Beware of Hidden Cameras..!

Jun 14, 2010

These days we hear about modern gadgets being used or rather misused for a variety of reasons.  With mobile cameras within the reach of the common people we have also come across instances where trusted friends and sexual partners exploit the situation and blackmail their partners with threats of making public intimate scenes shot during sexual acts.  These days there is a lot of awareness about hidden cameras in hotel rooms and trial rooms of important malls and shopping centers. Still many people are becoming victims to the machinations   of the evil minds who are out to exploit innocent people.  Hidden cameras are fixed in hotel rooms trial rooms and the innocent public oblivious of the hidden gadgets fall prey to the evil designs of such rogue elements.

While this is only the softer side of the hidden camera there is danger lurking with hidden cameras capturing the most intimate physical acts.  The worst part of this is that even a person who you think is known to you and you and you consider being safer might prove to be the culprit trying to take advantage of young girls.  Of course, most people recognize the danger from someone who is not known to them.  But there is also the possibility of danger waiting from the known persons who might take advantage of the relationship and exploit by capturing sexual acts through hidden cameras and then sell it off for a price.  These exploits of hidden cameras are also often used to blackmail girls and compel them to go in for such acts repeatedly for the fear of safeguarding their reputation and honour and also save themselves from the humiliation.    

One can avoid being in such a cataclysm by taking certain preventive measures to decrease the chances of being taken for ride.

Do not go to strange places.  Capturing of intimate scenes through hidden cameras takes place in seedy    hotels or in apartments of those you are going with.  If you do not know someone very well, make sure you avoid going to that place.   Moreover, if he or she suggests a hotel think of the one that you would rather go.  If the other person is insistent there is definitely a red flag there.  There are plenty of hotel owners who arrange certain rooms fitted with hidden camera   for allotting the same to regulars for which they get a cut from the sale of the steamy sex videos they intend to sell. 

Secondly equip yourself with bug detectors.  There are high-tech bug detectors with a capability to detect electronic equipment.  There are even detectors that can find blue tooth and other wireless technology.  By doing a sweep of the room to locate hidden cameras you can make sure of becoming a victim of hidden camera.  

Especially   ladies whenever you go to any trial room you can do the following test. 

Make a call from your cell phone inside the trial room.  You should be able to make a call if there is no hidden camera.  If there is hidden camera the trial room call will get disconnected as Bluetooth device of camera will interfere with the cell. 

In fact, there is no reason to become a victim. With little caution and with a sharp eye one can avoid being an unknown party (victim) of such shady deals perpetrate by those who are out to exploit the innocent.

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by Rashi Bajaj - Bangalore
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Comment on this article

  • Hardik patel, Ahmedabad

    Thu, Jul 21 2011

    Please send me a email containing the reason of that i want to know about that.

  • priya, hyderabad

    Sun, May 01 2011

    very good article. it gives awareness to the innocent people.

  • Chakravarthy, mumbai

    Sat, Aug 07 2010

    Mr. Reuben, if you have not come across any such facts it is fine. You can tell your friends that nothing to worry and no need to exercise any caution. Because in this world all human being are good people and there are no criminals in this world. Go on Mr. Reuben

  • afreen, dubai

    Sat, Jun 19 2010

    reema bangalore wat is miss bajaj iz only for gud and if u feel it iz wrong thn it k....bucause its ur mentality.

  • Uday Rodrigues, Jeddah/KSA

    Sat, Jun 19 2010

    Dear Miss. Rashi Bajaj,. Good article, infact it’s an eye opener for the youth especially for the young women. But some of the facts are not right. I remember I had received a mail circulated from my friend months back with the same points about Bluetooth & hidden camera. Sorry to say.

  • KJM, Bangalore

    Fri, Jun 18 2010

    The information given by Ms.Bajaj is correct.Whether you are in the electronics industry for 7 years or 70 years Ms.Bajaj not need not know your expertise in electronic field.She only wants to warn the common people what's going around the city.May be in melbourne hidden cameras are not necessary because everything is made free to public.

  • Reuben, Mangalore/Melbourne

    Fri, Jun 18 2010

    Dear Ms. Bajaj. Can you please tell us from where do you get your facts confirmed? Cause being in the field of electronics for the past 7 years, I never heard of such facts till now

  • Mahesh S Kotian, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 17 2010

    Best way to protect yourself indoubtful environment is to cover ones face (identity).Cover the face just like faces of criminals are covered.Always carry a cotton bag with holes for eyes and nose and use it in toilets/bathrooms etc.

