Are Omnipresent Malayalis a Threat to Locals?

Feb 18, 2010

Soon after India won the tense India-Pakistan T 20 final match in 2008 there was a spate of SMS jokes doing rounds among Indians. The one that is firmly etched in my memory is about how Pakistani player Misbah who was the last man out in the last over wanted to hit the ball where there was no one.  But he forgot there is a Malayali in every corner of the world. This was prompted after Misbah was caught by a Mallu in the Indian team – Sreeshanth resulting in India winning the first T 20 World Cup.

It is not an understatement that Malayalis with their indefatigable courage, grit, and determination hard work, adaptability and Malayali brotherhood have established their suzerainty in every corner of the world. The people of South Kanara would certainly vouch for this not only here but also in the gulf where both Malayalis and Mangaloreans work in large numbers. Be it the Railway Office, Mangalore/Bangalore trains, the airport, New Mangalore Port Trust, MRPL and even the umpteen prestigious educational institutions South Kanara boasts of, there is a strong Malayalee presence everywhere. Not long ago the Mangalore Railway station was called “Mangalapuram” and accusing fingers were pointed out at the Malayalee dominated Railway staff who wanted to Malayalize Mangalore.   Mangaloreans had to protest against such blatant efforts to extend Malayali dominance in Mangalore.    

Mallu Mania 

Over the years people from different parts of the country and also from abroad are flocking to Mangalore for education, health care and in search of greener pastures especially in the IT/ITES sectors.  But none can match the verve, determination, zeal and hardworking nature of Malayalis who dominate many important zones in our own city, much to the vexation of a vast majority of Mangaloreans who feel Malayalees are a threat to the locals as they usurp the job market in almost every field thus depriving the locals of their bread and butter.  

Most people now believe that Mallus” as Malayalis are often referred to by the people of Dakshina Kannada, there is an overdose of Malayalis here in the coastal districts where they are ubiquitous by their presence.   The general feeling is that with a Malayalee at the top he tries to bring his own band of Malayalees even in the lower ladder and finally it is the Malayalee brood that dominates the entire organization. Prathima Shenoy, who has recently joined IT Company, says “when we were in college there was such a strong presence of Malayalis in some sections of the college and we were made to believe as if we were entering the Kerala Zone.  But they made such cacophonic noise trying to show off their dominance keeping aloof from the locals in the campus.  Their very behaviour really annoyed us a great deal.  They always form their own group and never mingled with others”. 

Perceived Threat? 

The question that confronts us now is whether our fears are genuine or just that we cannot tolerate or digest the gut feelings of the Malayalees who have demonstrated their survival skills wherever they go, who never shy away from speaking in their mother tongue the moment they sight a fellow Malayalee or their adaptability to the new place with ease.  That the Malayalees dominate most of the Central Government Offices in South Kanara or Udupi or for that matter all over the country is well known.  It is a competitive field and Mallus should be credited for their astuteness in getting into central government offices. Ramachandra Shetty, a central government employee in Mangalore says “though we may not like to accept it easily we have to agree that Malayalees have leadership qualities which they display anywhere they go.  In our own office there was Malayalee domination till a year back not because they were in majority but because they asserted themselves. Wherever they go they become leaders or Secretaries of the employees union. We have to credit them for that”. 

Ramachandra, however, feels that it was our own lackadaisical attitude and insouciant warmth that has boomeranged on us.  “We shy away from taking responsibilities, we are too hospitable to the extent that we speak Malayalam with Malayalis and Tamil with Tamilians but never insist they speak our language.  When I was transferred to Mangalore I was stunned to see my local colleagues speak in Malayalam.  I am not a language fanatic but I never found the reciprocal attitude among Malayalis.  They refused to learn our language despite staying here for more than 2 years”.   Ramachandras colleague Manoj K expresses similar sentiments saying “in our office the Secretaryship of our union was always held by a Malayali and when we realized this we had our own hidden agenda to always select a local candidate as we were fed up of their domination”.  This kind of opinion is being heart from many quarters these days as slowly the localites have come to realize they are being taken for a royal ride.  

Central Government employment is done through competitive examinations and is true that Malayalis are shrewd enough to get into central government services through merit which are safe and secure and also involve transfers.  Whenever they are disturbed from their native place in the form of transfers they come to Mangalore, Udupi or even Madikeri which acts as a stop gap for them as these places are convenient than most other places. They work here for 4 years or so and then go back to their native places.  Most of them also have working spouses and are financially strong unlike the locals here which also gives them an added advantage over locals.  Ramachandra believes that usually locals are not able to get a posting in their native places is mainly because Malayalis fill the posts whenever there is a local vacancy.  

Though generally it is believed that transparency rules the roost when it comes to jobs in government, it is now open secret that when the recruitment for Konkan Railways was done the vacancies were not published in Karnataka paper but were published in newspapers in Kerala which deprived Kannadigas for getting jobs in Konkan Railway. 

When it comes to seats in educational institutions also the Malayalis score over others as they are ready to shell out huge capitation fee which the locals find it difficult to pay and hence succeed in getting admissions to these institutions.  In a recent comment to one of the article in daijiworld one Eshwar Pandeshar commented about the incident of the 1970’s when a group of students in connivance with a university from Kerala got into a reputed Medical College in Mangalore through dubious means of adding required percentage of marks , much to the exasperation of locals.   

Asserting in a Competitive World 

Mangaloreans are no doubt known for their magnanimity,  for their live and let live kind of approach towards life and also the take it easy kind of attitude which is proving detrimental to its own populace.  There are a few others who equate Mangaloreans with the likes of Bal Thackeray who is raising the issue of Maharashtra for Maratis.  There are also others who draw a parallel with the racial attacks in Australia.  However some saner elements feel that they have no parallel at all.  There is also a feeling doing the rounds that it is a competitive world and the smartest and the shrewdest will rule the roost and one cannot agree to disagree with what they say.

Mangalore has always lived in harmony in tune with its cosmopolitan outlook and are perfectly at ease to co-exist in assorted ethnic and religious groups.  It does not mean to say we should give a room for others to exploit us.  Agreed it is a competitive world and the best brains will come out with flying colours. Given a try Mangaloreans too can outclass others. 

We cannot take umbrage on Malayalis for all their ills nor can they be blamed for everything.  It is time we learn something from the Malayalis rather than just castigate them for their omnipresence.  Malayalis respect their language, their culture, their tradition and love their fellow Malayali unlike us who very often wear an “I don’t care attitude” on our sleeves.  There is something good we can learn from our neighbours who are always eager to shoulder responsibilities, show leadership qualities and assert themselves wherever they go. For every problem there is a solution but we have to go in search of it.  Blame game is only a short cut. 

by Florine Roche
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Comment on this article

  • Hariharan, Mumbai

    Sun, Sep 02 2012

    I would like to reinstate what i have told earlier. Its high time government recognises the local people and help them with employment else all posts/positions will be occupied by neighbour states which only will cause un-necessary frustration and agitation and friction between the people of two states. My sincere request to all malayalees is that its high time they have been laying eggs on crow's nest. Please stop that and start laying eggs on your own nest. In the right sense, return to your state and prove that your state is the best in India by working there and changing the culture and mindset of people who have all the time being posing threat to commencing new industries or companies. Leave all the states and go to your state and start improving it then you are the great.

    Else if you keep dominating other states by telling your sincere worker hard worker nothing will make your state be the first. When is kerala going to be numero uno industrialisation should the basic and mind blogging question in every malayalees mind. Enough of serving gulf or other foreign country. Return and develop your own state and make India feel proud.

  • Mallu dominating in Mangalore, Hariharan

    Wed, Aug 15 2012

    What we need at this point of time is provide an opportunity for the local people be it Central or State Government. As you can see in kerala be it Central or State Government, malayalees only work and rule. Why not the same in Karnataka or Tamilnadu. Some people where talking that mallus can prove their capability and hence they shine and local people should close their eyes to it.

    When mallus can prove in other states why not all of them stand united and take a unilateral decision to return to their state and develop it in the way they like. I am sure once they decide on this their state will be 100 times more than dubai or middle-east where they throng for work. Its time that they all return to their god's own country and start doing productive work and think of developing their state rather than flocking in numbers to neighbourhood state and depriving them of the limited opportunities they have.

     Mallus please understand and if you think India is one country and you are an Indian first than an malayali you should not deprive or cause threat to the local people of other state at any cost. My sincere suggestion is government should put their foot down and start recoginising the local people and deploy them for work than preferring people from other states. Its high time Mangalore is given to the local people who speak tulu or konkani or kannada and not malayalam.

