Those Six Days of Unforgettable Agony....

Oct 7, 2008

First Day

It was a usual sunny Sunday in July in Kuwait with temperature soaring at 50 degrees as is normal in this part of the world. As usual I attended my office, serving the customers, my job being to take care of money exchange transactions. I always took pride of the fact that my hard work of past ten years was always appreciated by my management which had brought me to the senior level in my place of work.
At 1915 hours, it was like a sudden call. Two people (later I found them to be CIDs), entered my office and asked for Shantha - that's me. Then they asked me for my Id card and told me to follow them. I refused. The manager of the office then intervened and asked them, 'why are you taking her?' At the same time, he called the general manager of our organization. Then the manager asked me, 'Shantha, did you take any money?' to which I replied in the negative. Meanwhile the CIDs were shouting at me to come out with them and that I would know everything once I was in the police station and once their officer interrogated me. At this moment I was already under their custody, and meanwhile our manager asked, 'Where are you taking her?' and they gave the station name. All along having no clue of what was happening I just said: GOD PLEASE HELP ME, I HAVE TRUST IN YOU. As I prayed the special spirit of our lord came into me and I was no more scared.

Once in the police station, they took everything whatever I had in my possession, and threw me inside the locker room. At this moment I was tensed and worried for my husband and two kids, but continued my prayer. There were ten girls in the same room and they asked me, 'Madam, why are you inside?' and I said, ' I DO NOT KNOW.'  And I really did not know. Around 2100 hours our office mandoop (PRO) came and told me, 'Within two hours you will be out.' That is the last sensible sentence I heard in the next five days.

Second Day

Early morning my husband and mandoop came to meet me after I had spent a sleepless night, only keeping faith in our Lord. They said to me, 'Do you  know why you are inside? You committed a big banking fraud.' I was  SHOCKED. I told them I never did anything like that. After two hours, my husband came to me again and asked if I had taken any money, or robbed the exchange. I was stunned. I told him, 'What are you talking about, have you gone mad, do you have no trust in me, after being together for ten years? I asked him to go from there, and tell everyone to pray for me and gave him names of two nuns who are very close to me. 

Then they were searching for Wasta to remove me out. But nothing worked out. Then I got the message that I need to be ready to go to the High Court. I was ready for that. That afternoon around 1630 hours, the CID brought a Pakistani man and asked me if I knew him. I said, 'No.'  They told me that I have been accused of robbing his money. This was a big jolt for me - here was a man I was seeing for the first time - and accused of robbing him??? In spite of my repeated denials the CID threatened me with five years of imprisonment and deportation if I 'did not return the money' - the money I did not know anything about.
I was praying, 'Jesus, you know what is right and what is wrong, please help me. I am here for no reason, and if you are there with me, within three days, bring out the truth and arrest the real culprit, since I know that there is no one above you.'  As I was praying, other girls in the cell were looking at me, and they said, 'Madam you have two kids, so just give the money and go out.' I told them, 'NO, I want justice and my justice I will get from God. I have full faith in Him.'

At that time, as I was trying to pass the  message of my so-called crime to my husband,  my close relative came to the cell and informed me that I had three similar cases against me and it was such a big crime no wasta can be made for this case. 'Even your sponsor, who is so powerful and respects you cannot assist and your husband is helpless to do any thing else. Since this case is so huge with international dimensions, no one can assist and even the company that you work for has said they cannot do any thing further,' he said. I was stunned. I told him to tell every one in Kuwait and in Mangalore to pray for me and then I went to the toilet and cried for the first time, and remembered my kids. Then I asked our Lord, 'Why are you testing me, what wrong have I done? In the name of God, whoever I hate, I hate no more, and whoever is my enemy I will forgive.'

Third Day

In the morning around 0900 hours they took me to the CID office. Around 15-20 officers were present and I was standing in front of them while they started their investigation. They removed the file and asked me how I removed the money. I answered, 'Sir, I did not remove any person's money.' They slapped me and said, 'You took the money and sent it to India.' Again I said 'NO.'  My indignation made them mad, and they pulled my hair and slapped me again. Somehow I was not scared. Now they brought two people who complained against me, a Pakistani and an Egyptian. They said that some amount of money has been transferred from their accounts to the account of Ms Shantha. Then they showed me the bank statement, and to my amazement, it clearly showed money being transferred to my account. I could only say that I was totally innocent and had no idea how it happened.

