China - India Bhai Bhai..

May 18, 2010

After a long time I was wondering what to write about as I was not getting topics, even when the world is bustling with new inventions, discoveries and of course controversies. I thought I would write something on catholic culture, but then was scared of the storm it would create J.Then my mind wandered to love, but again experience was a factor as I have not fallen in love yet. The above sentence is deliberately written, so that some good looking girl would write to me. Remember my email id ?. I have asked the publisher to publish a good photograph of mine along with this article. I hope he won’t charge a fee for matrimonial. I am going to write on a completely unexpected topic. CHINA Bear with me ….

China is one among the subjects in my course and I thought why not write about it as many of us in India seem to underestimate its might and have real bad impressions about its products. I am going to write this article in lighter vein so that the readers are not driven to boredom, and I hope you change your opinion (if you had any) after this reading.

The first word which used to come to mind when I bought one of the Chinese made swats was “Oh rubbish, hope I can use it for 3 months”. But, I still bought them, not once but every now and again. Why? It’s cheap. I am sure many of us have also gone through similar experience as mine. By the way, our perception of relating inexpensiveness to quality can be compared to the story of fox and sour grapes. Ability of China to mass produce cheap and good quality products has taken it to the position where it is today. We in India are busy manufacturing Software Engineers and MBA’s, apart from ridiculing Chinese made products.

“When US sneezes, rest of the world catches cold”. Thanks to a friend who doesn’t speak to me nowadays, for letting me copy this cliché. When the rest of the world is reeling under the known and awaited ill effects of recession, China seems to be enjoying good economic health and has also put US in a place where it hurts the most. Recent reports indicate that China holds around $755 billion of US treasury securities and recent denial to a suggestion by Mr. Obama to revalue their currency(Chinese) clearly indicates the might and power China can flaunt in the years to come.

Where does India stand amidst all this mess? We are not doing badly either. We must thank the then Finance Minister Dr Manmohan Singh for keeping our economy insulated from recession and be grateful that again he is at the helm of affairs this time around also. Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tough stance on Chinese diplomacy is praiseworthy too. India enjoys a powerful position in world economy, being a part of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).Well, to get there was a herculean task, but can we, as a nation, is able to sustain and improve this position? We certainly have the ability, but do we have the farsightedness and capable leadership to drive us right up to the top.

On Friday evenings, my roommates and I used to have talks on all these worldly issues and every time China’s mention came up, we used to pull it down stating it is just a bubble and will burst soon. But now I realize how wrong we were. I was more shocked learning that Chinese people have begun picking up English and I am sure our software engineers and companies will have a tough competition in future. We pride ourselves in our agricultural system, but are we really struggling to be a real agro-based superpower.  In some parts of South h Indian farmers depend on bulls and sickle and rain for a good harvest, whereas western economies use state of art technology and excellent irrigational facilities. As a vast landmass, we can dominate the world with our food production, but we are busy converting fertile land into cities. Fishing too is a sector which is badly neglected. People, who have money and who are non vegetarians, please give it a thought. New technology in fishing is almost unknown to India. Well even I do not know much, but I m sure there are ways to learn.

Being an industrial economy, Chinese success stories are numerous Eg: Lenovov taking over IBM’s PC business, companies like Lee and Fung, Haier, TCL springing up and taking the world by surprise. Their businesses are diverse unlike ours and we are not much into innovation and new product development. A survey shows that India has less number of patents filed than China, per year. One of the factors which may cause our downfall is our Political and bureaucratic system. In one of my previous articles I have said about the difficulties of getting a loan passed. Moreover some of the managers of the nationalized banks are unaware of the procedure of and cut a very sorry figure.  When they should have passed loans for tractors and other mechanized agricultural equipments, they are looking at ways to help the rich park their money safely.

In this age of internet, we are still using passbooks and cheques. It s not a sign of backwardness, but it is always good to keep pace with the rest of the world. Coming to Politics, well I always used to think that relatives of these politicians are the luckiest people on earth and in India it is true to the core. Corrupt politicians are ruling us and we like morons keep electing them again and again.

