Fr Henry Castelino - Principal, Mentor & Human Being Par Excellence

March 3, 2008

Fr Henry Castelino

Thousands of students spread all across the globe are today a living testimony to a great tutor, principal, priest and above all a truly wonderful human being.

He is none other than Rev. Fr Henry Castelino, who is on the verge of celebrating the platinum jubilee of his life. Fr Castelino will be completing 75 years on March 23, 2008. But the significant point to be noted here is that, out of these 75 years he will be completing 50 years of sincere and dedicated service to the God Almighty, on March 1, 2008.
On March 3, 2008, the parish of Yermal Church, near Kaup - Uchila of Udupi District of Mangalore Diocese along-with the Yermal parishioners are planning a celebration to felicitate Fr. Castelino.

Here is a brief profile of Fr Henry Castelino along-with a testimony of his achievements, which is long over due considering the yeomen service he has rendered till date.

His Early Life:

Born on March 23, 1933 in Lower Bendur Mangalore to late Michael Castelino and late Ignesia (Insu) D'Souza. Fr Henry is the last sibling out of the eight children born to his parents. Fr Henry completed his early education from St. Sebastian's School Bendur and High school from St. Aloysius College. In the year 1949, he joined the seminary, at Jeppu, Mangalore. He had his priestly ordination on March 1, 1958.

Later impressed by his academic brilliance, his superior the Bishop sent him to Mumbai for higher education. In Mumbai, he studied English and Latin at the prestigious St Xavier College. Perhaps, he is one of those rare priests today who still does his breviary and vespers in Latin. Fr. Henry finally completed his graduation in 1960 and then went on to complete his post-graduation in the year 1962.

As Lecturer and Principal:

Undoubtedly any student who has been tutored under Fr Henry’s guidance will agree that, Fr Henry is a powerful communicator of English language. His command over the language and his lecturing style is so unique that it still remains fresh in the minds of all his students. After getting his masters degree, Fr Henry was deputed as a Lecturer at St Philomena's College in Puttur. Apart from taking on the Lecturer post, he was also entrusted the additional responsibility of a Warden.

He was given the temporary post of Principal of St Philomena College in 1969, when the earlier principal Fr Serrao had gone on holidays. During this period he successfully administered his job for a period of three years, after which the then Bishop deputed him to St Fathima Church Pernal for two year as a change for him (1972 to 1974). In 1975 he was called back to St. Philomena's College Puttur as Warden. And once again from 1977 to 1981, Fr Henry was made the principal albeit a full-fledged one.

It was here his talent as a lecturer and teacher truly bloomed. He not only won the hearts of the students but his colleagues as well, when he was in Puttur. He was considered one of the most favorite lecturers by the students. Today many of his students occupy top positions in government and private sectors, apart from several more who have settled abroad occupying top positions, credit for which in no small measure goes to him largely.

Among the cream of the society in Dakshina Kannada today, the names of Karnataka BJP president Sadananda Gowda, former MP Vinaya Kumar Sorake, Veer Chakr Major Gen Nanjappa, A S Bopanna, Justice of Karnataka, J R Lobo former commissioner of Mangalore are some of the few names among many others, which Fr Henry can recall as his students, all of whom have today made a place at the top in public life.


As principal of St Mary' College Shirva:

In 1981, Fr Henry Castelino was transferred to Shirva as principal of St Mary's College. The College had just commenced and struggling to sustain itself as no grant was forthcoming from the government. He recalls poignantly "I still remember, lecturers were working for a mere Rs 400 salary, they sacrificed a lot those days. The present day college lecturers are enjoying, due to the fruits of those sacrificed days" he adds.

Moreover he said "There were no proper buildings, no proper infrastructure or facilities, but parish priest of Shirva Fr Silvester took the initiative to build the first structure of the college," he informed.

Fr Castelino was known for his strictness and disciplinarian policies. He knew how to control the students. It was his rare, but golden skill to first scold the student for his or her mischief and after making his point clear go on to show his compassion and love and console. This was the key factor which won him the hearts of the students.

After 10 years of service, in 1991 Fr Castelino retired from St Mary's College as principal. Along with the principal's responsibility he was tutoring students in English literature as a subject as well.

One of the quotable quotes he gave was "I never built structures in my life, but I built the life of students." This statement succinctly sums up the caliber of the person, who at the same time goes on to humbly put across his point by saying "If you really want to know how many buildings I built in my care... then in all there are 6 toilets and 6 piggeries in Puttur!"

Life after Profession:

After retiring from the service, Fr Henry Castelino served as parish priest in Kuloor Church until 1997. Fr Henry was appointed as Chancellor and Episcopal Vicar of Mangalore Diocese from year 1997 to 2000. From year 2000 to date he is serving as parish priest of Yermal, a small parish where hardly 70 Catholic families reside, which he voluntarily chose. With no assistant, no cook to help him, he still lives a peaceful life serving God.

Pondering over the life gone by he said "I am growing old, cannot be like when I was young. I am going to retire from here...I think I have done things fairly in my life. I have enormous satisfaction in my life for what I have achieved. I am more satisfied because I was dealing with human beings and not buildings!" he quipped on a witty note.

Happiest Moment:

Though, Fr Henry Castelino says he has experienced several happy moments in his life, he remembers one instance which stands out in his mind, as it touched his heart.

A Hindu female student once came to him on ‘Raksha Bandhan’ day and tied ‘Rakhi’ on his hands. He never expected a student to ever come to him and tie a Rakhi. He still cannot forget the day. He does not remember the name of the girl, nor did he meet her again in his life. That one touching moment, he never forgot.

He also feels elated in life whenever he hears about outstanding achievements of his students or his college. He especially recalls the happiness he felt when a student of his got the first rank achieved in Puttur in 1973-74. He still remembers the name of the student as Balike Krishna Bhat.

Saddest Moment:

Though he does not want to specify any particular incident, he felt particularly sad whenever a student misunderstood him for his strict and straight forward nature. One of his aggrieved students tried to spoil his name by writing defamatory words on his door. But when the student himself realized his mistake, he on his own left the college voluntarily.


Friends, Collegues, Students Opinion about him:

Several of his students, colleagues and well-wishers wrote about him in the book 'Manaviya' published on Fr Henry Castelino when he retired from service, from St Mary’s College, Shirva.

