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Jun 13, 2010

"You have always recruited seasoned Engineers with minimum 15 years of experience, how come this time it's a fresh graduate??" asked Andrew to my CEO during our corporate dinner in Canada a few months back. Almost instantaneously Mike spoke up saying "He must have had a rigorous interview". Recognized for wise and tough decision everyone starred at my CEO, as he prepared his answer scrupulously sipping on to his drink. "Recruiting a new graduate was a well planned experiment, I am sure Sudeep will develop excellent technical skills which will be a good asset to our company". was his response.

2009 can be described as an "Unfortunate year" for new graduates specially in the United States. Owing to the economic recession thousands of skilled Engineers/Technicians became unemployed, resulting in a tough competition between the skilled and the new graduates, the ball definitely rolling towards the seasoned.

In addition to these miseries, my (future) job responsibilities inclined more towards Computers and Electronic Engineering, while I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. To make things worse, my CEO was from the US navy, who followed a stringent recruiting procedures. After all these shocks , my future colleagues informed me that there would be six rounds of interview, most of them being technical. Hearing this the fear within me increased while my hopes began to decrease. The Days and nights preceding my interview were appalling, my days were filled with Stress and anxiety, while nights were filled with weird creepy dreams. As expected I was informed that there would be 6 interviews spread over a span of 4 weeks.

Night before the Interview: My dad had once told me that, the night before his CA exam, instead of revising, he drank a bottle of beer to keep his stress low. This was his secret of success in passing his CA exam in the first attempt. Recalling this "Golden Advise", I began sipping beer while I casually glanced through the Company's website. The fear within me shot up progressively as I encountered products/softwares/concepts/words which I had never heard off. (The beer failed to do its job of reducing stress!). After losing 50% of my hopes I finally forced myself to bed.

First Interview: "I would like to acquire images from a distance of 100 meters, what resolution camera/optics will I need to use to obtain a clean image?" This was the first question posed to me, even before I settled properly. Even though I was a new graduate, I was well acquainted with the Fundamentals of physics, after performing some quick calculations on a sheet of paper provided to me, I promptly answered "Data Insufficient, Object size not given". ( This was not the first time I answered that way, when I was Pursuing my B.E in India under VTU university, many questions in the exams had missing data, so we were in fact well trained to write/say 'Insufficient data'). In response to my answer my CEO stared at me and said "You show no fear in answering, do you??". Immediately 5 more questions followed which were in fact tougher than the first one. I felt as though I was spinning on a roller coaster.... Managing to answer all the questions, I cleared my first long interview.

Lessons to learn:

It is not possible to replicate the answer that is expected by your interviewer, this is because he is a seasoned engineer with good hands on experience. The interviewer wants to know how confident you are in your answer and how strong are you in your fundamentals.

Never get bowled by the questions posed to you. if you do not know the exact answer "beating round the bush may help", but do not remain mum.

When answering a question look directly into the eyes of the interviewer/s. This shows that you are courageous, capable of communicating effectively and have faith in yourself/your answer.

Final Interview: The second, third, fourth and the fifth interview were similar to the first one but with higher degree of complexity. 

Many of us think that the final interview is a easy shell to crack, because of the fact that the company management has already made a decision of hiring us and that the final interview is basically meant for signing contracts/NDA agreements.

In my case (in many other cases too) the final interview was a tough one. This task of conducting the final interview was entrusted to the "Engineering Manager", who was highly skilled and knowledgeable with the company's products and software's. After a few technical/personal questions, I was escorted to the Lab and given a software to learn and then asked to explain its functionalities. To be honest in my whole life/career I had never  heard nor seen this software. Sitting in the lab I began playing with the software hoping to have some idea about its working but to my utter dismay the software stopped working and I had to reboot the whole computer. Wow, 90% hopes that I had of being recruited slashed to 10%. I began staring in all direction to see if my manager (would be) was standing somewhere and laughing at my expense. With God's grace the computer booted up quickly and I was able to open the software, immediately my manager walked in with a sarcastic laugh and asked me if everything was "okay" and if I was ready to answer his questions. Giving no room for me to reply he began asking questions, luckily his questions were concept oriented rather than software. I could answer most of them, the few that I dint answer were from the controls of the software, which I could not learn because of the computer hanging (Damm!!!). After three long hours of battle I finally got home. 

