Managing chaotic traffic at Nanthoor - Women traffic cops show the way

Florine Roche
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru

Mangaluru, Nov 27: That the Nanthoor junction is the most unscientific, bizarre and a chaotic traffic circle in Mangaluru has been highlighted by the media time and again. Just yesterday, Wednesday November 26, two young lives were lost when a truck and a bus collided near the junction, once again raising questions about road safety at this spot.

It is said to be the one traffic circle probably in the world constructed with a dangerous gradient without having a horizontal area around the circle. But Mangaloreans are known for living amidst chaos and somehow we have been managing. Two-wheeler riders ‘manage somehow’ by wriggling through narrow gaps others get caught in long traffic snarls especially during peak hours. Despite the chaotic scene there is one silver lining at this junction which daily commuters might have notice. There are at least three to four traffic police posted here and among them two women police attract our attention for their no nonsense approach in dealing with traffic violators and ruffians who add to the existing traffic chaos.

ASI Rosamma P P and Home Guard Champa Shaktinagar manage traffic circles in different parts of the city as part of their duty. But probably Nanthoor circle being the most disordered of circles traffic violators must have faced some admonitions from either of these two whenever they are posted here. Be it those who ride with a plastic helmet or those who wear their helmet everywhere else except on their head, those who create obstruction riding or driving on the wrong path or treble riders they have to face the wrath of Champa and cannot escape from her lynx-eyed vigil. Be it hot sun or rain, pollution, morning, noon or evening, she is diligent and those who breach traffic rules are sure to get a piece of advice from her for minor violations.

“Two wheeler riders are the biggest offenders of traffic rules. They just want to make way and be on the safer road at the earliest at any cost and therefore aggravate the traffic snarl. It is my duty to ease traffic and also see that people follow traffic rules so that traffic jam can be avoided” says Champa who stands just five feet tall. But no one can take panga with her and she will not tolerate or spare anyone breaching rules. She has very efficient in controlling errant riders and bringing some normalcy for the otherwise disorderly traffic at this junction.

Some who violate rules and manage to get away on any particular day may think they have fooled the traffic police. But they will be awakened to a rude shock when they are served with a notice at their homes for traffic violations as she takes down their numbers and gives is to the higher officials. As a result most of the ruffians or those not following rules are cautious at least when they approach this circle or wherever Champa is on duty. “Sometimes three people go in single bike and the third person closes the number plate with his hands and they may have the last laugh. They get away once or twice. But they will be caught if not one the same day some other time”.

Champa is a home guard and she has been put on traffic duty from February 2014 for a period of three years. In 2011-12 she served as traffic police in NMPT circle where she had to manage huge Lorries, tankers amidst dust, heat and other pollution. People call her as stern, harsh and strict but she says she just ensures people adhere to traffic rules and follow discipline. When asked what makes her a strict traffic police she says that her two year experience in handling traffic in NMPT circle has taught her to handle any kind of traffic. “In NMPT the drivers of huge vehicles and tankers used to break traffic rules and run amok without following any discipline. So I had to be stern to bring some discipline to manage traffic and that experience has come in handy now in handling any kind of traffic”, says Champa.

At 48 it is not easy standing whole day, managing the heat, ultraviolet rays of the son, pollution and errant traffickers. But Champa has managed it with panache and that is quite an achievement.

Similarly ASI Rosamma PP is also managing traffic at different circles in the city and is known to be quite a taskmaster to errant drivers and riders. “People may call me strict and quite ruthless. But in reality I am just doing my duty diligently. But I am quite a taskmaster for those who don’t possess licence or documents or those who don’t wear a helmet. “The problem with the Nanthoor junction is that all the four roads touch one another and therefore we have to release traffic one by one. As a result we the traffic police have to be circumspect and ensure smooth traffic flow”.

