The Disgusting Reality Of ‘Reality Shows’

Aug 13, 2009

Are we becoming a nation of voyeurs, peeping Toms and sado--maschosists?  At least, this is what the so-called ‘Reality Shows’ like ‘Sach Ka Saamna’ (Facing the Truth) or ‘Is Jungle Say Mujhay Bachaao’ (Save me from this jungle) seem to be suggesting, with their claims that TRP ratings are shooting up with millions of viewers getting hooked on to their shows.

The disgusting reality of these ‘Reality Shows’ is that issues about sex, pre-marital sex, sadomasochism, wife-swapping, that was once looked upon not only as taboo, but also as sinful with religious sanctions against it, are discussed now with absolutely no qualms or queasy feelings on the show, but rather with a subtle endorsement.

One married woman ‘participant’ for instance, was asked during the show if she would sleep with another man without the knowledge of her husband. She said with a beaming smile and almost instantaneously, “Sure I will”. As if the disgusting resolve was not strong enough, the woman went on to answer the second question: “If you learnt that your husband would sleep with another woman would you mind?” she replied, “I sure wouldn’t if I could sleep with another man again.”

“If one should summarize the whole content or series of these reality shows it could be considered as  ‘a programme, which considers public entertainment as strangers (men and women) co-habiting, going to bed with each other in turns, speaking openly about their various sexual exploits and experiences with multiple partners, getting beaten up and put through painful ‘challenges’, made to starve as punishment for breaking the rules, and finally get awarded by the sponsors of the program for being more sexually virile and more aggressively resistant than other ‘contestants in the challenge’.

‘We have borrowed so much from the West.  Among the worst that we have borrowed are these reality shows. We began by tailor-making Indian Idol from the American Idol to tap Indian Talent. But we over-stepped when we grabbed their reality shows with all their obscenity and vulgarity, for an Indian audience.”

Reactions against these shows have been a cry in the wilderness. Religious leaders have not voiced their concerns against these shows either because they do not know about it or just that they presume not many would be watching these shows.

School and college heads too have probably not discussed the erosive nature of programs like these in the classroom.

Going by the number of advertisements that run in between these shows, one can be more than sure that advertisers know they are not making a wrong bet.

Our televisions are not in the closet, they are right before mum, dad and the kids. What we watch and enjoy either shapes our present and future mindset or social life. The invasion of traditional values in family life, religion and social life has long begun through television programs and even adverts,  The I-pill (anti-contraception pill) advert for instance, featuring a mother enquiring on phone if her daughter has taken the i-pill after hearing that she made a ‘mistake’. This advert is flashed almost ten times a day through various channels and important programmes, quite often between cricket matches when India plays.

There is a visible erosion of values. Long co-habiting is now receiving acceptance from the civil courts as something on par with ‘marriage’. The Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexuality. 

We must be concerned.  More than concerned, because the future of the family is at stake and so is the very sacred institution of marriage. While we turn-off these so called ‘Reality shows’, we must turn-on our minds to think of ways and means we encourage marital fidelity, promote healthy friendships and protect the Family from being perversely re-defined by the whole gamut of junk shows and programmes that invade us by the hour.
(The writer is President of the Indian Catholic Press Association and PRO Bangalore Archdiocese)

By Fr Adolf Washington - Bangalore
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Comment on this article

  • Anannya, Guwahati, Assam

    Thu, Oct 08 2009

    It is very true that, in spite of blaming TV channels or media, parental control is more important.Its indeed necessary, But in addition, I believe there should be a authoritative body to do the gate keeping sort of work for Television too, just like Censor Board for films.

  • Prof.Dr. V. B. Hans, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 28 2009

    We need to do away with money-mania in and by the media.... We need infortainment

  • gloria washington, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Fri, Aug 21 2009

    I agree with Fr.Adolf, i think people participating in these reality shows have only kept Money before their own respect.....

  • apoorva, kota

    Fri, Aug 21 2009

    What they show is one wrong thing but what we do that is to watch it and corrupt our thoughts is another wrong one.if one has been taught to distinguish between right and wrong no serials like "sach ka samna" or "iss jangal se mujhe bachao" can''t ruin our values. 

    We all indians very well know this fact these reality shows are all for people's entertainment and to raise their TRP all this is a game for money my dear friends..No one can force us to do something untill we don''t wish it to do.its upon us how we take it.

