”. 

Let us wish all the best to this couple for bravely standing up for what they believed in and for being the trendsetters. Hats off!   

by Florine Roche - Daijiworld Media Network
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Comment on this article

  • Hariette Martis, Mangalore /Toronto

    Mon, Jul 01 2013

    I have been trying to get in touch with Leelu Saldanha from Mangalore/ Canada. I would be grateful if you could please help me contact Leelu - if she is the Leelu from St. Agnes/Roshini Nilaya, Mangalore (had been friends with Beaty, Sheelu, Molly, Sr. Rosie and Nami). Thanks. Hariette

  • anand prabhu , muscat

    Sat, Jan 03 2009

    when God loved mankind he did not see the time nor date nor day nor the year. He only said love and love alone and this is exactly what your dad has done. He has proved that love is pure and immortal and whoever you love is sacred. Hence your dads wedding continuous to remain a great blessing to all the dear ones around him. Congratulations and God bless the couple.

  • Allen Pais, Siddapur

    Mon, Dec 15 2008

    Dear Sophie.God Bless.We will always stand by your decission.You have one life like all of us,SO LIVE it.there will be a lot of critics & you are successful since you are capable.It is a Marriage for you to Cherish &live up to the expatiations of your Husband.All the best-Allen,Leona,Leander,Liza Pais Mysore-INDIA

  • Francis , Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 15 2008

    Congratulations young couple! God bless you. You are a leader in everything. But if you die after a few years what will happen to Sophie. Have you thought about it.

  • Rammohan, Puttur

    Sun, Dec 14 2008

    Congratulations, Mr. Pais

  • Peter D'Silva, Manglore/Africa/USA

    Fri, Dec 12 2008

    After reading all the comments, I feel I should also add my Congrats to both of you Sophie/Clarence. Good luck to you both. May you be blessed with many years of marital bliss. You have set a trend for lonely Seniors. Dont worry about the wagging tongues

  • Mrs.celine d'souza, Mangalore/Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 12 2008

    I know Sophia who is from Bendoor. She is a nice loving person. She will give all the care and love to Clarance. Wish her a happy married life.

  • Bony D,souza, Bejai, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 12 2008

    Congratulations! Clary, You could not have taken a better decision than this. As Shakespear has said "There is a divinity that shapes our ends. We his friends and admirers wish him all the best . While asking for her hand he must have said. #My bounty is as boundless as the sea and my love as great, the more have I the more I give thee for both are infinite. Thus has Romeo said to Juliet. We wish you joy, good health and prosperity in years ahead.

  • Thomas D'Souza, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Tue, Dec 09 2008

    Congratulations! Leaders not only show the way but also go the way. You have shown the way. All best wishes as you go the way.

  • Titus Rasquinha, mangalore/chikmagalur

    Tue, Dec 09 2008

    Dear Claribab. Congratulations. I'm proud of your good decision. It is indeed a decision that must have taken a lot of thought and I'm happy that you took it and bold enough to face all your critics.I fully understand one's need for companionship. I remember Sophie and some of her friends who were involved in Bharathnatayam with the tutors like the late Narayan and U.S. Krishna Rao. Wishing you and Sophie all the very best.

  • Leelu Saldanha, Mangalore, Canada

    Sun, Dec 07 2008

    Dear Sophie and Clarence, For me it was really exciting to know that you two were getting married. It gives hope to many of our seniors who are so lonely. I work with the older population here in Vancouver and it is very common for people to get married in their later years. It will be very encouragng for every one to know that most of the people who have been married in their later years have been really very happy with their decision.

    They travel together and enjoy every moment of their life as much as possible untill they are able to do so. We still have some of the couples living together in the nursing home that I work as a recreation therapist. One of the couples ( the huband is 99yrs and the wife is 90yrs old)they still come out with us on our bus trips, social events and the wife even does some painting.So Clari and Sophie thank you for setting this trend in ndia, of seeking companionship where age does not matter and I'm sure you both will have lots of years together.Sophie I just cannot wait to meet you and Clari in feb 2009. Wish both all the very best love, Leelu

  • Joey and Josephine, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Sun, Dec 07 2008

    Yes for us too it was the best news we could ever have hoped for for my dear sister/sister-in-law to get such a kind mature and loving husband who is so loving and caring and understanding. Sophie is lucky and so are you Clarie cause she is THE best sister, sister-in-law Aunt we could ever hope for. She has sacrificed her life to see that each one of us is happy. She never stopped worrying or caring for each of us. We love you Sophie and wish you all the best and choicest blessing on you and our new brother-in-law. You both deserve it and each other. Loads of happiness to both of you. You will never grow old.... while there's love in your hearts .... and so it goes on. We are the lucky few who will be there to witness when Sophie and Clarie say "I Do" to each other. Can't wait...

