Ordinary yet Extra-ordinary...

Apr 20, 2010

Human beings choose various professions for livelihood depending on their family, educational and economic background. People with strong background get into good profession and gain high respect in society. The jobs of a doctor, engineer, industrialist, lawyer among others are highly regarded by people. But there are certain jobs which though very essential, go unrecognized. They are usually sidelined or underestimated. 

Men behind Camera 

In the glamorous world of movies, people usually give credit to the actors or the director. They spend hours discussing about the style of acting, direction, singing and so on. But hardly have they conversed about the men behind camera. 

Films would never exist without the hard work of a huge technical crew, beginning with the camera and finishing at the post-production room.

From building sets to editing the rough cuts into the final version, from making cool special effects to recording the sounds and voices of the actors, people involved in technical operations play an essential part in the making of a film or television programme.

The Construction Department includes all the workers responsible for building, painting and plastering the sets used in any production. These technical jobs, which range from carpentry to rigging, require professionals to display expertise in their craft and also strong creative abilities.

There would be no production if it wasn’t for the people responsible for shooting the images that we see on the screen; that’s the realm of the Camera Department. Operating the cameras in ways that enhance what is happening in the story requires a great deal of thought, preparation and hard work.

The Lighting Department has to make sure that the look and fell of the images captured on the screen is perfect.

Editors work closely with the Director to determine the way that the story develops and unfolds. They rework scenes in order to maximize a film’s potential and start working as soon as shooting begins. Scenes are shot and edited out of sequence, so Editors need to keep in mind a clear idea of the emerging story.  The magic of movies wouldn’t exist without highly skilled, behind-the-scenes technical staff.


When we travel in a bus or train especially on long journeys the main controller of our life is the driver. We travel without worry, some might even go to deep sleep but a driver can’t afford to shut his eyes even for a minute. The job of a driver is not at all easy. Errors can cost a job, and the license required for the work. Some bus routes are difficult, convoluted things, wearing on patience and time management skills.

The work of an ambulance driver too is important. He needs to reach hospital on time and save life of people. But does anyone talk about them..?

Nurses in Hospital

A nurse is an integral part of the health care profession. Nursing profession is just not a great way of making money. It is a holy profession of serving the human being. It demands skill, hard work and devotion. To become a good nurse, a person should have the qualities such as passion, interpersonal skill, presence of mind and commitment.

Without any hesitation a nurse takes care of a patient. Most of us cannot even imagine doing the job of a nurse. But think of a hospital without them…or ask yourself can you do all the tasks a nurse does..?


It is so easy for us to just visit a tailor and give him our measurement and the kind of design we need. But have u ever thought how beautifully he manages to give shape to a plain peace of cloth and makes it suitable for our wear? It takes a lot of time and patience to stitch a required dress. They need to be very creative and need to have a lot of concentrating power.

The work of a Cobbler also needs certain skills but it is one of the highly underestimated works. 


People often look down upon the cleaners in the hospitals, malls, hotels, offices, houses or even road cleaners. But imagine them not doing their work at all. Would you be comfortable at that particular place?

Watchman, Delivery boys

The work of a watchman calls for huge amount of perseverance and it is tiring too. Yet you find so many watchmen faithfully discharging their duties. They guard you and protect you. Isn’t it a great service?

Then it’s the men who deliver milk or newspapers to your doorstep. One day if they are absent or delay, you are upset. Aren’t you? So don you think they too deserve a bit of credit for their punctuality and good work?

Barber, Construction workers

Barbers make you look nice with the kind of haircut you want them to do for you. Incase if they are little distracted in between your entire look can be altered as haircut makes a lot of difference in your looks.

The credit to the beautiful houses or buildings usually goes to the engineers, architects, or the owners but who are the main people behind the formation of such wonderful structures? It’s the construction workers and the painters. Does any one name them once the building work is complete?

There are several other examples of most ordinary jobs but imagining life without them is quite hard. Every minute work has its own value and needs a particular skill. It is not possible for a single person to possess all the skills. So each one of us should learn to respect every kind of job, however big or small it is.

