Udupi: Snake bite snatches away 9-year-old boy's leg: Please help

Udupi: Snake bite snatches away 9-year-old boy's leg: Please help

Sheeja Moodubelle
Daijiworld Media Network - Udupi

Udupi, Aug 13: A young boy who was hale and hearty less than a fortnight ago now finds himself in hospital, with his one leg amputated.

Nine-year-old Kiran Rahul Fernandes, son of Wilma, a housewife, and Terry Fernandes, a taxi driver from Thottam, Malpe, is studying in the fourth standard at Kemmanu Convent School. On Monday August 5, he came home after playtime and told his mother that he had fallen from a tree and then fainted. His head was injured severely and immediately his mother took him to KMC Hospital.

There, he was treated first for the head injury and then he started speaking. But all of a sudden, his right leg started swelling, on which the doctor said that a diagnosis could be arrived at only after 24 hours. The doctors thought that it was a blood clot and operated upon the leg. However, the swelling persisted and a second operation was done but still the problem continued. Then the doctors suspected that the swelling might be due to venom. They asked Kiran and his family about this, but they could not shed any light on the matter.

Later, a snake bite antidote was administered to Kiran and his leg turned black. The doctor said that they would have to remove the poison affected area or else his life would be in danger. On Thursday August 8, Kiran’s right leg was amputated to save his life.

Apart from the unbearable loss and the agony that they had to suffer seeing their young son battling for life, the parents have had to shell out Rs 95,000 so far. Kiran will have to be in hospital for 25 days. He needs an artificial leg which will cost approximately Rs 5 lac to Rs 6 lac. Besides, Dr Anil K Bhat, who is treating him, has estimated the cost of treatment at around Rs 2 lac. Hence, Kiran needs approximately Rs 8 lac to get a new lease of life.

Those who wish to help young Kiran may contribute at the following address:

Bank Account Details

Kiran Rahul Fernandes
A/c No:- 01272210011540
Syndicate Bank, Kemmannu,
Opp St Theresa Church
Udupi Dist - 576115

ISFE Code:-  SYNB0000127

Contact: 9741995345 - Wilma (Mother)


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  • Nithin, Hyderabad

    Sat, Aug 24 2013

    Get well soon. My best Wishes with you...

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  • Amrith Deenraj, Manipal

    Wed, Aug 21 2013

    Sir,i posted this piece of info on my facebook wall..so that others can be aware...thank you..

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  • Kasim Shaikh, Mumbai

    Mon, Aug 19 2013

    Its a true story... I have done my bit, please help him

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  • Pascal Monteiro, Paldane/Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 18 2013

    Get well soon Kiran. We will pray for your speedy recovery. A token of help has been transferred to your account. Pascal/Rosalinda.

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  • Anita, Dubai

    Fri, Aug 16 2013

    Get well soon Kiran, We are all with you... n I have sent some amount n hope lot of people come forward to help you.

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  • Srinivasa Shetty, Udupi/KSA

    Thu, Aug 15 2013

    I did my bit on 13th Aug. Wish this innocent boy a very bright future.

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  • Dr S Kamath , Mumbai

    Thu, Aug 15 2013

    Dear K.Fernandes, Mangalore Amputation becomes necessary when the Gangrene ( Tissue Death) has taken place .An Institute Like KMC with Eminent Doctors will surely take Right Decision at the Right Time .If Amputation is not done the Pus will spread to other parts of the Body even if you have controlled the Venom with ASV

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  • Muralikrishna, Badanidiyoor/Bangaore

    Thu, Aug 15 2013

    Yes very sad to see my neighbor kiran on bed that to in this condition,which i never saw before,i met him in hospital,he is recovering,Please help him,May god bless him for his speedy recovery,and their parents to control their emotions.Thanks daiji for helping hand...!

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  • rajesh, mangalore

    Thu, Aug 15 2013

    god bless u kiran..thank u daiji world

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  • Ganesh, Kinnigoly

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    God bless.....

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    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    sorry to read the news.

    i just tranfferred a small amount to above mentioned syndicate bank account for kiran's treatment. wish him early recovery.

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  • lloyd monteiro, bangalore / thottam / vaz family

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    I have contributed some amount to above said account number, how do we know how much more they need?

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  • K.Fernandes, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    Mr. Alx Mangalore,Where is will, there is way. Simple way to find out is google. What ever mentioned by Daiji is 100% correct. I have already sent to the same code. Below are the further details, if u really need.


    State: KARNATAKA
    District: UDUPI (Click here for all the branches of "SYNDICATE BANK" in "UDUPI" District)
    Branch: KEMMANNU

    IFSC Code: SYNB0000127 (used for RTGS and NEFT transactions)
    Feel helped, please give 1 to it.

    Branch Code: Last six characters of IFSC Code represent Branch code.

    MICR Code: 576025035

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  • Alex, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    Mr. R Fernandes, you are right about all codes.
    I found out that Syndicate Bank doesnt let make "NEFT/RTGS transfers" to their own bank accounts/branches, except by "third party transfer option", and "beneficiary maintenance" opton made earlier.
    After getting these two options done, while doing the transfer I got the following error"

    Error code 12006.

    which is
    "Funds transfer will not happen as Net banking is not enabled for this beneficiary's account".
    These messages I have copied.