  • Jennifer Fernandez, Mangalore/Toronto

    Sat, Dec 06 2008

    Hats off to Mr. Clarence Pais and Sophia. Amazing!!!! May God shower his blessings on you both.

  • Yvonne D'souza, Mangalore/Canada

    Sat, Dec 06 2008

    Hearty Congratulations to both of you, Clarence & Sophia! I dont know you both personally, but it is wonderful to see our senior generation, take such a beautiful step in life :)

  • Fr Harold C D Souza., Pangala

    Sat, Dec 06 2008

    Dear Clerance & Sophia, Congratulations. I wish you a long and happy married life.May you enjoy the company of each other and be a source of joy,peace and happiness.

  • vincent rodrigues, bangalore

    Sat, Dec 06 2008

    exellent decision and really sensible to come out of lonlines and also help other person to sail safely in the old age. all the best to both and may god bless you both abundently.

  • Walter Fernandes, Bijey,Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 06 2008

    Dear Clerence Pais & Sophie, Congrats to both of you and wish you all success, peace and happiness. Let this be an example for the Mangalorean community. It is a bold step and a wise decision. I know Clerence Pais as I was his neighbour in Bijey. I also know Rita, Margaret and Sophie, their Dad and Marceline Bai. All the best... Enjoy your life.

  • clarence miranda, mangalore

    Sat, Dec 06 2008

    Congrats & Best wishes to Clarence and Sophia. I do not understand why all this publicity. Is it because Clarry is a big man? Like Clarence, any one else in his place has the same rights to take the same steps in life. So there is no need for so much of propaganda. No one need to give any justification, that too when nothing is wrong anywhere.

  • Lancy Pinto Nayak, Kulshekar , Kuwait.

    Fri, Dec 05 2008

    Dear Sir Clarence and Ma'am Sophia, We heartly wish you "congratulations". Your decision really a great one. God bless you, You are our role model in konkani christian society. We appreciate your bold step. God keep you happy and healthy. With Lots of Love. Lancy Pinto Nayak & Fly Kulshekar, Kuwait

  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India

    Fri, Dec 05 2008

    Best wishes to Clarence Pais and Sophia D’Souza. Daring and bold step in a positive way. This step of yours will really a inspiration to many widowers. Hats of to both of you. Pray that both of enjoy the fullness of life.

  • Anita, Mumbai/Dubai

    Fri, Dec 05 2008

    This is indeed a wonderful decision. It is never too late. God bless Mr.Pais and Ms Sophie and may they live happily ever after.

  • Valerian Baretto, Bantwal- Bangalore

    Sat, Dec 06 2008

    Good decision uncle Pais. You have come out openly and shared your experience of loneliness and your decision to come over it. Congrats and may the Almighty keep you in good health for many years to come.

  • Dr Edward Nazareth, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 05 2008

    Congrats Sir Clarence Pais and Sophia Bai. I know Sophie, Margarette and their entire family as I was regularly visiting to see ailing Marceline aunty. Sophie is a well cultured, soft spoken lady. I am sure Sir Clarence Pais has found a good company who will care for him, share his feelings. I admire the courage you both have shown in taking this step. Let this be a model to many of those who lose their beloved partners at a time when they need them most and suffer after that. But, Clarence uncle is lucky, there are not many like Sophie bai who will accept the proposal. All the best. Have a good company and peaceful life.

  • J Dsouza, Mangalore / Sharjah

    Sat, Dec 06 2008

    This is not a first incident. I remember a marriage of a rich widower to a widow some 15 years ago near lalbagh mangalore. He was in late sixties at the time of marriage. All his children were married and settled in Australia and were present at the function. Only difference was Daiji world was not existent at that time to report it !!!

