Opinion: Has Mangaluru become a spineless society?

By Chris Emmanuel D'Souza

Mangaluru, Aug 26: The torturing, beating and stripping of a young man from the minority community by a mob of vandals connected to Bajrang Dal faction in the heart of the city in broad daylight amidst impotent onlookers who had gathered around to see a gruesome act of violence, has once again put Mangaluru in national headlines for all the wrong reasons. The man was tied to an electrical pole; stripped naked, abused and thrashed open in public for an alleged ‘crime’ of interacting with female friend belonging to another community. This happens at a time, when the entire country is demanding liberty and equality and effectively fighting to curb sexual violence against women, but Mangaluru seems to have fallen into slumber. This can happen to anybody, and unless the law enforcement agencies regressively tackle these elements, the future of Mangaluru looks shadowy and depressing.

Moral policing is nothing new in Mangaluru, this sort of hooliganism has become routine and the state and its police haven’t had the guts and the willingness to bring closure to it. Needless to say, the regions of Mangaluru and Udupi have very little to boast of about their achievements in the national spectrum. Although they brag about its education levels, the regions stand religiously divided, women feel increasingly unsafe, societies have fallen to superstition and orthodoxy and therefore become spineless and dreadful in dealing with injustice and social evils.

Hundreds of bars and wine shops have mushroomed all over the city catering easy access to tens and thousands of individuals to get inebriated and go wild. If one observes, towards the dusk our streets stink liquor; half of the male crowd are visibly found intoxicated with cheap liquor, ganja and other forms of drugs. And what follows is rash driving, verbal abusing,street fights and rampant acts of crime leaving the city intense and tumultuous. It’s become hugely challenging to go out at night, as the city seems loose and unguarded. The number of road accidents and the causalities relating to those accidents, vindicates the above points. Sadly, nobody bothers to raise this issue. Moreover, the people have become heavily self-indulgent and egoistic, the helping hand is never there and traditional Mangalurean courtesy has faded.

The modern gadgets have become a sort of nuisance, they have gone into the hands of dumb and the feeble. There is more negative effect from mobile phones and the social media, as people use them only for spreading rumors, rather than what the brave Delhi student Jasleen did a few days ago, by naming and shaming her assaulter. Just a couple of years ago, several girls were thrashed, dragged and humiliated by saffron mobsters at a homestay resort while celebrating a party. A few civil rights groups and political organizations did make some noise in protest, but it took few weeks for the issue to die down in the thin air.

The state police needs a revamp and reconditioning in its functioning. It does not have the machinery to reach out to the civil society, leading to a demarcation between the civilians and the state police. The police need to realize that there are two different ways of dealing with criminals and civilians. Unfortunately, our state police muddles while dealing with people and thereby creating a legitimate fear among the people over the credibility of the cops. Most people get cold feet while approaching the police in serious matters, due to the highly reactionary behavior of the officers.

In cases relating to moral policing and violence against couples, one needs to be cautious in pointing fingers, and should avoid a selective position. Outfits belonging to both communities have been actively perpetuating such ghastly acts over a decade or so. Earlier, these groups used to combat against each other to settle their grudges; but in recent times they have extended their gang wars and invaded the privacy of common people. These groups have sworn openly that they won’t allow their women to interact or acquaint with men belonging to the other community. In financial terms, they have illegally purchased the shares of rights belonging to women and decide the fate of their social lives.



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  • veigas, canada

    Fri, Sep 25 2015

    Nice article.

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  • SF, Pune

    Thu, Sep 03 2015

    I am now fully convinced that Banaluru and Mangaluru are crumbling towns and definitely going to loose its charm in the years to come. If the civil-society is not progressive and active, not one can make it a smart city..I firmly believe that cities and people of Tamil Nadu are far better and well-behaved than kannadigas...

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  • Athish Mohammed, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 27 2015

    Even after reading the article, what i see is just negativity. It's not the number of people who are tortured that matters, but instead the for what purpose he was tortured is that matters. Start respecting the humanity! And to speak about religion: NO religion in this world promotes violence. And if you are to use violence as a weapon to express your faith, the moment you begin you are out of the religion! Producer is One! And Biological constitution is too the same! Then why this vulgarity? Start opening the eyes. And the photo provided shows a loser clicking the picture of the victim. Before charging on those attackers it's always better to screw up those kind of spineless non-humans. I sum up by giving you a question to think: Be it Allah, Shiva or Jesus! Who among these will be happy with this heinous crime?? Instead of these set up yourself with spreading the messages of Brotherhood and Humanity!

