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Congress-JD(S) coalition is '20 percent commission govt': Modi in Koppal

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Gangavathi (Koppal), Apr 12: Relaunching the 'commission' attack against the state government that he had used last Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday April 12 termed the Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka as a '20 percent commission government'.

Addressing a rally here in north Karnataka as part of his Lok Sabha election campaign ahead of polling on April 18 and 23, Modi attacked the Congress-JD(S) coalition on the issue of corruption and said, "Congress-JD(S) coalition has no mission. Their only mission is commission."

Modi branded the earlier government led by Siddaramaiah as a '10 percent commision' government, but now with Congress and JD(S) joining hands, it had become a '20 per cent commission government', he said.

"The money they are looting is being transferred to a residence in Delhi's Tughlak road. Their hunger for money is never satiated," he said.

Attacking chief minister H D Kumaraswamy over his purported statement that only the poor join defence forces, which the CM denied having said, the PM said, "What the chief minister said is wrong. You (Kumaraswamy) cannot escape by simply saying you have been misquoted. You are insulting the defence forces. Go drown yourself for making such statements. Soldiers join the defence forces to serve their country, remember that!"

"The coalition government in Karnataka has no concern for the common man. When asked if nation comes first or family, leaders of both Congress and JD(S) choose family over nation," he said, asking whether the Lok Sabha elections were about 'nation first or family first', as he attacked the dynasty politics of several anti-BJP parties.

In a veiled attack at JD(S) supremo Deve Gowda, PM Modi said, "They are going against the sentiments of the people by giving tickets to grandsons. The coalition government has money to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, but has no money to renovate the world renowned Hampi heritage site."

Launching a tirade against the Congress, Modi linked the IT raids on aides of Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath, claiming this was 'Tughlak Road chunavi ghotala' (election scam). Tughlak Road is the residence of a "naamdar neta" in Delhi where funds are being sent, Modi said. "Child nutrition funds given to Madhya Pradesh government are being used for elections. Habits of the Congress won't go. The Chowkidar is alert and that is why he could arrest the thieves," he said.

The PM said that if elected back to power, his government would deposit money in the bank accounts of farmers. "Farmers above the age of 60 will be given pension. Every individual will be assured of security and prosperity for the next five years."

The Prime Minister also drew huge applause when he spoke in Kannada towards the end of his speech, hailing every strata of society and asking them to say 'Chowkidar'. He told the gathering that looking at the massive turnout and the love people have showered on him in Gangavathi, some people in Delhi will be experiencing sleepless nights.

He also said that the first phase of polling held on April 11 has created a pro-BJP wave in the nation. "There is a clear pro-BJP wave in West Bengal. The sea of people gathered here seems like a wave too. It will definitely bring the Modi government back to power on May 23," the PM said.

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    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Karnatakada Bellarida mines da gani lootudu Janardana Reddy brothers(Former BJP Karnataka Ministers) and Yediyurappa Crores of amount given to BJP Party fund , why FEKU not talking about that.

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  • Anup, Venoor

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    We Indian luckiest in the world i hope?... You never find PM like MODI... The only party has no agenda rather than blaming opposition party and that was big achievement in between 5 years. If state govt in corruption then why cant take action against them instead of uttering at rallies. He has prime authority to action on them. Y is silent? God must save our country if elected PM again. Hope same slogan will be repeated today at Mangalore also.

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  • Af,,, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Can Modi talk about RAFAEL , Now airoplane gasoline also handed over to Ambanis, next schools,airports ,IT companies.

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  • Chandu, Karla

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Tired of listening same old song. Please talk about 15 lakh in each citizens account, 10 Crore jobs in five years vs unemployment, smart cities all over the country vs lack of drinking water, health and sanitation, digital India vs BSNL not having money to pay salaries to employees, make in India vs closure of businesses and enterprises, so on. How long people will get fooled God only knows.

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  • mona, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    If Congress-JD(S) coalition is '20 percent commission govt
    so is BJP a 300 percent commission Govt ?

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  • Dolfus I S Crasta, Bangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    May be theirs is less, so burning.

