Cedric Rasquinha - The Man Who Triumphed Over Cancer

August 9, 2009

The word ‘cancer’ sounds dreadful and every one would be frightened to have any remote thought of being a victim of this ‘sure death’ disease.  People have witnessed their near and dear ones being diagnosed, treated and finally facing a painful end. It is a deadly disease which is still believed to be beyond any remedy or treatment for complete cure. People afflicted by cancer feel death staring at their face and their family members running from one doctor to the other or from one hospital to another in search of some ray of hope of survival for their loved ones. However, it is only a matter of time before deliverance from pain and suffering. Cancer has been considered as a ‘death sentence’, the patient waiting for the call, sooner or later, without knowing whether he or she will see the next sunrise.

When many die in the battle against cancer, few win in the war against this dreaded disease. The stories of the survival of the brave against this life threatening disease should be a source of strength and inspiration to many of those who have been either diagnosed as cancer patients or those who feel that they might be prone to cancer.

This is the story of Cedric Rasquinha of Mahim and his family-wife Lilly, a school teacher and son Joel, who studies in XII Std. in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, who bravely faced this ordeal and came out winners.

It was 3rd June 2008, a day like any other normal day. Cedric came home from his Sales Manager’s job in a reputed air-conditioning firm.  But he felt terribly tired and worn out. When he went to the toilet to relieve himself, he was shocked to see the flow of blood instead of urine. With his eyes wide open, mind dazed and thoughts gone wild, Cedric exclaimed- “O my God”. He tried to reason out of this phenomenon. If blood oozes from mouth, it would be the last stage of TB, but blood through urine? He could find no answer. All he realized was that something was terribly wrong with his health and he needed divine assistance and medical diagnosis and treatment for this unknown disease.

It was late evening. Neither Lilly nor Joel was at home. Throwing himself at the mercy of the Lord, Cedric prostrated in front of the picture of Divine Mercy that adorns the wall in his living room. His first sentence was, “Lord, let me know Your purpose,” and continued with short prayers. His mind went numb. He did not know what to tell his wife and son. When Lilly returned home from shopping for Joel’s Junior College books, Cedric picked up courage and informed her about the unusual happening and both of them rushed to their family doctor.

On hearing the case, the doctor realized that something was seriously wrong with Cedric. He managed to calm Lilly and after prescribing some tablets asked Cedric to take some tests the next morning.

On 4th June 2008, Cedric underwent 8 to 10 tests suggested by his family doctor. When he took the report to the doctor for interpretation, he glanced at Cedric and advised him that he should immediately see an Urologist and helped him to get an appointment of a reputed Urologist for the next morning.

On studying the test reports and examining Cedric on 5th June 2008, the Urologist found three small lumps inside his urine bladder and suggested that he should immediately undergo surgery. Cedric and Lilly preferred non-invasive surgery by which Cedric could resume his work in one week rather than the normal surgery that would require a month’s rest, though the former was costlier than the latter.

The surgery took place on 6th June 2008 and the lumps were removed. On the next day of the surgery Cedric could go home, but a sample of the lump was sent for further investigation for its malignancy. It was a three days process which seemed three months for Cedric as he was preparing himself to hear the 6 letter word (cancer) that kills people more of fear than of the disease.

After three days, the report arrived and Cedric along with Lilly met the doctor who looked with concern at both of them and confirmed that Cedric had cancer!

It was the death sentence that Cedric and Lilly did not want to hear. But once it was pronounced, Lilly asked the doctor how much time Cedric would have. The doctor diplomatically answered that according to World Health Organization 3-3 high grade cancer spreads easily. This statement of the doctor made Cedric anxious about his fate.

Along with the treatment, Cedric and Lilly wanted divine intervention to get over the curse of cancer. On the following Wednesday both of them went to St. Michael’s Church for the novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.

On 28th June 2008, Cedric attended the morning mass at 6.30 AM and made it a point to attend mass every morning. Cedric said that on the day it was believed that blood was oozing from the Divine Mercy picture in St. Michael’s Church, he was one of the first 10 persons to witness this miracle and the picture that he had taken in his cell phone of this phenomenon is still preserved.

The news about Cedric’s condition sent shock waves across the families, relatives and friends of both Cedric and Lilly. Many well wishers
suggested that Cedric should attend healing sessions at different places for a miraculous cure. However, Cedric insisted that God is everywhere and he strongly believed in his Divine Mercy. Not once did he ask God ‘why me?’ All that he believed was, ‘God would do what was best for him.’ Cedric philosophically says, “I knew He closed a door on me, and I was waiting for Him to open a window for me.”

