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Kundapur: Caste discrimination - Priest, cleaners leave Koraga wedding in a huff

Kundapur: Caste discrimination - Priest, cleaners leave Koraga wedding in a huff

Silvester D'Souza
Daijiworld Media Network - Kundapur

Kundapur, Jun 6: A marriage ceremony at Gangolli here witnessed high drama after the priest (purohit) left the function midway, raising objection to the fact that it was a Koraga community wedding. This happened despite the fact that he had earlier agreed to conduct the marriage rituals.

It is said that not only the priest, but even those who came to clean at the wedding walked out for the same reason.

The wedding of gram panchayat president Sakamma was scheduled to be held at Trasi hall on Wednesday June 5. A sum of Rs 42,000 was paid to the hall owner as rent, and for the expenses to arrange for the priest and for cleaning the hall.

On the day of the wedding, the priest as well as the cleaners arrived at the venue first. Soon, the families arrived in vehicles, and as per their community tradition, came in procession with music bands and 'chende'. As soon as the wedding party arrived, the priest and the cleaners realized that it was a Koraga wedding and felt anxious.

The priest, in a bid to escape from the venue, said that he had another programme to attend and made his way out. The bride's brother Ishwar and other family members pleaded the priest not to leave without conducting the rituals. It is said that the priest then openly spoke derogatory words on their caste and left the wedding in a huff.

The families felt helpless and anxious as the muhurat time was approaching. They immediately informed the Gangolli police on phone. Soon, the police led by sub-inspector Sampath Kumar arrived at the venue and as per their direction, the wedding was solemnized under the guidance of another priest from Kodapady.

However, the problems did not end there. It is learnt that during lunch time, the cleaners too expressed their objection to the wedding for the same reason as the priest, and walked out. People from the Koraga community were then hired to do the cleaning work, said family sources.

Owner of the hall Sridhar Ganiga, who had taken advance payment to make the arrangements, the priest and five women cleaners were booked by the Gangolli police on charges of discriminating against individuals on the basis of caste and insulting the community. The complaint was filed by bride's brother Ishwar.

Koraga community leader Ganesh, Dalita Sangharsha Samiti leaders Umesh, Shekar Maravanthe and others were present.

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  • Shridhar, Mangalore, Muscat

    Sat, Jun 8 2013

    Very stupid comment I read for long long time... The priests/Brahmins job is to conduct marriage rituals & they earn their livelihood through this profession, then where is the question of interfering in their affairs...The said priest agreed to render his services for money, but ran away when he found it as a Dalit marriage...If he is not interested in this profession then why he agreed to the job in the first instant...

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  • Narendra Nayak, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 8 2013

    This incident should be strongly condemned by all right thinking people who believe in the equality of humans. The priest must have accepted the brief to earn money and started acting funny when he realised that the party were dalits. It is very right that the case on atrocity against dalits was booked against all these people who did this inhuman act.

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  • Raphael D'souza, Pangla/London

    Fri, Jun 7 2013

    I was sorry to hear about the event that happened. In a civilised society the bride, the bride, the groom and their relatives spend lot time, energy and money to celebrate, one in life time event. I don’t think, they did anything wrong by hiring the hall, priest or the cleaners.
    It is no secret that caste system still exists particularly in Dakshina Kannada. Forget about Brahmins, even Shettys, Poojarys, Acharys, Moolyas, Sherigars, Catholics, Protestants, Shias, Sunnis etc etc do not allow marriages outside their community. On a lighter note, my suggestion is that all priests solemnising the marriages must register with concerned authorities irrespective of Hindu, Christian or Muslim. Those who refuse to perform the marriages ( of adults who wish to marry by mutual consent) must be punished.
    To start with, DW should name and shame this particular (coward or racist) priest who ran away from such an important occasion in the life of bride and the groom.
    It would be good to know the reaction of our elected leaders on this shameful act.

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  • Langoolacharya, Belman / Washington,DC

    Fri, Jun 7 2013


    No personal attacks please, comment on the subject and be respectful to each other even while disagreeing dont loose your cool...

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  • Fredrick Correa, Pernal?Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    P.Shirish Kumar Hosabettu, Very much impresssed with your work. Keep up the good work.

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  • P. Shirish Kumar Hosabettu, Muscat, Manipala

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Mr. Charles & Eskey, first follow what you are preaching then comment. ( Mr / Ms. Eskey, Why you are ashamed of disclose your full identity).

    Secondly, you better read my comment once again if you can understand. I did not tell what ever the priest done is right !!! I clearly mentioned Government can help in this matter.

    Even I did not force you to follow what I am doing!!!.

