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March 3, 2013

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Dear Do..Re..Me..Fa.. lover,

We started this New Year with a scintillating chord on Ester Noronha. I am sure Ester was able to touch the chords thousand of hearts. As I was moving forward gazing the open sky in my routine hunt for a superstar to present to you in this exclusive music column this month, I found yet another yesteryears magnificent star! She is one of the greatest legends of Konkani stage who stood her own along with Bollywood fame Hemanth Kumar and Sangeeth Samrat Henry D’Souza. Who can ever forget those immortal Konkani hits like ‘Ye..Ye..Katrina’, ‘Chondrem Udevn Ailo’, ‘Gharaso Divo’, ‘Suryachi Kirnam’, and many more? The superstar whom I am talking about known for her silken voice, the Legend of Konkani Music, is none other than Helen D’Cruz.

Helen’s music journey from Africa–Mangalore–Mumbai-Kuwait-Mumbai is quite astonishing. As you listen to this melodious chord of music you’ll come to know so many interesting stories of Helen and undoubtedly the Konkani Diaspora will raise a simple question why she was deprived of a lime-light she deserve!

As I present to you this sweet music chord… I convey my special thanks to Florine Roche for arranging this unique profile. In spite her busy schedule flew all the way to Mumbai for a personal interview with Helen. I wish to take this opportunity to thank ‘Sangeeth Samrat Henry D’Souza’ and ‘Sangeeth Ratn Victor Concessao’ for extending a great help to Florine during her recent visit to Mumbai on Do..Re..Me..Fa.. mission.

I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy listening to one of the melodious chords of Do..Re..Me..Fa.. I'm highly indebted to you for your generous support and encouragement. Let's meet next month, same column and same site with yet another music legend from Mumbai. Until then, ciao!

Yours in Do..Re..Me..Fa..,

Gerry D'Mello, Bendur


The Ye Ye Katrina… fame

Helen D’Cruz

She immortalized Konkani songs through ‘AIR’

It was in 1971 the now immortal Konkani song “Ye Ye Katrina … Na na yevnchina” was first broadcast by All India Radio, Mumbai. The song with its peppy tune and haunting lyrics soon became a rage catapulting the original singers Sangeeth Samrat Henry D Souza and Helen D Cruz, to the summit of popularity. Soon the fame and popularity of the song had spread far and wide making it a household song. In fact no catholic marriage, social gathering or celebrations were complete without playing this song.

The original singer of this song Helen, also known as the ‘Katrina girl’, based in Mumbai for long, is now nearing 80 years and is quite nostalgic of the days when she was a celebrity among Konkani speaking people. Popularity notwithstanding, there were many conservative Konkanis who were bewildered by the lyrics of the song with its slight sexual connotations. Helen now recalls “When I sang I did not think much about the lyrics because I focused on the song in toto. I think even the people overlooked the lyric part because the tune was quite mesmeric and they were attracted by words like Bandra, batatawada etc. I realized only when others including some of my friends and relatives pointed out about the subtle sexual orientation but it did not bother me and I definitely have no regrets”.

Helen with her youngest daughter Marianne

Helen with her four children

With husband Vincent

With children and women in Santacruz, Mumbai whom Helen helps with education

Helen had created a sensation in the Konkani music world with her melodious and mellifluous voice in the early 60s and 70s thus giving a big fillip to Konkani music. She was the first reputed Konkani female singer in Mumbai. “Suryachin Kirnan” of Jerome D Souza was her first song in radio in 1961 and with that Helen the singer had arrived on the scene. She sang many songs with Alphonso D Costa and also with Henry D Souza. “With her angelic voice she could bring out the soul in any song”, says popular and veteran Konkani singer Henry D Souza, (who also happened to be her cousin) who not only sang “Katrina Song” with Helen but was also the lyricist of the evergreen number. One can only imagine what a sensation she would have created if she were to overcome her stage fear and sing in various Konkani musical nites. But Helen who always chose to keep a low profile doesn’t rue this. She is quite satisfied having sung some 100 odd Konkani songs on radio and with the two records to her credit brought out by HMV. Still she terms her achievements as Lilliputian.

