A Case for National Level Recognition to Wilfy Rebimbus

Sep 17, 2009

Coconut trees swaying to the tunes of wind from the west, mountains on the east kissing the clear blue skies, rivers running through it rendering themselves into the sea. The greenery of the fields, a bustling commercial arena, an educational centre, a junction for airlines, roads, railways and ships. A remarkable history. The melting pot of culture. Mangalore, has it all. It is a perfect example of multi cultural society consisting people of various religions, languages and sects. Despite the differences, languages unite the people. 

Among the languages, Kannada, Tulu and Konkani are prominent and widely spoken. Mangalore as we all know is the birthplace to several talented individuals who have excelled in their respective fields and continue to do so. Having sworn to render his services to the enrichment of his mother tongue, Konkani, this individual has not deviated a bit from his promise. And I literally mean that. A mention of his name would make my claim clearer as to why I said so. He is none other than the ‘Konkan Kogul,’ Wilfred Gerald Rebimbus, better known as Wilfy Rebimbus. Music artistes, composers in the region of Mangalore are a dime a dozen but when it comes to music icons, Wilfy stands ahead and shoulders above the rest. Though he lacks the singing demeanor of likes of Kishore Kumar he makes it up with his brilliant song writing and composing skills.  

So well known is Wilfy among the Konkani, Tulu and Kannada speaking population that the mere mention of his name becomes a topic of lengthy discussion. A dedicated service to his mother tongue for more than 50 years has culminated into selfless service to the betterment of the language, Konkani.

You would hardly find someone who speaks Konkani and does not know Wilfy Rebimbus. There is none in sight that can match upto the stature, the popularity and the talent of Wilfy. 3000 songs written and composed, 40 volumes of songs through audio cassettes and CD’s in various languages, 6 volumes of devotional songs, 247 Nites, 500 stage shows, 8 stage plays, 3 Konkani musical plays, 9 volumes of selected song books and innumerable other contributions that he has rendered, have been just another speck without much recognition at a national level. HMV has brought out 12 of his songs in 3 disks, which is one among the many feathers in his cap. Wilfy has amassed a huge fan following through over his five decades of work in the field of Konkani music. It is sometimes irritating for me to see the media chronicling every achievement of cricketers, film stars which has become a staple for them these days while sidelining the real achievers at the grassroots.


Age 14. The age considered the crazy for boys, was not so for Wilfy. He started singing and writing dramas at this age. At 15 came the first drama “Poishanso Saunsar” which was well received by the public. The illustrious career in music began with the formulation of United Youngsters in the year 1959. Drawing inspiration from his father and support from Jesuit priests, Wilfy developed affinity towards singing from a very tender age and I believe this gave him the confidence and a firm base for his career. Though there were hurdles on the way to what he is now, the journey in itself must have been fulfilling. He is a perfect example of a person who has had real struggle to climb up the path to his destination when he started with a humble beginning. Konkani songs in those days were tuned to the popular Hindi songs. There was much opposition to the original Konkani songs composed by artists, although that changed over the time. A career in music did not guarantee him any financial freedom until he published “Vinchnnar Podam” in the year 1968.


Success did not come easily to Wilfy. After years’ of struggle and after several songs, success came with the popularity of Wilfy Nite organized in the year 1971 at Town Hall in Mangalore. The show was a huge success and after the performances on consecutive Sundays, Wilfy was aptly conferred the title “Konkan Kogull”(The Nightingale of Konkani) the same year. The phenomenon of Wilfy Nite made Wilfy reach the pinnacle of his career in Konkani music. The craze about Wilfy Nite is not only limited to India, but has been popular in the Middle East, and Canada. His popularity exceeded his expectation when the first Mangalorean Konkani movie “Mog Ani Maipaas” was released for which he wrote story, lyrics and composed the music. The next zenith in his career arrived when Wilfy released his first Konkani Music album in the year 1979. Wilfy, specifically the Rebimbus family became the talk of every Konkani speaking family in India and abroad.