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  • J Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    Mr. Nanu, since you are their neighbour and have access to internet, could you please ask them to check on the website of jaipurfoot.org. They also have a branch at Bengaluru where they give free jaipur foot.

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  • Alex, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    I tried to make IFSC transfer from Syndicate bank itself, Seems the IFSC code is not found as it shows.
    May be not yet listed and registered in Syndicate Bank syndinet IFSC database.
    Can the concerned help to correct it.

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  • Vinayak, Mangalore / Dubai

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    The boy might have known that it was a snake bite, but might have got scared to tell his parents. Had he told the truth then amputation could have been avoided. Very sad indeed. Specially viper bite with even a little venom can decay the muscle. May god recover Kiran soon. Help on its way. Very sad to hear about this little child.

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    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    Very sad, thanks Daiji,for helping this family through this site.
    really they need our support.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    Poor Boy,a fall from tree and unluck with a snakebite lost his one leg.I just cant understand how the doctor neglected the swollen leg for 24hours and operated on a swollen leg.I feel something had gone wrong here.My good wishes for a early recovery .Thank you Daiji .

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  • Krish, Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    Sent a small donation to help this kid. Good work Daiji.

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  • Samuel D'Silva & Family, Brahmavar / Muscat

    Wed, Aug 14 2013

    Very painful to hear the news when we came to know. May God help the child and parents to give the courage to overcome this painful incident. Dear Daiji, thank you very much for publishing this which would help this needy family. Dear Daiji reader friends, let us help as much as we can to this noble cause.

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  • subramanyam bhat, kasaragod

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Sorry to hear the sad news.
    My contribution sent through NEFT just now..

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    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    dear daiji team,


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  • Merissa mendonsa, Thottam

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Please help this cute boy....may god bless u.......
    From melwyn and fly

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  • Flora Dsouza, Kalmady (Jerimeri-Mumbai)

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Baba Kiran wish you fast recovery and God Bless. Thanks Daiji for your helping hand and wish you great success.

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  • Achhu, Mlore

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Cute boy... please help

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  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Thanks Dr.Kamath for valuable tips for snake bites.Readers especially in rural areas should note this drug(ASV)May be useful to somebody someday.

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  • K.Fernandes, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Very sad incident.Pray Almighty to speedy recovery of Kiran along with generous financial helping hands.
    Dear Dr.S. Kamath,do the ampute was necessary in this case? Even though I'm not a doctor, know russell viper bite can case rapid swelling and can be treated without ampute. Seen these type of highly swollen cases at my native and treated by home doctors without ampute.

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  • sg, india

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    A small donation from my side is already sent by net transfer today to this account. May god bless the child with speady recovery and a fruitfull life in future - santosh prabhu

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    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Good job daiji, Keep up the good work.

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  • Dr S Kamath, Mumbai

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Very Sad News. Important Suggestion for those at risk of Snake Bites :  

    1. Never allow any open holes in and around the House... Close them with Concrete .
    2.Keep stock of ASV ( Anti snake Venom ) manufactured by the Haffkine institute ,Mumbai .This is one of the best in the world in that it contains Antidote to all the common snakes Found in India .You need not bother to find whether it is Krait ,Cobra or Viper .This Contains Mixture of all snakes Anti Venom .BUT SHOULD BE INFUSED IN A HOSPITAL OR NURSING HOME as reactions can happen but that cane be easily managed by any Nursing home
    3. Never allow the patient move his limbs and dont allow to sleep Reassure him before reaching hospital 4. A light Compression bandage just proximal to the wound can be applied but it should not be too tight to occlude arteries
    5.Dont cut the wound with blades as it may lead to spread of infection

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  • ONEIL DSOUZA, Thottam / Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    As one family Every body from Thottam Parish have come forward to help the child. Its an Request to all Readers of Daijiworld to Help the Needy, As i have done some commitment to the family. Lets All Help in Some way or the other. Thanks to Daijiworld Again

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  • Anand, karkala

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Helping hands surely will come out. Thanks Daiji for taking the initiative.

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  • Suraj, Pandeshwar/Dubai

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    It sad that a young boy had to bear the loss of leg. May almighty give him strength. I will be sending some donation soon. I am sure all like minded will do so to help this young needy child and their parents.

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  • Terry Furtado , Thottam /Dubai

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Thank you suraj you are the first one to come forward and help this kid.God bless you.

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  • Terry, Thottm / Dubai

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Thank you Daiji world.helping this kid.

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  • Nanu Marol, Thottam

    Tue, Aug 13 2013

    Really a Heartbreaking Incident.They are my neighbours and Deffinetely they can't afford for this amount.We all should Come together to give a new Lease of Life to Kiran.Requesting all the philanthropist to be kind enough as we had supported Number of cases such before and given the New Life for the Needy One.

    God Bless....

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