  • Aloysius Pais, Mumbai/Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 05 2008

    Dear Clarence and Sophie, It is never to late to make a change in our life and in our community, so steeped in what the world has in store for us, in their comments. Clarence, you have taken the bold step with a ring in your hand to ring in the change and a companion, as you walk the life ahead. Fond memories of the 55 years of your life with late Flavia will always be there and also a silent prayer, and a tear to moist the eyes, these are natural, I salute your bold step of making the change for yourself and the community, that is largely cloistered. I take this opportunity to congratulate you and Sophia on your union with each other and with Christ. May the good Lord bless your union.

  • don, dubai mangalore

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    a great step by a great man... congrats to both of you and wish you the best in your life together for many many years more to come

  • Fred Brito, PANAJI- GOA 403001

    Thu, Dec 04 2008


  • Mahinda K.Yogam, malaysia/mangalore/perth

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Dear Uncle Clarie, May god guide and bless you in your marriage.I have had the honour and pleasure to have known you,Aunty Flavia and your warm and lovely children and their spouses,esp.Tony who has been a big brother and a mentor to me.The living need care and companionship,the dear departed have god almighty to take care of them.Wish you all the best with your partner,Ms Sophia and am sure your lovely children/family will still be your ROCK.God bless Love and warmest wishes

  • george borromeo, mangalore, india

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    dear sir and madam, i wish you all the best. you have proved that old age has nothing to do with your young and romantic heart. congrats.

  • voilet Dsouza, mangalore/kuwait

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Well said Shanthi. If it was a common man the case wud hv been different. I hv personally experienced this in my brother's case when my sis-in-law passed away and he was just 49 and when this issue of re-marriage was taken up we hardly got any support from the society. Now I really pity my brother and feel atleast I shud hv taken the courage.

  • Shanti, Mangalore/Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    I do not denounce this brave and bold step taken by Mr Clarence Pais at 81. But had it been a common man (say a widower at his young age) thinking of finding a companion within a span of 9 months of his spouse’s burial, this column would had filled with criticism by our community people and priests as well. It is a thin lining of ‘Money Talks’. Fr. Leslie, we can find God’s love in many ways even in petite sacrifices.


    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    WONDERFUL!!....God bless you both!!...Sir, you have set an good example for many widowers and widows who have every right to be happy in their twilight years!

  • A R Ibrahim, Jeddah - KSA

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    This will be inspiration and beginning for more people who wish to live together, share good and bad days. Right solution to fight lonleiness. Wish you peaceful and pleasant partnership Mr & Mrs Pais

  • Felix. F., India/ME

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    This has appreciation to the bold and sensible words of advise by Grace Pinto. Fr Leslie Shenoy`s contention that “We have a right to be happy and peaceful. We have been created for this - we are born to be happy." I do not know when the almighty God told these wishful thoughts to him. From our holy books we are thought that God did create Man and woman to be happy when they were living in paradise. But once they committed the sin, God said " thou shalt earn thy daily bread by the sweat of thy brow." Ever since happiness is only a state to be desired but could never be achived.

  • Genevive ,

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Congratulations and God Bless you both. Its feels nice to see you both so joyful . We are all proud of you

  • Montie, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    I read the comments of all, but if a woman is trying to do the same, what would the above article and comments read. Mr. Pais you have done what in western culture is common and accepted. In India it can be a trend setter but Sir, dont leave it here alone. Hold seminars, lectures to students, public etc and change the face of old age for both genders.

  • Prema D` Souza, Mangaore

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Well done sir.You need a company &madam needs achievement.I wish you will go for the second trip of honeymoon to keep upto the spirit.May God grant you many more years of life..There will be more joy in the empty nest

  • Gladys Mudarth, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Dear Sophie and Clarence Pais Wish you both happiness, long life and peace. More Mangloreans will follow you I am sure.

  • Anthony, Karkala / Kuwait

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Hearty Congratulations to both of you, Clarence & Sophia. May God Bless you abundalty with lots of love, happiness, togetherness, good health and peace throughout the days to come.

  • kusuma, Mnaipal/nellore

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    This is a great example of friendship and goodness. I am sure this man and woman will be blessed by God

  • Sarita D'Souza, Valencia / Kuwait

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Congratulations Sir. You have set a good example to many of our lonely single seniors who long for companionship. May they follow in your footsteps. We wish you a long and blissful married life. Congratulations, good luck and God bless both of you.