Then they asked me who was doing the KNET, for which I replied that it was the manager, and explained the procedure also. They made me to explain A to Z of our work procedure. An Indian man (driver of CID vehicle) asked me to accept my 'guilt' and to tell the truth. I told him, 'Brother, what I have said is the truth. Even I want to know who used my name to transfer the money, use my account number and civil id. Whoever it is, will come in front of me in three days and I have full faith in our Lord.'

I continued my prayers. The officers told me that if I did not admit my crime, they would do all kinds of nasty things and my repution would be spoiled in Kuwait and in India. I only told them 'No problem, God is there'.  That was when I actually realized I was accused of doing something BIG, as big as murder or trading drugs. 

They put me in the dark room, and alone behind the bars, I closed my eyes and started praying,  I could see the brightness and visualize the face of Jesus, savior, I said, please help me Lord. They do not know what they are doing. I felt a special spirit inside me and then I heard the voice of our manager like an angel speaking to the CID officer for my room was next to their room. They brought me out of the dark room and the Egyptian man was still there. The manager was explaining how the KNET transaction is done in the exchange. Then the CID said, may be Shantha knew the pin number and used it. I was surprised at the accusation. They questioned me as to whether I had given my pin number to anyone and I said yes, I had given it to our cashier as is given by everybody else so as to get the salary transfer information to my mobile. They checked my mobile to determine the accuracy of that information. They still did not believe me and again threatened me of being jailed and deported.
That night when my husband came, I told him everything. He said, 'We are all praying for you and even the kids are praying for you, so you will be out soon. In fact, church prayers are going on to get hold of the real culprit. That night as I saw everyone sleeping, I could not sleep and hence I continued by prayers.

Fourth day
That day started early. I could neither eat nor sleep for the last four days. Later the CID came and asked for me. They asked me details about the cashier and took his phone number from me.

After two hours, they brought a man to the cell,  and asked me if he was the cashier, and I said no. Then they asked me if I knew the house location, again I said no. They asked me if I wanted to go home, and with full spirit I said yes. Then they left.

At night around 2345 hours they called me and I was afraid for the first time. Even the other girls were worried that I was being taken out at midnight. I prayed fervently. They took me to the CID office, and where I saw the cashier with another Pakistani man. I could not believe that they had finally arrested the right man. I closed my eyes and thanked our Lord.

The officer told me, 'Madam, if you want to do anything to this man, you can do so, you can even slap him. I said, 'No, God is there and He will punish him.' But I did the cashier, 'Why did you do this?  You know I am a lady with two small kids, and I am here for the past five days. I know that you were always greedy, but why did you use my account and pin numbers?'  All he said was 'sorry' when the CID slapped him. However I started praising the glory of our Lord.

At that point, the cashier was tied in chains. I asked the CID who the other Pakistani man was,  and he replied that he too was a victim like me. The Pakistani man said that the cashier also used his account to dupe some person of more than KD 8000 in the last one month. I realized that he too was in jail for a day.

They were working together in the new company, and two days back, he saw the cashier very upset. He was telling the other guy that he wanted to go to Pakistan for good as he was upset. The reason was that he knew of my arrest and wanted to flee, but luckily he could not go to Pakistan.

Once the CID realized that the cashier was the real culprit they kept a close watch on him, and used the other guy to call him in his house, with the pretext of being sick so that he would take him to the hospital. As he came out from the house, the CID caught him and brought him to the jail, where I met him at midnight. On rigorous interrogation, he admitted his guilt.

Then I asked CID for the permission to call my husband and it was granted. I cannot expresstheir happiness when I passed the good news. I could hear shouts of joy over the phone as if a battle had been won.  All top CID officers were there, and I went to them and said 'Sir, I told you, within three days God would bring this man in front of me.' They said, 'Yes, Allah is there , Allah is great. This girl is really great...poor girl, suffered a lot.' The girls in my cell joyfully praised me for keeping faith in God and like me, they too began praying in their own way. I told them to never lose faith in God as only He can give justice.

Fifth day

My husband, kids and all my near and dear ones came to see me. My little son thought I was in the hospital. They also recognized the cashier who put his head down with shame. I was eagerly waiting to get out. I wanted to go out, become a free bird. I was tired of sitting on the ground. However I had to wait till evening till the procedures were over.