  • Vinu, Trivandrum

    Sat, Aug 21 2010

    These kannadigas are good for nothing. What they can do is only barking.The main reason for their pathetic condition is this narrow minded attitude. If you have real guts, compete with us & beat us. Otherwise keep quiet. If we are dominating in your state it is because of your lack of competency level.Understand this fact, or you can still be beggars in your own land.

  • Mohammed, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 09 2010

    As a Mangaloreans or Kannadigas we should show our respect to our state and our language. We are not hesitant to listen Tamil or Malayalam songs in the tv or radio. Look at them if they listen any other languange on the Tv they will jump like they might seen a snake. This all tells the mentalilty.

  • Zubaid, Kasaragod/Bangalore

    Wed, Mar 03 2010

    Shame on you Mangloreans. A sense of pride (that you people are the best and others worst) has come onto your narrow minds.You people are so selfish. Come to Kasaragod railway station. You will find a Kannadiga in the only ticket counter who doesn't even know to communicate in Malayalam. But Mallus use Kannada to communicate with the fellow and gets what he wanted - a train ticket which allows him to board the train and go to his destination. In comparison, a Manglorean will rue when he is communicated with a Malayalam blended Kannada in Mangalore railway station.

    We Malayalis do not fight in the name of language or culture All we care is to survive. You Mangloreans are so imposing. Kasaragod railway station has got a sign board written in Kannada but does Mangalore have one in Malayalam??? All people who complain must be well aware that Mangalore Central and Junction railway stations are more often used by Malayalis rather than Mangaloreans. If we wanted to, we could have imposed Malayalm in Kasaragod railway station, but strictly that's not our culture. You people envy on our success? We are not stopping anybody..Its just you people are so jealous of us that u have time left only for nail biting.

  • Shahab, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Nobody has degraded malayalees in their comments in this article . But stressed upon the attitude they have to people from other states when it comes to working , studying and mingling with them in other states. We mangaloreans have been working in chennai ( since british rule),mumbai , bangalore ,US,UK, Canada and gulf countries and contributing to respectives places and also mingling with local crowd and being part of them . But never have we mangaloreans displaced any locals from their work place or place of existence .

  • JITHIN MENON, Ernakulam

    Tue, Feb 23 2010

    Provide Service Desk functions, being the first point of contact for users, by Phone, E mail and face to face, recording, tracking and resolving calls, whilst maintaining communication with users about progress.

    Assess, prioritise and allocate calls to the appropriate resources – both internal teams and external. Ensure compliance to standards, desktop policies and procedures. Act as a local customer liaison with the business for all general enquires.

    Procure IT equipment and services as required by Group IT and users, acting as the routine point of contact with suppliers, and managing the delivery of the equipment and services in liaison with other Group IT staff and users.

    Implementing and administrating Windows 2000, 2003 based networking environment.
    Implementing and Configuring WAN, LAN.

  • J DSouza, Kerala/USA/UAE

    Mon, Feb 22 2010


    Lovely to see good debate here.. I do note that in these comments Malayalees from all around the world has responded! One from Barbados even :)

    I am a Mangalorean from Kerala.. The Joke is now on the writer :).. There are 1000's of us from Kasrakode to Kochi.. hahaha

  • Dr.Anand and Geeta N Pereira, Sakleshpur/Kadri

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    We are now based on an knowledge economy. Geographical barriers are broken down and people with knowledge as an asset and the will power to succeed will move ahead in life. The rest will be extinct like the tiger. We enjoyed this thought provoking article and it is a reminder that we need to change our attitudes. Afterall, winning is a state of mind.

  • Kevin Mascarenhas, Mangalore/Sydney

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    I see this article more of blame seeking than of analysing how people of DK can be more competitive.
    We have had Mangaloreans in major positions in India and around the world. In Mumbai(Bombay)hotel/restuarant business is dominated by Mangaloreans. THe real reasons whu Malyalis are going outside is because of the poor state of industries due to unionism and communists.

    DK should focus on education for the lower strata who actually are frustrated as they cannot get decent jobs. Hence parties like the SRS get members to do goondaism.
    I am sure if "insecure people" are "Educated" and made aware of the fields they can put their engergies into there will be a lot of peace and growth in the region.

  • Dan, Shirva

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Why speak about Malayalees? We are Indians. We need unity. Ask Muthalik to do something about PINK CHADDIES AND BLACKENING OF HIS FACE.

  • Victor, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    After reading through all the comments my conclusion is, we Mangaloreans respect our "Indian Constitution". More than 99% of Mangaloreans agree that we are all Indians and we all have the fundamental right to live and make a living anywhere in India. I am really proud of you all guys. Keep up the spirit.

  • Tawood Dhackeray, Palli/Ranganpalke

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Tiruvilla - A Malayalee, Dubai...but karnataka already had prime minister and not any one from kerala.. hope so anthony will be the next p.m...article is nothing but to divert attention from ongoing situation nowadays in mangalore/udipi...don't worry you carry on with your favourite 'puttu'...very dangerous food...

  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    How can we oppose Malayalees when we go out of our district and earn name and fame in other states and countries? How can we blame Takreys and MNS? When we perform better than a Malayalee, we succeed. Hence we should believe India is for all Indians! As long as we have challenge and set goals, we need not bother about competition, be it a mallu or someone else! There are thousands of Mangaloreans in the Gulf, Europe and West who are doing too good, inspite of a blame game of Mallu dominance!

  • Tiruvilla - A Malayalee, Dubai

    Mon, Feb 22 2010


  • Rajlaxmi Das, Calicut

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Mangaloreans have a very hospitable and friendly nature towards people of all communities, regions. This is not so with a malyali. An average malyali expects each and every person to speak malayalam. I have been born and brought up in Mumbai and settled here. The progressive ones leave the state and are more adaptable and adjustable.

    The ones in the state are really horrible. In Kerala men are more bothered about another man's wife and bothering about their own. If u allow Malyalees to dominate they will try to change your culture. dont try to emulate a malyalee. Be happy that Mangaloreans behave like decent human beings than follow a narrow minded culture like mallus

  • francis.fernandis, bangalore

    Mon, Feb 22 2010

    Thanks for your nice article.It reminds us where we are standing.Finally who wins the race is important.We have to learn a lot of things from them. They have got some inborn characters.They mix each other irrespective of rich,poor,cast,creed.All are covered in one umbrella.Whereas we are lacking all these qualities.We have to avoid back stabing.Instead of pin pointing them.Let us correct ourselves.Strive hard and compete with them.Our constitution principle we should not wave off.Unity in diversity.We are indian first.Let us think inthat direction.

  • Neville Fernandez, Mangalore/Antigua

    Sun, Feb 21 2010

    A very well balanced article Florine. I applaud you on your courage to touch upon this prickly subject. I think we Mangaloreans have to learn one thing from Mallus, the primacy they seem to place on language and culture, and I daresay religion takes second place. You see the same phenomenon in West Bengal and curiously, both states have a strong communist presence. Intriguing! I wonder if there is a connection.
    In Mangalore we have to contend with three languages and a myriad of cultures, I do not see how can we achieve unity with that. But what local youth can do is work hard and give them a run for their money. Seize every opportunity available. I was once told that our youth don't like to join ffor nursing, even in Wenlock hospital where it is reasonable. Why? If Mallus are gaining the upper hand we're partly responsible for that. Let's try to fix our side of the problem first before pointing fingers.

  • Shiva , Dubai / Udupi

    Sun, Feb 21 2010

    These will be changes in next 3 yrs.

    Namaskar - Namaskaram
    Mooji - Moona
    Bokka - Pinne
    Mangalore chicken sukka - Mang machi curry,
    Yaav - Madi
    Mangalore panche - lungi

    I dont mind a mangalorian using all malyali words in his tulu. I fear one dangerous word in malyalam which none of mangalorians should use
    " chodhikyo"

  • Joel, Sydney/Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2010

    Mangalore is dominated by Keralites jus cos of their unity they treat every single keralite the same way no matter wat sort of job He/ She is doin.. Its not like Mangalore where in mangaloreans are busy with building terrorist groups like Rama sene n Dhuma Sene.. So they seek the oppurtunity n rule...

  • Ramesh, Pune

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    Please vote for Kishore
    SMS KISHORE 57575. and Make Mangalore pride. Dance India Dance Season 2. Vote before Monday.

  • Tawood Dhackeray, Palli/Ranganpalke

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    God has never made any boundaries to mankind.. it's only by humane being has created boundaries for there own wish and security.. people can travel any parts of the world for there livelyhood.. we should learn from these animals/birds..who are migrating from one place to another.. we human beings...nothing but selfish...try to be first indian..that's enough to be in unity..