Childhood & Exposure to Music

Helen Correa was born in Africa to late Flora and Alexander Correa. Her father was working in Africa as a doctor there. After his untimely death when Helen was just 3 years old, the family came back to Urva, Mangalore, where they had a house. Her mother, a young widow took great pains to educate all the four children with whatever meager savings and jewelry she had. Her mother’s sisters who were agriculturists in Belman helped the family with kind. Finally, the family was left with no other alternative but to mortgage the house. Being the only girl of three brothers, she was the darling of all. Though Helen wanted to learn violin she could not afford it under such penurious circumstances.

“Music runs in my family”, says Helen when asked how she got into the music field further adding: “my father was a violinist and my brothers were also musicians”. It was in the school that Helen’s talent as a singer came to the fore. Her schoolmates had nicknamed her as ‘radio singer’ as she was often found singing softly even in school. Her schoolmates had also predicted that she would become a great singer, a prediction which subsequently became true.

Helen says she was inspired after listening to Konkani singers like Louis Pinto and Henry Moraes, which inspirited her to sing Konkani songs. “I was not exposed to Konkani in my house. After listening to their singing I felt like singing Konkani songs. They were my inspiration”. It was her late brother Baptist Correa who initially took the initiative to introduce her to singing in Konkani plays.

Helen’s first playback song that brought her recognition Mangalore was a Hindi cinema track ‘Koi ne dil diya’ which she sang during a concert at Urva Church. Subsequently she began to lend her voice as a ghost singer for various Konkani plays.

As her brothers were in Mumbai Helen also came to Mumbai in search of a career. Along with her job to sustain her she continued her education at SNDT College for women. Later when she was working for Eves Weekly she completed her PG Diploma in Journalism so that she could get into mainstream journalism but could not as she had to leave for Kuwait to follow her husband.

During one of the recordings 

Helen with film critic late Divyani Chaubal

With Geeta Dutt

With Hemanth Kumar

With singer Henry D'Souza

Helen with her mother

The city of talents Mumbai took Helen into its fold with open arms when she began to make her mark as a singer. In Mumbai Helen fulfilled her dream of getting voice training when she joined Hindustani musician J K Bannerjee for voice training, though for a short time. Credit goes to Helen for bringing together various Konkani singers in Mumbai under one umbrella. In the meantime All India Radio Mumbai which was scouting for Konkani talent spotted Helen and invited her to give an audition test. She went for audition test partnering with Alphonso D’ Costa. Passing audition test in Akashavani in itself is a great achievement and Helen came out with flying colours in the audition test in the very first attempt.

Later she regularly teamed up with Henry for singing in All India Radio they both took Konkani music in radio to dizzying heights with some of their memorable numbers. It was through AIR the Katrina Song became a rage capturing the hearts of millions of Konkani music lovers. Subsequently Goan singer Alfred Rose recommended her to HMV and she auditioned for them and once again she got a call for recording for their album. By then Goan singing sensation Lorna was creating news with her song with Mohammed Rafi and Helen’s friends gently prodded her ‘why not she try your luck with Bollywood singer’ . It is now a part of history that she sang with one of the leading singers of Hindi cinema - late Hemant Kumar.

Accomplishments aplenty

In Mumbai Helen was working for women’s magazine Eve’s weekly and had the opportunity to meet some of the best bollywood actors and singers notable among them Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar. She has also worked closely with late Divyani Chaubal, writer-columnist and well-known film critic. When HMV invited her for recording she called up Hemant Kumar and asked whether he would co-sing Konkani songs with her for an album. He responded saying he wanted to listen to her singing. She sang three songs for him and he liked the now immortal Konkani songs “Juliana”, “Molbar Chandrem” and “Tu Swapan go Phanthyachen”. She says Hemant listened to her and was so taken up by her persona and the quality of her singing that he immediately consented and HMV cut a disc of their songs and duets. In a way credit goes to Helen for making Hemant Kumar sing Konkani songs. Her first album came out in 1971 and the second album came out after a gap of three years in 1974.

