Time is Precious, but so is Life...

Aug 3, 2010

It's a rainy day here in Bangalore and the weather reminds me of my wonderful childhood days. It's so true what our grandparents used to say - that village life looks smaller than city life but then here you always have people around you ready to help you.

Yes, today I stay in a city where hardly do people have time for each other. Why have we become so deaf to the music around us? Deaf to the cries which call us for help.

It's because today time is money and not happiness. We have forgotten to spend time with our loved ones because we are busy leaving an impression on our bosses so that the next promotion holds our name higher. Yes, today this is the way we live. With growth of technology man adapts himself but he moves away from real life.

What does our life demand from us and what are we doing with it? It's true that Jesus gave up his life for the sake of our sins, and today he is still suffering. We say today's children are tomorrow's citizens but then why don't we make them realize this?

But we forget to teach them ethics, prayers, and words of faith. Yes, this is what today's children lack. They are not aware of the spiritual facts but are very much aware of the latest technology in the market. This is life today.

I work as an associate software engineer here in Bangalore, and the cool weather makes me want to continue my sleep, but then all of a sudden the shuttle timings flash to my mind and I have to jump out of the bed and get ready in a jiffy. And when it's Saturday I heave a sigh of relief as it's time for rest. This is the case of nearly 60 percent of the population which works for IT companies. 

I remember my struggle in engineering college. Every exam I wrote I felt like I could not clear it because enjoyment was always the first priority. And then when the exams came we rushed to the library only to find that all the books were gone for photocopying. After every exam I used to go to the Altar and curse the Lord and many a time I used to sit outside during prayers saying god doesn't understand and wants me to suffer. My mom and sister used to make me understand how much god loved me and that it was just a way of testing me.I could read in my mom's eyes that she was trying to tell me something. She told me a small story which goes like this:

There was once an offer to exchange one's cross with any other at a shop. One person in his desperation got his cross and kept it inside the shop and told Jesus that he wanted an exchange. Jesus took him around and asked him to select whichever cross he liked. The man browsed the shop for nearly two hours and finally chose a small cross.

He took the cross and came to the counter where Jesus was standing. Jesus laughed at the young man who got angry and demanded to know the reason for his laughter. Jesus told him softly, "My dear, this is the same cross I had given to you when you were born. Why did you take so long to search for your own cross? If you had to select the same one why did you come here?" The young man was shocked. He cried aloud, "Oh, lord you are genius, you are the saviour."

This story made me cry and made me realize that if my mom loved me so much then Jesus must love me much more. That's perhaps why mother is said to be the child's first teacher.

I have often wondered why children try to seek satisfaction and companionship outside their families. I have seen among my friends that the prime reason is the military kind of family system with all sorts of rules and regulations that is followed by the elders who insist upon being obeyed. Children are treated like robots and in their yearning for a friendly atmosphere they look outside the famiy.  Parents must therefore create an environment where children can feel comfortable and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings without hesitation. If not, there is a danger of losing touch with the children who want not things but guidance. They need to be prepared spiritually and financially to face the world  but in today's scenario working parents have little time for their kids who are compelled to pass their time in front of the idiot box.

I have been very lucky in this case, as right from childhood I have shared everything with my family and the same has been the case with my younger sister too. Both of us had loads of stories to share with mom every other day so she would finish her work while listening to our chatter. However, today when I visit some of my relatives I find that the kids are silent and don't share a word. It surprises me, because they seem like mere toys.

It is very important to spend time with the younger generation, listen to them and understand their needs. Our families should become the pivotal focus of our lives, for, when we reach the pinnacle of success we must ensure that we are surrounded by not just our colleagues but also our loved ones.

by Gracy Menezes, Bangalore
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Comment on this article

  • Nelson Dsouza, Karkala/Riyadh

    Sat, Aug 07 2010

    Hi Gracy, nice article. However no one is intentoinally running away from family. Yes, most of us are forced to live apart by compulsion of getting a Job and livelihood.yes all of us love to be with our parents especially the mother-expecting to eat something made by her more than our wive's!! The other point you made is"sharing the time with our kids..yes it is very critical in family life.However just see few working couples around you..are they getting that much of time? That means you agree that, one has to sacrifice and sit@ home to take care of kids and hubby or vice versa. So bottom line is you have paisa but no family values, have fmly values but no "Paisa". Anyway we all(older generation) should consider ourself lucky to get that love and family values from our parents..some of which we can transfer to our kids..Why can you write on a real challenging topic like "Life with my hubby and In laws" a real challege to the current women.

  • Cony D'souza, Kalathur, Dammam, K.S.A.

    Sat, Aug 07 2010

    Wounderful articl, keep it up!

  • tom,

    Fri, Aug 06 2010

    good article

  • olvin quadras, belvai

    Fri, Aug 06 2010

    Nice article, keep it up.i never knew there is a writer in Belvai.keep writing.....