My class consists of as many as 75 Chinese students and theway they work hard is truly amazing. With a translator built in their phones, the way they cling on to each word of the professor is worth watching. Compared to them we Indians would be thinking which pub to go on after the class, which movie is going to be released on the Friday and which girl is the hottest in the class. Lately I have realized that girls are way ahead of boys in spotting guys. Guys do it shamelessly and girls shamefully J

Right now, the only advantage I see for us is the English language, which, I am sure in a couple of years, will fade away. It is time for us now to find new and different ways to gain an upper hand in the mad race for supremacy. One way according to me, though I am not qualified to make remarks is to improve our agricultural ways. I said earlier is resorting to scientific and organic ways producing organic products must be encouraged. Innovation is the name of the game. Education too plays a very important role. Strong basic education at the grass root level should be imparted by bettering the quality of teachers and facilities in the field of education.  I remember I had a written an essay (which was not worth publishing) on Indian education. Educational institutions of the UK and USA are extremely encouraging towards research unlike ours where mugging up is accorded top priority. A student who mugs up a numerical in math is considered a genius whereas a student who has calculated it using his own devices is considered dull.

One more major advantage China possesses is that the developments have mostly been in coastal areas and most of the villages still remain backward. But in India, the story is somewhat different and promising. I was quite fascinated by the Chinese story and their determination to be right there at the top and hence I have taken it as my major subject. I hope one day we will be able to overtake our neighbors and fulfill APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream.

As the title says, is it possible for these two powerful nations to join hands and crush the western world? Well I hope India will do well to become a superpower in the days to come. .  At the same time I sincerely wish that we become two healthy competitors and two successful nations incurring the envy of others. 


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by Anil D'Souza - Halealve
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Comment on this article

  • Veena Pereira, Ganjimuta/Andheri

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Nice article man...
    Thanks for sharing good info.

  • Madhavi, Mumbai/Guangzhou,China

    Tue, May 25 2010

    Dear Anil,
    This article made a good read to say the least...especially refreshing point of view and well written too. I have been in China for 4 years now and would agree with most of what you have put down. I have written something about China too, maybe I could mail it too you...I always feel that India has both manpower and brainpower-if tapped well we can go places.....!
    Good writing and much more ahead....Take care...all the best for the search for love!

  • donald, Toronto

    Mon, May 24 2010

    My dear friend you are right we after the Britishers left never took their good examples but we inculcated their bad habits like Alcohol,Smoking,gambling,Night clubs and going to horse Racing to gamble their,We are on the course of losing track of the rich Hindu culture of family life and devotion to God and we are trying to ape the western culture,They want to destroy the institution of marriage by promoting a male to live with another male as a companion and a female to live with another female as a companion and promoting gays and lesbians,Here in north America the instituiton of family is losing ground and religion is becoming fragile and faith in God is diminishing,See what is happening in Europe the very base of Christianity is leading towards Atheism,Materialism and no doubt China will become a Super Power and Europe and North America will be the slaves of China

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney, Australia

    Fri, May 21 2010

    Congrats Anil for an excellent article which I thoroughly enjoyed. Concised and well compiled one, vast improvement on your earlier articles, specially on the topic, Catholic Roce, where I was a bit harsh though. Well done and keep it up!

  • adshenoy, mangloor

    Fri, May 21 2010

    Dear Mr. Pawan,
    Value your comments. And agree China is the most talked about topic by nations and people around the world. Not because, China today but because what china was and still is. In recent times China has "clouting" because it has built an economy on cheap exports and exploiting its own people, supressing their rights and freedom and geo politics from Communism ideoologies and now the so called neo-communism cum capitalism.
    China is dumping goods around the world-cheap and undurable, from plastics to artificial flowers. China has immensly investing in Africa, exploiting raw material cheap at the cost of African continent.
    What America neglectd in Africa China has capitaised to take over the continent because China needs resources.
    America was a capitalistic exploiter around the world dominating and imperialistic now fallen to China, what I mean is China owns America.
    China needs America and America needs China for socio-economic survival and not because they love each other. America does not talk about human rights in China any more and if it does it is likely China will pull the plug on America.
    India is another growing economy. The sheer population once a curse talked about around the world now the same world embracing India for its consumeristic apetite and want to exploit India and its resources for self-gain.
    Capitalistic economy only makes the rich wealthier and poor the poor majority.
    India must have trade and economic policies made in and for India

