Exclusive: Aim to make Udupi police a model of honesty - SP Annamalai

Harshini Brahmavar

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Udupi, Mar 19: SP Annamalai officially took charge as SP of Udupi district on January 1. Known to be an upright, no-nonsense officer, he was responsible for the transformation of Karkala police station into a model police station when he was the ASP there. On November 29, 2014, he was given the additional charge of Kundapur.

He hails from Coimbatore and was born to J R Kuppeswamy and K Parameshwari. He has done BE and Mechanical Engineering (2007 batch) from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. He did his MBA from IIM Lucknow, (2010 batch, specialization in marketing and strategy). He is an IPS officer of the 2011 batch. His first posting was as ASP of Karkala in September 2013.

In an exclusive interview to daijiworld, SP Annamalai speaks on various issues like communal sensitiveness in Gangolli, problem of drug abuse, Naxals and much more.


Has there been any development since the recent communal clashes in Gangolli? Why aren't the people behind Gangolli fire case arrested despite the CCTV clip?

SP: We found a handkerchief there as proof and arrested a suspect. Right now, he is out on bail. There was only one person in the video clip, but we did not get any information about the rest.

Do you think the situation in Gangolli has improved since the incident?

SP: Yes, it has. But it is true that Gangolli must and should change its attitude. Past is past. The incident happened only because there was a miscommunication between the public and the police. The public respects strict officers as far as I know and there is no doubt that people always respect non-corrupt officers. After a long time has passed, people realize the facts and the subsequent strict actions of a police officer. Right now, Gangolli has got a new sub-inspector and a new DySP.

Gangolli is free from 'matka' activities already. I have personally monitored this area. We have dealt with almost 50 matka issues in the last two months. We will investigate those who are engaged in this activities soon. Last time, we had sent them to Ballari jail.

Regarding communal clashes in Gangolli, we will use all powers and if next time the incident repeats, we will go for curfew for 10 days in the district, such as Udupi has never seen. Gangolli has more than 100 years of history in communal issues. It takes time to find a solution. Both Hindus and Muslims should respect the police. In order to do this, the police should be proactive.

The officers have already started work on building a good rapport by organizing volleyball and football matches. If it continues in the same way, communal violence will not be repeated here. Already, youth have come under control. First, we earn respect and then build confidence among the public by putting extra effort.

People say that drug abuse is rampant in Manipal. Is that true?

SP: Well, to the best of my knowledge, there are cases of drugs, ganja, and issues like parties, but not gambling. We have taken a very strict measures. There are two types of control measures we have taken. One is through police, and another is through keen investigation by meeting the vice-chancellor and pro-chancellor of Manipal University. We are putting pressure on both sides to control drug abuse cases. We have conducted raids at night and more than 2 kg of ganja has been seized. Now, it is partially controlled, but it is an ongoing process. Drug abuse should be controlled on a daily basis.

Manipal University is extending full cooperation to our work. I have met Ramdas Pai personally and urged his support. Regarding bars and restaurants, there is nothing new as such. We are implementing license rules strictly.

What measures have you taken to create awareness among the common people about lodging complaint? The general allegation is that police officials expect some amount from the public to complete a task.

SP: We have controlled such acts because now if people come to know that any case is not filed in the station, they simply approach the SP. If I get to know that such cases are happening here, I don’t let go of it. If the police official realizes his mistake once, he will not repeat it. Udupi cannot be compared with Uttara Kannada.

People in Udupi are diligent. In my experience, if the matter is not solved at the SP level, they go to IG, and then go to Lokayukta. Hence, the highest number of Lokayukta cases have been recorded in Mangaluru and Udupi. The highest number of cases are seen in Udupi and people are more educated than those in Uttara Kannada. Right now, there is no such situation in Udupi where police delay complaints for money.

What action have you taken against two-wheeler riders who do not wear helmets?

SP: We cannot take any action against two-wheeler riders without helmets. The government should pass an order making helmets compulsory all over the state. We do not have the power to make helmets compulsory. These rules are strictly implemented in a few states. We can control people who break traffic rules and those who drive vehicles without a license. Helmet rule is strictly followed in places like Mangaluru, Hubli, Dharwad, Bengaluru, and Mysuru, but not so in other districts.

There is no provision for direct promotion from DySP to SP. Was Gangolli incident one of the major reasons for promoting you as SP here?

SP: I have no idea about this. The government considered my work while promoting me, so I would like to respect the order. Gangolli incident was a small issue.

But Gangolli is a communally sensitive area, so was the issue a small one? The people had questioned the entire police system. How do you justify the police action?