Then CID asked me to their office and also brought the cashier, and real interrogation started. He was asked about each robbery that was done by him and its modus operandi. He admitted that he did the transactions through my account, without my knowledge. Whenever he risked a lie, they tortured him. In my presence, they turned him upside down and I could see him cry out in pain as they punished him. I could not bare to watch the scene and asked permission to go out. I have seen all this in movies but had never even dreamt that I would watch it in reality. He was punished in this way upto 1900 hours that day and I thought they would kill him before the day ended.

Thereafter, they arranged the letter for the court and I was told to meet the magistrate for final release. At 2100 hours, the CID general manager and inquired about my family and asked for my husband's mobile number and left me there. Now I was worried as they had told me that I would be out in the evening, but it was already midnight and I was still in jail.

2330 hours, the CID manager came again and asked me to come out with my bag. He took me to the guest room. He opened the door and switched on the light and there was a big surprise waiting for me.  My full family was there - shouting, 'Shantha is back! Shantha is back!' You can imagine the joy everyone felt. And this was the beginning of my second life.  The CID manager told all of us that he wanted to give us a surprise.

Sixth day

At 0045 hours and mind you it was a Friday, when Kuwait does not work. But not the CIDs. They brought the cashier handcuffed with chains on the legs and took us to the magistrate of finance department. The GM also gave special permission for one of my close relatives to be with me. Around 0100 hours in the morning the court proceedings began.  It continued for three hours, and then the judge called me and asked if the cashier was my enemy and I said no. He told me that I did a mistake by giving my account number, a point which I fully agreed on. My brother who was sitting outside was also asked to come in. The magistrate asked me to sign some papers and my brother asked, 'Sir, any more problems for Shantha?'  for which he he replied, 'She is clean as a white paper.' Then he also wrote punishment to the guilty. They gave me all my belongings and I was out of  the court and back at my house. My house which was like a mourning house for five days had suddenly turned into a marriage hall.  We all praised the Lord before we started eating. Our Lord became the main Wasta for me.  We called Mangalore and my parents started crying with relief.
My sponsor, though he could not do much for me, gave me immense moral support. My manager became an angel who, by giving the officers accurate details about me and on cashier, helped solve the case.  I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to go through the ordeal with courage and faith.

Vivian Castelino -Puttur / Dubai
During my recent visit of Kuwait I met this lady, a friend of mine, from Mangalore, around 35 years of age, mother of two small kids and as most of us do, working 7 days a week to give decent leaving for her family. The story is real and as narrated by her. For obvious reasons I have changed the name/s. However as I give tribute to this great person, I would like to highlight the hazards that internet technology has brought into our lives. Today it was this lady, tomorrow it can be you, so beware.
Vivian Castelino -Puttur / Dubai
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Comment on this article

  • lucy m starkey, U.S.A

    Sun, May 08 2011

    Dear Shantha
    you did the right thing by beleving our MIGHTY LORD. don't you worry, becuase he picked you to give us an example that he does exist in this world, he also will reward you with the most amazing blassings the rest of your life. you can count on it. thanks sharing most amazing story. thanks......Lucy


    Thu, Jul 08 2010

    I thank all who read this story....pls.keep faith in lord..still people are reading .once again publish in front page

  • Sharad.K, Udupi, Dubai

    Tue, Jun 08 2010

    Sach Aur Sahas hai jiske mann me anth me jeeth usika hai. God bless you sister and i will pray god that dont give test or such kind of problem to sincere people.

  • Ronald, Mangalore

    Sun, Nov 09 2008

    Praise the lord. Lord has spread the good news through you Shanta. Everyone should realise that they should never lose faith in Jesus. We cry out to lord when we are in trouble but tend to forget him in good times.

  • precilla, mangalore

    Tue, Nov 04 2008

    God bless u my sister. People believe in god there is nothing impossible with him. god bless u all

  • sharon, mangalore

    Tue, Nov 04 2008

    God works wonders.Never loose heart,always have faith in Him.


    Tue, Nov 04 2008

    god is great, bravo shantha

  • noreen, helealve,kundapura

    Mon, Nov 03 2008

    I am deeply touched by your faith and trust in the Lord. You have been great missionary and preached Christ Jesus,and his values boldly. You are truly the beloved daughter of the Father who is well pleased. Keep up Shanta,you will truly be called to witness higher things in life. May God bless your family specially the two kids.The Christian community and the Church at laarge is proud of you and the values you live for. Praise the Lord.

