Mangalorean Catholic Roce: Why Break Eggs or Pour beer?

Feb 22, 2010

The verdict on the eternal query, ``Which came first, the egg or the chicken?,” is still not out.  And, probably, never will.

The ``Heart-thoughts” on ``Catholic Roce – Doing Away with Animal Cruelty” by Pearl D’Silva got me thinking and ask the question: What has breaking eggs or pouring beer got to do with Roce?

The practice of two or four men carrying a pig on a pole upside down with its snout and legs tied by rope as part of the so-called yesteryear’s tradition of bringing ``Vojem” or gifts, which also includes rice ``mudo” or murrah as the Britishers used to call, pumpkin and other vegetables (kuvaallo, bobllem, mogim etc) along with coconuts and arecanuts (naarl, popllaam) and bunch of raw banana (kellyaamcho ghadaay)  by relatives, neighbours and friends before the commencement of the Roce ceremony is still prevalent.

In fact, in the not too distant past and even now in rural areas, the tradition of erecting a huge pandal or ``maatov” made up of palm tree leaves (indaace thaalle)for seating the invited guests is still followed. The best part of this tradition is that relatives, neighbours and friends lend a helping hand to the host – parents of the bride or bridegroom – by bringing Vojem and also in erecting the Maatov. They also help in killing, cleaning, cutting and later cooking the pig. Indaad, Bafaat and Sorpetel with rice idlis or ``sannaas.”

Well, I am digressing. The point I am interested in making is about the growing fad, particularly among the youngsters, the neo-rich and the hip-hop crowd in breaking eggs or pouring beer and other stuff on the bride or bridegrooms after the application of coconut milk or roce and coconut oil. There are instances of rotten eggs being used, which is nauseating not just to the to-be-married bride or bridegroom but also to the invited guests. Do we really need to kind of practice, which can only be described disgusting.

Roce, as we all know, is a beautiful ceremony preceding the nuptials in all Mangalore Catholic families. It is considered a symbol of purification of the body for the young bride or bridegroom as he or she would be led to take a ritual bath to end their bachelorhood or spinstership before the nuptials.

Milk extracted out of desiccated coconuts is brought out in plates or small vessels by the mother, sisters, aunts and other elderly married women along with coconut oil to be applied to the bride or bridegrooms along with the singing of Vovyos or traditional Konkani ditties which generally consist of advice and sometimes poking fun or even jokes in good-natured humour. All the invited guests enjoy this tradition.

Of course, it goes without saying that the commencement of roce begins with prayers and invoking of divine blessings as the bride or bridegroom are embarking on the most important step in their lives of entering into, the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

So, then, why smash eggs on the heads of hapless bride or bridegroom? Or even, pour bottles of beer? The stench becomes so unbearable that the bride or bridegrooms need bottles of shampoo to clean themselves. The maatov or marriage pandal also stinks. There are instances of persons with delicate stomach or sensibilities vomiting or refusing to eat. How the invited guests draw sufficient courage to overcome everything and sit down to eat after such a vulgar display is simply unimaginable.

In fact, in China, particularly ancient Chinese culture, ``Red Eggs and Ginger Party” are part of religious ceremonies during the naming of new born babies, generally held 40 days after birth. In Malaysia and many other countries, there is a practice of secluding newly-wed couples in special rooms with Rice and Chicken dishes plus Eggs for feeding each other with the first meal. In some societies, there is a tradition of offering specially decorated hard-boiled eggs to the wedding guests.

This might probably because eggs are generally considered a symbol of new life or fertility. That perhaps explains the fascination of the younger crowd in smashing eggs on the heads of their friends on the eve of their wedding day. Or, is the act of breaking of eggs is another symbolism given the fact that egg shells are fragile and brittle and therefore suggestive of the breaking of virginity (assuming, of course, both the bride and bridegroom are resolute and virtuous enough to resist the temptation of pre-marital sex) as the boy or girl would be having their last bath of bachelorhood following the roce ceremony? Is there some other reason known only to the younger crowd?

Apart from breaking eggs, the other question is: Why pour beer? Try, as I did, I could not find any explanation. Is it because of the fact that brewing beer or alcohol made of grains started with the advent of civilization? In Germany, Oktober Fest is a big beer festival. Similar beer fests are organized in several other places. Britain, France, Czhekoslavakia and other European countries too have different types of beer or wine festivals. But unlike the Western or European countries, which are mainly beer or wine drinking, beer drinking is not that popular or predominant in India. Those who are accustomed to drinking – either habitual or social and occasional – mostly prefer the heady stuff of Whisky or Rum (or arrack in the countryside, mainly among the poor).

Anyway, the fascination with beer and alcohol could be, because, as anthropologists suggest that when pre-historic human beings ceased to be nomads and settled down to grow foodgrains to sustain themselves, they also began producing food, bread and alcohol.

The first miracle attributed to Jesus Christ in The New Testament is of making wine. In fact, bread and wine are an integral part of our Holy Eucharist. Indian Christians and Catholics are the products of conversion by foreign missionaries, and have, therefore, probably started following their customs, eating and drinking habits. Also, drinking and partying is considered the done thing among the affluent and yuppie crowd. Not that the poorer and illiterate sections do not drink. But, we must accept the fact that Indian mythology and religious texts are also full of descriptions of gods and goddesses drinking Somarasa, which is nothing but alcohol. Is that why alcohol, which includes beer, has become an inescapable part of our lives and culture?

