Mangalore: Tallest Building to Dot City's Landscape Very Soon

April 16, 2008 
If you are abroad and used to looking at tall buildings on a daily basis, well then this new building  complex within Mangalore city may look like a 'Machis' box to you. But when it comes to a place like Mangalore, without a shadow of doubt this is going to be the tallest building constructed  or to-be launched so far.
'Inland Windsors' a residential project is developed by one of the city's topmost builders and developers Inland  Builders. Work on this 25-storey residential  complex is all set to begin at airport road, Yeyyadi which is a little  on the outskirts of the city. The project is expected to be launched during early May and is being touted as another colourful feather in the cap of the City's booming real estate-related activities.

As per recently published reports on, on the basis of Knight's report Mangalore City is considered among the top-most growth centres in India in terms of real estate boom. Tall buildings like these will definitely compliment the investigative report of European professionals  like Knights. Already Yeyyadi road, going towards Bajpe airport has become the centre of attraction for the city, as recently two major Star Hotels have purchased plots of land here in-order to commence work on major hotel projects soon. And since this road going towards airport is thoroughly concretized, hopefully there should be no complaints with regard to infrastructure at least so far as road is concerned. 

Brain behind Mangalore City's tallest structure:

This brand new 25-storey tall building project in the city, is indeed a daring venture undertaken so far. First and foremost the question which will arise is whether this project would get an all-clear license from the government ? Especially in these times when non-governmental organizations monitor each and every development project in the city.

However, the positive factor in favour of Inland Windsor's building project is that it is located within 2.5 acres of land, and hence easier for it to be granted license here. Since according to the new rules formulated and imposed by the State government a building structure is allowed to be constructed only as per the size of land allocated for the project.
"Mangalore has tremendous growth potential. We definitely need luxurious but affordable apartments in Mangalore City" says Siraj Ahamed, the Managing Director (MD) of Inland Builders the master-brain behind the city's tallest building complex to be built so far. He goes on to add succinctly "I have not only taken a risk but also tried to deal with the need of people who would like to live in a comfortable place and enjoy the beauty of the lovely City of Mangalore by sitting on their balcony." 
According to Siraj the purpose behind building this tall structure being to see the beauty of Mangalore whether it is a beach, port of even an airport. In this context he says "This is my  dream behind building a high rise structure. I got a loads of confidence after the successful launch of Inland Ebony,  Mangalore City's most beautiful building,"he adds fully satisfied. 
Moreover Siraj says "Inland has already completed about 15 projects in Mangalore successfully, and 3 major projects in Bangalore. We are very soon launching projects in Mumbai and Cochin (as well)." All these ventures indeed speak so eloquently about the quality and  commitment of the company as well as the individual Siraj Ahmed, who was a banker in Doha-Qatar for six years who by and by developed an interest in real estate. Finally making up his mind and saying 'Salaam'  to his lucrative job in Grindlays bank in Doha. 

In his 22-year long real estate career, Siraj has seen enough ups and  downs. According to him, the careful and calculative planning and strategies taken up has helped him to stay afloat in this business. He is a man who has maintained his mental equilibrium always. He is neither excited when the real estate marker is up in Mangalore, nor depressed when the same market is down almost touching the ground. He has indeed, played his cards quite well and has therefore reached the position where he is today and is quite justifiably considered as one of the topmost builders  and promoters of the City.

Business management graduate Siraj has plenty of plans for the future especially for Mangalore. But now he is concentrating on completing current projects. He has  at least 5 big projects on hand in Mangalore. When asked specifically about the 25-floor 'Inland Windsors' facilities Siraj says it has in all "226 prudently designed apartments in 24 spectacular floors with abundance of light and ventilation, 2,3 and 4  bedroom, 6 row houses, grand entrance lobby /visitor's lounge with marble/granite flooring on the ground floor. Three high speed 8 passenger automatic elevators and one 15 passenger cum stretcher lift." 