  • stella Pinto, mangalore/north carolina USA

    Sat, Oct 18 2008

    Dearest Shanti, Great is your faith. Praise God!!Our grant Ma and parents taught us to stand for truth whatever you have to face. I am your cousin appreciate your love for Jesus and your faith in Him. It encourages all of us how we will be put to test in the walk of our faithful journey with Jesus. Praise the Lord. Many are touched with your testimony in North carolina, I did share your testimony in the prayer groups here. Look to Jesus and be radiant. Love you Shanthi Peace Stella Bai/Charles,Carlton,Brian and Aaron

  • LLOYD MARTIS, udupi

    Tue, Oct 14 2008

    It is a very good article.heart touching and wonderful

  • Timothy Monteiro, Mangalore/New Zealand

    Sun, Oct 12 2008

    Praise the Lord. Shantha's faith has proved that Our God is a Living God and no matter what the situation is He will lift us up from all troubles and suffering, If only we have trust and faith in Him. Praise and Thank Him all the time by prayers and worship. Lift His name on high for He is the Alpha and the Omega.Praise the Lord.

  • Simon, manglore

    Sun, Oct 12 2008

    Shanta you will be blessed ever more for your faith in Jesus.."...His love & mercy endeavours forever more...for those trust & wait upon him..." you have indeed testified His goodness & faithfullness to others…God bless you & your family…

  • Noel Frank, Mangalore,-KSA

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    Yes, that is the price we all who are working in the Gulf have to pay. People in India think that, being in the gulf is great.Its only when we land in Mumbai or any Indian airport do we realise the difference between a open jail and freedom


    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    god is great praise the lord

  • Dulcine, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    True life incidence

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves , Bannur Puttur/Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    The story is very pathetic and virtually tears will flow whoever reads. This proved verses in the Holy Bible Romans 8:31 “What shall we then say to these things “If God be for us, who can be against us?” Whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life. I can say that only your prayers and faith in Him set you free. We have a greatest weapon which very few are using i.e., not a material sword but a SPIRITUAL SWORD”. PRAISE BE TO HIM AND HIS NAME BE GLORIFIED.

  • Merlyn Dcunha, Derebail/Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    This is a nice testimony. God is always there. He just wants to test us. Always pray to him with all your faith and your prayers would be answered. Praise the Lord!! Courageous lady Shantha. I was in tears when I read your story. God bless you and your family.

  • Rodolfo de Sousa, Germany

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    Not too long ago,I too suffered the indignity of being thrown overnight into the "lock-up" (as shown in the picture) while passing through Kuwait to Goa, for carrying a licensed gas pistol. Sitting there among bootleggers, etc., wasn't so traumatic (they were very polite) as the humiliating slaps and the shoves I got from the burly cops where respect for human dignity was the last thing one got when "caught" as your reader Mr. Winston D'Sousa so succinctly says, in any of these countries.

    In the present case,I wonder what the Kuwaiti Govt has to say in the matter and, worse what the Indian Govt would have done if her head were to have been chopped off. One thing is sure, although the Kuwaiti people and the Govt are friendly to India, there's no hiding the fact that in spite of their riches, their laws on human rights and dignity are based on the Holy Quaran and as such quite different from the ones we find here in Europe.

    Kuwait, if it wants to claim to be modern, must its human rights laws. Rodolfo de Sousa P.S. Although I wrote an apology for the incidence I caused, the gas pistol is still lying with the Kuwaiti Customs, and I have not received any reply regularising the incidence..At least now I'll get some answer?

  • HINA,

    Fri, Oct 10 2008


  • Sheldon Henry Castelino, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    A very gripping unfortunate event and a woman of faith! It made me wonder if i were in a similar situation,would i be as composed and have such unfailing hope in the Lord or would i crumble? The luxuries and pleasures of life make us all that comfortable, but once that is all taken away,where do we run to? this Lady knew the answer all along! Very well described Mr.Vivian, it made me at least try to feel how she must have felt! God Bless...

  • Irene, Mangalore.

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    This is a very touching incident.Priase and Thanks be to God. He will answer our prayers if we have got full faith in Him and love Him.Praise the Lord.