Whatever may be reason for breaking eggs or pouring beer on the heads of bride or bridegroom during our Roce, it is time to put an end to this and ensure that Roce remains a ceremony of purification of the body before the bride or bridegroom embarks on their new sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

by Gabriel Vaz
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Comment on this article

  • RONY MENDONSA, Moodbidri/Dubai

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    Nice Article but i never saw vojem (bringing pig) in my native place.Secondly in mangalore in ward level prayer conducted in every house in rotation system prayers conducted called magna zamath in there they give clear insructions not to follow this stupid things .Now a days m.c also requesting the gathering and even elder of ward (gurkar). so there is no question of blaming leadership catholics are good people dont expose our self withougt knowing truth.

  • Gabriel Vaz, Kulshekar/Bangalore

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Hi, all friends. Sincere thanks for your comments, appreciations & criticisms, which are necessary in a bealthy debate. But let us all be clear about some basic things. I wanted to discuss the practice of pouring beer & other rubbish or smashing eggs (including rotten) at poor bride/grooms during roce. Is that fun or enjoyment? Even if some youngsters want to do some stupid things just to make fun/annoy/provoke their friends, about to get married, on the eve of marriage during roce, why not do it privately before the bath, so as not to offend the other invitees or spoil the function? Should the guests be subjected to the antics of a bunch of cheap fun-seeking youngsters. How can these things be part of our culture? We should cut the crap. I have nothing against Brass Band/DJs or Emcees or for that matter Vojem. But let us justify the torture of poor pig for fun or because we eat pork. There are many things we can avoid, including stopping the practice of inviting hundreds or thousands of people. Can we not seriously think of restricting the invitees to family, close relatives & friends, perhaps a maximum of 200 or 300 persons from both sides? May be we can have more fun & enjoyment then.Let us be practical.

  • Dolphy, Mangalore/ Sharjah

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    Mr. Gabriel Vaz the number of people attending the rose are reduced due to night time affair and family constraints and the city closing by 7PM. Now Nuclear family has 1-2children unlink 7-8 brothers or sisters in those days. Most of the time only friends take the responsibility and do all the needful arrangements for the roce now a days because of the old age of the parents. Now how many roce factions you have allowed the friends of the bride /groom to put ROCE? Most of the time it is only a family members and ward people above the age of the bride/groom Apply the ROCE.
    So now tell us why u r not involving the younger generation? So as the society is becoming nuclear you want to discusses certain things and reduce the crowd and make sure the ROCE party crowd of your grand children is set to 10-20relatives 5-10Ward People and ZERO friends!!! so u r happy!!!
    Please keep u r thoughts to u r self and apply in your family which will have more effect. PLEASE DO NOT bring CRAK in the family and friends.

  • Albina Vaz, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    I don't think breaking of eggs has got anything with breaking of virginity. This is just a form of enjoyment or closeness the youngsters show to their friends. We see not even eggs and beer, but tomatoes, curds, curry, even soft drinks being poured. Of course it is repulsive. Definitely there is no animal instinct in this. Times are changing. Roce is traditional ceremony I agree. Traditions are bound to change. Ask our youngsters. What was followed 100 years ago is bound to change. Our elderly people go on and on with their 'vovyos, mostly written and read from a piece of paper. Most of the guests are just spectators, waiting for these couplets to end. We know our youngsters, they love action. Why not give them some time with their friends? May be outside the pendal, that the guests don't feel offended. We have to take our youngsters along. Otherwise this may become a elder's party.

  • adshenoy, mangaluru

    Thu, Feb 25 2010

    Indeed, every one has a right to enjoy parties. "Roce" is not a party The part u have in mind). Just like "funeral" is not a party.

  • shirley rose, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 25 2010

    everyone want to enjoy in their parties..
    v cant point out at their method of going about..
    m expressing my views.. u cant tell what m speaking is rubbish..
    in fact, i feel what u said had no relevance o what i said..

  • adshenoy, mangaluru

    Thu, Feb 25 2010

    Hey Shirely rose, Its not old vs young or youngsters vs elders. There is time, place, and occasions for everything. Its a matter of behaviour. Your thinking is a little bit out in the woods, Kuch bhi chalta hai. dont be rubbish.

  • VikaDubai, Udupi

    Thu, Feb 25 2010

    Hi,Shirly Rose Manglore,am 100 percent agree with your comment,people wants to enjoy the party with beer,egg or tomato let them to do,its not our buissness what they are doing,this old people stil they are in 1942,they cant develop new things....

