Did 2009 Mangalore pub attack cost Muthalik his political career?

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Bangalore, Mar 25: Sri Rama Sene chief Pramod Muthalik, who was in and out of BJP in just a matter of hours on Sunday March 23, walked out in a huff from a debate on a national news channel when he was bombarded with questions on Mangalore pub attack of 2009.

Earlier, when a reporter of the same channel in an one-on-one asked him if the pub attack was the reason for his quick ouster from the party, Muthalik termed the attack as a 'small incident' and pounced on the reporter, charging his channel of carrying only 'bad news' and insisting that the people at large had 'forgotten' the incident. He blamed the channel for showing the pub attack clips over and over again and instigating the people against him and his supporters.

"I was also hurt by the incident. There are cases against me. If the court sends me to gallows, I will accept it, but who are you to decide? Is this your job? Congress has been involved in so many incidents but you are not showing that," he thundered.

Muthalik and a supporter of his also defended the pub attack and said the court had not given its verdict. When the reporter asked why BJP had kept him out when it had accepted Yeddyurappa who is facing allegations of corruption and B Sriramulu despite opposition from central leaders, Muthalik's supporters advised him not to give the interview, and there were no further comments by him.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that if the pub attack was a nightmare for the girls who were assaulted and for Mangalore as a city, the same nightmare has now come back to haunt Muthalik. He may have spent 15 days in jail and even once apologised for the incident and faced the pink underwear campaign from women's groups, but none of those would have hit him as hard as the rejection from the BJP. Call it poetic justice if you will, but it is quite apparent that the 2009 pub attack has literally shattered his political ambitions, at least for now.

It is well known that he was planning to fight the elections as an independent from Dharwad against BJP state president Prahlad Joshi, which necessited the state BJP's hurried and more importantly, quiet move reportedly without the knowledge of central leaders. In a bid to 'handle' the situation, the state BJP made it worse and faced embarrassment as their national leaders wasted no time in cancelling his membership. Even if he had been retained he would not have got a ticket to contest from the BJP, but his influence on the local electorate as well as a considerable number of party workers and supporters, in addition to the RSS backing, may have paved the way for bigger roles within the party. His popularity in the region would have been seen by the state BJP as an advantage, but the high command thought otherwise and focused solely on Muthalik's image as a pub attacker and moral policeman. Ananth Kumar, who according to some reports is said to have played a major role in thwarting Muthalik's entry into BJP, went on record saying that the state BJP had committed a mistake and hence the high command had intervened to correct it.

When the reporter on the channel asked Muthalik if he was aware of what had happened behind the scenes, he said he did not know who did what, as he was a 'seedha saadha' (simple) man who did not play political games.

During the programme on the news channel, a visibly agitated Muthalik claimed that all allegations made by the panelists regarding the pub attack were 'wrong' and flew into a rage when he was told that he was unfit to join politics in a democratic nation. Interestingly, Muthalik who faces umpteen number of cases of moral policing, tried to use democracy as a shield, arguing that it is the people who should decide and not individuals.

Though some feel that BJP's rejection of Muthalik is only temporary, it is quite clear that at least for now, the 2009 Mangalore pub attack did put a spoke in Muthalik's political wheel.



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  • Shabz, KSA

    Wed, Mar 26 2014


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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore

    Wed, Mar 26 2014

    Too bad.If any political parties involved in this Mangalore pub attack,he need to expose them.Thanq.

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  • Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/ Bangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Muthalik, BJP wants intellectuals like you in Rajya Sabha. Have patience till election gets over, you will see yourself in RS. You know very well that you are a BJP actor and your job is to act according their Direction.

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  • Ahmed, Mangalore / Doha

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Muthaliks CV will be like this:

    Name: Pramod Muthalik

    Objective: To convert India into Afghanistan by entering BJP through back door.

    Achievements: Safe Guarded ladies from pub by thrashing them in public.

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  • Suleman Beary, Udupi

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    National TV interview made Muthalik & other members of Ram sena famous as heroes all over in India as well international.
    Hindu radicals will treat him as their Savior and after election I bet he will be back/absorbed to the mainstream political party.