Helen has also cut an album with Henry D’ Souza with some memorable songs like “Chandrem Udevn”, “Sezari”, “Gharacho Divo” and of course “Katrina”. Though all the songs were quite melodious and hummable Katrina song hit the bull’s eye. Helen recalls that in during the general elections in Goa the Katrina song had gained lot of fame. Helen also reached the zenith of her popularity with some of the evergreen numbers like “Daryacha Daryacha Larani”, written by Henry, “Kalzanth Ullas Bhorla, Bhovtin Varen Valla..” “Naamv muje Leena”, “Sanjecha Velar” (both tunes by Helen). Helen has also written lyrics of the song “Tu Maka”. Apart from Alphonso, Henry and Hemant Kumar, Helen has sung with Jerome D Souza and Henry Moraes (in plays).

Family Support

It was the unconditional support of her husband Vincent D Cruz that played a monumental role in her career in Konkani music. Helen had met Vincent during the first communion of her cousin’s daughter where Vincent was a gatecrasher. Helen, who was coaxed by her friends to sing, entertained the assembled guests but won over the heart of Vincent with her singing talent and personality. After two years of courtship the couple got married in 1964. “He was tall, dark and handsome, the typical features of a Mr. eligible any girl would fall for. He supported me heartily and even after I became popular he never suffered from any complex”, Helen reminisces.

In 1974 Helen had left for Kuwait for better prospects following her husband who had left earlier and took up a job in a bank. They worked there till 1990 when the invasion of Kuwait forced them back to Mumbai. In Kuwait also she united the scattered Konkani singers and brought out a CD involving various singers “Tara ani Laram” released by HMV. The CD did not make much of an impact.

After returning from Kuwait Helen has diverted her attention to social service, a cause dearer to heart. It is just the continuation of what she was doing in Kuwait, especially after her husband died of massive cardiac attack in 2000. She along with her youngest daughter Marianne is teaching some of the poor and deprived children of the area. Helen also teaches English to a few ladies in her neighborhood. Her four children are settled and are doing well in their chosen fields. Elder son Collin, a software engineer, is a pastor in Pune. Yvonne, second daughter, is working and settled in Mumbai. Fiona has set up “Lorraine Music Academy” in Gurgaon which she manages with husband Obrey. Youngest daughter Marianne is in Mumbai and lives with her husband in the same building where Helen lives. She has been a professional singer in Mumbai’s film industry over the last 10 years and has worked with some of the best names in the field. She has made quite an impact in the industry with some memorable songs for movies like “Black”, “Chak De India”, “Student of the Year”, “Kite” and many more. She is emerging as a new sensation in the Bollywood singing arena and is all set to make her mark with solo Hindi songs.

A Tete-e-Tete with Florine…

Talking to Helen and spending time with her I have no hesitation in saying she is a paradigm of grace, humanity and humility. She is also down to earth about her achievements. She gives credit where it is due. Talking about the songs that brought her fame she says “the credit for the popularity of a song like “Ye Ye Katrina… Daryacha Daryacha Larani…..etc., should go to the lyricist and the composer, without whom the singers alone cannot accomplish much”. She appreciatively remembers Enoch Daniels who provided music for her Hiv records and cassettes and also the contributions of Henry D Souza for the popularity of her songs and her celebrity status.

Helen comes across as a compassionate person with a burning desire to do something for the deprived sections of the society, her own age notwithstanding. “I can understand the pain of these children of not having the means to pursue education or having proper guidance at a proper time. Therefore I am devoting my time for the cause of their well being and education is the best means”, she contends.

A multitalented woman that she is Helen has tried her hand in writing film scripts. The late music director Ravi had bought (after paying) the rights of one of her scripts after she had narrated the story to him, for making a movie. It is another story that he did not succeed due to many developments and his subsequent death. She has also written stories and articles to another magazine “Mirror” where her short story “Where is Sharon”, received rave reviews. She has also won several prizes for her “letters to the editor”. In Kuwait she regularly contributed article to various journals.

Helen is quite active for her age and cooks her own food. Her needs are meager and with daughter Marianne taking care of her needs, she is quite happy and contented.

In Conclusion…

It is unfortunate that Helen has not received any awards for her humungous contribution to Konkani music. Though she is not hankering for awards, it is indeed a great disservice to Helen and to Konkani music. It’s always better late than never! At her ripe age Konkani organizations around the globe have a unique opportunity to recognize her service in a befitting way.

