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Mangaluru: BJP protests against Tipu Jayanti, blames govt for dividing society

Pics: Spoorthi Ullal

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (SB)

Mangaluru, Nov 9: The BJP On Friday protested in front of DC's office against the state government for its decision to celebrate Tipu Jayanti.

Brijesh Chowta, general secretary, BJP district committee inaugurated the protest.

Chowta addressing the protesters, said, "Kumaraswamy government has decided to continue celebrating Tipu Jayanti which was started by Siddaramaiah government to woo a particular community. But that community itself has clarified that Tipu is not a true Muslim and they told government not to give importance to him,”

“Without considering these facts, Kumaraswamy has once again proclaimed Tipu as saint. We don't understand why the government is celebrating his Jayanthi which is not acceptable for the people of state." he added.

"By declaring to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, state government is indirectly giving a message that it is with the communal people, murderers and those who divide the society. BJP condemns the government's move and despite it being a government programme, we are not supporting Tipu Jayanti. Our MLAs have already sent letters to the government. They have stated that they will not be participating in this particular event. We cannot accept Tipu, who is a communal leader, non- believer and autocratic ruler," he said.

In his speech Robert Rosario, member of Kraistara Rashtriya Okkuta said, "Tipu was a murderer and he never tolerated people from religions like Christians and Hindus. He killed more than sixty thousand Christians and destroyed several churches in South Canara. Hindus saved some churches during his rule. He tried to build his own empire. Forcefully he converted thousands of Christians to Islam. By celebrating his Jayanti, Kumaraswamy government is doing a big mistake. As continuation of this, tomorrow someone will come with a demand of Kasab Jayanthi or Veerappan Jayanthi. Some naxal minded communists will back them. So it is our demand to the government to withdraw Tipu Jayanti immediately."

Leaders Santhosh Kumar Boliyar, Sanjay Rao, and others were present during the protest.


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    Sat, Nov 10 2018

    Just waiting for a reason to protest
    Useless people
    Protest against Petrol
    Toll,BAD Road's, water etc etc
    There are so many genuine reason common people are suffering
    Why are you Putting your leg In other's problem

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  • Joseph, India

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Christians have lost their self respect...and their pet party is supporting the murderer of my older generation... Shameless...

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  • ca girishkk, m'lore/dxb

    Sat, Nov 10 2018

    My primary school teacher in Mission school once told that - Forgiveness is the biggest qualities of Christianity & one who don't practice this tenets can't call himself as a practicing Christian...,

    Though I can't be privy to Christianity, my christian friends can enlighten this point to clarify Shri Josephji..., whose name sounds like Christian...., No idea..., kyonki aaj kal bahut sara FEKUISM hi chaltha hai na......!!!!


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  • deepak kumar, Indian

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    After 200 years of tipu's death and after getting 70 years of freedom, people are condemning kings who fought against the invaders. At times in order to destroy a stronger evil,, one may need to join hands with the lesser evil to make a strong team !
    Everyone is sitting in their own comfort and commenting now that the real Hero's of yesteryear's arent actually the hero's but their newly acclaimed hero's of the current government are the real hero's.

    We all can sit and comment from all angles. However, one needs to salute the people and kings who actually laid down their lives for free India !!

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    You had no answers to my questions earlier, but came back with same Ade Raaga Ade Haadu?

    Such a devotion? LOL

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  • deepak kumar, Indian

    Sat, Nov 10 2018

    I only post my views and not here to answer your questions or start a quarrel with you !
    Just because one is barking, doesn't mean that i act like them !!!
    If you want answers to your questions, try reading History books or call in a press conference !!!

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  • Hariprasad, Bajpe - Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    My sympathies go to BJP - what Tipu did was wrong, He has hurt/burned/ converted Christians and Hindus alike.

    But he has also fought the British

    He ruled part of Karnataka - he made history!

    We cannot hold the grudge - see what GOOD he has done for some of us - honor him for that and move on!!!
    Fighting over such a historic fact is mindless!!!!!!! Lets move and focus on something better?????

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    Fri, Nov 9 2018


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  • Praveen, Mangalorean

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    No other job for these ??? PROTEST.... PROTEST ... & PROTEST...

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  • Freedom, Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Fooling time is over bhakts next coming 2019🤣

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    The loyal servant of the French army, whose agenda was to expand isislamic empire on one side, and help masters French to establish their colonies in stead of British in north India - can be hero only to like minded souls

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  • medwin, mulki

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    some people recognise tipu as their leader, some people treat Osama bin laden as their leader. but the tragedy is only few people accept Kalam & Sharif as their leader. we can identify the difference of these two type of leadership.

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  • True Indian, Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Seems this rss back groups using him as scape goat. Fellow still not understood about his future.
    Hope Ketta Mele Budhi Banthu Mr.Mannpadi

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  • Ahmed K.C., Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Anything against about Indian Muslims, these BJPians are ever-ready.
    Be it History
    Be it a name
    Be it a food
    Be it a Masjid
    anything for power ???????

