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Love Jihad : Minor Girl Rescued from Mangalorean Boy

Love Jihad : Minor Girl Rescued from Mangalorean Boy

Mysore, Apr 7 (DHNS): Even as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is busy with the its investigation of ‘Love Jihad’ cases in the State, one such case has surfaced in Mysore district. 

K R Nagar police, who were probing into the kidnap of a minor girl from Bherya, have confirmed that the boy had forcibly converted her into Islam.

Sharing the information with the media, Superintendent of Police Ramasubba on Tuesday said the 16-year girl had been kidnapped by Azeem Hafeez (22), son of M Idinabba of Ullal in Mangalore . Hafeez had been working in a medical store in K R Nagar and was living at his relative’s house in that town. He had befriended the girl with the help of his relative.

After kidnapping the girl, he had forcibly converted her into Islam, before marrying her in Chikmagalur. Also, he had changed her name as ‘Mehek Taj’ besides changing her age to 18 years, according to the affidavit sworn-in before a notary at that place. He had disposed off the jewellery the girl was wearing to meet the expenditure.

The SP said records available with police suggested that Hafeez was connected with a theft at Ullal.

Interrogation revealed that Hafeez intended to dump his minor wife. However, his plans went awry, when cops led by DySP (rural) C D Jagadeesh swooped on him at his Subhash Nagar residence.

Acting on the clues given by Hafeez, police arrested Siddiqui and Hassan Kaka for abetment in the crime. Four others, including Hafeez’s parents, Zareen Taj  and Rafeeq are at large. DG and IG Dr Ajai Kumar Singh is appraised of the findings, the SP added.

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  • priya, Patil

    Fri, Jul 15 2011

    Love jihad is very terrible think for hindu girls so its very important to take action on this terrible think.

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  • R. Saikia, India

    Mon, Apr 19 2010

    The word JIHAD is presented by the muslims or in the name of Jihad and Allah the killings done by the muslims made JIHAD a horrible word for the human being. First you people need to cure yourself.

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  • Lawrence, USA

    Thu, Apr 8 2010

    Parents should be held responsible for minor child eloping with young man. What is "Love Jihad"? The word doesn't make any sense. What I understand is the word "Jihad" means religious war. (I may be wrong)

    What if the same girl eloped with the Christian or Hindu boy? Then what do you call? "Love conversion" or "Love Bajarang"?

    Bajarangis should keep an eye on their own people (Love Badvas?) doing human trafficking for the modern slavery at brothels and red light areas.

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  • Ganesh Pai, Hyderabad

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    I feel the root cause of all tensions is the fear of attack on Hinduism by demographic alteration by Muslims and proselytization by Christians. It is true that the demography of many regions in India has altered. The best solution would be to implement Chinese policy of one child per family be it hindu, christian or muslim and a complete stop of propagation of religion by all communities, hindu, christian or muslim. Religion should be left to the personal domain of an individual, no need to rub it in public places.

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  • Frank, udupi

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Langoolacharya, Belman/USA .Brother we are in INDIA. not USA ECT ECT ....

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  • Langoolacharya, Belman/USA

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Gladson, Brahmavar,

    I dont know what is Love jehad.

    But I know, its a major crime to kidnap a minor in all countries including US.

    Having sex with a minor with or without her consent(assuming even if they are married legally to her say in Iran, where girls legal marriage age is 13) is a major crime in US.

    Who told you if two adults of different religion marry, one should convert to others religion???

    Ridiculous hypothesis.....

    If this happened in US, boy will get atleast 10 years of imprisonment, even if his father is president of USA.

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  • Musthaq A Hussain, Mangalore/Riyadh

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Hafeez should be punnised every religion there will person like Hafeez...what happend (forget his name)who raped & murdered 18 or 20 innocend ladies ...which jihad he did ..first should learn the meaning of JIHAD...JIHAD meaning STRUGGLE....plz dont miss use the word....

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    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Well said Gladson ,   I totally agree with ur point .....our society is running by uneducated ,orthodoz people ...

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    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    K R Nagar police, welldone. You are a good example for the Indian Police Department, where people lost confidence in Police. You proved that all fingers are not the same. If every police departments take you as a model and stand for the truth, no wonder people will get lost confidence in Indian Police. Dont leave Hafeez. Teach him a lesson and show him whats the result of playing with the Law. Let people feel the power of Police in reality too, not only in Movies.
    Love is not blind. But the lovers are blind. Police please open the eyes of the blind Hafeez. you can.

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  • Mahendra Shetty, Manglore Dubai

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Now we have evidence what happening in our Society.Love Jihad is a big EVIL to our Society.Because of some people's mentality whole communities name spoiled.We have to punish these type of Group.Police have to bring new law to tackle these type of elements.Jai Hind

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  • saleem, moodbidri

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Hafeez Should be punished. Good work done by the police. But don't give Love Jihad Heading to this incident. Such kind of animals are there in every religion. If it is the case tell me what Jihad lable we can give to the Father who raped his own doughter ? or tell me what kind of jihad when parent abuse their own daughter by throwing her out of home? or what I can say about the recent incident happened in Mangalore when one yong man misused his girl friend's photo? When giving some comment people must use their brain.

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  • Musthafa, Ullal

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    This may be another love story..!!

    who knows what happend? make sure that Love is blind, it will not consider cast, color, age etc etc. By labelling love jehad or by the fear of communal riots, Police made this as kidnap.
    Boys dont love any minor girls, if u du then u will become a kidnapper and u have to get ready to go to jail..!!!

