Ullal Masjid’s Magnetic Saint

April 11, 2010

The Ullal Masjid and Seyyed Madani Dargah, located about 10 KM north of Mangalore, across Nethravati River, is more than a centre of religious congregation and worship. It is also a centre of social, educational and economic development. The Masjid and Dargah attract thousands of pilgrims from India and abroad, specially during the month-long Uroos which is celebrated every five years. Devotees make votive offerings and donate for various welfare activities which the trusts, associated with the masjd and dargah (tomb), undertake for the uplift of the community and beyond.  The magnet that draws devotees to Ullal is the Dargah of Hazarath Seyyid Mohammad Shareeful Madani.
Seyyid Madani, the saint, came to Ullal about 500 years ago from Madeena in Saudi Arabia by floating across the sea on a piece of chadar or mussala. He camped at a small mosque in the Melangadi area, which is the present rebuilt and renovated Juma Masjid of Ullal. He led a very pious and simple life. His simplicity devotion to faith and love towards the poor attracted the villagers who came to him because he used to solve their problems through his prayers and spiritual powers. Hearing of his miraculous healing, people flocked to Ullal to have a glimpse and blessings of the saint.

The saint married a girl from a local poor family that used to reside on a tenanted plot. One day, according to oral history, the landlord came to the plot and got plucked the tender coconuts from the trees in the yard. Children in the yard asked for a tender coconut which the landlord refused. When the saint came home, he saw the children crying for tender coconut. He pacified the children. A few days later the landlord came to the saint and complained of severe stomach pain. He confessed his guilt and begged the saint’s pardon. The saint gave him a glass of water on drinking which the landlord was relieved of his pain. To show his gratitude the landlord gave the tenanted land to the saint. His descendants are still in the enjoyment of the land.
The saint’s name is associated with several such incidents. On one occasion a vessel bound for Mangalore from Arabia lost a bag containing valuables in the sea. In spite of the captain’s efforts he could not locate the bag. Finally, on the advice of some locals in Mangalore, the captain approached the saint for help. He asked him to come the following day. When the captain came, the saint lifted the bag from behind him intact with its contents and handed it over to the captain. Water was dripping from the bag as if it was just lifted from the seabed.
The saint never saved anything for his future. When he was on his deathbed, his wife wept bitterly and asked him how she would cope after his death. The saint consoled her and told her that she would find a rupee coin (which counted for much in those days) beneath her pillow every day. That was exactly what happened after his death. The widow, instead of spending the entire money, saved half a rupee. To her surprise, next day onwards she started finding only half a rupee under the pillow. Realising her folly, she began spending the whole amount without saving anything till her death.
{When the saint died, a tomb was erected over his grave which is the present day Dargah at Ullal where miracles are said to take place even now. During one Uroos, a person committed a theft. After a while he suffered severe stomach pain. Doctors were summoned --but in vain. Finally, the man admitted his crime and sought the pardon of the saint. After that he was relieved of his pain.}
In 1945, there was acute shortage of water in the Juma Masjid area. At the time of Uroos, with thousands of devotees congregating, there was no water even for drinking and cooking. The devotees assembled at the dargah and prayed to the saint for water to quench their thirst. To their surprise, a gurgling sound was heard and the well near the Dargah was filled to the brim with water. Ever since this particular well never dries up and devotees drink this water believing in its curative powers. They also drop currency notes and coins in the well that can be  seen at the bottom of the well in the crystal-clear water, and are taken out once a week or ten days. Water from the Juma Masjid tank is supplied to the  residents in the surrounding areas during summer.

By John B. Monteiro
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Comment on this article

  • A.Aboobaker Sait, Mysore

    Tue, Jun 26 2012

    There is no such thing as "sainthood" in islam. The introduction of the term "WALAYA" into the technical vocabulary of Sufism was the work of al-Tirmidhi (d. 295-300/ 905 – 910), a prolific early mystic writer and the author of one of the most systematic treatmentsof the concept of sainthood: Kitāb sī ratal-awliyāʾ
    (The life of the friends of God)

  • AbdulRahman, Manglore

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    It is totally sirk. read quran with meanings and understand you people will stop going to darga

  • Ansar Ali, cochin

    Mon, Aug 02 2010

    It is required for all muslims to respect whom ALLAH has respected.thats why we visit Madheena munavvara ...

  • Pavan, Mlore

    Tue, May 18 2010

    I think every DHARMA or Religion says the truth is same "If you dont have Bhakti in your heart/mind then it is waste of doing all the Poojas.

  • abdul sattar habibullah, belapu/Sharjah

    Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Lathif Mangalore/Riayadh and Mohamed Managalore u are not a muslim because asli muslim is not saying these type of words to the Waliallah who are near to Allah & Prophet S A because they gain something for Akhirahat (Day of Justice) what you peopple gain by saying chirk and fake. So try to read Quran and Ahdees it will change your life. thank u daiji

  • Abdul Naser, Manglore

    Mon, Apr 19 2010

    There is no saint system in Islam. Of course there are many scholars who have done tremendous work Islam. But it is not allowed to worship them or build a huge tomb for them or celebrate item like uroos or something. It is shirk. There is no festival or celebrations or similar. Muslim should understand Quran and Sunna clearly then only all this shirks will stop

  • K, Khaleel

    Mon, Apr 19 2010

    Dear Kabeer,
    All the activities which you have mentioned should be practiced each and every day of our life or at least whenever we get a chance to do it. Do you mean that people do these activities only once in five years?

    Can u please tell me is there any authentic history for Ullal Sayyed Madani ? Not some books published by the Dargha committee. Any history books which informs the arrival of Sayyed Madani to Ullal ?

