Doctor's Day : Meet Dr Hansraj Alva, Mangalore

July 1, 2010

Doctors play a vital role in our lives. July 1, in India is the day dedicated to their service and commitment. It holds special significance for medical practitioners in the country. From dentist to neuro surgeons, homeopaths to heart specialists, physicians to paediatricians, ‘Doctor’s Day’ is the time to pay tribute to the entire medical profession.

The day has been chosen as a mark of respect to the contribution made by Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy (B C Roy), who left an indelible mark in the history of medical profession in India. This observance fulfills a need to show the doctors and physicians in our lives how important they are to us and how invaluable their treatments are that cure us.

Undoubtedly there has been enormous progress in the medical field over the years. With changing times, the attitude of doctors has also undergone a lot of changes some of which have even led to strained doctor-patient relationship.

Lets hear it from the man who had years of experience in the field. Being a leading general physician in Mangalore and having being treated countless number of patients he has seen it all.

Here’s Dr Hansraj Alva giving us insight about the pros and cons of the medical profession.

Dr Hansraj Alva has completed his medical education from KMC, Mangalore and Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore. He has worked as associate professor in KMC. Currently, he is the medical director of Vinaya Nursing Home and associate professor at A J Institute of Medical Sciences. He is a dedicated man with a strong love for his profession.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: Where do you think the profession of medicine stands today?

A: There was a time when the Vaidya (doctor) was looked upon as ‘God’. But today Vaidya is compared to ‘Yama’. Most of the patients have this kind of notion these days. The medical profession is not considered all that noble as it was before.

Q: Why is it so? What are the reasons that have led to the formation of these kinds of notions?

A: In a way doctors themselves are responsible for it. The entire profession itself has commercialized. It’s all become money-oriented. The doctors try to pool in as much money as possible. But this does not mean all doctors are this way. There are very honest and committed ones too.

Q: So do you think the doctors are to be entirely blamed for commercializing the profession and taking away its nobility?

A: No, it’s not right to blame the doctors on the whole. The expense of medical education has also skyrocketed these days. Year by year, the students will have to pay huge amount of money to pursue medicine. Many might have completed their studies with the help of bank loans. So when they become doctors they’ll obviously try to get back or earn that money through their profession. In the process chances are more that they tend to forget their ethical values.

Q: How do you compare the standard of medical education now and during your learning days?

A: During our college days there were some real good senior doctors like A V Shetty, K R Shetty as role-models whom we could emulate. Unfortunately students these days lack such role-models.

Unlike in our days now there are nearly 205 students in a batch. Mangalore city alone has 5 medical colleges. Two of the medical colleges – Yenepoya and K S Hegde are separated by just one compound wall which I think is first of its kind in the world. But the problem is with the dedicated staff.

Q: Does that mean today’s medical education lacks good teachers?

A: I ‘am not saying there are no good teachers but today there is a lack of full time teachers. Mostly doctors go for teaching during their spare time. It could be because of the payment that the teachers receive or the tag attached to doctors. Even if you take my own example don’t find the required time for teaching. Most of my time is spent in treating the patients.

Q: What do you prefer the most? Teaching or being a fulltime Doctor?

A:  My heart goes out to teaching. I’ am a born teacher. I always enjoyed teaching. A day will come when I will be dedicating my fulltime to teaching. It is one of my passions, my dream.

Q: What are your suggestions to improve the system of medical education at present? What kind of changes can be brought about?

A: Mainly an idealistic situation needs to be created. A subject which teaches the medical ethics should be compulsorily included in the syllabus. The medical institutions should have full-time staffs and they should be paid well.  An institution can have quality teachers provided they are satisfied with their payment. They should be given job security. The quality of students should also be good.

The colleges should have enough space to accommodate PG students. There should be more of merit seats. That’s how quality doctors can be brought up.

Q: What are the crises that the general physicians face these days?

There are a lot of grey areas for the doctors these days. One among them is the use of alternative medicines. I’m not against ayurvedic medicines. It has its own benefits but certain type of disorders needs immediate treatment. Delay in the treatment can prove fatal. Hence there is a need to create lot of awareness among patients. 

Q:  What is your message to the budding doctors?

A: Treat your patient as God, hospital as temple. Be committed and enjoy your profession.

Q: What is your message to the public?

A: Choose your doctor. Have faith in them because ‘Doctor shopping is injurious to health’.

