Keenan-Rueben Murder Case: Is it Wrong to Stand up for What is Right?

Keenan-Rueben Murder Case: Is it Wrong to Stand up for What is Right?

By Diana Menezes

Mumbai, Nov 8: First of all my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of Keenan and Reuben.
Being a young woman born and brought up in Mumbai, the story of Keenan and Rueben has personally disturbed my mind. Sitting thousands of miles away from Mumbai and reading the various versions of this incident on the internet and news channels, one question that remains unanswered in my mind is - Will Keenan and Rueben ever get justice? When Kasab hasn't been hanged yet, I wonder if the 13 murderers will ever climb at least the steps of the court. I hate to say all this, but I too am an Indian, a Mumbaiyya dil se - and we cannot run away from the reality we are living.
Eve-teasing is not a recent invention. Young girls and women have always been the target of anti-social goons on the road. Young girls and women, irrespective of their age had no privilege to ever roam freely on streets or have a late night life. Be it alone or in groups, with husbands or dads, women never escaped eve-teasing. Today while the memories of this ghastly incident is still alive in our minds, can we take inspiration from these two young boys and raise our voices enough to bring an end to this hateful life of women? Can we raise our voices loud enough that Keenan and Reuben hear us and feel proud of what they see?

How many of us are going to be the next Keenan and Reuben? How many of us are going to keep our voices raised until someone has heard it? How many of us are genuinely gathered to support and not to just be a part of some happening event and talk of the town. Terrorist walk into our country kill the hundreds of innocent lives in our neighbourhood - Mumbai is back to life the next day.... Is this what each mumbaikar should be proud of?
What justice is it that we need to fight for? Is it a tit- for- tat? Or seeing the murderers hang to death or imprisoned for life is justice? Justice will be done to Keenan & Rueben and to all their loved ones when these murderers and their sponsorers are punished as per the law. Justice will be done if every next person who attempts to eve tease a girl tomorrow would remember the punishment given to this gang of murderers and stop himself. Justice will be done if the people guarding the law and order situation in this country pull out every anti-social group from every corner of Mumbai and rest of the nation and punishes them. Justice will be done if our own sisters and mothers could walk freely on the streets of Mumbai every night feeling safe and respected. When will that justice prevail?
Sorry if I offend anyone, but sincerely I do not expect any politician or any government official to support us today. These people fight with hidden motives and intentions. They are faced with innumerous scams today and they are busy saving their own asses. It’s the people’s voice that will make a difference. The hundreds gathered at the funeral and the millions on Facebook and Twitter are the ones I am calling to gather. Let's raise one big voice of humanity and make a difference. Frankly speaking I too have no idea how to make a difference within a corrupt system, but I do know we must set every ass involved in this on fire. What Keenan and Reuben started we got to finish. Their names should never be history and neither should what they fought for.
Where are the photos of murderers? Why cant we call a Mumbai Bandh to mourn our loss? Where is policeman who barged into the ICU room of Reuben in the hospital and possibly added to the agony of Reuben? Fourteen days of custody and then what happens to the murderers? Did the bystanders who watched it all have no spine? Is this story going to get lost just like the serial bomb blasts or the terrorist attack? Is this incident going to be just another one to talk of town and forgotten in a few days?
One of my friends asked me today: Where is Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachann, Sachin Tendulkar? Oh, they are celebrities… They talk only when something happens to their family and their industry... May be they don’t feel the pulse of the Mumbai’s crying hearts…May be they are scripting this story and signing some contracts for the next up coming movie on Keenan and Reuben... ???
It's high time we take back the right to make justice from the hands of cowards in this society. Let us all together give a new definition to Justice.
I remember a quote from my childhood: "come on India dikhado, Duniya ko hilado"
Let us not leave this incomplete. We assure support to Keenan and Reuben's family till the end....