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    "Secularism" added with "Dignity of Labour" are the key words that we must always embrace in a country such as India where free enterprise should prevail at all times in every corner of India regardless of our culture, language or ethnic background. Mumbai is a classic example where millions of Indians from other States have flooded the beautiful city and has risen to be the most colorful and enterprising business city of India that covers almost onethird of India's business economy and stock market.

    Indians are built up with a transient character. We have migrated to all parts of the world before and after the Independance in search of better prospects and better future. Whether it is Alaska or Argentina whether it is Honk Kong or South Africa or Nigeria, Indians are everywhere. More than 25 million Indians reside abroad as NRIs and most of them have flourished well in life because of their hard working nature and willingness to maintain a "CAN DO" attitude. America, Canada and England have welcome Indians with a open heart and have benefited a great deal from the intelligent substance of Indian work ethics and entrepreneural attitudes.

    Our charity should therefore begin at home, and we must keep each of our borders open for all the rest of mainstream of India to inculcate their talents, abilities and willingness to penetrate into any Indian society so that our democracy will prevail and so also our secularism will prevail too

  • ameer, doha

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    Hey people ,do you know almost half of the business in m'lore is owned or done by people from kasargod..neaby neighborin district..ya can mak out difference of people wen der is strike o sumtin in kasargod ...the whole m'lore ll be empty almost..

  • Anand Ronald Fernandes, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    We mangloreans are very lazy people,do not want to do small jobs,searching for white collar others will dominate.   Mallus are hard working,ready to do any type of jobs,whatever qualification may be.

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur/ Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    Mr. Nagesh Nayak, You have to stop blaming minorities. Why the bjp president Mr. Gadkari is appeasing Minorities? As per your earlier comments only majorities vote is sufficient. Poisoning the minds of the Hindus was not finished/enough? Why you are blaming Christians, Muslims and Sikhs? Are you not speaking against the constitution and not respecting the constitution and the law you are none the less than an Indian traitor. Can India survive without depending upon other nations? Do you need ooooonly Amchigele.

    Tell me. VHP, RSS,BD,SS,SRS are not Hindus. They are goondas and terrorists. Why bjp supported United States, England and Pakistan? Why Mr. Yeddyurappa took certificate from USA. Did not Late P.M. Morarji Desai supported Pakistan and got Nishan e Pakistan award? Self explanatory Mr. Nagesh Nayak. Stop dividing the society on communal lines shun immediately.

  • James Fernandes, Barkur/USA

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    It’s not easy to 'rise above' from “Stereotyping or Prejudice.”   “Melting pots” have not failed yet.  Tapioca goes well with pork curry."

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur,Puttur/Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    Mr. Nagesh Nayak, You have to stop blaming minorities. Why the bjp president Mr. Gadkari is appeasing Minorities? As per your earlier comments only majorities vote is sufficient. Poisoning the minds of the Hindus was not finished/enough? Why you are blaming Christians, Muslims and Sikhs? Are you not speaking against the constitution and if you are not respecting the constitution and the law you are none the less than an Indian traitor. Can India survive without depending upon other nations? Do you need ooooonly Amchigele. Tell me. VHP, RSS,BD,SS,SRS are not Hindus. They are goondas and terrorists. Why bjp supported United States, England and Pakistan? Why Mr. Yeddyurappa took certificate from USA. Did not Late P.M. Morarji Desai supported Pakistan and got Nishan e Pakistan award? Self explanatory Mr. Nagesh Nayak. You are the number one person who is poisoning the minds of Hindus to divide the society on communal lines shun/stop this immediately.

  • If you can't beat them learn from them..., Girish

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    Guys If u cannot beat them, Learn from them...there is lot to learn from them. A Malayali is a Malayali first.... irrespective of any cast, religion and position, they stand united as one unit... I guess we mangaloreans cannot even afford that unity. By the way those who tell us to be Indian first... I can be an Indian but not at the cost of my language and culture... greatness of being Indian is in maintaining diversity and being proud of it, which every Malayali does it very well.

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur,Puttur/Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    Mr. Nagesh Nayak, You have to stop blaming minorities and majorities, Why Mr. Gadkari is appeasing Minorities? As per your earlier comments only majorities vote is sufficient. Poisoning the minds of Hindus was not enough or required still? Why you are blaming Christians, Muslims and Sikhs? Are you not speaking against the constitution and if you are not respecting the constitution you are none the less than an Indian traitor.

    Can India survive without depending upon other nations? Tell me. BJP, VHP, RSS,BD,SS,SRS are the ones who have created divide and rule you are the one among them roaming around the streets with poisoned leaflets. Why bjp supported United States and England? Why Mr. Yeddyurappa took certificate from USA. Did not Late P.M. Morarji Desai supported Pakistan and got Nishan e Pakistan award? Self explanatory Mr. Nagesh Nayak. You are the number one person poisoning the minds of Hindus to divide the society on communal lines shun/stop this immediately.

  • Dr. Zita Lobo RAK Medical and Health Sciences Univesity., Mangalore/UAE

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    It is heartening to see that most of the comments made here are very secular.
    I can understand at times the bitterness emanates from unpleasant experiences of being either robbed of opportunities, or cheated or back stabbed by people. This happens with people irrespective of which region they come from. Mangaloreans are not less capable. Only it is difficult to forgive people that are "not us" in terms of gender, caste, religion, region, and country. "We" have ourselves to blame. What is to be emulated from the keralites is that they have dignity of labour no matter what their education is, they have perseverance and grit to succeed against all odds. If they see each other as people coming from one region we see each other as hindus, muslims or christians and also whether one is a baman or gawdi and so on.

    It is true that Mangaloreans are hard working and intelligent. We are tolerant and cooperative. But we carry our prejudices where ever we go! We love pork-on a stake or a plate! and we are also united in the dislikes. It is high time we came out of it and co-exist as indians.

  • Bejoy, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    Hey Guys/Girls.Hope the article and the comments dont lead to hate crimes.We are Indians first,then comes other divide.Mangalore has burnt its image in the past and i think it is ridiculous.Mangalore has been in the middle of it allbe it the clash between the religions or states.What are we getting at guys,on one side we criticize MNS or the shivsenas ballantly on the other we are doing just that.This has go to stop.

  • Jerome M Sequeira, South Africa

    Sat, Feb 20 2010

    Solution is here Boycott Malayalis business in South Canara . Support local businessmen.

  • nagesh nayak, bangalore

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Hi,Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur,Puttur/Mangalore, We should shun appeasement of minorities for vote bank, conversion activities, terrorism activiteis, love jihad, pakistani supporters . We should stop blaming BJP, VHP, RSS,BD,SS,SRS,HINDUISM for each & everything happennings in the world. We should support indians & not to foriegners. jai ho.

  • krismorty, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Malayalees are absolute slaves when they are out of Kerala and are absolute masters when in Kerala.Though almost all of them are educated,their education level is moderate.Knowing that they have no future in their 'own God's country' they are generally ready to compromise on any thing to survive and make a living. An apt story to compare their behaviour is that of the camel which was given little place inside the tent to hide its face but eventually occupied the entire tent and even uprooted it.
    In our country,everybody has the right to go and make a living anywhere he wants.But nobody has the right to make a caucus of their people,either based on religion or region or language and deny the right of the locals who are also legitimate and equally eligible.
    Why at all people go to other palces for a living? because there are no oppurtunities in their own place. All the state governments should consider it a shame that their state people have to go to other states for living beacuse of lack of oppurtunity.
    The case of Mangalore and Mumbai are different.In Mumbai succesive governments have ensured job oppurtunities to people.When there is more influx than what they can handle,there is hue and cry.In mangalore,most of the people especially Christians and Muslims,prefer to work abroad.Hence there is a void which is filled up by malayalees.

  • I.J.S.Shet., Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Today, many Indian communities and lingos' can be found in many corners of the world.These our communities are indeed a constructive asset to the world at large. It is the narrow attitudes and selfish behaviors that are the problem. Let our nationals adopt a more uniformally Indian outlook and culture in a broader sense. Thanks.

  • Kiran, Bengaluru

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    The Bottom line is
    Be Proud of what you are..
    If you are passionate about yourself, your society and your language you tend to help them achieve within your limits.
    If you aren't this sort, we are distorted and such people instead take a ride on us.
    The same fate is among many other regional languages. It is time we take action and protect our folks and identity.. Helping as much as possible is the only action left.