  • shirley rose, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 25 2010

    but frankly speaking, i do not think breaking eggs n pouring beer is a bad thing to do..

    people want to enjoy in their private functions. let them do so.. they have their own freedom..

    if some people do not like to see such things, then stop attending Such functions where u know it will happen..

    what is the big thing in celebrating the roce with great pomp.. its our culture..
    let the youngsters enjoy the function.. they do not get this opportunity all the time..
    functions should have little fun too.. the youngsters will have it by the "eggs n beer"

    n elders .. enjoy with the vovio and the soro... )

  • Joyce, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 24 2010

    I also agree that roce is a religious ceremony and should be respect by the guest when they are told to apply the roce. When the request is not honoured those people are mannerless people and have no self discipline who want to have fun at others expense.

  • Joe, Pune

    Wed, Feb 24 2010

    Have attended a couple of ROCE and found that even though it’s a good tradition, it is the people who go over board and do all sorts of absurd things just to attract attention (mob tendency)
    If the person who controls the function holds the reigns properly, things can be done the right, way of course with some mirth and merriment.

  • vishwa, mangalore

    Wed, Feb 24 2010

    Nice to see that these kind of discussion happening in all religion, caste and group of India. Any debate generate good result. Having right to discuss and Right is freedom and good.

    donku nayi santege bantu antai, Adu yakai abntu?
    Jai ho

  • Jacintha, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 24 2010

    The traditions of christians in Kerala and Tamil Nadu are more decent and Indianised.All that we want are decent and acceptable traditions and not them of different and innovative.

  • Roshan, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 24 2010

    In total the traditions which we follow are crude and do not suit the civilised world.Letz reform ourselves and start much decent traditions from now on for our new generations.Brahminiyal traditions are more decent and ever lasting, we may follow them.

  • Movin Lewis, Brahmavar/Bahrain

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Interesting idea for your article Mr. Vaz! But with due respect a badly written one due to the certain prejudices and so called conformity to norms that seems to have plagued your mindset.
    Dear readers who are against the idea of egg smashing & beer pouring, when this is done to the victim its done with good intentions from people close to the so called "victim". Only narrow minded people and those without a sense of fun and humor would find these acts distasteful. By the way, all these customs being said to be a purification ritual is just plain rubbish!!!

    If yes, then all couples would live in a state of matrimonial bliss and Adultery in any form would be non existent. I have seen some people here complaining about certain things in a wedding being copied from western culture. Let me ask you this, what traditional costume did you wear during your wedding? Did you make use of a live band/DJ? Had a MC comp ere your wedding? What kind of food was there on the menu? Did you exchange RINGS??? Can anyone prove this to me? Well none of you cannot. So dont simply argue for the sake of it and point faults within ourselves for the cultural degradation. Certain things require flexibility and the only thing constant is CHANGE!! Change or Perish!!! This is a dog eat dog world my dear friends. Roce is an important event no doubt. But with tradition there has to be some fun and modernity in it too to appeal to todays youth whose thinking is different from previous generations. Good day!

  • adshenoy, mangaluru

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    For those of you to have limelight on Mangalorean culture and traditions- Roce(ROS) etc. please visit the or read a Mangalorean genealogist(author, scholar and researcher), MICHAEL LOBO's writings

  • Philip D'Souza, Kumta, Karanata

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Roce is purely a old tradation, which is followed by coconut roce, which is applied by the elders to the bridge and bridegroom and other than this there is nothing else. Then how come eggs, pig, beer which is agaisnt our tradation therefore animal cruelty does not arise at all.. May be so called tradation is followed by adiwashis.. and not worth to attached to our religious tradation..

  • Reyan, Kuwait

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Dear Mr. Vaz.. The article is good but not suitable one. Normally nobody is ready to take care of our tradition and culture and most of the modern people dont even know how the roce and other ceremonies were conducted in olden days. But as a personal committment I will neither break eggs or pour beer(its expensive too) to any bridegroom/ bride nor allow to do such things if it is in my house function. Let the rest do what they want. I am not bothered.

  • Pearl D'Silva, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Very nice and meaningful article! I had attended a roce where they had even poured ketchup and maida as well! Doesn'nt serve the purpose of ROCE at all!

  • Padmanabha Shenoy, Udupi / Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Good Article and good questions. As per my openion some of the tradition has no meaning. It has done for fun. No one seen God but we have to trust God as our ancestors have done it. Marriage ceramony is fun and if you keep quiet without dance, singing or joking then there won't be any fun and it will be not considered as ceremony. Dukra Maas, bokre mass it essential part of marriage party. Per Animal Cruelty Society of USA you can not kill animals and then no one can be non vegitarian in this world. No more " Kambala" in South Kanara on.....

  • Flora D'souza, Kalmady - Jerimeri (Mumbai)

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    We at Jerimeri formed a Group of Men & Women (KONKAN TARAM ASSOCIATION OF ST. JUDE, JERIMERI)and we ourselves conduct Roce beginning with prayer, meaningful vovyo (with printed copies to all), Jokes, Laudate and at the end of the Roce Dance. There will be only PURE ROCE OF COCUNUT nothing else.

  • Pearl George, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Most youngsters love to indulge in this and I remember my Roce and then later after 4 years my brothers where we had eggs broken on our heads.

    Friends do it in fun and they do like to bond in their own way while elders like to follow the rituals.

    There is nothing wrong in breaking eggs or pouring beer as long as you do it in private after the Roce ceremony in the backyard or in the privacy of one's bathroom. But public disply and causing inconvenience is not acceptable.