In the following two months, Cedric underwent seven chemo-therapies. The disease was exhausting him physically and financially. However, he did not give up hope and determination. Even on the day of chemo-therapy he would go to his office and be there rather than being at home alone and depressed, though his boss was considerate and asked him to take rest.

9th August 2008 was Cedric’s 49th birthday. His phone never ceased ringing with messages from his relatives, friends and well wishers.  The birthday celebrations were akin to that of 50th birthday. Deep inside, Cedric and Lilly were apprehensive whether he would survive to witness his 50th birthday.

Every three months Cedric had to undergo tests and surgery for the recurring growth of lumps and the routine chemo-therapies. His finances were draining and physical strength was waning, but not his spirit or will power. He placed himself fully in the hands of God and went on his daily working routine.

After many months of anxiety, tests, surgeries and chemo-therapies, the Urologist, after a thorough check up of Cedric finally gave a clean chit and proclaimed the good news that he was completely cured of the dreaded disease ‘c-a-n-c-e-r’. This announcement from the doctor was a great relief not only Cedric, Lilly and Joel, but to their families, relatives and friends.

Cedric succeeded in conquering cancer. In his fight against this scourge, Cedric strongly believes that it was the grace of God, his will power, determination, positive outlook, involvement in work and church activities, support and prayers of his family members, relatives and friends were of immense help.

On this Sunday, 9th August 2009, Cedric will be celebrating his 50th birthday. He feels that he has got a new lease of life from the Almighty God. On this occasion he expresses his gratitude to his wife Lilly, son Joel and all his family members, relatives and friends who stood by him in their prayers and support. Cedric still remembers one true friend who had said, “Cedric don’t give up we need you. I will pray for you.”

Having conquered cancer, Cedric is ready to share his experience with any person who is a victim of this dreadful disease or their family members who can contact him on the following phone number and e-mail address: 9833358339 or cedrirasquinha@hotmail.com

Dr Eugene D’Souza, Mumbai
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Comment on this article

  • Bhooma, chennai

    Thu, May 31 2012

    Cedric.... what a surprise for me to read this article. I dont know if you will remember me.. I am Lorraines friend Bhooma from Humphreys and Glasgow . Been trying to find out about Lorraine .. can you please give me her contact details ? take care and God Bless ...

  • Uday, Kankanady

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story about cancer survivor. Everyone is not lucky, My father had this and medicine or divine power couldn''t overcome that.

  • Ranjan Kumar, Ft Lauderdale, FL

    Tue, Aug 18 2009

    Dear Cedric, I was not aware you were not well. I am extremely relieved to hear that you are doing well by the grace of god. I was just searching for my family in India as you can see a lot of information is available on line and found you. Keep smiling and stay well. Your cousin Ranjan. (Delphine''s son)


    Mon, Aug 17 2009

    Cedric You did it. Very great. Your faith in Divine Mercy touched that part of the body that was affected. Keep it up. Spread this great devotion. May you live to see the 100th birhtday

  • Jude Rodrigues, Mumbai / Canada

    Mon, Aug 17 2009

    Hi Cedric, You did it. It was your faith, prayers in the Divine Mercy and your timely action that assisted in your quick recovery. We should all continue to pray and put all our trust in the Lord and serve him with our very best.

  • Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/Bangalore

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Dear Cedric, I admire your courage in fight against cancer, and your faith in God. Doctors are the tools of God or you may call them angels of God. Your faith in God brought you back from a certain death. I wish you good health and many more birthdays to come with Gods blessings.

  • ronlewis,Zelita,Ranon, Mumbai

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Dear Cedric," We wish you a very happy 50th B''day, with the mercies of of Divine Christ, We remember you always, God Bless you all ".

  • wilson, Dubai / Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Dear Cedric, your doctor is lord Jesus. so you dont have to worry for any anything. He will take care of you and your family . Have faith on him . with prayer.

  • Juliet D''souza, Taccode/Borivali

    Tue, Aug 11 2009

    Dear Cedric, God has touched you and healed you. Praise and Glory to God almighty for his divine intervention. God Bless you always

  • Oliver, Bijai-AUH

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Belated 50th Birthday to You, Cedric, Praise & Thank You ABBA Father for your Graces & Mercies Showered on Cedric. Thank You Jesus & Mama Mary. God Bless the advances of Medical Science & Faith of each and every one of us. Dear Dr. B. Rebello, please note that first Thanks should be given always to the Almighty, we humans are placed as Angels in this world.