  • ivan Tauro, Moodbidri/Dubai

    Fri, Oct 10 2008

    Praise the Lord....He is the one who really saved you from this trouble ,This lesson for every one who reads the daiji dubai, not give any personal details to any one . Praise the Lord

  • John D'Souza, Margao/London

    Fri, Oct 10 2008

    God be praised.

  • Daniel Davis, Dubai

    Fri, Oct 10 2008

    Praise the Lord ! The Lord has given a beautiful experience thro' this Sister (Shanta) for many others to have real faith in him in crunch sitaution.For me having gone thro' similar sitaution I could really understand her sitaution very much.She has stood the test of Fire courageously and is definetly a role model for many others with no faith. -All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Philomena Lobo, Mangalore/Bahrain

    Thu, Oct 09 2008

    Praise and Thank the Lord. He has rightly blessed the Lady for her immense faith and trust in Him.

  • irene, bejai

    Thu, Oct 09 2008

    Really very touching,blind faith in people can decieve you,if you put your trust in God you are a Winner. God bless you brave lady, you are courageous and your faith was not shaken, keep trusting in the Lord, He is Great, praise be to God.

  • Edward, Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 09 2008

    Always remember when ever you are arrested do not sign any paper in the police station if you cant read it.Even if its translated .Write your comments

  • Agnes, kuwait/Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 09 2008

    Great story, as said 'Faith can move mountains'. But Shanta it would be great if you could highlight how the cashier could transfer funds from their accounts to yours. Ok the plan would be to then withdraw from your account since he had access to your pin, but how did he do the first step. Does this mean the k-net machines at the exchange are not safe to use. Please let all know so we are saved from troubles like this. Praise God for your release..

  • Lancy Pereira, Mangalore / Iraq

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    It's a wounderful life experience. Those who love Him surely bless. Praise God. Through this life experince others may belive in God.

  • Lancy Pereira, Mangalore / Iraq

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    It's a wonderful life experience. Those who love Him surely will be blessed.   Praise God. Through this life experience others may believe in God.

  • Kenet Fernandes, Panakaje / Doha Qatar

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Hi sister Mrs.Shantha PRAISE THE LORD your faith in Almighty god gave you the strength to come over such a difficult time. We all have learnt from you to keep the faith in the lord however difficult the situation anytime. God Bless. Thank you Jesus for giving her strength and courage

  • apurv aniruddh, bangalore

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    When ur heart is clean n so are your doings in this on can harm you because then ur a part of the almighty,and no harm wat so ever can be done to the lord!!

  • krishna Narayana, Puttur

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    This was hearttouching. May this situation does not come to anybody. But I think if the same mistake was done by Police in india , there would be lot of havoc all over country .All human rights people would have come to picture. Sadly , in gulf human rights are not recognised. Still nobody complaints against it.

  • James Philip D'sa, Belman/Kuwait

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Great Job Vivian. Being a very busy man you took your most valuable time to write this real story. We are always busy at work and we trust and give our ATM cards with the password to our friends/staff to withdraw cash. This real incident is an eye opener for all of us who give the bank password to others on trust. God is great and that lady is saved. Prayers are more powerful than any Waasta.

  • Rajesh, urwa,mangalore

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Our sister is great, she is everything to us. Her testimony is true and wonderful. God is great and mothers prayers. Praise the lord....


    Wed, Oct 08 2008


  • Winston D'Souza, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    This story a wake up call for all Indians who work in the Gulf, where you don't have any security. Keep yourself safe as much as possible ecspecially those who work in Saudi Arabia. Once caught they will not listen you even if you are innocent, they won't give any chance to open your mouth, but people who know Arabic can survive a bit, others please don't ask.

  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    The police in the gulf are just, unlike police in India. They will not stoop low just for the sake of getting publicity. Since lady spoke truth and and no contradictory statements, she was out.

  • Triselda Pereira, Bombay/Canada

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Thanks Vivian for publishing such a wonderful article. It was so touching and I was in tears. Lord never lets anyone down. No matter what he is always besides us. Shanth's faith in Lord Jesus saved her. Praise the Lord.

  • Peter Sequeira, Kuwait

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Very well done. Prayer is the best medicine for everything. You have praised, thanked God during your hard time and suffering and more over you have forgiven every one. You are true in your faith and I hope all our christian brother will learn from your faithfulness towards your faith. May God Bless you more and more

  • mabel andrade, Byndoor/kuwait

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Thanks vivian for giving us such true story of a women.when GOD is near there is nothing to fear. Thanks Daiji for bringing up true story of a women working in Gulf.

