Mangaluru: Frequent call drops, network issues - Airtel customers face endless woes

Florine Roche
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru

Mangaluru, Jul 7: Most mobile users must have experienced frequent call drops in the midst of an all important conversation and must be quite frustrating when it recurs often. Well if you thought that it was just one call for you, for a telecom company like Airtel which has over 200 million subscribers in India and has presence in more than 20 countries, it is raking in millions even if a few calls drop every month from a small percentage of its vast subscriber base. Frequent call drops, hidden costs in some of the recharge packs, special offers made by private telecom operators, bloated bills, network congestions, tariff related issues and activation of charges for certain services without the consent of the customers etc, are some of the problems faced by a growing number of mobile users in India.

With a market share of almost 30 percent Airtel is the biggest private player in India and has consolidated its position as the leading telecom company in South Asia. Needless to say when it comes to deficient service and complaints against the service providers with the TRAI Airtel tops the list. While complaints related to other issues remain the same it is the issue of call drops that has become a major problem for most customers. The problem is quite acute in the choked networks of metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chenai. These call drop problem is quite acute in certain areas in Mangalore city and many customers have complained to the service provider and also have highlighted the issue through the media and in various forums without much success.

Erratic network

For example network is very erratic in certain areas of the city like in Kaikamba to Nanthoor, on the way Circuit house to Bejai Circle, from Nanthoor Politechnic to Yeyyadi Road, Court Road and Light house hill road are some of the areas where customers face call drops. Praveen Tilak, a Marketing Executive and an Airtel customer from Kulshekar points out that it took him nearly six months to know that the problem was with the network and not with his handset. "I always faced network problems in this area and in some other parts of the city because suddenly the network goes zero. It is quite infuriating when that happens in the midst of a serious talk," Tilak points out.

Ramakrkishna Rao who is working for a I T company says his job is such that he has to be constantly in touch over mobile even when he travels in his chauffeur-driven car. "I pass from Nanthoor to Yeyyadi everyday and have faced this problem without realising that I have faced this problem in this area for quite some time now. Only when my colleagues pointed out did I realise that it is due to the deficiency of service from the telecom provider." Though he has complained about it several times he says there isn’t any improvement in the service.

Bhavya Punja, another Airtel customer from Kaikamba who is working for a private firm in the city, had faced severe network problem about 4 months back as both her incoming and outgoing calls could last only for few seconds. She dreads recalling those two weeks because she was fed up running out to the courtyard with her set every time she got a call as she thought she could get better range outside.

"I faced the worst problem for nearly 15 days as all my incoming and outgoing calls could not last 5 to 10 seconds and those who wanted to talk had to call me repeatedly and sometimes I had to call. This was in February and I actually thought the problem was with my set. I gave the set for repair but the service centre suggested complains to the service centre. The service centre suggested I change the SIM as they it might have been damaged. But the problem persisted. That is when I went to the showroom once again and gave a written complaint saying if you don’t act I will take the issue to the consumer court," says Bhavya.

She says that complaint had the desired effect as the company people could locate and set right the problem. Bhavya says that the company realised her problem when they came to her area and were trying to call and talk to her to locate her area but had difficulty to keep the calls running beyond 10 seconds.

Lethargic response

The company officials then revealed that there was a major problem in Bikarnakatta Kaikamba area and the company could finally identify the problem and set it right. The technicians knew that there was a problem before Bhavya went to the showroom with a complaint. But they thought they could afford to ignore it until she took them to task. For 15 days Bhavya says she spent on her what she usually spends for two months. "Who will pay me the cost of those dropped calls wherein I was charged 30 paisa (30 paisa per minute pack) even when I talked only for one second or one minute? I never got chance to talk to more than 20 seconds."

The irony is that despite financial loss and inconvenience caused to the customers, it is the user who pays through his nose for the deficiency of service on the part of the service provider. Bhavani also points out the hidden costs in some of the packs offered by Airtel. She says she usually opts for a pack that charges her 30 paise per minute except the initial two minutes which are charged double. "But the real issue is that I am charged 30 paise even if I speak for one second. This is not disclosed to me anywhere."