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  • saad, mng

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    who knows the truth.No one can say anything

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  • Gladson, Brahmavar

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Can anyone clarify as what is Love Jihad at least now and in this particular case how is it applied? It seems age-old love story wherein a boy and a girl (albeit their religion) fell in love, one of them had to be converted and in this girl was converted and they married. Now where is Love Jihad? Has this girl been used for any terrorist activity or the boy has been found guilty of any terrorist activity? Haven't there been innumberable such cases from every religion? Haven't hundreds of Christian girls married Hindus/Muslims even when they were minor? Were these cases too Love Jihad?

    In the present case girl is minor and therefore voluntary conversion too becomes forcible, right. This boy should be punished for forcible conversion, raping the minor and kidnapping (even if it was eloping). But there is no question of Love Jihad unless police have enough proof to prove that he was involved in terrorism and that he used the girl for the same. Don't present the case with hypothetical answers such as 'he was planning', 'he intended' etc. Present the facts and then rake up the issue. Our police and administration first need to convert themselves from their ideology of hate towards particular section before handling the 'religious conversion' The govt and the police who are hand in glove with the Sangh Parivar first need to give one definition to metaphysical aspect of Love Jihad before booking case against anyone in this regard.

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  • Johny, Canada

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    In love as well as in jihad, everything is blind. If you have to ban 'love jihad' or any kind of organization, then indian society should completely ban falling in love and inter-caste marriages! But then, this will talibanize us again. It is a circle. So, stop making a big issue of such things. Just because something like this happens rarely, does not mean it is happening all the time. All you people get real in life, there are other important things to worry about (like solving drinking water and electricity problem, and the increasing prices of food and cost of living etc) rather than worry about this love jihad nonsense.

    Tell me one thing honestly, when young, (or even old) militant hindu men go to prostitutes do they base their decision on the religion of that prostitute, or do they satisfy themselves based on a different set of criteria?

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  • Jawar D'Souza, M'Lore/Doha

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    The boy should be given life imprisonment for kidnaping a minor girl. All the guilty should be punished then there will be no love at all.

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  • Nagesh prabhu, udupi

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Today i am seeing a very sensible and sincere comment from shahnawaz kukkikatte. If every one becomes so responsible instead of being biased blindly because of fanaticism the intolerance among different communities will come down and there will be a much peaceful atmosphere.

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  • The Guru, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Hamid, Mangalore - KSA

    This is not a case of inter -religion marriage this is the case of kidnapping..

    Hope u are educated enough to read what is mentioned in the news. Dont blame sangh parivar for the dirty acts done by the people belonging to ur religion.

    Clean ur house first then u can point ur fingers at others.

    Jai Bharath

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  • Tony, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 7 2010

    People like Hafeez should be given death sentence. People like him are spoiling the peace and harmony of the society.

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  • Clive, Kuwait

    Tue, Apr 6 2010

    Such scum should be given such harsh punishment that they shall forget love and jihad forever. Where are the parents of this poor girl? Can Daijiworld give the full picture here

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  • shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udipi

    Tue, Apr 6 2010

    Hafeez is a disgrace to muslim community. Please punish him. Please return the minor girl to her parents. Seek adequate damages and compensation from Hafeez. Those who supported Hafeez too must be punished. Please go into the deep of this incident. This is a case of cheating. But let me tell you such incidents have been painted as "love jehad" by sangh parivar. As long as a muslim boy is involeved with a hindu girl, then you call it "love jehad". What do you call when a muslim girl is involved with a hindu boy? Can we call it a "love kurukshetra" ? These types of incidets are happening in every community. so just blindly dont blame a community or its tenets. Just blame the person, catch him, try him and punish him. All muslims whall support you.

    Good work by the police. Police action has saved one more communual falre up. Great work. Congratulations to the police.

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  • Hamid, Mangalore - KSA

    Tue, Apr 6 2010

    Love Jihad is new brand name from Sanga Parivar, actually inter cast love and marriage as usual, some of Hindu boys loved muslim girls and get married also she converted into Hindu religion. Our Indian culture after marriage girls prefer to boy’s religion. This is not new but Love Jihad name is new from Sanga Parivar to betrayed Muslim youths.

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  • Navin Anvil, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 6 2010

    Slowly but steadily the truth which all of us (people living in Mangalore/ India) knew though we liked to close our eyes to make it dark has finally come out.Yet lets close our eyes for us money and freedom which matters.The main culprit behind mis using these young boys needs the society for their effort in paying a huge tax or a lot money to the BMarket.

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  • ASHOK, Udupi/Dubai

    Tue, Apr 6 2010

    Jai Ho Bajrang Dal, Rama Sene etc you are doing good job. Keep it up. If not today , tomorrow will be very late.

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  • Keshava, Puttur

    Tue, Apr 6 2010

    Punish the kidnaper in public. People should understand what will they deserve by doing wrong things.

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  • Ramesh Bhat, Kumta

    Tue, Apr 6 2010

    Should take action immediatly. Should enforce certain law to punish the guilty persons and find out the reason behind it.Thanks Daiji for your immediate intervention.

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  • santhosh rego, uppoor/Dubai

    Tue, Apr 6 2010

    Punish the culprit,so others never follow love jihad.

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