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  • V D Naik, Attavara Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 27 2015

    ನಮ್ಮದು ಬುದ್ದಿವಂತರ ಜಿಲ್ಲೆಯೊ ಬುದ್ದಿಮಾಂದ್ಯರ ಜಿಲ್ಲೆಯೋ ??

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  • Aslam Sheikh, Udupi

    Thu, Aug 27 2015

    Shame on you Chaddis, cowards around 50 persons attacking on single poor guy! Have guts to fight singe or two... then compare with lions. Cowards dogs!!

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  • manipal, manipal

    Thu, Aug 27 2015

    Those who say they taken law in hand.. let this happn to ur sister, wife or cousin. Dame sure u will do the same. Think before commenting. Cheap guys. U ppl think u r right others wrng

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  • Rajesh, mangalore/Baku

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    very nice article by the writer. I saw the video on news, as all knows,these people has Godfather , without them no one has guts to do anything on the public,they will be released on bail on short period of time until the matter get cooled.
    Hoisala /roudi nigraha dala, .please catch all of them and teach them a lesson for life

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  • Lenson, Kundapur/Africa

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    I can see more comments in daijiworld when there is article/news on Religious issues, Caste, elections and then politics. This indicates what we are....Mangalore has a hi-fi life style so all these problems occurs...

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  • Rahil ali, kutharpadav

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    sir you are right . Mangalore has become spineless city. we used to call ourselves the most educated and civilized lot when compared our counterparts in other districts . But that self proclaimed tag of intellects is fading away. we are in the news for all wrong reasons. the gulf between minority and majority community is widening. The mistrust between various communities is widening. The reason behind that is a few misguided youth belonging to majority and minority religion taking up cudgels for all the wrong cause. When a poor and scheduled caste person s hands are chopped in the hands of powerful person nobody is fighting. The police personnel have become hand in glove to criminal elements. The major issues of discord between two communities are on two issues one is cow and other one culture. Of course in the case cow it is the matter of belief for majority community that it is sacred for them but from the point of view of minority community it is the chief source of protein and it is the part of culturally accepted eating habit the same people who oppose beef consumption export the same thing to other country is it not a double standard? The second issue is women . Normally as a part of Muslim culture Muslim women are expected to wear hijab and it discourages socializing on the other hand no such organized restrictions for hindu women so naturally they communicate and socialise with their male counterpart in work places and educational institution transcending religious affiliation .But the same issue is used by certain vested political outfits to obtain political mileage . The need of the hour is to take stern action against the right wing activities without any fear. Police must gather proper intelligence to prevent such incidents . Installation of CC cameras in major places will help in solving the problem

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  • marol, udupi

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    We are so much divided among ourselves in the name of religion, politics, majority, minority, caste etc. etc. that the real truth of any untoward incident never comes out. We blindly support or criticize the culprits without really knowing the truth. Because of our mob mentality, group supportivity evil elements are flurishing in society. Each one is the cause for such situation. Therefore each one has to face the consiquences. Unless we come out from our blindness and prejudices such things never stop. Already situation is out of control. Therefore so many are daring to commit evil against one another. We have to blame ourselves. EACH ONE STOP ALL EVIL.

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  • Shiva2788, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Because of this reason we cannot see any IT Industries in Mangalore .We could have overtaken some cities in many ways..And i hope Mangalore will become Smart City soon,Hope it wont remain as dream ..

    We have very poor administration in Mangalore all Corporators/MLA/MP from mangalore are really useless i guess.

    What i can see in Mangalore from last 3 years is just high raised residential apartments.And some Foreign Cars dats all.Money is being circulated only on higher levels and its not reaching all the people.

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  • Henry, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    My advice for all those who comment write this in Kannada or Tulu because those who indulge in such activities including police and some ministers find hard to understand English.That is the fate of tulunadu. God save us.