Known for his baritone and gritty tone, Wilfy catapulted himself to fame by his unique singing, song writing and composing skills that are second to none. Wilfy straddled a fine line between modern music and classical music. Some consider him the ‘Father of modern Konkani music.’ The lyrics of his songs have touched every topic imaginable which includes family values, love, nature, country, comedy and so on. ‘Aycho Saunsar Fotkiro’ according to me is the best and most apt song Wilfy has ever written. Not only Konkani music and songs, Wilfy has made immense contributions to the Konkani literature through Ummallo Konkani monthly, besides writing and directing 8 dramas/stage plays and . His composition of Tulu songs are not to be excluded from this list. Many of the short stories he has written have been translated into Kannada. Composing and writing lyrics for 4 Konkani movies is an achievement worth noting along with writing story for Tisri Cheet a Konkani Movie. Not only music and singing, Wilfy has been a member of several service organizations in India and abroad.


Konkani was included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India as per 71st amendment on 31-08-1992 adding it to the list of national languages. With approximately seven million plus speakers in India, it has a significant amount of influence and variety in itself.

Wilfy was conferred Rajyotsava Award by Karnataka Government back in 1991 which is the only remarkable recognition Wilfy has ever received from a governmental body. Besides this there has been no other award at the state or the national level in India being conferred to Wilfy. A quick glance through the Padmashree winners (post 2000) would reveal a statistic that only 2 individuals from Karnataka have been bestowed with this coveted award in the Art section. Those individuals are Saxophone maestro Kadri Gopalanath and vocalist Kavitha Krishnamurthy. Among the twin states of Goa and Karnataka there are a total of 5 individuals who have won Padmashree in the Art section-Manuel Santana Aguiar, Sri Pramod Sawkar, Louis Remo Fernandes, Kadri Gopalanath and Kavitha Krishnamurthy. The contributions of these individuals have been commendable when it comes to the society at large. Among these 5 individuals there is only Manuel Santana Aguiar better known as M. Boyer who has won Padmashree for his contribution to the Konkani language through Konkani theatre and music. Other than M. Boyer there are no other recipients of Padmashree who belong to Konkani speaking community. With his tremendous contribution to the Konkani language and music, doesn’t Wilfy deserve Padmashree award? I believe he rightly does. And what time is better when he is at the peak of his career. It is an irony to see Wilfy being bestowed with more recognition by NRI organisations than Indian institutions. With its vast influence on a varied audience, recognizing Konkani Artists at a national level has become all the more important. And who better than a stalwart of the stature of Wilfy would deserve such a rightful honor in today’s time. In a country where cricketers and film stars win awards for no commendable contributions, the individuals who deserve the award are arbitrarily denied of the recognition. It is high time that the government recongnises Wilfy for his contributions towards Konkani music, language and culture.


As I mentioned Mangalore is bestowed with talents at all fields, and politics is not to be excluded. To name a few political stalwarts from Mangalore belonging to the Christian and specifically Konkani speaking community, we have Oscar Fernandes who is a close ally to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Ms. Margaret Alva who is a Governor of an Indian state, George Fernandes, ex-defense minister in the NDA government who has recently been elected to the Rajya Sabha as a member, and the list is longer. All of them have at some point of time attended the Wify Nite and have praised his work and contribution to Konkani music, language and culture. Then why is it that there is no recognition imparted on Wilfy for his mighty contributions to Konkani language, music and culture? Recognising a talent of a genuine artist is the least our political brethren could do. What do you say?