Do..Re..Me..Fa.. Salutes this amazing personality and say – “Helen, we thank you and admire your immense contribution to Konkani Music. You will remain in the hearts of every Konkani music lover around the globe forever’!

Helen D'Cruz can be contacted on mobile no 098200 81091.


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  • Pandari, Edinrbugh

    Tue, Nov 1 2016

    Somehow stumbled upon this song after listening to mariapitache-yayamaya-bombaymasala and just fell in love with this konkan music. Being from Hyderabad and used to mainstream bollywood, sufi, carnatic - did not know that we have the folk songs like this. I love this type of tune, beat like mexican, hawaiin, african rythmistic!

    Anyway super song and good to know about this great singer. Would be nice to know the meaning of the song :)

    Agree [1]

  • Dr. D J Anthony, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Wed, Apr 22 2015

    I got a chance to listen to the song Ye Ye Katrina after forty years. Amazing song.Helen's voice is very very beautiful. She will be in our hearts forever.Thank you for this wonderful article.May God Bless Helen and her family.

    Agree [1]

  • Ivan Suaris, Brahmavar-Udupi/Mulund-Mumbai

    Wed, Feb 18 2015

    God, thank you for giving me a chance to know a lady whose song "to maka re hav tuka" song. today the first time I read more about her although Mr. Henry had given some details about her. May God bless you. As a General Secretary of Konkani Sabha, I would like her to participate in konkani programmes and encourage younger generation. Let the people know who she is, the singer of various konkani songs touching the hearts.

    Agree [6]

  • W@illiam O.Rodrigues, Panaji, Goa

    Sun, Aug 10 2014

    Dear Garry D'Mello and Florine.
    Thanks for the Excellent article.Is it possible to meet Helene D'Cruz and have a Video interview with her? I do not mind traveling with my team to Mumbai.Please let me know how to contact her before it is too late. Thanks. I wish I had come across this article much earlier.

    Agree [6]

  • Melroy Lopez, Madison, New Jersey.

    Tue, Apr 16 2013

    This is a very long awaited recognition. Such a beautiful Lady, mother, talented artist, upbeat, generous towards everyone, down to earth, caring, and most of all very affectionate, loving and has a heart of gold. "CONGRATULATIONS" Mrs. Helen D'cruz - may our heavenly father continue to bless you with the very best that life has to offer, specially with an abundance of happiness, love and most of all good-health and longevity. I compare you to Mother Teresa. God bless you and your family. Love Melroy Lopez.

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  • Michael Machado, , Belman/Germany,

    Fri, Mar 22 2013

    “Keep a song of her in your heart, and your days will be filled with joy..!” Undoubtedly, the voice of Helen D’Cruz is one of the greatest voices I have ever heard and I am very proud that she is our loving aunty. Her voice is very sweet, unique and amazing. She can elevate the souls through her songs and she sings with full of emotions. I love her song “Dharyacha Dharyacha Larari” the most and sing it often when I am alone. She taught me this song along with so many of her other favourite songs when she visited us in Belman in 1970. She is not just a singer, but an artist who uses her talents to really and truly touch lives..! She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace in Mangalorean Konkani world. God bless Aunty Helen with the best of health, long life and happiness. A special thanks to Gerry D'Mello for publishing this beautiful biographical article on Daijiworld Website.

    With best wishes and appreciation from: Sharel, Evelyn & Michael Machado, Heidelberg, Germany.

    Agree [6]

  • J.P.Lewis, Brahmavar,Udupi

    Sun, Mar 10 2013

    Hi Helen,
    This is J.P. Lewis working with you
    in Commercial Bank, A.S. Street Branch, Kuwait. I am much delighted to see and read the article. I trust you are fine. I remember, wrote a condolence letter after the sad and untimely demise of Vincy.
    Good luck and God bless you.

    Agree [5]

  • Stanley D'Cruz, , Mangalore, Mumbai, Sydney

    Thu, Mar 7 2013

    I like to congratulate Mr. Gerry D'Mello, for his feature on Helen D'Cruz. Indeed great work for taking up the cause of Mangalorean catholics under banner.