    I am a social worker , I am doing lots of work, even to minimise the Road accidents, I am providing my free service to Traffic Dept. I am not interested to publish all this thing here just for name sake.

    What ever I am doing is for the benefit of the society & for my own satisfaction.

    I am not boosting myself what is my financial capacity. For your kind information, I am working in Muscat since 1985 & every month I visit India & spend at least a week to improve the traffic system to avoid the increasing road accidents. This is one out of other social work I do.

    Do you want to know more, how I spend my monthly leave,
    a. Fighting against the injustice happening to Harijan from local village Panchayath for getting the denoticfication of 5 cents plot from Govt.

    b.) Working against the illegal Mobile Towers installation in residential area.

    c) Sub-leting of Govt. owned rental shops by the Panchayat members & their friends.

    d) Working against the illegal occupation of roadside footpaths & Govt. lands.

    Selfish people can not understand the poor's daily life.

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Dear P. Shirish Kumar Hosabettu, Muscat, Manipala

    Whatever you do for your satisfaction and For the good of the society is fare enough which I am not interested in knowing. I have answered your questions and you are nobody to advise me how I have to live my life. I had asked you to read my comment and then reply for which you have no response, instead of that you boasted yourself.

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  • Valerian Dsouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    All said and done but everyone likes to hate some one or the other!

    Entire world is full of hatred!

    Whites hate blacks

    Aryans hate Dravidian

    Congress supporters hate BJP supporters &
    BJP supporter hate Congress supporters

    Bearing exceptions, In India upper castes started hating lower castes for generations and then Muslims and finally trained guns on Christians!

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  • Roshan, Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Sang parivar & RSS must answer the question why koraga not? Sang parivar has always accepted as it is hindu community savior without partiality

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  • RHN, USA

    Thu, Jun 6 2013


    India being a democratic country has never been lucrative. This word "Democracy" is just a propaganda.
    All i can say here that, we chose the govt. and for the past 5 years we have noticed what nonsence has BJP done in Karnataka and what stupidity has been played by the central Govt.
    At the end of the day its very easy to keep blaming, but its very challenging to get the point across to those people.
    So lets make it simple, being a free citizen of the democratic country our voices are never gonna be heard nor will it be brot into light for this unscrupulous behaviour and the political crap that is happening?
    Basically, "ITS A NEVER ENDING GAME", what Mr.Jeevan is doing is the only thing left to do i.e., to blame on each other.

    My only suggestion would be, that the constitution should amend the policy and see to it that all politicians above the age of 60 should retire with dignity. No extension should be granted in any case, just being simlar to how people work in offices. Bcoz after 60 your are anyways not in a position to perform, apart from just dictate terms and watch the fun.

    I dont know if you will agree with this???

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    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Hi RHN,
    I can’t agree more with you.
    We are a democracy who knows ONLY to exercise one’s rights ‘freely’ and chose to be ignorant on one’s obligations. Even if we vote for the ‘right’ candidate at our level, he is often a puppet under the crook (either directly if you choose BYS or indirectly if you want to choose MMS) whom we may or may not like see at the helm of affairs. Sadly, we have no say in the matter.
    Blaming one another is fine as long as one can squarely blame with some substance. For many, blaming anything and everything has become a ritual, often to the boring proportions. I wouldn’t advise Jeevan Sir as it is not right on my part, but what will you do with scores like him. Read and ENJOY is the best thing to do.
    Stipulating a retirement age is slightly harsh on politicians, in my opinion. Yes, if politics is considered as a career then retirement at 70 should be OK. After 70 when he can hardly move how will he take the nation forward?
    I am not expecting it to happen during my lifetime.
    Thanks for your comments.

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  • RHN, USA

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    I dint understand the term "considered as a career".

    In my knowledge, it is a career bcoz as a politician he/she is govt official and a salaried employee. Hope im right!!!

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  • Sunil Fernandes, Kota

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Thanks to media for bringing this kind of incidents to light. I cannot understand why still people are depending on these kinds of priests & trap themselves in religious barriers. Govt has given freedom to all citizens to marry in Court (Civil Marriage), which is more safer, legal, and economical than ritual (religious) marriages. To avoid this kind of incidents & shame from dictators like priests (I am talking in general, priests of all religion Hindu, Christian, Muslim etc) better to go for a Court marriage. These kinds of priests are there in all religions & they will show their power especially during marriage, death kind of ritual ceremonies. So educated people should avoid such kind of priests and give importance to law than religion. ( Due respect to all the good Priests, my these comments will applicable to those corrupt priests only)

    Regarding legalization for marriage, Govt should implement strict mandatory Court Marriage rule. This kind of compulsory court marriage rule is existing in Goa since beginning. Also practiced in all most all the countries of the world. Marriage certificates issued by religious priests/ authorities are not yet all valid internationally unless and until they are attested and certified by the Govt authorities. So in all the states of India, Govt should implement this mandatory Court Marriage law strictly. So people are forced to go for Court Marriage and do the religious marriage as an optional. Same time domination of this kind of religious priest can be avoided.