Few quotes are re-produced here:

H R Alva (Noted youth leader, journalist and entrepreneur):

"You can win the world through love" was the belief of Fr Castelino. A student was responsible for several problems inside as well as outside the classes, was hugged by Fr Castelino and carried saying "I can't punish you, because I know how much your parents struggled for your education".

H R Alva says in his article, who will not change after looking at the water in the eyes of a father, and love shown by the principal?

Ronald J Moras (former principal of St Mary's College and Economics professor):

"He loves everything and everybody. His affection towards those who work under him is something that is not to be found in any head of an institution. He would visit the houses of his staff members frequently, sit with them, talk to them, know their problems and assist them both materially and spiritually"

P Dinesh Kumar Katpadi Old Student):

"Fr Castelino looks very harsh on outside look, but very few know that he he is much softer than how he looks. He is a man with humanity, and never tolerates indiscipline. He gets angry very fast and expects the same discipline he follows with students. He was punctual for all the programs in the college and outside. He never compromises with people who break discipline"

The above testimony on him from his students speaks eloquently for the kind of person Fr. Catelino was and the kind of life he lived. Indeed about him it can be truly said “he practiced what he preached, and he preached what he practiced.”

Fr Henry Castelino can be contacted at : 0091-820-2506164 [Yermal Parish]

by Walter Nandalike<br>Editor-in-chief,
Author's Note: I have had the rare privilege of being the student of Fr Henry Castelino during the early 90's for three years, while studying at St Mary's College, Shirva. Fr. Castelino was always a very straight forward person, who touched every student’s heart and was therefore their favorite. However, at the same time he was also a very strict principal, who firmly believed in discipline and honesty.

I recall several instances in the past when he would scold his students and the very next moment would console them as well. Indeed a real softie at heart. The profile of Fr. Castelino and a brief interview given herein below is a tribute to him on behalf of all his old students who are spread all over the world, on the occasion of the 50th year of celebration of his ordination. We sincerely pray to God Almighty to bless him with good health and happiness.
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Comment on this article

  • B Krishna Bhat, Babli- Badagannur-puttur

    Thu, Nov 20 2008

    Happy to know that my favourite Principal Fr Castelino remembered me as his student secured First rank in B.A .But it was in 1969. He not only taught me but encouraged to proceed for Post graduation study. I met him a couple of years back at Yermal church. I value his guidance and blessings in moulding my life.He is a great human being and whoever is associated with him will always remember him for the great impression he leaves. Iam always grateful to him. This is great tribute to him through you .thank u.B Krishna bhat.

  • robert luvies quadras, paniyoor, udupi

    Fri, Apr 18 2008

    Fr. Castelino is such a priest, i never seen in my life, he is one among all specially blessed by Jesus Christ for poor people,not only our religion but also helpful to other non-christian people.congratulation for 50th ordiantion day and 75th Birthday.Fr. really I am very much happy on those moments you told me that I took care of my father, but naturally it was not me but my Jesus christ and mother mary stands behind me to push to do so. but thanks to God than U for all the needful belp recieved to stabilize my family. once again I wish that heavenly father gave you good health and peaceful future.( I saying Gave means I trust my lord).

  • Ignatius Lobo, Shirva/ Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Mar 26 2008

    Dear Fr.Henry Castelino, Congratulations on your 50th priesthood and your 75th birthday. I still remember my college days when you were Principal in St. Mary's College, Shirva. Your teaching or preaching is `Carving on the Stones'. May God bless you for your good work. We pray for your good health and happiness.


    Tue, Mar 25 2008

    Fr.Castelino to me is a teacher by vocation and profession. Being teacher by vocation he used the opportunities that he got in administration/teaching profession to convert every student into a good human being. He used the "RULE OF LOVE" to control them and discipline them all. The same rule he applied to all of us lecturers when we were under his care at Shirva. May God bless him abundantly and keep him in good health many more years. I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Walter Nandalike for this wonderful work.

  • Regina Mathias, Shirva

    Mon, Mar 24 2008

    Conratulations & very happy birthday

  • Richard Lobo, Naidod,Shirva,Manchakal

    Sun, Mar 23 2008

    Congratulations! Rev. Fr. Henry Castelino On this joyous celebration of your life.may almighty keep you in good health and Happiness. Best Wishes from St.Mary’s Old Students Association

  • Walter M. Lobo, Shirva/Abu Dhabi

    Sat, Mar 22 2008

    Dear Rev. Fr. Henry Castelino, Congratulations! on your 50 years of Priesthood and Best wishes on your 75th Birthday. I still remember my college days(1988-91) when you were principal in St.Mary's College, Shirva. You are a lovely teacher and kind hearted man! Thank you Fr. Henry for all your support an guidence. May Almighty Lord shower his countless blessings on you and grant you good health and happiness always. Bless us father. With best wishes

  • Edward Cabral & Fly,Shirva, Shirva

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    Congragulation Fr.Henry on ur 50th Ordination day & 75th Birthday.May God Bless u always. From : Sharmila Cabral,Sunil Cabral

  • David Benjamine, Shirva-Kuwait

    Fri, Mar 14 2008


  • agnel n fernandes, kundapura/sharjah

    Wed, Mar 12 2008

    Dear Rev.Fr.Henry hearthy congratulations. Knowing you was a great experience and having associated with you was an immence pleasure. We still recollect your grand toast on my SONS HOLY COMMUNION in mangalore and such encouraging words a great solace at that time of our difficult period. . Happy 50th anniversay of priesthood and best wishes on your 75th birthday. We will be seeing you this time in India along with our 3 children.

  • Helen D'Costa, Damaskatte

    Wed, Mar 12 2008

    My dear Fr, Henry, Hearty congratulations to you on your 50th Ordination and 75th Birthday. May God bless you with all the happiness, good health and a loooong life. Dear Father, you were, you are and you will be very close to my heart.

    You proved yourself as a shining star in the beautiful and loving place called Pernal. Your memories are fresh in our hearts. Your smile was a golden thread which united all our familes as one. As my teacher in St. Mary's High School, you taught us how to lead a deciplined life and to be good to everyone without minding the cast and creed.

