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Hours after robberies in Mangalore, fake police target Udupi couple

Hours after robberies in Mangalore, fake police target Udupi couple

Daijiworld Media Network - Udupi (UM)

Update: 6 pm

Udupi, Jun 6: In what may be termed as a further proof of a gang of robbers operating in the state, especially in the twin districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi, yet another woman was hoodwinked into parting with her gold by men posing as police.

The incident occured near Chittaranjan circle here on Thursday June 6, only hours after a similar case was reported in Mangalore.

The lady, identified as Bharati, had come with her husband Nagaraj from Andhra Pradesh to attend a wedding. 

After witnessing the marriage rituals at Sri Krishna Temple, the couple came out and were walking towards Chittaranjan circle when they were stopped by two men in a bike who introduced themselves as policemen. They had even dressed in police clothes, sources said.

As in earlier cases, the men told the couple that robberies had taken place in the area and that they should take care of their gold ornaments. To emphasize the point, another man, an accomplice, came that way, and the men pretended to order him to put his gold chain in his pocket, which he did.

Bharathi, convinced by their story, removed her gold ornaments worth over Rs 1.3 lac, and began to deposit them in her bag, with the help of the men who vanished from the scene immediately.

The couple then walked towards the bus stand and saw a few policemen standing there, to whom they narrated what had just taken place. Only then did they realize that their gold had gone missing and that the men had stolen them.

Bharati lost mangalsutra weighing four sovereigns and a chain of about one-and-a-half sovereigns.

The bike used by the robbers had a Maharashtra registration, and while one of the robbers spoke Kannada, the other conversed in Hindi. It is said that after looting the couple, they proceeded towards the national highway.

The police alerted the control room and launched a search operation for the culprits.

Udupi town police have registered a case.

Mangalore: 'Policemen' on the prowl dupe another person

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (SP)

Mangalore, Jun 6: In another incident which proves that gullible persons continue to get trapped by the tricks of fraudsters claiming to be policemen, in spite of wide coverage given by the media to several such incidents in the region,  a person from the city lost ornaments worth about Rs 90,000 on Thursday June 6.

Umesh P Pai (71), a retired bank employee residing at Boloor Bokkapatna, filed a complaint stating that four motor bike-borne persons, who convinced him to safe-keeping the ornaments worn by him in his pocket, took away 35 grams of gold and diamond ornaments worth Rs 90,000.

Pai said in the complaint that four persons on motor bikes approached him when he was near the Corporation Bank’s ATM on Nehru Avenue Road near Lalbagh in the city. They claimed themselves to be policemen engaged for investigating a case relating to the murder of a baby in the area the previous day.

“We have been asked to check everyone moving through this area, and have just now checked some people on two-wheelers. People are warned against wearing ornaments on the road,” they said.

When Umesh Pai removed the gold chain around his neck and diamond ring in his finger as advised by them and placed them in his shirt pocket, the strangers said that it was safer to keep them in the pocket of his trousers. They removed the ornaments from his pocket, acted like placing them in a plastic sachet and thrusting it into Pai’s pocket, before moving towards M G Road. Pai thereafter found that the pocket of his trousers was empty.

Pai said that the men who claimed themselves to be policemen were conversing in Hindi. A case was registered in this respect at Barke police station.

Earlier Report

Mangalore: Robbers posing as police strike again - Teacher loses gold

Pics: Spoorthi Ullal
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore (VM)

Mangalore, Jun 6: In yet another case of theft by imposters, a teacher of a school at Car Street was robbed by two person claiming themselves to be policemen.

The teacher, Vanita from Konaje, who is employed at a girls' higher primary school, was on her way to work on Thursday June 6 morning when the incident took place.

At around 9.30 am, as she was walking towards the school, two persons came by bike and introduced themselves as policemen. One of them told Vanita that robberies had increased in the area and hence she should not be wearing gold. He then asked her to remove the jewellery she was wearing and put it safely in her bag.

Believing his story, Vanita removed her two bangles and 'kariyamani' and began to put them in the bag. The men also helped her, and then hurriedly left the scene.

Soon after, when Vanita checked her bag, she realized that her ornaments were missing, and that the men had hoodwinked her.