  • Pavan, Karkala

    Fri, May 21 2010

    Dear adshenoy, Mangalore

    Article is written nicely and only has an ice-tip points of China v/s India which I feel is good enough to brainstorm where are we heading to in this centrury.

    I agree totally with your feelings/thoughts. no doubt. But what I would rather say, let us compare the best of China and adopt in our life-style/policies etc.

    Manufacturing - today they have a total QM, products are reliable and picking up like Japan. Abroad we only see their fraud products. But the ones that are manufucatured by the MNCs are superb, let it be toys or the tools.

    Arts - The whole globe likes their drawings, opera, marshal arts, etc etc. Their caligraphy is the superb. They write Chinese remarkably. Look at our writings which has deteriorated. Hoysala script is the beautiful for Kannada, Kakatiya is the best for Telugu, Grantha for Tamil, Nagari for N.indian languages, Roman for English during colonization. Today whatever we write may not be legible when we try reading it.

    Trade - They have the best reserve and policies. Exception is the customs ports are as worse as ours, so dont compare this one.

    Government is the most stable and they know how to place themselves secured, financially.

    Reglion: Tollerant, many are free-thinkers, value their heritage.

    Days are tough for us. With no resources, we had to depend on IT where no investments needed except UPS and lead batteries. Now China has picked up that too.

    "IF you cant beat, follow" is the best policy

  • donald, Toronto

    Thu, May 20 2010

    You have not estimated the danger when our country's neighbour overtakes US,Japan & Europe in world economic position and danger posed to India,It has already started weakening Indian politics thru Paki's and the Maoists and trying to infiltrate Indian political System,Our Politicians are busy playing Caste Card,Religion Card and boosting SC ST Card and not giving proper attention to the external forces which are distabilizing our country.If BJB becomes a secular party It can easily displace Congee and their is lack of proper matured Statesment in BJP its Engine is RSS which has ideology but lack of political experience

  • Flossy, Hanglore(Soudi/Riyadh)

    Thu, May 20 2010

    Anil Excellent Article After A long Time

    God bless you

  • adshenoy, mangloor

    Thu, May 20 2010

    India can never be China or China can not be India. Two different ideologies and two different set ups.
    Do we need a race between nations?
    What for?
    For example, Does Sweeden races with America? or looks after the country and its citizens.
    Let us Be India and look after our citizens rather than competing.

    Remember what rises will have a fall one day. Look at the history.

  • Terence, Mangalore/Charlotte

    Thu, May 20 2010

    Hi Anil,
    I think you hit the nail right on the head with your comments on innovation and product development.
    Keep the articles coming!!!

  • Jawar D'Souza, M'Lore/Doha

    Thu, May 20 2010

    Regarding the Indian Educationn system I think it need's a complete change from the K.G itself. We are thought that Ashoka Planted trees, Ashoka did that, what does that help instead it's better to give some Technical education like how the engine run's, how does Areoplane fly or something else, so some stundent's with talent toward's technical side will be able to develop it. Many thing's can be thought instead of teaching senseless thing's. I had seen a young boy 2nd standard trying to make a helicopter with a toy car motor I was really impressed.

  • Fatima Praveen Menezes, HALEALVE/KUWAIT

    Thu, May 20 2010

    HI Anil very good article specially for our students, you mentioned how Chinese students use translator built in their phones for their queries.KEEP IT UP.