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  • abdulla, india

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Economy: economy: economy
    Employment: employment and Employment is the need of the Hour.
    For consistent 10% GDP growth The real Architect The Wizard.The Professional Person is only Dr. Manmohan Singh.only
    So, in the best interest of the nation bring him back with Honors.
    keep all other differences behind

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  • anthony, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Shamefull for the PM talk about corruption given his shamefull conduct in the Rafale Scam and his desperate attempts to scuttle all probes be it Joint Parlimantary Probe or CBI probe by dismissing the CBI Director. Kapal Sibal's press interview two days ago of the Biggest Scam of the BJP post Demonitisation. Daijworld readers can access this Huge Gutala on

    Modi has no Moarl Right left to talk on corruption until he clears his name in the Rafale Scam and orders fast track investigations into all cases of corruption in the last five years mostly in BJP 4uled states.

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  • Wilson, UDUPI

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Dear Feku, it's true but not in Karnataka, it's in Central 80% Ambanis and Adani and 20 you chowkidar.

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  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Feku has nothing to say about his achievements other than blaming opposition for his failure. Everything goes to Gujrath and his cronies. What about his Karnataka BJP President who was sent to prison for looting the state. What about Karnataka BJP MINISTERS who were charged for corruption? . We people here are not mugs to be to be fooled by feku and his baths. What happened to his star campaigner Adhinath? He soon found that we are not fools. He exploiting IAF and Army sacrifices are his own and claiming credit for their bravery and asking votes in their name. Really shameful act by any politician.

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  • Cynthia DSouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Valerian DSouza, Udupi/Mumbai , you are right.
    Any fraught/cheat that brings more happiness in terms of money /other ways, that works short term not long term

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  • prem, moodbidri

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Congress-JD(S) coalition is '20 percent commission govt', but your Govt is 60 percent commission Govt. You are lucky, big media houses in the country are in your pocket and they are hiding your failure and giving you so much of build up for nothing!!!

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  • SP Shetty, Dubai

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Modi is Such a Powerfull Leader India ever witnessed.

    In future there will lessons in school saying All the Parties has to unite to deafet a Single Modi that powerful he was.

    BTW even Russia gave highest civilian award to Modi today, what a man he is we are lucky to have him as a PM of Bharat.

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  • Avinash, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    He is allergic to minorities but can take a walk from Islam and Catholic countries. What a hypocrite???. Mera PM Ch.. hai.

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  • ummar, mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    yes everyne knows he is famous since 2001 form gujarath what he did thirr..

    and he is donating our india to rich people adani anbani

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  • sandesh, mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    today modi s NDA ...40 partys allaince ......but in 1977almost all parties came together to defeat a single women ....even our kumaraswamy received dactorate from university of jerusalem...and jailgone yeddi from saginaw valley university USA .....AND RAJENDRA KUMAR ALSO FROM malesia..ethiuopia...maleria..algeria ..universitys..and charles shobharaj also received dactorate from.......

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  • Abdul Jabbar, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019


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  • NITIN, karkala

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    I am an ordinary Indian Citizen and I love my Country. During the last five years of BJP ruined out country
    Here are a few observations:
    • increasing the fuel prices without any justification when the crude price is comparitivily low. (now $ 58 barrel Manmohan singh govt it was $120 still petrol was cheaper Dr. Manmohan Singh govt)
    • LPG crossed over the 1000 mark... double the price of 2014.
    • BJP Govt has tried to hijack every independent institution.
    • First time in Indian history raid at CBI HQ.
    • Highest Unemployment Rate in 45 years.
    • Least accountable Prime Minister in 70 years (First PM to give 0 unscripted press conferences)
    • First time in history of India, CBI vs CBI, RBI vs Govt infighting
    • First time in history of India, 4 Supreme Court judges give a press conference to say democracy is in danger.
    • First time in history of India, top secret Defense documents stolen from Defense Ministry office (Rafale).
    • First time in history of India, if you criticize Govt, you will be labeled Aunty-National.
    • First time in history the man who has no idea of even the basics of economics took the decision on his own Note ban, pushing into misery millions of Indians.
    • First time in history BSNL fails to pay salary to its 1.7 lakh employees.
    • First time in history HAL brings 10000cr to pay its employee salary.
    • First time in history of India, foreign funding and corruption is legalized
    • Worst price slump for Farmers in 18 years
    • Missing jobs and misleading statistics.
    • First time in history The Real Chowkidar (Tej Bahadur) will fight elections against the Fake Chowkidar in Varanasi.
    • First time in history Statistics Which Cast Doubts On Govt’s Achievements Are Suppressed Or Revised.
    • First time in history Highest ever Cow related violence and Mob Lynching on record.
    • First time in history statistics relating to job, GDP manipulated/held back to hide Govt. inefficiency.