    We did it this way and managed to keep our elders and friends both parties happy...

  • vaneesha , Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Very good article. But getting a tied pig is really bad thing just for fun torturing the poor animals

  • s pereira, mangalore/ AbuDhabi

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    A good article.It is difficult to change what is happening at present as different people think in different ways. For some it is fun and for others it is not.But the Roce ceremony without eggs and beer is very beautiful.

  • rtn michael mathias, PILAR SHIRVA

    Mon, Feb 22 2010


  • ASHOK, bantakal/dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Good Article,
    I totally agree with Austin Prabhu's comments.Earlier it used to happen in our parish too, but now it is completely stopped, mainly because prior to the function our 'Gurkar' strictly instructs evryone not to do so.

  • russell, bejai,Muscat

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Ms.Enica who ever you are let me tell you ours was a love marriage which happened before we coming to gulf. even though both our families had enough money to throw away we got married with out much pomp. I have put my comments on my own because I know the reality as guys who were in gulf before 90s and recently 2 guys who are working under me got married after taking a good loan from friends which will take them some time to repay.

    I dont know how your parents got married but ask them the value of money they will advise you. Beti tum kis school me pad kar aye ho mei yek zamane mei us school ka head master tha.remember to call me to your wedding as I would like to break a few eggs. Abhi to mei Jawan hoon.Mil bategi hamari Jodi
    Muscat-Kuwait ( songs from Taru )

  • arun, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Very well written by Mr. Gabriel Vaz, makes a good and thought provoking reading.

    I had smashed eggs on couple of my friends on their Roce. When it was my Roce, it was their turn to do the same.

    Now 10 years on, I look back and think “How Foolish We Were”.

    You call it “Young Blood”, now, I call the same “Stupidity”.

    I sincerely thank you Mr. Vaz for taking me down the memory lane.

  • Munna, Dubai, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Dear Enica & the rest,
    The Live Band or the DJ for the roce was got by the NRI's. The catering system for the Roce & lot many traditional functions were got by the NRI's. The simple reason is that we don’t want to work, we have money, we don’t have time & we have come for vacation. Most important of all my function should be out classed from the rest & should be the talk of the town. Now days we have separate booz counter, Games & some ultra modern shows. Are we not missing lot of important things in all this process? Its not just beer or the egg, it’s the wedding sprit. Every wedding in out family we had egg & beer on the bride or the groom, we did not spoil the Roce. We did not have policing. We too have haldi & mendhi & I saw that same happening in lot many roce now days.. Are we going away from our culture or adopting the new culture.
    Austin Prabhu,Chicago " y v have to act like animals" I don’t think so we become animals doing that. Roce people become animals after drinking. That too when it comes free. Do we come for the roce to be a helping hand for the family for the preparation? Do we come for the roce much early to dress the bride or the groom, to put the Matov, to arrange the things or we just come on time for the Photo. There are so many things changed in every walk of life & we have adapted it. y not this... till now priest keep screaming in the church to switch off the mobile. hw many parishes really follow it. Does the priest himself do it....?

  • Jacintha, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    This article looks like to divert the attention from "voje" which was published last week.Whatever it is, we can conclude that we are still folowing few traditions which most of us don not like to follow.It seems we have picked and followed few of the traditions of Europians from whom we embraced christianity.Now it is high time to get rid of all such unwanted traditions and to follow good life which every one of like.

  • Nita Moras, Dubai - UAE

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I dont agree with Jeswita, see now we are in new generation so act according to that and by the way "LET THEM DO WHATEVER THEY WANT" who are we to point out? do your work first.

  • Vika Dubai, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    If somebody is pouring beer or breaking the eggs on brides/grooms head let them to do,they are enjoying themself.why you are people thinking nagative on that? I disagree with this article.

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney, Australia

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    As Kevin of Mangalore said, let the egg throwing etc. continue, not at the main stage, but elsewhere - in fact, I have seen at so many Roces that eggs and tomatoes stuffing takes place not at the main stage but at the bathroom where the bridegroom is led by his friends and Dhedes after the roce ceremony for a bath and clean up. This will make happy the younger generation as well, who appears to be the proponents of this unpleasant practice. After all, as someone commented, the yolk can act as a good shampoo, and also as CGS of Mangalore mentioned, the eggs are cheaper than shampoo!

  • Christopher, Mangalore / Dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    People in favour of/who follow this system of Breaking eggs and pouring beer and the likewise pratices only want to have fun. so what if this fun of thiers causes pain,discomfort,displeasure, disrespect to person(s)at the function or for that matter even spoils the whole ceremony itself.who cares??? ITS ALL GOOD FUN.This system of having fun can in no way be justified as RIGHT.

  • rohit, mangolore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    We can only convince our pastors and the management of our church to make it a rule not to follow this unwanted tradition. the responsible person for every ward will take care of the function that this will be stopped. one does every one follows.. and it will be a new tradition....
    lets try making this (not breaking & pouring beer) into reality by taking responsibility to stop within our limits, we should start guys....
    we start and some one else starts...