  • Brendan Rodricks, Bangalore

    Mon, Aug 17 2009

    Dear Rev. Fr. Washington, This is a great article written by you. The recent times have witnessed a dramatic change in the Television Viewers. There were Soap Operas on the TV and the Channels fought bitter wars to get the best revenue from their time slots. The shows concentrated on generating revenue rather than spreading a message to the viewers.

    Today the Culture Barrier seems to be disappearing from India. Gone are the days when people used to discuss adult issues in private but today the TV is the forum especially the Reality Shows which bring out so many adult subjects in public. Where is our country heading to? Don''t we have a censor board to view the content before it is aired. One reality show even goes to the extent to say the famous movie star would marry the winner of its reality show. Now marriages are being fixed in reality shows and everyone seems to aiming for the big bucks.No one seems to care except gape at the stars on the program. Religion and Culture have taken the backseat and parents sometimes have no say in what is being viewed by their children.

    If not permitted in their house they could always go watch the show in their neighbor''s or friends house.Such issues should be discussed in the open so that people would get a say on these programs that break our Culture. God save our youngsters & our country.

  • Stanly, Kerala

    Sat, Aug 15 2009

    Dear Fr. Adolf, I fully agree with your article on the subject of reality shows causing errosion of our moral values. Recently i was seeing an Oprah Winfrey show in which a teenage boy & girl are discussing live on the show along with their parents, weather to have sex or not! This kind of shows will do nothing but to encourage the children especially in the teen years, who do not yet have a clear understanding between right & wrong values of life, to form wrong attitudes in life. And when these teenagers grow up to be adults, and have children of their own, the level of permissibility in that family would have definitely gone up. So it would take only very few generations, to drain out from our society, the real values and principles our forefathers held as precious.

  • Mr Hariprasad Hegde, Mangalore/Udupi

    Sat, Aug 15 2009

    Why all people are blaming outside countries? in our country mens are openly peeing and shiting on the streets while our mother wife sisters daughters kids are passing behind them, did all this is thaught by other countries? an is any country asking us to adopt what they are doing? The most funniest thing is people living outside india they are talking about values they too must have adopted their values..

  • Elias, Kinnigoli/Mumbai

    Fri, Aug 14 2009

    If our children are viewing these programs parents should monitor it and convince our children that they are not good.RIGHT AGREED then if we parents are viewing these programs..who will convince us saying that they are not GOOD. Let''s not blame TV/Media...let us do SOUL SEARCHING..Lord help us to be good parents.

  • Ozee, Bellore, Dubai

    Fri, Aug 14 2009

    Hi Smitha, you are right, blaming western culture is not right at all. But you are working in a country which you can witness how things are controlled when you go to the internet. If the pornography sites are surfed by youth in thier homes, what is the percentage in Dubai that today''s youth are exposed to such websites as compared to India?

    May be 90% in India and 5% in Dubai. This is good or bad? What you want as a parent when situation demands you to work and give less time for children? An automated system blocking these websites or you will be a watch guard to your children? Same explanation can be extended to TV and other activities as well. Are you sure, our children listen to everything that you advice? Well, who has to control this then? Yes, I feel, government authorities need to realize first that media can either make or break this world.

    So, it should be controlled by the the national authorities, feeding reasonable entertainment and make our children a better place to live. Unfortunately ''money'' is dominating these regulations and today''s youth are culprits of wrong teaching. Parents can only give thier children a good education, teach religious values and give enough care.

    Not controlling the media, outside world and any other such wrong doings, it is not practical. Accepting only good from media and rejecting bad things, I feel it is not ''ideal'' condition. You are always more attracted to wrong things which gets stored in your subconcious mind and evantually spoils like slow poison. Also you are right - there are more wrong things broadcasted in the Indian TV serials like these reality shows.

  • Joel Fernandes, Mangalore / Bangalore

    Fri, Aug 14 2009

    I agree with Smitha Mascarenhas, Mangalore/Dubai, every time we blame TV and the TV Serials... What about Internet???? The main thing required here is parental control.. You have facility to lock the channels or to block the sites... it''s up to us to decide...

  • Royston Dsouza, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 14 2009

    About a year back, the Afghan government announced the ban of Indian serials dubbed in Pashto language on Afghan TV. The clerics contended that Indian Saas Bahu serials are polluting Afghan minds as the hot topic in shops and hotels was what will happen next and the country comes to a standstill in the evenings? In Malaysia and Pakistan similarly clerics were irked as locals imitated Bollywood style weddings and songs at their functions.

    It may seem ridiculous for us. We generally have a tendency to blame the west and everything good that comes is from us. Most of the conservative or ultra conservative countries are so because of the government policies. Human emotions and our reactions to various situations are the same wherever we are from. If we watch these serials it only means we are somewhere searching for our own guilty answers from these participants.