  • grace pinto,

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Companionship is a need that is felt by all who have lost their partners but there is more to it than meets the eye. Once committed no one will tell you how wrong their decision was Nelson Mandela's decision notwithstanding. For the man it is another 5 years of bliss but what about the woman will she get back to being single again if another 5 years is what Mr Pais expects to live? This needs a healthy debate.

  • Dr. B. Rebello, Mangalore/Germany

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Congrats Clariab and all the best. " A GREAT DEED FROM A GREAT PERSON "

  • Roweena, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    At first i was startled and wondered if i heard right but silently i was glad that some one had the guts that too a prominent manglorean to take this bold step. Bravo Mr. Clarence Pais . May you and Sophie have many more fruitful years together holding hands and walking without fear . You have opened the secret path for many to join the eligible club ., instead of some who are a menace to society by ogling and pinching young women and becoming a nuisance it requires a Pais like you to show them the right path for a fruitful and honest marriage.You are the next Mangy Mandela for us a light house in Mlore to reckon with and i can now imagine your old friends who have missed out snuffing sniffing snuff hearing this good stuff. Congratulations ., may you both be blessed with good health and peace.

  • Kuldeep Kamath, India

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    You are the true spirit of Mangalore. Simple living and high thinking. You are an example for many who know you through your work and life. May God grant you many years to live this wonderful decision happily with your new bride.

  • Margaret D'Abreo, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Congratulations to the two bravehearts, my sister Sophie and to Clarie. I have been with you two through this period of deciding, planning, getting to know and to love each other and now I wish you both a very happy and meaningful married life. I am a daily reader of Daijiworld. I feel Florine Roche has done full justice to this topical event.

  • mrs crasta, mlore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008


  • Maya/Max Unger, Bijai/Toronto

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Congratulations Uncle Clary. May you and M/s Sophie enjoy Blissful companionship. God Bless you both.

  • Charles & Rita Sequeira, Mangalore/Edmonton,

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Dear Sophie& Clarie, Both of us were delighted, when you,Sophie,conveyed to us the good news,of your marriage to Clarie an old classmate of mine at St Aloysius. "Age is but a state of mind". Sophie,you have always been young at heart.May your life together with Clarie,be one of contentment, happiness, peace,and health, for years to come. Love to you both, from faraway Canada Your sister and brother-in-law Rita and Charles Sequeira

  • Ashley Machado, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    "Mind is the master and the body its follower". Great news. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Pais, you are the trend setters in terms of redefining marriagable age which indian society has definite & stringent restrictions.. This should encourage many more to follow thier heart and not society's taboo's

  • Anisha R, Mangalore/Liverpool

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    Dear Uncle and Aunty.I think what your doing is wonderful and your family should be on the same page with you.Thats Family for you.As for the rest of the world and everyones comments I think the good wishes are wonderful but its finally just you two and the family that should matter.Life is very short that taking the short road seems easyi.e. mopping about the past and living in a den.BUT living in the present and taking control of your life and doing what is difficult is taking the long road.

    A confidant of mine once told me nothing good comes easy without problems or comments from the world but that shouldnt stop you from doing what you think is right.You should do what makes you happy .As I just read the comments of the other well wishers, I realized How people complemented you but Some with a tinge of sarcasm-those living with regrets, jealousy-those who could not achieve what you did academically ,envy-for the people without the courage .Me and My Family Admire you for Fighting Society-And having the courage to stand by what you believe in And doing what is ONLY BUT PURE in your heart.We wish you All the best with Happy memories to cherish with Blessing from your Late Wife and All your well wishers.Good Luck.

  • joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    This is a very interesting piece of news. I met Clarie one evening when he was about to enter his apartment and I recall his words vividly: Joebab I am entering an empty home and I find it too much to bear this loss. I was one of the first ones to know about Clarie's forthcoming marriage and I lost no time to call Clarie and congratulate him on his decision. Thereafter I wrote to this lonely person and I did not mince words. I just told him that he has to live his life and not any one else can live it for him and that he has done well to take step in the right direction. I join scores of other people in wishing Clarie the best of everything in the life ahead of him with his beloved Sophie. 