Below is the list of the major awards and recognition that have been bestowed on Wilfy.
1971 - Konkan Kogull - title bestowed by the konkani community and presented gold medal by late Bishop Basil D'souza.
1991 - Karnataka Government has honoured with rajlyotsava award.
1991 - Award of recognition bestowed byl the International Orientation Center, USA
1992 - Sangeeth Chakravarthi bly Konkani Talents Group - Abu Dhabi.
1993 - Akhila Karnataka Parishad award
1996 - Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy - award for service in music.
1996 - Konkani podancho Rai - by Broadview Kalasampath Lions Club, Illinois - USA
1998 - Tulu Nada Kogille -  by Tullukuta, Dubai.
1999 - Konkanil Kalaratn - by KCWA, Kuwait
1999 - Xatamanacho Veakti - by Chinthpyanchi Machi, Kuwait
1999 - Millennilum Konkani Artist Award - by ILndian Catholic Association of America - USA
2005 - Community and Learaership - award brom Houston based Toastmasters - USA
2006 - The Sandesha Literature (konkani) Award (Life time Achievement)
2007 - Daiji Sahity Puraskar - by Daiji Dubai, Konkani writers forum in UAE
2009 - Life time Achievement Award - by Mand Sobhan.

If you note the trend in the awards, most of them have been conferred on Wilfy by the foreign(NRI) institutions rather than Indian based Governmental or cultural associations.



As a summary, I give a gist of the achievements of Wilfy Rebimbus the poet, the composer, the singer, the playwright, the story teller and editor. Wilfy to date has composed more than 3000 songs, written 500 stage shows, conducted 247 Wilfy Nites, produced 40 volumes of audio cassettes, 6 volumes of devotional songs, 44 compact disks consisting of songs, 1 instrumental CD, brought out 9 volumes of Vinchnar Podam, written 8 stage plays, 3 musical plays and so on. Is there any reason why such a stalwart not worthy of recognition at national level?

There are singers and there are songwriters. There are composers and there are creators. But there has never been, nor can there ever be another Wilfy Rebimbus. Wilfy is a Legend. A Hero. An Institution.  A Model.  A source that spells excellence, dedication and creativity. He is credited to have taken Konkani music to greater heights with his contribution to the Konkani language and is a force to reckon with.  No one could match upto the caliber and quality of Wilfy, ever. 

I, on behalf of Mangalore Konkans therefore urge all the Konkani and non Konkani speaking readers to raise their voices, so that Wilfy Rebimbus receives what he rightfully deserves, a National level recognition. Let us all together start a movement that would bring forth results. After all, all we have is ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

By Deepak Melwyn MACHADO. Belman. Dubai <br>On behalf of Mangalore Konkans, Dubai
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Comment on this article

  • Clifford Vaz, Mangalore / Mira Road

    Wed, Sep 30 2009

    Imagine life with out songs like Suryacha Kirnani, Mog Tuzo, Philomena,Nass Nara, Flavia... and so on...Then Imagine if Wilfy sir was born in Hindi lirics/music world...., hats off to you sir and to Meena bai too..You truely deserve the national level recognition recognition.

  • Anand, Dubai, Mangalore, Dubai

    Sat, Sep 26 2009

    Guys, I have news for all of u. As I write this comment, there are about 52 comments posted but not one is from a non konkani speaker /non christian. Correct me if I am wrong. That pretty much explains this whole issue of non recognition/ credit due to Mr W.R.

    One thing is for sure. I have enjoyed listening to WR's songs (courtesy my dad, even though I pretty much enjoy Eminem/50cents equally well)& will always cherish them. Hats off to you WR. You will be the undisputed King of Konkani Songs in our hearts irrespective of recognition at National/International level. The point is, I wouldnt sweat over this recognition issue if I were WR.

  • Remi Igneto, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 25 2009

    He deserves for his contribution to the Konkani Langauge as an outstanding singer.... a recognition like Kishore Kumar for Indian cinema ....