Dr Hansraj Alva can be contacted at - +91 93435 62622

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Comment on this article

  • devika, mlore

    Sat, Sep 18 2010

    hats off ever i see you evergreen happy to know that a patient needs such a doctor keep up.....

  • Elvira Nayak, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Fri, Aug 27 2010

    Happy Doctors Day, Doc. Nice to see you and your family on Daijiworld and feel very proud that I am one of your patients, and am in the best of hands where my health is concerned. Thanks doc, for being patient and listening to my problems and always joking and smiling no matter how busy and late in the evenings it is and that is the kind of rappo a Doctor and a patient should have. Rightly said one should have faith in their doctor and I got that feeling by just speaking to you on my very first appointment with you. Keep smiling always thats when we patients are not tensed but relaxed however minor or major our problem is.

    Praying to God to keep you and your family in good health always so that you can look after your patients. Thanks goes to your better half also for understanding and standing by you for the late hours you put in for your patients. Sent you my reports doc. Was down in June but you were outstation I was told. God Bless You.

  • Dr.Francis NP Monteiro, Bajpe, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 07 2010

    Dear Sir,
    Its an privilege to work and gain experience from a wonderful doctor, teacher above all a good human being like u. I really cherish the opportunity i gained associating with you during my early medical education and thank u for the same.. wish u the best.

  • Nancy Menezes,

    Thu, Jul 08 2010

    Sir, congrts, nice to see you on daijie, i knew one day you will be that, hope you remember me, you treated me 3ce for maleria at Athena hospital, Madam Winnie nurse friend. go ahed, i do pray for you and for your family sir.

  • Rajesh K Patel, Ullal/USA

    Wed, Jul 07 2010

    Dr Hansraj Alwa,Congratultion and best of luck for you sir.I have none Dr Alwa the preson with big smile,allways helpful towards his profession.I would like to thank him for his personal attention towards my parents.Dr Alwa we are proud to have you as our family doctor. Your the best doctor I have so far seen in my life this means not only best in Mangalore, as per me in entire world. my god give you more success and make us be proud.Like to see you on my next visit to India


    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    dear sir,
    its absolute privilege to work and gain experience from a wonderful doctor and more so a good human being like u. i really appreciate the opportunity and thank u for the same.. wish u all the happiness always.

  • Daya Kirodian, Mitha Mogoru/Dubai

    Mon, Jul 05 2010

    Dear Dr Hansraj Alva,

    Nice to hear so many good comments from your well wishers.
    If you could remember i was your neighbour in mitha mogoru. Feel proud to read your good work to the society. May god bless you and keep you and family in good health. Great research by daiji team.

  • Sumithra, Mangalore/Manipal

    Sun, Jul 04 2010

    Dr Hamsaraja Alva is one of the best Physicians in Mangalore hes not after money and hes caring and intelligent and good heatrted DOctor

  • Owen Concessao,

    Sun, Jul 04 2010

    Nice to see your Interview Please keep your good work,Wishing you all the best in near future

  • parvez, Mangalore/ Riyadh

    Sat, Jul 03 2010

    I heard a lots about Dr. Hansraj Alva, I never seen him. He is my morther's favourite doctor.
    Really nice to see his and his lovely family photographs.
    May Almighty Allah bless him and his dear family with good health and happiness.

    Well done & Thank you Daiji for introducing one of the Mangalore's asset.

  • akeel mavad, byndoor

    Sat, Jul 03 2010

    This is my personal experience: I would say that Dr.Alva is excellent in diagnosing and treating a disease. He is kind and tries to treat as much patients as possible, We need more doctors like him. I wish him all the best and May Allah bless him and his family.

    One suggestion is the appointment system should be streamlined.

  • Disha Rita Furtado, mangalore

    Sat, Jul 03 2010

    Dear Doctor,
    I heard many good things about you. When i asked who is the best physician every one said Dr. Hansraj Alva, and When I went to his clinic it was Full. This it self it shows how good he is. Of course I could not see him since there was long Q. And who ever had been to his clinic for consultation every one has come out with satisfaction. You are a wonderful person, very simple and kind to your patients. Keep the same spirit till the end. God Bless you and your family.

  • samuel sadanand, balmatta/kuwait

    Sat, Jul 03 2010

    wishing you the very best as u celebrate doctor's day. may God bless you and your family in the years to is a blessing to the people of mangalore that we have such a selfless doctor like you. i consider myself lucky that i had such a wonderful lecturer like you(clinical neuro-m.v.shetty-1995-96)and then a mentor in the days that followed.May God strengthen your hands and may you continue to cure the countless ailments of countless people.cheers...