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  • Af,,, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Good points, but what to bro these andh bkaths will not bothered abt these, they evn not botherd abt their children future ,they have guarrenty that they will get jobs in rss, bajaragdal vhp sangh parivar groups,

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  • Vicharvyakthi, Udupi

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Modi’s vocabulary in election campaigns restricted only to opponents . For a change talk about your how many people you fooled with broken promises. At least talk to us about how felt wearing 10 laakh suit, your experiences of countless foreign tours in last 5 years, why you demonetized National currency, how many statues you built to honour heroes of your choice, how many kilograms of HongKong mushrooms you ate and what did you do for common man for his needs, how many jobs you created for people and there are other issues like, ghar waapas, how many unwanted cows you found shelter ???

    Talk about your vies on Democracy and Constitution of India and what are it’s guarantees for all the of India

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  • Vaishak, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    Modi Sahab People are tired of hearing your false speeches. Why don't you speak about the promises you made in 2014 election? GST 18% which poor person can pay.

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  • Rajesh, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    What about that 3lack core kota currency exchange deal.

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  • Harold Dcunha, Mangalore, India.

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    Talk about 2014 promises. Where are the 2 crores jobs every year. Why Ram Mandir is not built. Whyu Ganga river is not cleaned till now.

    Rafaeel deal of Rs. 30,000 crores given to Anil Ambani Company which was newly incorporated discarding the order to HAL. After all Chawkidar Chor hai and feku is always feku.

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  • flavian dsouza, chik/bengaluru

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    RESULTS are out !!
    UP- BJP 38 - BSP/SP-38 CONGRESS- 4
    BIHAR - BJP+ JDU= 24 CONGRESS + RJD = 16
    AP- YSRC =20 OTHERS 2
    ORISSAA -BJD -14 BJP 5
    WB-TMC -35 OTHERS 5

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  • Narendra Kumar, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    This FWKHU master does not talk what he has then promised in 2014 to Indian electorate and won thw game and don't show his achievements of his 5 year rule of minimum government and maximum governance by not being in India most of the time. His governance was to send his crony friends out of country after looting. As someone said a person is known by his friend circle....

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  • DON, Udupi

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    How many %%% in Rafael?

    DisAgree [5] Agree [42] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sahil, Mangaluru

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    Farewell ceremony is going well wish you all the best........

    DisAgree [2] Agree [46] Reply Report Abuse

  • M Shetty, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    Last time NaMo was saying direct 10% and this year 20%. He has no agenda other than blaming the opposition. Zero development in 5 years.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • SmR, Karkala

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    While PM Modi and BJP is busy in deflecting the attention from the voters of India, there are two important developments which show why 'chowkidaar is a Chor' and also how his carefully nurtured friendship with Pakistan is getting him Pak PM Imran Khan’s support.
    Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan supported Narendra Modi’s return as India’s prime minister after this year’s parliamentary polls, it clearly shows secret nexus with the neighboring country.
    Is Imran Khan joins BJP’s MainBhiChowkidar campaign?
    Secondly, the Supreme Court has dismissed preliminary objections by the government to consider documents "stolen" from the defense ministry as evidence in the Rafale fighter jet case. It says it will fix the date for hearing review petitions on Rafale deal case. The Modi government has been exposed layer by layer in the Rafale scam. The SC has rejected the claims made by the Centre that the documents related to the deal had been stolen. Now, it is clear that the Modi government has done some scam in the Rafale deal.
    Imran Khan says he wants NaMo to be PM again. Is Pakistan funding BJP through anonymous electoral bonds too?
    Modiji comes to Karnataka and shares a stage with former Chief Minister Yedurrapa who spent 21 days in jail in denotification and mining kickbacks from Bellary Reddy's who is also with him.
    Did PM Modi and BJP forget, this the same JD(S) they had a coalition and failed to pull the coalition government thrice through 'operation Kamala' offering more than Rs 50 crores each plus legal assistance? Modi is talking as if his party is holy like 'Ganga Jal'. But wants to forget Rs 1800 crores from the diary of Jailbird Yedurappa.
    1. Is Rs1800 crores corruption for BJP is less than 20% commission government?
    2. What about the 'Electrical bonds' which BJP made corruption legal for the party funding?
    3. Why Pakistani PM Imran Khan want PM Modi to come back to power arch rivals only a few days before threatening with missile attacks?