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  • SUHAN, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Nice article. This news appeared in every national and even international media and it is shame for the people Mangalore as it takes civilization back to centuries. The goondas who perpetrated this violence and cheap show should be severely punished that others will not do same again.

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  • Deepak , Mangaluru

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Manglore is not like before...

    Shanthi wala....khushi wala....

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  • H. Almeida., Bendur/ Andheri.

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Chris, appreciate your well written article...... Mangaloreans today,have to introspect as to why our peace loving society, has degenerated into a state of turmoil.... where suspicion, hate revenge, has taken over our lives..
    A deeper introspection will reveal that the very soul of our city has been DEFILED !!!!!! by the arrival of wealth, kindness..... has been replaced with arrogance, contempt.
    DEMOGRAPHIC UPHEAVAL HAS DRASTICALLY CHANGED OUR CITY LIFE LINE !! The original citizens have been EJECTED & REPLACED by pompous wealth filled individuals !!!! The serene chimes of our temple & church bells has been muted !!!!!!!
    I hope & pray that our beloved city recovers from this carnage... & the spirit of its innocence restored at the earliest !!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anamika, Sullia/Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    I have some questions here
    What Bhajrangdals contributions to hindu religion and our society at all ?
    Does God really exists
    If yes then why terrorists and these kind of criminals still exists on the earth ?
    Why not any natural disaster happening yet in Mangalore

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  • JR,

    Wed, Aug 26 2015


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  • Chidananda Murthy, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    When crime is seen only as a crime, better systems can be built to deal with it. When motivated people give communal and political colour to crimes, people would like to avoid trouble. There is an motivated outrage industry waiting to pounce on such news and blow it up at national level. Moral policing is wrong. But, it cannot be stopped unless people start trusting that law makers and protectors can effectively uphold the rule of law without prejudice.

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  • jaya, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    such incidents are occuring due to the negligence of the police. girls are feeling insecurity in the workplace. what was the reason to do the moral policing should be investigated and punished. It was clear from the news channel report that the girl was harassed in the work place by the employer. It is surprising that no one talks about that. instead talk about the moral policing. Women are consistently living in fear and harassment.

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  • Ibrahim Muloor, muloor/dammam

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    All moral policing because of weak home dept.Always HOME MINISTER SHOULD BE FROM THE MAJOR COMMUNITY.It is better to change our home minister.

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    ..Gold smuggling through Mangalore ashamed anybody..some article needed for that..we have made Guinness record in that..

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  • j.anata, Mangaluru / Bengaluru

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Why is the State Law & Order failing everytime? What is the Home Minister & District administrators doing?

    How many arrests have been done? This is a law & order failure

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  • Aubb, Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Is Mangalore becoming a Taliban stronghold??

    Check the phone records of the girl, and also subject her to "Polygraph Test", all skeletons will we exposed.

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  • Siraj Ahmed, Mangalore Abudhabi

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Good article Chris.
    The incident also appeared in a prominent news daily in UAE today. It must have made an embarrassing read for all the well meaning Mangaloreans living here. For the second time after the infamous pub and church attacks, Mangalore is in international news for all the wrong reasons. It is indeed a sad commentary on the image of Mangalore as of now.
    Only with a strong political will and stringent law and order application, incidents of this type can be avoided. Both the majority and minority community leaders should gather together to form a permanent peace committee of the sorts and work in liaison with the law and order agencies in Mangalore with a view to ensure firstly that all the communities live in good understanding and secondly to check the rising rowdiness and hooligans in and around Mangalore and avert a possible riotous situation.
    It is also high time that the minority community makes some deep retrospection as to why they are under repeated attacks and think of taking some remedial action to mend their ways where really warranted.
    Mangalore is an injured city today. Let us nurse it back to good health and former glory.

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    ..Did VITTAL attack on majority by minority came in UAE..i dont think so..dont worry..some conveniently gave it communal colour..nothing that sort of thing..a accused has been beaten by the public..it happens every time..do you know when accidents happens, instead of searching for injured we search for the driver to beat..In this case a girl was harrased, public beat him..dont worry..happens

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  • Shiva2788, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    I know its waste commenting here.but

    first, thing is commenting minor or major community is waste..because no one is minor nor major.

