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'Height' of Ambition: 10-storey Building in Just 48 Hours !

Mohali, Oct 22 (Iexress): In a few days from now, the Mohali city will become India’s first to witness the construction of a 10-storey “insta-building” or “pre-fab skyscraper” in 48 hours.

All the pre-fabricated elements of the building are ready, lying at a six-acre factory site in Mohali. The metal frame structure with the outer walls will be put together by a team of 200 men and three cranes — with cameras capturing every minute of the process.

“We have requested Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal to launch the construction,” said Harpal Singh, the head of Synergy, which is behind the project.

A Rs 1,000-crore group based in Mohali, Synergy has tied up with UK-based Thrislington Products Company Ltd for the venture and the model has been approved by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC), Chennai.

The building has been cleared for the Zone V siesmic area, the highest.

CSIR-SERC Director Dr Nagesh R Iyer led the team that worked on the project for four months to ensure that the steel frame structure was strong enough. “It was the first ever test in India of this magnitude carried out successfully on a shake table for a steel frame structure,” Iyer said.

While the costs of the material used are almost the same as in a conventional building, as Singh pointed out, “You gain in terms of manpower days and (in avoiding) inflationary increases.”

Components are manufactured in a factory, with water supply, sanitation, wiring pipes etc, and then shifted to a prepared building site for installation. Concrete is used only for the foundation and filling for deck floorings. No bricks, reta or bajri is used. The external wall is double-skinned PUF panel that ensures thermal insulation. Once up, an “insta building” uses one-fifth the energy of conventional buildings.

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  • saroj biswas, Delhi

    Thu, Nov 29 2012

    I beilef PUF panel does not have required fire rating.The Temparature on otherside will definitely exceed required parameter set by IS Code celcius in few minutes. I am surprized how this buidling got approval from FIre Authority

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  • Vishwash Thakur, Chandigarh,India

    Thu, Nov 8 2012

    Really........ Its a European construction look now in india.....Mohali. We feel proud of such and ambitious step........
    It's a next step of Mr Rocket Singh for construction line........

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  • Akshatha, Dubai

    Wed, Oct 24 2012

    Canute, mangalore
    will you please answer "Gibbs, Udupi" question i don't have a clue what he is saying..

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  • Gibbs, Udupi

    Wed, Oct 24 2012

    Akshata, first you wrote that money is contributed by UAE people and now you have mentioned British and Russian as well perhaps many more countries. Where as we are talking of India as one and not depending on many countries to come forward. You still need your statistics to adjust may be you find few more countries names to include.

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  • Akshatha, Dubai

    Wed, Oct 24 2012

    Canute, mangalore
    You are 100 percent right...this will prove that Ethan 'Avidhan, Florida/ Mangalore' has no idea about Dubai...

    Gibbs, Udupi
    more than indian money..UAE nationalities, russian and british have invested in dubai..the dubai projects cost more than 300 billion dollars...which is way far from indian investment..

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  • Canute, mangalore

    Wed, Oct 24 2012

    Ethan Avidhan, Florida/ Mangalore There may not be monsoon in Dubai you must know those tallest tower are built on sands..which is much much complicated than the Monsoon. Burj Khalifa was designed by George a American , emirates towers were designed by Hazzil a American and Burj al arab was desighed by Atkin brothers a American group. Now you should also should know Dubai built a man made island and thousands of flats are built on it and also a major hotels like Atlantis. Burj al arab is also built on the man made island and a new project under water hotel is on its way in Dubai which is built on the sea bead.

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  • Mohan, mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Pre constructed buildings are very common in usa, europe. Now they made a standard measure to construct the coloums of high story residential building (like a drawer so that you can only take out your flat and move it to other state when you transferred or settle for good by just owning an empty pillar structure on constructed high rise building. Which is all with the perfect standards and security.

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  • Ethan Avidhan, Florida/ Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    How many projects have you done in Dubai AKshatha, I have been in so many projects and know all the problems most of them are over designed just to be approved by the Authorities it is lucky they do not have monsoons like ours then you would have know the state of those buildings and Infra structure!!

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  • John DSouza, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Can it be an alternative to the regular way of constructing a building?
    What can be the cost difference, due to saving in time, raw materials and labor?
    What is the expected life span of the building?
    Would it be comfortable like a regular building?

    Slow and steady win the race – Tortoise
    Run fast, safe and reach first – Rabbit

    Why can’t we also apply the rabbit style in land transport, (instead merely the tortoise style) to save a huge amount of expensive fuel and enjoy the pollution free, environmental friendly vehicles?
    Why can’t we have a revolutionary change in our land transportation too, with a new concept (rabbit style) for incredible and amazing benefits, instead of following the centuries old automobile evolution, (tortoise style) with costly disadvantages?

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  • DEVADAS, Mangalore, India

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    India is blessed with abundant talent & brain, as some people suspect & praise here about Dubai & other places,there is nothing to boast,its reality.... the talent in India can match anyone in the world.The only problem in India is money power & corruption, due to the politics people who have moeny are overpowering others which makes the talent un surfaced.If the talent has recognition & choice,India would beat any country in the world.Indians are renowned name all over,because of our population whatever the developments takes place it doesnt reach the people,being msused by the dirty politicians.As some one suspect about the life of this structure,there is nothing to worry,it has all the guarantee to survive years like other structures, if eiffel towers by steel can last this many years this tower would survive for many years too!!!! Sad that our own peole under estimate the talent in the nation....

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  • Ganesh, Mangaladevi, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    After Reading Mr. Gibbs, Udupi, comments,
    many people eyes is opened.
    thanks for information.
    Gibbs is right Indians are very smart compare to any country. of thier is some corrupt people. u can find all the country not only India.