  • gracious, Manglore

    Sat, Jul 03 2010

    i APPRECIATE Dr. Alva as good doctor for out patient. we wish him all the best, but I wish Vinaya Nursing Home  can be improved...

  • AADI, Manglore / KSA

    Sat, Jul 03 2010

    Thanks veesshita Arasa for making us to know the facts about the medical world of Mangalore today. keep the good work and enthusiasm.. Best of luck Mr. Hansraj Alva sir.

  • Harry, USA, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 02 2010

    This is my personal experience: I would say that Dr.Alva is excellent in diagnosing and treating a disease. He is kind and tries to treat as much patients as possible, and his charges are very minimal. We need more doctors like him. I wish him all the best and May God bless him and his family.

    One suggestion is the appointment system should be streamlined.

  • ruchir agarwal, mangalore

    Fri, Jul 02 2010

    Dr.Hansraj is known as the one with the "healing touch" .He was my classmate at SAC and I am very proud to say it.

  • Zakeer , Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 02 2010

    Hello Doctor,
    First of all I wish u A happy Doctor's Day and Good to know that many people have commented on your article in Daijiworld, Keep it up Doctor and wish u all success for you and your family. Sir, I have few words to say abt your hospital, some of your hospital staff (nurses and housekeeping)are not good they behave like as if they are doing a favour on people specially they treat aged people very rudely and administarative staff are also not up to the mark so please do take care of them because they carry your name so take this as positve feed back, Thank you

  • Arthur Concessao, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 02 2010

    Appreciate your service and dedication to the humanity. Wishing you and your family happiness and peace always.

  • Preema nazareth, kuwait

    Fri, Jul 02 2010

    hello sir...its really nice to c u over here...wish u happy doctors day....may d god bless u always sir.....gud luck....

  • Ashritha Shailesh, Thumbe/Dubai

    Fri, Jul 02 2010

    Dear Dr.Hansraj
    Nice to see you and your family on Daijiworld. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Wishing you all the best in your future. May god bless you with all the happiness.

  • hidayath, irvathur / abu dhabi

    Fri, Jul 02 2010

    you deserve to be greate. all my family indebted to you. i remember when i asked you at your clinic 11.00 pm what time you spare for your family? your reply how can i be with them when needy are queue up in my doorsteps on long and late hours without regret. God bless you and your family.

  • aslam, kotekar/kuwait

    Fri, Jul 02 2010

    Wish u all the best in good luck in future

  • Maxim Crasta, Ashoknagar

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr, Congratulations for what you are today through your generous service to the society.I wish you all the best and almighty to give you strength and happiness.

  • jack, mangalore/mumbai/australia

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Good Day SIR,
    Very pleased to read about you, amazing facts about the present day truths in the medical world of Mangalore. Hope all the Medical Faculty of at least Mangalore reads this article and their inner conscience is woken up.
    I am most fortunate to have a friend in you as well as Doctor. My personal opinion Doctors like you have still kept the belief that "Doctors are the assistants of GOD". The people that flock to you is the biggest example for this, and the distances they come from goes from one end of Kerala to the other end of Karnataka.
    Your selfless service to the people starts with sunrise, but you dont shut your doors at sunset. I am the living proof as I have come to you for consultation after midnight so many times.
    I take this oppurtunity to sincerely Thank you for being the God in our lives, for taking care of all my family members and more than ever being a great freind to me and my family. You are God's chosen magician, and let your magic heal all those who come in touch with you... God Bless to You, M'aam, Arnav and Ahani...

  • Satish Anchan, Mangalore /USA

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr.Hans Raj.
    I am very happy to see you in Daiji along with your fly. I and our fly wish you from our bottom heart good health and happiness. You saved my life by diagonizing a fever which doctors in Abu Dhabi failed to do . After the long unsuccessful treatment the Year came 2002, I was having high fever with shivering cold. I came down to Mangalore and admitted to SCS hospital  unconscious. You treated me with utmost care and found out that my heart had Arotic valve disease severe vegetation. After the antibiotic treatment of yours I went to Narayana hradalaya in Bangalore, where Doctors Devi Shetty/Dr.Colin John/Dr.Narendra /Dr Gulam Ali performed the operation and replaced my Arotic Valve with St.Jude Arotic Valve Prosthesis After all you are the best and great and great physican because of you and my Shirdi Baba I am alive. Wishing you all the success in future,God bless you……..