    Second, thing is every one thinks other religion is not proper.

    third, is please look into your house and locality first and then comment public / governance,Without correcting ourselves we cannot see a peaceful mangalore

    fourth, is please just follow your own religion.

    fifth, is its impossible to correct our spoiled younger generation.When i see those people roaming around in mangalore,i feel v.bad.

    Sixth, Stop moral policing,I don't even feel free to go out to beach or park with my own sister!!!!

    seventh, mangaloreans are rich by bank balance and poor in these religious matters

    eight, Whatever you people think!!!!! add it here

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  • rag, Mangalore/Dubai

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Let me be clear here. What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. Nothing can change that. However people taking law into their hands for whatever reason cannot be justified. Mangalore has certainly been attracting attention for the last few years for all the wrong reasons. And as far as the moral policing is concerned I would like all the concerned to look within to see how moral they personally are.
    The matter of the fact is that I as a Manglorean was always proud of my city for the all the good things we do. But the recent events have made me think about moving to a more tolerant city rather than put up with this sort of hatred for humanity.

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  • Thanzeel, Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Our elected represents are on a sleep mode. If they cannot control these anti-social elements, it is better them to resign the post and save our peaceful Mangalore.
    We need some rough and tough Gentleman to deal with these social evils.

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    It has been observed that most of these right wing sanghi goons are semi-literate and hail from the suburbs of D.K districts.

    These men usually have no good paying jobs and nothing to brag about. It may be worth to note that their jealousy arises when they see young muslim men who work hard and are involved in some form of business drive in cars and shop in big malls.

    Out of jealousy these lumpen elements are easily brainwashed over a few hundred rupees and a bottle of liquor by the upper castes and are enrolled in sangh affiliated radical groups inorder to consolidate the BJP votebank.

    If these sanghi foot soldiers would have found some well paying job in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi or Bombay then Mangalore would have been safe.

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    Wed, Aug 26 2015


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  • Gangaram, Moodabidri

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    As long as we dont change our mindset, these things will happen.

    In most of cases lust turning in love and some time lust brings disaster. in between some people are there to take advantage of the situation.

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    ..Its shame that elected representative met the Guy in Hospital to boost morale..He is well educated,he should have been impartial & should know the story of attack..You cant play politics all the day, saying majority/minority..He has to face next election also..He did the same mistake when a Church ex-staff throw stone for not paying wages, He did the same mistake when some robbers snatched purse of a lady(robbers may be caught,but no news..reason may be known)..Its hypocrisy of secular leaders..

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  • krishna bhatt, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    My question to So Called Seudo Intellectuals of Mangalore that, do you support crime against Women or support agitation against crime against women ? yesterday in LUCKNOW city a young Girl chased a young boy for eve teasing in broad day light. If that Girl has not taken law in to her hands it would turn into a Rape & Murder News in next few days. So Called seudo Intellectuals of Mangalore Police Arresting Protesters of Cow Smugglers and booking under several acts of crimes. whereas person who has committed crime by cow smuggling illegally will be bail out with in 24 hours of such incident. Attavar Case also like LUCKNOW Case Bajrangdal Supporters have come in support of that Girls others wise the case will be of missing Girl from Attavar and in next couple of days Girl found in Ponnani converted to Muslim.

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  • Harsha, BCRoad

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Only bajarang dal or any hindu organiation do some thing all talk about the legal illegal things. But if other community does anything nobody will ask or tell about their mistake. This is India. Shame shame

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Bajrang Dal are radical right wing extremist groups just like their pakistani counter parts like Muttahida Majlis–e–Amal, JUD etc or closer to home groups like PFI etc.

    If you are a bhakt of these khakhi gansters then you have no moral right to condemn paki radicals.

    Bajrang dal is a ultra radical desi talibani party filled with low lives and illiterates who can easily be brainwashed.

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  • j.anata, Mangaluru / Bengaluru

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    You can only talk ill & write unnecessary comments on RSS BJP & instigate communal passions. Please refrain from this.