    Helen D'Cruz is indeed a pioneer and doyen of Konkani music. Her immortal song Ye Ye Kathrina, Juliana, Molbar Chandrem etc became instant hits, and created a renaissance in Konkani music in Mumbai, Mangalore and in other Konkani speaking areas in early 70s. It is indeed regrettable that she has not been recognized for her outstanding contribution to Konkani music which she richly deserves.
    Being her brother-in-law, I still remember meeting the great Bengali singer Hemant Kumar and all the excitement in making of the record with Helen in 1971. Helen is truly the Nightingale of Konkani music.

    I am sure Helen's legacy will be continued by her children specially Marianne who has already made a mark in the Hindi music scene, and Fiona who has established Lorraine Music Academy in Noida.

    Agree [5]

  • Rita Rodrigues (Aroza_, Belman/Mumbai/Kuwait

    Thu, Mar 7 2013

    Congratulations Aunt Helen for being recognized for your musical talent and appearing on Do-Re-Me. Though it is a bit too late but better late than never. I had the honour of meeting you on board Air India flight in September 1981 when I first came to Kuwait and was very excited to know that the famous “Katrina” girl was my co-passenger. You and your family went out of the way to help me clear my papers at the airport and then in October 1981 through you I got the first break for my singing career in Kuwait in Godfrey’s “Bandhivan” drama and then there was no seeing back. We shared the singing stage in Kuwait and also the unforgettable jolly time we had during the recording of “Taran ani Laran” in 1982 which was the first Konkani cassette recorded in Kuwait. The taste of mouth watering snacks you served during our practices at your Sharq residence is still fresh. Hope you still remember me. I wish you good health, peace and happiness. Hope and pray that some organization comes forward to reward you rightly for your achievements. Pray that Marianne becomes a great singer and carries your name ahead. My regards to all your children and special regards to Yuvone as she became a good friend in the later years. Long Live the Nightingale and long live Konkani.
    With all our love and best wishes – Louis and Rita Rodrigues - Kuwait

    Agree [4]

  • Ivy Menezes, Bangalore/Bangalore

    Thu, Mar 7 2013

    A wonderful article on Mrs. Helen D'Cruz. May God bless her and her children with good health and happiness. Please continue such articles of those who have been long forgotten and need to be remembered always.

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  • Lawrence Braggs, Mumbai , India

    Thu, Mar 7 2013

    This is truly a well deserved account of Helen who had contributed immensely over the years to Konkani music.
    I have known her from the time she came to Bombay and
    was her neighbor in Villa Lima for several years and can say whole heartedly, that she deserves full credit for her enthusiasm in promoting Konkani songs . It is only regrettable that her
    contribution is being highlighted now even though there is a saying better late than never. I am extremely happy to note that
    Konkani music lovers have been given the opportunity to know her talent and projected her full family through the article in the spirit for her contribution she had made and deserve full credit . Congratulations Helen there are many who have appreciated you over the years and through this article many more will come to know you and I am sure your children will carry forward your talent.

    Agree [5]

  • Ryan D'Souza, Mumbai/ Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 6 2013

    A fitting Tribute to a very sweet caring and talented lady !!! Showed Mum your article and the first thing she remembered was you Singing Kirna Suryachin for DAD on AIR radio. I am very grateful to you for Supporting me and gracing the occasion by attending Jerome D'Souza Shraddanjali Nite @ Mira Road inspite of your Age .. wish to thank you for singing with DAD and for being there and for my first Chinese meal you treated us with when we resided at Bandra East. Will visit you soon to invite you for the release of our Konkani Album "Naach Konkannant". Mums wished you in a spl way.
    Luv to your Fly ......Warm Rgds Ryan and Shri JEROME D'SOUZA Music Foundation

    Agree [5]

  • Dinesh Lobo, Mumbai/Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Mar 6 2013

    I am really glad to read Mrs Helen D'cruz' article, since I keep listening to konkani songs, it would be great if Marianne would sing her mothers songs, since she too has lovely voice and have heard her in person years back. Hope we get to hear all her songs which she sang, the only available song on youtube is Ye Ye katrina.