Altogether, she lost 109 grams of gold ornaments, including two bangles each weighing 25 grams and the kariyamani weighing 84 grams.

Bunder police arrived at the spot and conducted investigations.

It may be recalled that similar cases have been reported in the city, and in places like Bangalore and Kundapur in the past. The modus operandi has been similar in all the cases, with women being the target each time.

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    Sun, Jun 9 2013

    In Indian Police most of the policemen are unhealthy, unshaped and lazy people. All Unfit officers should be fired for the welfare of society.
    Hiring of policemen should be based on merit system instead of quota.

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  • Paddy, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 7 2013

    Good Research... much appreciated..

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  • Mangalore Ashok Pai, Car Street, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 7 2013

    Generally, this is the place in Car Street where a police man stands. "Edru estu..hodru estu.." Unfortunately it was a unforgettable day for the teacher.
    Police Department throughout the state knows that such cases are repeatedly happen. What are the steps taken by concerned department to curb such incident ? NOTHING, but to report the nearest police station soon after the incident occurs.

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  • P S Shetty, MANGALORE

    Fri, Jun 7 2013

    Irani Gang from Bidar & Gulbarga are active again. Unfortunately our Police are searching for these criminals in North India.
    Even though these Criminals are called "Iranis " , in fact they are Pure Indians, based in Gulbarga and Bidar. That is why they can speak good Kannada even though their mother tongue is Persian ( this is the only Community in India which speak Persian as mother tongue even today, and British had classified them as "Criminal Tribe " prior to independence).
    Some of them have shifted their base to near by Solapur in Maharashtra, which is near to Gulbarga/Bidar. That is why they have Bike with Maharashtra Registration.

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore

    Fri, Jun 7 2013

    The modus operandi of this theft is very serious misguiding the public as police and snatch the valuables from the public.The police department has to nab these culprits and suitable new steps to be taken not to reccur this type of crimes again.Thanq.

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  • Peter Lewis, Kalmady/k s a

    Fri, Jun 7 2013

    The Reason we were cheated easily because we were born and brought up in such a way no other place in India like our twin districts, that is TRUTH,DESCIPLINE,RESPECT etc. Locals should be more careful because our districts are filled with outsiders.

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  • Thomas DMello, Kundapura

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    I wonder what happened to the expensive cameras installed on Udupi streets

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  • Ronald Aloysius,, Bejai,Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    "she lost 109 grams of gold ornaments"

    I do not understand
    why people want to wear so much gold in a day to day work.

    Even NRI are not allowed to bring more than 30 gms gold at a time.

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  • Rudolf, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Partly due to conditioning and partly due to the "show off" attitude that adorning lots of gold will garner attention!! Unimaginable, a school teacher wearing lacs of worth of gold while going to work unaccompanied!!

    As long as this foolishness of buying, hoarding, and showing of the yellow metal does not melt down....these incidents are going to increase manifold as it is easy and sure fodder for the perpetrators!!!

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  • Gabriel Francis ( Gabbu), Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013


    This happens everyday in all major cities of bhaarath. Police encash on helplessness of street vendors n petty shop owners who dont have valid licence to conduct business. Police version is that these vendors are not paying tax n their business is run illegally, and therefore police have the right to ask money. But does this money collected goes to the public exchequer ? Never. Major percentage will be distributed among police personnel of various cadres for well-being of their families... and collective big amount goes to top bosses in political/bureaucratic set-up. Trajedy, but this is how real exploitation of common man taking place if they are found to violate rules !!

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  • gabrial dsouza, kunjagudde/sharjah

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    ladies, sisters, our ammas and mammas take this as a lesson. people loot the ladies with a good trick. you chase them away. carry some chilly powder in your purse and sprinkle in their eyes. they never come close to the mangalore.

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  • Ajith, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    I am sure some police is involved in these crimes.If you watch closely there have been number of thefts in the twin districts and suddenly there are some companies doing brisk business on security equipments.In many occasions theives just enter your house and take nothing and out of fear you install security gadjets.Who is the beneficiary here? It is hard to beleive that police cannot catch these robbers.But when these people get caught by the public there may not be anything to do for police and law enforcing agencies.