  • Austin Prabhu, Nanthur/Chicago

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I totally disagree with those who support breaking eggs, tomatoes pouring beer on head during roce. Roce is a sacred ceremony or tradition or whatever you call it. We should respect our tradition. I was the emcee for two roces recently during my visit to Mangalore and I advised youngsters not to do this during roce ceremnoy and they respected my request. Our elders should wake up and take our youth in a disciplined direction. Catholics are losing their respect for such brainless activities and actions. WE are educated people why we have to act like animals? I am sorry if my opinion hurt your feelings let us bring some discipline in our ceremonies.

  • Rolson, Shirva

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Dont u ppl think that ... these issues with culture and ritual are secondary, We being christians should think about the basic aspects of our religion missing!! And being humans- Humanity! If we see the leafes of tree are decayed cure is in its root!!

  • Water Vaz, Mangalore/Germany

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    In Germany we have the tradition called "Polterabend" means Wedding-eve-party or stag party. On the eve of the civil or church mariage day the friends and relatives come and brings old plates, mugs, porcelian and even old toilets and throw all these items in front of the brides house. The bride and the bridegroom has to clear this stuff the same evening or latest
    the next morning. This being a foolish practice can still be tolerated. But the roce tradition
    with eggs and beer is surely not even if you called it a tradition.

    Walter Vaz,Germany

  • Enica, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Mr.Amar Nathal,Russel,Munna just to be very clear thr is nothing as such that because of NRI's your traditions are ruining. NRI's probably leave their hometown just to have a better living or support their family. So russell why do u forget that u urself are residing in Muscat with your family. Am not being rude or sarcastic. It's just that everybody has their own point of thinking, but atleast don't blame NRI or anybody else for doing it. Recall back and see how were roce celebrated, if its been good then i guess you'll shouldn't be having a problem with wht's happening now. Probably you'll might even land up saying that this is the young blood speaking out, whtever it is i had the guts to speak out. How much of our Manglorean traditions do you'll follow. Vinita hats off to you lady and Mr.Anand Pinto i totally agree with you.If people are so much into traditons stop beat groups, caterings,weddings in hall.Why let the whole world know you getting married????

  • Cynthia Miranda, Toronto, Canada

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Appreciate your article. We can all have fun without the eggs/beer by praying/singing.
    If anyone could forward me the prayers / singing of Vovyos or traditional Konkani ditties for the roce. Thanks

  • D.M.D' Souza, Bantwal

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Thank God, I escaped the perverted(the present) tradition-by requesting everybody not to spoil the true tradition-to which everybody obliged by applying only roce.

  • adShenoy, mangaluru

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Height of insanity to say the least. Its the pervert nature of so called modern minds to blaspheyise in meaningful ceremony of roce to add fun , if at all it is fun.
    The roce at it it is traditionally performed with dignity, value, and above all an occasion to share and care.
    Lets bring to light the true meanibg of Roce without these menaces. PLease maintain the dignity and value of this meaningful ceremony.

  • Antony T. D' Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    It is interesting to note that our people have taken some zeal in studying our won traditions suggesting which should be followed and which to be part away with it. Here writer is pondering various issues on Rose egg-fertility, beer-beer fest etc., However, approach can not be meaningful to rotten eggs- fertility -virginity to Rose. Present practices have nothing to do with traditions but rather perverted youngsters in the name of enjoyment, exchanging sanctity of Rose to rotten eggs, rotten tomatoes, beer and perhaps after some time may not be limited to cow dung…

  • Edward Rodrigues, Katapadi/Dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Nicely written article by both Ms.Pearl & Mr. Vaz about Vozem and Roce, but unfortunately i will have to disagree both of your opinions in its totality.

    why do we have to get married in hotels , why not at home???. why do we have to play dj music and not traditional mulki band, why do we need to have a caterer and not cut a dukor at home. why zingaro beer and Giliraja rotten eggs why not roce , why pig hanging upside down why not carry it like a baby.there can be an endless list of why's???

    what is more important in this context is traditions prevail as per the current scenario and they were made by people as per that particular situation, but they are a very integral part of our identity, so what is best needed is to make it more user friendly with the current generation.

    roce tradition 30 years back used to be so boring with less crowd and used to normally wind up by 10 pm 90% of the guests would feel it boring and 10% of them would have been happy for finding an excuse to be Abstent.

    today with fine tuning with the same traditions, 90% would have enjoyed the party till the vee hours in the morning and wanting for more and 10 % of invited guests would repent for not attending

    so the bottomline is there has to be a proper tradeoff between Old Customs and New Generation ideas.

    at the end of the day Old Tradition ache chakkar anth rosak lok yena zalar nauraik roce kone Laonso!!!

  • Gibs, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Two of my brothers got married during this era of rotten eggs & beer tradition. But we made it clear to everyone before the fuction not to use these commodities. Some one even tried to bring the eggs but stopped by our friends who were prepared to encounter such unpleasant behaviour(you call it policing). If you dont stop this evil practices now days are not far one day we may see the bride/groom with cowdung on their faces on their auspecious day or you may receive an inviation for Roce to come wearing boiler suite!!.thanks Mr. Gabriel for highlighting this issue.