Lessons to Learn:

Never take final interview for granted, this interview might be the toughest and may weigh heavier than other interviews.
Never say "I DONT KNOW", this shows you are not attempting to answer.

Use the Two G's extensively (God and Google). I missed the questions based on software controls basically because I never googled to study the software.


I was informed that the company management would let me know their decision after seven days. 

On the seventh day, I was expecting a call between 10-11 AM. At 10.50 AM I received a call from my CEO, being nervous I dint not pick the call (What a mistake!!!), however my CEO left a message which read "As promised to you earlier, we have made our final decision, please call me ASAP". Reading this message I was nervous and began to sweat profusely ( In fact this was the first time I was sweating copiously in US). Gathering all my shattered courage I called back. My CEO had the following words to speak

"Congratulations. We are pleased to offer you the post of an Application and Sales Engineer at our company, please do accept our offer".

Ever since then It's been a pleasure for me to work for this new company.

Even though many a times we may find it extremely hard to move on in life,

'Never Give Up"

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by Sudeep Gonsalves - USA
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Comment on this article

  • Roslyn, Shirva

    Sat, Jun 19 2010

    Good Article!!! I liked it! Thanks Sudeeep..

  • Placida, Dubai

    Sat, Jun 19 2010

    In my opinion, without knowing the subject well one cannot answer the interveiw questions, demontrate the job nor have confidence, so I think best advice to younger generation (fresh job hunters) is to put hard work and study the subject well. Also pray to Almighty God to give you the fruit for your hard work.

  • Janardhan Billava, Padukone/Bangalore

    Wed, Jun 16 2010

    It is really nice article. ..Thanks for sharing your awesome experience in job are right we should not give up our efforts till the end...We should have "Can Do" attitude forever..thanks once again .

  • G. Dsouza, Mangalore, Dubai

    Tue, Jun 15 2010

    Thanks Sudeep once again and Langoolacharya. Forwarded the same to my son. He is been applying for 6 months now and even attended job fairs in the campus. We do not have influence in US and hope 3 G's will work in our case. If you guys have more info pls email: Peter, experienced persons we are i think we should encourage the youth to come out. Nice to see them on daijiworld as this is family kind of forum and they are interested to know what is going on around them and to share their experiences. From my children I observed that youth do not carry baggage and are honest. Cheers Sudeep, Anil (appreicate your writings also) and all youth out there. God Bless you all.

  • lucky, vizag

    Tue, Jun 15 2010

    very nice thought

  • Peter Carvalho, Mangalore

    Tue, Jun 15 2010

    Mr.Sudeep, I was trying to help you out because your sentence meant something else.Please do not have any hard feelings.Nothing personal here.And through my 32 years of job experience atleast I have found Influence plays an imporant role in getting you a job.

  • adshenoy, mangloor

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    A potential candidate has been decided sometimes even before an interview. All subsequent interviwws just confirm the first. and many a times just a routne. Be what you are and what you know. Do not fake or blabber.

    Certainly contacts help and many a times its a sure when somebody has tech knowlege and education.

  • Sudeep Gonsalves, USA

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Its easy to find the speck in other people's eye, when you have a log in your own.

    if you think you have a better understanding about Vitamin I and how to get recruited, then please go ahead and write your own article.

    Please do not comment if you have nothing valueble to say other than criticism.

    Thank You for your consideration.

  • Anil Dsouza, Halealve/Cardiff

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Sudeep, Excellent one dude. TAlking about VTU, i am sure if the interviewer was not from the US navy, one could blabber a Hindi movie song and still get a job . Is nt it ??? :)

    Congrats on your job and yes " NEVER GIVE UP" writing :)

  • Peter Carvalho, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Good article Mr Sudeep.I liked the content.Your heading and content do not match at all.Moreover 3g's are not sufficient in getting you a job(Mr Dsouza: Vitamin I is always needed.. 75%cases atleast)
    PS Sudeep:Your previous comment should have been "If not it will be trashed in no time" rather than"If not it will be thrashed in no time."