  • Lenny D'Souza, Mangalore,Kuwait

    Thu, Aug 05 2010

    Good Work,Keep on writing,All the Best...

  • Joseline Desa, Bangalore

    Thu, Aug 05 2010

    Well written. Keep writing.

  • Vineeth John Abraham, Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 04 2010

    A very good article! I have thought about the same but never got a chance to write it! After reading your blog, i felt like i wont be able to draw it in such a lovely way! Well written! Keep writing !! May God Bless

  • Gracy Pinto, Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 04 2010


    Nice article, very true picture of modern day society with so much of exposure to technology. All the best.

  • Patricia Dsouza, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 04 2010


  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Wed, Aug 04 2010

    Thanks, Grace, for sharing your personal viewpoints on time and life. Our life and our time is our own, and it is our choice and privilege to shape our life to suit with our time. The Time Management as well as Choice Management therefore goes hand in hand. The time has changed in this fast moving world, and so also the perception of life has obviously changed.

    We all have to march with the changing time. We all are surrounded with our family and friends. Our journey of life therefore moves with the time and our surroundings. We are precious for ourselves and therefore our time and our life is as precious as we want it to be. That's all part and portion of one's "Zindhagi and Insaahn".


    Wed, Aug 04 2010

    Dear Gracy,

    Hats off to your article , It very true what you have written about the present generation i hope people take this and put it in practice well done keep up the good work and congrats

  • paulsanthmayor, belvai

    Wed, Aug 04 2010

    Hi Gracy very nice article.keep on writing.

  • Joseph John Pereira, Kanthavara / USA

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Interesting article, keep writing. Wish you all the best and every success

  • alvita, belvai

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    dear sister
    this s a wonderful and heart touching article. congrats sweetheart..
    love from all here..
    i m sure to see many more of ur articles sooooon..
    all d best.my prayers with yu..

    best wishes
    dad mom n sis

  • Tom Cat, Mangalore/ Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Thoughtful words Gracy keep it up.In a lighter vein

    Remember Jesus suffered on the cross for our sins and before he gave up his life he said "its finished', means he will not continue to suffer or want any body suffer for the sake of any body sins.Now it up to us to ask forgiveness and forgive.

  • adshenoy, mangloor

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    I am delighted to read this article from you Gracy. A young mind understanding the life and what it should be. "Happiness" is the key to life and not money and material. Then again, for some material and money keeps happy but still they seek happiness which comes from ordinary people from the villages and atmosphere of nature.

    Today parents have become money minded, material minded and this attitude whether due to circumstances or ego is adding fuel to the fire of modern day living. Families are disjointed, nuclear, and selfish. Grand parents and parents are secondary compared to the friends and TV programs and the rat race in acquiring modern tools to live life. Talking about grand parents they are not even living with children because of selfihness of nuclear families.
    Grand parents are bread and butter of family life, the best teachers and mentors beyond the partents. Today inlaws are kept far away by wives and husbands for whatever reason. This is like cutting somebodys arm and telling them to make a living.
    Todays life despite material and money and all the lifes angles is SAD indeed, culturally, morally,linguistically, ethically and above all in terms of familial bonds.
    Who will take some time to understand and reflect these times of brokeness and emptiness of a true life we are suppose to live before our departure from the temporary stay in this wild and wicked world?
    All come to this world empty and depart empty keeping the "loved ones" behind.
    Keep penning.

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Good article. The children need
    to understand their role in
    keeping closer to the families, and
    the parents in sharing their
    love with the children.

  • Samod Shetty, Belvai

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Excellent article Gracy.. You have touched upon a very important issue.. We could spend so much time with our parents and that is one of the sweetest moments when we look back at our life.. Probably the next generation is going to lose out on it.. Sad, but true... Hope, your article will be an eye-opener for many.. Keep it up Gracy, and keep these coming :)

  • Fr.Vincent D'souza, Alangar- Moodbidri

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Dear Gracy, Nice article. keep it up.. keep writing.Now I am transfered to Bela Church. All the best. God Bless you.

  • Ajith, Dubai

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Nice article. Waiting for many more articles. God bless you.

  • Glany Fernandes, Mangalore / Qatar

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Nice article, took me back to my childhood days. Yes our children lacking spirituality now a days, which is forcing them to find happiness through illegal material. Parents wake up call from Gracy the Great.

  • aboobaker uppala, uppala/Holy Makkah

    Tue, Aug 03 2010


  • Erol Nishanth, Blore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Well said Gracy... nice article too... Todays younger generation dont get time to talk with their parents due to their busy schedule with frens and parties...

