Mangaluru: Congress should stop misleading citizens during Covid times - MLA Vedavyas Kamath  

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Mangaluru, May 7: Congress should stop misleading citizens at times like these, said Mangaluru South MLA, Vedavyas Kamath. Express his rage towards the Opposition, Kamath said, “Congress should first put an end to making mockery with respect to matters of health. In addition to giving false statements about Wenlock hospital, it is creating an environment wherein people are scared to arrive at Wenlock hospital."

Addressing a press conference in the city, the MLA said, “All facilities are available at Wenlock hospital for underprivileged. But Congress is misleading citizens and instilling fear in their minds. This kind of politics does not bode well for a party like Congress."

“Congress has not made any appreciable contribution to the development of Wenlock hospital in the past 50 years. Even when U T Khader was the health minister, Wenlock did not get any benefit. So far there were only 12 ICUs. Now there are 70 ventilators due to the effort put in by MP Nalin Kumar and the BJP government. In addition, 20 ventilators are reserved in private hospitals for the poor. So 90 ventilators are available for the treatment of the poor. Oxygen cylinder capacity is increased to 12 tonnes from six tonnes. All these are reserved for poor people."

“In the next 30 to 40 days an oxygen plant will be installed. Within another 10 days, 50 more ventilators will arrive. The blueprint is being prepared to install 250 oxygen beds. Work is in progress to install oxygen plants in all the taluk hospitals. Already 50 oxygen beds are being readied. When Khader was the health minister he did not make any contribution to his constituency. Congress does not want development. Congress is leaving aside development and is indulging in criticizing BJP.”

Slamming the statement by Congress leaders over the oxygen received from Bahrain, Kamath said, “Union government had sent an appeal to Bahrain to send oxygen in the wake of the worsening Covid situation in the country. Initially, due to some political issues, the Centre had decided to get oxygen through Red Cross. So the oxygen was to be sent to Mumbai port. But due to the appeal of the Karnataka government, it was sent to NMPT. This process has happened as per the agreement between the governments of both countries. Congress leaders who are criticizing this matter should first understand it. If the governor is numero uno for any state, DC and elected representatives are important for districts. What is wrong in welcoming the oxygen containers that were brought by the government? Congress politicizes every move of the ruling party, they should utilize their smartness for good work. There is no need to be dramatic during this difficult time.”

Speaking on the subject of availability of Covid report, Vedavyas said, “As the people who used to arrive at Wenlock hospital for Covid test were not filling the details properly in their application form, uploading the same on the system was getting delayed. This issue will be resolved within a week. The Covid report will be available within 24 hours.”

Mayor Premananda Shetty, chief whip of MCC, Sudhir Shetty Kannur and BJP South Mandala president, Vijaya Kumar Shetty were present.








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  • Flavian, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sat, May 08 2021

    Congress is misleading amd BJP misguided countrys population for the last one year. Thi is not the time for chargi or framing allegations against each other. Opposite partys duty to criticize the failures of ruling govt. For BJP whatever they do is absolutely right and Congress is wrong Please join hands and try to contain this pandamic

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  • Jazz, Mangalore

    Sat, May 08 2021

    following the masters strategy of distraction. When the master hasn't come out of the Karan Thapar trauma, made to drink water and flee from a television interview, how will he attend a live press conference, he used banging plates and lighting candles to tackle a pandemic, what more can you expect. If you believed him, then question your intelligence

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  • Rajan, Mangalore

    Sat, May 08 2021

    Many a times one can hear Dogs barking @ night @ shadows - With this distraction thieves have safe passage- This is unfortunately the present situation --

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  • Rohith, Bangalore

    Sat, May 08 2021

    @Mr. Vedavyasa,.. if they are misleading people, what then you are doing ?. You are also doing the same thing taking photo in front of Ship. Does that require now?. You all politicians atleast now work for the people rather complaining each other. Its a wakeup call to help the ppl of ur constituency instead pin pointing at each other.

