Dr Mahalakshmi : Acid Fails to Dampen her Spirit...

April 14, 2010

Life is not always pleasant to everyone. Several unfortunate individuals fall prey to nasty incidents which can cause havoc in their entire life. How they lead their life after such dark incidents is what matters the most. Very few manage to gather courage and face the challenges of life boldly. Dr Mahalakshmi is one such determined lady endowed with strong will power to get on with life after going through a tragic incident.  

This most awful incident took place in Dr Mahalakshmi’s life ten years ago, when her former landlord threw acid on her, which completely ruined her life. She lost her left eye and an ear. Yet she did not lose hopes and is still battling for justice. 

Dr Mahalakshmi  : Before acid attack and now...

Dr Mahalakshmi was born in Mysore on May 9, 1970. After completing her MBBS in 1994-95 she worked for some time in St John’s and St Martha’s hospitals in Bangalore. In 1998-99, she opened her private clinic in a rented area in Mysore. Right from the beginning, her landlord Chikkabasavaiah was troubling her. Unable to bear his constant torture, she shifted the clinic to another area and asked him to return the advance amount but he refused. When she approached the police, he became more violent. Despite her repeated complaints, the police refused to register the case.

Once when she was returning home in an autorickshaw, her tormentor stopped the auto and misbehaved with her. When she complained about it to the police the police registered the case. When Chikkabasavaiah came to know about it, he asked her to withdraw the case and even threatened her. But she did not budge.  .

On January 11, 2001, when she was on her way home at 8 pm, Chikkabasavaiah threw acid on her. “When I took the bylane that leads to my house, he was waiting for me with hands clasped behind. In a fraction of a second, he threw something at me. I immediately realized it was acid and screamed for help but in vain. I stopped a scooter and begged the person to take me to the hospital but the man did not help me. At last, it was a child, her own patient, who came to her rescue by taking her to the hospital in an auto” she recalls. 

For two full days, Dr Mahalakshi was lying on the hospital bed. The police took one day to register her case, wasting  valuable time on frivolities like whether the place where the incident occurred comes under their jurisdiction or not. She said that it took nine months for the charge-sheet to be framed. Although the police booked a case under section 307 the accused was out on bail.

After loosing a legal battle at the lower court Dr Mahalaxmi has moved to the High Court where the case is still pending. When she wanted to approach the High Court, Director of Public Prosecution dismissed the case stating “the case is unfit for appeal”. Yet she did not lose hope. When she approached the Home Secretary with the help of Campaign and Struggle against Acid Attacks on Women (CSAAAW), he certified that the case was fit for appeal and thus was admitted in the High Court. Despite setbacks at every step Dr Mahalakshmi is still very optimistic. It shows the amount of tolerance- level the lady possesses.

She hardly had anybody to support during her testing times. “It was my parents, especially my mother who stood by me and extended the much needed moral support”, says she.

She later applied for the government service and got selected. She worked as a medical officer in Chamundi Hills for quite a long time. Currently she is rendering her services at a government hospital, at Ashokpuram.

Dr Mahalakshmi has learnt to live with the cruel twist of her life. Though she was a victim of a cruel act she has not given up her fighting spirit.. Now she is keen to devote more time for charity works.. She is interested in; serving the cause of women especially women in distress. Speaking to Daijiworld she said “having experienced one of the worst situations any woman can face, I feel I can help such women in a much better way. But to achieve my goal I need the support from the government and like-minded NGO’s. I also wish to have the support of some good friends with whom I can share my views and connect emotionally”. 

Narendra Swamy, Minister for Women and Child Welfare said that throwing acid on a woman is a very inhuman act and government needs to take some serious measures to prevent such savagery acts. Dr Mahalakshmi is a very determined lady and she deserves high level of appreciation. She is a true role model, he added. 

Despite all the troubles and sorrows, Dr Mahalakshmi is very optimistic. It is just an indication of the tolerance- level the lady possesses. Her spirit of living life with all its odds is truly commendable.   .  