    On this special occassion I miss your mom who was very close to me. She was such a homely and loving person who ever were close to her. May God grant her eternal happiness. Once again wishing you all the best. These wishes flows on you as showers of blessings, all the way from Dubai.. Love you dear Fr. Henry for being my strength in my day to day life. If I start writing about you, I am sure this page will run short. To conclude in one word " Fr. Henry, you are a "MODEL" to all of us. (Helen Martis - Pernal)

  • Walter and Veronica Lobo, Kalavar, Bajpe/Boston,USA

    Thu, Mar 13 2008

    We wish you best health and peace. Congratulations on your 75th Birthday for all your accomplishments. The best contribution you have ever made is you have been an example for others to follow. As God's servant, you have served people of all ages, in perticular, students, giving them your knowledge. That is what I remember, when I was your student in Puttur St Philomena's College. Let our Lord take care of you with peace and happiness.

  • Bhaskar Shetty, Puttur / Oman

    Tue, Mar 11 2008

    Thank you so much to Mr. Walter Nandlike & Daijiworld for putting an brief biography of my beloved principal Fr. H. Castelino. One person whom I cannot forget during my life time is none other than Fr. Castelino. I was a student in St. Philomena College from 1976 - 1981, which was last year in our college, and thereafter he went to Shirva.

    Few years later I met him in Bombay and fortunate enough to get his holy blessing. I am really delighted to know that my beloved Fr. Castelino is living in Yermal and I am sure during my next vacation I will make it a point to meet him & seek for his invaluable blessing once again.

    He is a humble, loving person but without any compromise on discipline inside the instituion. I pray God to keep him in good health & peacefull life.

  • precilla Mendonca/quadras, shirva,mumbai

    Mon, Mar 10 2008

    Congratulations Fr.Henry Castelino on your 50th ordination day & 75th Birthday. I feel proud to be one of your student. May god bless you and keep you happy & healthy for years to come.

  • Lancy & Nathalia Madtha, Puttur>Valencia>Sharjah

    Mon, Mar 10 2008

    First of all, I and my wife would like to extend our appreciation for the efforts and tribute of Editor-in-Chief Sri. Walter D'Souza, Nandalike in publishing the article of Fr.Henry Caltelino. He is one of the finest, humble and brave human beings we have ever met. As a serving Priest, Lecturer, Principal and a care taker to students/Parishioners who had/have no source of income, he is the first one to support. For us both his moral inspiration, financial support at St. Philomena's, elsewhere for higher studies became the basic foundation, academically. As an Alter boy, I learned Latin prayers from him. In preaching with the mix of Tulu, Kannada, English & Latin words, he is second to none! The editorial must be read by the current generation/students to learn about Fr.Caltelino's caliber. Fr.Caltelino CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! Your 50 years of sacrifice in Priesthood and platinum jubilee going to celebrate on the scheduled date, we are delighted of your achievements. Being ever grateful, with our three Children, we wish to extend our Love and Prayers support. Looking forward to meet you soon, personally! With warm regards, Lancy, Nathalia, Lynn, Leoney & Lillian Madtha - Sharjah.

  • maxi sequeira, katipalla/ kuwait

    Mon, Mar 10 2008

    I am Lucky I was a student of Fr Henry Castelino, in kulur high school. Congratulatoin Father, You may not know me by my name father, but i still remember you father when i came with my mummy to parish of kulur to take admission.I know you as I was your student. I wish you father on your 50 years as a priest and and 75th birthday god give you good health, happines and sucess . maxi sequeira. kuwait

  • Leena Mascarenhas and Robert D'Souza, Puttur/AbuDhabi

    Mon, Mar 10 2008

    Dear Fr. Castelino, We are so pleased to know that you have completed 75 years of your life and and 50 glorious years of priesthood.May God guide you, guard you and keep you under his loving care today and everyday of your life.

  • Dotty and Rony Pinto, Puttur/AbuDhabi

    Mon, Mar 10 2008

    Congratulations Dear Fr. Castelino. On this memorable day of yourlife,We,Rony,Dotty,Amanda and Aaron wish you all the very best in life.May Almighty bless you with good health ,peace and happiness for the years to come.

  • Noel Gerard Rodrigues, Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Mar 09 2008

    Walter's article was indeed a fitting tribute to Fr.Henry. I have always heard from all those who studied under him, as being an outstanding academician, but unfortunately never had the privilege of being one of his students myself. But we in our family are blessed to have an Uncle like Fr.Henry.

    Fr, Henry never ever refused to grace and bless any family occasion in spite of all his committments. Uncle Henry you have done all of us proud and on this momnetous occasion as you celebrae the golden anniversary of your priestwhood and your platinum birthday we congratulate you and pray that the Lord bless you abundantly as he always has. Cheers

  • Mohan Noronha, Shirva / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Sat, Mar 08 2008

    At the outset, I would like to thank Mr. Walter Nandalike for bringing out this wonderful article as a tribute to a humble person, the great principal and a role model for generations. My heartiest congratulations to Rev. Fr. Henry on his 50th year of Holy Order and his 75th birthday. I have fond memories of the yester years dating back to my association as a student of Fr. Henry Castelino. In 1981, when I was doing my second year at St. Mary’s college, Shirva, Fr. Henry was transferred from St. Philomena college to St. Mary’s college Shirva.

    I was one of his mischievous students and was under his scanner most of the time. Indeed, very strict when it comes to discipline. Must describe him as a coconut, hard shell but tender heartly. His common saying ‘don’t take my meekness as my weakness’ is well remembered and literally dictated upon my subordinates.

    Several instances are very much fresh in my mind and just to narrate one of the several instances, where he scolds me as well as my friends from the elite group and when we apologized for our misdeeds he would hug us and show us that Jesus hanging on the cross and would forgive us. Indeed Fr. Castelino had a great command over the English language and he used to tell us the origin of some of the English words. Besides he was an excellent orator, communicator and preacher. As I congratulate, I pray that God showers upon Rev. Fr. Henry, countless blessings and grant him good health, long life, peace of mind and be remembered amongst the generations. Mohan Noronha Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Richard Lobo, Shirva/Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 07 2008

    Dear Rev. Fr. Henry Castelino, Warm wishes on your 75th Birthday and 50th year of Priesthood. I am proud to be one of his student. His simplicity and contribution towards the socity we all must appreciate. The quote of his "I never built structures in my life, but I built the life of students." This statement of his is truely touching. I pray to god to give him good health and happiness.


