When No One Reaches Out to Them, Perhaps We Can...

Udupi, Jul 5, 2010

 In Moodupalimar, which comes under Palimar Gram Panchayat  of Udupi district, lives a poverty-stricken family of five which has the additional responsibility of caring for two physically and mentally challenged children.

K Ibrahim and Mariyamma have two children, who despite being adults need special attention and care equal to that given to infants.

25-year-old Asif can move from one place to another but is fully dependent on others for all his daily needs. His 23-year-old sister Sainaz also suffers from the same disease and is in the same situation.

Both children are lovingly cared for by their mother Mariyamma who says, “They are a gift from God and I have to take care of them. I have been with them right from birth and have never left them even for a day. They are my two eyes. Allah wished that they should be like this and I am living with his blessing.”

Ibrahim and Mariyamma have six children—four girls and two boys. When things were going bad, as the head of the house, Ibrahim who had to take care of his children, their education, household expenses and other things, had no other go than leaving home in search of a job.

He went to Saudi Arabia around six years ago for a small labourer job and has still not returned home.

“I can’t come home as I have married off two of my daughters. Sainaz is completely bed-ridden, and the younger one has finished her PUC. My wife does everything at home—looks after the children, especially the two special ones. I do not know when can I come back to see my family. I am burdened with the huge loan taken for my daughters’ wedding, education, and living of my family”, said Ibrahim over phone when Daijiworld correspondent spoke to him.

The younger son Mustafa, who had to dropout after high school, is working in a mobile shop near Udupi.

The family has no other income. But the sad part is, even the government is not concerned enough to help them.

“Every time election comes, politicians visit our house. They promise that once the election is over they will see that help is provided by the government. But at least four governments have changed since then. No one is helping us. Living a decent life has become very difficult. We are struggling to live”, says Mariyamma, seeking some kind of help from generous donors.

Their house was built years ago and is on the verge of collapse as it needs some repair work.

Francis D’Souza, recently elected representative of Gram Panchayat, contacted Daijiworld to explain the pathetic story of this family expecting some kind of relief from the readers. He said that he would try for governmental help too but is not very optimistic about securing immediate help.

After verification of the situation personally by the Daijiworld team, we request help for the family.

There is no hope that the two special children will ever be able to lead a normal life, but they still have every right to a decent life.

You can reach out Mariyamma’s family at:

Account Name: Mariyamma
A/c no. 01292210009729
Swift: synb0000129
Syndicate Bank
Palimar Branch
Pin: 574112
Udupi Taluk

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Comment on this article

  • G>Hublikar, Belgaum/Mumbai

    Sat, Jul 10 2010

    Mr John Tauro, your noble thoughts are appreciated. Please click on "Need a Helping Hand" on home page of daijiworld.com. God Bless

  • John Tauro, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Thu, Jul 08 2010

    First of all I thank "Daiji" team for bringing to light such instances of needy and downtrodden people around us. I further request them to provide me a list of similar cases needing help, published in the past, so that I may contribute my mite to the respective families as and when possible in future.

  • Sanam, Nekare

    Thu, Jul 08 2010

    People are giving much much importance to dead ones than living beings.. good example is of late victor rodrigues..in society nobody ever care about people who are in very bad state...for that reason angels are coming up in the form of mariyamma, mother theresa or baba amte.. to look after the needy people...others are good for nothing... looking for themselves only..god saves the family.. jai hindustan..

  • juliana braggs, ghatkopar,mumbai

    Wed, Jul 07 2010

    It is really heart-touching scene. How great it is to see a great faithful person is come forward to help his needy neighbour who is practising other faith. This is real christianity. three cheers to you. Great! keep it up! Why can't the world today understand this is humanity. I will definitely keep this family and specially you in prayer. May god give you courage to come forward many more needy. At looking at your service may others follow you. God bless you.

  • Titus & colleagues , Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    God bless You Mariyamma

    Our prayers are with your family our contribution will reach you sooner. May god Bless you to keep this spirit alive to take care of your children.

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    It is a very sad story but her strength of character is highly commendable. Human nature is to complain for what we don't have, but such stories may help us to  be thankful to God for our blessings.

  • moinu, kanjarkatte/buraidah.KSA, kanjarkatte

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    Thanks to Daiji, for a publishing a news. Mr. ibrahim is in riyadh at batha, near to lucky hotel he is working at small canteen. thanks to Daiji again. god bless to the great mother.

  • moinu, kanjarkatte/buraidah.KSA, kanjarkatte

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    Thanks to daiji, for a publishing a news. Mr. ibrahim is in riyadh at batha, near to lucky hotel he is working at small canteen. thanks to daiji again. god bless to the grate mother.

  • Renu, GOA/CYPRUS

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    Mrs,Mariyamma you are realy great mother, may God bless you and your children,May God give you more and more strenght to look after your children.

  • Hamdan, Katapady/Dubai

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    Really a great mother. Ya Allah help this poor family. Very soon i will help you, as much as i can and from my friends too.

  • L N Rego, Bendur

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    Wonderful work by Daiji team, this initiative of yours will not only help the family but also may give a better future to those children.Keep up the good work.