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dr. Alva, congratulations, and
    thank God for a few Doctors in
    the world with the true spirit
    of service for the suffering
    humanity. God bless your dedication and purpose driven life.

  • Fr. Dolphy Veigas. OP, Agrar/Switzerland

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr. Hansraj Alva. Today on the Occasion of Doctor`s Day. I would like to sincerely appreciate you for what you are. My mother told me that you are such a loving and a wonderful person - so kind and tender hearted. My mother has been coming regularly for check up for the last 3 years. This time when i came down for holidays i wanted to meet you by all means. I saw a long queue awaiting. And when our turn came i just thanked you and exchanged few words. It was wonderful meeting you. Today we need such Doctors like you.

    People flock for what you are. I congratulate you and pray that the Almighty bless you and grant you good health and graces that you need to carry your good mission of healing Body and Soul. Thanks

  • Xavier and Flavia, mangalore/Muscat

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr. Hansraj best wishes on this occasion from Flavia and Xavier (Ex Colleagues ward No 42)

  • Dr.Manu, Kuwait/Bajpe

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Veekshita, thank you for introducing Dr.Hansraj to the world.(Dear Walty, Veekshita needs special appreciation for introducing wonderful people and her great write ups).
    Its a privilege to know Dr.Hans, a kind,friendly,true gentleman and a gifted physician.
    Wish him peace ,happiness and goodhealth.My wishes and regards to the wonderful Alva family.
    Dr.Manohar D Cunha Prabhu.Kuwait.

  • chittaranjan, Doha, Qatar.

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dr. Hansraj. Nice to see you and your coments on. wishing you all the best. we met last november 2009.I Really impressed about you.

  • Leslie Rego, Bendur

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Nice to see you and to read your views on this great day. i along with my family wish you all the very best in your profession.

  • Athma Rai, M,lore / Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Doctor Hansraj Anna...,

    Nice to see ur article here..That too on Doctor's day.If you remeber me i was consulted you many times to promote my Macleods company ommnacortile.Bio D3 plus..Nu-Diclo..hope u remember me.I always remember your smiling face with kind words. May God give you more knowledge, strength & health to serve the needy peolpe.

  • Jagadeesh, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Sir. I am really proud to say I am one of your trained nursing student. I worked under you for so many years and today also you are recognising me if I come in front of you. Its your greatness. I am enjoying my profession in Mangalore with the help of your great teaching. I build one nursing organization to serve the people of mangalore and Karnataka under your influence ( Nursing Help Line, Thanks a lot sir

  • charmaine/Chandigarh, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr. Hansraj,
    You are 1 among the best doctor's i have ever met (there are very few doctors today, who are realy concerned about the well being of their patients, because majority of them are interested in making money). Please keep up the good and noble work that you are doing.
    Wish you all the best in your future...

  • Clair Lewis, Kemmannu/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr. Hansraj,
    Wishing you all the success, I learned from above commetns that you are a good doctor as well as good human being, follow your dream become a good teacher to medical students, and give many more good doctors like you to our soceity. May God bless you and your family.

  • Harish Putran, Karkala

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Well done doctor. Your sincere remarks about modern day doctors is good to hear.

  • Belinda, Mangalore - Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr.Hansraj,
    There are no words to say about you, I have personally experienced during sunil's illness, you were not only a doctor but a friend to him. Thanks a lot doctor. Wish you all the best.
    Belinda, Masha & Nathan D'Mello

  • santhosh shetty, Bangalore

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Doctor Alva
    Best wishes to you on Doctors day, Though I have not met you personally I know you through my dad and mom who are your patients. I still recollect the renewed energy of my dad after each of his consultations with you. The ailments seemed to have partially disappeared just by meeting you. May God bless you and your family with all the best things in this world. Wish you a very long life ahead so that the comfort of your consultations cure thousands of mangloreans

    Santhosh Shetty

  • Geethanand Shetty, Padil / Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Hai, Hans we are all proud of your achivement and i wish you good success in life and in your field. May God bless you and your family.