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  • errol, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    dude this is not influence of western culture. that purohit might have did it on purpose to insult the community. i cant understand what western culture are u speaking about. here the community is insulted just cause they are from different cast.

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  • Sunil, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Thant's why Dalit's converts to other religion by their own will. Their own community hates them!!!

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Lastag Onji Panpe...
    This is a case in isolation. Nowadays who takes whose consent for 'Marriage'- pray?
    Nobody but the Boy and Girl have a say.
    Leave alone priests, mullahas, fathers, even parents do not have a role to play.
    Even girls (!) take the initiative
    and take the boy's away and hold sway....
    If everything's this way- I can't make head and tail of this particular episodeRight Athe??
    (Everybody says-Akulu'Rud Jana' Tuper Athe-Yenkleg Daaye? Correct Athe?)

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    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    In my opinion Shirish sir, Charles has two valid points.
    1. do you need a such a priest who is not eligible (worthy) to give blessings?
    2. Weddings can be solemnized by a family gathering without a selfish priest.
    a priest in our culture is supposed to pray on behalf of the community and FOR the community (without naming anybody or excluding anybody whether he is present there or not)
    Best thing he could have done is to continue with the wedding and could have 'purified' himself secretly in his house. These priests don't care whether the money they handle comes in their hand from a butcher or a prostitute but they care about the caste.
    By the way, Let me the first to say thanks to the second priest who performed the wedding whether he did willingly or by force. My good wishes to the married couple. Don't get disheartened by the incident. Try to forget it if you can. Have faith in God (the one who takes care of blessings and punishment)

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Dear ESKEY, Udipi.....One can explain to the blind people who want to know and understand, but those with eyes who can see and act as if they have not seen can not be hepled.

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  • Lan, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Jeevan it was arranged during the BJP rule and BD must threaten the priest so he agreed. When the time came he walk away. It is called freedom..

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  • Gerald, modankap

    Thu, Jun 6 2013


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    Thu, Jun 6 2013


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  • umesh, suratkal

    Thu, Jun 6 2013


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  • Vijay, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    @jeevan, mangalore,
    It not about KAI... its the cheep mentality of the people.....pple are still living in stone age :-(

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  • juliet mascarenhas, bejai mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Mass marriages are conducted . On what basis. Do these Purohits belong to the brahmin community. If yes do they bother to know which community the couples belong to . If every thing works smoothly,why not conduct mass marriages every month irrespective of cast discrimination.All rituals, customs, traditions will be followed. Friends, relatives also will be attending. The expenses also will be reduced. Issue valid licence to Purohits to conduct such ceremonies. Problems solved.

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  • jeevan, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Never heard before 5 yrs ... all is not well under KAI... govt failed to protect the weaker section of the community..

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  • RHN, USA

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Jeevan, i seriously used to hate you comments initially. But off late i seem to like your foolishness and stupidity, for the simple fact that, be it poilitical news or accident or death/rape/glamour, basically any thing under the sun, you have made up ur mind to blame Congress. we do need such pointless comments in this forum for our entertainment. Thanks for entertaining us.
    Im sure if anything happens in US, u might still blame congress.
    U definitely are Anti-Congress. No doubt!!!
    You're simply great.. Cheers to that!!

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    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Dear RHN, it will do well to notice that until recently anything and everything (especially bad) that happened in our coastal districts, the previous government, their kin & cousins were blamed (no, bashed is more appropriate word). I think Sriman Bollu has taken a cue from there. It is indeed entertaining to read Bollu's comments. But it was not so entertaining few months earlier. Yes, me must appreciate one's bold (blind) stand to be a 'die-hard' supporter (whether it is congress or BJP). Your appreciation is noted and well appreciated sir.

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  • Jacobnelson, Bejai,Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    It is common in Kundapura,
    Only one person writes big big after becoming engineer in scheme introduced by then CM Sriman Veeappa Moily, thank God!

