'Mangaluru's total lockdown to continue on March 29' - District in-charge minister

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Mangaluru, Mar 28: District in-charge minister Kota Srinivas Poojary on Saturday, March 28, said that the lockdown in Mangaluru will continue even on Sunday, March 29.

Addressing media, he said, “Social distancing is a must now and hence the lockdown has to continue. Milk parlours and pharmacies will be open as usual, and supply of gas cylinder, petrol pump will not be effected. Transportation of essential commodities will not be affected.

“Labour department will be come forward to help destitute. Alternative arrangements will be made for destitute in school and hostels.

“For any help, people can call 1077, a toll free number.

“We have thought of doorstep delivery of groceries through app based system,” he said.

Speaking to reporters, nodal officer V Ponnuraj said that Mangaluru-Kasargod highway has not been opened for all. 

“As of now, it is impossible to connect to Kerala state. Hence, only goods trucks carrying essential commodities are being let in,” he said.




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  • Alwin, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 29 2020

    It appears that people of vision are silenced by power

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  • Udaya Shankar, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 29 2020

    A total locked down, without making alternate arrangements is unacceptable. District administration has to clearly lay out its plan for citizens for procuring daily essentials.

    Similarly, people violating locked down have to be dealt with harsh measures. These people make it difficult for the entire citizens.

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  • Sunil K, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 29 2020

    Day 5 into the PM's lockdown and there's still no mode for home delivery of groceries and food items within an important city like Mangalore. Now we are prohibited from coming outside our houses for any reason. We are locked out by authorities as if we are criminals. We are not looking for handouts - we want to provide a decent meal to our family especially our children. The current situation demands that our body's immune system is not compromised and this can be achieved only with a healthy diet.

    Too many people in authority positions are give different orders - I wonder if they have plenty of grocery items stocked up at their own homes and therefore show no expediency in resolving this grave issue. 5 days of 21 means about 25% into the lockdown and the authorities have failed in providing a viable solution to the people of Mangalore.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Sun, Mar 29 2020

    Everyone, so far, is concentrating only on person to person infection, but not on the other modes of transmission which is very difficult to contain in a highly populated & poor country like India!

    "India hopes the three-week lockdown will cleanse the population of novel coronavirus.

    However, lockdown is not a guarantee that a person will not get the virus. You may tend to believe that social distancing is enough, but it is not.

    Fomites can become the agent provocateur spreading Covid-19 during lockdown. Fomites -- epidemiologists use this term widely -- are objects that carry infection. Anything including clothes, utensils, newspapers, mobile phones, front-desk of a shop, packaged items, ATM machines and debit/credit cards, and even doorknobs, buttons in a lift, hand-rest of an escalator and furniture can be fomites.

    In the previous coronavirus epidemic, SARS of 2002, fomites were a major contributor in Hong Kong, where the disease broke out. Since fomites are inanimate objects and cannot move on their own, humans have to come in their contact to get the virus.

    The degree of risk posed by fomites depends on how long does novel coronavirus or any other pathogen survives on these objects. "~BBC ~

    If that is the case then with lacs of migrants trapped at various borders are at very very high risk of getting the virus this defeating the very purpose of lockdown isn't it???

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  • J.F D SOUZA, Attavar, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 29 2020

    All of a sudden that too for 2 days continous lockdown means how to procure essential commodities for our survival. Make such arrangements first then we will abide by this lock down

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  • Nyna, Mlore

    Sun, Mar 29 2020

    A few days of ganji utta wont make you grow weak. Ma age with whatever you have at home.

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  • Ram, Mangaluru

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    @ Alwin - Hi. Can you please share the details of the whatsapp no and place. We are desperate for some food items.

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  • Sk, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Sir, there is no clear cut communication...which app? Or we can go and collect the item?

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  • Vishal, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    My suggestion is to completely close down the petrol bunks. Petrol and diesel should only be given to people working in the government departments or those having special passes. Petrol and diesel should not be sold to the common people. I find many people coming out of their houses and roaming around in their cars and two wheelers without having a need to do so. Without petrol and diesel their movements would be restricted. The lockdown has been announced with a purpose and if people do not remain indoors, that purpose will not be served.

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  • James Pinto, Aikala

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    @ Vishal - I am 68 yrs old taking care of my mother who is 85 yrs. We stay 6kms from the nearest town Kinnigoli, if fuel is stopped for private vehicles how do we get groceries etc, and if my mother falls ill how do we manage ?

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  • Satya, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 29 2020

    How do you know that people roam around without a purpose? They may be pharma delivery boys, grocery delivery boys, or just out to buy essentials, they may be nurses, ward boys, post graduate, city cleaners or any other person in essential services.

