Mangalore: Meditation Centre at Mudipu - Hub for Binding all Religions

October 6, 2008
Pics by – Prajwal Ukkuda

A three crore meditation centre christened the Sri Krishna Dyana Kendra is fast coming up barely 25 kms away, in the city’s horizons. Nestled atop Mudipu’s tallest mountain peak, with a commanding view of the city, it’s an area abounding in rich native flora and fauna. The upcoming edifice will be made of both steel and glass so as to be in complete harmony with nature. It is being made to blend with its surroundings through its tall turret. The latter, in fact, signifying the objective behind the Dyana Kendra, of binding all religions together in universal love, peace and bliss.

At the Kendra will also be installed a huge Buddha statue in meditative posture and a statue of Lord Krishna,  both considered to be symbols of meditation, love and peace. Keeping it august company are IT giant Infoysis, and the city’s best institutions like Mangalore University, engineering institutions, medical colleges and other prestigious organizations.

Madan Mohan Naik

The idea behind the Dyana Kendra has emerged from the pure intent and vision of Dr Madan Mohan Naik. An avid antique collector, a medical doctor by profession and an intrepid politician, Dr. Naik has been indefatigably working behind the scenes to make this dream of his a reality. A dream which he saw as a 10 year old from his home near Mudipu, from where he used to see the mountain top and envision a beatific image which when completed would embrace the stressed out city folk in warmth, peace and bliss.

As a crystallization of that dream, he wanted to provide a meditation centre in a pristine and serene locale far away from the hustle and bustle of city. In a poetic vein he discloses “the breath of a not so distant past dream, fanned me further to build a centre in Dakshina Kanara, based on such a dream.” And adds rather touchingly “I believe, I have exchanged my entire lifetime dreaming about this venture.” Moreover, according to him, he was keen on having a monument which would architecturally put Mangalore city on the world map.

The Dyana Kendra will be dedicated to society, with an objective to inspire people to attain outer and inner peace. On completion it will welcome people from all backgrounds into its fold, irrespective of caste or creed so that they may benefit from its various programs. It will be a place where people can find rest and refuge from the problems of busy modern life and draw inspiration by bonding with others, thereby discovering one’s innate capacities for wisdom and compassion. Dr Naik says “The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. It’s only through meditation that you can undertake the journey to discover your true nature and find the stability and confidence needed to live and die well.”

Practically speaking the Meditation Center will be offering a setting for practicing meditation and studying other ancient forms of yoga. There is a famous quotation in the Bhagavad Gita (Chap. 6:20) which states "In the still mind, in the depths of meditation, the Self reveals itself ". This statement identifies both the process and the objective of meditation - stilling the mind in order to experience one’s inherent divinity. The everyday human mind is a whirlpool of fleeting thoughts and sensations, which dissipate one’s energies and create a veil that obscures the reality within each one of us. 

In meditation, what is being done is to gently seek to quiet one’s mind and focus the thought processes, thereby allowing one’s spiritual essence to manifest as well as training the mind to follow the dictates of the will. On the other hand, the various yogic ‘asanas’ taught at the Kendra will aim at bringing into ordinary human lives a natural sense of goodness, fearlessness, and humor.  It will offer something suitable for every person.  The discourses here will aim at touching all hearts, teach all to be happy and lead meaningful lives and in turn have the power to even heal and benefit others.

The said structure is still under construction with funds pouring in gradually from dedicated members, nevertheless work on it is going on at a brisk pace and the growth of a definite spiritual presence, has already begun to emerge. In a circumspect vein Dr Naik avers “There have been several obstacles in building this project, but I have used it all, as a stepping stone to concretize my venture.” In the same breath he adds gratefully “Lots of people have supported me in many ways, and I only hope that I handle appropriately this fragile thing called trust which people have reposed in me so earnestly.”