    Fri, Mar 07 2008

    Congratulations Rev. Fr. Henry, My name is Lawrence Correa (Son of Late Paul Correa, Cart Driver). Father, here I wish you Good Life ahead filled with Joy, Health of mind and boy, May the Lord give you strength to do his will and spead his Gospel through you unic voice. I still remeber the Sermons during you masses which I consider one of best. Long Live Father - Lawrence & Family.

  • Nancy Fernandes, Shirva / Mumbai

    Thu, Mar 06 2008

    Dear Rev. Fr. Henry Castelino, Congratulation on your 50 years of Pristhood and Best wishes on your 75th Birthday. I feel proud to be one of your student. May Almighty Lord keep you in good health, peace and happiness in the years to come.

  • Prashanth D'souza, Dubai - U.A.E

    Thu, Mar 06 2008

    A fitting tribute to a simple, humble priest and above all a good human being par excellence who always dedicated his life to God and fulfilled gods plan in his life. I wish and pray that this article on Fr. Henry will surely rejuvinate our faith in god and boost our morals in life inorder to be a good human being with a clean heart filled with compassion and love.

    At a time when people long for fame and name, it feels good to hear of a priest who still is living a simple life and rendering selfless service to the poor and the needy. This reminds us that god will honour all those who live according to his plans and wish.

    Dear Fr. Henry, May god continue to bless you with good health and our prayerful wishes to you on your 75th birthday and 50th aniversary of your priestly ordination. May you live long may your life be a living example to encourage every person inorder to lead a good life and be a good human being.

    Dear Walter, good work again and please continue to introduce many more such personalities in the future...May god continue to bless you and the entire team of Daijiworld for striving to make the world a better place to live in peace.

  • Valerian Dalmaida, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Mar 06 2008

    Dear Fr. Henry, Congratulations and May God Bless You. Dear Freinds, I wished Fr. Henry (Uncle of my sister in law-Cynthia,d/o Sebastian Castelino-brother of Fr.Henry)on 3rd in the evening (thanks to Walty for publishing his contact telephone) and he picked up the phone and was overwhelmed to listen to my voice.

    I must share with you dear freinds, that he is a loving and caring human being. When my brother's son Jeevan(2 months old) was left with my mother at Kulai. Fr.Henry was principal at St.Mary's Shirva. Whenever he was coming down to Mangalore for his academic work, he used to visit our Kulai house and enquire about his grandson, spend some time with my mother. He used to say to the tinytot"Mujo Naatu kaso Asa"? Also, he will complete his day's work irrespective of his health. Once, I remember visiting him at Fr.Mullers Hospital,being admitted for some severe ailment and he was reviewing and signing documents of the college of that day.

    Later, I found out that the person of the college was instructed by him to bring the day to day papers to the hospital. Dear Fr.Henry (uncle), once again congratulations and thank you for your invitation for the get together for the celebration of your 75th birthday, on March 23rd at Terex, Morgangates, Mangalore.

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves , Bannur Puttur/Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    What a great personality you have picked-up Mr. Walter! I am very much delighted to see him in Daijiworld. Rev.Fr. Henry Castelino really deserves this tribute. He has concern to the poor and the needyl.

    Despite he is a wonderful spiritual priest, very kind and polite living soul. According to me he is an aroma of Christ Jesus. He was my lecturer and principal in St Philomena College Puttur. May God bless him and live long with good health. Congratulations from: Joseph Francis Gonsalves. Bannur, Puttur/Mangalore/Sultanate of Oman/Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

  • Dennis Pinto, Shirva/Kuwait

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Congratulations Fr.Castelino for your 50th year of priesthood and 75th birthday. May you live a long life. You were always a inspirational personality during my college days at St.Mary's College, Shirva - Dennis Pinto - Kuwait

  • Marcel & Janet D'souza, Shirva-Christon house/Riyadh

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Fr.Castelino, Congratulations and The Very Best on your 50th Priesthood Anniversary and 75th Birthday. We both are students of yours, from shirva, St.Maryas College. Wish you all the best.

  • Vinitha D'Silva, Belman/Dubai

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Rev. Fr. Castelino, Congratualtions on your 50th year of priesthood and on your 75th Birthday. May God Bless you with good health and happiness. Best Wishes from Anita and Vinita, Ex students, Shirva

  • Vivian Castelino, Dubai/Bendore/Puttur

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear All These comments are on behalf of my uncle Fr Henry Castelino. Many of you would be suprised to note that he has neither read the article on him, nor the wishes and tributes paid through Daijiworld, however hundreds of students and wellwishers have called him (thanks to Walter and Daijiworld in providing the phone number)and read most of the contents and calls were from India as well abroad.

    Emotional Fr Henry Castelino has requested me to advise you all his friends, students, relatives as well wellwishers, his inability to thank individually,however he wishes to thank Walter in particular and Daijiworld in general, and all who have taken time in wishing him, either through this column or other means.

    A big thank you to all of you, and he will remember you all in prayers and showered our Lord's Blessings. Personally thank you all for highlighting my Uncles meaningful contribution which was never highlighted.

  • Jerome Dsouza, Pernal Naikan

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Henry Father How are You?I am Jerry Here Girus Brother.He is in Florida I am in Dubai.I am Father Peter's Brother.My name is Jerry.God bless you Fr.Henry will meet you April first week.Thank you.

  • Noreen Rosario, Puttur/Canada

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Rev.Fr.Castelino, You served the poorest of the poor. 'Congratulations' on your 50th Ordination day and 75th Birthday. May our Good Lord continue to Bless you now and always and keep you in His loving care.

  • Noreen Rosario, Puttur/Canada

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Rev.Fr.Castelino, You served the poorest of the poor. 'Congratulations' on your 50th Ordination day and 75th Birthday. May our Good Lord continue to Bless you now and always and keep you in His loving care.

  • Joseph Corda, Shirva/Toronto

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Rev. Fr. Henry Castelino, Congratulations on your 50th priesthood anniversary and your 75th birthday. Also thanks to Daijiworld along with Walter for posting this article. Even though I was not a student during your tenure as principle at St. Mary's College, Shirva, I enjoyed your homilies on Sunday Masses during my visits, which helped me spiritually. God Bless you and keep you in good health to continue HIS good work. Please keep all of us in your prayers.