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  • Ramya, Tamil Nadu

    Sat, Nov 19 2011

    its not that they did not want to call the police,.....@ that particular moment ur mind just cant think of anything....even the people around them could have called d police...
    but i agree with your other statement... its worthless fighting with those brainless

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  • John, Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 11 2011

    Sometimes showing bravery infront of goons becomes stupidity.Confrontation with anti social elements is always at risk.People should be wise enough to tackle situation rather fighting with bad elements directly.
    I am really surprised why these boys didn't call police when they have cell phones with them.Is it to become heros infront of their girl friends!
    All those killers should be kept in prison for atleast 20 years.

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 10 2011

    Very Pity to hear the death of innocent boys.
    May God console their father and mother and the survived ones.
    Both of you are wonderful and may you Rest In Peace.
    May God punish the guilty.

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  • Anand Monis, Muscat/mangalore

    Thu, Nov 10 2011

    Very sad indeed. They will be remembered always.
    It is very disgusting that nobody came forward to help them. Guilty must be punished quickly to set an example for others. All women/ladies must unite & come forward to bring in stringent laws for their protection. This has been long pending.
    Media must take up this issue till it reaches logical conclusion.

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  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Thu, Nov 10 2011

    Mr.Rudolf Rodrigues, Loretto/Mumbai/Mangalore..I fully agree with you.. It's mistake of other party who might be abused first the attackers..otherwise no body can comes to the conclusion to end lives of two people!!!!never..just for's happen all over the world..trend now changed to 'adam-teasing' than 'eve-teasing'...

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  • Don D'Souza, Mangalore/Nasik

    Thu, Nov 10 2011

    May God comfort the grieving parents and grant eternal rest unto the departed. It is sad the boys had to meet with such a tragic end. According to reports "the goons left but not before threatening to take vengeance." The group should have taken the threat seriously and left the scene. Also a boy from the group first slapped the accused which was not a prudent thing to do especially to such anti-social elements whose evil intentions were clear to the group, and the accused were in all probability drunk. Also it's not wise for youngsters to hangout late at night with girls particulary in some areas in which these goons live/frequent.

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  • Maddy, Mumbai

    Wed, Nov 09 2011

    I am proud of Keenan-Reuben.

    Murderers should b hanged. If any one sees eve teasing den please go n stop n dnt afraid of anything think dat da women is ur MOM, frnd,sis or wife.

    Please STOP Eve teasing

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  • Anil, Mumbai

    Wed, Nov 09 2011

    Agree that we Indians are cowards ! It this was in Pakistan some..anyone...might have come forward to help..thats the difference..I am not taking up sides of pak...but this is stark truth. My heart goes out to the father who lost his young son..I will wait patiently to see if these wasted pieces of fetus..carring weapons and harrasing ladies..will ever be punished....Im waiting...

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  • Richard Pinto, Mumbai

    Wed, Nov 09 2011


    I feel what these fellow youngsters have done is unforgettable and also have placed a platform for a mission which has not yet reached its par for the past many years. Its High time now that we need to get our act together and deal with this vicious problem. Tommorow it can be our own daughters, Sisters or wives and would'nt expect them to be a victim for Eve teasing.

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  • Richard Pinto, Mumbai

    Wed, Nov 09 2011


    I feel what these fellow youngsters have done is unforgettable and also have placed a platform for a mission which has not yet reached its par for the past many years. Its High time now that we need to get our act together and deal with this vicious problem. Tommorow it can be our own daughters, Sisters or wives and would'nt expect them to be a victim for Eve teasing.