  • REv.Fr.Vincent D'Souza, Alangar-Moodbidri

    Wed, May 19 2010

    Dear Anil,I enjoyed reading your Article . Its very good and real, make one reflect on himself.
    Keep it up Anil ,I am proud of you.
    God Bless you

  • Vivek Dsouza, Neelavar

    Wed, May 19 2010

    Again an enriching article, it’s true that our neighboring countries are blooming in all sectors, the reason would be there are pliable to any situation & receptive to new ideas. Hope India would be on the top some day & I wish some pretty girls may write to you also. Ha ha ha

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Wed, May 19 2010

    It is an educational article.
    If we can look at the pictures of
    China in 1980, and of today it
    is mind-boggling.

    A few centuries back, it was a
    competion in between the European
    countries for world supremacy, and
    the Great Britain won the battle.

    Then the fight was in between
    the leading countries of two divergent
    ideologies, in that battle, the
    U.S. won the game. (Russia/U.S.)

    Now, the tug of war is in between
    China and India to be the leading
    economic powers of this century.
    India has advantage to win the
    battle provided we create a
    peaceful working condition in India
    for foreign companies to invest
    capital. Besides, eradicate
    corruption and red-tape from top
    to the bottom.

    How many labour strikes are
    conducted in China? Hardly none,
    but in India, we still have the
    old demon of strikes which will
    paralyze the economic growth.
    Two typical states of India with
    the high concntration of strike
    virus are Kerala and West Bengal.
    Capitalists are afraid to look at
    that direction for investment.

  • Fedrod Daril Dsouza, Koteshwar/Bangalore

    Wed, May 19 2010

    Hi Anil Excellent Article after a long time.... Keep it Up....

  • Gilson, mangalore

    Wed, May 19 2010

    China is a Communist setup, India is a democratic setup.

    When a shootout happened in a school of china, the death was imposed on the cultprit the next fortnight. When a Paki Kasab killed innocent Indians and multinationals, the death is still not at the neck, year and a half lapsed.

    95% of the time,the human life is a routine. A chinese girl sends SMS of 40-50 lines with few fingers click within few seconds. The same would take for us, several tens of mins. Moreover Chinese do it with quality.

    They have one language, spoken 100% of the people. We have Hindi - but how many would speak/accept?

    They celebrate one New YEAR (Chinese New Year), irrespective of cast and creed. We have Ugadi, Makara Sankramana, Gregorian, Vesaki, and what not. They have golden week,where everybody would be given compulsory leave, we have different holidays across.

    China was colonized by British/Japanse but no influence/signs of English/Japanese. India is colonized forever.

    When you buy a Sumeet mixie,you need johnson handy plast for the wounds during vessel wash and you pay a deer for mixie and the wounds. You buy a high end chinese product, it does not happen and the price you pay is 20%.

    You go to jail to complain, police would not accept FIR, and you are locked up. But in China, it would not happen that way.

    In India land can be encroached, grabbed, politically looted. In China, land belongs to Govt.

    Look at China Silk, ceramic and see its quality for the last 10000yrs.

  • Jane Dsouza, kallianpur

    Wed, May 19 2010

    Nice article, well written, and inspiring too as it comes from a young writer who can make some changes at the grassroots for the future generation. We need not compare we know our potentials, yet we go in searech of greener pastures n our politicians only make their foundations stronger for them n their familes, n then think of the nation. I wish our younger,energetic n educated youngsters get into the political scenario n make a change with which we need not compare ouselves but dream of a self sufficient INDIA.

  • Vinod Dsouza, Bangalore / Kuwait

    Wed, May 19 2010

    Hi Anil
    Its too good Article to read.
    What you have written thats true.
    keep it up.

  • Anil Dsouza, Halealve/Cardiff

    Wed, May 19 2010

    Thanks for the appreciation.
    I would love to add something on Family values here too.China is a real tight knit community where family values are given high priority,whereas India nowadays is losing on this.