Veekshita Arasa - Archives:

by Veekishitha Arasa - Mangalore
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Comment on this article

  • AADI, Mangalore / Saudi Arabia

    Sun, Apr 25 2010

    Wonderful Article Viki. Keep up the good work and enthusiasm..

  • nishhit, manglore

    Sun, Apr 25 2010

    hi,,sis thats great to read u r articale.... keep it up,, all the best

  • Rolwin Naveen Mathias, Santhur Kopla

    Sat, Apr 24 2010

    Hi Veekishtha...Nice article...keep it up...but u forgot about our marketing...small companys marketings staff no much of future.....they simply do roadside business....u should write about them..they are really gr888888888888888....and u also...

  • poornima shetty, udupi

    Sat, Apr 24 2010

    Ordinary yet Extra-ordinary..... hey Veekshita its worth that you have highlighted those people who are always unseen.... its just like a candle is lit and it gets burnt but the candle doesnt mind becoming a wax .... Same way this people are hats off to them

  • RAGHAVENDRA.V, mysore

    Fri, Apr 23 2010

    This is the article that through light on the people who is really extra ordinary in life , some of the small elements which we never notice seriously in the journey of life, as in movies so many people work in behind the set, thousands of rupees spent on lights and we watch the movies in dark room ,and we never though of the guy who work in projector room , life is not a big deal its all about small small matters, which makes ordinary life to extraordinary , all these aspects are very well uted in the article Veekishitha Arasa keep writing

    (film maker)

  • Wilfred Fernandes, Udupi

    Fri, Apr 23 2010

    You have touched only upon people who affect people's life for things that are not basically required. It would have been more meaningful if you were to include the the farmer who wears a langoti and slogs either in the field or inhouse to provide various products essential for daily life to his fellowmen and get pittnace in return......

  • Dinesh, Blore/Melbourne

    Fri, Apr 23 2010

    This is the main reason why I left India for good. There is no dignity of labour in India whereas in Melbourne being a construction worker I have managed to get my own house and I am paid equally to a engineer or even more depending how many hours I put in. The trend has to change otherwise there will be no equilibrum of wealth

  • Tapan Kumar, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 22 2010

    really behind every sucess,, there is a work of great hardworking people... who r just unknown or just neglected by us..veekshitha di u have made us understand d small yet big things in an ordinary yet extraordinary way.. simple language, very easy to understand and keep in mind.. well done..keep in up!! fantasticc!!!
    Tapan Kumar

  • T ShivaPrasad Ariga, Oman

    Wed, Apr 21 2010

    Good topic ..
    I know a senior student from my school opting to be a school teacher despite being eligible for MBBS and Engineering.

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharajah

    Wed, Apr 21 2010

    Article reminded me some advice from Hi Bangalore Editor, Mr.Ravi Belagere to College Students couple of years ago.He wrote in Hi Bangalore that Why do you make Film Stars and Cricketers as your role model alwyas ? Have noticed school teachers service to society ? Have you noticed farmers contribution to society ? Have you noticed carpenters contribution to society ? WITHOUT THEM WORLD WILL NOT MOOVE, BUT WITHOUT FILM STARS AND CRICKETERS WORLD WILL MOOVE ! Pray to God that bless those who help society. Many thanks to writer for opeining the eyes of people.

  • Anand Dsilva, Dubai

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    The sense of having a white collared job is high amongst most of the Indians and in the course other professions are grossly undervalued and many times looked down upon.

    Many people are afraid of venturing fearing failures and choose jobs that are steady and in the process deprive the opportunity of realising their own potentials.

    In a way we are groomed to think that we must have an education and a steady job in a reputed co. But at the same time we also must realise that reputed co's or MNCs were also at some point started from scratch and in the initial stages the founders had to endure failures before converting into success.


    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Doctors,Engineers,Directors,Hero,Heroine,Architects,Builders,Business magnets .....bla bla bla.....Todays world recognises only these people and forget the other ones who are really @ work in building the nation ...Frankly speaking..a very good article ..Keep writing and all the best ...:

  • AADI, Mangalore / Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Hey viki its nice to read your article in daiji... Best of Luck and wish to see more..

