Woman’s suicide in Puttur over property forfeiture - Rs 39 crore unpaid, new details emerge

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Puttur, Feb 21: New details are emerging with each passing day in the case of a woman, who ended her life in the presence of the forfeiting personnel of a national bank, who had come to confiscate the house in which the family was living as their outstanding with the bank had multiplied six and a half times of the loan amount.

Raghuveer Prabhu, a resident near railway track of Harady in the taluk had taken a loan of Rs six crore from a bank in the taluk 11 years ago on his mining transport business. This amount has reached Rs 39.57 crore now due to the interest and other charges of the bank. Raghuveer had repaid Rs three crore to the bank out of the Rs six crore loan amount taken. Later, he could not repay due to loss in his business.

The concerned bank had sent a notice to Raghuveer to pay the outstanding amount of Rs 39.57 crore. Raghuveer says that he had started legal proceedings against that bank accusing them of trying to extract more than due from him. He also accuses that the bank sent people for seizing the house when the case was still in the court.

According to the bank officials, the loan account of Raghuveer was declared as NPA (Non-Performing Asset) and the process of recovering Rs 39.57 crore outstanding is done as per law. The chief judicial magistrate court of Mangaluru had nominated advocate commissioner to confiscate the said property. The bank officials further said that they stopped the confiscating process on February 18, though the commissioner had come to the house of Raghuveer with police personnel, as they came to know that Prarthana Prabhu, partner of the company and wife of Raghuveer, ended her life.

Two separate cases are registered at Puttur town police station with respect to this incident. Raghuveer has accused the harassment of bank officials is the reason for his wife's suicide. In the complaint filed by the commissioner, it is stated that the woman was found hanging while they went to confiscate the house.

Police are investigating further.






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  • dhanu, Mangalore/Udupi

    Mon, Feb 22 2021

    I have seen many banks they cheat people, even for 1 lakh outstanding loan once the time of loan repayment is barred. they take whole the property worth Rs 20 crores and above and indirectly litigate through law and never returns the property. Too much in human acts. My suggestion is that until you die never take a loan from banks. They are frauds. If it take your life also don't ever take loan from bank.

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  • Michael, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 22 2021

    Part of Acche Din since 2014, overall business in India is suffering. Jai Modi.

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  • Bala K, Urwa

    Mon, Feb 22 2021

    Bank mafia. Why bank mum upto now till the amount become so huge.

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  • Ranjan, Bangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    Going by facts stated in this article nearly 50 % was repaid and although an NPA by banking classification was not a wilful defaulter... In the last 7 years nearly 8 lakh crores have been written off by Indian banks ... possibly rest of borrowers knew how to operate the system ( cannot name high profile borrowers here )...which this borrower sadly did not indulge in and resulted in a great tragedy.. now have to live with this tragedy ..rest of the remaining family members ..

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  • Rampanna, Udupi

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    @DS, Kinnigoli, Suicide by the lady is a separate issue. However, with regards to 39Cr. due from a 6Cr intial loan - don't automatically jump to the conclusion that the bank is wrong. You are just reading a short snippet of the case. The facts of the case will be very detailed and much more complicated that this simple mathematics that you are applying. The final amount due has passed through multiple checks - Bank's own legal department , then the defendant's legal team and the judge who passed the order to confiscate the assets. Do you no will question the calculations during this judicial process? Anyone who borrows money from the bank and offers their residence as security knows very well that they will lose their home if they are not able to pay back. There is no valid legal argument to prevent seizure of the security.

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  • Alex, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    Seems like you are also hand in gloves with the bank. Did you get some kickbacks? Can you show us your complicated method of 6 crores becoming 39 crores in 11 years. Even dont take out 3 crores. Let us see your mathematical trick, other than swindling trick.

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  • DS, Kinnigoli

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    Rampanna, Udupi, I never said anything about suicide by the lady neither the banks action to confiscate the house. All I said was regarding the calculation which I am still not able to digest. Even if you apply compound interest o/s amount wouldn’t be that much.

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  • KS Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    Dear Rampanna, Udupi, I have a different take on this. If 6Cr investment can yield 39.6 Cr in 11 years (45% ROI on 6Cr investment year on year) this is one of the fantastic investment avenue. Search around, there is none. Even stocks or mutual funds will not give you that returns. Banks are having field day when it comes to using their leverage coupled with lopsided biz environment created for them with law on their side. If Bank provides leverage to anyone, they by contractual obligation should be made party to the investment and hence the loss and profit. They cannot shy away from responsibility of loss and only focus on profit. This is the problem with Bank loan today. It is not people, but the who banking paradigm. Our system does not give a honorable exit to risky investments and Bank only take profit and not loss. Without ability to take risk, we will never be able to leverage true talent, because, there is no gain if there is no pain.

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  • Langoolacharya., Belman / Washington, DC.

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    People, RIP Prarthana Prabhu..... Cant we send this 'Court Commissioner' to London with Puttur Police to confiscate Mallya's property in UK ???... Mallya must be printing 'New UK Calendar's ' in London now,,,,these folks will see those wonderful Calendar's and will come back from London like ' INGU TINDA MANGA'S" !!!... ...Tak...Takk...

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  • Roshan, Mangaluru

    Mon, Feb 22 2021

    Looks like finally you too given up on Modi and now hope that a local commissioner can do a better job, extradicting Mallya from UK.Thats a good change. Tak tak tak.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    I just dont understand this what and how it had come to this situation.I am sure the lady must have out of shame and in a bad situation of not able to comeout of this triangle committed suicide.If I was in their situation wouldnt wait for so long and again and again to stick to the house ,and property but settle it with less loss and free from loan.One knows how it is when you take a loan from bank .One cant sell to others when bankloan is there.Now he lost almost everything,house property and family life.Why did he allow to come to this situation so long.?Sad.May her soul rest in peace.