Misleading information and confusion

The college going students have an altogether different problem pertaining mainly to data card. David Simon, a Hotel Management student in the city says that he had issues with Airtel with regard to the data pack. "They had promised 2 GB internet on 2 G data pack recharge as per their official website. But once I got only 1.25 GB instead of 2 GB which was promised." Many customers might have fallen prey to such machinations but might not have pursued the matter. Caller tunes is another problem faced mostly by those in the rural areas. It is not that they wanted caller tunes. Some message comes and they inadvertently press it resulting in activating it. Jayarama, a youngster who works in his farmland in Harekala says that though he does not want the caller tune and is not aware how he got it. He does not know how to deactivate it. "I don’t want to spend Rs. 30- just for the tune but I am helpless," he avers.

Daijiworld tried to get the version of the company for this lacuna by calling their showroom in Lalbagh and Pandeshwar on the number given in the net. The first person who answered the call at Lalbagh gave another contact and this went on till the fifth caller who said he does not know who I should contact. There are different divisions like those who handle fixed call lines, internet, marketing etc. But then it shows that there is lack of coordination among the various departments. Finally I saw the net and realised that I could call 198. After calling 198 we sent a mail to asking their response. But so far the company officials have failed to reply.

When company officials failed to listen to the woes of the customers some of them tried to find solutions for their problems on their own. Airtel customer Gurudath says that one of the youngsters whom he came across in the course of his work told him that the problem crops up when the user opts for auto mode and the network tries to oscillate between 2 and 3 G in certain areas. "I have now opted only for 2G and now there is no problem," Gurudath avers. But the same cannot be said about others customers who still feel that the company is guilty of deficiency in service.

Call drops have become a perennial problem faced by customers in metros like Delhi and Mumbai and that is what prompted many MP’s to raise the issue in the budget session of parliament in April this year. Gauging the enormity of the issue Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad even hinted at penalising telecom companies for call drops. The ministry is even mulling compensation to customers by the service providers for call drops. This compensation can be in the form of returning the money charged for dropped calls or in the form of extra talk time for deficient service.

However, it is easier said than done to make companies pay considering the technicalities involved in identifying whether the call drop was due to network or other issues. It has come to light that some service providers have already begun the process of compensating customers for call drops. Will Airtel listen to the woes of the customers and respond positively and put an end to their frustrations?


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  • shubhith Kumar, Dharmasthala

    Mon, May 22 2017

    sir in our location (Puduvettu village) there are more than 3000 peoples using airtel but in our area network is very poor, so peoples planning to inform ot to idea or bsnl to build tower. so m kindly requesting you to provide us better network from airtel as soon as possible

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  • Fredrick Caastelino, Udyavara

    Fri, Jul 17 2015

    I am using airtel since 3 years. So far there were no problems. But from one month I face many problems. Neither I am not receiving calls not my calls are not outgoing. Internet is very worst. The complaints are not replied. On enquiry with the local dealers, they tell that because of installing 4G all these problems are crept in. The quality of airtel is very worst now.

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  • john, puttur

    Thu, Jul 09 2015

    I'm using Airtel from 2 years .. Compared to other network Airtel is better in the city. I'm using DoCoMo also . in DoCoMo voice quality is very poor in the busy areas .
    Guys just portout. If you are Airtel 3g user and you are having problem of 3g network at your place then please do not port to idea or Vodafone. These two operators aren't have their own 3g network or towers . they borrow 3g services from Airtel itself then your issue may continuous .

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  • Lester Pinto, Mangalore-Chennai

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    I have been a Airtel subscriber ever since they started operations in Mangalore. Initially, they were the best in business putting their competitors to shame, but now it is just the opposite! Whenever I come to Mangalore, I experience untold misery with this network, especially in Bendoorwell area where I reside. Video clips on WhatsApp of 1 or 2 minutes duration takes at least 10 minutes to download. I don't experience this problem in Chennai where I work. Whenever I have complained to Customer Care, it is the prerogative of the person who receives the call to pass the buck to someone else who fortunately is more dumb than him! I tried calling the Airtel office in Pandeshwar several times but nobody answers the phone.

    While thanking Daijiworld for exposing the grave lapses on the part of Airtel, I request them to kindly help all the subscribers of Airtel who have been deceived & taken for a royal ride by this dishonest company which has been looting the public.