  • Joseph Fernandes, Mangalore/qatar

    Thu, Sep 24 2009

    Wilfy Rebimbus well deserve candidate for the national level recognition. He is all in one Lyricists, composer, singer, and writer. Wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

  • Mangalore Cultural Association(MCA), Doha Qatar

    Thu, Sep 24 2009

    The Nightingale of Konkani – ‘Konkan Kogul’ Wilfy Rebimbus truly deserves a National Recognition. He has preserved the Heritage of Konkani through his songs. The pride of our Motherland is best featured in his songs. He has kept our tradition alive through his spectacular lyrics. Young and old dance to his tunes for any occasions. His songs are not restricted to a particular age group it can be enjoyed by all. He has covered, mostly all the subjects /themes / issues any person can think of... The true values of Motherhood is portrayed beautifully in many of his songs..

    Most of his concerts were organised for the benefit of various religious and social activities. Wilfy has contributed a lot to our society through his intellectual works. He is also running an Education fund to help the poor children of our society to pursue their higher studies. Mangalore Konkans have taken a right step to notify our government about Wilfy and his work… We the members of Mangalore Cultural Association, Doha Qatar truly support this gesture and assure our support and assistance whenever required.

  • Jerry Pinto, Bondel / Qatar

    Thu, Sep 24 2009

    "Wilfy Rebimbus" a synonymus name when it comes to compose original konkani songs and music during our generation. A humble person with immense talent, a distinguished singer….play writer….and his ability to compose vast number songs with meaningful lyrics, melodious tunes and soul touching music to suit every sphere of our life and occasion. His scintillating songs like….Mahima Devachi… (Eminance of God's Creation), Sobith Tu Distai Manglur Shera..Udenthicha Roma (The Beautiful City of Mangalore…..the Eastern Rome), Avoipona (Motherhood), Philomena, Mog Thuzo Kitlo Ashelo etc. etc….his homage to Mother Theresa, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi …

    Topics covering Alcohol Menace, Calamities, War, Riots, Corruption, Patriotism, Secularism, Peace, Unity, National Integration and songs related to good times…. and bad times…. is igniting our sentiments and emanating the nostalgia of old memories of our time. Thank you Wilfy, for your tireless efforts…selfless sacrifices… by dedicating your entire life with your noble ideals… and your enormous contibution to our mother tongue Konkani to enhance our culture and traditions rich and popular. You are the living legend of our generation and will be remembered in generations to come.

    It is our fervent endeavour and hope that you would be soon rewarded with a national award for your immense service towards the cultural integration in a secular country like India.

  • Harry & Leena Lobo, Pangla / Doha-Qatar

    Wed, Sep 23 2009

    WILFY REBIMBUS ...is the God's Gift to konkani music world. He rendered outstanding service to konknai music lovers and his name itself commands respect & honour. He truly deserves a national level recogintion for his investing entire life in konknai music.

  • Valerian Rodrigues, Kottara, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 23 2009

    Wilfy Rebimbus is a person who has dedicated his life to Konkani Music. He is one among the very few people from konkani community who have taken singing as their profession. The statistics of his achievements reveals the quantity of his sacrifice and dedication to konkani music. He rightly deserves a national recognition.

  • Prathima Rodrigues, Kottara, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 23 2009

    Wilfy rebimbus has tried his level best to retain the rich culture and identity of Konkani Music. He has played a large role in globalization of Konkani music. Wilfy is rightly deserving a national level recognition.

  • Kirthan Rodrigues, Kottara, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 23 2009

    Wilfy Rebimbus has not only achieved Laurels for himself, but has represented the Konkani speaking community all over the world and made us proud. Let us not miss this opportunity of proposing him for national level recognition as it may take decades to find a person of Wilfy's caliber to represent us.

  • Lawrence D'Mello, Karkala/Sydney

    Wed, Sep 23 2009

    Yes he rightly deserves this place. Konkani culture is incomplete without any mention of Wilfy.

  • Sunil D'Souza, Mangalore/Qatar

    Wed, Sep 23 2009

    Mr. Wilfy is a living legend of Konkani. He very much deserves the national level recognition. 50 years of service to the mother tongue is not a small issue. This is really shame for us that so far he has not recognized at the national level. It is the responsibility of our Konkani community leaders to take this matter very seriously at least now. Special thanks Deepak and Mangalore Konkans Dubai.