  • A.D''Cunha Shenoy, Mangaluru

    Fri, Aug 14 2009

    Fr. Adolf, Thank you for the writing the reality of today. I certainly agree that what is happenning on reality TV is a dipiction of todays times. While these type of shows originated in the West and now Indian TV has copy cats of the shows. The world has become much more dangerous and the the moral life has vanished. The world thrives on immorality. What can I say more.

    I really appreciate for writing this article. and keep on expressing your views for the benefit of moral society. Dear Smitha, your points are valid but what you miss is that we have lost our values. Only God can save humanity from these evils.

  • Tanveer, Mangalore/UAE

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    I am eagerly waiting a response from Fr. Adolph towards the comment posted by Smitha Mascarenhas.

  • Bharath shetty, Kateel-USA

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Remeber every human being has inner weakness. Suppose tomorrow pornography in TV is legalized, everybody hook into it. Majority of Internet traffic is pornography. No wonder these vulgar reality shows becoming high TRP. That does not make sense to say it is ok to watch. Bad things are always bad. It is foolishness to justify bad things. Programs like "sach ka saamna" are making glorification of vulgarity. They are poison pills to the society. Our uniqueness of socity is "Strong family values", which you do not find in western society. They have completely broken family system. I am sure blind adoption of western culture one day will break our family system. Some people are saying even Father Adolf is regural watcher, just because he quoted some questions Dear people, Father is a religious guide and has the compulsion to keep track of good and bad, so that he can give right direction to the people.

  • anand, Texas, USA

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Smitha, How about an alternate solution? Instead of showing a small disclaimer of parental control, how about categorizing these shows in adult category and show them late night or put it on a pay-per-view? The question here is why such nasty serials should show up on the prime time.

  • prashanth loyd dsouza, rosario/mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    thats good article....what r we talking...westernization,religion,culture....whats this too do with the serial...are the so called "bad things" talked about in show is done differently in india and west,all human beings think,eat and do the things irrespective of cast,creed,religion or country...everything is same for all in all only point is if you dont like the views forget it and do something else...those r interested will see n will think appropriately..all have brains to think and act accordingly

  • Pais, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    A really well written article by Fr Adolf and Also the comments by Smitha Mascarenhas, Mangalore/Dubai.. Both these articles complement each other. I guess as a Nation we are loosing our identity as being creative by copying most of the west. There are loopholes in our society/Govt which permit such irregularities, Who will take that responsibility. As parents we have a moral responsiblity to the way we bring up our children and should not over look at that opportunity before its lost.

  • Najam Batrekere, Bajpe

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Excellent Preist Adolf Washington ! keep writing on reality.

  • Jane, mlore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    we have no time to teach our children studies,morals&prayers but sad we can sit hours in watchingand discussing these reality shows. good upbringing

  • Antony Pereira, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    The writer of this article is Fr.Adolf Washington, President of the Indian Catholic Press Association and PRO Bangalore Arch diocese. An elaborated article of Reality shows. The Reality shows are always reality shows on the T.V. screen produced by the directors & sponcered by the business group of companies. This is their bread & butter. Hence, who compel us to see these realiity shows? Only those who are interested will watch them. If our children are viewing these programs parents should monitor it and convince our children that they are not good. There are lot of issues happening in and around Karnataka. I never come across any issue taken up & highlighted by President of Catholic Association pertaining to our Catholic community.

  • Jess, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Very nice article Fr. Rudolf W. Thank you very much for the same. Reality shows like "Sach Ka Samna" are really bad and even if someone wins the amount for sure they will not be able to go back to their families after answering such questions. US people had stopped this show because of the outcome of that show, but our Indians have started and this is an easy way to break families and nothing else.

  • Raj, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 14 2009

    After reading this article, I wish to again go back to the same old story which many “ culture protectors” don’t like can Bajrang and Sainic brothers stop the broadcasting of the above mentioned TV shows as it is adopted/ inspired / copied by western shows and it is against the culture? Policing the poor, innocent and weak is very easy, ….can you stop these broadcasting giants?.......

  • Ron, Goa

    Fri, Aug 14 2009

    Reality shows: a waste of time, superficial and deeming. Turn off your TV sets and read an inspiring novel.

  • Smitha Mascarenhas, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    While congratulating Fr. Adolf for his mastery over the subject, I would like to say that I disagree with him 90%.