  • celine mendonca, mira road / usa

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Praise the lord.our jesus is great!

  • Lancy Crasta, Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Praise the Lord, this real life story has inspired many of us. Thanks to Daiji and Vivian for bringing up this very inspiring true story.

  • shammi furtado, MANIPAL/KUWAIT

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Shantha we appreciate for your braveness,and you guide others to be brave and to face the problems with courage.PRAISE THE LORD,and god bless you and your family.

  • Prakasha, Permude

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    This was a nice testimony, Thanks to Daijiworld. Godbless All.

  • Francis Pais, Puttur.D.K./Dubai

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Praise the lord.Thank you Sir good article. Thank you too Daijiorld

  • Pradeep, Kuwait

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    You are brave person and never loose the faith on Jesus. But in the same time you supposed to lodge complaint on judiciary/investgation dept for wrongly keeping you without investigation for 5 days & for mental agony. Kuwait govt/court had to pay to big some of money since they caught wrong person. Secondly did funds were in your a/c or the culprit already transfered to his a/c, if yes, did you also gave the PIN no along with your a/c no.

  • Leo crasta, Puttur.D.K./Dubai

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    God is great and he is with us

  • ronald, barkur

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Thank the Lord they did not torture her or interrogate her to break her !

  • M.Shetty, Mangalore-Muscat

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Really heart touching. For the first time i read anything such a long and very interesting. Thanks. wish this situation may not come to anybody

  • Elizabeth, Kerala/Kuwait

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    I had goosebumps reading this article, but once I read the sentence that she trusted our Lord, I knew for sure her prayers were already answered. So sad she was put through this ordeal but our Lord kept her safe in His arms. Praise the Lord, now and forever more.

  • Marina veigas, Pune, Kuwait

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    God is great......Praise the lord.

  • clarence miranda, mangalore

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Vivi, thanks for publishing this astonishing story. This brave Lady has clearly shown all of us that God never lets down anyone who has Trust and Faith in Him. This woman is a strong testimony of God's love to his people. God bless you too Viv for this touching and informative article.

  • shaby, dubai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Brave woman

  • Harsha Canute Mascarenhas, Kera/kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    PRAISE THE LORD, Prayer is the strong instrument. thanks Mr. Vivian

  • John Pereria , Kuwait/ Mumbai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Miracles do happen to this day this is one of the many examples where the Almighty God Guards all the Believers

  • Donald Pinto, Chickmaglore/Abu-Dhabi

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Your faith made you to prove the justice, PRAISE THE LORD .


    Tue, Oct 07 2008



    Tue, Oct 07 2008


  • Mario Fernandes, Mumbai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    I, from childhood to this day believe that God exists. Our Lady has helped me whenever i have prayed to her for help. The Lord is my Shepherd. Praise the Lord always.

  • Jemilson Monteiro, GOA/Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    We usually come across these stuff in the movies, but experiencing it in real life must have really tested the faith of this women and her family.Reminds me of the Gospel Hymn " Faith can move mountains". GOD bless the family

  • Alphonse, pangla/Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Dear Shanta, Your real life story has inspired many incl. myself. Thank God, He brought you out without any problem. This indicated He listens to us always and especially when we are in deep trouble. The miracle is that you trusted Him completely. Thanks Daiji for bringing this very inspiring true story.

  • Steven Castelino, Mangalore/Sharjah

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    "Praise the Lord"Jesus never fails. Mrs.Shanta your testimony will surly increase the faith of many in the Lord. Thank You VV for narrating this incident in such a way, that I visualized it like a movie.

  • Lavina Pinto, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Our Jesus is Great.Thank you Vivian for the article as it has increased the faith of many people. psalm 120 says 'I call on the Lord in my distress,and he answers me' Thank u JESUS

  • jascintha, udupi/abu dhabi

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    God is great! praise the lord all the time.

  • Mary Ann Pinto, Belthangady/ Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Praise the Lord. As I was going through this article my eyes filled with tears. I really praised the "LORD" from bottom of my heart as I've already experienced his power.

  • Silvia, India

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Shantha, your faith was strong enough not to despair during those black days in the prison and your faith in God alone has set you free. Praise the Lord! If God is with us who can be against us. Its great that you have shared this testimony in Daiji World, so that we all can be cautious while sharing the personal information.