  • Thomas Dsouza, Gorigudda/Israel

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Nice article by Florine Roche.nobody care about this,even our political leaders too.this mallu's are very dangerous. they half of state are in middle east and they made jobless to half of they are trying to do same in Mangalore..?wake up Guys....

  • Edward Rodrigues, Katapadi/Dubai

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Mallus are very enterprising people, we may not come across many industries in their very home town ie kerala , bt as per my understanding of GCC region among the Top 100 NRI'S in the GCC, maliyalis constitute atleast the bottomline is, we need to absorb ideas from this successful community rather than sidelining mallus!! remember to be successful in life u have to be around with successful people and those people are mallus!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Pinto, Mangalore/Jamnagar

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Florine, whatever u write for maloos, let us not forget that malayalis support only there people and not others, even if the others are right. They have qualities, but only to help themselves grow and not others, that 2 at the cost of others.

  • Sunil, mangalore

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    From all the comments that i read, it seems mallus are always united and aren't bothered too much about which religion the other mallu belongs!

    If that is the case, then, the solution for mangalorean problems is quite simple: The word is BEEF. That's right my friends! BEEF! All mallus eat Beef - especially: Beef Pepper Fry with Parotta, Beef Masala, Beef Biryani and Beef 65!

    Eat Beef like mallus and be united!

    All other states where Beef has been banned are having inter-caste problems, and fighting between different religious faiths.


  • victor moras, siddakatte/salalah

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Stop blaming the Malayalees. Begin to speak our language/help our bretheren/shun excessive western stuff. It will do alot of good.

  • Arthur Dias , tallur- kundapura

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    we should take action other wise we loose Mangalore like a kaserkode  we have so many problems due to these people.

  • Naveen, Udupi/Australia

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Mangaloreans are runnning for Jobs in Foreign countries and the crazy thing is malyali can find a job in same m'lore.   we do not have seats in our native colleges for courses in Medical/nursing/ engineering/MBA etc...Mallus are like a cockroaches u give them a small chance and they capture ur hole empire.......we should slap ourselves for this.

  • Dr. Simon, Madanthyar/Doha

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Good Day Dear Roche.Hope you are a responsible Citizen of India. Omnipresence is a constitutional right provided to every Indian citizen.So the question of locals,Malayalees etc. does not arise so as the threat.I sicerely request you to consider any one staying in mangalore[other than foreigners] as INDIANS instead of MANGLOREANS and you will find the answer to your title question.I think insiting hatred amongst indiansregion,religion,caste, creed wise etc is not included in the RIGHT to EXPRESS rights provided by the Constitution of India

  • Ann Lewis, Mumbai

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Hmmm...when i came to mangalore for studies,i was wondering if i landed in the rt place,i mean, there were more mallus around than mangis...its true,the mallus are a very strong united community unlike us mangis who jealous of each other n gossip bout each other all da tym.

  • Shahab, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Some people have commented on pros and cons of having malayali presence in mangalore . Some said have told that they have contributed a lot in places like middle east , us and canada and we have to learn a lot from them . But i would to ask all whether any one would keep quiet when someone is displacing you from place of existence or forcing out from your work place . Right that's what malayalis are doing .
    I would like to tell a incident which took place couple of years ago with me . Some malayali students who were tenants in our neighborhood were creating nuisance during the night . When we told them politely that you are creating nuisance during the night . Instead of understanding the problem they become aggressive and starting arguing with us . later they started giving cold stare whenever we passed by that way . Later their friends who came to visit them did the same thing . We felt as if we were alien in our own land . Students and working people are there in mangalore from other parts of India , but they co-exist with local population . But not malayalis .
    YES malayalis are a threat to locals .

  • cedric, mangalore

    Fri, Feb 19 2010

    its good daiji brought out this article.
    However this gives a thought for different flags in india. guess time for Mangalore to be an independent state.
    in Mumbai Manglorieans, keralite m,tamilians and the other southies are called madraseees. And the shivsena would love to eject all are we in an another shivsena making in Mangalore. Hitler put the jews in gas chambers , as he hated them,
    if we take up this attitude , the nxt hitler and a thakre or a modi would be from Mangalore.

  • Sunil.F, Brisbane

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    They Say, Aussies are racist:-)
    Soon there will be son given unto the Mangaloreans born of a devil, who will wipe out every fear of a Mangalorean, by wiping out every non mangalorean from Mangalore like the one in Mumbai!

  • roy, LORETTO (UK)

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    If malayalis our next neighbours is a threat for us..... Example the article which i read a days ago also a (cruelty on rise) threat to the christian culture as well as christian communiry no body says anything about 250 comments

  • Malini Sar, Mangalore/ London

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Its good to see lot of comments here regarding malayalis ,some pro and some anti.I think we have lot to learn from malayalis as mentioned above by others .  As of people complaining against malayalis I think they probably do that against everything in life. The present world lives on the principle of 'Survival of the fittest'. If you are ready to do hardwork and compete there is place for everyone here. So I think we all should stop this regional divide and concentrate well and excel in whatever we are doing and stop blaming others for our failures.

    I have come across malayalis during my studies in Mlore as well as here in London. They always support each other unlike us backstabbing each other. They show off less than they have unlike us who show off more than we are really worth.  And more importantly they support each other no matter what religion,caste or creed you belong to. I think everyone with little bit of grey matter would realise that it is the right thing to do in life unlike us seeing others based on religion. If we can learn something good from someone please embrace it, you can only get better from that and improve in life.

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur,Puttur/Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    We should shun regionalism, love for one particular language and reservations. Government should take care of every citizen. Parents should encourage their children as much languages they can learn and should put behind enmity between language, regional’s, castes, oonch, neech, superstitions and dowry systems. An Indian has the right to live every nook and corners of India.

  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Charles Darvin's theory is 100% true... That is "survival of the fittest". My dear Mangagala ooreans....dont feel bad... as you and me go arround the world in search of job, they...Malayalees also do.....?????? when Bal Thackeray opposed south Indians in Mumbai...all of us opposed his Ideology......India is for not only for is for all...!!! Let me tell you a story which is a uncle opened one Bakery in Bantakal (in udupi taluk, 30 years back)...there was a bread maker who was a Malayali( Name is Vaasu)....believe me or not he became the owner of that bakery...eventually. I dont blame him for was the fault of my uncle. Many of the comments were from people working outside Mangalore.....If you can work outside Mangalore ...then Why not Malayaalis...!!????? Dont Blame Malayalees for this..Blame youself/ourself for this..!!??

  • Manohar Veigas, UDUPI

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Malyali Community follow the theme of 'Unity in Diversity' within their own community. They have most of their community Umbrella under one Head say 'Kerala Samaj' all over India consisting of all Hindus, Christians and Muslims speaking from their origin state of Kerala. They know that this theme of brotherhood will only make them survive in the foreign land i.e. outside Kerala State or India. Regarding their sorry state of affairs within Kerala is because of their high literacy rate, which empowers them to know their right before knowing their obligation which results in formation of labour unions even in the unorganised sector. Otherwise, outside their State they are known for their hard-work, shrewdness and of-course love for their mother-tongues irrespective of their religion which binds them together resulting in their pride for being Malyalee and leave us envied since it is next to impossible for us to follow since we here are deeply rooted in differentiating and identifying ourselves on basis of religion, caste and language rather than being proud to be a Kannadiga.

  • Ahmed, Mangalore / Dubai

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    We the Indians have the sickness of talking against Indians, Be it Mangalore, Mumbai, Dubai or anywhere in the world. We Mangalorens also have reached most of the corners of India and the world.

  • A.D'Cunah Shenoy, Mangaluru

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    When Mangies are abandoning Mangalore why can't Malayalees fill the void? India for Indians.

  • Antony T. D Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Well said. Mallu’s are always united where ever they go and we are divided where ever we go. Their zeal among them has made them majority while our individualistic approach has made us minority in every sphere of our life.

    Problem is within in and not outside. Our own people very much hesitant to talk or learn our own native language where they meet here or in a distant land. But, if either of them get married to a Malyalee within no time they will learn Malyalam and become part of their culture. This is the beauty one has to know between Malyalee Vs native or inhabitants of the world.

  • ayub malpe, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    kudos to mallus.we mangaloreans always waste time in differing kannada tulu konkani beary urdu etc.And we have to support ,participate in sena,dala,and forums..![bands,hartal..,etc]if we get time we work as bus cleaners,bank seizers,etc.[this applies to quiet majority population]don't get jeolous about indian brothers ..MALLUS YOU ROCK..!