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  • Neil Royston, Morgansgate

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    You are living in India Mate not Pakistan. You should be thankfull to the people of India for letting all Religions to live a peacfull life if you choose the path of Peace. Being in Hindustan you trying to oppose , better go to Pakistan and see how our fellow Christians and Hindus are treated and then keep up with your stance

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  • Ummar, Santhekatte

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    @ Neil Royston,
    For your kind information India is not property of any body's father. We are not living like slaves. It is your choice.

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  • Mamatha, Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    To be in power , for vote bank these people wont hesitate to take help or share power with enemy country too

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  • shailu, Kolkatta

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    History has proven Tipu Sultan was a bigot who not only raised temples but also churches along with massacre of Hindus and Catholics in large numbers Robert Rosario a social activist has released a video on the same named Why do I oppose Tipu Sultan

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  • Rolf, Dubai

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    robort Rosario is supporter of British regime .
    who devided india .name aney Christian who faught aganist British.

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  • El En Tea, Mumbai

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    That means they are remembering and celebrating Tipu Jayanti with protest in front of DC office.

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  • Roshan Rodrigues, Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Who wants to celebrate let them celebrate, But not in Road.

    who dint want to celebrate let the sit at home.
    why these people siting at road?
    you people want to act like Tipu sultan? then what different with Tipu and you people?

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  • Deepak Kumar, Indian

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    During the British rule , everyone regardless of their religion fought with only 1 purpose, Independence of India !!!

    Nobody knows the pain what each freedom fighter went through ! Looters like our corrupt political parties did not exist which now divide the country using religion as a tool.

    We all fought as ONE against the Britishers !!

    Nowadays after 70 years of Independence , installing 1 image of a freedom fighter from Gujarath doesn't prove that he was the man behind India's independence and doesn't do justice to the Hundred thousand people who laid down their lives for Indian freedom.

    Why hasn't any other freedom fighter's statue installed ? Why isn't their name honoured ?

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  • Roshan Rodrigues, Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Shortly people will call our country Gujrath. ............................................

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Dhoklastan ...

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  • mehsan, mangalore

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    this is the good development. all these days it is projected that bcoz of Gandhi we got the independence. but after the inauguration of this statue people says that becoz of many freedom fighter India became Independent country. in that way I support the installation of statue bcoz it demonstrate the actual history of freedom fighters. ofcourse there were lakhs/crores of people involved in freedom fight but till date highlighted only few peoples names for political benefit.

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  • NAZEEM, Durban

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Super Observation

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Your dislike for Sardar Statue does not mean you have to put tyrant Tipu in the legue of freedom fighters. He was with French and not with British.. he wanted French COlonies in India not British Colonies. just to retain Mysore and expand his isiamic empprr.

    In Tipu's own handwriting. In those 20o0 odd letter discovered form his palace by British,, Tipu refers to Hindus as "kaffirs and infidels" and to the British as "Christians" who needed to be "cleansed (or converted) if the rule of Islam is to be firmly established in India.

    Wah Bhai wah

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  • Deepak Kumar, Indian

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    As per history, He was one of the few South Indian kings to provide stiff resistance to British imperialism, along with Hyder Ali. He is applauded as a ruler who fought against British colonialism.[

    Tippu was born on 20 November 1750 – and died on 4 May 1799. After more than 200 years after his death, people are trying to malign his name by stating he was against the Christians and Hindus. His real fight was against the invaders. The invaders were so cunning and smart ,that they used to bribe his citizens to act as informers.
    If a traitor was caught, regardless of his religion, he along with his clan was finished .So that doesnt mean he was against Christians and Hindus.

    Regarding Tipu's letters, im sure the letters were made public after Tipu's death . Why cant we think the possibility of the cunning invaders planting fake letters just to create division in the name of religion and break the kingdom ?

    All the freedom fighters Hindu , Muslims and Christians fought with only 1 purpose, to defeat the invaders. If they could have seen India's current condition now, they would have regretted laying down their lives for India, where country is divided in the name of religion and people are killed in the name of religion.

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    I will expose your flawed logic here..

    He fought Invader #1 with the help of who? with local kings? No, he was with Invader#2.
    So siding with French and fighting agsint British makes him patriotic? aren't you finding your own logic childish? LOL

    Tipus letter does not suit you, so you call it fake? ok,
    Diary entry of Ripaud (French Army) says: "To show his ardent devotion and steadfast faith in the Mohammedan religion, most of the Hindu men and women were hanged.Tied the naked Christians and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants move around till the bodies peiices"

    William Logan's Malabar Manual? Portuguese missionary Bartholomew?

    No, you are determined to prove him a hero, so you don't care for facts or logic? But only refer to the chaprsai historians who can write anyting and make even Bin Laden also a hero in 100-200 years, if paid well?

    That is pity dear

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    BJP forgot about changing Minority Names ...

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  • ca girishkk, m'lore/dxb

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    Jossey sir..,

    Any possibility...., Jossey becocme Jagadish....!!!!

    lol.... kuch bhi...., jokers just confused..., don't know how govern Hindustan..., UTSAVA Moorthy is just talking blah..., blah..., blah...., coz of congi, gandhi, Nehru, Islam phobia.....!!!!

    Jokers....!!!! nevertheless let me have my bye 2 chai + pakoda...!!!

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  • Shan, Mexico

    Fri, Nov 9 2018

    That is old .what about our present PM ???

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