  • K.M.Sameer, Oman

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    God Bless you Mariyamma,
    You are the great mother. I pray to almighty god give you strength and patience in your work.
    GooD Work DAiji....Keep It up

  • abid, udupi/saudi arabia

    Tue, Jul 06 2010

    .may allah help me to lend some money to the needy,..ameen.....inshallah i,ll try my best to help them.

  • Langoolacharya, Belman/USA

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Lalaji Mendon,MLA Kaup,

    Its possible these people have not voted for you...

    I think its your duty to visit them, hear from them, and help them from State to best of your abilities...

    God Bless & Jai Hoooooooooooooo

  • Elias Mascarenhas, Puttur/Melbourne, Australia

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Daijiworld has proved from time to time that they stand apart from other portals and newspapers by highlighting the genuine social needs without confining to the barriers of caste, creed and religion. So many families have derived their lifeline through the silent generocity of its readers when there was no light left at the end of the tunnel for those suffering families. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on your continuing noble philanthrophic mission.

  • shabeer Ali, Bajpe,Dubai

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Daiji good effort keep it up.

  • P. Monte, Mumbai

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    A pathetic situation, world agrees. Do we see a case for controlled family, where the children, future of this world are well cared for?

  • Wilson DSouza, Paladka

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    It's these kind of reports which make Daiji different from other similar news media. Appreciate their sense of social responsibility...

  • shahir k, mangalore / ksa

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    great mother really no words to say

  • Mohammed S., udupi/dubai

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    mrs. mariyamma your the great dont wory one fine morning you will get everything from allah how much you loving this kids and take care of them the Allah may bless you same. we are human beings so we are all with you....take care you are a proud mother i respect you.

  • ahmed, kerala

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

     hats off to daijiworld , great work , god bless you daiji , keep doing

  • nawwa, kpura,manglore ksa

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Ya Allah please help this poor people...My help will reach you inshallah,thanks daiji Allah bless you daiji world,,,

  • Ayyub, Mangalore:qatar

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    I am sure most of the readers will repond to this article and try to help the needy irrespective of thier caste and religion.

    But I have a advise to all those Muslim brothers and sisters. you have an obligation towards the poor and so this holy month of Ramadhan is approaching we can divert our part of Zakaath towards this family. if not full 100% atleast some share of it. Allah will really bless us all. Ameen

  • Ahmed, Bangaloire

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Good job by Daiji. You will be rewarded by Almighty for all your good works

  • Clair Lewis, Kemmannu/Dubai

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    People live in good health, wealth and still unhappy should learn from Marriamma and Ibrahim. God bless you Francis D'souza and DaijiWorld Team, because of your initiative the help will pour to this family from generous people.

  • S.Rohithashwa Achar, New Panvel / Abudhabi

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    GOD BLESS YOU Daiji team,you did a good job and also GOD BLESS YOU MARIYAMMA to give you courage to look after them.GOD'S help will defffinately reach you and your family.

  • Harry D'souza, COORG/ B'Lore/ Abu Dhabi.

    Mon, Jul 05 2010


  • Alex & Inish Menezes, Karkala/Dubai

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Dear Francis D'souza, I appreciate your help that you have provided to this family through Daijiworld to bring forth the family's suffering infront of the readers. I am sure, almighty will bless you abundantly for this kind of noble deed. We all have a social responsibility to help the downtrodden, and collectively can do wonders in helping these underpreviledged families. Mariamma, my contribution should reach you soon. May God bless you and your children.
    I would also urge upon some muslim organizations to find a suitable match for Mariamma's daughters so that their future could be secured.

  • Ali Haroon, Saudi Arabia

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    thank you Daiji and I hope through your article the family would receive some help from great humanitarians. Could you please let us have the full residential address of the famuly please. Brother Francis D'Souza of Gram Panchayat too deserve compliemnts and prayers for highlighting the plight of the family and assuring support. May Almighty reward all of us for our good deeds.

  • Anil John Karvllo, Basrur/Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    God bless you. Dont worry. God gives you reward defineitely which cannot be measure.

  • Rabbani, Riyadh

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Dear Daiji world Editor,

    While thanking you for publishing this sad and tragic reality, i request you to kindly provide me the contact number of Mr.Ibrahim in Saudi Arabia as i wanna contact him in order to give my helping hand InsAllah (God willing).

  • mm, manglore

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    God Bless you Mariyamma,
    You are the great mother. I pray to almighty god give you strength and patience in your work.
    My help will reach you after 15-18 days, I have notice that house should be painted and repaired.

  • mm, manglore

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    God Bless you Mariyamma,
    You are the great mother. I pray to almighty god give you strength and patience in your work.
    My help will reach you after 15-18 days, I have notice that house should be painted and repaired.

  • sajid, ksa, jubail

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Ya Allah...what a pious mother...My dear friends please do duwa for this family.. may Almighty Lord give wealth to her family & make their life beautiful in this Duniya and hearafter..

  • Lydia Lobo, Kadri

    Sun, Jul 04 2010


    You are a model mother. My help will reach you. I request financially sound youth to marry their daughters than burdening the father further for dowry. Ibrahim needs to come back to his family else, if his wife eventually falls sick due to non-stop work it will devastate the dependant children.

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