Rosamma says that it is the present generation two-wheeler riders who pose greatest challenge to traffic police”. This generation youngsters lack patience and they may barge from any side. They don’t bother about others. Their only concern is wriggle themselves out of the traffic by hook or crook and be on the safer road at the earliest. Their erratic actions and attitude is a big problem for the traffic police’, Rosamma says. Rosamma says she is used to the hard rigours of managing traffic as she has been working for eight years now.

“The tough conditions are part of our duty and we come across all sorts of people. Initially I used to face problem from drunkers. So the environment, the situation and experience makes us tough to deal with any kind of challenge”, she reasons.

Now it is said that an underpass is proposed at this junction which may become a reality soon. Of course, we have to take it with a pinch of salt till it becomes a reality. But as long as we have efficient and vigilant traffic cops like Champa, Rosamma the show goes on.


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  • Melwyn Pinto, Mangaluru - Dubai

    Mon, Dec 22 2014

    God Bless You and keep you in good health so that Nanthoor circle is a safe place!

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  • vassu, kudla

    Tue, Dec 02 2014

    Ms Rosamma is one lady who deserves accolades for being an exceptionally organised and duty conscious individual. She has tremendous grit and accountability while doing her work. I have seen her a couple of times stopping the city buses in the middle of Hampankatta. She is the only one who can rein in the errant bus drivers. otherwise the male traffic police at some places like at the junction of KS Rao and Sharavu temple road, and at the Hampankatta where the ideal icecream road joins the main road are seen either talking to some friends of theirs or looking the other way when chaos is at its peak. Finally the drivers have a field day and add to more chaos. Such busy areas should be manned by efficient people like Rosamma and the other lady who is seen in the pictures.

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  • Dylan, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 29 2014

    Fine two wheeler riders are the main offenders of traffic rules. For a rider without helmet the rider is fined Rs.100/- on the other hand when a 4 wheeler driver is fined for parking on the road for obstructing traffic he is fined Rs.100/-. So this is the state of affairs. If a driver is seen in a high end car on a mobile phone the cops turn a blind eye. Finally the bus drivers can stop anywhere to pick commuters, speed to the extant of killing pedestrians, horn till the fellow driver/riders ears are deaf. Since the bus owners mafia is powerful. At the same time poorful because they park their buses on the roads in the nights, since they do not have place of their own.

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  • alwyn sequeira, kulshekar

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    of course i have been an admirer of both the lady staff who really work sincerely, but blaming two wheeler by both i dont agree as i am a rider for more than 25 years i find the bus and rickshaws creating more trouble and blocking the roads, so than two wheelers it is the bus and rick drivers who have to be mended, if i am wrong see when there is a bus strike or auto strike whether u find a block any where,, so who are the trouble makers not only two wheelers but others too

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  • candle, Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    ASI Rosamma is the very popular name in Mangalore city.There are so many officers in traffic department,do public know their names ? no I don't think so .But Rossama doesn't require name plate. She is one of the finest traffic officer we have today.If you ask any one who is this lady officer in the mid of mad traffic there will be an immediate answer and that is Inspector Rossamma. I have seen many a times Rosamma doing her duty she is very professional.During heavy traffic they control it in most intelligent & efficient way. A big kudos to her & her team.

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  • Sunil, Bikarnakatte

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    1) Circle thoda chota karke middle pe karna hai. 2) signal bananeka our ek baar sirf ek side chodne ka, boletho left, right, straight.. Vaise hi chaaro taraf ek baar sirf ek side chodnek 1 or 2 minute thak.. Itna kaam kiya to flyover hone thak aramse block nibha sakte hain.

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  • nAwfaLL, Bajpe

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    Salute tho bantha hey Boss

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  • dam, mangalore

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    Ek salute to banta hai yaar...

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    We are the law makers and we are the law breakers!!! and the corrupt RTO dept!! Blame whom?.In the City the traffic should be controlled by it's effective plan with it's proper implementation strict vigilance and with penalties!!!.

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  • Roy D' Silva, Cordel / Dubai

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    Khaki paddhina ponjow last photo, wah pose la smile ye...

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    Why are we putting our woman at risk. Installing traffic signals with CCTV Surveillance is no big deal ...