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  • Chandrashekhar, Kundapura / Basrur

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    Team Daijiworld, pls help to send this article as well as readers comments to responsible people of Airtel Karnataka?


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  • Aubb, Kuwait

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    @ Chandra,

    This will be really helpful for all of us.

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  • Nagendra, Bangalore

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    For over 8 years, i have been with Airtel till 2013. All of a sudden due to network issues and amount deduction without a proper reason, i have switched back to reliance GSM after fighting for over 2 months with Airtel including their nodal officer who sits in Bangalore. Whatever we do there wont be any effect on them as they think we cannot do any thing. Like in US and UK government should start penalizing the service providers if they have many complaints from customers as customers charge service charge to provide service, which will not happen in India as our governments are busy negotiating kickbacks from these providers.

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  • Rohan, Kinnigoli / Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    Airtel provided excellent network in the Mangalore area couple of years back. I switched from Docomo and Aircel to Airtel because of this excellent network.
    But, from 2015 this has become worse. Initially I was facing the problem only in rural areas, now even if you are in the heart of the city there are frequent call s.
    Also, friends telling you “Why is your mobile comes not reachable?” and you wonder when did I go to any remote place? Because you can see that the network is always there when you check.

    Very annoying is 2G / 3G now, if you are playing online games, then expect the network to go nil and you will have to restart your mobile or wait for the connection to come back.
    The network goes from 100% to 0% and 0 to 100 faster than a Ferrari, so this looks like a planned set-up.
    If you want to work from home, then forget because even to send an e-mail you need at least 20mins as you have to frequently connect again and again.

    Feel like we are back couple years in time, when we used to run outside the house to take / make calls. Keep the mobile only at a particular location at home, because other parts of the house is “Outside Network Area”.

    Lots of people in and around Kinnigoli, Kateel are switching from Airtel to other service providers. But, there is no relief there either. It is like thinking unknown ghost might be less scarier than know one (Airtel).

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  • Marlon Monteiro, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    After this article is Daijiworld.... Airtel is scared....i'm having no call s since yesterday....line is also clear....and no echoing of my voice too....

    Good work Daijiworld...

    hats off ...

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  • Don, mlore

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    Airtel is always known for cheating the customers!
    It’s a piece of caution for those who are on postpaid bill plan.

    I had opted for Airtel MY Family plan offer.
    Below link shows the Airtel My family plan packs.
    As per information displayed in the Airtel site, I was eligible for below tariff:
    30packs of 3G internet worth 4050MB
    5packs of free local calls i.e. 500min as per the site.
    But when I got the bill, Airtel only gave me 450Min free talk time and only 3500MB data.

    Ultimately they charged me for additional usage (which I assumed as free as per site).

    Then I called customer care and respective managers and gave them left and right. Also I took all the relevant screen shots showing actual free data /calls and wrote them a detailed mail stating strict legal action against Airtel.
    Finally same day I got my money back.

    Therefore I request you to kindly check your respective plans.

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  • Jackson Lobo, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    call centre staff are really dumb....whenever i call the customer care i ask them to transfer the call to the senior executive.Once the senior executive is on call all the problems are solved within a matter of minutes.

    These new junior staff and inters are a bunch of lazy guys.They have no clue about the Airtel's working....they always pass wrong information...for which the senior executive always apologizes....

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  • zubair, mangalore

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    Airtel was one time good...when their business increased, they became arrogant. They are least bothered of our complaints. Their customer care centre is the worst i have seen in my life. Staff sitting there are very rude & treat u like dog...We have already shifted to Vodafone

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  • cleve vas, Alape

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    i had ported from Docomo to Airtel hoping for better services but am disappointed there is no 3G network at my Place i have to come to city to access 3G network and am into postpaid post 3G usage tariff is very costly

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    Wed, Jul 08 2015


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  • Charles, Karkala

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Airtel service in our area too is very bad and looks like they do not bother anymore because they have the market share compared to other operators. The optimization service from airtel is extremely poor with overloaded traffic on the existing radio towers.
    Daijiworld can do a favour to the public by forwarding this article with readers comments to Airtel Senior Management so that they open their eyes on customer grievances.

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  • Jasmon Serrao, Kankanady, Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Kankanady is the worst Airtel network I ever seen, only 2G is available. inside house no network. Many times I gave complaint but there is no response., ultimately changed my sim to Vodafone.