Dr Mahalakshmi can be contacted at 9632547720, Residence: 0821-2411623, Email: mahayn9@gmail.com

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Comment on this article

  • Tapan Kumar, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 22 2010

    madam u r great.. there r hardly few people who r like u...
    I have no other option other than praying for u...
    well written veekshitha di..
    Tapan Kumar

  • Rakesh, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 21 2010

    This is how law works in India.Entire system is corrupt and police is fit to handle only petty cases and trouble innocent public..The victims in India have hardly got justice

  • mohan h naik, Mangaluru

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Salute Dr. Mahalaxmi for her extra ordinary courage and will power. Today’s bureaucrats and so called Leader’s, are busy advocating highest civilian gallantry awards to their henchmen, its high time we demand one such to person like Mahalaxmi.

  • Nagendra Nayak, Udupi

    Sun, Apr 18 2010

    It gives great pain to to realise someone has gone through such a horrifying incidence in life. forget about experiencing it personally. I have no comments to make about chennabasavaihya, he is not worth it. But madam, you deserve a salute. you surely are a role model for those who dont know what life is. for those who claim life is full of problems... please go through this article and realise how lucky we guys are. hats off to you Mahalaxmi madam for it takes really a big heart to stand such a situation and bounce back not only fighting for your life ut also fighting for the lives of other needy women. Anything and everything I could do to support your cause, I would more than privileged to work it out from my side. wish you all the best. we are standing VERY NEXT BY YOUR SIDE MADAM.

    Excellant job Veekshita to get such a reality known to people. i truely appreciate the work. keep up the spirit. and Mr. Avinash RJ, I am glad that you have personally met Dr. Mahalaxmi. now, it would be really great if you could give some more insight to daijiworld about this matter and about the services that determined lady is providing to the society. Veekshita, I guess its time for you to get in touch with Avinash RJ and scribble a little more about what she is currently doing for her life and for the life of others than more of her past. cos not only as a victim of an inhuman act,I think she is worth an article even as a social worker.So cheers to all those who made this article success.

  • Pius Dcruz, Belman/Dubai

    Sun, Apr 18 2010

    CHIKKABASAVAIH - is ravana reincarnated. How can a human being disfigure another for monetary gain, which again he is rightfully required to return. How can the Police help the agressor, instead of helping the helpless lady who has undergone so much physical as well as emotional torture.
    This is the reason crime is increasing in India as the general public have lost faith in the Police and the judicial system. Some wait for the courts/police to settle their scores which take ages, while the others seek the help of Goondas to seek revenge.

    The other option I can think of is asking Star News to get on the case, at least the culprits photo will be all over the news channel and he and his family will be shamed.

    Lets wait and watch when Dr. Mahalaxmi gets justice !

  • Tony,

    Sat, Apr 17 2010

    Dr. Mahalaxmi, a true example to learn a lesson for ourselves in our life. Hope the law will get her justice and punish the guilty, i have one more point to add on, iam more angry at the scoter guy who refused to help her when she was in desperate need of help, and cheers to the child who helped her.

  • Ninette D'Souza, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    It is utterly despicable act. As per the article, the monster who committed this crime seems to be still at large. The police are also as guilty as the criminal himself. It looks like a minister or his contacts need complain for police to take interest in the issues and take immediate action. Narendra Swamy, holding the portfolio of a minister for women and child welfare should have supported Dr Mahalakshmi by taking up her case seeing that the culprit is punished severely. Narendra Swamy needs to be reminded that Dr Mahalakshmi does not need his sympathy but action to get justice done.

  • jacob, BANGALORE/Dubai

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    If it would have happend in any of the Arab countries then Chikkabasavaiah would have been be-headed 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our country law system is 100 centuries old I beleive because untill Chikkabasavaiah will die he will not be punished!

  • Errol Gonsalves, Manipal institute of communication,mic,manipal

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    I am agree with Avinash.nice article by Veekshita.Good work.Dr.Mahalaxmi,i wish you all the happines and satisfaction in life.God bless you and goodluckforever.

  • Errol Gonsalves, Manipal institute of communication,mic,manipal

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    I am agree with Avinash.nice article by Veekshita.Good work.Dr.Mahalaxmi,i wish you all the happines and satisfaction in life.God bless you and goodluckforever.

  • Anupama Hegde, Bangalore

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    Madam.. We are all with you for any kind of assistance at any time. You may know that the Karnataka High Court has directed the State Government to come out with a special package for women who are victims of acid attacks while giving judgment in Hasina's case. Along with this judgement, the Court also came out with a rehabilitation directive for the state government. Mahalaxmi, I will get the precise information and get back to you..Really you are an inspiration...