Further he says it "will have all modern facilities like concrete interlock paving for car parking and yard, common toilet for  maids, drivers and security staff in the basement floor, swimming pool & toddlers pool with changing rooms,  toilet and filtration plant..etc" and then adds "there will be a club house with squash court with viewers balcony, gymnasium, steam room, sauna room, jacuzzi table tennis, pool table, library, TV room, cards, chess, carom and other Indoor games, Multipurpose Hall with shuttle court, basket ball post..etc".


This 'Tall' venture in all probability is surely going to be a land mark project in the history of Mangalore City. The moot point however, is for all to wait and see, that is for how long  this building is going to remain the tallest in the City. As one can expect, there may be many more projects in the pipe line waiting to beat this record. But at least, one can be definite that as of now 'Inland Windsors'  is on record the tallest building to dot the landscape of Mangalore city, at least for some  time to come till this record is broken too.

To know more about this project you may visit:
Tel:  +91 824 2496110 / 2492180 / 2491795

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by Walter Nandalike
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Comment on this article

  • Py poojary, Mangalore

    Wed, May 04 2016

    Heard talking about 9,380,500 sq feet land for mall largest in asia in heart of hassan city is going to be constructed to compete mall of asia this mall is unique and it it named manikya (ie gold ) mall and will have global products all round the world

  • Py poojary, Mangalore

    Wed, May 04 2016

    Heard talking about 9,380,500 sq feet land for mall largest in asia in heart of hassan city is going to be constructed to compete mall of asia

  • Py poojary, Mangalore

    Wed, May 04 2016

    Heard in Google that German consultants were looking for diamond mall opposite ganapati temple arc in urwa stores and then this same mall of 19 acres which was earlier proposed for stadium in bangrakuloor while vising urwa stores

  • Gabriel, Muscat

    Fri, Apr 19 2013

    I am interested buy a 2bhk flat. please let me know price details.


  • adithya, manipal

    Wed, Apr 27 2011

    It is my favorite building in mangalore

  • Ranjan K P, Mangalore( Kadandale)

    Thu, Jan 07 2010

    I am sure Mangalore is the Super Fastest growing city in South India .By built more and more this type of buildings one Day it made sure that Indias DUBAI.....!!!!

  • Narayan Kamath, Mangalore

    Mon, May 04 2009

    Congratulations Siraj. I wish you all the best for your new venture.

  • Mohammed Nadeem, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Mar 26 2009

    Assalamalaikum Siraj Bhai.. It Is Good News For All Mangaloreans..Inland Windsors Is The Talest Tower


    Tue, May 13 2008


  • Karthik Hegde, Mangalore

    Sat, May 03 2008

    Mr. Siraj, it is great to know your achievements. I am one of your old client, your sincerity, hard work, determination and systematic approach contributed a lot in your development. We Mangalorean and would be proud of you. Congratulation for new venture “WINDSORS”

  • Ganesh, Mangalore

    Sat, May 03 2008

    I think we should cheer when there are layouts being developed for poor and lower middle class people but not when big realties make skycrapers which bring wealth for them and the politicians and high govvt officers who helped them to get the permission. We should all put pressure on MUDA to develop housing layouts with all minimum facilities around city.

  • Alex Aranha, Manglore, Muscat

    Wed, Apr 30 2008

    Dear Siraj Ahmed, God bless u in your project. Your dreams come true. Today whatever we see and use yesterdays someones dream and immeigination. thanks and regards,Almighty Bless u.

  • krishna, bangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2008

    One more building under design, seems to be of more than 35 storeys, coming up in lighthouse hill: Out of Thaneerbhavi riverfront and Raheja waterfront I liked Raheja waterfront for its greenery. Apart from fire safety and depleting greenery my real concern is raising level of sea (due to melting ice in Antarcatic, Himalaya, etc) may engulf any seafront building in the vicinity of one kilometer in another 25 years time including Thaneerbhavi and Raheja buildings.

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore/U.S.A.