  • Kiran d'souza, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Nothing wrong in practicing modern culture.

    Modern youngsters wants to show on the very first day

    "drink beer and break eggs so that breaking the marriage is easy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melwyn miranda, gantalkatte kuwait

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    vinita lobo jeppu i agree with u.

  • Veena Pinto, Shirva /Panjim, Goa

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I fully agree with Pearl's article. It is very sad to know that many people do not understand the agony of the pig and want to continue the tradition at the cost of torturing the animal.

  • adolf washington, bangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Gabriel Vaz article on Mangalorean catholic Roce is an eye-opener for people of other communities and cultures too that have allowed unpleasant practices to overshadow rich,meaningful and revered traditions of our country. The article made interesting reading. Hats off to the writer.

  • Gladson, Brahmavar

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    While I am in full conformity with Gabriel's view, it baffles wisdom to know that there quite a few who support and justify this beer and egg culture which has sneaked in our Roce! Their justification that Roce is time for fun is purely Manglo-Indians' version, as stated by CGS. So it's waste of time teaching them lessons on tradition or culture since this generation, the so called 'Vinchon kaddleli porja', hardly has any inkling towards these things. Forget about tradition and culture, bathing someone with rotten eggs or beer is against humanity itself. It is not merely insulting any culture but also a person. Ask the person who have gone through this horrid experience and they will let you know what fun is and what is not.

    Everything is funny as long as it happens with someone else. But when it happens with oneself, then, the real 'fun' begins! This is mere perversion under the guise of fun and suits only those who prefer 'hot dogs' and 'pizza' over Mangalorean delicacies. But I very much agree with them that DJs for Roce is another kind of perversion introduced by the Michael Jacksons of Mangalore. It is not because they understand western music or love it but because they don't understand their own culture, Mother tongue and traditions attached to it! Since ignorance is bliss, they feel safe to be in aliens' paradise!

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Always tradition meaningful as well as beautiful and it builds an atmosphere to the main wedding ceremony. On this day the youngsters try to do something different to bring in more fun and at sometime in the process it turns ugly. This may be due to jealousy or taking revenge on all mischief the groom did on them or just stupidity of the young mind.

    The best way is to have a little of Indian tradition, a little of western Yo! and more of available facilities for fun filled wedding eve which should be acceptable to all. In no way the fun should turn into ugly & uncomfortable to the invited guests who have come in their best attire from distance places.


    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    What is it all about holy ritual and issue about eggs and beer? Was it existing before NRI influence? It is all a mystery and a puzzle. By the way, I hear that NRI have lot of harm to our culture. When money speaks, morality disappears!

  • russell dsouza, bejai muscat

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Roce and modern day celebrations it all started with gulf money and now is a fashion. Recent developments is fashion show where everyone comes either fully dressed or barely dressed. Yeh duniya he bhai jab tak paisa he ye chalega.

  • Jovin, USA

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I actually do not understand the whole craze about breaking eggs, smashing rotten tomato's, ofcourse not to forget the puring of beer. If I could imagine, normally such things are attributed to bring disrespect to a person/family. In my opinion what remains next is a garland of slippers. And I think it wouldn't be too long before this becomes a part of many roce ceremonies. It's strange but many a times the bride and groom take pleasure in having such crap being thrown at them. I have known people who treat this as fun and love the experience. So according to me it is each ones call. Thanks to the head of our Vardo we had all these extra ordinary rituals banished with a strict and firm warning. Roce is a beautiful ceremony.

    Perhaps these filthy deeds not just ruins the ocassion but also the motive behind having it. I have not known of a hindu friend you ruins their haldi ceremony which is equivalent to our roce by encouraging such actions that bring shame to the whole ceremony. I must say the friends of the bride/groom are immature than our ancestors. Ofcourse we have our weddings in the hall and have taken to many more modern things because labour is not cheap anymore most families live in flats and do not have enough space to accomodate guests and the younger generation has no clue how to manage a Pudvam/saree likewise. So it is for our convinience that we have moved on. This doesnot seem convinient in any which way, irrespective of what the youngsters have to say.

  • John Vas, Kulshekar/dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I too agree with Gabriel, pouring Beer, smashing eggs, tomatoes and what not by present youngsters must be stopped. Let us give a meaningful traditional values to our generation applying only good practices in our weddings. To uplift our society always it is better to bring good things and discard unwanted things. Readers shouldnot be personal while commenting/suggestions rather evaluate the subject matter with wisdom. GOODLUCK.

  • Munna, Dubai, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Nice to read some wise & some foolish comments. Let me first of tell you the tradition that we follow are been adapted from different religion & region we live. Even as the time changed the things too changed. I would tell that it’s the NRI’s who broke the tradition introducing new things & now everyone want to do it.

    I have enjoyed 15 days of wedding… with then whole village gathering at out place as the helping had.
    We did have breaking of the egg & pouring of the beer that did not spoil the sanctity of the Roce.

    Now a days we come not to celebration & to take part…but we attend the weddings as a occasion & guest to display our style & clothing’s or just to keep up the commitment. That is the reason we look out for lot of reason for not doing in the right way.