  • Deena, Shirva/Qatar

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Father, congratulations on your 50th Ordination and 75th Birthday. May the Almighty God bless you with a long healthy life.

  • gregory dsouza, pernal / florida u .s. a.

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Fr.Henry:gregory dsouza and family wishes you all well on your 50 years of priesthood and 75th birthday.when I met you last in Dubai you had asked me: vodlo monis koso asai? it was and is all because of your blessings I am proud to tell u that I am well settled in Florida, u.s.a.

    Fr.henry:we pray to the almighty to give us the opportunity to wish you 75 years of priesthood and 100th birthday. LOVE U FR.HENRY, GIRU-AMERICA.

  • Dony Lobo, Milagres, Mangalooru,Doha,Qatar

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Over the years Daijiworld, and especially Waltybab, has brought to light many a great talents, like singers, musicians, (both budding and experienced ) as well as lives of many important people and events related to our Kanara Konkany (Tulu/Beary) communities and culture especially touching upon the invaluable contributions of various people of these communities.

    I myself know of a little child whose profile was highlighted by Ms.Elaine Fernandes in the Talents site around eight years back, who has now developed into not only an outstanding singer but also as a free-lance writer touching upon many sensitive subjects which even many adult journalists rarely touch upon….and she always credits Daijiworld as her source of inspiration for her activities.

    However, Waltybab’s write-up on a relatively unknown Precious Jewel of the community and that is Fr. Henry Castelino is perhaps one of the best presentation I have come across in all these years in the site, presentation not only about this great Priest who was a PRINCIPAL, MENTOR & HUMAN BEING PAR EXCELLENCE who has silently Dedicated his life to the service of the Lord but also has become a true inspiration to every youngster who may read his profile and may contemplate themselves to emuliate his life. Personally I am proud that such a great personality exists in our community and Thank you Daijiworld and thank you especially Waltybab.

  • James Andrade, Padubidri / Rio de Janeiro

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Dear Fr.Castelino, Congratulations and best wishes on your 50th Priesthood Anniversary and 75th Birthday. Wishing you good health, happiness and a long life. Dear Mr. Walter, many thanks for this wonderful article about Fr. Castelino. We are privileged to have him as our Parish priest of Yermal church.

    His simplicity, genuine concern towards sick and poor people, his Sunday sermons preaching high moral values, reflect his great personality. He always believes in religious tolerance and communal harmony.

  • Alwyn Menezes, Shirva/ Dubai

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Dear Fr. Castelino, Congratulations for your 50th Priesthood Anniversary and also your 75th Birthday. Would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you for encouraging us during our college days and giving us especially me a platform to exhibit my talents. It was mainly because of you that I managed to win the Mangalore University Body Building title and could go on to win the State and National level awards too.

    You made Shirva a wonderful new place and encouraged all in different ways. Would like to express out heartfelt THANKS to you and May God continue to shower his blessings upon you. Would also like to thank Walter Nandalike for writing this article so that we could also express our heartfelt thanks to a wonderful and yet down to earth principal as well as a great Catholic Priest.

  • Harold D'Souza, Shirva/ Kuwait

    Wed, Mar 05 2008

    Hai Brovo Walty thanks for the great tribute for the very great Priest.His jadoo ki pappy makes the naughty students like me Hai Fr. Castelino this is me your favourite Babtuy from Shirva

  • Lavina, Uchila,Yermal

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congrats Fr.Henry Castelino on your 50th Ordination Day and 75th Birthday. On this special day we pray to Almighty God to bless you with good health, always protect you and keep you happy, healthy & smiling. Happy that you celebrated these most beautiful moments of ur life in our parish. May God almighty bless u abundantly. With best wishes, Lavina Saldanha Uchila

  • cyril mathias, udupi

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    I am specially privileged to be his successor at St. Philomena college Puttur.The void left by him could never be filled by me.He is a moving living saint who spreads the message and peace of the Lord wherever he goes.I congratulate this great priest and pray for his health.

  • Mohammed siraj -Ex Student, shirva- Dammam - Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Dear Fr. Castelino, Congratulations on your 50th anniversary of priestthood and a very happy healthy birthday. I am so lucky I was a student of Fr. Henry Castilino in 1990 in St. Marys College, Shirva, I have no words to write for the great works you have been doing for the humanity. May God bless you too for your good works. Also, my thanks to Mr. Walty, for your brilliant piece of mark of respect to a great personality.

  • Mrs.Colaco,Loveina,Diana,Una&Patsel, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congratulations!!!on your 50th year of priesthood and your 75th Birthday.We always remember you. God Bless you with good health & happiness.

  • Sanjay, shabitha , Shirva

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Dear Rev. Fr.Henry Castelino, congratulations on your 50 years of holy priesthood and best wishes on your 75th birthday, May GOD bless you with good health and happniess always.

  • Diana Fernandes, Shirva / Canada

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Dear Fr.Henry Castelino, Congratulations on your 50th priesthood and your 75th birthday. I still remember my college days when you were Principal in St. Mary's College, Shirva. We pray for your good health and happiness.Pray for us. With love , Diana Ronnie Arnold Aaron Alfred.

  • Vivian Castelino, Bendore / Puttur

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Dear Walter Excellent coverage and I guess the comments that followed would prove what Fr Henry Castelino is.

    I will highlight few points which your aritcle does not cover and many people may not know. Fr Henry, my uncle being my dads brother is instrumental being me brought up in Providence , Puttur and taken care of me since my age three due to which I have become what I am today, completing B.Com at St Philomena’s College Puttur and being Country Mangaer of a Logistics Firm in Dubai today.

    Fondly known as Gaddadayer, due to his unique Beard, he was the person to be feared, loved, respected and looked at. Not many priests can claim to have Hindu students, who used to take him to their home, during vacation, (every year) and you should see the way they used to take him to church every morning, not many of us could boost of doing. not many can say that quietly I have helped a student paying fees from personal pocket or taking care of all medical expenses of a peon of college who met with an accident.   This, I know since I have seen it as a child while he was taking care of my growth without which neither me nor any of my Sister (Sr Eula) or brothers (Ivan, Steven, Godwin) would have been anything in this world.