  • Leslie Fernandes, Abu Dhabi (U.A.E)

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Pslams 34:17 Says The Righteous have many troubles, But The Lord (Jesus) delivers them from all. Praise The Lord. Pr.Leslie Fernandes-00971 50 4193515

  • Rakesh Dsouza, Mangalore, Duabi.

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    God is Great.

  • Walter Appos, Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008


  • George thomas, kereal/KSA

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    God is Great. God sees the truth, but waits. Praise God!

  • Walter Mascarenhas, Kundapur / Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Did you remember how many times you prayed in the cell?? Isn’t Our GOD is prayer answering and compassionate on his children?

  • Dolphy Veigas, Bendoor/ K.S.A

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Jesus said those who are heavily laiden, come to me I will give the rest. We people instead of going to the savior we run behind the politician &top leaders. This lady Shanta totally surrendered to lord . That is the reason she has been saved. Praise the lord.

  • prakash, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Really a great testmony, those 6 days ....great coverage Daiji...

  • Sharon, Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008


  • Vincy, kalina kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    This is a clear message that nothing exist above god and true faith can move mountains praise the lord

  • Yathish Shettigar, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    If we always remember Lord Krishna everyday , everywhere and everytime he wiil be always with you. remember him always when your happy as well as in distress. He is the father of all. So chant his name everyday Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama RAma Hare Hare and be Happy. May lord bless Shantha and her family a good life. We are all Lord's Child. Always be in Unity.

  • jerome william, mangaluru

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    'Your faith has healed you' is what Jesus said. To Shantha Jesus would surely say - it is your faith that has set you free.

  • Rita Pinto, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Thanks Vivian. May God bless you in million folds. Let the world know who is Jesus and what he is. There is no one above him who gave his own life for us.

  • Helen, India

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    I am still shivering and crying reading this mail. Our God is a living God. We cannot do anything without HIM. I can imagine Shantha's state, but I must say she is a courageous woman having such immense faith, man will forsake us, but God will never. Praise God.


    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Hats up to her who fought till the end & won the battle.really she is great.god bless her & family

  • Lloyd Colaco, Mangalore, India

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Dear readers and Mrs. Shantha, Its very true that God has his own ways to act. On being more cautious I would request all the readers and their friends to keep a track of your accounts on a weekly basis by using Online Banking and ofcourse also to change your passwords regularly. Do this on your personal home PC and not the in the office. This way you find anything unusual you can report it to tha bank ASAP. For people who dont have a PC at home you can do this at the ATM machine for your short statement. Remember, wasting time at the ATM counter is far better than what Shantha experienced.

  • MIchael Goveas, Badyar/Muscat

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    PRAISE THE LORD! a true testimony. Spread this testimony to all our brothern. Don't loose faith in god any times.

  • siddarth, mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Dear Mrs.Shantha your faith in god , gave you the strength to come over such a difficult time . We all have learnt from you to keep the faith in the lord however difficult the situation may be . God Bless

  • Santosh, Udupi / Bahrain

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    I am really happy for this lady Shantha or whatever her name is. She is very lucky to have survived this due to her faith in GOD.

  • Ranjith, Mangalore, Dammam

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Praise God. He is gracious.

  • Peter, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    PRAISE THE LORD. God bless you Shantha. Thank u Vivian for publishing this article.

  • Maria, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    This is how the result we get when we help others. God will surely help us when we are in need.

  • leena monteiro, bejai mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Shantha, your deep faith in our Lord Jesus Christ gave u courage to bear this unimaginable situation... Praise the Lord.. God loves everyone

  • Stanley Noronha, Udupi/Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Miracles do happen, this testimony is a proof of that. When God is on our side, why fear, truth always successful, we need courage. God bless the family. Thanks Vivian.

  • Domnic Savio Viegas, Cortalim, Goa/Bahrain

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    No matter what happens in one's life, happens for the best - it is a belief that God does not leave his children but we do. It has been proved to Shantha. Prayer is a strong weapon we have so let us use it everyday. God Bless All and Keep Smiling

  • leena d,souza, mumbai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Glory, Praise andThanksgiving to our one and only God the Father,Son Jesus and Most Holy Spirit. Beautiful testimony and God bless for sharing it with us.