    Let Law & Order dept take charge

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  • sujith polali, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    But why only so much hype when the victm belongs to minoritry lot of other incidents happend , so after this for sure no one will resucue a girl in mangalore

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  • Sam, Udupi

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Namma Bharatha kooda Pakistana da haage aagalu hechchu doora illa, yekendare alli Talibanigalu illi Chaddigalu. yeradu ondu naanyada yeradu mukhagalu. devare kaapadabeku namma bharatha Deshawannu.

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  • Flavian, Mangaluru/Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Dear Shankar,
    I read your comments with interest and your way of justifying things.
    It's true that lots of bad and evil things are committed by some rogue people(from any community) but how can a common man or an organization take the law in their hands. There is a system called legal, law enforcing agencies, Police etc. Like the way the criminals are attacked by a mob, one day the weaker/helpless section of the community may be brought to untold miseries.

     Let the authorities’ responsible act in right direction and not by some organization or the public. Public can come to the rescue of common man but assaulting ruthlessly looks too harsh.

    These are my views and not partial or based on any religious or community grounds.

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  • Krishna, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    there is no time with Shankar and Harsha Malhotra to read such moral lectures....... Nanna kolige onde kaalu....

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  • uday Shetty, Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Bring Annamalai to Mangalore as DSP.

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  • nazeera , Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Yes ..Mangaloreans have become totally indifferent and they just walk away from the scene or watch shamelessly .I was a party to the a harrowing experience of two of us lady passengers while travelling in the bus belonging to Pragathi tourist corporation on our journey from Mangalore to Bangalore . It was on 18 the August 2015 in bus Route No.3 which left Mangalore at 10.15 .P.M
    The bus halted at an isolated location ,a free toilet on the National Highway at 3.00A.M for the passengers to avail toilet facilities. The toilet was located on the opposite side of the National Highway from where the bus was parked . the Lady passengers had to cross the road to reach the toilet. We two lady passengers too ran across the road to use the toilet .As the toilet did not have any bolt we waited for each other and as we came out ,to our utter shock we found that the bus had left the place leaving the two of us stranded on the National Highway at 3..15 A.M….

    We were terrified since the vehicles speeding past were mostly lorries and trucks and anything could have happened to us.It was such a dangerous situation and there was not even a buildings in sight .Since this was an isolated free toilet no other buses were stopping by..We fortunately had our mobile phone with us and called the police but it was of little help since we could not inform the exact location we were in, though we could only give a vague information as per the GPS signal...Nothing was available to indicate the place…. In this eerie hours of the morning we ran to the middle of the Highway and started screaming and waving at a moving bus and the Almighty heard our cries and prayers and one bus belonging to Durgamba motors stopped for us .This was after half an hour of the Ordeal and even until then the pragathi bus driver and cleaner did not even notice that we were missing ….The other fellow travellers too did not inform them. when we caught up with the bus at Bangalore,the passengers no response

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  • Hubert D'souza , Mangalore Dubai

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Good Article, Anyway The Mistake Is Mangalore Became Mangaluru.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    We are also shameless, enjoying benefits and voting someone else ...

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    How can you blame Congress for this..please vote for them..this is we, as a society changing our view as per our convenience..During MORINING MIST we have supported the girls morally, and supported their right of freedom,partying at late night and bashed the attackers..Now, when a girls pleads to save her from a offender, we rally to support the offender instead of the victim!!..

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    As per the video, the girl is desperately trying to save the muslim boy.

    Why? Does she have a soft corner for the boy?

    ....and over here you are WRONGLY trying to portray that the boy was exploiting her.

    Are you the devil's (bajrangis) advocate?

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    what her FIR says and what she told to media?..she is good humanbeing, even after harrasment she tried to save her collegue..but she openly said Guy needed public justice..

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    she tried to save him because she has god feelings for him....dont lie to your self and defend the indefensible.

    These Bajrangi goondas would have told her or threatened her to deliver such dialogues.

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  • Shankar, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Chris Emmanuel D'Souza, good article indeed.

    Saffron flags are a part of celebration in Hindu festivals and temple functions. It is considered to be holy for Hindus. When you use the term ‘Saffron Mobsters’ it does hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Of course we are supposed lay flat and take the insult without any protest.

    When girls from other communities are repeatedly abused by men of particular community, with the support of illegal wealth accumulated through drug peddling and smuggling, we should lay flat again without protest.