  • anithadsouza, bantwal/india

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    good article

  • Sudeep Gonsalves, USA

    Mon, Jun 14 2010

    Dear Mr. D'souza:
    The economy has been picking up steadily but there is a tough fight between New Graduates and Experienced. Vitamin I is indeed beneficial to get your resume to the Manager (CEO), If not it will be thrashed in no time.

    According to your message your son is on OPT (Optional practical training), there is nothing to worry if he does not secure a job in 3 months. He can very well request his University to enroll him in Voluntary Program, thereby extending his Legal status.

    There are other ways in which he can stay in the US legally, but i prefer not to explain them here.

  • Monisha, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Well said about three G's,for this generation it is important that you be prepared to face any new challenges that comes your way like you did and confidence , eye contact shows how you can face challenges

  • Langoolacharya, Belman/USA

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Dear G Dsouza, Mangalore, Dubai,

    Job market in US is improving not improved yet.

    Officially 10% of US citizens are unemployed, if you are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident(AKA Green Card) you get unemployment allowance(about USD 2000 monthly), so they are not effected much, but for Student Visa(F1s), and H1-Bs life is more difficult, since they dont get any unemployment allowance.

    As far as I know there is no influence peddling in US, I think your son should see employment web sites like monster and dice or see company websites and apply online...

    Things are improving, earlier every month over all people were loosing jobs, now there is overal job gains.

    Please advise your son to have patience, and God willing his day will certainly come....

    Jai Hooooooooooooo

  • shaan, Manglore

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    it is not big deal? every one can do if will power....

  • G Dsouza, Mangalore, Dubai

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Thanks Sudeep. Well written. Rarely we get this kinda informative readings. Our son graduated this year from US. No job offerings yet. Is vitamin I (ie influence)necessary in US Or only 3 'G's are enoough? Anyone out there can elaborate or help how the job market for undergraduate engineers studied in US? If one do not want to join for Masters within 3 months they have to find a job or to leave the country. Is there any job agencies who can help to get H1 visa? Thanks in advance.

  • Langoolacharya, Belman/USA

    Sun, Jun 13 2010


    Thanks for sharing your expeience with other folks, hopefully it will help them in reducing their stress before job interview/s.

    We at General Dynamics are given stress balls to play with in case of stress!

    My Director sits a few feets from me , and I hear him interview atleast 3-4 Engineers every day, you are right being confident is very important, but confidence comes only if you know your subject well....

    What surprised me last friday, Eric was interviewing for the post of Equipment Engineer(Required experience 5 years), the candidate was having 20 years of experience, and was working as Director himself...Eric was honest enough to tell me, this guy is more experienced than himself!, I am mentioning this just to mention, job market in US is improving not improved.

    I am not talking about H1-Bee!(B), here...US born and studied guy...

    Hope better days are ahead of us.

    Jai Hoooooooooooooo

  • D M D Souza, Bantwal

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Good reading, expect more from u. I know your dad personally, as he too was a guest in our cousin's family gatherings & functions from a long time( when I was kid), I had heard him speak, & now its pleasure to read your articles as well.Wish u 'n' your family all the best in future as well.


    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Good article Mr. Sudeep. I liked the concept of drinking beer to cool down the stress.
    "oonche niche raaste aur manzil teri door. rahon mein rahi rukna jana hokar ke majboor"

    God bless u. - lage raho sudeep bhai.

  • Reuben, Mangalore/Melbourne

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Good article buddy. Hilarious and informative at the same time. Well written and not to forget congratulations on the job.

  • Arjun, India

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Good advice, thanks for sharing Sudeep.

  • Gratian Gonsalves, Mangalore/Baton Rouge

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Good article Sudeep. But you forgot the 4th and most important "G" - "Good Upbringing" by your parents.
    So proud of you.
    Uncle GG

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