    Moreover,Indian enterpreuners must invest in China to learn from them.But amidst all these political, educational and cultural shortcomings,India has progressed and this is a fact worth taking pride ..Cheers

  • Shelma, Kundapur/Bangalore

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Hi Anil, an excellent article.. i do agree with ur thoughts on education as well as trade between china and India. As I ve seen Educational System Very closely I feel that we need to walk miles long to come upto a better position n education means just scoring marks out of out n not giving knowledge these days.. really need to think about it n also about the morals that the children of present generation carry...
    All the best Anil n thanks for giving such a thoughtful article

  • Theo D'Silva, Kadri/Mangalore/Toronto

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Dear Anil,
    We cannot say bi bi china but, we have to copy china. China is purely a communist State. Where population, corruption and inflation is controlled by the state. There is protection for poor by the minimum wages, subsidised housing, ration for food, free education and medical and social benefits for old and disabled people (which is socialistic).

    India has to change drastically to adopt these policies because of corruption and because of no check on inflation we cannot compete the share of wealth in manufacturing area. Our population is increasing at a very fast pace and because of demand there is huge inflatation. Unless, we change our corrupt democratic (capitalistic) policies, we cannot think of competing China.
    thanks, theo.

  • Suryatapa, Auckland

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Hey Anil...Long time :)
    Nice article. You have very rightly taken up these points which makes me wonder too. No offense but I feel India needs to gear up.

  • Jaison, mangalore

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Nice article Anil , Keep it up .
    Being in shanghai myself for over a year and a half now , i've seen it all myself .

    you cannot judge a country based on the products that are exported , its indias mistake that it allows imports of such cheap items . To be honest with you all , Do u all remember those cell phones which hit the market 2 years back with features like t.v in it , 2 sim cards , dual camera etc ?? those are really not the products which u get here or people buy here , I had been to a mall the 2nd week in china to get a cell phone for my self , and I had this idea that I can find the same old "chinese mobiles" here . but for my surprise out of 10 shops only 1 shop had those and that too it was not the same what is imported by india .

    The prices are not cheap here , the products that we find in india are those rejected from here , those are sold there .

    Goverment really supports trade.
    it has lot of fairs in different sectors , where the buyers from all around the world come over and book orders directly with the manufacturers .
    a flyover of around 300 kms takes 6 months to complete .
    just go to and search for any product , you will be shocked to see the suppliers in the mainland china , any product i mean .
    it has a very fast development trend , but still the greeneary is intact .
    Goverment offices the work is done within a days time where in india it takes years.

    India has to learn from these countries , or they will never improve.

  • Olivia Moras, Puttur / Toronto

    Tue, May 18 2010

    I appreciate this article. Anil I like your style of writing & your choice of subject is so good. Even all the comments by our readers are so thoughtful. Just to add one more aspect Chinese & Indians give so much importance to higher education. In North America we notice this so much. Indians & Chinese also maintain their high Credit limit and savings culture. We don’t see many Indians or Chinese defaulting in their payments.

    China appears to be advancing as a dominating nation. Recent sponsoring of Olympics is a splendid example. However China is all about cheap manufacture. Tons of factories are lying Idol in China today because of less market, USA opting more for home grown products. Recession has effected China so much. There’s so much happening in the internal issues which are unheard by the outside world. Example China’s One Child Policy, Slave scandal..Though China is trying to dominate the world it’s just impossible as their dominance comes mostly in the industrial & marketing field. They may be in our backyard but the brand is Chinese so it’s cheap.

    I see it’s easy for India if we keep our politics clean to dominate world economy. Why not one day. As such world is already shifting it's focus on us. Let's capitalize on it. It's all about positive thinking. Yes we can.

  • Jess Lobo, Belthangady, Kuwait

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Part 2(Continuation)
    Along with this the political leaders also a play very important role where our schools should help children learn to take opportunities around. Make them feel that they should do something different . I hope when that happens we would also be able to be like them( Chinese) who would top the world.

