Bantwal: Hinduism reveres women – others should review opinion on it ' – S L Bhyrappa

Mounesh Vishwakarma

Daijiworld Media Network - Bantwal (SP)

Bantwal, Nov 3: "Hinduism has given the status of god to women. But people belonging to other religions continue to nurse ulterior opinion about Hinduism. They need to question themselves about this attitude and re view their stand," felt noted Kannada novelist, Saraswathi Samman awardee, Padma Shri Dr S L Bhyrappa.

He was addressing the students after going through academic and other activities being organized by Sri Rama Vidya Kendra, Kalladka near here on the evening of Friday November 2.

"Islam has not given liberty to women. In Christianity, there is a tendency to believe that women cause downfall of people to hell. We should feel proud for being Hindus as Hinduism has given the status of God and mother to women," he said.

Till we became independent, 'Vande Mataram' was treated as our national anthem. Stories were circulated to make us believe that we won independence because of the non-violent movement preached and practiced by Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, the British left India because of revolutions like the Sepoy Mutiny. The first Prime Minister of India followed the same technique which the British had employed in the past. This ploy continues to be employed during elections too. At present, the political power continues to be inherited by the same family," he noted.

Bhyrappa insisted that true education should hone intelligence among the students besides giving rise to curiosity and thinking power. It also should strengthen ethical values and personalities of students. The concept of ethics cannot be cultivated without the concept of God, he opined. He expressed the view that the fear to keep one's acts within the confines of ethics should always be present in our minds, and that texts and curriculum should be in such a way that they should give rise to morality. He expressed the view that ethics can be cultivated by schools like Sri Rama Vidya Kendra.

Chairman of Vivekananda Vidyavardhaka Sangha Puttur, Dr Prabhakar Bhat, who welcomed, said in his introductory address that the stature of Bhyrappa is such that he brings value to awards. "Bhyrappa is 88-year-young, and a noted patriot. He is the one who has honed and groomed people through his ideas and concepts. He has been literally following his ideal of breathing Kannada. I had since long nursed the hope that Bhyrappa would visit my school one day. My wish has been fulfilled today," he said.

Bhyrappa said he had been gathering information about the activities of Sri Rama Vidya Kendra since the last several years, and also had learnt about the stoppage of midday meal scheme provided by a temple last year. "Then I could not understand why the chief minister did so, but after I personally saw the activities and refinement here, I have realized the purpose behind that act. It was a clash between two cultures, and I can understand that the government is opposed to the values advocated by these schools," he noted.

On this occasion, Bhyrappa was felicitated on behalf of the Vidya Kendra. School convener, Vasantamadhava, joint convener, Ramesh, and president, Narayana Somayaji, were at the dais.

Lecturer, Krishna Prasad, presented the programme and proposed vote of thanks. Before this, Dr Bhyrappa visited different classes, views activities, and expressed his appreciation. Dr Prabhakar Bhat provided all information about the school. 


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  • k b r, Mangala Uru

    Sun, Nov 4 2018

    Why my daughter and wife cannot enter Shabari Malai temple

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  • shetty, puttur

    Sun, Nov 4 2018

    Hinduism reveres women: 100 % true. Now others also must treat women equally by getting rid of Tripple Talaq.

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  • Hariprasad, Mulki - Mangalore

    Sun, Nov 4 2018

    Typical double talk !

    No religion treats women as bad as Hindus! I have seen it and I see it!

    Religion has nothing to do with your love for women : mothers, daughters and who?

    Why this justification????

    You love, revere, respect women be proud - and keep doing it. Don't make this a contentious Issue.

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  • Alwyn, Canada

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Old man is a joke of the day. Hope not he will say such pathetic things in another school kids. These kids grow and learn about Christianity and for sure curse this man of his comments. Christian never downgrade women. In fact we help women empower around the world including in india without religious bias. Most of the hindus educated in catholic schools are standing proudly and saying thank god we are confident people in what we say and what we do. So this man comments has no weight and respect and meaning behind such communal comments.