  • Stanley R.D'COSTA, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    It is really a tragedy on Dr. Mahalaxmi. Indian law is in favour of accused most of the time because of threat and fear most of the eye witnesses are not coming forward to testify before the court. Any how I really appreciate the courage and determination of Dr. Mahalaxmi in facing this world and becoming a role model to the able disabled.

  • Langoolacharya, Belman/USA

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Dr Mahalakshmis story brought tears in my eyes...., hope and pray she will get justice finally in HC..., my best wishes to Veekshita Arasa for excellent article.

    If there is a place called hell, iam sure Mr Chikkabasavaiah deserve to be there......

  • Laxman, Mangalore,Dubai

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Throwing acid on a woman or anybody is a barbaric, inhuman act. It is more than a murder since Dr.Mahalaxmi is suffering through out her life with great tolerance.Chikkabasavaiah should be hanged to death and his close family member who supported him should be life imprisoned. He and his family not fit to live on this earth.There should be fear in people so that no body dare to do this barbaric act. There should be tough law implimented as soon as possible.

  • Ronald, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    There is an example (shown in crime diary tv show) of someone in Bangalore was tortured and killed by the police just becuase he demanded a ticket from traffic police when traffic police caught him and asked to pay Rs 500. In Countries like india it is safer to give some money in such situation so that you are not harmed. you will not get justice in countries where politics is corrupt.

  • anagha , mysore

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Hats off to DR.lakshmi ,Iam not getting any words to appreciate you .millions said the apple fell but newton was the one to ask why. There are so many acid attacks in India,but you are the true fighter.Be bindasssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jacob, Bangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Could sombody well aware of the law can give their Veiw.
    We know even Lawyers are get killed/Kidnaped day light still no FIR,No case looks like everthing is "GONE CASE"

  • Shala D'Souza, Kemman/Dhahran

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Dr Mahalakshmi you are a fighter and you will win the war. Its a shame that a case with such strong evidence takes so long to get justice in India. Please continue your campaign and hopefully men like Chikabasaviah will be punished by the law. You are a role model for all the victims.

  • Jigar, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    This incident clearly shows the high standing that criminals in India have got in politics and legal authorities like the police dept and courts. Its a shame on the police dept and the court of law that a victim of such a henious acid attack is suffering and the the culprit is out in the open...Still we are told to believe in the law ...!

  • Fredrick Correa, Nairobi, Kenya

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    While we thank Ms.Veekshita Arasa and Daijiworld for bringing to our notice the heroic spirit of Dr. Mahalaxmi, we urge Ms.Veekshita to find out if there are similar other cases which have not been recorded by the police. We pray that Dr. Mahalaxmi gets justice at the earliest.

  • Clive, Kuwait

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    The scum who throw acid on anybody should be hanged immediately as throwing acid on any person amounts to attempt to murder since it scars a person physically and emotionally for life.
    I really appreciate Dr. Mahalaxmi's courage and patience in undrgoing this pinfull process of getting justice. Sometimes the police are so inhuman that they cannot even see the plight of the person in front of them through their own eyes.
    Hopefully Dr. Mahalaxmi gets all the required support to render help and support to the less fortunate ones.

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    We don't give the required seriousness to the Acid Throwing incidents. The victim is painfully disfigured for life and loses the ability, self-confidence and the trust in them. They are almost a living dead but the perpetrators are not given required punishment. Acid throwing incident is more than Attempt to Murder, the law should change and such cowards should be punished very severely without a bail.

  • sudeesh kumar, suratkal

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    the people skould throw acid on chikabasavayya and does not help him.... let him feel the pain and suffer....

  • Dharmaprasad Rai , Kumbla/Bellary

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Wow...nice to read an artcle with such a positive tone
    Hope more such articles gets featured and more such discussions happen in this forum than the biased political and seudo relegious artcles/news/comments which often happen here....

  • NaazEden, Al Jubail/Saudi Arabia

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    I Really Appeciate ...she is an inspiration to every1, hats off to Dr Mahalaxmi...Thank u Well written vikky..Such a Great Jod Allha Bless U all Ur Success...

  • Patrick R Braggs, Bejai,Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    It's a shocking case of Police neglect in filing a proper F.I.R.and to add to this grave misdemeour,the ever failing judicial system of our country.But what is the national commission for women set up for.Isn't it to take up these cases and restore justice to the victims.don't we see the members of this commission come on Some channel or the other on TV and voice their strong opinions and assure us of fighting for justice.Will we see some one come forward and see to it that this brave lady gets justice?