  • Roshan Sequeira, Mangalore, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    When I read the above article my eyes are full with tears. I could not able to work for 5 minutes. My colleagues asked me what happened 'I told them also to read the same'. Really it was heart flouting news and I can say "God is great - Praise the Lord"

  • Vinson Vaz, Kadri, mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    This kind of things happens all the time in Kuwait. It is very very common for people working here to hand over their ATM cards to friends, colleagues, mandoops etc of the their company to bring in their salaries.

    It is often noticed by the way some people keep using a lot of ATM cards to withdraw money using small slips of paper where the pin is written. Each one is responsible for his or her own ATM cards. I am sure this article shall serve as a lesson for all indian expatriates and other nationals too who read this.

    Care should also be taken when photocopies of civil ID is also given to others. It can be misused too. Remember this since it can be used for a lot of highly incriminating activities here. So do not part with a copy of the civil ID to anyone, unless work related and whenever you provide mention the reason on the copy so you can recollect later on.

    New mobile connections can be procured using this civil ID copy by some rogue Kuwaitis and then one can only imagine the consequences. Beware people! As for Shantha, one can only vouch for their inocence without evidence. But I whole heartedly agree with shantha, that the Lord in our only WASTA in Kuwait!

  • Rony D'cunha, Derebail/Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    First and foremost I praise the Almighty God for bringing the truth into the light. In the moment of distress and helplessness whatever the courage the Lady has mustered by trusting the Lord is really inspirational not forgetting the love and support she has received from her family and friends.

    Vivian, thank you so much for sharing this true life incidence with such detail and sensitivity. Daiji World, ever grateful to you for publishing such true life stories thus taking up: ‘human cause’ & ‘social awareness’

  • Felcita, Manglore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Praise the Lord, GOD is great . Thanks you Mr.Vivian for your wonderful article

  • Vincent Rego, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    "Praise the Lord" its all your prayers that comforted you and gave the victory. Friends anything similar can happen in this part of the world beware when you share any information to others specially strangers.

  • Aron D'Souza, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Praise The "LORD" Alleluia

  • Diana , Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Thank you Jesus ! Thank you Vivian ! Thank you Shantha ! You have taught me not to lose faith in Jesus no matter what. But,Shantha could have requested the authorities to forgive the culprit as Jesus did from the cross and allowed things to take their course instead of hoping for him to be punished.

  • Praveen D'souza, Ferar - Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Thank you Jesus for giving her strength and courage when she was in trouble.

  • Mrs. Rodrigues, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    A real touching incident..i literally cried when i read this..God is really great. My faith on Him is just increasing day by day. Thank you Lord for everything

  • Augustine Daniel DSouza, Udupi/Vasai Virar/STATE OF KUWAIT

    Tue, Oct 07 2008



    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Shanth(changed name) She did something good for others that's why she got better result out of this.

  • jane, kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    God is great Shantha.

  • Raymond P. D'souza, Mumbai, Kalina / Dubai.

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Wounderful testimony young lady, God Bless you.

  • Elvis, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    God is great......Praise the lord.I was almost in tears when i read this article.....Realy gods great....God is alwyz there for all.

  • Padmanabha Shenoy, Udupi /Dammam Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Thanks for Mr. Vivian Castelino -Puttur and Daijiworld for Publishing this article. Many of us learned not to do like Shantha giving the pin number or any kind of secret code to anyone. May God bless Shantha and her family and keep them safe in future.

  • Joseph Dcunha, Hassan / dubai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008


  • Alva & Fly, Udupi

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    This was a nice testimony by Mr. Vivian. Thanku Mr. Vivian.. God is always there. He just wants to test us. He loves us so much that he gave his only son 4 us on the cross inorder 2 save us from sins, then can he see us suffering when we are innocent??? Always pray to him with all you faith and your prayers would be answered. Praise the Lord!!

  • Prakash leema, Bhatkal / Dubai

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    In Hindi we say that "Bhagvan ke gher me dher hai andher nahi"..yes all depends on our pure and true faith on God..Praise the lord

  • Tony, Brahmavar / Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    This was wonderful testimony. I praise God for giving the lady immense faith and courage at times of trouble. Many people think, why do we need to Praise and Thank God...the very reason is explained in the testimony. I really thank Those Six Days of Unforgettable agony....Vivian for posting this article. Praise God all the time.

  • Prashanth, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008


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