  • Kirthan Rodrigues, Mangalore/Doha Qatar

    Wed, Sep 23 2009

    Wilfy Rebinbus is the person who has developed the love for music in the konkani speaking community. I remember myself contesting in the Inter parish singing competitions held by Konkani Natak Sabha at Don Bosco hall every year. I have noticed that 5 to 6 songs from each category are picked from Wilfy's albums. This shows the influence and the contribution of Wilfy Rebimbus in thr field of konkani music. Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus rightly deserves a national recognition.

  • Diljyoti, Allahabad,Kinnigoly, Kinnigoly

    Tue, Sep 22 2009

    It is my sincere admittance that if I have have a little bit of talent today in singing it is because of wilfie's constant performace at the stage in Kinnigoly parish. I can never forget his beautiful voice, and definitely his fancy dress apearance when he sang Kuru Kuru Mama. Hats off to you dear wilfy.Praying for the good cause.

  • nelson, valencia/kuwait

    Tue, Sep 22 2009

    Rightly said, Maxim mangalore/Dubai. If these achievements of Wilfy were from any other personality of Hindi and or any state language, then he would have had a Bharata Ratna or Padma Bhushan by now. But dont worry Wilfy saab you will get it one day cause you deserve it. I request Daiji to start on a forum for voting and then submit it to the state government after the count. He is gonna win for sure.

  • Victor D'Souza, Doha Qatar

    Tue, Sep 22 2009

    We the Konkan Kutam feel proud to have a true icon of music being born among us whose contributions to Konkani language and music are far beyond comparison. We salute you Wilfy and you rightly deserve recogntion at a much higher national stage.

  • Joe D'Souza, Doha-Qatar

    Tue, Sep 22 2009

    Aptly known as Konkan Kogull Wilfy's name is already engraved in the hearts of Konkani music lovers. A legend whose music stirs up the soul. We really thank you for your marvellous feat in music and we truly wish you get this national award. all the best

  • Wilfred Fernandes, Thottam / Doha Qatar

    Tue, Sep 22 2009

    Wilfy Remimbus' more than 50 years of struggle in konkan arts & music will not be forgotten. Perpetually we and our generatins will cherish your compositions that reflect the true konkan culture, social issues, and a whole lot of varied real life events. Even a national award will not make up for the talents and contributions that you have rendered to music and konkani language, considering that nowadays national awards are sometimes bestowed to some undeserving candidates. Nevertheless it is our earnest wish and prayers that you achieve this award and many more in the years to come. God bless you and God bless Konkani

  • Pradeep Saldanha, Doha Qatar

    Tue, Sep 22 2009

    Music has no langauage no barriers and a true music lover can cherish the good composition no matter in which language it is played. Wilfy songs even though in Konkani can surely the touch the hearts of non-konkani masses. I doubt there would be any other instance in our multi-language indian society that a minority language community has produced an icon who shall be remembered in the generations to come. Wilfy, we sincerely hope you get a national recogntion and so does our Konkani community and language

  • Felix Lobo, Doha-Qatar

    Wed, Sep 23 2009

    Wilfy has given us konkani people an opportunity to keep alive and progress our tradition and Konkani Mai bhaas in the form of music that will remain eternally in the hearts of generations to come. His yeoman sevice truly deserves appreciation and recognition not only nationally but internationally. Konkani people have spread far and wide all over the globe and Wilfy's music help them connect to their roots of mangalore and the mother tongue.

  • Desmond, Mangalore/Sydney

    Tue, Sep 22 2009

    It was just a co incident that i stumbled upon this article. Deepak Manchado has beautifully written the article highlighting why a stalwart like Wilfy deserves a national level recognition. Fact of the matter is there are hardly any individuals from Mangalorean Christian community that have won any considerable national recognition. Why is there a lukewarm response from readers. Dare to come in front and show the reality. Wish Wilfy All the best.