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  • gerald, modankap

    Fri, Jun 7 2013

    this is a gift from 05 year expensive bjp rule

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  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Congress Goondagiri was recently extended to Mangalore from Bangalore. Today extended to Udupi from Mangalore. 2moro to Kundapur...

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  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    These women are dumb fools. When they will open their brains and mind. I feel these people do not read newspapers and don't anything about the outside world. Time they open their brains which is in deep sleep.

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  • gerald, modankap

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    we are surrounded with fools and bjp cashed last time vice versa now people should be smart enough to deal with strangers on road !!

    this is not first time happening in Mangalore and people are still wearing the ornaments and giving freely for the strangers !!

    Don't wear the gold ornaments like BAPPI LAHIRI !!

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  • gerald, modankap

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    the dumb teacher should not allowed in school to teach , how come someone don't have any commonsense !!!

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Gerald, robbers are very smart, they are using some kind of Hypnotism tricks to these individual..we just can not blame this teacher,when whole jewellery shops robbed in day light in the presence of 4-5 salesmen,CCTV etc,..Police dept is deep coma,there is hardly any public awarness programes or early warning system by this dept..

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  • roshan, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Please beware of real Robbers in real uniform .

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  • Gabriel Francis ( Gabbu), Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Police department themselves promote robbery and crime in major cities. Want to know how ?

    Police department in the name of keeping vigil have been doing something very contrary. Police have daily beat like cheetah, hoysala etc, which goes on day and night rounds in gullies, major roads and residential areas. In the duty time, they collect daily hafta, monthly hafta from petty shop owners n street vendors. I have seen some street vendors plead with them but police will tell the guy to speak to 3-star officer and tell his problems !! If petty show owner uses corporator influence, these policewallas send rowdies to harass petty shop owner and create a fight and book show owner in crime case !! Police challenge openly to shopwallas to pay money compulsory, and getting recommendation from political leaders wont stop them from collecting money. Police use proxies to threaten shopwallahs. Thats why whatever police asks, these street simply give to avoid harassment.

    Police on daily beat survey areas, do demographic study. They know who is wealthy, which house doesnt have security, movement of women n people, etc. Police also know who are the rowdies, who are the thieves etc. Ground intelligence gathered daily will be shared with notorious groups in some other areas. Crimes wil be carried out with indirect patronage of police. There is unwritten understanding between such groups/people with police to share wealth looted. Some people wil be arrested for name sake, and they come out using tricks such as no sufficient evidence etc. Off-late there are many cases of theft but no one gets arrested. Police often have parties with rowdies whom they support. Only those thefts and crimes that do not have patronage of police wil be cracked and severe punishment is guaranteed. Public are totally mislead by cleaver police tactics. I know few inside facts of police that I am sharing here.

    If police are sincere n strict, no crime can really take place. Public dont knw real STORY !!

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  • sudeep, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Near Father Muller Hospital there are Pani Puri and other Vendors who once told me that they are paying 50 rupees per week to police. This is because they dont have trade license with them. They said police threatened them either to pay 100 per week or stop business. They then settled for 50 rupees. This happened 4 years back. Dont know what is the present rate.

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  • Aloka Nath, Bengaluru

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Oh! This is a news in Mangalore. In Bangalore this is not ar all a news everyday everywhere it happens ...

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    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    A new way of robbery! Whom to believe? Crimes attracts the youth just like a lamp attracts the insects only to destroy them.

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  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Under CONGRESS rule, GOONDAGIRI and ROBBERY is at its peak...

    Under half-educated Home Minister, everyone wants to pose as Police...

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  • Joslyn Rooswelt, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Very nice......
    What about goondagiri under BJP rule...?
    What about ur uneducated social groups..?
    situation was worse when corrupt BJP was ruling...
    Now its far better....

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  • stan, dubai

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Hi Dinesh, are you on vacation some where out of this world .It was happening during BJP rules also. You might have started reading news recently.

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  • gerald, modankap

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    this trends started from BJP and soon congi will give a BIG full stop for all antisocial elements !!