  • Wilfred Crasta, Jeddah/Kasaragod

    Wed, Jun 16 2010

    Dear Ms. Bajaj, Now from where Fiber-optic cable came from? Do you mean that hidden cameras connected with Fiber-optic cable? Fiber optic cable used for high speed networks. hidden cemeras can be wired or wireless. if wired,they must be using Cat5/6 cables. not fiber-optic. please check your facts..

  • Prakash Fernandes, Uppunda/Calicut

    Wed, Jun 16 2010

    Good article..parents can keep mind About Their Chidern.. This is Helpful to all parents...

  • adshenoy, mangloor

    Tue, Jun 15 2010

    The good, bad and the ugly. Humanity is victim of its own technology.
    Its like companies creation virus and sell anti-virus software.

  • lohith, mangalore/abu dhabi

    Tue, Jun 15 2010

    Good articale...
    india need some strict laws, bad luck our politicians are still sleeping.....

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Tue, Jun 15 2010

    There should be a separate High-Tech Police Wing to make a regular check on all such places where they can misuse their premises through hidden devices. If such places are detected, they should be arrested, fined, license suspended and if the crime is very serious they should be jailed. The authority should give a wide publicity of such shady places so that their reputation is tarnished. The common public should help this High-Tech wing of the Police with information, if they find any because we don’t know who will be the next victim.

  • Naveen Shetty, Mangalore

    Tue, Jun 15 2010

    What about famous Mysore Mallige episode?

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Tue, Jun 15 2010

    Some Sensational Incidents..Thanks to Hidden Cameras
    1.Swami Nityananda was exposed with actress Ranjitha
    2.N.D.Tiwari(87years,former Central Minister & ex-Governor Andhra was seen having sex with 3 girls)
    3.Karnataka Minister,Halappa Raping Chandravati.
    4.BJP leader,Bangaru Laxman taking bribe who said it was for party fund.(ref:Tehlka)
    5.Mutalik asking 60 lakhs for creating communal violence-(Tehlka)
    6.Legend Australian spin Bowler Shane Warne was caught having sex with 2 models !
    7.Duchess of York ,Sarah Ferguson demanding 5% commission !
    List is endless,I think 7 points are enough for the time being.

  • rashi bajaj, bangalore

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Guys incase of hidden cameras if you make a call from your cell inside trial room you can't do so due to the interference of fibre optic during the signal transfer......Its proven fact

  • donald, Toronto

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    This Western Culture has put our Great Indian Culture is in grave risk and danger,Technology has helped their evil designs,I pity the youth of today who fall a prey to all temptations and get involved and go and have sex with each other and once these hidden camera's get the photograpgh and the rest is history

  • Wilfred Crasta, Jeddah/Kasaragod

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    First of all , I don’t agree that Bluetooth has something to do with your Mobile phone functionality.
    The most deadly scandalous videos are self shot or shot by friend, wife or husband not of hidden cameras. Self shot videos are more clear where as hidden camera videos are normally very blur and difficult to identify the faces. So better to follow these guidelines.
    1. Say NO to pictures which you don’t want to seen by the public.
    2. Say NO to capture intimate moments in Camera. Do not fall into the trap of your mate.
    3. DO NOT keep these videos in your laptop/mobile. These gadgets can be stolen.
    4. If you have these kind of images/videos in your laptop and your device stopped working and you cannot boot it, ask the technician to remove the hard disk in front of you and destroy the hard disk it at your home. It is better to lose few thousand rupees than your pride.
    5. Keep the lights off at the hotels when you get intimate with your partner.
    6. Check the hotel room for the bugs while checking in.

  • SCrasto , mangalore

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Tom Cat What I understood by the article is that it is a warning for the young generation who engage in these activities before marriage. Which is cheap in my knowledge. Teach the Young generation to stay away from such acts. Dont just teach them how to safeguard from cameras.

  • Mohammed Nooman, Mangalore / Dammam

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    @Reema, Bangalore: read the article again and the comment you will get the answer!

  • Melwin Pais, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Very nice Article Well known topic but feels personal when i read it from daijiworld.

    I hate to ridicule efforts but possibly, i couldn't buy the bug detection method. Hidden cameras (generally CMOS/CCD versions) could be wired or wireless. You could carry a RF detector or other variations of bug detectors. Difficult to look for all places using a flashlight either. There could be "Two Way Mirrors" as well and high resolution cameras could be hidden behind them as well.

    Whenever i go for shopping, I'd not open up what hidden cameras shouldn't be seeing!