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  • George A. Borromeo, Angelore, Mangalore, India

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    If the Human mind is imprinted with traditional thoughts then it is very difficult to erase these thoughts. We call it as brain wash by the Religious Preachers. We are very sentimental people and we are influenced by our Parents, Relatives and Friends. Comparing to our fore father's traditions and Religious Fanaticism, we are still better off.
    However what has happened is very wrong. When few of these offended guys embrace other Religion, then the same Religious Fanatical Preachers cry foul and unleash their brain washed Dharm Rakshak Sainiks to thrash the conversationalist.

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  • Moshu, mlr

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Saffron outfits should look into this matter who always talk about common civil code

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  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore/Bengalur

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    There is lot of hatred against brahmins by these daliths as seen from news in this web portal from time to time.Made snana,pankthi bedha bhojana etc., are iritents for them.Then why again and again these people call brahmin purohits for solemnising mariiage functions and create problems?Allow the brahmins to live their life peacefully with interfering in their matters.Brahmins will not interfer in their affairs....

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Bhatte Paariye Naa??
    HO- Ho- Maatha Settle Aanda??
    Hall Owner Mith Case-AA ???
    Daayeg? Aayen Waah Tappu??
    CET exams for 'Government Purohits'!! Never heard of something so innovative!!

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  • Langoolacharya, Belman / Washington,DC

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    R.Bhandarkarmam, M'Lore,

    Why CET exam for "Government Purohiths"?

    I want everybody to be eligible for "Government Purohiths" job not only brahmins,,, including our friends from Yanbu and Mapusa...

    Otherwise this "lucrative" profession will be in the hands of few old fashioned people....

    Jai Hooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • vasant raj, mangalore / Abudhabi

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    This is very unfortunate incident. Mistake by the marriage organizer. They should tell the details to Purohith, if he can not, choose the other, there are so many Jobless Purohiths. What this Purohith did is wrong.

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  • Kumar, Kinnigoli

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    If all are equal, then why only brahmin priest required for conducting rituals.
    If all are equal then why there is reservation by the govt on caste basis.
    If Koraga people have their own tradition, then why brahmins not follow their traditions.

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  • Roni Alphonso, Palimar / KSA

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    All Men/women are Gods image,why do this caste/creed difference,people educate their childrens,but they dont get educated themselves. How will our country grow if we still do this difference in Caste/creed.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mapusa

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Koraga's should appoint a priest from their own community.....

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  • manoj soans, Dubai

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    or take help from billawa priest One Cast One Religion One God

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  • Avinash, Kasaragod/Bangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Iam a Hindu and i will not support these kind of idiotic acts from anyone. We should ignore/put an end to those rituals which are not in line with humanity, equality. We should stop these kind of acts in a similar way how Rajaram Mohan Roy stopped 'sati sahagamana paddhathi'.

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  • Vivek, Udupi

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Beautiful caste system.

    No doubt why SC ST converting to Buddhism

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  • p. Shirish Kumar Hosabettu, Muscat, Manipala

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Mr. Charles D'Mello, I have few questions for you.

    1. Are you married?

    2. If yes did you follow the same what you are saying? or got married in Church under the blessing of Priest.

    3. Did follow this during any wedding in your family ?

    It is easy to preach than follow !!!

    My friend it is all tradition or the customs of the every community. It not easy to come out of this tradition. Yes we can modify or avoid few things but no all.

    We always points out others in one finger & forgets other 3 fingers are pointing on us , it means think tries before point out finger to others.

    In this case Government can help to solve this problems & we the people of this selfish society should give moral support to such community.

    Finally we should ask our self what we do for society rather than siting far & writing harsh comments over here.?

    I jsut wants to inform you one thing. We have a group of friends, since few years decided not to spend too much on our Kid's birthdays or our Wedding anniversary to celebrate. Instead of that we celebrate with in our family with out invited outside guests & visit Old-age Home or Orphanage home to feed them one meal of the day with good food from our expenses & get their love & blessings.
    Please follow this if you like to share love & blessings.

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    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Dear Sir,
    Charles had a valid point. He may or not have practiced tradition. But, are you aware of the number of court marriages these days, without priests? In some Christian sects they call ordinary preachers as pastors and they solemnize marriages for social purposes and the same marriage is also registered in court for legal reasons. Change is the essence of life and social change is gradual but needed. Like wise educating people to do away with superstition takes time but is necessary. Kindly tolerate with Charles (I do not know him)he had a valid point in saying many priests are not worthy to be called priests (in any community).
    Kindly spare a thought.

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Dear Alex D'Souza, Mangalore....Thanks for your kind support. Although we do not know each other, we understand the meaning/message behind the comment. Some people like our freind above failed to understand that and I am sorry about it.