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  • Cynthia, Bombay / Dubai

    Wed, Nov 09 2011

    Firstly my heartfelt condolences to the family & frndz of Reuben & Keenan. I sort of agree with Rudolf Rodrgiues. The best thing for the youngsters was to leave the place immediately after the first scuffle. At times it is better to be a coward than a Superhero.......none of us here is Superman or Spiderman.
    With such things happening in Bombay i am quite ashamed to call myself a Bombite now. We call India a democratic county but none of our actions and deeds show that. A woman cant walk alone even in broad daylight. Such people who carry on eve teasing should be stripped and beaten up.
    Neways I guess with people from other parts of the country coming in to Bombay, such incidents will happen more often.....people from the the rural areas who have never seen a woman with sleevless or shorts, how do you expect them to react? No doubt migration to other parts of Europe / Australia and other countries are on the rise.

    I dont think eve teasing can ever be solved in India......

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  • Raj, Udupi

    Wed, Nov 09 2011

    If these brothers handled this issues in a skillful manner then they can save their life's.
    ಬೀಸೋ ದೊಣ್ಣೆ ತಪ್ಪಿಸಿಕೊಂಡರೆ ನೂರು ವರ್ಷ ಆಯಸ್ಸು

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  • deon, mangalore/uae

    Wed, Nov 09 2011

    SO Rudolf Rodrigues

    As per latest news(quoted from IBN) mumbai police setting up special squad to tackle eve teasing and any violence against women.

    This is because of the reuben/keenan incident.

    what thee guys did was right.

    A girl will be proud to have such guy rather than a coward guy.

    You cant tactically resolve suhc situation these are not the guys sitting in corporate ac offices they should dealt with slap ofcourse..


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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Loretto/Mumbai/Mangalore

    Wed, Nov 09 2011

    Hi Anil Pinto, if the Mumbai newsreports are to be seen the deceased first abused and slapped the attackers. In a metro city like Mumbai with a large floating population and the underworld and various criminal gangs active one cannot just go out and do this, you never know what sort of person you are confronting is. The best thing they should have done was to leave the place rather after the first altercation was over. You do not know the mentality of these desperadoes. For them killing people is not a big issue, their minds are tuned to dangerous violence. Yes if you want to play with your life, one can display such spontaneous acts of bravery!!

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  • Anil Pinto, Mumbai/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    I'd like to respond to Mr. Rudolf Rodriques comment. Yes, it is foolishness to confront a bunch of weapon brandishing drunk hooligans - but if you read the news carefully, the 13 roques surfaced after the first fight.

    Their only mistake was to stay on the road after the first scuffle. They should have left the place immediately . They probably did not anticipate that things could turn so ugly.

    I' am extremely proud of what they did - how many of us have the guts to do what they had done on that day.

    Standing up for what is right is not foolishness - It is a very noble deed and we need a lot more of such young men and women to rid our corrupt and cowardly society of its evils. We need more of Keenans, Reubens and Anna Hazares.


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  • Rilson Dsouza, Permannur

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    Diana nice thought,
    I feel we only talk about a cause but never walk for a cause, or may be we wait some one to initiate on this unitl a new episode for a new cause has begun. This scociety is totally led by hypocrites, Sorry to say this but thats the truth.
    If we are not hypocrites we cannot live in this society?
    Its high time now we have been talking but never walking. I feel sad and helpless because even me,only talks....

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  • Kumar, Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    Have you ever attended/Participated any of, at least one of the protest or dharna in your life time??? and this question i would like to ask all of you who ever giving their suggestions over here. "suggestions" this is what we get in india for free of cost.

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  • Richa, Delhi

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    United we stand to fight for justice. Lets us all together for justice.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Loretto/Mumbai/Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    It is foolishness on one's part to think he is brave by confronting a bunch of hooligans armed with dangerous weapons and under the influence of alcohol. The wise thing would be to skilfully handle the situation rather than abuse and assault these criminal minded people and incur their wrath. They do not have to lose anything as they will be out on bail and back into the business, but it is a big loss for the families of Keenan and Santos!!

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  • Shilpa, Shilpa

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    we indians are a bunch of cowards..i don't know what is the point of being alive if you don't know the basic values of life like standing up against the wrong, defending someone etc.