SP: Whatever action had been taken was by the former SP. I would not like to comment on this matter. I can only explain the actions I have taken.


What about the four Naxals of Karkala taluk, who were found during ANF combing. Why were they not arrested? Do you think the people of Karkala are supporting Naxal activities?

SP: Yes it is true that during the ANF combing, four Naxals were spotted there, but we have not seen them; the public informed us. The four members came to collect food from the villagers and soon after the public information we rushed to the place but failed to make any arrest.

If you compare with the records of 2012-13, Naxal menace has decreased in the year of 2014-15. The Kasturirangan report and other issues are creating rumours among the people of Karkala. We will work with good coordination on this and in the next two years the Naxal menace will be under complete control. The Karnataka government has done a good job in this regard. Maximum Naxals come from Kerala state and collect some amount from here, that’s it. They cannot stay here for long.

Udupi people have complaints against sex workers. What would you like to say about this?

SP: According to Human Trafficking Prevention Act, it is very clear that a sex worker is considered a victim. We have the right to take action against pimps and commission agents instead of lodging a case against her (sex worker). Many of them hail from poor backgrounds. There is no organized prostitution found in Udupi city. Such a woman does not care for complaint and raid, so this stands as a big challenge before us. We have organized awareness camps in association with some NGOs.

What is status of the case of two missing girls of Spoorthidhama?

SP: We have traced one of the girls. The problem with Spoorthidama is security and we have told them to tighten the security as much as possible by raising the height of the compound wall and install more security equipment. If you look at the data, every day three or four missing cases are filed.

What steps are you taking against gutka and illegal sale of cigarettes and tobacco?

SP: Section 5 of COTPA prohibits display of packets of gutka and tobacco products. If the rules is violated, police will seize the product. Our drive to make Udupi free from gutka and tobacco products will be complete by the end of March. Recently we seized cigarettes worth Rs 16,000 from a salesperson. Our main objective is to see that law is followed.

What measures have you have taken against loud horns in buses?

SP: I have discussed the issue with RTA officer Arun Kumar Singh. We will go step by step in the matter of violation of rules. Public should give us one year before judging our works.

What would you like to say about fans of your work in Udupi district?

SP: I would not call them fans, but people like public servants who really work for the society’s wellbeing. I have never before seen 24-30 newspapers in one place. Media is very active and keeps a close watch on the work done by government officials. Fan is a wrong word; it is just kindness shown by the people. They are promoting our work in various ways, so we will also give them respect. It would help to improve our efficiency.

There are rumours of your imminent transfer from Udupi due to political pressure. Is that true?

SP: Yes, I am very eager to go to Bengaluru and am waiting for the order because I would not like to stick in one place. There is no political pressure on me. But yes, I am going as per my wish. My idea is to move from Udupi. The government has approved an order, so we respect that order, and I’m here for sometime. Whenever they sanction the transfer order, I will go. I am happy with whatever I have done. Here, politicians are more supportive. There is need to convince them on some issues. No one is good or bad in politics; we have to realize this with actual facts.

What are your plans for Udupi?

SP: Well, my first priority is to ‘make Udupi a model police city’ like Karkala. That means developing good rapport with the public, safeguarding women, and make it free from corruption. Right now we have accomplished only about 30 percent to 40 percent of what we have planned. It will take at least one year. By December we will reach our goal of making Udupi a model of honest and sincere police officers. When people feel confident that the police department is treating everyone equally, that will be our real success, until then we will work hard.



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  • Sneha Hiremath, Belagavi

    Wed, May 09 2018

    All the best sir,,, and I read about your plans and you are one of well-known and good person and make true your ideas and come to our district as SP once,,,,,

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  • Dheeresh, Kaup/udupi

    Mon, Jan 08 2018

    Wish u all the best sir

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  • Dheeresh, Kaup/udupi

    Mon, Jan 08 2018

    Wish u all the best sir

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  • Vidyashree B.S, Birur / horithimmanahalli

    Mon, Mar 06 2017

    hi ...This is vidyashree i like your attitude ..will power ..daring dashing ..Braveness ..your a very good police officer... even iam willing to be like you ... Your are Real Singam..