    Not many Salaried Priests can claim not to revolt against Diocese decision that Priest have to give the earned salary back to the Diocese, that is why this person, this priest, this uncle this principal, this professor, this Gaddadayar, (u can call him in any name) is unique and Just you have to be in his class to know his wittiness since I have not seen any one more wittier than this person.  And finally, He is a great orator and still I know as a child my friends parents were ready to skip Gadang, Visit (during Mass) just to attend Fr Henry's Sermon.

    Above all he is a human who touched the hearts of every one and it is a pity that I could not attend his 50th Ordination function but trust this will be a tribute for a person befitting to his achievments.
    Thanks Walter for giving this opportunity and wishing Fr Uncle peace and health rest of his life. Vivian Castelino, Dubai / Putur(with Daphne in Kuwait, Davina in Manipal and Danica in Mangalore.

  • Loy Misquith, Urwa Market/ Dubai

    Tue, Mar 04 2008


  • Gerry & Lucy D'Mello, Bendur / Canada

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Kudos Sri Walter Nandalike for your splendid write-up on double Jubilarian Rev.Fr.Henry Castelino. We are so fortunate 'cause not only we belong to that great parish of Bendur where Fr.Henry was born but also he was our great Principal.

    Fr.Henry is one of the great & Holy Priests we have ever come across in our lives. Yet he is a down-to-earth personality, a wonderful teacher & a dynamic administrator. We can write volumes about this great personality.

    Our beloved Fr.Henry, as you are celebrating Platinum Jubilee of your birth and Golden Jubilee of your Priesthood, we congratulate you and pray to Almighty God to grant you good health and peace of mind. May our Lord Jesus bless you and grant all your heart's desires. Have a wonderful & memorable double jubilee celebration!

  • Alwin D'Sa, Shirthady/Rome

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congratulations to Rev. Fr Henry Castelino and thanks for 'Daijiworld'. When I read this article what really struck me was that there are so many priests and nuns willing to offer their services for the welfare of society.

    The question is how many people really appreciate this does the journalist appreciate it? How many of these priests and nuns have received awards for their service!? Although, Christians are only a minority, our religious leaders have built many institutions and helped educate our society. They see neither caste nor poor nor rich.

    Dear Fr. henry, you may not appear in our local news papers because they are just longing for the smallest mistake to be made in order to turn it into a big issue. Still, the spirit of Christ is always there and He will give us strength to do more and more good things for the needy and for society as a whole.

  • jacintha correa /kamath, Pernal, Australia

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Dear Fr. Henry Castelino, Congratulations and best wishes on your 50th priesthood and 75th birthday. May god shower His endless blessings on you and bless you with good health and happiness always.

    You are the one I honoured and respected from my childhood. I still remember your preachings at the mass and never felt bored to come to mass when i was a child.Thank you father for all the love, support and good advice at times of need. Bless me father. Love, Jessie & fly


    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congratulations Fr. Henry Castelino on your 50th priesthood and your 75th Birthday. It is not possible to forget my college days when you were principal in St.Marys College Shirva. I still remember , how you embraced me and blessed me , when I made a mistake in my final year . Wish you good health and peaceful days in coming days - Walter Pinto/Celine Pinto Old Students Kuwait

  • Colin M. D'souza, Dubai/Abu Dhabi (Bendur)

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Henry Uncle, It is indeed a great achievement of completing 50 years of service to the Lord. Unlike many I have neither been taught or been under his parish. He has always been a lovable Grand Uncle to me and my brother over the years whenever we made our yearly trips to Mangalore. Our interactions though limited have left a lasting impression on me. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Uncle Henry the very best on his 50th year of ordination and a Very Happy 75th Birthday!!!!

  • William Lobo, Mogarnad/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congratulations dear father,on 50th ordination and 75 th birthday.May God bless you with good health and always protect you and keep you happy and smiling.I feel proud to be one of your students,I still remember your smilng face and your jokes. Thank you Walter and keep up the good work.

  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congratulations Rev. Fr Henry Castelino. Although I am not your student, My friends were your students and through them I know that you are an amazing personality.

  • Charles/Irene Quadros, Shirva,Dubai

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congratulations Fr.Castelino for your 50th year of priesthood and 75th birthday.You inspired us a lot as a teacher .May you live a long life.

  • SYLVIA D'SILVA, Puttur/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congratulations Rev. Fr. Henry Castelino - we, your students from St. Philomena College Puttur are really proud of you. Your teachings and preachngs, still echo in our ears and help us to lead a simple but meaningful life. May God bless you and keep you happy healthy for years to come. Lots of love and Prayerful wishes from all your students from Puttur Souza family

  • Meera, Joselyn & Sujay Nazareth, Mangalore/Canada

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Well done Walty. Perfect to the core! Absolutely befitting to a great priest. Our association with him was brief, to begin with, whenever we visited our dearest ones, The D'Souza Family at Providence, Puttur. Then at a wedding, a student of St. Philomena's who got married in Mangalore, a wedding we were attending and enjoyed his sense of humour which kept us laughing away..

    I still remember that day! Then when he visited and stayed with us while on a mission in Dubai. I think we have laughed every moment of his stay with us. Yet, very spiritual and heart rendering priest. May God shower His countless blessings on Fr. Henry and grant him a long life with good health and happiness. Congratulations Fr. Henry, love and blessings always

  • Mickey & Merlyn Castelino, Pangla/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Daer Fr. Castelino, Daiji (as you used to call me in the class) Congratulations and best wishes on your Golden year of Priesthood and Platinum Birthday on the 23rd of March. May the Lord Grant grant you good health, Peace and happiness in the years to come.

    Being one of the 1st batch student of St. Mary's college, shirva, I know how difficult it was to built the institution from scratch with no funds and no building and 1st batch students coming from different places and back ground.

    We are planning a 1st Batch students Reunion in the near future and hope you will be there with us. I take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice and prayers during all these years and also for attending my dad's funeral and for the innguration function of Xavier Castelino Foundation. On behalf of myself, my wife Merlyn we wish you a happy and peaceful retired life. Best wishes Mickey & Merlyn Castelino

  • John Monis, Shirva

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Congratulations Fr. Henry,God Bless you with good health & give you a long life. Thanks Walter, for Reminding of our Great Principal and One of the Best lecturers.