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  • SNH, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    I had Rs500 balance in my Airtel balance, my Mobile is not in use.

    When I checked today balance is Rs 1.

    I found a debit of Ir99, I dont know what it is.

    I think TRAI should involve and check what is happening and how they are cheating subscribers.

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  • Aubb, Kuwait

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    I had many bad experiences with Airtel customer care whenever I faced problems.

    One can imagine the magnitude of money Air tel steals from us customers everyday by means of intentional call s and not compensating our losses in addition to the deficiencies in other services they boast so much of.

    I read recently Air tel attributing call due to not being able to erect more mobile towers, as people oppose them due to high radiation affecting human health.

    I strongly feel there is a deliberate plan by Air tel to fleece customers in order to make quick bucks to cover some kind of losses?? and also to garner funds easily to expand their services without going for fresh IPOs etc.

    Mobile Number Portability is one solution for us to stop this day light robbery by Airtel.

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  • leslie lobo, bejai/mangalure

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Disgusting service by Airtel!

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  • Kusuma Kumari Chitti, Kodyadka

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    yen madli! Nettu work sikhuthilla yen madli!!

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  • Chandrashekhar, Kundapura / Basrur

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    It is happening in quite few cities also. I am based at Mumbai Suburban area & recently we faced the similar problems with Airtel network. Many told that Airtel implementing (installation trials) 4G LTE equipments, which leads frequent call s etc.

    Airtel is claiming that they are largest cellular network provider in the country. But in Basrur – 576211 (Kundapura Taluk) there is negligible network signals of Airtel. Basrur and its joint villages having strength of around 80,000plus people. Basrur has quite few schools, 2 high schools & 1 degree college also. Historical and spiritual place Basrur has enough opportunity of do business. I am just getting wondered about how can Airtel doesn’t show any interest expand their business !!!

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  • Amrutkar, Vijayapura

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Just call off and join some other service provider by portability.

    let the Airtel keep on saying Landtel.

    No way one can go all to make things better but teach a lesson to this cheater companies by giving them up. Now the customers have some alternate service providers.

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  • Lenson, Africa/Kundapur

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Hi, By seeing the comments and no. of agrees the problem looks really bad.
    1. Airtel being no.1 operator of india having highest subscriber base, the problems will be more on s than other operators, Airtel has 1.9 crore subscriber in KK where as the 2nd highest is vodafone and Idea with 80 lakhs not even half. - Allot proper frequencies/TRX to avoid congestion.
    2. 2ndly Airtel launched LTE/4G in Mangalore recently, so there may be chance of interference in frequencies/spectrum may cause this problem or within 2G/3G.- Do proper frequency optimization
    3. There may be a dead zone when you are moving where there is no coverage itself and tower to tower handover will fail results in call . Airtel to acquire and site and build tower here.- Build a new tower.
    4. The last is the handset problem.- Check with other handsets.
    Call Airtel optimization engineer from call centre in Mangalore and do a drive test in the route where the issue is he will identify the problem and solution can be found.

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  • Lenson, Africa/Kundapur

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Disagreed Guys, use landline phone.

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  • Af,,, mangaluru

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    i think you are worked for airtel customer center before.
    i am using a high end model by reputed company but still facing problem every where in and around mangalore city level.
    naachna jane angan theda?

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  • asha, surathkal

    Wed, Jul 08 2015

    mr lenson, you may be spokes person of airtel.

    other day, we were having dinner at hotel janatha delux, behind TMA pai hall.

    one of the family member was missing after dinner at parking place. his airtel was not reachable for me & my airtel was switched off for him, though both were showing full signal , we were just 5 meters apart. idiotic airtel.

    i strongly request Daijiworld to forward this article & comments of daiji readers to mr bharthi mittel, the person who is looting is by giving bad service.

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  • Roy , mlore

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    I never had problems with airtel network.. I'm using airtel since 9 years..

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  • Carol, Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Being a reputed company at-least they have to maintain the reputation of the company they launched 4G service in Mangalore that time 4G speed was 20mbps, now it comes down to 7mbps!!!

    their commercial line ILP speed is worst its better to switch Instead of choosing airtel.