The noble task of promoting the Sri Krishna Dyana Kendra will only be possible through the concerted effort and large hearted support of all those interested in the preservation of our ancient rich cultural heritage. To make this venture a success Dr Naik joins all the other trustees K Keshava Bhat (Advocate), A S Bharath Naik, Ravi Shanker Shetty, Ravindranath Alva, Rajesh Naik, K N Alva in cordially soliciting the support and generous patronage of all individuals, corporates and philanthropic bodies. Needless to mention, all contributions will be suitably acknowledged by the Dr.Naik and the trustees of the Kendra. Those interested may contact Dr. Naik at the following address:

Dr. Madan Mohan Naik
Bayadi House, P.O Kunjathabail, Marakada Village, Mangalore,
Mobile No: 9945997654 
Resi.No: (0824) 2481364

By Nina Rai - Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore
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Comment on this article

  • Chethan Kumar T.M, Mani,Ananthady

    Mon, Dec 10 2012

    This is really going to be a very very historical project in mangalore.There is alot of hard work and behind this project from Dr.Madan mohan naik and also he was dreaming about this project from many years.

  • K T Alva, Beeroor Kairangala ,Mumbai

    Sat, Jun 05 2010

    Dear Dr Naik
    your effort and conceptualisation of your dream is really blessed by Lord Almighty.Your contribution will be remembered by generation to come and will be a great gift to human being.God bless you and make your project success very soon

  • oliver machado, Udupi. Muscat

    Mon, Feb 16 2009

    Proud of you Dr.Madan Mohan Naik. May your Divine Project bring Peace and Happiness to the people of Mangalore. Good Luck and Good Health to You.

  • Dr Sudaram Rai. , London

    Mon, Feb 09 2009

    It is a great news for the well educated and peace loving population of this area and far afield to have a meditation centre on this unique location with architectual marvel. Dr Naik needs all the support for such a laudable project. I wish him luck. The article is well written, congratulations Neena.

  • thejas, mangalore

    Thu, Dec 04 2008

    thanks for the lovley article, pictures and information

  • Ramya, Kambalapadav

    Sat, Nov 08 2008

    Thank u Dr. Madan Mohan Naik... to selecting our place to construct Meditation Centre... I wish you good luck...

  • sona raj, manglore

    Thu, Nov 06 2008

    Excellent article.....good coverage Nina thanks

  • Nadeem, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 21 2008

    I am a writer myself and I write for many clients on the internet. I would like to congratulate you on your fabulous informative articles. Hats off to you Nina!!! Great job.

  • Sherol,

    Mon, Oct 20 2008

    Now here my comment!! its superb!!! awesome!!!! too good!!!! if all these kind f constructions go on, india will become THE BEST OF ALL!!!

  • Sandesh.N, Bangalore

    Wed, Oct 15 2008

    Good article…… this type of articles helps to people to know about such a great peaceful place and people like Mr. Madan Mohan. Good job Nina, keep up the good articles.

  • Gopal Shetty M, Kundapura/Maisuru

    Tue, Oct 14 2008

    I'm sure it's going to be a must-see place in Mangaluru. It should be spelt Dhyana Kendra in English, please note. (ಧ್ಯಾನ ಕೇಂದ್ರ)

  • Rajashree, udupi

    Sun, Oct 12 2008

    Mangaloreans are very lucky to have a devine building for DYANA which emerged from the vision of Dr.M.M.Naik and published by talented NINA RAI and I wish to have in UDUPI too.

  • BVKathyayani, Mangalore

    Sun, Oct 12 2008

    Thank you NINA for exploring such a serene place in peace loving Mangalore.Since my area of interest is also the same, I found it very informative and educative.I wish you all the best.I also congratulate Dr.Mohan Mohan Naik and wish him good luck and a great success in his noble venture.

  • Naveen Kumar Moodbidri,

    Sun, Oct 12 2008

    Very informative coverage by Nina. we should all be grateful to Dr Naik. Best of Luck to Dr. Naik and thanks Nina..