  • vinsvinods, kuwait

    Mon, Sep 21 2009

    thank you Deepak for your details about the great Wilfy. i wish all the best to Wilfy Rebimbus to get honour world level. long live Wilfy & ur melodious voice.

  • Fr. Francis D Almeida SJ, Suratkal

    Sat, Sep 19 2009

    I too want Wilfy to receive the national Award. We need to pull the wires with the concerned ministry. Definitely we could convince but who will bell cat how to go about will CBCI help out with thier influence. Probably Bishop Henry of Bellary could be great help cause he had been the Communication Secretary of CBCI.I am sure he knows most of the people in the Ministry in Delhi. The state government also should come forward. Shall we try

  • Maxim, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sat, Sep 19 2009

    Wilfy Remimbus is living legend, there is no doubt. His lyrics are better than any Bollywood lyricist. He truly deserves national award for his contribution to Konkani Music. If Wilfy had written in any other language then sure he would have awarded national award long back. But sad there is no powerful organization/individuals amongst Konkani community who can take it to national level.

  • rajesh Fernandes, Milagres

    Sat, Sep 19 2009

    Great Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus is a legend. He has devoted his time and composed many great songs. Yet he is a so humble human being. He definitely deserves a higher recognition for his dedicated service to the language. He is able to see the pain in the heart of the lowly, the neglected. His songs reverbarate the sentiments of the character he describes. Mhojem naamv Pedru juvaamv, aamchim bassamre are typical examples of using the language of the character. His depicting the tragedies are second to none. Bhopal, Mother teresa''''s deathi found his songs are socially relevant.Be it mangalorean culture,national or international calamities.Social change,nuclear family,the liquor menace,friendship ,relationship in the family. There is every sphere his songs have not touched a chord in our life. We have people who have done comparative research on the English and regional writersWilfy Remimbus is a great Instrumentalist. "Mojo taalo gaithalo tuji vodvik saangthalo......" "Kadal da baritene kann g minchuna kudalada porlun yan panodu yenchana" Wilfy remimbus contributed his dedicated service to our Mother tongue and Mother land. Hope this article will help to reach the path. laamb Jiyo Wilfy remimbus, Jai Mangalore, Jai Maai bhaas

  • Linus Moras, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sat, Sep 19 2009

    248 nites, more than 500 stage songs, written and directed several stage plays/movies, short stories and written and composed more than 3000 songs. The list is never ends. One person in 6 to 7 million konkani speaking people and he is none other than konkani''''''''s living legend Wilfy Rebimbus and he is not recognised by central governmet for his contribution over 50 years to konkani language and culture. It is really shame for us.Therefore, I request all konkani stalwarts, konkani communities, philonthropists and political leaders to take this issue strongly to the concerned. Also we raise our voices for National Recognition to Wilfy Rebimbus and I am sure he will get the recognition near future which Wilfy highly deserved. Linus Moras

  • premchandra kothari, usa

    Sat, Sep 19 2009

    my native place is in maharashtra,on goa border ,tehasil vengurla so speak malvani and goan konkani.i have traced our goan ancestry for over 500 years.this is just to clear any doubts bcs of my last name.i am very proud of my devoted konkani wilfy for his valuable to konkani language in all modern arts of song,poetry and the film etc. as an individual i am calling him as A KONKAN RATNA. I AM HOPING TO SEE HIS FILM IN CHICAGO IF IT IS EVER SCREENED IN HERE.GOD SPEED AND DEO BOREN KARO WILFY,