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  • Susan D'souza, Mumbai/Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 6 2013

    Thank you Gerry for bringing out this article on Helen D'cruz. She and her songs were very popular in my household those days when I was a child and my parents always appreciated her but unfortunately they are no more to read this article. Atleast I got an opportunity to learn Helen's humility nature. High time she be given an award for her wonderful work to konkani language.

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  • Vimala Dsouza, Mangalore / Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 5 2013

    Thank you Jerry for sharing this article. Helen Dcruz's songs are still a big hit at all our family parties and functions. I and my siblings were delighted to note the mention of the name of our late dad Louis Pinto who was a source of inspiration to her and also to us. We hope to catch up with Helen some day. thanks once again.

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  • Roshan D'Silva, Vamanjoor/UAE

    Tue, Mar 5 2013

    Nice to hear about our great singer Helen Bai,
    ‘Suryachi Kirnam’ one of the best romantic number and Helen bai with her melodies voice added real beauty for this number.
    Thank you daiji, Gerry baab, Florine bai for for your beautiful gesture.

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  • Nirmala D'Souza, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 5 2013

    My sincere thanks to Helen D'Cruz for mentioning my dad the late Mr.Louis Pinto. I remember meeting her when we were young. Her songs are indeed immortal and we always end up singing them at all our family gatherings. My dad in his later years would unfailingly switch on the radio at 8.15 a.m sharp and enjoy listening to all the songs sung by his fellow singers Helen D'Cruz, Jerome D'Souza, Wilfy Remimbus and Henry D'Souza.

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    Tue, Mar 5 2013

    Thanks a lot dear Jerry and Florine Roche for limelighting the achievements of one of our time Konkani singing sensation Ms. Helen D'cruz. It is common knowledge that the song "Ye, ye Katrina.. was sung by Henry D'souza and Helen D'cruz but no one but a few have seen Helen or her photos. Thanks again to the duo for this kind deed, although it came a bit late. I remember with the birth of " Ye, ye Katrina" song in 1971 there was a revolution in the Konkani music world, like the one we recently seen in Kolevari song.We need such but-kicking numbers to rejuvenate Konkani music/singing.The song became a overnight sensation that it was aired by All India Radio, Bombay almost every Sunday at 8.15 pm slot.So much so even the song was copied in Sinhalese language and aired by Radio Ceylone from Colombo.
    I remember Helenbai and my contribution to Konkani singing in Kuwait from 1979 to 1982 when under the leadership of late Joseph L. D'souza we staged 5 dramas between this period for which Helenbai was reluctantly brought in by me to sing on the stage for the first drama "Bhandivan". She was nervous to the core.As I understand she was comfortable behind the scene.We did sing some of her famous duets, including the song "Molbar Chondrem'.I used to visit her Sharq apartment for practice.A kindest human being I have come across in my life, simple, honest and with down to earth attitudes. Wishing her good health and strength to continue to do social work,which is closer to her heart.

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  • James Mendonca, Dubai/Vamanjoor Padav.

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    Congratulations dear Helen Bai. Good job Gerry and thank you for the article.Vincent is my cousin.Even though I met Helen D Cruz during few family gatherings I never new about her musical journey and her achivements.God bless her with good health.

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    Hi Roland, enjoy reading this article about your Aunt.I did!!!!!!!

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  • Roshan & Tony, Bangalore

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    Hi Helen, this write-up on you, the pictures, the, all came as a very happy, unexpected surprise and brought back lots of memories too. We know its' long overdue and you've merited every bit of this recognition. All of you look lovely. We wish you good health, lots of love and happiness.

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  • Tom, Dubai

    Mon, Mar 4 2013

    God Bless you Gerry/Florine Roche for your write up on Helen D'Cruz. I was delighted very much after seeing the snaps of 'Ye Ye Katrina'fame in Daijiworld. Katrina, Daryacha Daryacha Larani, Bhovtin Varen Valla, Chondrem Udevn Ailo are my favourite songs. I was listeniong these songs since my childhood. I still remember when I was a kid my teenaged sister was signing 'Chondren Udevn Ailo' while craddling my younger brothers. God Bless you Helen Aunty and your family.