  • shaham, moodbidre

    Sun, Apr 18 2010

    masha allah mr.riyaz.you have given comments against ullal uroos.Allah will give you reward......


    Sun, Apr 18 2010



    Sun, Apr 18 2010

    MR Musta Riyadh,Can you please explain the defenition of LAHI LAHA ELLALAHU WAHADAHU LA SHERIKA LAHU,LEHUL MULK WA ALA KULLI SHAIN KADEER.waiting..........

  • Lathif, Mangalaore/Riyadh

    Sat, Apr 17 2010

    Mr Riyaz, you are right,there is nothing, only business and fastival

  • Mohammed, mangalore

    Sat, Apr 17 2010

    Ramesh ur right... We need to worship only allah.. All these uroos or whatever its jus fake..

  • riyaz, manglore

    Sat, Apr 17 2010

    The authenticity of his itself suspecious.and any sound evidence for the bunch of miracles.
    Islam clearly prohibits such darga worships. If these saints r doing police job,caching theft
    Why they are fixed camera above the cashiers.& also why they buit hospitals if saint doing a miraculous healing,doctor mr.ramesh bhat said 100% correct.this is nothing but a festival & buisness.

  • Mushta, Riyadh

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    There is no any Un-Islamic practices in Ullal Darga as some modern Islamists comments here. These modern Islamists believe that they are the reformists of Islam. They think that just writing on Tawheed and publishing some mis-conducts of ignorant people gets them to paradise.

  • M.Noushad, Mangalore/Bahrain

    Mon, Apr 12 2010

    Mr.Shirish, bottom of heart i felt very well placed comment i ever read.  God bless all of us.

  • P.Shirish Kumar Hosabettu, Muscat, Manipala

    Mon, Apr 12 2010

    During my college time I visited Ullala Uroos. I found the hospitality of the volunteers was great. They were serving every one equally without looking at the religion. Recently when I went to Ullal I noticed the preparation for the Uroos was going on. Unfortunately, I had to fly abroad, so I missed the great chance to witness the celebration.

    Few people here blindly comments with out thinking, did anyone seen GOD? Yes we trust God, believe in God but no one has seen right? Everyone has his or her own opinion. But as per me, there is a Power, which helps us to concentrate on our problems & gives the courage to face & solve the problems. That power or strength is called GOD.

    Secondly, any Saint or person from any religion who serves for the Society without any selfish motive & sacrifices his life can be respected as GOD. Religion & Caste systems are man made problems according to their profession & beliefs.

    Can anyone tell me in hospital when the Patient in need of Blood, we pay & get the blood. Are this Bottles have a label of Religion or caste? Or do you get a different coloured blood for each Religion rather than RED.

    Most of the Religion you can find the Saints wearing white coloured cloths. Even when the people die from any religion will be covered with White cloth. Even newborn Babies are covered with white cloth. When you eat food in restaurants, same cutleries are used by different caste people. Then why we are hurting each other in the name of Religion.

  • Altaf Mohammad, Mangalore/KSA

    Mon, Apr 12 2010

    Well said Ramesh Bhat, Kumta..Sayyid Madani Thangal came all the way from Madeena to convey the message of monothism and refrain the ppl from idol worship. Look whats happening. I hear a same thing happened to a Hindu saint in Kerala who preached people to refrain from idol worship but after his death ppl made a idol of him and started worshipping it. Yes we should respect the saints as they were social reformers and best way to remember is to follow their teaching.

  • akil, M'lore/Dubai

    Sun, Apr 11 2010

    Even I have heard about these stories when i was in Mangalore... I had attended Uroos twice only along with my friends and it is really gud to see people from different religion come to ullal Darga and pray for their wishes & well being.May the Almighty bless one and all.

  • Iqbal, Mulki/Jeddah

    Sun, Apr 11 2010

    Nice Article about the history of  Ullal Masjid/Dargaha.

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 11 2010

    Ullal Masjid committee is doing excellent job in the field of education, health etc. and all the communities in the region are very proud of their yeomen service.

    But Islam is a monolithic religion and one should not bow to any one other than the Creator of this Universe whom the Muslims call ‘Allah’. Islam does not permit venerating anybody other than Allah.

    During Uroos there is a Mela-like atmosphere and the volunteers and visitors are not giving importance the Call for Prayers but no doubt they involve whole heartedly to the success of the Uroos. I wish they pray to the saint inside the mosque in congregation after the Namaz and not individually inside the Dargah.

    I wish they take donation in the name of development and not in the name of the Saint. Muslims are not allowed even to pray at the tomb of the Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him). The patrons of Ullal Dargah should not get offended but in fact belief in One Creator was the true purpose of Islam and Islam in any angle does not have a Middle-man.

    The Five time Muslim prayers are the first priority and it is a direct dialogue between the Creator and the Believers and one can perform their prayers anywhere and any time. Mosque is only the House of God is a multi-purpose institute of God for congregational prayers, running a Madrasa for Quran and Theological classes, a place for solving the day to day problems of the community usually after the Maghrib or sunset-prayers etc.


    Sat, Apr 10 2010

    Ullala Masjid is located south of Mangalore is very popular all over India it is liked of general public of all faith , the miracle man came by sea on chadar is a sait sent by god to help the poor

  • Ramesh Bhat, Kumta

    Sat, Apr 10 2010

    One day will not far when even Mother Theresa is called Saint..Afterall she is just a humanbeing...It will after only two hundred years..First of all Dargah worshipping is forbidden by many community people.. it's nothing but same like 'jathra' named uroos..if people wants to follow one's religion strict to one following as informed by prophets.. why so variable??..according to there interest..

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