    DisAgree [5] Agree [34] Reply Report Abuse

  • NPshetty, Moodbidri

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    Pakistan PM well understood that “Honest enemy is much better than a false friend”, a false friend can do more damage than any good.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [4] Reply Report Abuse

  • SmR, Karkala

    Sat, Apr 13 2019

    NPshetty, Moodbidri
    Sir, Are you referring the honest enemy to Hafiz Saeed which BJP home delivered in Kandahar hostage crisis which Pakistan Premier Imran Khan shielding?
    Gentleman, Don't mix friendship with the enemy. First, try to find the right definition of the true meaning of 'Friendship'.
    Jai Hind

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  • Langoolacharya.,

    Fri, Apr 12 2019


    If India wants to be a developed nation it has to do these 2 things...

    1. Stop Corruption especially political corruption...if politicians are non-corrupt, no official can dare to be corrupt.

    2. Stop reservation- both in education and jobs- this curse exists only in India, no where else in the world this exists-except India-this kills talent.

    Now BJPeee says CONngress is corrupt and CONngress is saying BJPee is my opinion both are corrupt...perhaps BJPeee is less corrupt than CONgress.....

    In my opinion....both parties are unfit to rule India in future...


    DisAgree [11] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

  • Neha, D.k

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    One more thing.. we also need to give up communalism.. we need to be United.. humanity is the foundation of a healthy society.. so for ur kind knowledge.. bjpeee can never meet the above criteria..

    DisAgree [4] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jemma, Pilarkana

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    Dancy, congress corruption is tolerable as long as it doesn't affect comman man's lives. But BJP's corruption has devastating effect on comman people combined with divisive, communal and hate politics.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [26] Reply Report Abuse

  • Valerian DSouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    It's sad, PM Modi is mostly using negative language of his political opponents.
    But his own friends, who accompanied him in business summit like Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Lalit Modi, are all bank fraudsters and Adani & Anil Ambani are massive bank defaulters. One is known by the friends he keeps.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [44] Reply Report Abuse

  • flavian dsouza, chik/bengaluru

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    Rafeal - 50000 crores !!!banks looted to the tune of 5 lak crore via adani/ambani route !!listen to Kapil sibals sting operation press conference on demonnitisation !!

    DisAgree [7] Agree [50] Reply Report Abuse

  • stan, Qatar

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    che che che........Last time also said same thing. I think forgot change script writer.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [43] Reply Report Abuse

  • Imran, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    20% is sab ka saat sab ka vikas but he has given 100% to 6 business man

    DisAgree [3] Agree [26] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vishu, Moodbidri

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    This, we can 'ALL' agree upon.

    DisAgree [18] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • PINTO, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    Earlier Prime Ministers used to talk about the achievements of their governments and seeking votes. This man doesn't speakes about it even by mistake..

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  • MeinBhiFenku, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    Is there anythings to speak other than JUUMLA ?????

    DisAgree [2] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse


    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    More than 20% sir. The Nation wants to know, please. Since SC has Refused the government's advice to steer clear of the electoral bonds scheme of political funding, and has passed interim directions, directing political parties to provide full information on each and every political donor and contributions made through electoral bonds in sealed cover to the Election Commission of India (ECI), we will come to know who are the major forces that drive government policies. People have a right to know who is fueling the corrupt and crony capitalism. If an individual can create/invent a defense company and procure 30,000 crores defense contract, there is something too seriously wrong with our system. Do ordinary voters know what is happening? Is congress interested in being transparent? Is not what Justice Santosh Hegde had said very true that all parties are corrupt and rotten? Not 20% but 100%.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Nithin Poojary, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    From 550 Crores to 1600 crores per aircraft...... what would be the commission percentage..... any guesses??

    DisAgree [6] Agree [52] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    BJP is partnership of Ambani, Adani, Mehul Chokshi Narendra, Lait & Nirav Modi ...

    DisAgree [7] Agree [62] Reply Report Abuse

  • Deva, Pilar

    Fri, Apr 12 2019

    20% is far less than 100% or more

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