  • Jess Lobo, Belthangady, Kuwait

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Hey Anil, Its a good article which is so true.. I have seen Chinese here in Kuwait and worked with them in Dubai as well. They are very creative guys who have goals and visions in them. That makes me to feel that no wonders they are everywhere. They know how to attract the market and that is how they keep moving day by day. There was a day somebody saying " One day China Market would fall with their product quality". But it sounds a kind of weird to me, as the way they grow up with the kind of products available in the market.

    Their cheap labour is also an added advantage to them along with their attractive finishing of the products. I was surprised when I saw their “ Rakies” ( The bands which sister ties for brother on a Rakee day as per Indian Hindu culture ) sold in Indian market since 2002. It made me to feel that they learn about the culture of each country and comes with creative ideas. Well, I would also say, that our Indian education system need to give a thought on Innovation, where each week 2 hours should be spent on students to make them think out of the box and encourage them to make things instead of wasting their time in teaching them history, sociology which they would not carry out after school.

    I believe the concentration on practical classes should be more than theory which might attract many students to come up with different ideas. Our Indian education system should concentrate on finding solutions than cribbing about the problems around.( Part 1)

  • Manohar Veigas, UDUPI

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Dear Anil D'Souza appreciate your article on booming economy of China. But we should also agree that all this boom is at the cost of utter violation of human rights. The glaring example is of the recent Beijing Olympics where acres of land of the farmers were forcibly acquired and driven away by the Chinese Government for hosting the Olympics. Regarding the ties with China, it is notorious for aggression and spreads its tentacles as done on the soil of Tibet and Nepal, of-course in India through its ideologist Organisations here.

  • Thomas D'Mello, Kundapura

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Hi Anil,
    Nice to see you on this web after a long time.

    Good article. I am yet to read it fully.

    God Bless,

  • Clive, Kuwait

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Even in the Gulf, the Chinese are suddenly catching up by getting massive contracts int he oilfield sector. The only advantage for us Indians is our speaking and writing the English language much better both quantitavely and qualitatively.
    As far as the agricultural sector is concerned, other states should take a leaf out of Punjab state's book in order to increase their agricultural output. We cannot boost output through primitive methods.
    Let us not try to upstage China. Best thing would be to surprise ourselves. We can do it . that should be our motto for the future generations to come.

  • Ranjith , M'Lore / Kuwait

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Dear Anil well done nice article keep it going all the best

  • Sagar, Kankanady

    Tue, May 18 2010

    doubts abt hindi-cheeni being bhai-bhai, its more paki-cheeni bhai-bhai..china would never dis-integrate india. China considers india as a business rival more than military rival, china may create problems in common border areas, it will bleed india slowly thru pakistan and never let it allow india into a full blossomed economy, there is a saying-we can change parters of life but we canot change our neighbours we have to live with them with all risk involved. china is an export led economy - fundamentals of their economy is based on export and india is a domestic led economy - whatever we produce we consume as a nation and export is a bonus.. the largest natural business partner of china in near future would be india.

    western countries are not allowing to create a bloc amongst russia/china/iran/india/pak because they look us a big player in asia near future. BRIC Brazil Russia India and China is the next best thing..but then we must realise that in the current financial crisis, china has scored over us just by the sheer volume of their forex reserves in has emerged as the largest producer and US has emerged as the largest consumer going by the imbalances position... with the threat of sustained recession and a wave of protectionism looming large over the western world, china has to seek out markets for their export led growth and 20 - 30 Indian states all broken up may be a fragmented but a bigger market..

    nodoubt china already in our backyard..a big threat.