    Doctors & Nurses are ''Special Angels'' doing their part of Medical Science, this is a Special gift from God. We Pray for this Noble Profession to grow, to see the WORKS of THE ALMIGHTY through Doctor''s Hands. God Bless You & All the Hospital''s The World over.


    Mon, Aug 10 2009


  • Josephine Saldanha, Bejai

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Mr. Cedric, ''GOD IS GREAT'' Thank U Jesus

  • Francis Sunil Lobo, Belman

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    God did it.

  • Glen Dsa, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Gods ways are wonderful wish you good health cedric Regards -GLEN

  • Sr. Ivy, UFS, Mangalore/Mysore

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Praise the Lord for His healing power bestowing on you. Happy Birthday

  • Eliza Fernandes, Mumbai/Sharjah

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    GOD IS GREAT, Praise the Lord, Thank you JESUS.

  • Lawrence D''Mello, Karkala/Sydney

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Praise be to the "Divine healer" Timely detection and the lord''s intervention is and will be the key for triumph.

  • John Dsouza, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Dear Cedric God Almighty has beenvery kind to u. His protctive hand will be over you & Mother mary will shield u in ur future years . Trust in Him Happy Birthday

  • Reginald Lewis, Bnagalore/Sharjah

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Dear Mr. Cedric, Inspiring testimony for the millions who doubt the grace of our Lord when they seek him earnestly. May the Divine Mercy be with you and your family forever. A very happy Birthday and God bless for a many many more to come.

  • Marlon Saldanha, Mangalore\Canada

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    The perfect gift to you Cedric,God cures what no man can.

  • Edward R. Monteiro, Kulshekar, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Happy birthday. May u live many more years

  • Antony Pereira, Bejai, Mangalore.

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Praise the Lord. Mr.Cedric, let me wish you a very Happy 50th birthday and many Happy returns of the day. All things are possible to God. What we require is only faith in Jesus and his mercy. Your faith has healed your cancer. This will be a question to the present medical faternity how a "Cancer" is healed by devine intervention ? Ans:What is impossible for a man is possible to God. May God bless you and your family and may he use you in the way he wanted to be.

  • sumaira, dubai

    Tue, Aug 11 2009

    Really you have a lot of courage to fight such a stubborn disease.


    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    HAI,brother Cedric,Praise the Lord, for is goodness. God has done great mricale in ur life according to (John11:4)ur belive in Lord Jesus has cured ur sickness & by the blood of Jesus ur healed completly. WISH U HAPPY BIRTHDAY. MAY GOD BLESS.

  • Vidya Shetty, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Many many happy returns of the day Mr. Cedric. May God''s blessings be always showered upon you and your family.

  • leeza, Mumbai/UAE

    Sun, Aug 09 2009



    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Dear Cedric, God is Good all the time, Praise the Lord and Mr.Cedric wish u a happy birthday.

  • Austin P Caldeira, Mangalore/lowlands

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Praise the lord. Thank you jesus

  • Jawar D''Souza, M''Lore/Doha

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Mr. Cedric your strong belief in god has heleped you to fight this decease the god almighty will never abundon you all we have to do is ask him with faith. Wish you a happy birthday and many more to come,God bless you.

  • LAWRENCE D''SOUZA, Miyar /Sharjah

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    "PRAISE THE LORD" If you have faith in God,nothing is impossible to God, Mr.Cedric have a Fantastic birthday,

  • Barbara Bayer, Muscat

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Dear Br. Cedric Your faith, trust in the Lord and your determination has been rewarded. Trust in the Lord Always for He never fails. Deuteronomy 4:31 For the LORD your God is a compassionate GodHe will not fail you nor destroy you nor forget the covenant with your fathers which He swore to them. I pray that God Almighty bless you and your family abundantly, His mercy and goodness follow you all the days of your life...

  • Richard martis, Mangalore,Kuwait

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    "Praise The Lord..." No words other than this.. Happy birthday Cedric.

  • Paul D Souza, Mangalore/Sharjah

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Dear Cedric,PRAISE THE LORD THANK U JESUS HE IS OUR DOCTOR Thanks Daiji and Eugene.

  • Lancy noronha, Bellore

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Praise the lord, Allelluia - Jesus i thank you - you saved my brother Cedic, Praise the lord. Lancy - Dubai.

  • Flavy, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    I cant live without Praising Him our Jesus Lord.

  • Balakrishna T.Shetty, Mangalore/Riyadh/Palladakody

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Mr.Cedric.....Many Many happy returns of the day. Where is GOOD there is GOD. SABKA MAALIK EK HAI

  • Noel Pais, Madanthyar,

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    (PS:107:20)Praise the Lord.He is the real Healer.Praise to Him now and for ever.