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  • Vicky, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    I want to ask this Bank.. If we keep 6 crores in your bank today.. are you return 39.57 crores after 11 years?

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  • Rampanna, Udupi

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    @Vicky, Mangalore No, you will not get 39Cr in 11 years. But you will get the exact amount that the bank agrees to pay you back in 11 years’ time. It’s a legally enforceable contract between you and the bank. However, have you actually read the loan agreement that the borrower signed with the Bank? Whatever may be the interest rate and whatever may be the fees and charges – if he agreed for it at the time of borrowing funds, who are you to question it now. If the terms were unfair – he should not have signed the loan agreement.

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  • Rama, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    Very sorry to hear that news. Simply we cannot believe the statement made by the person. In banks all calculations verified by auditor or third person. Moreover bank officials they cannot charge as per their will and wish. Their rules and procedures they have to follow. They are not like finance companies.

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  • Anand, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    I did a rough calculation. If I place the FD for 10 years you need to get an interest rate of approximately 20.5% p.a. ( compounded annually) to get approximately 39 cr. Considering the prevailing interest rate of 5.1%, you need to place it for about 40 years to get similar returns from the bank..

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  • juliana, udupi

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    How they asked the lady to repay the loan amount with interest to the extent of Rs.39.57 cr for amount of Rs.3 cr after 11yrs?

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  • DS, Kinnigoli

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    How come Rs six crore from a bank 11 years ago becomes Rs 39.57 crore now ? What sort of interest was that? Was that Marwari Baddi ? Forget about the repayment of Rs 3 crore for calculation, Even if Raghuveer Prabhu hadn’t repaid a single penny, outstanding loan amount would have becomes 3 times which would be around 18-19 Crores. I am not able to understand the calculation for remaining Rs 20 crores !

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  • Rita, Germany

    Mon, Feb 22 2021

    DS Kinnigoli,we shouldnt speculate how and why so much amount is now become.We dont know the conditions and dont know the amount they borrowed.It is only Bank and owner know.with a higher rate of interest,when not paid inbetween,all becomes within short time a good amount.Loan at the bank and loan by kredit Hais are not to be neglected.Banks have learnt inbetween the case from Mallya and others.We can only now pray to her soul .

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  • prem, moodbidri

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    If I deposit 6crore in bank, will they give me 39crores back after 11 years???

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  • Alwyn Dsouza, Canada

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    RIP. So sad . Why so many suicides. I never seen many businesses collapse during DR. Manmohan sing time. I am not a fan of any party but for sure when people die this way my hurt pains. I hope some kind of govt help towards small businesses than always red tap and harrassment.

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  • John, Mangalore/London

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    We cannot blame banks.and suicide is also not a solution for this problem. I have deposited some money in bank if I don't get interest on time I will ask the bank. So if they go on excuse there is no option for them. Thats why most of our nationalized banks running on losses. Many many people are enjoying with bank loan with luxurious cars and houses Later when the time comes they land up in such situation There is a proverb Kaalu iddaste chaape chachu It is 100% true as per elders Look at the house very posh. Is it necessary? No use in showing up for public It brings only shame.

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  • Dinesh, Dubai

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    People like Nirav Modi taking loans , Participating in photo shoot , paying commision then government fooling people by saying "Pakado Pakado......." . We are fed up with fooling and people who cannot afford giving commision are dying..............Jiska Sath Uska Vikas......!!!! Fake in India.......!!!!

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  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    So sad...om shanti..🙏

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  • Rk, Kadri

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    If you have a gun you can rob a bank, if you have a bank you can rob anyone

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  • Haneef, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    Banks written off 4lakhs 30000 cr loan this year that too principle amount of influential industrialists, why not 3 cr ?

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  • Sanjay, Hebri

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    6 cr loan, he paid 3 cr and outstanding is 39 cr! Phew lot of interest they have charged.

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  • CBaptist, Mangalore/ Mumbai

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    When we see people living in style with Plush cars. We May come across Many such cases.. Bank officials are Mere performing their duty. Not to be blamed.

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  • Alphy, Mumbai

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    Yes, it is correct the bank should carryout their duties diligently but why it is always in the case of farmers and tiny small companies and not the ultra bogus rich? Why not against the dirty politicians? Where is their duty? Show me one thing that is fair since the last few years? All FEKU's just like the Pop.

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  • Rems, Mangaluru

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    6 crore becoming 39.5 crore in 11 years ? That is more than 6 times the capital. What kind of compound interest is being used here I wonder ! No wonder banks are thriving in India.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    I wonder if the Bank is trying to justify her Suicide ...

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  • RSRB, Kundapura / Singapore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    I thought mining business is always profitable...

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  • vishnu bhat, bangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    living beyond one's means is criminal. Poor lady gave up her life for nothing. Bank officials are not to blame.

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    The loan amount is huge, any action against the bank official who sanctioned the loan without due diligence? The house is posh, why did they spend so much if they could not repay the loan? If loan amounts are not recovered, one day depositors will start commiting suicide because their hard earned money was lost, this has happened in many co-operative banks.

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  • Prakash, Mlore

    Sun, Feb 21 2021

    What happened is very very sad indeed !!! Nobody commits suicide when their near and dear ones dies, even in a tragic way. But If they have to lower the standard of living because of business loss or job loss they take these extreme steps.

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