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  • Sunil, Bikarnakatte

    Fri, Nov 28 2014

    Kindly contact me on 9035368682 I have idea to solve tis concern without fly over bridge..

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  • Lavina sunny john, Bendur mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    God bless rosamma& champa wish u all the best

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  • praveen, uliya

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    Dear DC,
    Please install a Traffic signal system in Nanthoor junction. This will ease the Police work and also for smooth flow of traffic.

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  • joe Gonsalves, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    Undoubtedly the traffic situation in Mangalore has gone from bad to worse. This is not because of any lapse on the part of the police force but because of the increase in the number of vehicles during the past few years. That apart there is an alarmingly increase of traffic violations more by the three wheelers. It is a very common sight to see rickshaws over taking on the left side of cars and other larger vehicles.

    It is good to see two lady traffic constables regulating traffic at Padav Hills. They are indeed doing an effective job.

    The department of law and order has plans to supplement the traffic police force with alternatives.

    Joe Gonsalves

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    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    I am a fan of ASI Rosamma. I admire her duty consciousness. Once I met her near tower clock. Her duty was over for the day. When we were talking, suddenly one scooter came from railway station road taking a right turn, that is one way. Rosamma, looking at them, forgot me and stopped the scooter rider. I really liked her efficiency and vigilance. Hats off to Rosamma and Champa. I have decided to give my services atleast for a month for the pedestrians near signal, after my retirement. I seek Rosamma and Champa's guidance in the matter. Just wait, let me retire next year.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    Hats off o brave Ladys.It is the real truth that Ladys can better manage the traffic just like the home efficiantly.Only men do but they have less Patience .And the People listen to a Lady better than a man .well done Ladys.

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    Thu, Nov 27 2014


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  • Roshan D'souza, Bejai, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    No doubt excellent in Managing Traffic & maintaining discipline, but sometimes seen engaged in verbal fight with riders which is somewhat ok, but seems pathetic on receiving Vitamin M to avoid case.

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  • fred, mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    its high time we should get solar powered traffic signal. get the digital world.we lacking nearly 20 years behind

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  • Kiran, Mukka

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    Hats off to these two brave lady officers! May God bless them & their families!!

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  • maria, mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    Being an often user of this junction, i have noticed these police officers and the way they control the traffic. I truly appreciate their efforts. i don't blame the junction, its positioning etc. i do blame the drivers. every1 is in hurry. no one wants to let any1 ahead. just yesterday, during the traffic jam on museum road, i had braked my car as i was in the center of the jam. and a two wheeler hit the rear of my car. i have a dent and i couldn't even discuss it because i was right in between the traffic jam with vehicles on my left and right.

    And the buses are horrible. not just express buses but the city buses as well. They keep racing each other with no care for the lives of the passengers. how do u expect buses to race each other on roads where only two vehicles can travel and not even a one way and a slope!!!!

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    Install cameras and issue fines from the police control room!! It could be a good revenue as well as a lesson to the offenders!!
    Keep up your good work both lady police!!

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  • Roshan, bedra

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    During day there is traffic cop,and lunch/ night time they are off. what if a traffic accident happen that time,Its not a solution, solution is remove roundabout put visible top mounted signal day and night, put strong visible road marking bcoz its NH.When there is a technology make use of it. Traffic cops duty is to catch offenders. Poor cops has to stand alone in extreme conditions in this 21st century pathetic.

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  • SAMANYA JANA, mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    While we should appreciate that two women officers are working hard to manage the traffic, this is what is expected from all the police personnel by the public. On the contrary, those who are doing their job are being highlighted by the media.
    Now coming to the point of circles and junctions in Mangalore, I feel, problem is not the way circles are made, rather its the way people drive the vehicle thats making all the problems. In TULU its called NOORAVUNU. Just forcing your vehicle into the space available, makes most of the problems. self control and concern for the fellow road user is the solution available. Remember, This time the accident victim is some stranger but the next time it may be someone you love.
    Please obey traffic rules and respect the other road user.