  • Eulalia Dsouza, Bijai / Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    My Dear Mr. Pais It's indeed a Great thing that has happened. You are right that : " you have a right to live your life your way." It's hard for a person to live alone at home especially after a long 55years life with Aunty Flavia & now at 81 yrs, you return home ( which is empty ..) hard day's work. I am sure Sophia Madam will be able to fill in that gap in your life left behind by Aunty Flavia, to a great extent. What is amazing is that all children being with Mr. Pais, in this Decission. It only shows the Love, Concern and respect they have for their father. Most importantly here it's companionship that matters and that will enable Mr. Pais to carry on with his life. Congratulations to you both and pray that God Bless you both with Good Health and Contentment in your life. Love n Best Wishes from Eldon, Donnet & Eula, Bijai, Mangalore

  • Sirur, Bijai

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Ride on - Chevy. The Road belongs to those who dare.

  • Clarence Pais, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

     Dear Florine and all other well wishers who have said a good word regarding the step I have taken. I appreciate the pains and hard work put in by Mrs. Florine Roche of Daijiworld in giving an account about Sophie and me . I also thank all my well wishers who have taken the trouble of expressing appreciation and conveying their good wishes to us on the internet courtesy Daijiworld. Clarence Pais Advocate & Notary Light House Hill Mangalore. 9449821928

  • Verna Fernandes, Mumbai/ Kuwait

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Congrats dear Clarence & Sophia on taking this bold step. The article was worth reading. We wish you all the very best! May God bless you both abundantly.

  • Silvia, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Sophy you look charming in the photograph, standing besides Mr Clarence Pais. I Wish both of you all the very best in your future life and may you have a wonderful time together.

  • Nelson D'Almeida, Hyderabad/KSA

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    While expressing my congratulations and wishes for a life long of happiness to Sir Clarence Pais and Madam Sophia, who have showed in action "He/She who dares wins" and shown the way as Elain Fernandis pointed out to those who must be "itching" to do the same, but fear society. I wish to say, that though I am not a christian, but as Happiness and God are common denominators for all humnity, I humbly take this opportunity in requesting Fr.Leslie Shenoy, with all respects to him, to shed some more light on the oneness of the contradictory statement, between his golden words "we can only find true happiness and peace when we are in love with God" vs his comparitive statement "You have found someone to share this love of God with you" I strongly belive that the experience of loving God and the state of experiencing Gods love are so extreme, undefineable and personal, that they should not be maligned by comparing them to human physical love.

  • Reshma Patrao, Urwa/Kuwait

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Congratulations to the couple! So young and brave at heart. Sailing against the waves, a social norm that the society has set. Great going. Good luck to this lovely pair!

  • Melrose R, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Weldone Mr.Pais and congratulations to you both.If we want happiness we have to take a bold step and surely you will be happy in your future life with Ms.Soffie.Congratulations.

  • Patrick , Thane / Doha Qatar

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Dear Mrs. Florine Roche, your article is fabulous, lucid and point making. Numero-uno is the right word I could use to rate your article. I loved reading it again and again.

    To -> Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Sophia - you both are truly a beacon-of-inspiration to the several Clarences and Sophias prevailing in our community. I speculate, many people alike must have now resolved to turn their future along. Some of those with similar cases must be contemplating to make a "U" turn around in their lives. No mean achievement - as surely, this requires tremendous amount of guts and determination to emerge A WINNER. Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Sophia Pais, we are with you. Just a little bit of determination is all that we need to turn our cherished dreams into a dream-come-reality. Here's wishing both of you "ALL THE VERY BEST" in your happily married life.

  • vidya, mangalore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    I felt so good on reading this article. It really warmed my heart. In these troubled times, once in a while we get to hear something really good. Dear Mr. Clarence Pais and Ms. Sophia D'souza congratulations to both of you and may the Lord's blessings be always showered upon you.

  • Florine Pinto, Bajpe/Mumbai

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Ms Sohpia D'Souza & Mr Clarence Pais Congratulations! May the Almighty bless you and grant you healthy and happy long life together. Best Wishes Florine Dennis

  • nathalia, hassan/bangalore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    wish you all the best. god bless you

  • Henry D' Souza, Ashoknagar/Dubai

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    It is indeed a very bold decision. God wants you to live for some more years. Hence he gave you the right choice in Sophia.

  • Lionel, Mangalore.

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Very Bold decision indeed. May others who wish to take this step follow you by example. Happy Married Life.