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  • Shabz, KSA

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    @ Mallikarjuna Belgaum!!! Nice comment liked it!!! that how the people in BJP RSS RAM SENA all peoples background is same no one came to power in a good way all by making some bad things only they came into power...

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  • Sri, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    He is a criminal, a trouble creator. How the heck is he a leader ?? How the heck he is allowed to become a minister or something ? He should be behind bars now. Why we people are making these useless gangsters as leaders ?????? > <

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    CNN IBN so far have failed to interview chaaiwaala Mr. Modi.


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  • Declan, Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Dear Joseph, actually Arnab for a change did something good and gave Mr.Mutalik a good verbal bashing in last evening's programme. Arnab is with the Times Now channel.

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    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Joseph sir, Modi is busy with chai pe charcha and feku rally's. He can't face with Rahul from Headlines Today...... Arnab will lashed him.

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  • Anil Shetty, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Arnab Goswami works for Times Now Channel, He has nothing to do with CNN-IBN.

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  • Declan, Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    It was refreshing for a change to see Arnab going 'hammer and tongs' for Muthalik in the 'News Hour' programme last evening. Arnab really gave him a solid tongue lashing and never allowed him to really speak as is Arnab's style.

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  • Mallikarjuna , Belgaum

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    This Half-Marathi & Half-Kannaddiga Pramod Mutalik was a jobless man in Hubli. Then he went to Mumbai and fell on the feet of Bal Thakrey and asked his permission to start a Branch of Shiv Sena in Karnataka. After he got permission of Thakrey he started his Shiv Sena Branch in Hubli & Belguam and collected funds from Public. Later on when he saw that there is a resistance from Kannadigas for the Word Shiv Sena as it was anti-Kannadigas in Mumbai, wily Mutalik changed the name of his outfit from Shiva Sena to SriRam Sena and spread the tentacles in North Karnataka and Coastal Karnataka and became a rogue.
    He had unabashedly supported Kaami Swami Nithyananda also. How can such a characterless man have Political career ?

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  • Roshan Braganza, Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Nope , i think that incident exlavated his career. He become famous overnight due to the same media , which did not like anti liberal antics. I think his interpretation by ' terrible anchors ' like Arnab goswami is highly one sided and biased.

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  • John, mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Muthalik is a expert in pub attack. He is not good in politics.

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  • Bryan, Bahrain

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Can someone clarify, Why is Muthalik always showing No 1 sign...

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  • prem, moodbidri

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Now Muthalick will realize what kind of shame someone has to face, when they become extremist. Society will not accept these type of nonsense (even BJP does not dare to support them openly!).

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  • Jayaprakash, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    We do remember a national level 'feku' also walked out in an interview, like this, state level 'feku'

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  • Af, mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Many of the RATS are hiding now to comment on this

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Blame it all on PINK CHADDIS...

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  • vinay, mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Hope you are not wearing pink chaddi...

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    So, Muthalik Saab, lesson to be learned that, you go on attack any Temple, Church or Mosque but don’t ever dare to attack Pub. Because that is the place where all highly intellectual people gather together for generating great idea. I am still baffled how a person can drink 5 bottles of beers whereas he can’t drink even one full bottle of plain water!!! That’s kind of spirit we get only in PUB. That’s kind of spirit we get only in PUB. But till date no one ever mentioned that illegal PUB belongs to whom!!!

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    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Please clarify the ill legal pub belong to whom? People of India wanted to Know?

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  • Vincy, Bangkok

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    I know the owner too,and he is Bunt,do you want the name and address?He made losses all of a sudden due to the attack.

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  • Bryan, Bahrain

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Shameless Indian Politicians, EC must ban these thugs and put them behind bars for preaching dishonesty and hatred. The world and our country needs coal to fire those big machines but, what a waste of charcoal and ink to put on Muthalik face...

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  • pathu Raja, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    People are kept Mutalak away, no any supporters for him except Eswarappa and Joshi. Shameless leaders.