  • Della Rego, Mangalore, Doha, Qatar

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Very good, simple article and of course true too. Most of us have forgotten about these essential workers who plays very important role in our day to day life. As a humanitarian act one should respect each other as a human being and not by their professions. Thanks daijiworld and Veekshita for enlightening us about the people behind the screen.

  • Ronald, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Good one Veekshita. Keep it up.

  • G.Sadananda, Mangaluru/Mangaluru

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Well written Veekishitha. Two other professions I would like to add are the soldiers guarding our borders both land and sea and firemen and rescue workers whose every call to duty means putting their LIFE on the line not knowing whether they will return alive.

  • Asha Nazareth, Mumbai

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Hi Veekshita,
    Hats off to u for wonderful article. May god bless u

  • Kateel Ramesh Prabhu, Mangalore/Bengaluru

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    The article by Veekshitha Arasa makes interesting reading.In the society every individual is important and is engaged in for some or other gainful activity.Of these many are uneducated but living a truthful life.They may not be enjoying fringe benefits those enjoyed by affluent educated class such as PF,Pension,Medical ,Insurance so on and so forth ,but their contrbutions to the society at large is great.For example, Yakshagana artists who start their career at an early age of below 18 years and attain the status of fulpledged artist by working for 4-5 decades.These artists infuse moral values in people at large especially in rural folks who are uneducated.Their contributions go unnoticed.They do not enjoy any retirment benifits when they stop working.Even the Government do not think about them seriously.Even their exit from this world go unnoticed where as if a famous cine actor dies Government comes forward to build memorial for crores of rupees.His cremation is done with state honours.Both are entertaining people by their profession.In Mangalore private bus operators are providing concessional bus passes for thousands of students every year who later become earning citizens who contribute to the soceity in their own way.How many people remember the sacrifice of the transport operators.This only a glimpse.That is why one should not forget,however rich/blessed he/she may be,that he/she is indebted to the society.Every body is made up by the soceity-one can not deny this.

  • RJ Avinash, Big92.7fm, Udupi/kundapur/mangalore

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    A sincere attempt by Veekshitha to recognise the work Unrecognised. Simple, well written....Liked it.. Regards..AVINASH

  • clara helen, mangalore / muscat

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Very well written, very thought provoking. Article shows the writers' sensitivity for the humanity!

  • Jane Misquith, Kulshekar/Dubai

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Veekshita Arasa, it is indeed an very good article ! Many of us do not think about it. Keep it up !
    God Bless you.

    Jane Misquith & Fly-Kulshekar/Dubai

  • G.N.Bangera, MIJAR/Muscat OMAN

    Mon, Apr 19 2010

    All people have to do their part in the life to serve the community some are previlaged to get higher education they go for greener place to earn more only the poor serve their own country till their end the farmer is the back bone of the country bumida magene raith aye banjig danthela thaithe is the story of tiller the field respect

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Mon, Apr 19 2010

    Veekshita Arasa has indeed given an excellent account of people behind the screen. There is something like dignity of labour. Whereas doctors,Engineers,Architects and others are in limelight we forget to highlight the contribution which is being made every day by scores of people. Every one plays an important role to keep life or lives going. What about the milk man, what about the garbage man and what about the barber.... not forgetting the tailor or the beautician.

    A child in the audience was once asked as to what role he played in the theater. His plain reply was that he clapped hands while his classmates were acting.

    Kudos to you Veekshita for your wonderful version of people.

    Joe Gonsalves

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Mon, Apr 19 2010

    Very interesting topic. In the U.S. and everywhere in the world,more opportunities are available for all kinds of jobs, however, even today, some of the parents are too adamant to force their children to medical or engineering profession. In India, in the olden days, those jobs were of high demand.

    The greatest mistake, and many parents have destroyed their children's future by pushing the children to something which the children don't like to engage.

    We will work an average of 40 to 45 years in a profession. If we are miserable day and night in a  job which is not giving us any joy while working, then we are simply wasting our life.

    We must understand the fundamental truth that money and prestige of the job will not make us  personally happy.

    I know a young man, son of a  medical doctor, went to a prestigious engineering school, but enjoy working as an interstate truck driver. He loves to see different places and meeting people, and hated working insided a room.

    If we can find the proper job which will make us happy, it would be a wise decision of life, and
    that life can be a productive one.

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