  • Dr.Elvin, M`lore,Muscat

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Thanks Daiji for bringing this story to light. There are many who need to learn from Cedric not only to conquer cancer , but any problem in life. Motivation, self confidence and grace of God is all you need to keep going in this unpredictable ,competitive and challenging world. Thanks Cedric for coming out with your testimony.

  • Padmanabha Shenoy, Udupi / Saudi Arabia

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Dear Mr. Cedric, Its Jesus''s sent message to all that they can fight the cancer and get out of it if they have strong faith in him. I feel Jesus christ choosen you to spread this news.

  • Abdulla Madumoole, Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    The most dreaded decease indeed. As rightly said the fear of this decease kills more than the decease itself. Once we are attacked by cancer, is it possible for anyone to be cheerful when we know that our days are numbered? Probably generally impossible but definitely possible for those who have faith in the Almighty.

    I strongly believe that proper medical treatment along with firm faith in the Almighty can cure anything. When we have faith without any iota of doubt, we will have hope, hope of survival and when we have hope and positive approach, the medicines we take will work positively and we can expect miracles. If we are not cured, I feel it is because our faith is not strong enough. Cedric’s life story is an awareness for all. Thanks a lot Daiji .

  • Sonia, Dubai

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Praise the lord. Thank you jesus

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney-Australia

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    What an inspirational story - my heartfelt commisserations to Cedric and his family on their ordeals, anxiety and pain that they underwent, and at the same time, all kudos and congratulations to them on the successful combatement of this dreadful disease, which has a happy ending. This story has a special significance to me in that I can convey the same faith, prayers and hope to my beloved buddy and brother who has recently been diagnosed with a severe throat cancer and is presently undergoing chemo-therapy and radiation treatment, etc. Thanks once again Dr. Eugine and specially you Daijiworld, for bringing in such a wonderful story!

  • Peter, Bijai / Mumbai

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Praise the Lord! The manifestation of His power in Mr C. Rasquinha''s case shows that nothing is impossible to our Supreme Divine Healer.

  • Vanessa, mangalore

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    I agree with u doctor B Rebello... but god can also work miracles more than medicines at time. cause I have seen god working miracles in my life the same way. but I always pray for the doctor who treated cause the doctor was also a blessing for me shown by god,when I was confused as to which doctor was I was suppossed to get treated god showed the right path thats why I am absolutely fine today.

    Everybody needs the grace of god to overcome any sickness cause when u have the grace u can fight back the sickness otherwise no chance.. I learnt that through my sickness and I lead a normal life like before. divine mercy is a powerful prayer.. it did work miracles for me.. in fact my full family started believing in the power of divine mercy.

  • Sadik, Hoode-Dubai

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    My dad had same problem and he was 57 yr old enjoying sound health up to Nov 08, he got blood in urine and it was in early stage. He got operated twice by Dr. Hegde, Urologist in KMC Manipal and he was recovering with good faith and the hope he got from the doctors especially from Dr. Hegde who was always helpful to us. Later they referred to Oncologist and they drained all his faith in first day it self, my brother who was there with him still remembers that day how they discouraged him, when they met HOD of Oncology department he advised my brother in from of my Dad “ why your wasting your money, better don’t treat him any how he got is age” from that day he lost all his hope and day by day gone weak and weaker and the pain was unbearable to him.

    I ordered alternative medicine too, one among is from Dr. Munir Khan from Mumbai but all in vain and departed from us on 4th of June 09, May Allah rest his soul in Peace. I lernt from experience that you can battle with cancer and WIN if you have faith, encouragement from your surroundings and hope.

  • Doris, Canada

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Rasquinha. Thank you for sharing your awe inspiring story. Your strenght, courage and determination with your strong belief in God and Our Lady gives hope to all who suffer from cancer and also to the survirors of cancer. May you have many many more happier birthdays to come with your wife, son and family members and friends.

  • Reny Fernandes, Mudarangadi/ Dubai

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    Dear Cedric, GOD is Great, Praise the Lord. He is the unseen Doctor. Your belive give you new life.

  • Dr. B. Rebello, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Aug 09 2009

    "ALL CANCERS DONT KILL ! " Some of the malignancies if detected early could be cured completely. This also applies to some urogenital malignancies like Bladder and Prostate in men. Every Man above the age of 50 should have an yearly check up from an Urologist to detect any signs of malignancy.

    The described incident is a normal course of events when a Bladder growth is detected early thanks to the bleeding " Haematuria" it caused to alarm the patient. Faith and belief in religious support is good BUT without forgetting help from Medical science at the same time.

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