    When cattle from our shed is stolen by men wielding daggers, the head of a small calf left on the doorstep to be found next morning, we should take it cool without protest.

    If we protest, it becomes a shame for Mangalore at the national level. We understand that.

    Mr. D’Souza, why are we not ashamed when a secular government compensates huge sums of money to a cattle thief who has been shot by state recruited anti naxal force? When many people are admitted in different hospitals from last 2-3 weeks, who were victims of communal hatred, aren’t we feel ashamed when our MLA visits one victim in the hospital though his innocence is ambiguous? Why we are not ashamed when govt. s schemes like Shadi Bhagya to ‘only Muslim’ girls or excursion provisions for students who are ‘Ahinda’? Why we are not ashamed when the govt. acquits under trials who were arrested for indulged in communal riots?

    Yes, if we protest against coercion on Hindus, it tears apart our veil of secularism. So we shouldn’t. At any cost we should bear with the oppression and never stand against it to put Mangalore and Mangaloreans at shame!

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  • Hussain, Abudhabi

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Why on entire universe only Mangalore people think there's danger & oppression on Hindutwa ?

    Why only Mangalore people stress on Hindutwa alone ??

    Why only Mangalore people worried on Cattle trafficking ??

    It because of u people and ur thinking that makes the difference and its no surprise when u support such Sanghis...Change ur mentality first and think beyond SAFFRONIZATION ..Family members & police are there to deal the circumstances...

    You people are not messiah to tie someone naked and beating inhumanly...

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  • Shashi Shetty, Santhoor

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Perfectly written comments from Mr.Shanker. further adding is when someone burns a religious books if particular community anywhere in the world and the peace of India is disturbed it doesn't pain the so called secularist. Its only when a Hindu girl is raped, maimed, cheated and when a Hindu reacts it is mob, it is a threat to secular. I am sorry, we do not want the flag post secularism hoisted on our head. Unless the so called secularist see and accept the divergence practive

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  • Anil R, panjikallu kajebailu

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Mr. Shetty and Shanker,

    Out of curiosity a question for you. By any chance did you attend a protest against the darmastala rape and murder case?

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  • Master, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    You are entitled to have your opinion
    First one you are claiming abusers are only from particular community...This points your mentality...When a young girl child was sexually abused in mangalore school we dint mention certain religion did we too could have played victim card...
    When innocent people are trashed worse than animal ..even if they bought it by paying money legally...how come you claim every cattle is stolen..and attack brutally those who transport it....when your own c.govt is openly backing meat export,...how come it doesn't hurt then...Some say Your love for cattle is more than human...but I would say your enimity towards other community is driving this cattle love...
    You speak of drug peddlers you know a person was killed few months back because of drug rivalry you know who did it and who was the victim both belonged to same community..they were never from your hypothetical community you are referring.Meanwhile masjid community or Jamath in mangalore have come up with no drug zone ..
    You know from past few years hundreds of masjids and madrasas were frequently attacked in and around mangalore district most of the attackers were caught you know from which community did they belong...can you mention any temple attacked in retaliation...what if same happened on otherside ...??...
    You can now claim otherside have also formed BD like organisation...but why did they form do you know the reason ...there was never such org few years back...because police force is totally ineffective in the district...what triumphs here is sanghi raj...to protect from sanghi raj they have comeup with BD like organisation.....If BD stops I will bet others will also stop...

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  • Flavian, Mangaluru/Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    It should read as:

    "Our Mangalore was good, is bad now and may go worse if BD & MP are given free hand and not controlled by the law of land.

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  • Mohammed, Bajpe/Riyadh

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Our elected leaders of Mlore, the law and order system are spineless and inefficient. Leaders are cashing in on such incidents to show they are saviors of minorities while indirectly they are adding fuel to the fire and hyping this incident.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse


    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    if the law turns a blind eye to such incidents where women are openly harassed in full public then it becomes the duty of the public to save that girl ....