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  • Raj Shetty, UAE

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    'seedha saadha' (simple) man who did not play political games. Mutalikji due with huge respect on u iam saying,you are not suitable to politics so leave it.And understand India has changed a lot Hinduism always support changes, need of hour come out of your own version of radical Hindutva and learn something more on OSHO,Jiddu, Ramana mahrshi,Arubindo, Buddha, Swamy Rama , Swamy Yogananda. Fight for the cause of Hindu race dont fight against Hindu race.If your organization done pub attack protection of spirtual Hindusm then you shoud know there are mainy schools inside Hinduism which allows intoxication and alcohol, if u did it for the protection of social costume first your guys should stop chewing panparag, chainis, smoking drinking. Pub attack was not like Home stay attack, pub attack was seems preplanned and you justified it where Homestay birthday party attack HJV havent taken responsibility and claimed it as locals anguish against people who were partying.so please this election crucial for India tell your followers not to disturb BJP votes.

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    Tue, Mar 25 2014


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  • merw, udupi

    Tue, Mar 25 2014


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  • master, mlore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Pub attackers are prevented its ok.....where are home stay attackers....We all know to which political party they are aligned....media is mum on them

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  • damian mendonca, bejai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Political career? What carrier?...he should be handcuffed to a carrier

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  • stan, dubai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Why can't they write as record that he is the shortest time, member of leading party of INDIA??????

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  • Willy, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Yes pub attack and empty uneducated mind has cost him his political career, which fool will vote him? his looks and his tatoos all look so horror. Kick them out from this part of life, live them in some desert for the rest of their life.

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  • Ahmed, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Whatever the reason, Indians have been saved for time being from this monster becoming a politician.

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  • Mohandas Kapikad, Mangaluru

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Media is more biased in the issue of Muthalik. Once the matter is in court, what is need for media to highlight it again & again. Is Media above Court ?...Media too many time face case of defermation. Will they ever highlight it ? Like every individual he too can join any political party. If he joins BJP they will make hue & cry, & suppose if he try to join Congress, will they raise same voice ?
    Though Iam not a supporter of Muthalik, but most of time I feel Media is unnecessarily poking nose to make him a villan. If Muthalik is a culprit, some of media like TV9, Dainik Jagaran, Thelka, are equal in share, & most of us knows it.

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    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Pub attack not only shattered Mutalicks political ambition but it damaged Sanghparivar's image world wide in general and BJP's particular.How could rule of land ignored grossly?Police department stood as mute spectator.A civilized society never subscribes such an
    jungle rule.Any issues could be fought democratically in a nation like INDIA which is the largest living Democracy in the entire world.Being said that Sanghparivars and it's sister concerns like SENAs in fact created a hype that Indian Democracy in Danger!!!We are all humans and the Sena which attacks females and preciously,in the name Indian culture (moral policing)caused enough damage to India's reputation.Every thing in the world has to end one day and so RS.The same Mutalik's SENA hoisted Pakistani flag in Sindhagi which vouches how this SENA go down to create false propaganda against particular community.SO ASSOCIATING SUCH ELEMENT could give a serious jolt's BJP's ailing image nationally and internationally.MUTALIK's PLACE IS NOT IN POLITICS INSTEAD CENTRAL JAIL OF KARNATAKA.FINALLY EVERY ONE IS ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD IF NOT RULE OF LAND.A WOUNDED POISONOUS SNAKE(KANDODI)WILL WAIT FOR RIGHT SITUATIONS.......

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  • Peter, Bangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Why so much of importance to Muthalik ? If he contest election how many votes he gets ? 1000 , 2000 ..? That's its .!!

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  • Maxim Dsouza, Mangalore/Falnir

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    You will given Award Pub Award and pink award

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  • mohammed zubair, dubai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Shame shame puppy shame. ..all the people know you now. .. good decision taken by the b.j.p.. I don't think mangalore club incident was the main reason.. he has many other reasons for this exit

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  • AMKU, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    He doesn't know how to behave ..what he can teach to public? Or how can he save hindu people...he dint answer a single question of Times Now reporter..n ppl saying behind we dont allow times now ..scared?

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  • JNB, Bejai

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    From the beginning only he has no future,
    Where is carrier then?

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  • RP, Mlore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    Dont understand why publish news about people who are a 'waste'

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