    1.Though the ideas for shows like "Succh ka Samna" & "Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao" are borrowed from western TV Shows, what they are showing is the rot inside the Indian moral system and to what extent it has fallen to (So why blame the West for all our misgivings?).

    2. There are many serials which glorify extra-marital affairs, polygamy, child marriage etc. and I know of many parents who watch these serials along with their kids. There are so many who record the serial part they are unable to watch so that they can catch up later. Forget about women, there are so many men hooked to those "stone age value" serials.

    3. None of the TV Channels place guns on our heads and say "You must watch our serials". It is a human being''s curious nature which makes them watch the reality shows.

    4. Most of the reality shows come with a warning that some parts of the show is unsuitable for young audience and parental discretion is needed.

    So if the parents switch off to another suitable channel, lot of embarrassment can be cutdown. So instead of blaming the TV channels alone for showing the reality shows, we can follow some rules in the house:

    1)Do not watch any such reality show or serial which seem to corrupt our minds. This is not only for children but for adults also.

    2) Do not keep the TV on in the house all times. If you want to watch certain programmes, there are timetables or TV guides.

    3)Take only good things from TV Shows as inspiration and forget the bad ones.

    4) Parental control is important in the house. Most of the TVs have this inbuilt feature to lock certain unsuitable channels. Do change the passwords from time to time because children are smarter when it comes to decoding the passwords.

    5)Cultivate some good hobbies apart from TV watching, say books, take a walk and complete any pending work.

    6)MOST IMPORTANT: All TVs nowadays come with one powerful tool called "REMOTE CONTROL". Don''t hesitate to change the channel when something embarrassing creeps on your TV channel instead of just gaping and watching.

    Sorry Fr. Adolf, I found your article showing only one face of reality shows but not giving solution to it. Hope you''ll understand.

  • Vishu, udupi

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Very well said. But as you said in your article this also borrowed from western country. I''m sure one day India will be number one country on economy but will loose all the culture what India famous for. Please save us god.

  • fr adolf washington, bangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    I am deeply touched by the responses that have come to my article. This speaks very highly of the readers of Daijiworld. Readers, you are a people of character and concern for the future of the family. As a person in the Church Media, it is my work to constantly watch and criticise what is wrong in the media. Its not an easy job keeping track!!! You agree for sure! Please PRAY FOR ME.

  • janet, mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    this was the game played with people who seeks good entertainment, showing a semi naked body is the new tradition/fashion who knows time have to answer. father really written an eye opener article I know father from St.Peters you are excellent.

  • Simon Francis Lasrado, Bangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Fantastic article Father Adolf and thank you very much for narrating the viewers of daijiworld, the real story behind the reality shows.

  • Purushotham Bhat, Udupi

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    The most distinctive feature of Indian society has been the greatest respect and value that is attached to institutions of marriage and family. The success of our society from time immemorial to the present has been due to the strong roots in these institutions. The west has disregarded these institutions and are hence at the present state of degeneration. It is ridiculous that there are ''educated'' sections in our society that ape the west in all their creations without pausing to distill what is good. They are doing so not only to their peril but also that of our society. Perhaps this is one of the insidious designs to strike at the root of our strength to prevent the resurgence of India to preeminence among the comity of nations as it was prior to arrival of the west to our land.

  • Ozee, Bellore, Dubai

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    It is good to know that so far many supported Fr Rudolf''s article and concerned about our families and current/future generation. Well, those who do not agree with such articles, let them speak to those who have lost thier peace in life and enquire the root cause for it. "It is ok" attitute of people today is ruining our families.

    Please do not question what a Priest do in his life and his self control. Priests watch many programs and educate people not to do immoral acts that are not good for our personal and spiritual growth in families - they never say "do wrong things". But the media encourages the youth to do wrong things by highlighting ''models'' life. Fr. Adolf, Thank you

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney-Australia

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    India, with such a massive population and audience, where umpteen number of TV channels run 24 hours a day, it`s a bonanza for Media Companies and Marketeers, and they will dish out anything like those Reality Shows, being cited by Fr. Adolf, in order to win ratings in the ever increasing competitive market, and the public will have little choice but to savour them.

    I wonder what`s the Film/TV Broadcasting Censorship Authorities role in this regard - are they not primarily responsible for censoring such shows if the contents go against the cultural, social, religious, moral and ethical values!? The parents also should closely monitor their children when it comes to viewing such programmes.