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Tue, May 18 2010

    China is already a Super Power and therefore not only the United States and India but the rest of the world should appreciate that fact. China's industrial advancement added with discipline and determination is something we all have to watch out and learn in our daily life. China has turned the entire African economy into a green revolution and that is what making some of the Western powers guilty. China's export of products into the United States today exceed far beyond threehundred billion dollars each year. The quality of products entering the United States borders from China are somewhat different in quality as compared to exports to other parts of the world due to our focus on quality and durability. China's good relations with India have to go hand in hand with the good relations between India and America because it is in the best interest of all the three nations whose current total population is nearing threethousand million people. India's peaceful co-existence is fully admired by the world, including America and
    China although each Power has their own political and economic Agenda. Our only major concern between India and China is the future scarcity of water for the growing population of both countries. We have to pray to God that the changing global climate will not diminish our glaciers and both India and China will have sufficient water at all times to meet our agricultural needs that will feed billions of people in the two major historic neighbours .

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Dear Anil D'souza..Good article because you selected good subject.Anyone can write lenghty novels about Religion or Love.But you wanted to be a special. Let me tell you about CM Yeiyoorappa's China trip. He praised Chinese farmers and Govt for maintaining wonderful agriculture.After returning from China,he replied to reporters that he visited China to study advanced agriculture and farmers life style & wanted to follow chinese method in know very well.Writer's last para "two powerful nations join hands" I think that is highly impossible as long as DALAI LAMA is living in India.

  • Santa Lopes, Lower Kasarkod

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Good article! A gigantic view and a holistic look, at China’s economy and its glorious developments. But the phrase “Corrupt politicians are ruling us and we like morons keep electing” is very negative and does not blend well in this article. Why one should blame others? Why not we change our attitude? There are dedicated politicians who work selflessly and vigorously. Yes! China is far advancing because of their politicians and at the same time because of their hard work. Let us create a good image of our politicians and give them our support . Thus we shall be able not “to crush the western world” but to grow ‘hand in hand’ with them!

  • Jawar D'Souza, M'Lore/Doha

    Tue, May 18 2010

    I think we should give prominence to Agriculture, Fish farming in tanks, cottage industries and try to create jobs in all Villages, and smaller Town's. We have a lot of Talent which is not used properly. First and foremost no encouragement and appreciation from Govt. All Govt schemes are only written on paper and kept in the files to accumalate dust. Money will be pocketed by the corrupt people. When Mr. Janardhan Poojary had intoduced the Sala Mela it was misused by some people. No one monitor's and gap's the loop holes.

  • leon, kemman/dhahran

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Nice article dear Anil.I was also adoring the CHINA and its communist rule and how wondrfully it is flourishing with its authoritarian agenda. I was pretty fascinated when I was in my highschool and college days. I was blindly praising chinese people and thier hard work and thier political systems till I started reading extensively about thier ideologies and future aspirations I was pretty alarmed about what they are going to bein few years and how they will enslave the whole world with communist philosophy. Thank God I have become a true nationalist and I am very proud of my free India.

    Whatever said and done even today we have some freedom of expression and free legal system . At least India doesnt slaughter people who are branded as political dissidents.The pastures always looks greener beyond the borders Its natural .W hen I was young I always thought that my neighbours are better than us and feeling depressed about mystatus. So if Anil writes anyarticle at China which criticizes the basic political issues then he would be in prison and one day he would disappear in thin air Thats why I love India Even thoughwe have shortfalls we openly discsuss we criticize our politicians we are always striving better openly not like China which is severely closed society.people blindly praise it as i was doing when I was ignorant God bless those ignorant people!

  • naveen d costa, kirem ( china , guangzhou)

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Dear Anil nice article all the best

  • Reyan, Kuwait

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Anil, well written article. But one thing I am surprised about China is, during this Car and motor generation we are not even have a single International renowned car/motor brand orgins from China. But we have vast of small kind of house made of things exported from china. It clearly indicates that China government is supporting small and domestic industries to fulfil the job requirements of rural people instead of going behind big industries which creates less job openings, whereas Indian companies are keen on acquiring world brands in motor industries which are benifiting other nations' workforce.

  • safwan, Al-Khobar

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Nice one,.. Hay guys by the way what we r doing here gulf???its time to move on,India has everythng for us right now.Its a rich country mate..

  • Joyline, Bangalore

    Tue, May 18 2010

    Way to go, Buddy !!!! Good one...

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