    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Malayalis are not wasting their time behind love jehad, throwing stones to church, mosque, temples instead they are bothered about making money and to build a good image of them in the society.More important point to note is Kerala is not ruled by BJP since independence. BUt we have seen in Karnataka what happened after BJP came to power. Just people and media is concentrating on communical politics. Malayalis are having a good helping nature . But I think only mangaloreans are jealousy of each other just like CRABS.

  • ruchi, udupi

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    There is a saying, One Malyali is a Mosquito two is maleria, Very nice article, no one is blaming them, but they like to dominate where ever they go, Mr. Jeevan says we have done the same, we have never dominated anyone, they have made a name for themselves and brought fame to the district, with hotels etc, but these destroy the existing culture, see the fate of gulf today, same is happening in Mangalore, now Onam celebrated in a large scale, go to the airport you will not get a single copy of a kannada or tulu papers, only malyalam, something has to be done before it is too late, they are encroaching like the Jhopdha Pattis in Mumbai, our politicians are busy fighting caste politics so, unless they do something, this epedemic will spread very fast, the beauty of undivided districts will be destroyed, then the Tulva culutre, the language will be a dream, like how english is destroyed by many, with the words (SIMPBLY-LOOD)ETC.

  • Ted, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    The problem we face is due to the underdevelopment of certain States and Cities. The respective States should ensure there is allround development and opportunities in all their cities to avoid undue burden on other Cities.This way when people have more opportunities close to them, they will not think of migrating. You ask a skilled IT software professional he wants to get a job close to his native place. The States should think and plan on setting up qualified educational institutions, hospitals, infrastructure required for growth. Failure to address this will result in more Cities like Mumbai with heavily crowded areas, shortage of water etc...

  • Placid Gregory, Mangalore, India

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    When Mangalore is gradually becoming Malayalee Veedu, we are busy fighting for Kannada Nadu Kasargodu.

  • vincent lobo, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    yr comments are very good i appriciate the kerlalites being one and helping each other weather they are poor or rich we mangalorians should be like them .

  • K.N. Lobo, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Kindly don’t throw stones sitting inside the glass house!!! India is for all Indians. No body prevented Mangaloreans or anyone for that matter to aspire for Govt jobs. If you can’t do it kindly don’t blame Malayalis or anybody else for the same. Ask any student of this region or even their Parents, how many have the passion, patience or perseverance to try for govt or semi govt jobs ? We the self proclaimed intelligent people of this area want instant gratification!! To be in govt service, one needs strong motivation and a will to succeed. If possible motivate our people particularly our youth to be studious and focussed and also inspire the parents to nurture in our children the desire for serving in our country rather than claiming glory in migrating to US, Canada, Australia and Newzeland etc.


    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Good article but one which I would definitely debate. Let us not pass the buck for our own inefficiency on the malyalees. Most of our erstwhile mangaloreans decided to move to greener pastures – Mumbai, Gulf, Australia, Europe and North America. Others sold off their lands and industry and thought that this was great. We must rather take a leaf out of their book and try and unite for once. As a community they stand up for each other in thick and thin. We stand up to be counted only when we have got to feast.. Our institutions have made quite a handsome buck from the so called outsiders. Our property prices have sky rocketed and Mangi’s just don’t have the cash to pick it up. The ones off course who sell thank their stars. When a catholic contestant contests for a assembly / national election (that too you have one in probably every 25 years) the others simply pull the rug from under his feet. Neither do they succeed nor let anyone succeed. Probably soon we may need to change our education medium itself if we want to compete. Ibbara nyaaya mooraneyavanige aadaaya. You gave it to them. You bear the brunt.

  • Browny - Kuwait, Kallianpur/Kuwait

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    I think its better to learn Malayalam rathan than Kannada. Kannada is useful only in Karnataka. But, Malayalam everywhere. Here in Gulf, most of the nursing staff is Malayali, they create their own group everywhere and we Mangaloreans do not understand what they talk behind us and what game they play arround us. Even in business, offices, restaurants, everywhere.

  • Prashanth, UAE

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    good article but i dont agree with everything. if mallu's have done well everywhere, why cant they improve their own land kerala. why they have to look for job elsewhere. there are hardly any industries in kerala. The keralites in gulf never think of themselves as Indians. If someone ask's "where are u from" Kerala is the reply. By default they assume u to b malayali and talk to u in malayalam.

    They join a job and make sure that they are able to kick out people from other places, so that they can call a mallu for that post...i have seen this as the co. i work for has many mallu's...needless to say they are not the most talented people...except for a thing abt theses mallus....they can survive in any condition like cockroaches....and thats what give them an added advantages over others....

  • Jeevan, Mumbai

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Why are we blaming malayalis ? Most of us MAngaloreans have done the same thing,we also went to mumbai and Gulf and settled there,set up businesses or worked there and in turn might have taken jobs or opportunities away from locals.Besides now Kerala is also opening up and they realise that they too have to set up industries.If given job opportunities in say the IT sector by companies like infosys and asked to work in Kerala,will Mangaloreans not go.In fact it would be good if Mangaloreans or for that matter people of any ethnicity in India work in another state other than their native,that way they would work better and the country as a whole would benefit.

  • joseph , mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Just blindly opposing mallus has no meaning. Malloos are in search of better opportunities and thus they are in mangalore. we have an experience of opposing malloos in Railway station by kannadigavadi, what happend... malloos may be transferred ... but did any kannadiga come in that place.. no i say, all biharis & UP come and they just speak in bihari and hindi, which were not known to localities. Malloos were atleast understand/speaks kannada.... so please don't try to make difference by language, religon or creed. We all are indians.

  • Nazia,dxb, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    If at all today mallus are shining in mlor or anywere thats not their fault.Coz they follow simple rule unity in diversity.THeir hindus muslims christians communicate in one gr8 language "MALAYALAM".Here in gulf country it is only man who made India proud i.e LULU owner.They dont waste their faaltu time in communal riots lik local mlors.

    We also shuld try to be like them highly business oriented more thing govt shuld apply the policy of 80%resevation quota for locals in border cities in al fields lik medicine,engineering and othrcollegs,airport,schools,govt offices,railway station,hospitals etc.It wud be nice not to blame them rathr wud be better tk some concerned policies

  • Prince Chacko, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Am bit disturbed & disappointed to see such an article in India being the largest democracy in the world with a civilization of more than 5000 years old boasts of multiple cultural origins. Though each & every region of the country portrays diff. customs, traditions & speak diff. languages, we should not forget the fact that we all are INDIANS. Let us not also forget that 'Unity in Diversity' has been the distinctive feature of our culture.

    Every Indian has all the right to live, work & contributes to the society in any part of our great India irrespective of different language, states & regions.   In this modern era, where we all are encountered with n number of personal, political, regional, communal & global issues, all responsible Indian citizens should put their hands together & show to the world that we live together in PEACE & HARMONY apart from having different languages, faiths & beliefs.
    India being 1 of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world & in order to continue this great culture, I sincerely hope that articles of this nature shouldn’t be encouraged any responsible Indian citizen.
    Also if any community is performing & delivering to the society with ‘peace & harmony’ let us copy their best practices…

  • M G Sayed, Shiroor / Sharjah

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Malayalis by nature are adjustable to every situation without losing their unity. The reason for their unity is the importance given to Malayalam language (from left or right same spelling). We find them at every corner of the world mainly due to the fact that Kerala has less opportunity for earning. I think the area will not be sufficient if all Keralites return to their state at once!

  • Roy/Joy, Dubai / Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Mangaloreans busy in religion fighting please don't make another issue region issue we can't take care about two two issues, first we want to clear religion matter afterwords we will start state problem o.k

  • ansar, manglore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    very sad our youth busy in anti social activities due to their icons are anti social elemets. this shows lack of education do not blame malayalees or anybody else if you are elegible nobody will become threat for your position. mangalore is part of india so no doubt as per indian costitution every indian has right work and live anywere in india. 1 aur 1 milke 2 nahin 11 banana seeko mere desh wasiyon. jai hind.

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney, Australia

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Interesting article. Thanks Florine Roche. When I was working in Lonavla and Pune in Navy and other business organisations for about 25 years, before my migration to Australia, I was surrounded by Malyalees, both at my workplace and in the living neighbourhood. In fact, at one time, during my bachelor days, I was sharing a house in Pune along with 6 other Malyalees, me alone being a Mangalorean. During this time, I got to know them well - they were intelligent, hard working, shrewd (and crook as well), and more importantly they stuck together and helpful to each other.