  • Richard Lobo, Mangalore -India

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    A very bold step and a good example for people who want to move ahead with life , but are afraid of society obstacles. Mr.Pais, you have our best wishes and shall always be in our prayers. Congratulations, Good Luck, Good Health always.

  • Mamtha D'souza, Mangalore / Dubai

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Mr. Clerence Pais and Ms. Sophia D'Souza. Wow i admire and salute you for your Decision of marrying. I belive that Companionship / Friendship does not have any limitations and marriage is based on this foundation. Congrats and wish you a happy married life.

  • Clara & Dolphy Cascia, Vamanjoor-Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Congrats Sir Clarence Pais and Madam Sophia. It is your wish to step into a new life. You had that courage to face the society. Forget about those people who laugh with you when you laugh and laugh at you when you take a strange and bold step like this. God bless you and keep healthy, happy and comfortable in the Golden years to come.

  • elaine fernandes, dubai

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Dear Uncle Clarry, Hats off to you and Sophie for this step you have taken. Although many more must be "itching" to do the same, they fear society. Now that you have given the lead, hope they will follow. Sophie and even her sister Margaret are very talented, charming, artistic, and good looking too. Marriages are made in heaven and this one is surely made by Aunty Flavy who is in heaven above. she was one of the finest ladies of Mangalore.

  • rathan shetty, bejai

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    this is what i call the bold and the beautiful ..congrats.

  • Donald Roche, Mangalore/Jeppu Bolar

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Bravo! dear Chavaleir Clarence Pais and madam Sophia Pais I wish you all the best. Thank you for giving us a memorable event.

  • Fr. Leslie Shenoy, USA/Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    “We have a right to be happy and peaceful. We have been created for this - we are born to be happy - and we can only find true happiness and peace when we are in love with God: there is joy in loving God, great happiness in loving Him”. - Blessed Mother Teresa m.c. You have found someone to share this love of God with you Chev. Clarence, and you deserve the best in your life, enjoy life and it is a gift from God. Wish you and Sophia God's Blessings, peace and happiness.

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Wed, Dec 03 2008

    Mr. Clarence Pais is known to us for a long time. He has lived an exemplary life. We were there in Mangalore for the funeral service of his beloved wife. We knew that day that Mr. Clarence Pais will find a large vacuum in his future life. He is the master of his own choice and his own life, and he has made his best decision to suit with the rest of his life. Our societal thinking in Mangalore has to change with the time. Society will not cater for the daily needs of companionship that Mr. Clarence Pais desires and deserves. We wish Mr. Clarence Pais and his new partner a long and successful life of companionship.

  • Philomena Lobo, Kulshekar/Bahrain

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Hearty Congratulations Mr. Clerence Pais and Ms. Sophia D'Souza. May God Bless you and may you both find the happiness and companionship that you are seeking for many years to come.

  • ramesh baliga, Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Congrats sir.Wish you a happy married life.Pray you both will live beyond 100.

  • Raymond Monteiro, Mangalre/Toronto

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Dear Chvalier Clarence and Madame Sophia Pais We wish you all the best for bravely standing up what you believed. Sir Knight Raymond and Lady Marie Monteiro

  • Reema C, Kulshekar/USA

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Congratulations!!! Chevalier Clarence Pais and Sophia. May God Bless you.....

  • alwyn, omzoor/usa,

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    My good wishes and prayers are with him always. I had the opportunity of meeting him once in my life. He is just great in his profession and a very simple soul.

  • ahalya dsouza, mangalore/usa

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    i have personally met clarence pais when i had been to his office in march 2008.hes such a wonderful person and i wish him all the very best and good luck in days to come! congratulations!!

  • Alex, Mangaluru/Sydney-Australia

    Tue, Dec 02 2008

    Well written Florine Roche, yes Marriage doesn't have age restriction, marriage is companionship more than anything, Mr. Clarence Pais whom we have known has done a right thing, he will have companion who will be at his side to love him, guide him, look after him. Society is there only to make fun of people who get married at his age, these people are ignarent, who don't realize the loneliness a man or women feels when he or she looses her partner, the sadness, the grief. More and more Men and women who are in this situation should think of getting married if they feel they are very lonely or depresses. As they say life can also begin at 80 , well done Mr. Clarence Pais. Congratulations.

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