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  • Ivan C Monteiro, Urwa, Mangalore

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    Best wishes, Congrats and compliments to the Iron Lady "Helen Dcruz" of Konkani Singing. It was truly rocking to read the achievements of the Rocking Lady of the Yester years Helen Dcruz. We Wish Helen Dcruz a long life, good health and the best of peace in her retirement years. May all that she has achieved for singing community in konkani and other languages be blessed a hundred fold. May the wonderful work she continues in educating the people in this ripe age of 80 years in and around santacruz is truly inspiring. Thanks to Daijiworld team and Hat’s off to my friend Gerrybab for this wonderful Information published on Daijiworld. May DO-RE-MI-FA grow sweeter in Music.

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  • Jerry Fernandes, Belman/Mumbai

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    Dear Helen Aunty,
    I was thrilled to read your concise biography written by Gerry D'Mello with main focus on your music talents. I was not even aware some of the aspects of your singing career which took you to the zenith in the world of music.My special thanks to Gerry for his efforts in bring out this beautiful piece in the history of music.

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  • Flora Dsouza, Kalmady (Jerimeri-Mumbai)

    Mon, Mar 4 2013

    Hats off to dear Helen Bai a multi-talented Great WOMAN in Music & Social Service extending her selfless service to the needy in particular Women. Your hard work, honesty and efforts are appreciated and pray God to bless you abundantly and to give you good health to continue your service.

    DAIJI & DO .. RE … ME .. FA Team thanks for highlighting her talents.

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    Mon, Mar 4 2013


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    Mon, Mar 4 2013

    Few months back i asked HENRY D SOUZA where is Helen bai,and how is she now.i am overwhelmed to see her photos in daiji.appreciate daiji for recognising helen bai for her contribution in singing and bring her true life story to the readers.God bless her with good health.

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  • Vivian Rodrigues, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Mar 4 2013

    Dear Helen Madam, no one could manage to match your voice when singing your songs. The richness of your voice is unique even with the primitive methods of HMV. I just wonder how you would have sounded with modern equipment!

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  • Stephen Machado, Kuwait

    Sun, Mar 3 2013

    Thank you Gerry for bringing old sweet memories live. Helen D Cruz was Great Star in Kuwait when I first came to Kuwait 1982.. I remember visiting them in Sharq along with my relatives (Leena/Alphy Pinto). God Bless Helen D'Cruz and her family. Love from Kuwait. (Kuwait still remembers you).

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  • Antony D'Cunha, Permude/Muscat

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  • Felcy & Dolfi, Mangalore Mumbai Kuwait

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    Hi Helen and Family good to see you all. Remember the good old days in Kuwait? Time does fly but, the memories are cherished for ever.

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    Sun, Mar 3 2013


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  • mabel andrade, udupi/kuwait

    Sun, Mar 3 2013

    Its very nice to see my collegue
    helen. We worked together in Commercial bank of Kuwait,Kuwait.
    Appreciate daiji for recognising helen d'cruz for her contribution in singing and bringing her true life story to the readers.
    with regards
    mabel andrade and fly, kuwait


  • Celine DSilva, Kuwait

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  • Fredrick Correa, Pernal/Mumbai

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  • Apolinaris D'Souza, Valencia/Muscat

    Sun, Mar 3 2013

    Very sweat chord! Gerry'bab. Praise God for her beautiful voice still reigns in the hearts in the Konkani World. Hearty Congratulations to her for all her great achievements. Thanks for the beautiful write up by Florine Roche. It reminds me of 1976 when I sang that song "Ye Ye Katrina" along with Mrs. Agnes D'sa, in PDO club, when Fr. Walter Albuquerque visited Muscat, which became popular at that time. Thanks to Shri. Henry D'Souza & Helen D'Cruz and Thanks again for your lovely chord. Keep it up.

    Agree [1]

  • CGS, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 3 2013

    Thank you Gerry, for your exclusive write up on Helen D'Cruz. She had sung many songs with Henry D'Souza
    especially Ye Ye Katrina, an all time hit.GOd bless Helenbai and her

    Agree [2]

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