    They spoke their own language most of the times, so much so, I was forced to learn their language (in fact after 23 years, I can still understand Malyalam, thanks to my housemates but can`t speak though). They also were willing to take up lower rank jobs on low salaries, but once they were in, they worked their way up within no time. I had heard that Malyalees were spread everywhere, but when I came to Australia, surprisingly, I did not come across any, at least not in Sydney where I live. Apparently, they were going mostly to the Gulf countries and to USA, UK and Canada etc, though these days I come across quite a few of them.

    Yes, as other commentators said, they are a hardworking lot, assertive and most importantly, stick together, and we the Mangaloreans and Kannadigas learn a few things from them. Let us be not jealous of them but welcome them - as the saying goes, if we can`t beat them, join them.

  • Saleem, UAE

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    I am telling you that we mangaloreans are very lazy, but our attitude is live and let live and dont bother about others business

  • mohammed, dubai

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    how the writer can say that mangaloreans aren't doing  anything.Aren't we busy destroying churches,mosques,bashing   girls going to pubs,assaulting minorities with police looking

    the other way round.Mangaloreans are very intelligent people  and they are busy saving our girls from being sent to  Pakistan for prostitution under LOVE JIHAD.The great  mangaloreans spirit is still alive.

  • Shareef Moideen, Mangalore/Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Are Omnipresent Malayalis a Threat to Locals? - This caption is inciting the Mangaloreans to follow the footsteps of Shivsena and MNS in Maharashtra. This article is against the ethics of journalism and a portal like DW shouldn’t play vital role in propagating the regionalism. Malayalees are Indians and it is their constitutional rights to live anywhere in India.

  • Najam Batrekere, Bajpe

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Serious JOKE: American after visiting India, asked by his Indian friend in America : How you find Indians ? he replied :Indians?? Who Indians?? I didn't find or met a single Indian there in India.
    What nonsense?? Who else could u met in India then?? The American said.. In Kashmir I met a Kashmiri, In Punjab a Panjabi, In Bihar, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala
    Bihari, Marathi, Marwadi, Bengali, Tamilian, Malayali !

    Then I met A Hindu, A Muslim, A Christian, A Jain, A Buddhist.... But not a single Indian did i meet
    Think how serious this joke is.. The day would not be far off when indeed we would Become a collection of nation states as some Regional anti-national politicians want... Fight back -

    JOKE: I think Mangaloreans must try hard in Agriculture for more production of Coconut (Oil) and Banana (Chips) :) !

  • R Prabhu, Ezai/KSA

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Civilisation is the inter mingling of cultures which helps to learn the good and do away with bad. This way people get educated in many aspects of life. I wish to narrate a funny joke about Malayalam:
    In Dubai an Indian and Westener met with an accident. They both could not resolve the matter because the Indian could not speak english or arabic. The westerner could not speak arabic or hindi. The cops arrived at the scene but could not speak english or hindi. Finally they resolved the matter.

    Guess How ?

    The westener, cops and the indian could all speak Malayalam.Keralites are not limited to the Gulf, Mangalore only. They are spread all over. Some of the top beaurocrats in the Indian Govt are Keralites. I recently noticed on NDTV that the High Commissioner of Australia to India is one Peter Varghese (I guess his roots are from Kerala)


    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    The article was a nice try...i would like to add few things, first of all we mangloreans dont have time for this manglorean and mallu isuue bcoz we have to fight between religion even in colleges when mallus are busy in studies we are busy working as volunteers for BD/RAMASENA to see which hindu girl is speaking with the muslim/christian guys.after college hours we have to visit malls/parks hotels & even in buses for the same purpose.

    I actually appreciate mallus bcoz one thing which is lacking in them is religion they are not worried that which religion you belong if they come to know that you are a malayalee they will help you full heartedly till their last extend but we mangloreans have to think and know to which religion do the needy belong
    dear writer and the readers i would like to say one thing we all should unite under one motherland as INDIAN not as bihari, punjabi malayalee kandiga northindian southindian proud to be INDIAN first

  • Deepak, Mangalore/dubai

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    You ask any Malyalee - which country are u from? and the response will be kerala at once and by default they think all are malyalees and speak to u in malayalam. Malyalees consider your self as Indians.....

  • Sudhir, Kundapur/USA

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Is it only me or does anyone else see a shade of MNS/Shiv Sena mentality in this article.

    Even though this article praises Malayalis what is the need for this linguistic characterization of people?

    And what a response from some of the regular commentators of this site. These people who would not spare any opportunity to castigate MNS/Shiv Sena (and rightly so) are adding tune with the author.(Dictionary word for this is hypocrisy) Where is opt repeated slogan " for all Indians".

    If Malayalis have leadership quality - I would say good for INDIA as they are Indians.

  • Venance A.J.Crasta, Udyavar / Bangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Why to blame mallus. They are hard working and ready to do any work. They help each other. Actually, we DK & Udupi people should learn from them. We are waiting jobs/opportunities to come to our doorsteps but mallus are going in search for jobs/opportunities. My hats-off  to them.

  • Rohan, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    70% jobs in Mangalore Taluk & Udupi Taluk should go to Tulu & Konkani speaking locals.

  • ravi poojary, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    With such a small % of mallus our comenntators are talking about local right ,language etc..
    I know same people were opposing shivsena and Rajtakre..So Mumbai is for all iIdians but y mangalore is not for malayalees ?

    "talege ereda neeru kaalige baruttade"


    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Who said we Mangaloreans are not hard working? Just see the number of "Bund" and protests to safeguard our Indian culture. This is becoming a full-time job for our uneducated jobless youth. Don't blame mullu just they rescue us now as we are busy fighting for the rights of cows, monkeys and pigs.

  • vijaya prakash, manjeshwar

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Sorry Mr.Arief, you are totally mistaken. Please think that even kannadigas are there in different parts of the world. But your concern about Malayalees version of Mangalore. It is not now malayalis pronounce Mangalore as Mangalapuram. It has been in practice since long back. Why single out on Malayalam. In Tulu it says 'KUDLA'. In Konkani it is KODIAL. In beary, it is Mayikalthu. In English it is Mangalore. In Hindi it is mangalur. We should be happy in the diversity rather spreading hatness.

  • Satish Rao M, Pune

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    What we require is introspection.We kanarites prefer white collar jobs.We are not ready to do jobs like plumbing,pipe fitting,welding,nursing etc,let alone unskilled jobs.That is why we see more non-managaloreans in these fields.We should educate and encourage our youths to join these sectors.

    By doing so we can fill up the void.Otherwise this trend will continue and natives will not get any job opportunitisin our home district.


  • shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udupi

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Has any one understood the true spirit of our constituion. Does any one know the meaning of Unity in diversity or "anekatame ekata"? India is the only country in the planet where one can find many languages, inuumerable dialects, traditions, taboos, superstitions. Ek gaon ki boli doosre gaon ki gali ho jati hai. We should be inclusive, adaptable, then only integration and unity of our nation is possible or else we may disintegrate and we shall have nations based on languages.

  • T.S.Thomas, Colombo

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    A well balanced article by Florine Roche, my first colleague in Journalism field. She writes very objectively, without any bias, but leading to big discussions among the readers. I am a Malayali, or mallu, whatever you call me. I came to mangalore in 1991, studied in Roshni Nilaya, initiated a social service project, employed all locals and remained here for 18 years, well integrated. I have never brought in my uncles or aunties or country friends in to this organization, because I found the locals equally capable, hard working, reliable, and broadminded.

    I did not get any discrimination from the local friends or colleagues, just because I am a Malayali. Thats the greatness of Mangaloreans who accept, respect and acommodate Mallus. Mallus have also helped Mangalore grow.They helped all hospitals grow, all colleges grow, all builders grow and even a petty shop keeper grow. They helped the DK rural areas grow by planting rubbers, cocunuts, tapiocca and what not. And u helped us grow. So lets not blame each other, but help each other grow. I have been a journalist and social worker in Mangalore for two decades. Has it helped only me grow?

  • Agnello DSouza, Mangalore/Muscat

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    I have been working for sometime in the Middle East. The Indian community here is dominated by Malayalees.They have immensely contributed to the growth of the Gulf StaTs with their hard work and Indians as a whole have been benifited by the goodwill they have generated.Educated Malyalees blend well with others and are cosmopolitan. Others try to ghetto together for mutual support. Sometimes this is resented by other Indians as they find their groups are much larger than their own.Notwithstanding this the Malayalees have been peace loving and maintain local decorum.

    They learn local languages more faster than other Indians.If an Indian talks in Arabic its most likely that he is a Malayalee.Malayalees are more united on their ethinicity discarding divisiveness of their religions.  A society flourishes when it is cosmopolitan in nature. Look at USA. They confronted their demons of ethinicity and race.Look at Singapore.Look at Dubai, Muscat..