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    ..If you remember..few months back a senior citizen(Brahmin) in VITTAL, who also journalist was stripped, badly beaten,broke bone,eye gauged by minority mob..reason is he helped poor muslim women with 3 kids, to build small house..He collected money, second hand materials from others to build her home..for this gesture he almost lost his life..this is only one day news..no one know what happened that poor guy later..here, when public saves a girl, every one say its moral policing on minority!!..our public servants rally behind the Guy and the poor girl has to defend herself through media!!..this is shame & this brings shame to manglore..

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  • christine, manglore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Once was peaceful everyone like Mangalore, day by day becoming hell, evil(devil) is controlling our city. Once everyone likes now want to runaway. All kind evil activities available and destroying our city and led, specially our youths into hell ,cheating, lying, murder act.. happening without fear. Criminals are roaming freely. Innocents are suffering,… politics are may sleeping. everything fake…
    May God save all of us and city.
    People have to cry out to God to save our children.because only and only God can.
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

  • Musta, Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    How we expect safety while there are impotent, corrupt and alcoholic police force (90%) exist?. Attavar is under the nose of I.G., S.P.and commissioner office, does these officers has the guts to shoulder responsibility for that shameful incident. How many crimes these san(gh)i parivars did recently to provoke the other community to start a communal riot. These police officers can't arrest the prime suspect in a recent murder case even though they are aware of his whereabouts. Does we have a Ustuvari minister to our district?. If yes what he is doing all these black days of our proud district, doesn't he feel ashamed of representing a dirty & impotent administration. Whether he is tired of his old age or he is not bothered about the people safety and security whom elected these congress candidates in full majority with the hope of atlest a little improvement in their conditions. These elected candidates are busy in enjoying their privileges at the cost of poor people of our state and playing cricket. They have no concern to the deteriorating law & order conditions or increased suicides of poor farmers in the state.
    And if we talk about society, it has not become spineless but is helpless scared of being ill treated. The society is good just waiting for an opportunity & good directions to react. One can not blame the society if there is no strict rule of law.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [17] Reply Report Abuse


    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    It is not right to gain sympathy under the pretext of minority community as there are strong institutions for these so called minorities to take up their causes.

    In fact, every caste in Hindu society is minority and there is no apex institution to safe guard their interests.

    For example,there is abuse of Brahmins in Doordarshan and other forums, but there is no one to protect their interests.

    In Ullal there are atrocities on Hindus frequently. Recently two youths were beaten by a gang of 100 Muslims subsequent to an accident.

    Why there is no article of this type on atrocities on Hindus.

    In the present case, the girl has filed complaint against the accused for abusing her. Public is punishing the culprits as in many similar cases, accused were let off after warning.

    Beating of thieves and criminals is not new when they are caught red handed.

    In stead of blaming Hindu organisations, it is better to strengthen the law enforcement and take strict action against the criminals irrespective of religion.

    When people gain confidence in the law enforcement agencies, no organisation will take law into their own hands.

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  • KRPrabhu, B'luru

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    DYFI hero Muneer Katipalla,All City MLAs/minister,Komu Sauhardha Vedike heros etc., should read and re-read this comment and understand the ground reality instead of accusing majority community people branding them as immorals.

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  • Rameez, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Better not to help anyone in future.. Let humanity die.. Its a positive way to stay our self safe..

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  • KRPrabhu, B'luru

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    that is called 'ketta mele buddhi'.....

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  • Rahul, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    You are wrong.. That is shame for us..

    DisAgree [4] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • prr, sullia

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Govt must bring out strong law to lock up these people who terrorize people.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [31] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ibrahim Kaleel, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    look at photo's, while some people trashing to man, surround people watching the drama! those people also no humanity? all are no educated? even single person no one stop!! really shame.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [54] Reply Report Abuse

  • SK, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Mangalore is getting a BAD NAME because of inefficient and namke waste Police force....

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    ..this incidents happened to Majority community also, DW reported it earlier..but i wonder why only above incidents highlighted & brings shame to mangalore and not attack on so called majorities!!..few days back a girl in Delhi complained that a Boy has verbally harassed & every one blamed public for not protecting her..here in this case Girls says public saved her from a sexual offender but every one connects to moral policing!!..its not like some one attacked in beach..and MLA met the Guy but no news of meeting the girl..when some one snatched purse of lady our MLA ran to CM saying this also communal..we must differentiate between the two otherwise no one will come forward to save any one..when policing fails, moral policing starts..