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  • Ashifa, Tarikere

    Thu, Feb 09 2017

    I really wonder to see your dedication about u r work. Today morning in u r office i met u outside near the stairs. I thought u r very busy and out side of police guy he is not allowing me to meet also. But i have to meet at any cost because it was necessary for me so i came from tarikere. I really appriciate sir when i was standing corner place and i was watching u only. Then u r self u called up me nd u ask me my problem.
    Now i have hope what ever i have problem u will take care.
    Thank u so much for supporting poor peoples like me. As a girl before i was really scared now i thought i dont want be get nervous because i didn't don mistake. Thank you for u r supporting sir

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  • Prabhu Tamil, Shimoga

    Sun, Mar 27 2016

    HatsOff sir u r my role model sir I wish u all the best! May all ur dreams comes true Annamalai Sir please come to our district Shimoga,Dnt care about Corrupted Politicians nd Corrupted peoples, Believe in ur self love u alot sir " Unmai oru naal Vellum indha ulagam un peyar sollum "

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  • vijeth , Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 06 2016

    We need such a honest and sincere police officer like you in Mangalore.

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  • Ķishen P, SRS Udupi

    Sun, Jan 31 2016

    Great, officer.... U have done everything to us in Udupi and manipal.v all support u to go further and make your dream true of making Karnataka the best model state...... I keep a promise that v all are there for u at anytime, if no one comes I will come because u are the one who changed my life..... A great, talented officer u r my role model annali sir.... Thank u so much

    DisAgree Agree [2] Reply Report Abuse

  • Hafizur Rehman, Naykawadi Gujjadi

    Wed, Dec 30 2015

    ... a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy.Your effort will be really appreciable to clean up dirt in police stations. However i feel it is impossible in India considering the corruption and the politicians involvement in destablizing

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  • tauro, uae

    Mon, Oct 05 2015

    best of luck sir we need u in our city

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  • jayalaxmi, Manipal

    Tue, Jun 30 2015

    Very Honest and gives respect to women. All the best Sir

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  • Vasant Raj, Mangalore / Abudhabi

    Fri, Mar 20 2015

    Mr. SP don't work too much sincerely...Siddaramayya will transfer you over-night yo Bidar or Gulbarga...be careful...

    DisAgree [8] Agree [9] Reply Report Abuse

  • Anil, Manipal

    Fri, Mar 20 2015

    The most honest and upright officer ever i have sceen , thank you sir for bringing some kind of law and order in udupi and manipal. good luck sir all the best

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  • Indian, INDIA

    Fri, Mar 20 2015

    pls. stop cribbing and support SP Annamalai in his noble task, definitely we will see less crimes happening.

    SP Annamalai, may your clan increase.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • G Z T Kunte, Udupi

    Fri, Mar 20 2015

    Even if you want to make Udupi police model of honesty, the politicians and your superiors will never allow you to make your dept honest. NO politician ever likes honest people, to whichever party he may belong.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [9] Reply Report Abuse

  • Antony Fernandes, Mangalore/USA

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    SP Annamalai
    Like you there are so many SPs and IAS officers whose blood is boiling when they hear crimes in their area. As Valerian Dubai/Mangalore wrote about “Narayan Nadumani” this was a famous name of a SP in Udupi during 1980’s I believe, So many wrong goings were stopped by that SP, and his gift was transfer to a remote place, his wife and children were the sufferers. I feel with 100 thieves leaving around you, you can not try to become a saint. If you want then it is just like you are fighting with life and death, life is very difficult but death is sure. THIS IS THE DIRTIEST POLITICS EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD”. And we the people always blame Police, RTO and so on……

    DisAgree [3] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jayarama Acharya, Kaup

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Thanks lot for your efforts, particularly for Udupi District. In the meantime you have promised to stop "TOBACCO"in a phased manner in Udupi District within 3months. Your efforts will help lot of families in the near future. Most of the Youngster are consuming Tobacco products and attract major decease,from your strict action we can see healthy Youngsters.Pls note it a Point in your programme Sir.

    DisAgree Agree [7] Reply Report Abuse

  • lukas, malpe

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    people should support these good officer also request for z plus security for good officer who is have threatening from the underworld not for Baba Ramadev who is having asset of more then 1000 crore.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ramakrishna A K , Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Annamalai you have already seen the fate of honest officer Ravi in Bengaluru.
    Still you want to be honest!?

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    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    wish u all the best sp annamalai

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  • Valerian, Dubai/Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    With great respect to your cap...! If you go to improve Udupi, there are chances of early transfer to Mandya...! There was one S.I. before called Narayan Nadumani in Udupi. Very just strict and gentleman...He is the one instrumental in stopping the cockfight in and around udupi and even prostitution..all cleaned up. The result is early transfer to the western ghates...Kanoon ke haath bahuth lambe hothe hai. Political people need the dirt to be remained the society. Then only they can survive...!

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  • Commom man, Ksa

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Wish you all the best...
    Dear SP Saheb
    What abt the fire incident of JAMIA COMPLEX at gangolli? Is any one arrested in this case? What abt the forensics report? gangolli people got justice?