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  • AD, Mangalore

    Sat, May 08 2021

    'A big thank you to Hamad bin Isa Al Kahlifa ruler of Bahrain for helping our PM Modi in our need'. I can't understand why our elected repreasentatives can't utter those words. Is it because the donor is Muslim ruler? Also thank you Congress for highlighting shortcomings. You are doing your job as opposition

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  • Ponkra, Mangalore

    Sat, May 08 2021

    Jb, Mangalore. Education is different than literacy. I think you're literate, please do not think that you're educated. ""Aremco from Saudi has stake in Reliance" Are you trying to say Reliance is bigger than Aramco?? If the stake holder have some stake can they take the decision unilaterally?? Why then Reliance can't reduce the petrol/diesel prices for Indians or supply oxygen directly? So, Adani became so powerful that he can order UAE authorities to help India?? Don't just pen word because you know how to spell them (literate)

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  • ashok, Mangalore

    Sat, May 08 2021

    Hello Adivasere, I am confused who is misleading whom? The whole nation is misled by your Godi media since 2014, which never happened even during emergency in my country. Each cheddi member of your COW party gives statements everyday which does bot correlate each other. Shobakka says there is no shortage, Fekuji says it's all baby cry, nothing is in shortage but brains. Nirmalamma quotes a number with unlimited zeroes as package which never came out from her office. Sambar patra talks abut trillion economy and when asked how many zeroes in trillion he have no clue. Amavasya Surya says every media except Godi media is fake. Just make us very clear who is misleading.

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  • Ayes p., Kuala/ksa

    Sat, May 08 2021

    Totally failure PM and CM should resign. mismanagement of pandamic. Since lock down your government (state & center) was busy in election, rallies, campaigns, purchacing MLAs and toppling of other party state goverments, new parliament building, hike in MPs perks, statue, ayodhya, CAA, NRC, farm laws, tell what you have done for covid second wave.

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  • Roshan Patrao, Traffic Warden, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Everyone knows what a mess these people have landed us into and now they are blaming Congress. The only thing I can say about the MLA's lamentation is ULTA CHOR KOTHWAL KO DAANTE. By the way, Mr. Kamath, why are digging the past? Just to hide your incompetence? If U. T. Khader did not do justice to Wenlock Hospital, you (or your party) should have questioned it when he was the Health Minister, not now. By blaming him you can neither set right the wrong done by U. T. Khader nor can you hide your inefficiency.

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  • Shaz, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    We know who is misleading people by doing communal fights . First stop that. For everything you bring communalism. When the opposition says about it your saying they are misleading. Your party members are the one who is misleading the people in this though time. But you don’t have anything to talk about it.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Vedavyas Kamath should tell us truth about the availability of Beds, Ventilators & Oxygen ...

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  • sense_Shetty, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Well said sir ..We are with you in this fight .. Let us be positive and work towards a common goal .. i.e controlling Covid .. The Virus does not know if we are hindus muslims christians ,BJP or Congress. or bunt or billava or GSB or RSB or ..etc etc

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  • Naresh, Kerala

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Very true.... Covid-19 Virus is so dumb and doesn't anything about Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc.... The only virus which knows all these religions, castes, sects and sub-sects is BJP.... If this virus is eliminated Covid will automatically vanish.....

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  • Naresh, Kerala

    Fri, May 07 2021

    First you LEAD the country correctly, then no one can MISLEAD.....

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  • KS Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    I totally agree with some of the comments here. Congress is totally inconsequential, that there is no need to blame them anymore. The only problem is there is sizeable population in this country stuck in the past and still getting adrift based on the messaging from deceptively secular pappu.

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  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    bjp is a biggest untouchable virus 2 india

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  • Tamma Hazare, Mangalore

    Sat, May 08 2021

    Mr. Mayya, for some people everything that Congress does looks bad. I am sure a bland bhakth like will say Congress did not do any development for the last 70 years. Fact is that Congress ruled for 55 years and they started from Scratch. When Janata Party got elected in 1977, India did had proper army, navy and air force, which was zero in 1947. What the JP did for 3 years is actually a mystery. Then nothing major happened during 2 years of VP Singh, Chandrasekar time. We all know what happened after that for 5 years under PVN. No arguments about it. Then came 9 years of Vajapayee, Deve Gowda and Gujral but importantly more than 5 years of NDA government. You can explain to readers the developments that took place in these years. Then came 10 years of great MMS. No one need any explanation about the developments that took place in his period in spite he has to manage a coalition of 13 parties. Then came your beloved Fakirji with absolute majority that they don't need to depend on any party to take a decision. We all know what all great developments took place in these 6 years. I wonder who made India a powerhouse in IT, Engineering, Space technology, a nuclear state. The country which is able to develop it's own missiles, light aircrafts, light warships and a super computer other than sending satellites of OTHER countries to space. May be I am talking too much, but leave to to explain the developments that your beloved opposition including cow governments.