  • Vidhu, Banglore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Wonderful!!!!!! Really Nice..... All the best

  • ketaki, pune

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Hey dear,
    Congratulations on your first article...
    Its too good....waiting for many more :)
    God bless... :)

  • Saneela Aranha, Shirva/Kuwait

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Good thought Gracy.. nice to c u here in daijiworld.. very well said. and keep writing

  • Arlene Fernandes, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Great work Gracy :) I very well can relate to what you wrote in this article.. Its so true.. At home I always had my parents with me.. And I can say that it was those moments that I treasure the most in my life.. And even now I grab every chance to go home :)

    Great job Gracy.. Looking forward for more articles:)

  • Jacintha D, London UK

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Dear Gracy,

    After a long time someone , that's you, have echoed my feelings on the matter as well. I always long for the community spirit in the true sense that prevailed in Mangalore during my childhood. Yes, it had its ups and downs but it was a very stimulating and intersting life full of human touch, experiences shared, joys doubled and sorrows halved!! Where did it all disappear?? Today, forget the unfortunate zombie like kids who do not or cannot relate to each other let alone to parents/elders but even adults seemed to be glued to computers and TVS flicking channels which gives them pleasure?? Wish we could have those days again!!

    Your article was good and sums up the state of affairs of modern day life very well. Keep it up!

  • Franky d'souza, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Very well written Gracy keep up the good work. God bless you.


    Tue, Aug 03 2010


  • Dilhan, Blore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Very good one. Post your other articles too :) Waiting to see them here soon :)

  • Jawar D'Souza, Doha M'lore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Very well written Gracy keep up the good work. God bless you.

  • Shobha, Hosadurga

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Hey Gracy,
    It is really nice yaar.
    I am very much happy for you.
    You have done good and inspiring job.
    Please keep up good work.

  • Nalini Prakash, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Nice work.. Keep it up!! All the Best

  • Aseem Sheikh, Moodbidri

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Dear Gracy,

    Well Said .... Nice article keep it up.. All the best..

  • William, Mangalore /Dubai

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    I got right food for my hungry brain as i long to read this kind of articles.Hope majority of people will read this article. God Bless You Gracy

  • Fr.Peter Rego SvD, Belvai/Madagascar

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Dear Gracy

    Nice article. keep it up.. keep writing.. All the best.

  • Intuashok, Huvina hadagali

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Hey gracy,
    Very nice article ya,i'm very happy that you kicked off the writer present within u,keep up the same work...

  • Anuj, Lucknow/Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Nice summation of your thoughts.. Good writing.. Keep it up. !!!!!!!!

  • Vnz, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Well Well Well, you are quite a writer. Really neat :)
    God Bless

  • Antony Herbert Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney,Australia

    Tue, Aug 03 2010

    Same thing happened to me as well Grace, when I came over to this country about 23 years ago. Once, we had gone to visit a friend`s famility at the weekend, when I observed that their two little daughters were so quiet and sitting idle as if they were the toys, I didn`t understand then, but I do now, after living so many years over here, for, they were in their new country for a while by then, and they had changed from the Indian culture totally. The girls used to look at me in awe when I talked and related in my usual inimitative normal Indian style. The same was the case with my two young sons as well. They changed overnight to suit the local conditions. They got addicted to the TV and the computer within no time. Back in India, it was different, - the routine then used to be, after they came home from the School, two hours of home work monitored by my wife, after which they went outside to play with their friends in the building till late evening and they used to be quite communicative later in the night relating to us parents a lot of stories of the day. Over here, initially, I used to urge and implore them to go outside to play with their friends, but they used to tell me that there were none to play with, and rightly so, for, all the children in the vicinity were busy glued to their TVs and watching their progammes, and finally I had to give up. I am not surprised to hear that the same trend and culture prevailing over here has caught up in India as well.

  • Jess Lobo, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    Hey Gracy

    Its a wonderful writing and I liked it.. Keep it up. You have written the trueth..

  • Prasanna, Bangalore/Mumbai

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    Good one... Very True... I always feel the same... Wud like to add that the kids should indulge in other outdoor activities rather than confining themselves to the indoor world and playstations... wat say???

  • Karthik, Hyderabad

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    My dear gracy....
    Really wonderful article...
    Keep up the good work....

  • Arun, coimbatore/Hyderabad

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    Gracy...great.You have put the real facts through this article.Many of us feels the same but this article makes it special with stories etc...  As of me writing will always keep you out of worries,so keep writing.

  • Rishi Sikri, Bangalore

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    Wonderful Article! Wish you good Luck! Happy writing!

  • Francis E Pereira, Vamanjoor

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    Dear Gracy nice article, keep on writing. What you have mentioned in this article 100% correct. Best of luck

  • John B. Miranda, Pachinadka/Bantwal/Dubai

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    Very good article.Keep on writing and Wish you All the Best.

  • Jancil, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    Well said Gracy :) Nice article :) I never knew u were a good writer too :)

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