  • Nelson S, Mumbai

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    its not necessary that if there is bluetooth or camera we cannot make a call.this is absolutely wrong inf.there are many cameras in the mall. if u stand under them and make the call, then too the call is successful.and it's not affordable for everyone to carry bug detector.however thanks for creating awareness

    Second thing: some couples itself come with the foolish idea of capturing thier intercourse (or love making) as remembrance then wats the use of crying then. Also stop these foolish practices

  • abdul rawoof , Riyadh / k.s.a

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    thank you very much rishi, she is absolutely right.
    the best way is when u r inside the hotel room try to change u r bed direction. because may be they already fix the camera to u r bed place.

  • mohd haneef.benzagar, Dammam .k.s.a

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Sach a good and public awarnees this article. this article good for every one speiclly for college stundent. teachers give advice for stundents in class.

  • Santhosh, Caribbean

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Hidden camera's are hidden, one can not see in any case. It can be a wired too. What about built in memory camera, They are stand alone, not wired neither wireless! Now days camera's can be in any shape/design. Even the professional can't find. Only you can trust GOD.

  • Philip, Kinnigloy/Dubai

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Many Thanx to you aboobaker uppala. You have provided simple solution to all the evil looming on our generation.

  • aboobaker uppala, UPPALA,KASARAGOD

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Follow the scriptures of your sacred or holy books.All the warnings are there.But still in the unknown places and public comfort rooms the females should be extra care.anyhow the article is a eye opener for the unknown people and it may continuely make awareness among the people on a timely manner.

  • Priyanka, Punjab

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Good article Rashi..thanks for the valuable information..keep writing

  • Prakash L Shettigar, Udupi/UAE

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Good article from Rashi Bajaj,also need more information like any other devices to educate the public for awareness about hidden cameras.

  • Ronald, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    I agree with shaik shakeel, mangalore, he has given a very good technical information. What has the bluetooth device to do with making a call? moreover all phones do nto have bluetooth devices in them. Has the author or anyone verified that this to see if this actually work?. I have no idea how a hidden camera would impact making calls from the mobile phone.

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Hidden Cameras !! Hundreds of Blue Film CD'S are available in the market.Thanks to HIDDEN CAMERAS ! Many young girls/women committed suicide ,once again...thanks to HIDDEN CAMERAS ! Couple of months back, famous hotel in Calicut-Sagar Hotel(Kerala) was closed for 4 days because one idiot employee of the hotel kept Hidden camera in the ladies toilet room which was found by one lady customer and she complained to police.Poor hotel owner started banging his head against wall because hundreds of people visit his hotel everyday.Hidden cameras are more dangerous than bombs !

  • Reema, Bangalore

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    What does one mean by illicit activity in hotel room? If one has gone for an outing/vacation with a spouse? Why do people always have negative thoughts?

  • Pradeep, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    I agree with Shaik Shakeel.

  • Ronald MGM , Udupi

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Do the Nail test before undress inside trial room,
    touch u r nail to the mirror perpendiculerly... if thers small gap between your tip of the nail and the image of nails tip in mirror, then it is safe. If the tips touches each, then be becareful, some one or some camera from otherside of mirror monitors u!!!!

  • Mohammed Nooman, Mangalore / Dammam

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    It is a good article on how to be cautious in the trial room... but about the hotel room it’s like you are encouraging the illicit activity / relationship (except for the married couple). The best way in all ways is not to indulge in such activity which is unacceptable by the society and religion.

  • Tom Cat, Mangalore/ Saudi Arabia

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    SCRASTO, MANGALORE what is definition cheap act, How cheap is cheap. Doing the same act in once house when no one there, will also be said cheap act.


    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    If one is engaged in such cheap act why worry of hiddin camera then.

  • Noor H.S, Shirur/Dubai

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Such a Good and Public awarness Article. Thanks Ms. Rashi introducing a new trick for searching hidden Cameras.

  • Ayyub/Saudi, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    thanks good job keep it

  • shaik shakeel, mangalore

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Bluetooth frequency:79 bands of 1 MHz width in the range 2402-2480 MHz.
    GSM networks operating in the 900 MHz or 1800 MHz bands
    I doubt if there are bluetooth devices you cannot make a phone call.
    The phone works on gsm/3g signals, it has nothing to do withthe bluetooth functionatlity.Kindly verify the fact.

  • Felix lobo, Bajpe/Saudi Arabia

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Thanks Rashi,good work.keep writing.

  • peter, kundapura\mangalore

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    very good.this article good for young teachers give advise for students in classes.

  • steve, Sharjah

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Does our culture says to have these types of acts? If a person really aware what she/ he doing mean the consequences also obvious and it is very well known to them.

  • RJ Avinash, Udupi/Kundapur/Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Good "Warning" article. ...

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