    Personally I am enriched because of multi-ethinic friends, from various Indians states, North and South, From variuous nationalities and Black , Brown and White.

  • psshetty, Ajman

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Florine , probably u know of only middleast and mangalore, there are many communities like malyalis in rest of the world scattered. you probably have seen there equal number of mangalorean catholics in middleeat as well. Like Tapan Hegde mentioned we migrate in search of green pastures and to live and support our families.


    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Migration in search of better life is human nature. We all are doing it. so why object the malayalis?it becomes a bone of contention only when something happens illegally and disrupts the locals.It is for the administration to see that they too follow the civic rules and regulations.

  • M.Mathias, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Tulu,Konkani & Kannada speakinng locals wanted atleast 70% jobs in Mangalore & Udupi.

  • munna, bangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    A couple of years back we could hear the voice of Gadinaada Ghandi Mr. Kayyara kinjanna Rai saying kasargodu kannada naadu ... but the boundary has ober crossed & has reached mangalore...well surely our youth is busy celebrating or protesting valentines day...moral policing so many other activities

  • abdussamad nandaar, alkhobar, saudi arabia

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Let me agree with comments of all, however there are few important points we lack, where we south kanarites hate to see each other, quarrel in the name of religion, caste, group etc..... kudos to Keralite's private funds contributed already 3 international airports,4th Kannur in the pipeline.

    Sorry to say we south kanarites are busy in blaming each other for each and every silly matters. Jago South Kanarites Jago, time is up to think about united South Kanarites irrespective of languagues,caste, religion,etc., let us work together for the betterment of our Tulunadu, Jai Hind........

  • Saini ss, dubai , kulshekar

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Very good article. This article contains the reality whatever it is mentioned and beautifully written. It is true that every malayalee whereever he goes want to make a mini kerala. . First of all they speak they own language malayalam because they cannot understand other languages, they cannot speak english properly or any other languages , due to this fear they stick to their own language and they want other s to adopt thier languange rather than learning other languages, wherever they go they form thier own union and do not like to make friends with other states,other people they consider kerala as a country while they forget it is a state and part of india.

    I myself work with so many keralites in dubai and this article is true. we all should come up together in unity and make them speak our state language when it is possible for other state people to speak and learn languages of different states, countries why cannot malaylees speak tulu, kannada. can they accept us speaking tulu, kannada, konkani in kerala and do they try to speak our languages, and they want to teach others malayalam. very very dangerous people.

  • arief kaup, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    There is noting wrong in migrate at mangalore by Mallu`s, but they should adopt the local culture instead of forcing to follow them i.e. whoever they meet they will ask "maleyaliya " and naming your own city as "Mangalapuram", even they twist your name also for example sunitha is become sunidha etc. Jai Ho Mallu culture

  • Balkoor Ashok Poojari, Dubai. kundapura

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Malayalies are dengerous for karnataka. especially for DK and udupi. give them your finger and they will take your hand!!   I was surprised to find their small kingdom even in a remote area near sagar( shimoga district)the whole area is occupied by them

  • Jawar D'Souza, M'Lore/Doha

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    Why blame malayalees for our inefficency they are ready to do any jobs and they have the support from the fellow malayalee. If one malayalee is out of a job almost all people known to him will be looking out for a job for him. Moreover our youger generation is not much intrested in work,they need a merry life easy money they take up criminal activites and all sotr of nonsense.

    We should encourage our youngster's to take responsibility in life. A malayalee when he is teen takes a train in his wrap round (lungi) and goes to bombay in search of work from there after a few months you will see him in the gulf. They will not wait for the oppurtunity to come to them they are in search of it.

  • Rajesh, Barbados/Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    It was wonderful reading the article. I dont think love is the only reason for mallu to speak only malayalam. Just that no other language did work so well in Kerala a few years ago! though many of the mallu complete masters are unable to catch up with even english! but are really good at writing it! its only malayalam that worked in the state unlike karnataka konkany, tulu kannada coorgi what not with in konakani there are two. again its just one tradition one culture the reason mallu get along with another mallu. every mallu eat boiled rice doesnt matter rich or poor!! unlike tova for one religion/cast and kori for another and sorpathel for the other!! If amllus are around the globe its just bcos not much of opportunity there. What i didnt understand from the writer is what do i learn from reading your note!!! I AM PROUD TO BE A MALLU!! there we go..from the barbado

    One more thing!! amllu learn all other language faster than anyone else in the world!! just b cos we have malayalam (tamil)has the highest no of letters compared to any of its younger sisters..Koool

  • sameer, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 18 2010

    shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udipi....
    i m not arguing here..i m kannadiga from kasaragod..wen my father wer studied 80% of people wer even i cant get a single govt job in kasaragod ..bcos mallus never gives us equal respect whatever may be his releigun or cast and they only cares for them and recruits from their capital we become useless.and we have to depend on these officers for our duty in our place (i think same happenign to marathas in mumbai).
    within a few year u ll also feel the same heat of mallu in mangalore which i know for last 10 years.
    u llnot get a plot in reasonbale rate , no job vacancy in any good field ,every thing will be filled by u have to fly to other state...
    i think exacty same thing is happening to marathas of mumbai.
    wer we are shouting mumbia is for every indian..on that logic mangalore is for every we have no voice to speak on them.

  • Jude, Mangalore Dubai

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    The only injustice that i see is the advertisement for the Konkan Railway. But why was this issue not raised when it happened? and why now after many years?. In other cases why the mallus have got jobs in Mangalore is because of shortage and where no local talent has been available. Biharis are another enterprising lot and once they come to know that South Kanara and Udipi are places of opportunities then there will be an influx of people from Bihar.

    That is the price one has to pay when a place develops. If somebody denies local people jobs when there is talent and ability then it is wrong, but when it is not available then one has to look for outsiders to fill in those positions. Our hospitals, our educational institutions will not complain as most of their revenue comes from Mallus. A large part of the revenue for our airport will come from Mallus from North Kerala. We do not talk about the benifit we get, but only complain unnecessarily for a fault for which only we are responsible.


    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Now its the time "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" it holds good in every walk of life.We cant blame Keralites for this, they are intellectual, hard working,also are ready to take risks in life.This is why you see them in all parts of teh Globe.No wcoming to domination in Mangalore, i strongly beleive first you build yourself rather than pointing out at others, if we are good enough i am sure Entrepreneurs,Industrailists,Adminstartives, will never opt for outsiders, this does not mean we mangloreans are lacking behind, they are just ahead of us,as simple as that.And our youth is busy in BD,Ramsene, activities rather finding jobs in MRPL expansion projects, BSL.....

  • pachu , Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    As a Kannadiga how many people are talking in Kannada in Karnataka or Tulu in D.K? If they studied in English medium they are hesitant to talk their mother tongue kannada or tulu in public place they used to English? Is it correct?

    Most rich businessmen started Nursing course or any other courses they admit only Keralite bcoz they need their huge donation. First of all stop this and then blame mallus. Konkanis never talk other languages if they gathered at public function also why cant them to talk in Kannada? It is Karnatka no?
    This is not a matter of languages. First of keep a good relation between all languages.

    In Karnataka not only mallus, Tamilians shld go to Tamilnadu, Konkanis to Goa, Gujarthis to Gujarath, Punjabis to Punjab. Send all people to their native places not only Mallus.

  • Chetan.Shetty, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    I think its now high time for us to that we are all INDIANS .PLS stop all these divisions of state ,language etc.We want students ,tourists & others to come in Mangalore.How can we blame AUSTRALIANS for the treatment they are giving to us.

  • Ozy, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Yes, Mallu's are very dangerous to Mangalore. If one Mallu enters he will bring 10 of them. Another particularity with them they will never adopt to local culture and if you have a friend Mallu talking to you in any language and suddenly he meets another Mallu he will dump you there and start talking to him in Malyalam. I have read some comments here from our Mangalorens regarding unity, nationalism etc. Please go to Golf and then you see how these Mallu's behave.Another example how the Mallu railway minister has taken our Mangalore train to Kannur. Please open your eyes

  • Nancy, Belman

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    There is nothing harm Keralite coming and working anywhere and even in Mangalore. But we must find out the root cause why they get job in Mangalore?? Our ancestors busy making passport and going abroad for any work and then they were busy thinking when my children complete SSC or Graduation and bring them to Gulf. No one was thinking that they must work in native place. So then who will wrok in Mangalore.? So people are coming from outside.