  • Abubakar siddik, padubidri/saudi arabia

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Well written vikky....really you are a great journalist... keep it up


    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Thanks Veekshitha for this article.  God bless Dr.Mahalakshmi.


    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Narendra Swamy, Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Shame on you. You are not fit to that post. What you might have did the same thing will happen to your own daughter. You will keep quiet?
    Veekshita Arasa, you might have mentioned what fate was the Landlord, who throw acid on her. I canot imagine how Dr. Mahalakshmi toerate all these sufferings.

    We are so proud for her mother, who helped her during all these trials. Dr.Mahalakmi, beauty is not evertyhing in this world. But you have a inner beauty and a encouraging spirit, which has to be appeciated.

    Remember one thing: Dont worry. You have a big reward awaiting for you in the kingdom of God. No one has taken anything from this earth, but you will take with you lot more than money cant buy, which pleases to God. Please dont loose hopes. Now you have millions of daijiworld readers welwishes and prayers and this will boost your spirit and guide you always. Just forgive that stupid who throw acid on you from your heart. There is someone who has a account of his sin and know what he deserve.
    Dr.Mahalakshmi, we all readers love you as you are. You are a living example to women, who loose hopes in small little trials.
    You are great Dr.Mahalkshmi.
    Veekshita praying that the Almighty give you power to bring more real to life heart touching stories.

  • sanoop, kannur/dubai

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Hats off to Dr Mahalakshmi,a great fighter in life,madam am there with u...Veekshitha u done a great job...thank u....

  • Syble, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    In such incidents we all should join hands so that such things are not dare to happen. Let us work together for a just soceity.

  • Nikita, Mysore, Oman

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    "Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth". Rather than chopping off hands or sending these kind of beasts to prison where they enjoy Gunda Raj with the cops they should be give a taste of their own crime. This scoundrel called chikkabasavaiah should be punished with his own idea. Hope some asli Mannina Maga would take this bold step and bathe chikkabasavaiah with a bucket of acid. Dr. Mahalaxmi, Well done Madam!!! Please don't give up until you win the battle, we may not be with you in physical presence, but sure will pray that justice is given to you... Bhagwan ke ghar mein dher hai lekin andher nahi!!!


    Wed, Apr 14 2010


  • ROHAN ALMEIDA, Chickmagalur

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    "yatr naariyastu pujyante ramante tatr devta rehta" a sanskrit saying goes like this...
    i feel very sad seeing this brutality over a woman,& this has completely gone against the above said SANSKRIT WORDS..India is the only country in the whole world which gives equal importance to both women & gods ...but this has only been on words of people & it seems like v are again going back to that same old days where only the fittest can survive...!!! this is indeed pathetic...
    n thanks a lot to dear Veekshitha for creating awareness among people about these kind of matters:) well done n all the best...!!:)

  • , Misitha

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Really well written article veekshi....congrats to u...hats of to the real fighter Dr.Mahalaxmi..

  • akil, M'lore/Dubai

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Truly a gr8 fighter & inspiration to all the women to not to give up on any injustice done upon women. For people like to Chikkabasavaiah, Indian justice is of no use which would either give a small punishment or bail him for a meagre sum of money, He hands to be chopped off and left in the middle of desert(he deserves such cruel punishment). Indian justice cannot give back the normal life lost when Dr. Mahalakshmi was attacked with the acid. Hat off to the Lady once again.


    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    well written vikshi ..hats off to the lady dr.mahalaxmi .. and she is truly a inspiration to every1........

  • Imran Khan, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Its gr8 to knw about a lady like Dr Mahalaxmi...hats off :) & an inspiration to all women...All the best 4 ur future & the person who did such a cheap act wit u 'll also face a bad days in his life n never be happy...So u don worry...be happy n keep up ur spirit...

  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    In such cases soceity shall take action, if court and law is sleeping....!!???

  • sneha, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    well written veekshitha..hats off to such a great female.... she is an inspiration to every1.....

  • RJ Avinash, Big92.7fm, Udupi/kundapur/mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Dr. Mahalaxmi, a true determined fighter. Got a chance to meet her personally and spend time with her. Was really touched. She is truly a great example to the whole women society. I wish no one in future face this kind of a situation... Madam.. i am there with you.. and Veekshitha...Thank you so much...!!!!

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