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  • RJS, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Everyone is wrong and anti national when they question your madness. Save people’s life and then bark.

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  • Indian, Mangaluru

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Aiwa yeh kahan se aaya ab.

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  • Paul, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    To Frankly vedas you are a useless MLA .unexprownced politician. Our DK have all Useless MLA& MO. Same I dont say Congress also iui s good . But When JRLobo, Mithun,UT khader, Rai they could take some decession immediately .well.Ivan is same like you oy press mert & photo. They first is to search for a solution to slive the problem. But you & your team wants only photo session. The oxygen came from Baharin you said Thanks to Modi for what reason God knows . I am sure Modi doesnt know shit about anything .

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  • Chandu, Karla

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Ohh.... God.... people are suffering left, right , center and dying on roads and until when you will continue blaming Congress, Nehru and Gandhi family. When power is given in hands of clowns what you expect..... other than circus.

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  • Anand Poojary, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    VV kamath was missing since so many days. In DK covid cases increasing, and congress only highlighting your nakamyabi. If you have taken proper decision at proper time these cases would have been less. Allowing religious programme and cultural programme without any covid restriction cases went up. Now also people just throng market in thousands for vegitable and groceries.

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  • Sunil K, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Only 70 ventilators ? Why not 1000 or more ? BJP does not value human life - only cows are privileged.

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  • anthony, mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Kamath has taken the cue from Modi of keep blaming the Congress and not take any responsibilty for their rule. The Prime Minister and the BJP has completely failed to provide a sense of safety, direction or leadership during this massive human crisis we are facing. The lack of planning and preparation between the first and the second wave is the worst act of negligence of an incompetent government.

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  • Alphonse Rodrigues, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Dear Vedavyas Kamath, There are unnecessarily 3 dy., C.M's consume our tax payers money. Scrap this first.

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  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    @ vedavyasa kamath, mind your business. don't advise us what v have to do. you & your party bjp pushed India back towards 70 years. v want to live humanely. stop building gaushaalas, aadhar cards to animals, luxury planes. Instead buil hospitals for humans and work for humanity. v don't want India's policy failures.

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  • Pram, Mangalore/kapikad

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Joker ok Mangalore, where is his senior Rs17/ dollar....,

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  • Sameer, Riyadh

    Fri, May 07 2021

    You people have all the time to criticise others, but no time to ramp up facikities. Boastibg of 90 ventilators for a city of almost 1 lakh plus population? Enough? Now it you arw at the helm of you need to be responsible and accountable. If this were to happen and congress was in power we would have questioned them as well in the same manner. But difference is congress has atleast a little shame and BJP is shameless.

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  • Pili, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Bahrains donation of oxygen recd. Yesterday at mangalore port is your effort? Modis effort? BJP effort? or Kateel effort or Bharath effort? We all know that it is a good will gesture from bahrain.

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  • Praveen, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Mr. MLA, please tone-down your voice, whole country is at the mercy of foreign aid... May be it's oxygen containers/concentrates, medicines and vaccines... Most of it has arrived from those big hearted gulf rulers/countries whome you hate the most. So pls don't teach lessons about restraint when you and your party men divide this country on religion issues..

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  • Alfred dsouza, Mumbai

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Mr. Kamath - who declared to the world that we defeated Covid ? who said that world should look at India as the leader who defeated Covid not even smelling the second wave? You are also mesmerised by your faulty leaders. Dont blame others for your fault. Yogi even jailed a person seeking Oxygen for his relative? What is happening in UP. Hundreds of bodies are cremated together in Varanasi, Kanpur and other cities. Why blame congress.