  • Stephen Castelino, Bendore/Bangalore

    Tue, Mar 04 2008

    Dearest Fr. Uncle, Congratulations on yr 75th B'Day on 23rd March, and 50th Preistly Ordination on 1st March 2008. Father Uncle, I read all the comments on this Article and tears rolled down from my eyes because every word I read was a reflection of real you. Who can know you better than me.You are my Paternal Uncle, Teacher and above all you have taken the place of my Father.

    I still remember the day's you never slept without kissing me Good night when I was in St. Phelmena's hostel and you were Principal. Today I admit if you were not there for me I would not have been in a position to read this comments nor be able to type these few words.

    Thank You Uncle for all that you have done for me and for my Family. May God Bless you with the Best Of Health Always. From : Stephen Castelino, Son of Peter Castelino(Fr. Heny's elder Brother) and Family,My Mother(Alice)Brothers(Godwin and Vivian) and Sister (Sr.Eula)

  • Rohan D'Souza , Vaslane Mangalore / Dubai

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Dear Fr. Uncle . Congratulations on yr 75th B'Day and 50th Ordination Day . You have always lived a True Christian Life and Touched our Hearts and Minds in many many Ways . You were the Source of Inspiration and Strength to many . Inspite of your own Sickness and troubles, You never Forgot Yr Near and dear ones and the needy , We Count on Your Prayers Fr and Will never Fail to Pray For you.

    May God Bless you with the Best Of Health . From : Rohan D'Souza ( S/O Mrs Marie D'Souza, Lavi ( D/O Mrs Dulcine Lasrado and Rishon and Regan

  • frederick saldanha, Shankerpura/Kuwait

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Dear Fr. Castelino, congratulations on your 50th anniverasry of Priesthood and a very happy, healthy and peaceful 75th birthday. I was not so lucky to be your student but my sister Nancy did had the privilege. I was so impressed to read this article by Walter about you and your achievement in daijiworld that I read twice and felt so happy and peaceful.

    Many thanks to daiji - walter. Dear Fr. may our good lord keep you health and safe always.Frederick

  • Mathew C. NInan, Principal, Little Rock, Brahmavar

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    The tribute to Fr Henry Castelino is timely and well-deserved. I have known Fr Castelino to be a fine human being, with a great sense of humour, and profound wisdom. I was thrilled to read the tributes written by his old students - a teacher cannot ask for more. May the Lord continue to bless the life of Fr Castelino, so that he will continue to be a blessing to many more people.


    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulations to Fr. Henry Castelino on completion of 50 years as a Priest and 75th Birthday. Fr, Henry was my Principal in St.Philomenas from 1975 to 1978 and he was an inspiration to all students. He taught us English and I used to wait for his classes, for he made them very interesting.

    He looked serious but deep within a down-to-earth person and a great human being who loved the poor very much. I loved his Sunday Masses and his preaching.

    On this double occasion, Anita and Amanda join me to wish Fr.Castelino good health and happy retired life and God's choicest blessings. We love you Fr.Henry. Urban Sequeira

  • Nipa Castelino & fly, Shirva/Bahrain

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Dear Rev. Fr.Henry Castelino, congratulations on your 50 years of holy priesthood and best wishes on your 75th birthday. You were always a inspirational personality during my college days at St.Mary's College, Shirva. May the Alimighty Lord bless you for your peaceful and retired life.


    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    I am so lucky I was a student of Fr. Henry Castelino in late 90's. Father, I am realy very happy to wish your 75th Birthday. may god bless you good health and long life. Thanks for Dailjiworld for giving us this opportunity to remember our beloved father's life.

  • Mohan Prabhu, Mangalore/Ottawa

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulations, Fr. Henry. I did send an email several days ago to Daijiworld when it reported the two big milestones in your life: your Golden pastoral jubilee and your Platinum Birthday. Although I have never met you in person (the closest I came was when I visited Bishop's House where you were the Chancellor in 1997 or 1998 and I left a letter to be handed over to you concerning the 1999 Bicentennial celebrations)but I had known about you and your father (Michael) who happens to be my father's second cousin (and I was named after your father).

    I was two years ahead of you at Bendore parish school and at St. Aloysius College, passing SSLC in 1947 (I had hoped you would attend the Reunion last year on 2nd December in Mangalore and I could meet you for the first time). I am so happy to hear of your pastoral work as well as academic achievements. Congratulations, once again, dear cousin.


    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Dear Rev. Fr. Castelino, You deserve more than what all have written - your love and closeness to every humanity, and your visits to your only Bai (then) shows how close you were to us inspite of your very busy schedule - tells us how much you care for us all.

    We have no words Fr.Henry for the great works you have been doing for humanity. You are a chosen priest and we wish you a comfortable stay at the Vienna Home.Bless us all Fr.Henry, we are praying for you.

  • Wilson & Sheela Castelino, Shankerpura/Melbourne- Australia

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulations Fr. Castelino. I won’t forget the day you wrote the name of “mango tree” in Latin during our moral science class. Whole black board was not enough to fit the name! We haven’t seen a humble priest and a great teacher like you. We were blessed to have you as our principal. May God bless you with good health.


    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulations!On this joyous celebration of your life.may almighty keep you in good health and happiness.

  • Felix Castelino & Family, Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Words are not enough to say anything about Fr. Henry Castelino, Firstly he is my close relative, kind hearted, beloved, always helpful, advising genuinely compassionate during worries and troubles in the family, Very Good Preacher, over all he is a very good asset to the Diocease of Mangalore, in the hearts of thousands of students who have gained knowledge and experience by his fatherly care.

    I pray along with my family members and all the relatives success to him, a healthy long retired life and useful guide to everybody, May God bless him abundantly and guard and protect him everyday during his aging days and relax with peace of mind, This is our only prayer to God for HIM. Laamb Jeeyon our brother Fr. Henry Castelino, Your dearly beloved Felix Castelino & family., Kindly keep us in your prayers.

  • Benedict Barboza, Shirva / Bristol (U.K)

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulation to you Dear Fr Henry on your very special days. Feel proud to be one of your thousands of students. I am sure, your simplicity and humble nature has touched everyone whom you have come accross.

    May Almighty grant you happiness and good health to serve in His vineyard for many more years. Thank you Walter for bringing this profile of Fr Henry to Daijiworld readers. May God bless you too for your good work.