    Refer the following link when they lunched 4G @ Mangalore

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  • Vishal D Souza, Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    I recharged for Rs 183 pack 3G net, but could not use it for single paisa, i realized my mistake because Airtel is actually looting the people with no Service. They can provide Hi Speed network for it's customers with the huge customer base they have & huge money they get by their gimmicks, but they are not bothered at all only because they have customers more than their estimate. Customers have to find solution, service provider enjoying with money.

    Go for Mobile number portability.

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  • Mms, mangalore

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    It seems they are not interested in rendering proper services in Mangaluru like past as because their revenue automatically gets generate thru tower rent given by other network provider. Now they do only day robbery by charging huge monthly rent, other add-on charges, internet charges etc. etc. rather than attending customer grievances, what do you say?

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  • R.Bhandarkar, Mangaluru

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Telling Airtel Problems?
    You might as well known they will go up in 'thin air'!
    Theen titti theen the titti titti theen
    Kuoon kuoon ki ki...Theen Thiti theen theen...
    What you ask aa?...Airtel 'Theme Music' man!
    Kuoon ki Ki ki Ki ki ki ki
    u be come ki Ki ki

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  • jithesh,

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Airtel provides one of worst customer service in India.
    Worst Company, all should boycott this network.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • Deepak, Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Airtel Service is worst in Mangalore, not only for Mobile Network even its effected to MPLS and Leased line also,
    Recently they launched 4G network but we are not getting 3G network!
    Lazy peoples are sitting in service desk if you complain about the service issue they will close the issue without your knowledge!
    They are started cheating. government has to take strict action against airtel

    DisAgree [2] Agree [42] Reply Report Abuse

  • John, Udupi

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Airtel is the worst of all!. Sometimes you have to make many calls just to connect!. Another frequent message that appears when you try to call is 'You are not registered on network'!!!. What is meant by this when I am having the number since many years and use frequently!?

    Many times we send msgs and they never get delivered but the amount is deducted!. Also I have seen holding two phones in two hands when signal is fullest and when trying to call, it simply says that 'the number you have called is out of range' please call after sometime'!!!

    Disgusting service by Airtel!

    DisAgree [1] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • Af,, mangaluru

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    now mobile portability is come, i want to get out service from airtel at the earliest, fed of using airtel service, people must teach them a lesson if they are not providing good service.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • sujith noronha, Bendur / Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    I was also facing the same problem. I thought my mobile was giving the problem. I bought a new mobile and while reaching home was shocked to see that the new handset was giving the same problem later i realised it was not the mobile handset but network problem. My problem is still not rectified by Airtel.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • santoshprabhu, india

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    janardhananannu mechchisabahudu adare janarannu mechchisalagadu. Show me one telecom / airline companies/ banks where there is zero complaint from public

    DisAgree [4] Agree [5] Reply Report Abuse


    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Feku customer care service of Airtel...Gaya Lene Thhel.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [17] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shawn , Manipal, Udupi

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    I faced the same problem with Airtel in Udupi area about two years ago. I was frustrated with the fluctuating 3G network and the exorbitant rates charged by them. Thanks to the MNP, I ported over to Docomo.

    Of course there are certain issued with docomo, but the tariffs are customer friendly.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse

  • ignatius, dubai

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Its really a pathetic situation. their call centers cant be contacted at all.

    All the times on VRS which takes 5 minutes and ends the call without talking to the customer care personal.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse

  • Prashanth, Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Customer Care at the Relationship Centers at Saibeen Complex and Bunts' Hostel are equally if not more "pathetic"

    DisAgree Agree [17] Reply Report Abuse

  • ManojaP, Kulai

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Same Problem in between Panambur Baikampady, Kulai Area.

    Gave the complaint, but no Response so far from Company. now only Option is too switch over to other company.

    DisAgree Agree [17] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ayes P., Mangalore/KSA

    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Easy Method: Port your number to another network provider (i.e. from airtel to idea or bsnl etc. etc.

    DisAgree Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Tue, Jul 07 2015


    DisAgree [5] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • Albert, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 17 2015

    Airtel has become 'Pappu' quality now!!

    DisAgree Agree Reply Report Abuse


    Tue, Jul 07 2015

    Just change the card and go for different Company

    DisAgree [7] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

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