  • premchandra kothari, usa

    Fri, Sep 18 2009

    my native place is in maharashtra,on goa border ,tehasil vengurla so speak malvani and goan konkani.i have traced our goan ancestry for over 500 years.this is just to clear any doubts bcs of my last name.i am very proud of my devoted konkani wilfy for his valuable to konkani language inall modern arts of song,poetry and the film etc. as an individual i am calling him as A KONKAN RATNA. I AM HOPING TO SEE HIS FILM IN CHICAGO IF IT IS EVER SCREED IN HERE.GOD SPEED AND DEO BOREN KARO WILFY,

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Fri, Sep 18 2009

    Our last message was not properly concluded due to some transmission error. The recognition of Wilfy Rebimbos on a national level should receive the best possible priority. I had highly recommended the Mayor of Mangalore to treat the day of the Golden Anniversary celebrations last month in Mangalore as a "Wilfy Rebimbos Day" so that it brings greater awareness in the entire community of Mangalore the importance of Konkany as one of the prominent and important sector of South Kanara. The Bishop of Mangalore with the help of the Konkany Sahitya Academy should persue the Mayor of Mangalore as well as the Chief Minister of Karnataka to take up the recognition of Wilfy Rebimbos to the Central Government. The local media also should bring enough publicity in the region. The cultural integration in a secular society of India should be highly encouraged at all levels and under all circumstances. If anything we can do from a distance, please let us know.

  • Adrin, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 18 2009

    Thanks for the article Deepak. He really deserves one...!!

  • sylvester albuquerque, jeppu,dubai

    Fri, Sep 18 2009

    Dear wilfy uncle you did a great wonderfull,i am daily listening your songs specially MOG TUZO KITLO ASHELO,you sung it wonderfully.Sure you will get national award.

  • Terrance , Mumbai

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Truly Mr Wilfy Renimbus deserves a national level recognition . Hats off to him , he has invested his entire life in konkani music . All the knnkani speaking people should be really proud of him !


    Thu, Sep 17 2009


  • Edward, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Sir Wilfy is a legend. He has devoted his time and composed so many some great songs for so many years a part of our growing up. Yet he is a so humble human being. He definitely deserves a higher recognition for his dedicated service to the language.

  • Kenneth John, Bombay

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Congrats Sir, for your achievement. I would be so happy if Daiji releases some of its images here under a free license.

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    The recognition of Wilfy Rebimbos on a national level should begin thru a strong support from the Catholic Diocese of Mangalore. The Bishop of Mangalore must continuously pursue the role thru the Mayor of Mangalore and then thru the Chief Minister of the State of Karnataka who has to pursue the local support and then thru the Central Government.

    Because of our vast population added with so many other ethnic cultures and lengauges in India, we do not see a strong recognition of Konkany language on a national level. On the last gathering that was held recently in Mangalore commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Wilfy''''''''s achievements, we had specifically requested the Mayor of Mangalore to recognize the day as

  • Fr. Faustine L. Lobo, Bantwal/Bangalore

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    ''Konkann Kogul'' is a man with a mission. He is able to see the pain in the heart of the lowly, the neglected. His songs reverbarate the sentiments of the character he describes. Mhojem naamv Pedru juvaamv, aamchim bassamre are typical examples of using the language of the character. His depicting the tragedies are second to none. Bhopal, Mother teresa''s death etc. are awe inspiring. I don''t have time to analyze now. But it is a feast to analyze the songs of Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus. Hats off to you ''Konkanni podanchya raya''. May God bless you for enriching konkanni in a big way.

  • Deena M, Dubai

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    A big salute to Wilfy Rebimbus , he has come a long way with hard work and determination. He is a great artist and has to be recognized in top level. I wish him all the success. Thanks to Mangalore Konkans and Daijiworld for their ever-growing outstanding and wonderful coverage. Excellent work….keep it up.

  • Thomas Valder, Bahrain

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    His every song is very meaningful. Undoubtedly, he desereves national level recognition.