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  • PEACE LOVER, Kingdom of Bahrain

    Thu, Jun 6 2013


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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    They are very Good assessors of people!
    They target old men or women who easily believe in their stories, despite police warning people & incidents like these happening regularly in & around Mangalore from last 1 year.
    The modus operandi is the same, they are bike riding with 2 or 3 persons.
    Beware in future if anybody approaches you on any pretext or if cash is strewn after you come out of Banks.
    They will get caught when their luck runs out is my prediction at present.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [7] Reply Report Abuse

  • S N Bangs, Thannirubhavi

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Is these teachers illiterates ? Are they not reading news papers? They are suppose to guide the children not to fall prey to rogues.

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  • Bollu, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Please don't blame teachers. Some people joining school to earn some extra money to run home..!! Do you know what's there problem at home. How they travel..what's there drawback..How far they wants to go to earn there bread. Where is time left to read newspapers or watch TV..!! Do you mean smart people cannot be cheated..??

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  • ashokb, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Such incidents should discourage woman's to wear Gold ornaments and show case themselves.For Gold imports - very very precious foreign reserve used for such dead investments at the cost of poor man. Look at Mangalore - all important players - Jewellery shops - already stepped. Where is the money comes and what is the source. Certainly no one investment to think hard earned money in to GOLD. It is all easy money which have spoiled our social harmony. This incident is of such case. At-least now I am happy that demand for Gold is coming down, prices slashed and Govt. also taken steps to curb Gold import. Let us save this country

    DisAgree [1] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rudolf, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    I agree with Ashok B-Mangalore! The days of adorning and showing off this glittering metal are gone. The price of the yellow metal is so attractive that snatching/looting it is a very easy and lucrative business!!! Even after 100s of such incidents women especially the sr. ones still wear lacs of rupees worth of gold!! It is best kept in the locker for a rainy day!! Even hoarding gold in the house is an open invitation for trouble, in that sometimes there is a risk to life too!!
    Rightly said our insatiable greed for gold is putting a lot of stress on our economy!! RBI, Finmin are repeatedly requesting people not to invest in gold and hoard it as it is a dead investment which will never come out in the markets once hoarded!! Gold madness is perhaps unique to our country!! It has hardly any other use than for adorning!! No one can imagine the value of gold hoarded in our country including the religious places!!!

    It is high time women use a bare minimum of gold on their bodies and lock the rest in the bank locker!!

    Also, as Ashok said most of the customers thronging the so many big gold shops out here are those with access to easy money as no common man can afford to "invest" in gold unless otherwise for some marriage or other occasion!!

    As far as these soft victims are available there will be no end to such robberies!!

    DisAgree Agree [5] Reply Report Abuse

  • Bollu, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    In society...poor people only be fooled easily..!! Very sad fact..To earn hard money again..she wants to slog for next two years..!! It looks like victim mesmarised for a minute..and stolen ornaments..!! Please don't aware try to speak to any strangers..instead raise voice..!!

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Going at the rate by which everyone is being fooled, I think these robbers 'hypnotize'.Can't rule this out...Does anyone watch the 'Punarjanma' episode in some Kannada channel-I forgot which-Where some bearded fellow says- 1-2-3- phat! Hinde Hoogu - OOn-Innu Hinde... EEga Yella Helu!...Maybe the robbers are doing something like that! Otherwise what to say?!

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  • Shawn, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Yes Bhandarkar sir i used to watch that serial.... 1 2 3 Phat.

    DisAgree Agree [5] Reply Report Abuse

  • Anandiga, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    1 2 3 phat.... funny isnt it.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [4] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shailesh, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    The only difference in that was it was 123 phuss.

    DisAgree Agree [6] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sriram, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Yes i have watched this serial.

    DisAgree Agree [5] Reply Report Abuse

  • jeevan, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Complete breakdown law and order in our peaceful kudla.. or is it due to influence of SIDDU SARAYEE.....

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  • RHN, USA

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    I think, "YOU LIKE TO BE DISLIKED.."


    DisAgree [1] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • Das, Kudla

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Teacher getting fooled ? Common people why u have to take your ornaments in front of them ? Couldnt u say " Ok Sir, i will be careful"

    DisAgree [3] Agree [60] Reply Report Abuse

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Title : Hours after robberies in Mangalore, fake police target Udupi couple


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