  • siddarth, mangalore

    Sun, Oct 12 2008

    Wish you all the best Dr.Naik

  • vasanth, Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    thanks to all team members good thought for change the people

  • Alphonso D'Souza, Bendoor / Dubai

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    In light of the recent disturbances and a number of letter I had written to convince every Mangalorean in particular and Indians in general - There is only one God. I wish this centre every success. Please educate the Bajrang Dal, SIMI and the like minded anti nationals to unite as there is only ONE GOD and not MORE. Good luck, God bless you for your edfort.

  • Neeta Kishore , Udupi

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    Thanks for forwarding the informative article on the Dyana Kendra at Mudipu.Such a place is the need of the hour.I'm happy to hear that it will soon become a reality by the indefatigable perseverance of Dr. Madan Mohan Naik.My Best Wishes to him and his team.

  • Sudarshan, Puttur

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    It is nice to know that Mangalore is getting such a beautiful meditation center. Beautifully narrated article by Ms.Nina Rai. Thanks for the information ,wishing all the best for the project.

  • Santosh Kumar Suvarna, Sharjah,Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    Well done Nina,keep up the good work.You have made us aware about such an amazing project.

  • Neeta Adyanthaya, Kadri

    Sat, Oct 11 2008

    In today's times of stress and violence, when everyone thinks only of building recreation centres, what we need today is a place for mental peace and tranquility. And that's the time one thinks of a meditation centre. Since I also belong to this lovely place, we should all be grateful to Dr Naik for envisaging such a venture. Hats off to the person - Nina Rai who has written this informative article and projected it so well for us to become so aware of it and who also incidentally also happens to be my sis and am truly proud of her....

  • juliet tauro, bombay

    Fri, Oct 10 2008

    Hope and pray that the centre will an instrument of peace and brotherhood. Hope it will help the people to introspect like the Viposana centre at Igatpuri-Nashik

  • Manohar Ullal , Manglaore / Saudi Arabia

    Fri, Oct 10 2008

    Its a feather on the cap on tulunad. I never dreamt that a such a amazing center is coming up in Tulunad. Wishing a good luck for the people who will be practicing meditation. Thanks to Dr Madan Mohan Naik for making our dreams comes to reality. and indeed a Big thanks to Ms. Nina Rai for making us aware of this venture through this article in daijiworld. We expect more & more informative article from Ms. Rai. Good Luck....

  • Avilash, Mangalore/ Bahrain

    Thu, Oct 09 2008

    Really a Great news. Such centres of meditation are really a must at these times. To relieve the stress. A great effort put in by Mr. Madan Naik. And thanks to Nina for covering this article here. Great work...

  • Bhaskar R Poojary, Neermarga/Dubai

    Thu, Oct 09 2008

    Excellent article by Mrs Nina Rai.Thank you Dr Madan Mohan Naik for the great project for the society.God Bless You all.

  • shilpa , mumbai

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Very well written..cheers to u..keep it up

  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Very thoughtful coverage by Nina. Thanks to Dr. Madan Mohan Naik for your determination to do good for the society. Through this centre the Mangalorean youngsters who are driven away by evil force can learn to change their self. Dr. Mohan let example may lead others to good things for the society.

  • Dharmaprasad Rai, Shiriya/Bellary

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    WOW ! Thats the kind of inspiration the youngsters of today need ! Hope the project completes soon and let every individual from each of the houses in Dakshina Kannada and Kasargod visit this place first ! Come On,We need to understand whats Inner Peace Yar !

  • Jayadev P, Marangattupalli

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Nice Arcicle, language, style and the subject and work superb. Congrats Jayadev

  • Ranjitha,

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    its really a good idea of Dr. Naik. Nicely Narrated by Nina. This center will be good epitome for the people & upcomming generations.

  • Vishal D'Souza, Mangalore / Bangalore

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Let us do meditation to solve our internal problems. Meditation is such a thing which can heal anything. Let us hope it operationalise soon.

  • Nins, Mumbai

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    When an individual turns his mind inwards, shutting out all that is part of the external world, he comes face to face with something that can never be destroyed .. something that is eternally pure and perfect... :) HIS SOUL A place like this will only lead to more soul realization .... Thanks Nina.. for the lovely information... I salute Dr. Naik for this unusual endeavour :)

  • Smitha, Ann Arbor

    Wed, Oct 08 2008

    Thank you for the exclusive on the meditation center. This is a time when not just Mangalore but the whole world needs compassion and love. I am sure this center initiated by Dr. Madan Mohan Naik will be filled with positive vibrations and send healing energies to the region.