  • Prakash Naik, Kundapur, Muscat

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    VERY TRUE.. It is disgusting indeed. Our copy cats (the so called intellectual fools) who blindly adopt western TV shows, culture etc., should understand that it took ages for the human race to transform from stonage to modern age. At last we were recognized as different from animals. But now are we going backwards? The way our own TV channels are projecting western spoilt culture on Indian people and thereby spoiling the hundreds of years value based Indian customes, traditions, culture, arts etc., is pathetic. Hope Indian Government will take necessary steps to stop such shows if it is shown exactly like western shows. I don''t think there is anything wrong in copying the western TV show concepts as a guideline, but when it is shown to Indian people, the content should be suitably modified keeping in mind the Indian culture and moral values.

  • S.Singh, Managlore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Article is very good and it draws our attention towards where our culture is heading. As your outcry would not make any difference to greedy minded people better switch off the TV or watch other programmes.

  • colin, mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Dear Father, when people are trying to get modernized, you are making an attempt to take them back to the stone age. That is what is your article all about. These reality shows generate an atmosphere of thrill and suspense, which the modern youth carve for, unlike the traditional serials which are quite predictable. And moreover when you can remember the questions of "SACH KA SAMNA", am sure you too must be a regular viewer. Our country is facing enough hurdles in the path of modernization from religious fundamentalists, moral police we don''t need more articles like this to provoke such people.

  • Sudhir, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Good article about reminding Indianism. Well, I personally feel its pure business. Reality is ''Reality Shows'' are being watched by everyone. I am wondering how could you even remember each and every dialouge if you are not paying attention. That is what even media wants. Obviously, if you don''t like don''t watch the shows instead watch Animal planet or TV news or best read novels. Why crib about something which you watch and feel is not Indianism?

  • Nery Botelho, Dubai

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    First off all let me thank you for opening the eyes of our people. who watch this program leaving all their important work behind more over they watch it in front of their children it is indeed very shame full. I would say, I really salute you Father for Writing such a wonderful Article it an eye opener to all of us.

    It is indeed an Excellent Article please keep writing such articles when ever you find some of us are going in a wrong direction.Please guide us to do the right thing in life. God Bless you father. Please pray for all of us so that we may all change our life.

  • K.Raghava Mayya, Padil, M''lore-7

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Thanks a lot that the article

  • Jawar D''Souza, M''Lore/Doha

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Great work from Father Adof,we have to be very practical about these issues. As far as I think why should we watch these shows there are many good things to be watched on the T.V. India is only poor country, an average middle class Indian will be owning a two bedroom flat or a house with only one T.V. for the family, so the whole family watching the T.V. will not watch such shows unless they are all sick. Higger income people might have a T.V. in their children''s and their bedroom.

    When they are capable of providing a T.V. let them watch what ever they want to watch. In today''s world of internet,mobiles with MMS, we cannot control anything. Best thing is that what we teach our kids will be the out come.

  • Sharukh bandimata , Bantwal

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    nice article i appreciate Fr Adolf washington u r absolutely right i am also waching that programme more question is abt sex. if we are watching in front of family then its very embarrasing. and also serials spoils our society. Reality shows are noting they only make money.  If  once we addicted to that then its very difficult to come out from that .........

  • Veena, Mumbai/Kuwait

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Dear Sir, I respect you, but I do not agree to your comments on reality shows. Reality shows show reality, so whats the harm, no harm in telling the truth, involving big money, every individual is different and can do as per his or her choice. If some people are playing reality shows – its their destiny, their job, their work, their means of income. We all need income. I am sorry father for my views which are against your comments. But I wanted to express the same.

  • Anto Rodrigues, Bangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Fr. Adolf Washington''s article was timely. It appears most of the participants in these shows throw away all norms of decency in their quest for fame, unmindful of the fact that it will only generate more harm/hatred.

  • Abdulla Madumoole, Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    A thought provoking and well written article by Fr.Adolf. Also, I appreciate the comments by Dr. Haneef Shabab. What perturbs me more in these reality shows is the glorification and glamorizing of vulgarity . Our youth fall prey into glamour easily, efforts by parents, elders and teachers to inculcate values and principles go in vain.

    We do not imitate the better part of the western culture but we are quick to adopt and improve upon the wrong aspects of their culture. I wonder why the governments get carried away by this wave of ugly side of the western culture. I feel the government should step in to protect our value system before it gets washed away completely, may be by way of stricter screening rules before any serial is telecast.

  • john francis crasta, kundapur

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    We usually adopt all negative from west, instead these things we need to adopt their work culture and honesty, dedication towards work, that attitude will improve our country. Our electronic media losing his value day by day

  • Carmel D''silva,

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Rev Fr. Washington, Wonderful article, Our people need an eye opener from time to time. Please keep up the good work.