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    Thu, Mar 19 2015


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  • nazeer husain, jeddah saudi arabia

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    We appreciate mr ANNAAMALI s willpower to bring the changes.The political party n ruling govt lost all the guts before the communal sangh parivar elements.We heard that there are suomotto case registration system whenever any communal hate speech but till now the coastal districts police department almost forget thet option.Communal harmony is need of the hour .Its proved in so many countries that the fear of law only helps to control the crimes.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • Daniel, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Great and all the best, Sir use you education and run the district.

    As long as India's political system does not change to the modern & young ways...down side officers can do no difference to the public. Lower level officers only can look up but top level make the system and run for their advantage.
    Is there any place for upright person/ officer/ leader in India today, except graveyard?

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  • Ismail shaikh, Moodbidri

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Your effort will be really appreciable to clean up dirt in police stations. However i feel it is impossible in India considering the corruption and the politicians involvement in destablizing the law and order situation by backing rowdies/ goondas and mafias.What happened to honest IAS Officer RAVI and he paid huge price for honesty. Our judiciary system is a mockery thanks to politicians

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  • Wilson, Oman

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    SP Annamalai is good for people, But the politicians don't allow him to work, Example couple of weeks ago he stopped one of udupis to builders son, And asked the license,He gave the phone to SP and told him speak to my father, BUT SP thrown the phone in garbage, Is Anyone has the guts do this? ONLY SP ANNAMALI did it.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse


    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    We need more such selfless officers in public life.
    Wish him all success and good luck. Keep up your good work, where ever you are posted, Annamalai..!!

    Henry M.

    DisAgree Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse

  • SK, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Informative..... SP has clearly said, that Gangolly cases were handled by previous SP and his hands are tied up....
    If any one had made some attempts to interrogate the electrical line man and the reporter, with their mobile records, definitely the clue will be found...BUT THERE SHOULD BE A WILL.....The SP will not forget the day in Gangolly, when a goonda told him that he will put the fire in the day time, if the others put the fire in the Night....
    I APPRECIATE the idea of SP of imposing, 10 days curfew, where ever the trouble erupts...
    This is the best way to teach a lesson to goondas / rowdies of the society.... then all the people of the society MAY come together and fight against these GOONDAS.... Well spoken SIR,
    Already the Gangolly people have learnt a lesson when JUST 144 was imposed. Everything came to standstill.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • Henry James, India

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Aim to make Udupi police a model of honesty - SP Annamalai

    Talk is cheap Mr.Annamalai. Just install one hidden camera inside the Taluk office and see how much honesty is out there. Every last man is corrupt to the core. People think bringing Modi in and voting Congress out will change the system. But the people are the same and government or bureaucrat can never change that. People blame Uber for crime against women but they fail to realise it's the same Indians (not some American) who commit these crimes. They think by punishing Uber somehow magically they can bring about the change.

    So, let's do ourselves a big favour and continue to live in our ignorance. That's what we are really good at.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • I.A, Polya

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    One of the most honest & upright officers i have seen , may god bless you . And keep up the good work always ....

    DisAgree Agree [27] Reply Report Abuse

  • BALAMURUGAN , Manipal/Dubai

    Thu, Mar 19 2015


    May God Bless You.

    Jai Hind!

    DisAgree [1] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mohammed Ilyas Byndoor/Dubai.U.A.E, Byndoor/Dubai.U.A.E

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Nice Gesture by SP Annamalai,keep it up

    DisAgree Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    It is good to see that one more Police Officer with high principals has been posted to Udupi. I have known the predecessors of Mr. Annamalai and particularly the one who got a posting to Davangere recently.

    With the determination Mr. Annamalai has he should be able to make Udupi a MODEL CITY.


    DisAgree Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Samson Rebello, Kallianpur/Dubai

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Udupi {meaning=Place of Stars} is one of the most Educated and Richest district of Karnataka. Hope Sir Annamalai stays here longer.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • Abdul Rafiq, Uchila / Dubai

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    First of all, stop all the nonsense which your police department is doing in Udupi. Raiding the guest house, lodges, catching the couples and shaming them. If a boy and girl having a coffee together, talking to each other, some jobless people will thrash them and handover to police, then your police dept will warn them and making their parents to come to the police station. Advise the locals of Udupi to mind their own business instead of interfering in other's personal life. In the case of rapes, murders, communal riots etc, your police force is totally inefficient to arrest the culprits and book them under strong sections. So engage the police in nabbing the culprits, anti social elements instead going behind some poor couples, lovers, students etc.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [26] Reply Report Abuse

  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 19 2015

    Honest Police!!!

    DisAgree Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse

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