    Now it is not too late also but we Mangloreans (younger generations) must stop going abroad and work in Mangalore. And when locals are available, why work will go someone outsiders? (And locals must get the job as per thier eligibilty and qualification) and we also must learn to adujust to the policy and not to opposse by cretaing unions. Then see our Mangalore will become really a Eden.

  • shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udipi

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Kerala is highly densly populated state with high literacy. Mallu are very industrious and enterprenuerous. But are of marxist ideologies. Because of their affiliations to Marxis, Kerala failed to become a industrial state as strikes, picetings and lock outs were order of the day. Many a rubber based factories have closed down in kerala and moved out of kerala. Mallu immigrants who have left the state have established their own business empires not only in India but also outside India, mainly in gulf states.

    Mallus constitute more than 70% of migrant indian work force outside India. As a result the economic conditions and purchasing power of these mallus have increased dramatically which has resulted in higher cost of living in kerala. High literacy rates, higher cost of and standards of living, competition and lack of employment opportunities in Kerala has forced the people of kerala to move out for greener pastures and opportunities. Karnataka being next door neighbour and rapidly developing state and hub for education and medical facilities, with acute shortage of skilled and semi skilled workers, makes a land of opportunites for these mallus. Needless to say they are positively contributing to the growth of our state and being indians they have every right to work and live in the place of their choice within India. Thats how we can safeguard unity in diversity.

  • Alex Lobo, Udupi/KSA

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    I think every Indian got freedom to live and work in any part of the country. Why blame Malayalis? As long as people love India (from heart) they are free to live in any part of the country. Let us be Indian first in both mind and soul and march towards 21st century India and keep aside all negativities.

  • ANAMIKA, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Malayali, Nepali, Bangali or Erappali... after all they are all Indians. Let them work any where without any gegrophical boundaries. Please unite the people. Don't devide them on the basis or religion, cast, creed, state or colour. Sarve Jana Sukhino Bavanthu..

  • Arun D'Souza, Kadri / Thane

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Well said and million thanks for taking the pains to awaken the Manglorean community. It is time we all rise and do our bit to ensure we are not white washed one day and remain history. All it will take us all is our own efforts and fellowship amongst us to stand up to the challenge from Mallus. Dont worry we can all do it provideed we stand united.

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Very good article by Florine Roche. Couple of days back,I had mentioned about good qualities of Keralites when all Kannadigas were blaming Malayalis (Incomplete new M'lre Intl airport-daiji),Many of them blaming Malaylis that they speak in Malayalam even when non-malayalis are present.No one understood that that is common.I stayed with konkani speaking friends in Sharjah for one year. I am the only one malayAli. They used to speak in Konkani among them(even I was present),but with me Kannada. But it didn't spoil my/our mood. Because I took it in a very positive way.In Kerala,if any problem comes,Hindus/Christians/Muslims unite together and fight...INQUILAB ZINDABAD. Karnataka lacks it ..especially Mangalore people.

  • prabhkar Poojary, karkal

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    I am looking comments on this article. Normally some peoples write comments on religious issue why they can’t write on such important issue. Now if BD/SRS/BJP takes any action on this then they will compare same thing with Raj takre/ Bal takre. If it is happens in Maharastra den we can’t tolerate. We Blame SS/MNS. If it happens in our state we have to tolerate. ????? why why???
    It is nice article thanks to writer and Daiji …keep it up

  • shrinivas, India

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Did you forget what our Youth leader told "India for Indians" it is not only for Maharashtra.(Eduve namma rajakeeyada dwandwa neethi)

  • Lydia Lobo, Kadri

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Thank you for a nice article that demands us to do something about it. We all know that Kerala is a highly literate state but the polarity is that no organization survives there due to labour unions. Under such circumstances what would the local do ? Move out in search of jobs. Mangalore being the nearest place, no wonder they clog each and every sector. Just enquire how many Mangalorean teens would enroll to train as male nurses and cross check the numbers with who are majority in our medical schools training for this profession ? Answer is simple - the field (male as well as female nurse) is dominated by Malayalees. Their adjustability is commendable, they are quick learners too. I studied with Keralite girls saying Angeles/Rosary in Konkany while I could hardly utter a couple of Malayalam words !

    We should not carry a grudge instead must occupy our youth to do something useful than going for a joy-ride on city buses just to return when its meal-time. If we don't, our parents' money will run out one day and turning us into beggars some day.

  • vikram shetty, mangalore

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    More Raj Takrey i can see in this comments.

  • Vicky Chopra, Udipi/New Delhi

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Question is not of outsiders... why people from other states are migrating for daily breads... every state is collecting huge income by way of tax and other levies besides getting substantial funds from Central Govt. for is therefore, duty of each state to provide shelter, health,education,protection and job to its people and stop from migrating to other state..the migration of people in thousands definitely creating burden on infrastructure and we must remember that we can enhance anything but not land which is limited..what our so called leaders are doing when getting elected to state assy and Parliament?.. the states are created on the basis of language and now we can not say that we should not differentiate and so on...let first develop each state as per the funds allocated and ensure there are no migrations of people for petty jobs and livelihood....

    Selfish indian politicians have always been there create problems to get political milage even if a few hundreds or thousands die they are not bothered....division of India into linguistic states is the root cause of these problem... politicians who reside in one state can contest elections from any constituency.. but when it comes to employment or development it becomes a matter of regional or linguistic pride..first we are indian..let us stand united,oppose the seeds of discord,appreciate the harmony in variety,the underlying thread camoflaging the surface diversity...Jai Hindustan..

  • Nithyananda Beskoor, Udupi,Dubai

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Malayalis are not only omnipresent, but omnipotent too.

  • Anand Dsilva, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    There is good and bad coming out of anything.

    Most of the businesses in Mangalore are running because of Malayalis. Be it ladies hostels, education institutions or flats rented out by students are all because of Malayali presence.

    A average Mangalorean is adept at speaking 3 to 4 languages since childhood. For a person born & raised in Kerala, finds it extremely difficult to grasp other languages. Most of the educated Malayalis working in offices simply cannot converse in Hindi, instead prefer their own version of English.

    Malayalis have a tendency to hold on to their jobs wherever they are in the fear of returning to their homeland where there are no opportunities. They have to go out and succeed in their jobs.

    Birds of a feather flock together. It is just not the Malayalis but any ethnicity that prefers to mingle with their own crowd. Here, Malayalis lack the appeal to make a crossover and be little more acceptable.

  • Sandesh, Mangalore, Oman

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    "Do not disturb", Locals are busy doing something else, can not spare single day to think about mallus. When they get right answer for the above question, all senes will join to act, but only barking with no result in the end.

  • Anil Sebastian Moras, Mangalore, India

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Dont go that far, if you consider this as a threat all the revenue generating colleges will have to close down! We all see how fellow mangalorean is threat to one another by the name of religion!!!

    "There is something good we can learn from our neighbours who are always eager to shoulder responsibilities, show leadership qualities and assert themselves wherever they go." - very true Florine, I totally agree with you.

    We in Karnataka, just creating issues, fights and getting into uncivilized society.

  • Tapan Hegde, Manipal

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    There is nothing wrong in people migrating from place to place seeking green pasture in this open world.It is not only Malayalis have tribe mentally even other communities like Gujarathi's, Punjabi's,Tamilian's all have these herd gene which is very natural.It is also true with all communities in the world.It takes generations to change to the land's culture where they have migrated.If you see Malayalis or for that matter Tuluvites who settled in Mumbai,their second generartion is more of Bombayite's to the core than the first generatin.For the city to develop we need migration of people from other region/Country,they always come with new ideas ,vision and with a goal.For them it is perform or perish.

  • Ravi D'Souza, Addur. Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Well writen, no wonder our Manglore will be called 'Mangalapuram' soon if things go at the current pace. Mangalore is ours and will remain ours. I love Mangalore.

  • John D'Sa,, Belman

    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    Very nice article on Mallus. It is very much true that Mallus are very hard-working and prefer to live/work with their own people. Mallus do not work at their native place resulting in no industries have come-up in Kerala. They work hard only out of Kerala and abroad. Where ever they go they are stick to their mother tongue where as we (Christian Mangloreans) forget our mother tongue for the sake of prestige may be. Let be a labour or doctor or engineer, one can observe equal lifestyle.


    Wed, Feb 17 2010

    100% TRUE . go to railway station or to any hospital ...if asked anything in tulu or any other language u will get dissapointed. and if u ask in might get some help......and in mumbai same thing happens...accordin to me Raj takrey did the correct thing ..locals can tolerate upto a what happned in mumbai is expected to happen in Mangalore in coming years just because to save Tulunadu.

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