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  • megha, mumbai

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    Oohhhh its so sad to see all this happening in real ....god plzzz give us strength to stand for good n right ....

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  • Dr Kusuma Kumari G , Nellore/Kodyadka

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    This is very sad, I feel sad for both these boys. These days people will help only if they reliase that they are getting money, Money only will make people help now.If poeple think they are not getting money they will not help people, I have had a bad experience with this before.

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  • Austin, mangalore

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    Diana, this is a very thoughtful article from you. It should really awaken the people.

    One thing I found quite intimidating in your article is the question asked by your friend, where are Shahurukh, Amitabh, Sachin etc. First of all my question to your friend why do we need these celebrities. What is their value addition contribution to the whole episode? They will use this opportunity to enhance their own image and the use it get more mileage for them.

    In the best expected case, they will come with their bandwagon of fans and media, give some rosy speeches, then the news will spread in all media and everybody will forget then. They will never do anything beyond this. All their fighting will be in the reel life only and not in the real life. This is not going to give us any justice and stop looking forward for help from them. We the people now should forget that we will be able to get any help from these celebrities, politicians or the self-proclaimed leaders of the society. Except for their self-interest and selfish motives these people have not had iota of real concern for the ordinary people.

    It is high time we Indians should come out of the celebrity mania and build our own organization base to fight this kind of terrorism. As you rightly said let’s take the justice from the hands of these cowards. Let this be a movement of we ordinary Indians, the most affected of these heinous crime. Let us stand up for ourselves, our brothers and sisters, our children and p

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  • Francis Premkumar Rego, Siddakatte

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    Anybody will try to depend themselves/their loved ones from external attack. We should really proud of these brave hearts, Keenan and Reuben. But the sad part is all our brothers (be it politicians, officials and celebrities) acting like cowards/impotents.

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  • Alfred D'souza, Bendoor, Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    What a spineless society we live in today that too in a place like Mumbai? One can not live without a sword. You have said it all where are our celebraties they can turn the tide against these goons, murderers. Do they need a special invite to serve the society they share their lives in? I wish, we lived under an Emergency Law as we do not deserve to be a part and parce of Democracy. What does it give us to be democratic? Death, injustice and a cornered life ?

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  • marie d'souza, kevni pada - andheri/Dubai

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    United we stand to fight for justic,there should be a mumbai bund one day to mourn for these young brave boys. Lets us all prayer together for justice.

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  • Tauseef, mangalore

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    Its not at all wrong in standing up for what is wrong...The only problem is we the people are divided amongst ourselves...divide into religions,into castes,into political parties...thats all...Kindly refer to the comments on the news of Keenan's and reuben's murder...we get to see many cowards living amongst ourselves who forget fighting against wrong but dont even comment in favor of the right doers...
    Until and unless we all forget all our discriminations and accept everybody living amongst us our brothers all such incidents will keep happening again and again...people have become selfish and self centred..I sincerely beg of everybody who reads this news or my comment to please stand up atleast when women are in trouble..or atleast support people who are standing up against the wrong doers...please...lets be united atleast fot this cause..

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  • jagdish, Mumbai, UAE

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    It is really hard to beleive, but it is fact.It happened in Mumbai it can happen in any part of india where goons have upper hands. It is indeed sad, people watched the incident instead of helping them out. Now a days specially in metros no one bothers about others after all everyone bothered about their own safety. Gov't will not take any action, even if culprits convicted by lower court they will appeal in the upper court, we have such a long procedure by the time the incident become history and new incident will happen. Where are the political parteis MNS and ShivSena who beat poor people, why cant they eliminate this goondasim and make clean mumbai. We need to come together and think together to elimiate this kind of barbarism ever.

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  • jassim, mangalore/saudi arab

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    kill them all if such incident happen anywhr in india . people has to stand geather with kn relegious or els you will next .

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  • Premavathi, Delhi

    Tue, Nov 08 2011

    Wake up India, wake up!!

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