    Thu, Apr 24 2008

    It is a matter of pride to Mangaloreans to see one of their kind doing so well in BUILDING INDUSTRY. Siraj is known for his fair deals and has hundreds of satisfied customers. Siraj thinks big and executes his plans to perfection. Over a period two decades Siraj has built a reputation as one of the best and most reliable builders. Siraj has the good wishes of hundreds of people who fully support him.

  • kruti, USA

    Thu, Apr 24 2008

    its really good to hear that city of my education ,mangalore has been developing in full fledge...congratulations MR.SIRAJ wish u all d best..Krishna bless u..

  • Rafique Ahmed,

    Wed, Apr 23 2008

    Every one dreams but very few convert their dreams into reality for the benefit of people in general. Mr.Siraj, you are one of them. Whish you every success in your endeavor. I am sure you have incorporated the entire statutory safety requirement in your high-rise tower project.

  • Abdul Rouf, Mangalore/Qatar

    Mon, Apr 21 2008

    As per the saying of Rupert, Mangalore/Canada. I do agree with the present condition of Mangalore. I would like to add an opinion from my side that ,avoiding such new projects could not solve the present condition and more over passing an comment being in Canada this is likely to be easier then sorting out the genuine problems.

     But if you consider this point in mind and stop the progress will not gain much benefit as to my knowledge, instead of gaining a project which is new for Mangalore city for the first time infact I do feel proud being a Mangalorean, besides I can feel this is a great achievement

  • Abdul Rouf, Shain Rouf And Family , Mangalore/Doha Qatar

    Sun, Apr 20 2008

    Assalaam alaikum Siraj Bhai, first of all let me congratulate for your new project ,as it has added a new beauty into the Mangalore city, with a new look into the buildings which a tallest building stands for the first time in Mangalore City.

    I really appreciate this new project and wish you all the very best hoping the best in the future, take care good Luck.

  • Rupert, Mangalore/Canada

    Sat, Apr 19 2008

    It is ridiculous to have such high rise buildings when there is no proper water supply and electricity. Also it is sad to see the natural beauty of Mangalore being destroyed by the builders.

  • taj ahmed, doha qatar

    Fri, Apr 18 2008

    assalamualikum siraj bhai,inland windsors,residential complex really looks fabulous.may allah bless u with many more such projects.v r all very proud of u.

  • Altaf, Ganjimut

    Thu, Apr 17 2008

    Siraj Bhai..Assalmalaikum, This is Altaf your cousin from Riyadh..I feel proud of you for making Mangalore a beautiful city. Wish u all the bests in future.

  • Sunadi Kamath, Ohio

    Wed, Apr 16 2008

    Wow..that's fantastic news!

  • Anand K Shetty, Muscat / Oman

    Wed, Apr 16 2008

    Structure looks great, I am sure Mangalore will be in the global mab very soon. Builders and promoters of Mangalore must be commended for this great work

  • Nisha Rebello, Bahrain

    Wed, Apr 16 2008

    Very nice article. Thank you Walter for giving us valuable info from Mangalore. You always hit the right nail..and I am very proud of tallest tower of Mangalore. God bless promoters..


    Wed, Apr 16 2008


  • Irene Castelino, Pangala/Dubai

    Wed, Apr 16 2008

    It is indeed a pleasure to read about Mr. Siraj. He is not only a good entrepreneur but a very nice person to deal with. May God grant him success in his new project.

  • Salamulla, karkala/mangalore/jedda

    Wed, Apr 16 2008

    Really good to hear about this another new project which will be tallest building in Mangalore, from inland builders.. I congratulate Mr. Siraj, may god bless him

  • ajay, UK

    Wed, Apr 16 2008

    I am fine with high rises if they have all the safety features incorporated in them . Mangalore will soon have tallest buildings. There are atleast two in the pipeline with famous architects from outside Mangalore. Thirty storied water front apartments plus villas in Thaneerbhavi and then the Raheja Water front fron Hongkong based architects.Hilton ,Sheraton,Interconinental ,Leela and Raddison are all interested in Mangalore

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