  • Santhosh Shetty, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Nice article from Fr Adolf Washington - Bangalore, but Fr Adolf daily watching this programme and how could he think that other people too to avoid the programme, if some one is spoiling in such reality show, I dont agree with this, without watching this programme in India already people are doing wife swaping in metro cities, I dont agree with this article.

  • Mohamed salam, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    If we can accept western Language, western culture, western clothes, western Liquor then why not western TV show?

  • S.I Hassan, , Kaup

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    You are right Mr Fr. Adolf.Nice Article. Reality shows are really fooling the people,destroying the culture and spreading wrong information and message. For instance, it is better to quote recent incidence happened in KSA. A saudi young man was promoting vice by accepting his premarital sex relations in a TV channel program.

    Govt has closed the channel office in saudi and man is about to be hanged The intention of such kind of people is just to earn money without any moral bindings. Reality shows should show how indian layman is struggling for one time food by facing challenges from governments, imperialist and fundamentalists.


    Thu, Aug 13 2009


  • Royal C.B,

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Excellent artical father Adolf Washington.All other religious head raise their voice against these reality shows.

  • naz, .kinnigoly

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    we have waste time to watch this programme. they have are the opportunist to make money.totally we are the foolish..

  • bharath shetty, Kateel-USA

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Thank you Father for the article. As India is developing people are loosing moral values. Day by day people are becoming intellectually dumb. If this trend continues, one day every one will pay price for it. I feel it is high time, the intellectuals and religious scholars come forward and seriously educate the misguided people with the ill-effects of these reality shows before it become too late for anything.


    Thu, Aug 13 2009


  • Reyan, Bgdy

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    All these are money making programmes! All these will stop soon!

  • jyothi, mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Very well written,this should go upto the organisers who are producing these type of reality shows & our tv artist are trying themseleves to do upto the cheaper level.

  • Dr. Haneef Shabab, Bhatkal

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Nice article. Fr. Adolf W has rightly pointed out the negative impact of these "Reality Shows" which are nothing but devastating "Bulldozers" for the Morality and Culture of our society(including the serials by one particular banner). No doubt they are intended to earn money by exploiting the young generation. The producers and the sponsors are the vultures who can breed only on dead and rotten flesh.

    No cultured and Morality based society can promote such things in the name of civilization. But the bitter truth is that now a days gentlemen like Fr. Adolf can find a very few takers for his views... still ...we should do our duty and say right thing at the right time without any is on Almighty.

  • abdul samad, udupi

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Yes, indeed it is a disaster show since they ask personal questions and most of them are related to sex. The media in India nowadays doesnt have any rules and ristrictions as we people are not raising our voices against it. We are distracted by western culture.

  • lovekith, mangalore / dubai

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    I agree with you father , you expressed exactly what all of us feel

  • MAJEED, Brahmavar/dubai

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    A very useful article.

  • David Rodrigues, Kayyar/Bangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Thanks a lot father.Keep writing & guiding us. Very informative.

  • Reshma, Mlore/Dubai

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Excellent artical Father Adolf Washington.I fully agree with you.I wish many to read this useful article.  .Thank you so much father.

  • Nolda, Udupi / Mumbai

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Fr. Adolf Washington has expressed the right feelings of a god fearing person. Even in news papers we can hear the negtive news more. There are so many good things happen and the media is not bothered at all. Instead of wasting time and energy in this manner, can be used for a better cause of the society.

  • Prescilla Lobo, India

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    The article is simply fabulous and a great and powerful eye-opener to parents who simply allow their children watch the idiot box.Tomorrow when children go the wrong way, parents will be blinking. Thank you Fr. Adolf Washington for the wonderful article.Bless my family Father.

  • Moolya Jagadeesh, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Thanks Father. People should realise these type shows. Some of the participants in this serial are already rejected by the family and society. Stupid mentality of the directors and uncultured artists are playing these type of the serials. May one day they can realise their reality show.

  • Peter Machado, Texas,USA

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Hats off to Daijiworld for the beautiful piece by Fr. Adolf Washington. It touches me that a priest is so informed about issues.Priests must keep a watch on all these matters and speak from the pulpit about these things. Father, I have heard so much about you,but have not seen you. God bless you father.

  • salim, dubai

    Thu, Aug 13 2009

    Very well said Mr.Adolf washington. I fully agree with your comments..keep writing.

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