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  • Rajesh, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Hinduism is a very complex religion. The bulk of the Hindu religious scriptures are not known to Hindus themselves. There is no one book setting the rules for Hindus to follow. Therefore it can be said Hinduism is a way of life.
    The Hindu practises over a period have undergone change. Thanks to social reformers who changed beliefs and traditions from time to time. If the Hindu religion was book based, this would not have been possible at all.
    Sati, devadasi system untouchability etc. Which was part of Hindu practise are not practised by most Hindus now. However, there are many things which need to change within Hinduism including patriarchy. Deep rooted evil practises are still being carried.. Bhyrappa being a notable writer can do his part on this too.
    It is book based religion with laws to govern its adherents which cannot change with change in times. The rules cannot be broken as it is tantamount to sacrilege.
    Take the case of Asia Bibi of Pakistan who has been charged with blasphemy. See the people clamouring for her death despite the supreme court of the Pakistan clearing her of all the charges.

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    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    You are right. No woman sitting on the dais. They are kept in the temples to be worshiped?

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  • Valerian Menezes, Kota

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Byrappa sounds hollow in his comments. Women are revered only in talk over the stage. But in practice it is different. Entry into Sabarimala is one such example. There is deep discrimination against women in the society in actual practice. It is time for philosophers like Byrappa to review their thinking in the light of practical happening in the society.

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  • Observer, Mangaluru

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Devdasi , sati practice and manusmrati in which religion exists.

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  • Dodanna, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    100% in Hindu religion widow not permitted to re-marry cannor permitted to enter temple or any religious and family function.
    What is the logic of Pancha Paandawa one female with 5 hustand

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  • Rao, Udupi

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    May be all religions through its customs and practices show supremacy of man over women. In many of their practices women are restricted or it is only man can do.

    This is gradually changing now and can be changed with mindset change. Probably bringing law is not practical.

    Regarding the equality, believing men and women are equal probably would not be appropriate. In some aspects men score more and in some aspects women will score over men . So we have to leave it there.

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    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Let every one praise their own religion without degrading others. each religion has its own good things and certain tradition which may look hampering freedom but we have to see deep in to such issues of its merits and demerits. We praise about our culture, tradition and other things and sadly India is the worst place for women and from kids to old ladies all raped in different circumstances. Even old tourists from other countries not spared. Men just attack like wild beasts as it is not happening in other countries where we say women got over freedom and expose unlimited.

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  • Sandeep, Udupi

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Lets clean our home first..... ! We can only advise our neighbors.

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  • ca girishkk, m'lore/dxb

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    My only doubt is – “whether women include all Hindu women or it is only a matter of convenience …”,

    There are many Hindu Doctors engaged in killing girl babies when they were inside the mother’s womb (known as abortion) for money at the request of Hindu parents…, why is this prevalent among Hindu’s…?? (let us not discount this reality by saying that they are FEKU Hindu couples..),

    Without linking this fact, I am surprised to know & understand, (as per latest Union Govt statistics) why – “SuRAT city” of GujRAT state, is having the lowest female to male ratio.., REAL Hinduism followers must take note of this.

    My above point is only one example/sample…, preaching vs practice is totally contradiction.., at least in one of Hindustan’s self-claimed vibrant & most developed state.., the fact of the matter is the story line is nothing but ullu-banaawing.., approach to mislead the innocent public.., by bench marking against other religions….!!!

    Without prejudice…, On the sidelines, can we expect an opinion of Shri Bhyrappa on - Men who leave their legally married wives.., does it amounts to REVERANCE to woman…!!!

    Enough is enough…, now, …I badly need one bye 2 chai + pakoda…!!!,

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  • Pedro Sam, Mulky

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Religion is surely man made. Universal truth is that GOD IS ONE - God has no name No one has ever seen GOD inspite of tall claims. FAITH IS the most important aspect in life. Every human being creatures and things are part of GOD. So human beings should have the liberty to see GOD in whatever he believes in. Any religion which preaches bad things about other religion is the root of all problems. People need to keep their religion to themselves. Religion should not be imposed on anyone. People who indulge in propogating their religion only end up telling that GOD is not one.
    Look what is happening in Pakistan. Poor Asia Bibi a christian lady is sentenced to death just for having a fight with another muslim woman and supposedly talking ba about the PROPHET. She is released by the Supreme court but I am surprised that millions of Pakistanis are on the road as asking for her blood. India is still a secular country. Let us all live together as children of GOD and most importantly INDIANS.

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  • GD, Udupi

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Self proclaimed patriot's comments are uncalled for. Never spoke when any atrocities against women were carried out, at that time he was a spectator.