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Dear p. Shirish Kumar Hosabettu, Muscat, Manipala

    Here are the answers to your questions and also reply to your advise.

    1. I am married.

    2. It was not necessary as the preist conducted as it was planned. In case preist declined it would have happened anyway. My daughters marriage will also follow the same. Marriage wont be stopped or postponed for the want of devine blessing from anybody...!!!
    3.we followed what should be followed.

    If time wants one has to come out of age old traditions. That is what is happening our life.

    I have not pointed fingers at others. you read the comment again and say it.

    I am giving utmost respect to any community and anybody. That is what I am doing. I dont think you need to advise that to me.

    I am not not expecting what community has to do for me. And i am doing what best I can do. My comment was not harsh on any community. It was harsh on erring people. Read my comment again and reply.

    You need not advise me or others how to do the charity work. All are doing in their own way. I do not need to donate money by cutting expenses of my childs bitrhday or anything gives happiness to her. I am capable of taking care of my family and my happiness and charity as well.

    My comments were not harsh on community, but defintely on your comments.

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  • Ganesh, Bengaluru

    Thu, Jun 6 2013


    Very well said.

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    The Original Bharath Vasi's getting discriminated by 'Manuvadhis' is all we can say.
    They need to go back to their roots & perform their weddings before Vedic rituals came into existence.

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  • Aam Admi, Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Now high time to appoint Govt priest to solemnize weddings cum registration of poor peoples wedding.The hall owners should be punished if they do not hire out their hall to these people or cancel the licence itself.

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  • radhakrishna, manipal

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    4 remedies..
    a)get another priest
    b)get a priest from another denomination or caste
    c)get a Koraga priest
    4)do we really need a priest to get married....get a registered marriage

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  • Imran, Kaup

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Hello Mr Priest - If anybody stab you from back only Red Colour Blood will come out not Milk, that is same like Koragas !!!! What is the discrimination all about ?????

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  • Sonal, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Suprised to know even in the 21 st century this kind of discrimination exists!!!!Black or white,Rich or poor ,literate or illiterate,all are equal in the eyes of God!

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  • George, m'lore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Let all the illeterate come forward and salute this Ideology...

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  • Imran, Kaup

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Oye Mr. Preist - All are normal human being - They all are having 2 legs 2 Hands 2 eyes same like u,Moroever they are also eating Rice not Stone !!! They also having blood inside their body. - I really dont understand why there is descrimination ? Preist & the society please grow up !!!!!

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  • vassu, kudla

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    If all are human beings as mentioned in one comment then why there are different laws for people of different communities? Why reservations based on caste and religion? These government policies are responsible for the deep divide between the various communities.

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  • Langoolacharya, Belman / Washington,DC

    Thu, Jun 6 2013


    We need "Government Purohiths" stationed in all Police stations to bless marriages....

    May be we could start CET exams for "Government Purohiths" with usual reservations....

    I am sure "Social Justice" supporters in this forum will support my suggestion.

    Common guys start hitting.......

    Jai Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • Sahil, M'lore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    That Priest should join as the Leader of Bajarangis in Mangalore to train the Holistic Hindu Gang of Goons.

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    If boy and girl have decided to it required priest to be there to bless the marriage....!!!???? What kind of priests we have in society...!!!??? What is divine it only given by the priests...!!???? How many (there are few) priests are eligible to give divine blessing...!!??? All these priests are not necessary for the blessings...just get together with the family and solemnize the wedding in the presence of your loved ones just by exchanging garland. God will be there where many people have joined together for a noble cause. You don't need the presence of any priests for a noble work.

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    Thu, Jun 6 2013


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  • Hindustani, Manipal/Dubai

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    ''We are all human beings'' Even in 21st century,having education,people are following century old traditions of descriminating people on cast basis..really not correct.How do we can expect India without problems?

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    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    Which should not be happened...that happened..Very very unfortunate incident an embarrassing situation for the civilized society.I am hearing such odd situation first time in my life.Priest could have been solemnized the marriage but stick to his custom!!!

    This embarrassment situation was carelessness of Marriage Hall Owner who arranged the PRIEST AND CLEANERS.Now those who were involved will have to face the wrath of law. I sympathize with KORAGA Community and wish the couple a very happy married life.

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  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 6 2013

    It is great shame on the people of Dakshina Kannada to show rest of the people how backward we are.This priest and the cleaners should be heavily fined for racial discrimination and sent to prison. Don't forget Mahathma Gandhi fought against these kind of atrocities and I hope all local people refuse to employ above priest and cleaners.

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Title : Kundapur: Caste discrimination - Priest, cleaners leave Koraga wedding in a huff


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