  • Lancy Madtha, Sharjah

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Deepak, You have brought to my knowledge very many achievements of Sri. Wilfy Rebimbus. AWARDS - YES only some of them I knew. One of the idiosyncratic limelights you have focused under the bunting of Mangalore Konkans, Dubai. Being one of the adherent & fervent supporters of KONKAN KOGUL - Sri. Wilfy Remimbus & Rebimbus Creations let us hoist consent for a cause, that is most deserved and over due. Lancy MADTHA Integrated Freight & Logistics LLC, Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  • Frederick Pinto, Shirva

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Its true that Wilfy really deserves recognition at the National Level. It would be great if someone could arrange the mail ids of those person who is responsible for the Padmashree in Delhi. All our readers can start shooting maild for this cause.

  • Francis Lobo, Bejai,Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Although I am not a fan of Wilfy, but i found his songs are socially relevant.Be it mangalorean culture,national or international calamities.Social change,nuclear family,the liquor menace,friendship ,relationship in the family. There is every sphere his songs have not touched a chord in our life. We have people who have done comparative research on the English and regional writers. I request someone who is doing such research,to carry out a study on Wilfy songs and present as a doctoral thesis.He will really win the hearts of the people.

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney Australia

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Deepak Machado couldn`t have better presented and summarised the life journey, the singing career and achievements of the famous writer, composer and singer of Konkani Songs, the one and only Wilfy Rebimbus, and Wilfy richly deserves the top honour. Wish him well.

  • Lancy Lewis OCD, Kuppepadav/Prague

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Dear Deepak, good moove. Truely Wilfy deserves this recognition. I am a great fan of him. Wilfy is not only composer, writer or performer but above all he is a educator. His songs based on moral values and patriotism is an example to this. Let him own what is his...that is a national recognition.

  • Gerald Dsouza, Chikmagalur

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Yes ,I fully agree with this article.He deserves an award.May God bless him and his family.

  • Praveen Veigas, hassan

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    long live Wilfy.we love you and your music

  • Roshan Dsouza, Fermai/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Great work done dear deepak.

  • ASHLEY, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Deepak, very well written. I firmly believe that this shoudl happen not just as a reward for his yeoman services to our mother tongue but as a matter of pride for all of us Konkani speakers. Is definetely strange that we have to remind people to come together for such initiatives while more often than not, even a trivial matter has our own people making groups or factions amongst themselves

  • Vivek Monteiro, Mangalore - Qatar

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    "There are singers and there are songwriters. There are composers and there are creators. But there has never been, nor can there ever be another Wilfy Rebimbus. Wilfy is a Legend. A Hero. An Institution. A Model" Good article by Mr Machado. Wilfy Remimbus is a great Instrumentalist. "Mojo taalo gaithalo tuji vodvik saangthalo......" "Kadal da baritene kann g minchuna kudalada porlun yan panodu yenchana" Wilfy remimbus contributed his dedicated service to our Mother tongue and Mother land. Hope this article will help to reach the path. laamb Jiyo Wilfy remimbus, Jai Mangalore, Jai Maai bhaas.

  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    "Wilfy Rebimbus" You are great. Your emotional song on Bhopal gas tradgedy is one of the best. God bless you.

  • Anita , Mumbai/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Wilfy and The United Friends Group truely deserved the National level recognition. Because of Wilfy we can hum speak, hum and sing in KONKANI. He has composed every number on every prominent disaster, event and person in our country. He has evoked Family bondings because of his singing and lyrics compositions. We will surely lift Wilfy at God''s feet and through him will come his National Level Recognition Berth!!

  • Kevin Coutinho, Suratkal/UAE

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    The History and Statistics says a lot about the hours spent on researching on this Legend of Managlore.A well written article with a clear message . Yes the versatility of Wilfy Rebimbus calls for recognition at a National level.Hope this article knocks the right doors ...

  • jagdish, Mangalore, uae

    Wed, Sep 16 2009

    Hi am non kontani, am tulu speaking but i loved his music since my child hood till now. we used to sing his konkani numbers (broken konkani). he is great artiste and has to be recongnised in top level. god bless him and all

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