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  • kk, manglore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    48 hour ,,that means suicide ,,Storey building

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  • Gibbs, Udupi

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Akshatha, it seems you are under-estimating indian corporates. They are far greater capable (and spread across India) than that of Dubai corporates. Its just bcoz dubai is small country and everythins is concentrated in a smaller area and very visible. You will be surprised, many of these buildings in dubai are financed/built by indian real estate companies.

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  • Akshatha, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Gibbs, Udupi
    i know about asian workers who buit sky scarpers of Dubai..but money was invested by UAE people...who will invest in india..? corrupted government like yedurappa..?

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  • Gibbs, Udupi

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Dear Akshatha, its not dubai citizens who built dubai. Its only thier money which got it done. People who worked in those projects are mainly Asians, perhaphs majority of them Indians. Then why can't we do in our country? I also do remember China achieving this feet few years ago.

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  • Akshatha, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    May be that building will last for 48 hours only after that it might one can beat dubai in construction not even china..

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  • Roshan Braganza, Udyavar / Mumbai

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Therz nothing to new or to be surpised of!. These things well in place much before china and usa. Chineese are constructing the tallest building , larger than khaleefa. @ sachidanand shetty , its very well possible but the problem is road developement authorities has to work within law gambit. Lot of issues regarding land seize , logistics and transortation problem. Construction is very de centralized owing to small vendors and contracters. All this makes process tedious and lenghty.

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  • Arun Pinto, Bijai / Pandeshwar

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Slow & Steady wins the race, a thing well seen all over the country, when tasks go unfinished just because of our tolerance to low/ no performance. Reach for the sky and we can do it. With Indian brains leading in skiiled tasks the world over, there is every reason we can do it at home.

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  • Arun Pinto, bijai / Pandeshwar

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Better late than never, high time we do this now. Exploitation of manual labour on projects that never end will automatically stop as older technologies will have to fall in line and work the way they should.

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  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Let them inauguarate 10 storey building,constructed in 48 hours by staying 48 hours....Is it a temporary building or permanent ?

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  • joe, dubai,puttur

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Trying this technique with aim to reduce manpower which will effect lot of indian families who survive being a labourers in construction works.That already happening in UAE due to Prefab.

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  • GERALD, bantwal

    Tue, Oct 23 2012


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  • Mohan H Naik, Mangaluru

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Its something similar to prefab structure.
    Again there can be Built up section ( Pre Engineered Building), instead of conventional hot-rolled section, which saves the cost.
    Walls are usually made up of cold rolled GI studs and tracks on which, calcium silicate board inside and outside is fixed. The hollow space is filled with insulating material such as Rockwool.
    The light weight structure further contributes to lower cost on foundation.

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  • S DSouza, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Similar technology has come years back to India and many houses are being built in Manipal. Contractor's in India dont hype this technology as it will be built in no time and nearly half the price and raw materials and will cut down on their wages!!!
    Houses built with this kind of technology is earthquake,termite, fire resistant and stronger than the houses built with stones!. There are different products. You can google for rapidwall or Vpanel technology. It just needs awareness among people!!

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  • R.Bhandarkar., Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Maybe this is called 'Match-Box
    Technology'in construction....

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  • Rihan, DXB

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    And also Precast concrete company's are landing their foot in India now after their success in Gulf and European countries.It is the Safe and fast way of construction for both structure and architecture to meet the tight schedule.

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  • Dr S Kamath , Mumbai

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Good job need to be appreciated .These type of Construction is specially useful in Earthquake prone areas and after all it is assembly of parts

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  • veera pinto, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    48 hours to build, good job.
    Let us watch and see how long it will survive and the consequence...
    Did they follow health and safety measures?? Did they follow fire safety codes or emergency?

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    We heard this same kind of news in China but very fresh in India. Sir, I would request all those people to do some miracle to construct our NH66 say within 18 months pls? All our Coastal People would pray & bless you people for ever

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Good. It will save energy and wastage of manpower in the construction industry. They may spend on material same as conventional building but savings on man hours is huge amount. Although it is announced as 48 hours, they must have spent more than 4 months in the preparation of concrete raft foundation.

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  • Ahmed, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    This could be new to India. But, Chinese have done it already long ago and they are doing it regularly.

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  • Sashi, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Atleast the building took 48 hours to build.But Life is very valuable.If the construction is weak it will not even take 48 secs to collapse.Better be careful about the matter its not a game...plz watch out the construction work......

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  • Juliet Mascarenhas, Bejai/Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    Ambitions to be fulfilled provided they are not harmful to mankind.Any way best wishes for the success of the project undertaken.

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  • Sonal, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    We have heard that Slow and steady wins the race!!!!!!!But I dont know about this one?????Safety comes first.....Its the question of life....Hope they check the construction work properly first before proceeding further!

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  • rita lasrado, omzoor/germany

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    hope in 48 Hours built building will stay atleast for more than 48hours that too10storey building.nowadays like fastfood buildings too are coming up fast. atleast they promise. but someone has to control the stability and give freeonly after they are sure that it stands to our weather and wind.did ever anyone proved this ?otherwise it will be a tragedy . here in Europe also they are building such houses. either they are in POLAND in factories produced brought here and fitted.most of them either dont fit or their measurements areother than right. always problem. If you are not lucky only half of it doesnt come or agent disappear with money. sometimes water stays underneath like a swimming pool.horrible. Be careful with such buildings.with fitting within 48 hours when then Hat up.!wish you good luck.

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  • Lancelot N Tauro, Manglore - Doha Qatar

    Tue, Oct 23 2012

    IMPOSSIBLE.. Is it an accomodation for human stay or just for const. record?!!!!

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