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  • William Pais, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Mr Kamath as representative of the people you are supposed know what works best for people. You come out with very erratic decisions evryday. While the state government dicided on lockdown you all have another discion on weekend lockdown. Today all of sudden you restricted the time till nine. This has led totally chaotic crowds at places without social distancing. As it is you are playing with people lives and livelyhoods you have scant regards for the people who have elected you. People are being put to unessary hardship. Please take charge. Be proactive or else the very purpose of you being MLA will be lost.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [43] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mangalorean, Mangaluru

    Fri, May 07 2021

    You and your party is only good for making such press conferences and misleading people. Nowhere were you,other MLAs and MP of DK around all these days. Oyygen sent as aid also is being used by your party as a political tool, that's why sadly Red cross had to issue a letter and statement that it's sent as a aid. Please step out of your comfortable AC offices and see what going on. People aren't able to find medicines, injections and oxyen even in Mangalore. So many requests I have posted on social media and every single time it was Youth Conference volunteers responding. Is the Govt and it's representatives dead? Voting for BJP was a mistake is one of the biggest realizations Covid has taught. Incapable and insensitive govt. Pls start counting your days,this Govt is temporary.

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  • Rolf, Dubai

    Fri, May 07 2021

    We saw the sticker of Reliance in the oxygen container which was provided by Saudi they forgot to cover entire.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [56] Reply Report Abuse

  • jb, mlore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Aremco from Saudi has stake in Reliance . Same way Adani had arranged from UAE . Why is one community getting so furious about these? They even where spreading fake news as we have taken oxygen from pakistan as well

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  • RkR, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Prioritize !! Make sure people get their second jab before time say COvaxin -52 and COvishield -56 days time I believe mobile number where taken or used for registration process Call them n finish the process. Tthink of people who spend on traveling and then wait n long queues and go empty handed!! We had a tough time getting the second jab- the reason the say!!

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  • Santan Mascarenhas, Kinnigoli/Bangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Dear Modi and health minister, it is not my job to find oxygen, it is not my job to search for beds, it is not my job to beg for medicines and vaccines. My job is to pay taxes. All the above is your job and you did not do it. India will not forgive you. Also, nothing in this country is free. If you are getting something without paying for it, thank the TAX PAYERS, not to any political party or any politician.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [54] Reply Report Abuse

  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Santan Mascarenhas, Kinnigoli/Bangalore...I wish to make your comment more understandable. In fact every citizen or migrant staying in India is paying Tax. Every item we buy has GST & SGST etc. Smokers, Fuel users and Alcohol consumers are the most who pay taxes. Working in organized sectors do not have a chance to escape from income tax and also to pay the other taxes as a consumer. These so called politicians suck the blood of the citizens and Finally citizen get "Babaji Ka Tullu".

    DisAgree [3] Agree [28] Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Luckily he didn't talk about Nehru ...

    DisAgree [3] Agree [64] Reply Report Abuse

  • Manohar, Udupi

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Who mislead the voters in Bengal. Thanks to some genuine channels on YouTube and international media giving true news on who is lying.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [60] Reply Report Abuse

  • Adrian, Bendur

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Just to add why not also adopt the mumbai model and also set up a drive through vacination centers. This will reduce the crowd at hospitals and also ensure social distancing

    DisAgree [2] Agree [35] Reply Report Abuse

  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Fri, May 07 2021

    "Mangaluru: Congress should stop misleading citizens during Covid times - MLA Vedavyas Kamath"...Mr Vedavyas Kamath if BJP itself is misleading the citizens of India, The what is great about Congress doing so...!!!!????? BJP has a habit of distributing the packages donated by others and Claiming that it is from BJP.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [57] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ramesh Baliga, Mangalore

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Because of your Govts failure to handle corona Now every one is Suffering. Ship d podh pose koryare avar nikul. Yeth jana saiyondh uller nikalna pose unthuji. We are ready to sit at home. Give us some relief

    DisAgree [5] Agree [55] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ramesh, Udupi

    Fri, May 07 2021

    Stop appearing on TV and lying to the nation every other day.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [59] Reply Report Abuse

  • Common Man, Bendur

    Fri, May 07 2021

    What is there is mislead when Apex court and HC are finding issues with the Centre and trying their best to direct the Centre.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [45] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ozy, Surathkal

    Fri, May 07 2021

    The country is already misled by who?

    DisAgree [10] Agree [73] Reply Report Abuse

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