  • Eulalia D'Souza, Bijai / Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    It is good to see you, in Daiji Dr. Hansraj. Our society needs dedicated Doctors like you these days. You are right, sometimes few doctors forget their true profession and that can damage image of all doctors in general. Gone are the days when you find doctors who are so dedicated ( of course we do have few like you always ) like in the past, when Patients treated Doctors like God & hospitals like temples. Also most doctors these days lack P. R. ( Public Relation ) quality in them. You observe this mostly in much younger generation Doctors, unfortunately. But it is true.
    Being a Rotary Member of our Club - Rotary Sunrise, you are a wonderful person, a dedicated doctor and an amasing friend to us. May God Bless you, your family Bless all the Doctors on this day & everyday. May you continue your good work towards patients and society too. We are Honoured by this recognition to you.

  • Naser, Manglore

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Hi,Dr.Hansraj, Nice to see you Daijiworld and glad to know you are a well known doctor. I am proud to be your classmate in Second PUC at SAC Manglore.

  • DERICK, M'LORE /ksa

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    wishing you all the best in your future as you celebrate doctors day.May god bless you with all the happiness and good health

  • Naveen Alva, Bellare/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Anna,
    We are all proud of your achievement. May god bless you and your family.

  • Ganesh.G.S, Mangalore/Singapore

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear sir ur a great physician.Wishing you all the sucess in future,God bless u..........

  • Akhila Rao, Mangalore/ Qatar

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    You are the best. It is because of you i am alive today. Thanks a lot for keeping up to my parents hope and for getting back their smile.

  • DR P RAMACHANDRA BHAT, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Hansie,

    It is nice to see your interview on Daijiworld. I totally agree with your comments on modern day medical practice and falling standards of medical ethics. I hope you use your status and goodwill to curb on the nuisances of alternative medicines and create a level playing field for everyone. I am immensely thankful to the media for publishing an interview of a great doctor who had treated my mother and friends with great humility.

  • anu, delhi

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    We need good doctors .... Happy Doctors Day!

  • siddarth, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dr.Hansraj has a smiling face and kind words even if its mid night and you can see him looking tired . Wish you all the best sir

  • Mohidin, Mangalore / Dammam KSA

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Doctor, your answer to the first question is shows the reality of the world, You are one of the best doctor in our city serving the society, May Allah give you more knowledge, strength & health to serve the needy (Ameen), we pray for your family too


    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr.Hansraj
    wishing you all the best in your future as you celebrate doctors day.May god bless you with all the happiness and good health.

  • Shirly Aranha, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dr. Hansraj,

    Its nice article i appreciate the same when you wrote we treat patient like God and Hospital like temple that's should be the spirit of each and every Doctor in the world.

    Can you please forward your email address so that we can write to you some problems of health.


  • Saleem, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr.Alwa, Congratulations for this special day. i have consulted you many times. not only for me, my mother & wife as well. i am really impressed da way you treating your patients. In Mangalore if anyone would like to prefer a physician to be consulted, you are in the top list. I believe this is not bcoz of the advertisement or popularity, itz absolutely bcoz they have faith & trust in you. I have some issues which is embarassing the patients & dissappointing them to visit again. Most of the patients visitng from far distance and the counter staff making unjust giving priority to thier freinds,relatives etc. i would suggest to put a strong instructions to them to adhere the appointment system strictly. Please focus on this issue. thatz all i wish to say. Have a great life ahead. Regards.

  • Abdul Gani ( Chanda ), bikarnakatte/kudla

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear Dr.Hansraj,
    How are you. its very happy to see & read u r contents. i fully agree with this. visiting mlore coming week, meet u inshallah, wish u all the best in u r kind profession, rgds to & u r fly.

  • hamid, dubai

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    may allah give u more strength and health to serve the people.

  • p.m.saleem razak , mangalore/muscat

    Thu, Jul 01 2010

    Dear DR.Hansraj

    wishing you all the best in your future as well as your vinaya hospital & research centre and my humble request is please help your poor patient as much as you can.

  • Anil Kamath, Attavara Mitha Mogoru/Dubai

    Wed, Jun 30 2010

    Dear Mr Hansraj,
    Wishing you all the sucess in future as you celebrate doctors day. I take this oportunity to thank you for your dedicated service to the society. I still rememebr our child hood days. You are one of the dedicated doctor, because still remember when my father was sick, the service rendered by you to my father (Highland hospital)is still a memorable which cant be thanked by wordings. I pray god to keep you in good health and serve the poor society as you are doing it right now. May god bless you and your family.

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