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves , Bannur Puttur/Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Hope the fanatics may shun violence if they seek true sanctification/ inner cleansing by way of meditation not only while they are within the complex but also outside so that all humans may have peace.

  • rachel alma, vellore/vellore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Bright idea. Hope meditaion will bring a better change in people who deviate from PEACE.

  • Alston, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Its amazing,we never knew that such a beautiful center is coming up so close to Mangalore. Congrats to Dr Naik and to Nina for making us aware of this venture through this informative article

  • Donald Roche, Mangalore/Jeppu

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Dear Dr. Madan Mohan, your good nature reminds me a quote.."Mans' worth is known by the object he seeks for". So I wish you success in your venture. May you finish the project at the earliest. Rigveda says.. He who will not give, find none to comfort him. You will get the help from kind people inreturn they will get the comport for helping your venture.

  • ronald , barkur

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    The title may have the best of intentions, but considering all that is going on in Karnataka at the present time, it would appear this goal may be difficult to achieve. It is possible that foreign tourists may mainly be the non-Hindus. Anyway, best of luck and all, all including I should be glad if this pessimistic projection turns out to be wrong.

  • mamta chandarana, raipur/mangalore

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    i wish daijiworld would bring out more such articles which not only give us idea about the new projects but also give us information about relegious places in and arround mangalore

  • mamta chandarana, raipur/now mangalore

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Very informative.Had it not been for nina and daiji world we would have missed out on great project and great effort by Dr.Mohan.

  • vish nayak, mangalore\usa

    Tue, Oct 07 2008

    Response to this article shows that mangaloreans love and support all good things. Let this be one of the initiative to bring together the broken hearts.

  • Nina Morelli, Brazil

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Excellent, Nina. Interesting to know.


    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Dear Dr Naik, You were loved by all in Kulur where you treated patients and In Marakada by all who resided in that locality as You were always a help for the needy and less fortunate. We wish you great success for your new venture at Mudipu "A Hub for Binding all Religions" Thanks Nina for the coverage.

  • Melvin, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Good plan... nicely narrated by Nina Rai.

  • Michael Lobo, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Hope no one will oppose the construction. Bajarangis and VHPs must go there and do meditation. It will help them to see their inner self first, then "see" the world through a pure heart and mind.

  • Smitha, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Good article Nina... thanks for all the information.. its really interesting........

  • Gopal, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Excellent thought and great initiative...thank you sir

  • Usha, Itanagar

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    A very useful and much needed project not only for the people of Mangalore but all over. Best of Luck to Dr. Naik and thanks Nina 4 letting the world know of it.

  • Sr.Flevy, Kulur, Mangalore/ Tanzania, East Africa

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Dr Madan Mohan Naik, thanks a lot for your thoughtfulness. May you be able to accomplish all your dreams, with the help of the Almighty and all the wel wishers.

  • Richard S, Bangalore

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    The PIN Code is missing in the address of Dr Madan Mohan Naik

  • shetty sudarshan, dubai

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    beautiful thought. keep it up.

  • Nitin Rai, Mumbai

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Excellent article and very informative. Its good to know the good work people are doing in mangalore. For we staying in Mumbai this helps us know Mangalore better.

  • Padmanabha Shenoy, Udupi /Dammam Saudi Arabia

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Thank you Dr Madan Mohan Naik for the great project for the society. It is the right time to teach people Meditation and yoga as people become restless, patience-less.

  • Nitin J Shetty, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    Good Coverage Nina. Keep it up.

  • NASH, Mumbai

    Mon, Oct 06 2008

    This is one place where Mangalore can really be proud of having.It has the potential to be an international centre putting even places like Infosys to shade.Good luck for the projest and complements to Nina for an informative article well written.

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