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  • Chetan, Udupi

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Birds of the Same feather flock together

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  • Rational thinker, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    In reality most of the people really don't have a clear idea of religion.
    People are caught up with unwanted rituals and think it's religion.
    We all blindly follow meaningless rituals without even thinking or knowing.
    At the end why do we derive immense satisfaction in abusing other religions?

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  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Concept of religion itself is bakwas!!

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  • D'Souza, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Oh! Right Sir.. Hinduism reveres women.. This is news. I never knew.

    1) By the way this is a sentence picked up from one news item today regarding molestation of a minor Dalit girl...
    Quote "..... it is alleged that teachers Manjunath & Sudheendra have molested the minor girl......" Unquote

    2) One more news item about rape of a Nepali girl on 22nd October news..
    Quote ".....Based on the survivor's complaint, the accused Lokesh Saini, 19 and Kamal Saini, 24, were arrested...." Unquote

    Sir, please read the names of the rapists again and again and then once again. Until the message that I am trying to convey dawns on you.

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  • Hussain, Abu Dhabi

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Please look at your own house....Dont worry about others...

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  • Stifler, Mangaluru

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Please Clean up your own backyard first before you come over to others...

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  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Everyone's backyard is filled with mess when it is about religion and God.
    Where to throw the trash?

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  • Rita, Germany

    Sun, Nov 4 2018

    Shanker mangalore, thrash is thrown in neighbours garden,because we want our yard always clean and beutiful.

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  • Praveen Lobo, Bangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Please all hindu public speakers, revere all religions. Your religion is only best for you. What do you gain by giving so much hatred speach. Learn to be kind and respectful please. Please do not put down the hidden values of other religion. Actually religion is a curse on the earth. God is one and we never know why he has given to the humanity so worst idea of following religion. We have to believe God but not religion. The world will be fine only when we worship all deities at One Church, One Temple and at One Masjid. Lets us pray to the Lord.

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  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Mr. Lobo,
    Should I laugh at your ignorance?
    "The world will be fine only when we worship all deities at One Church, One Temple and at One Masjid."
    That day will be the end for the religions and God. God is man made and so are the religions. Different Gods are created in different parts of the world as per the best possible theorems to fool and unite people.
    There will always be differences when these religions cross borders, which is inevitable in the present world. Always, my God will be different from your God. The divinity which you gave to your God is different from the one which I gave to my God. The divinity of your God is a joke for the believers of other Gods and vice versa. So in no way there can be one God to all human beings.
    The best day will be when we keep our beliefs and Gods inside our houses (or throw them out altogether) and greet each other as fellow human beings.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Please respect Women because they can also do a few things which Men cannot do ...

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Hope Franco and his ilk get this msg of your

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  • D'Souza, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    In all religions there are many Francos. This world is crowded with them

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Rajesh, Udupi.
    You forgot Asaram Bapu & Nityanand Swamy ...

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  • Beowulf, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Eg: claim #metoo

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  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    That's exactly he was telling you!

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  • Alwyn, Canada

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Sometimes women revered and sometimes men revered. At the end no one revered. Confused .Evan if god existed he will be so sad to see hate mongers comparing his holy name into muddy ways to convince few bunch of losers and insane mental insects who can destroy peace loving society and kids. Belive with full heart mind and soul and the divine power will guide every human to do good love one another.

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  • Ahmed K.C., Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Surely, whoever are in "Matapa" are revered.
    The ethics of Hinduism and practicing Hindus may differ.
    And, the black sheeps are there in all the sections.

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    We Hindus say Ekam sat - one God, but we still see that God in the form of Adishakti - mother godess
    We fall on the feet of mother first and say Mathr Devo Bhav
    Husband has to promise wife that we will never FORCE on anything, nachitarami
    We pray to lakmi saraswati parvati first thing from the bed in the morning
    what more?

    yes, we have some temples were men not allowed, some wehre woman not allowed, that tradition is followed for centuires. If you sickulars cannot udersstand tradition of hindus, just leave HIndus alone. clean up your ultra mess first.

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    This is a controversial statement which need to be debated.

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  • Rational thinker, MANGALURU

    Sat, Nov 3 2018

    Fully agree with you as men and women cannot be equal to God.
    Also men and women both have equal status in society.

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Title : Bantwal: Hinduism reveres women – others should review opinion on it ' – S L Bhyrappa


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