    Do we still have time to wear the traditional dress, follow the traditional wedding. We expect that our wedding should be a grand one… but how many time have we been a part of our family or friends wedding. As I read through the comments, I saw lot of people did not have a wedding celebratuion to there expatation so they had the reason to comment.

    But let me tell you, respect the adults & make them the lead ur wedding & plan ur wedding, traditions will follow, u have to just agree to them. Even during the house warming of my Sis, her inlwas made sure that all will go as per tradition & no morden stuff. Her FIL was strict in his actions , we all loved it.

    Its easy to comment, practice now…. Wedding

  • Ida , Kinnigoli/Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Can anyone tell me the meaning behind Breaking eggs & pouring beer apart from giving little glow to hair? Why not do this in bathroom than in gathering to spoil clothes while flashing? One should distinquish between tradition & fun/entertainment.

  • Kiran Vaz, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I agree with the writer. But folks , don't you think , the Charity should begin at home. What to do ? Todays generation do not listen to them and they vent their feelings like this. It is very easy to preach the public but very hard to practice at home. And this is the reality.

  • vivian fernandes, mangalore/dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Is bride and bridegroom kissing in wedding hall required? Can anyone write article on this also...

  • Daniel, Bombay/Dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Very good article. It is a eye opener to every Mangalorean to stick to the sacred traditions.

  • Roopesh D'Silva, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Excellent Article

  • Joe, Mangalore / UAE

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Three years back, during my nephew’s Roce time, the MC politely requested the gathering not to indulge in egg breaking or pouring beer on the bridegroom’s head. But one invitee (a very close relative of the boy), would not heed to the request. He had a bucketful of rotten vegetables, mixed with beer and egg yolks, fermented over few days for the occasion. An act of foolishness along with his friends conducted few years back by the bridegroom during that persons Roce prompted him to take the nasty revenge but in many folds.

    Many people standing around the groom also got splashed with the dirty concoction dirtying the costly sarees and other apparel to the dismay of several people. The helpless hosts were overwhelmed but silent as they did not want any confrontation with the close family at an auspicious day. The lovely atmosphere prevailing till then turned sullen and dull. 

    The stink was unbearable and a few invitees left without having the dinner. A floor show by the family members to be held after the Roce on the same spot got delayed as the place needed to be cleaned with water and to the bad luck, there was water shortage on the same evening! Thanks to one man’s stupidity, a beautiful evening full of fun and frolic turned out to be stressed and remorse.

  • CGS , Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Eggs are cheaper than Sunsilk or All Clear Shampoo.Beer makes bride or bridegroom more cheerful!And this is nothing but the tradition of the chosen people called the Manglo-Indians!!Thanks to Gabriel
    Vaz for his enlightening article on Roce.

  • Vinita Lobo, Jeppu / Dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Dear writer do not try to be logical while explaining "Why Break Eggs and pour Beer" or "Catholic Roce - Doing Away with Animal Cruelty"   If all things taken into consideration then why do we have Music or a Beat group? Why catering? Why Weddings are conducted in the Halls or Open Areas or Clubs? The weddings need to be at home. Coz our tradition was not hall in the early days, why do we have gap of 2 days from Roce to Wedding. Where is the traditional dress as the Brides “Khirgi” the grooms “Khaas Pudvem”,now we have gowns & suits ,or Sharwani’s when all this is not followed why only about Pigs carried upside down ,Beer & Eggs.

    “Mr. Anand rightly said those who want to stick by rules of Do's & Dont's need to join the convent or the seminary. Where U will find people like You're selves”

  • V.Baretto, Bantwal-Bangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I fully subscribe to what Mr.Gabriel Vaz has stated with regard to Roce.

  • Dennis Menezes, Kinnigloy /Jeddah, KSA

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Smashing eggs and pouring beer on a Roce day is not a part of ceremony. In fact Roce is a beautiful ceremony of anointing the Bride/Bridegroom with coconut milk which is a symbol of purification as to prepare them for their new journey in matrimony. Also the anointing of oil on their forehead is the act invoking the Blessings from God, in order to strengthen them in their marriage life. In all it is a holy ceremony and the beer and the rotten eggs make it unholy.!! Smaching eggs and pouring beer on Bride/Bridegroom is not a part of the Roce ceremony but some fun loving youngsters who wanted to humiliate the Bride/Groom invented this act of stupidity as the Roce ceremony is the only occasion for them to settle the scores (if any….!!!)

  • Victor, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    If we consider "roce" is having fun, then let us not use coconut milk, oil, vovyo, sign of the cross etc which was a tradition and considered part of the marriage ceremony. To have fun you can use a cocktail of eggs, beer, gin, rum, feny and whatever you want to add. Roce is a Mangalorean Catholic religious tradition. If you cannot maintain the seriousness of the function, then don't call it "roce", it is an insult to our elders who observed this tradition for generations, instead give a different name. No wonder then, that there is a sharp increase in divorce cases among mangalorean catholic married couples because now a days the whole concept of marriage is to have fun.

  • Royal , Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Very good article Mr.Gabriel vaz. Good comment Mr.Sunil.Really now some youngstars want to show they are rocking and modern people so they spoil tradition.