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  • maria, mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    we should follow traffic rules & respect those who are controlling traffics. those who are not following traffic rules punish them & show your capacity, let them learn the lesson from you- "congratulation " to the women inspectors madam rosamma & madam champa

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  • jasmine, mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    LOng live Rosamma & Champa... All t best

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  • Edward R. Monteiro, Kulshekar, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    What is written above in respect of ASI Rosamma and Champa is true. I move around the City daily and find them at different traffic circles including at Nanthoor which I pass six times a day. They are real duty conscious and diligent in their work, whether it is rainy season, or summer season, braving rain, pollution and heat.
    Hats of to them as they are efficient. May their tribe increase.

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  • Bryan, Bahrain

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    LOGIC, People put bars/grills on their windows to keep themselves safe, then why not use helmets and seat belts to be safe ALSO...

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  • Disha Rita, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    ASI Rosamma is doing excellent job always. She is the active lady Police, she manages the traffic so well, I always appreciate her work when ever where ever I pass by. We need more ladies like her in police department.

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  • Vijay, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    helmets for 2 wheelers , what about for the overspeeding buses that are a threat to people. imagine senior citizens,children having to cross this junction and will the bus stop untill they cross the road? before making a flyover bring down the speed of buses and trucks. because of over speeding buses and trucks 2 wheelers are made to wear helmets for their safety due to others carelessness. strange !!

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  • vellano1, Mumbai

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    I dont know, but I feel, women are the BEST MANAGERS!! ... managing traffic, household to anything! we just need to trust them... they are indeed better than men, handling difficulty, pain comes to them easily and naturally.. ) ( I know lot will disagree to this - btw, yes, there are few bad apples too, and I have come across, few corrupt ones too!! one such lady Police, wanted me to switch off my mobile phones, pens, and keep on the table and she covered it with a kerchief! in our society issue.. however, our secretary still went ahead and recorded her conversation! and she got transferred out of Bombay!!.. she was shameless, and wanted us to get her a washing! you may find many such in Mumbai.. but then there are men in unifrom too.. hence I dont want to generalise!)

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  • AJ, M'lore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    Most Unscientific circle / round about on the most unscientific roads, in an unscientific city with unscientific people with unscientific laws??? Because all of them blend well. Other wise there is no way in this world that only the rider on a two wheeler is required to wear a helmet and a pelion rider does not have to wear!!! Is the pelion rider's head more stronger??? You can have a lady sitting a pelion ride with a baby on her lap and another kid standing at the front and yet is fully acceptable...How scientific is this...well done...

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  • Af, mangaluru

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    A Huge advertise hoarding board put on just above accident spot yesterday
    cutdown the hill corner and make road widen ,the property is whom ever it may be corporation shud take actions,bcos the corner is very much obstruction to the traffic.may help improve present situation.

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  • Ajith, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    The traffic police should put signals and cameras in the roundabouts to prevent accidents and punish traffic rule violators. There is a limit to human capacity in controlling the traffic.

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    Thu, Nov 27 2014


    DisAgree [6] Agree [48] Reply Report Abuse


    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    This is for the IDIOT who seems to be marking"Disagree" on all comments. PLEASE BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO PUT YOUR VIEWS, COWARDS LIKE YOU ARE NOT WELCOME TO COMMENT.

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  • Vijay, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    find a way through the puzzle thats how it is to drive in this nanthur junction. you have 2 eyes and 5-6 areas from which vehicles move around you. badly in need of a fly over with increasing vehicles day by day.

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  • Lydia Lobo, Kadri

    Thu, Nov 27 2014

    During peak hours, its a hair-raising experience to pass through this junction because you don't know which moment of the passage you could have been knocked off. But to see the two ladies' guts, efficiency and might in controlling the flow, its more than rewarding.

    Hats off.. Commend you ladies.. You keep up the good work and reduce loss of life. We know you leave your house in the morning with no hope that you may return alive in the evening, just the passengers' prayers in those passing city buses will save you.

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