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  • JEEVS, Mlr

    Sun, Mar 29 2020

    you found many of people coming out of their houses and roaming around in their cars and two wheelers have you asked anyone what made them to come out I don't think so you did, maybe some are coming without reason but majority of people coming with valid reason

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  • Ram, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    I believe this decision is unfair to scores of people in Mangalore. As they were initially asked to purchase only limited grocery and food by the authorities. Now the same authorities have shut all groceries and this is kind of contradictory to the earlier announcement. There is no doubt that lockdown is essential at this stage, but there seems to be no planning while the authorities are taking decisions and public is facing a lot of trouble because of that. They first announce a big decision without having a clear line of sight and then they adjust, change and clarify the guidelines. Instead of the guidelines being laid upfront. I plead with the authorities to make sensible decisions and be sensitive to the basic needs of public

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  • Gopal, MANGALORE

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    The lockdown is being enforced effectively by the police department. But what about the district administration and local govt ensuring that essential supplies reach the public. The main reason for many cases in Kerala being reported that is that they have rigorous testing and mass quarantine. Can we confidently say that all the cases in DK have been detected ? DO we have such rigorous testing ? Kerala imposed a lockdown first in the country but they still manage to ensure supply of essentials , emergency transport to the public, good healthcare etc.

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  • Mohammed, Mumbai

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Please seal the borders of DK. Everything will be fine.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Our Politicians should organize free food for the Daily Waged Laborers ...

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  • ivan, Kadri, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Total lock down is very good decision. but for the senior citizens like us how to get milk and groceries when all shops are closed. we trusted our Prime minister and cheif Minister when they announced and asked us not to get panick and not to buy groceries in excess. we felt extremely happy when our MP Mr Kateel announced he will arrange for the door delivery. Please inform us where we can get groceries and vegitables in Kadri area so that we can go a d buy them. tell us also time zone when things are available to us

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  • AD, Mangaluru

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    I am proposing the following schedule next week onwards. 5 day semi lockdown. 2 day total lockdown. Semi lockdown with only groceries, takeaways and pharmacies being open. Semilockdown access 9am to 5 pm. Police to man every open grocery for enforcing social distancing. Limits per head for supplies. Night time movement for supply chain only. Daytime no trucls and supply chain activities. Last mile supply chain to work from 5am to 8 am. Sanitization of markets every evening. Saturday, sunday total lockdowny

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  • Vinish, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Do we get vegetables and groceries tomorrow?

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  • Anand, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    No need of eating vegitable every day. Make Kanjee and pickle. Even poorest people also keep some stock at home for emergency. Govt. Of India warning since 1 month. But people are so careless.

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  • Alwin, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    We were made to stay at home your party state president and MP of DK statement that essential Will be delivered to home. Nothing is done. Now you are added to this. Kindly make a fair government order or district administration order to procure essential. We have booked through whatsup grocery order cancelled today.

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  • Mbeary, Dxb

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Shut the Kerala border. It's going to be a disaster otherwise.
    Requesting public to put pressure in anyway

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  • Gulshan, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Complete lockdown good but dont allow Kerala people to come to Mangalore

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  • Jayaprakash Shetty, Mangalore , Nanthoor, 2nd cross, Vivekananda Road

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    I fully support this move. But authorities should make ward wise arrangements to supply essential commodities to the people through home delivery or shops in the nearby locality with fixed timings. Respective councillors should monitor with the help of officials concerned.

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  • RkR, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    When there is no cure for COVID-19, why would you risk your life.
    Peoples safety would be upmost priority, we have to ignore those Romeo.
    Romeo’s are ready to die why not leave them alone.

    Romeo’s family have no issues why could we bother much about them.

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  • Juliet Mascarenhas, Bejai mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Very good move to continue the lockdown along with the kerala borders closed.Life of lakes of Mangaloreans is more valuable than a letter received from the CM of other state.When we sit indoors we see that the windows are properly shut to avoid mosquitoes entering g the house same theory applies here also.Mangaloreans are cooperative and obedient to the Government orders for the well beings of the people of the District.PRAY ALMIGHTY TO KEEP ALL THE PEOPLE SAFE FROMthis dreadful disease

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  • Avine Pereira, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    What is the name of the app
    Anna ellade tharkari kaali athende bega panle

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  • Allen, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    You may download app called "CHITKI " from Google Play Store. Presently there is no service, but services may begin once the permission is given by the authorities.

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  • Pradeep, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Good Decision.

    Completely lock down mangalore. and open mangalore kasargod highway

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  • Mr Kamath, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Mr Pradeep Mangalore what do you mean by open Karnataka KERALA border. Do you know what a bid disaster will happen if we do so? Till now in wenlock already 3 are from kasargod. In case covid cases increase in mangalore where should we go. No offence but we should not admit kasargod citizens in our hospitals. KERALA govt is doing very well right now in treating covid patients. Till now there is nearly 1000 beds set up in wenlock. According to 2011 census Mangalore has 4.5lakh people. If corona comes to one it will spread like dust in air. Yes I km now private hospitals will also help but for 4.5 lake people no. In Italy you may know that they have decided not to treat old people and that is not what we mangaloreans want. It is not that kerala govt have done nothing. Instead of protesting here let them go to their representatives

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  • Gopal Shetty, Konchady Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    Continue for one week.

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  • AD, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 28 2020

    If continued for a week we will die of starvationthan Co

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Title : 'Mangaluru's total lockdown to continue on March 29' - District in-charge minister


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