  • Richard Mendonsa, Pangla,Shankerpura-Muscat,Oman

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Dear Rev.Fr.Henry Castelino, I personally wish you along with my beloved wife Wilma Pinto (Maiden Name ) from Shirva, my son Clarence on these great occassions, and feel proud about your selfless service to the diocese and specially to the students by correcting them at the bud before they gloom & shed their fragnence in their life.

    May the Almighty heavenly father bless you in your mission, so that we may be blessed with many more fathers like you in the future too. Please accept our heartfelt & sincere wishes Dear Father Henry Castelino.

  • Urban D'souza, Shirva - Kuwait

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulation dear Fr. Henry on your 50 years as a priest and 75th Birthday. Your unique qualities to be remembered by all your students in their hearts. You really love your students more than anybody else.

    Your name is written in my heart too when I remember the days when you had written a letter to console me during my difficult time when I lost my dear daughter. Long live Fr.Henry. URBAN, JANET - Students- Shirva-Kuwait


    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    I am Lucky I was a student of Fr Henry Castelino, Congratulatoin Father, You may not know me but I know you as I was your student. Fr Henry Castelino is role model for the PRINCIPAL and he is down to earth still we remember some of Fr's qutations and Jokes.

    He was transfered from Puttur to Shirva Just Before celebrating Silver Jublee.. I still remember how popular he was with students when he came to attend the silver jublee..and recently he attended golden jublee also..Fr always rembering you and wishing you good health

  • Manoj Menezes, Shirva/Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulations Fr.Henry Castelino on your 50th Ordination Day and 75th Birthday. Thanks Walty for this article. No one can forget Fr. Castelino in Shirva for his efforts and struggle to bring up St. Mary's College. All the best to Fr. Castelino.

  • Dr Urban D'Souza, Udyavar/Malaysia

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulations to Rev. Fr Henry Castelino. I had the opportunity to hear Rev Fr Castelino's speech first in the 1980's when he was invited at Sri Poornaprajna college Udupi. His oratory skills are exemplary. I salute all our religious priests and nuns for their selfless sacrifice in building good human machines.

    Though Fr Castelino has not built dead buildings, I hope he must have built thousands of live buildings which are spread all over the world serving the society. Keep up your good work dear Mr Walter and God bless you for this wonderful site. Long live Fr Castelino.

  • Veera coutinho, shirva/sahar

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    We may fool the whole world down the pathway of life and get pats on our back as we pass. Fr Henry Castelino is totally a different man with his unique qualities and it is important for each of us to be in touch with our uniqueness rather than blindly ape someone else. Uniqueness does not mean winning at work and losing at life. I wish Fr.Henry a good health and happy retired life.

  • LESLIE MASCARENHAS, puttur/Equatorial Guinea

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulations father Henry Castelino on your 50th Ordination Day and 75th Birthday. On this special day we pray to Almighty God to bless you with good health, always protect you and keep you happy, healthy & smiling. From my childhood you are the one I hounoured and respected a lot in puttur. you will remain ever green in my heart and will remember your teachings forever.

  • Patsel Colaco sharma, mangalore/Bangalore

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    All the best to you Fr. Castelino,on your 50 years as a priest and and 75th birthday. May God give you good health,and happiness. I was a little girl when I first met you in Mysore.

  • Kevin D'souza, Vaslane / Dubai

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Dear Fr.Castelino, Congratulations and The Very Best on your 50th Priesthood Anniversary and 75th Birthday. I am Marie Bhai's son, was really touched by your simplicity, humble ways / visits which my parents and myself are very greatful to you. You are a great priest indeed of our family. With all our respect my wife Sunita & Our dear Daughter Rebecca joins me in wishing you good health, peace of mind always. You will remain in our prayers always. Shall meet you Father when I am next in Mangalore.

  • Gertie Fernandes, Kadri,MangaloreCanada

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Congratulations dear Fr.Henry. You may not know me, but I know you as I too was a parishioner of St.Sebastian Church. God Bless you with good health & give you a long life to enjoy your retired life after working hard so many years.for God's people. Bless me Fr.Henry & please pray for me. Thank u. Gertie.

  • Faruk A.K. (Abu Dhabi), Koornadka, Darbe, Puttur

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Dear Mr. Walty, Superb. Congrats to your great job to publish our beloved priest Rev. Fr.  Henry Castelino’s achievements. As I know he is the best principal of St. Philomena’s college history. According to “Jesus Christ” he always loves the neighborers, he never looks cast, creed, poverty etc…. Treating everybody same under one umbrella.

    Here I wish him a good healthy life filled with happiness and every success. Rev. Fr. Castelino is evidence for “Be Simple, Be Sample” And also for “Be Good, Do Good”. Thanks Walty, awaiting your future updation. From: Faruk A.K., Koornadka, Puttur / Abu Dhabi.


    Mon, Mar 03 2008


  • Oswald M. D'Souza, Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Bravo Walty. A fantastic tribute to a great priest, who is so humble and simple with a heart of Gold. I think this is the first time someone has highlighted Fr. Castelino who is always publicity shy and does not want to come to the lime light.

    It’s really a great tribute to a teacher from a student.

    Albeit late you have chosen a right occasion to give tribute to a holy priest, that too when he has reached two extraordinary milestones – 50th Anniversary of his priestly ordination and his 75th Birthday.

     Fr. Castellino is a rare breed of priests who are vanishing from our Society. He leads a simple life at Yermal. We wish him good health and happy retired life.

    Thank you once again Walty for your brilliant piece of mark of respect to a great personality,.

  • Arun Kamath, Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    Thanks Walter for this. Fr Henry Castelino is one of those few rare fast disappearing tribe of sincere Jesus like priests. Their selfless service helped us all.

  • Elias Mascarenhas, Puttur/Melbourne Australia

    Mon, Mar 03 2008

    What a befitting eulogy for a humble and down-to-earth ex-principal of St. Philomena college! Even though, he was a strict disciplinarian, he won the hearts of every student of the college. His classes of English and moral science are full of live examples touching the hearts of every person. At times, he wil joke with bunt community students by suddenly speaking in tulu. Above all, he set an example of pious and holiness of a catholic priest in an institution predominently attended by non-christians! As the above article correctly concluded, he set an example before preaching it to somebody.

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