  • Reshma Fernandes, Bangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Mr Vaz, nice article. atleast such articles hoping will open the eyes of the mangalorean's. Appreciate our culture and do not disappoint people who speak their mind out on the same

  • Konkani Abhimani, Mangalore / Bangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Certainly agree...this is not our Tradition / Culture.
    If we are talking about tradition lets also make sure bride / bridegroom give up wearing Wedding Gown / Wedding Suit. Also do we need Page Boy and Flower Girls ?.
    We are following the Western Culture.


    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Dear Anand Pinto Mangalore / Kuwait
    I agree with you. It is 100% correct.

  • J DSouza, Mumbai / Kuwait

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    A really good article indeed !
    Breaking Eggs and pouring beer is purely stupidity. It is not funny when you have the same thing poured over your head. Live by our traditions so that our generations carry on the same. Your should either be Goan or Mangalorian at heart...


    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Well Said & written Mr.Vaz. People should stop this instead bring more of coconut milk n oil to purify the bride & bridegroom. Let's have fun in pouring coconut milk rather than with eggs/tomatoes/beer so on. Let us all grow up & keep the tradition sacred and holy.

  • Praveen, Karkala

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    There is nothing wrong in doing all these things provided no harm is done to anybody. Like breaking egg or pouring juice is ok. Let us not Talk too much of sacred or holy. Fun is also a part of roce and all these is part of it. Iam againt animal cruelty anyway!!. Let us let loose and be fun loving people rather than accusing and crying on everything.

  • jeswita, mangalore. Dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I too agree with the writer and appreciate his gesture of expressing the thoughts of many of the same mind. Throwing eggs, beer, sauce and other rubbish not only spoils the meaning of the roce but also makes a mockery of the ceremony. Therefore if today,s youngsters want to have fun, it should be had in a seperate fun function joined by the same minds.

  • King of Kinnigoli, Kinnigoli

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    For yo info...Chicken came first...

  • Kevin, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    this article seems to be only a point of view. breaking eggs and pouring beer is surely not a part of tradition but i dont think anything is wrong with it. yes its is advisable not to hav this fun in the matoo but somewhere outside where the other guests r not disturbed. roce to be clear is a part of mangalore christian tradition and not of christianity. there are a lot of things which r not part of tradidtion v hav these days but stil where its a function al v try to hav is fun. one question: roce tradidtion used to only hav the brass band then y do v hav a DJ now?? ny answers:)

  • Sunil, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    i have been playing for several roces and weddings since almost 12 years a Dj as well as with my band. this Beer - Egg - Tomato fad is recent...not more than 6-7 years old. that too it had the tacit approval of the bride / Groom who wish to show the world that theyre "YO". there have been several roces where the bride / groom have asked the guests to deposit the eggs with the caterers for making fresh egg burji and beer DJ/ Band who will consume it and play better music and the eggs/Beer has been done away with!

  • Joseph, Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Nowadays mostly youngsters throw eggs, tomatoes or pour beer on bride or bridegrooms head during rose ceremony and malign the sanctity of rose. This is being done inspite of elders request to not to do so. What we can say such people in Konkani is ‘Baas Desh Nathlli’

  • John D'Sa,, Belman

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    There is nothing wrong in cracking one or two good eggs on brides/grooms head, but not rotten. Egg yolk with oil is a natural hair conditioner. Those who have not tried, try at least once. Pouring beer is utter nonsense. I strongly support Anand Pinto’s comment.

  • Anand Pinto, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Those who want to stick by rules of Do's & Donts,U need to join the convent or the seminary.
    Where U will find people like U're selves

  • Patrick Saldanha, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Dear writer do not try to be logical while explaining why Break eggs and pour beer.It is plain stupidity and ignorance of our culture, in our community we still have ignorants,whom we need to educate,this practice is started recently, do not tell me in olden days they used to pour toddy ,

  • Jawar D'Souza, Doha/ M'lore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Smashing egg's and pouring beer was not a part of the ceremony when we were kids this has started off late with youngters's to have some fun by dirtying the atmosphere. It was a good tradition with voyo's which is a highlight of a catholic marriage.In most of our roce function we ask the M.C. to request politely not to smash egg's you can put all the roce but no egg's, which was followed by the guest's. Its better to educate the youngter's and stop this practice.

  • Kodialgarchi, Kodial

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Good article, enlightening and knowledge with relevant events. Moreover Eggs & Beer is also known as a beautification elements. Good conditioner for hair shine and skin glow.

  • Chris, Udyavar, Dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Pouring of Beer and Smashings eggs should be stopped. Even I have seen people pouring Wheat Flour and Tea Powder too. Its not a good custom of having fun. God knows what feeling it will give to Bride and Bridegrooms. Its really nasty.

  • Jude, Mangalore Dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    The practice of throwing eggs or pouring beer has nothing to do with tradition. It is plain and simple stupidity on the part of some people. I have undergone that torture myself, but have never indulged in it at any time. I have never forgiven my friends and some of my cousins for doing that to me even though it was years ago. The sanctity of a beautiful ceremony is totally destroyed by this evil practice, and the elders in the family should try and stop it immediately. There is simply no excuse for this.

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