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  • Sandeep, Manipal

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Because Mejorities are taken for granted. Justice denied only to Minorities..

    DisAgree [7] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • SHEKH, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    ramesh tum bhi uss mob mai se ek ho kya... Yaa u want to support that goons. aisa hai tw moral policing ke badshah ho tum..

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  • Praveen, KAVOOR

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    I have tears in my eyes when i read this article.

    This article to be read by Police officials & the responsible political leaders in order to understand the situation in Mangalore.

    DisAgree [8] Agree [62] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    ..Dont cry..Control, control..we believed the Morning mist girls version when they attacked but now we are not believing the Girl who says she was saved by public by sex offender..problem is with us not with the people who saved or attacked..

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  • Alexius Da Rocha, Goa

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Good article Chris. I have noticed that Mangaluru is a peace loving society. Its just a few fringe elements who are creating nuisance. No one has the authority to dictate terms to anyone. The very essence of freedom is to live and let live. Hope that these horrid acts of moral policing never happen again. Instead those really interested in doing good to their community take the right path through the police authorities.

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  • India First, India

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Politicians are using religion as a weapon to divide people. And irony is that in all religion there are enough duffers to follow their masters..... !!

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  • Nish, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    People will go with flow. Spineless Police system and dare-less govt. has created this situation.
    These organisation has Police support and they keep do this kind of moral policing.
    Let Govt. and Police system implement stringent action against these goondas will end this culture. How Mumbai encounter system reduces rowdyism and implement the same here.

    DisAgree Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse

  • Najeeb Sheikh, Udupi / Dubai

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    So shame to our society, state and country...Why should a normal person can take law in to their hands...Is there no govt servant than for what use he is?? Is Mangalore police sleeping??? They not doing their job on trust and faith...they just try to help this goons...who now spoiling our city very badly...SHAME SHAME SHAME!!

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  • Nancy, Belman

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    "Bol asslyanchein bolkien, Uhdak asslyachein Kolkein" (if wrong correct me)

    My Mai used to utter above proverb always if any unfortunate incident occurs.

    Rowdiness, Goondagiri was there before, is now and will be. But difference is that-earlier not only educated even un-educated people had common sense to investigate the matter and then solve. but now first, beat, kill and then solve.

    And if you are a Very rich person and belonging to political party or relative of politician then nothing matters.

    We, common people have to come together and tackle these type of rowdiness. But what if mob attacks you when you are alone?

    And another slogan-"Don't interfere in our personal matter"

    So not only Mangalore whole world is become spineless, motionless, emotionless, feelingless etc etc.

    Our elected politician, instead of working for betterment of people, busy with pointing/attacking opposite parties with their mistakes, blunders, scams and even they also indulge in same crimes. So what betterment we can expect?

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  • Senna, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    The puppet-masters are far away in Delhi. What you see here are the mindless puppets, whose hearts having been pumped up with hate, have been let loose on the streets of our fragile city.....

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  • Lenston Dsouza, Nandalike/Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Mangaluru is an heart of coastal Karnataka, i'm not agree that, our city is became peace-less city. Ya.. there is some incidents happened, which is really not acceptable in 21 century on religious aspects. But its not an big deal. Our Police can hold these issues if they work according to Law & Order. Our Mangaluru was best, is best & will best forever & ever.

    DisAgree [20] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    ''Our Mangaluru was best, is best & will best forever & ever.''

    - you are living in a bubble, my friend.

    DisAgree [15] Agree [46] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lenston Dsouza, Nandalike/Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Zeitgeist, Mangalore
    Daer friend, did anyone attcaks on you in Mangalore...?
    I'm in Mangalore since my birth, still no one attacks on me because its the way that you behave in Public Places & in your society. Helping on others is acceptable, but the way of help should be considered by cureent cirmustances. As you said that, living in Mangalore like living in Bubble. For your kind information, Mangaluru is an fastest growing city win Education, Health & Infrastructure. NRI's most likely place of investment.

    DisAgree [29] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015


    Simply because nothing has happened to you does`nt mean that the city was great, is great and will be great. There is a deep communal divide and mistrust.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [21] Report Abuse

  • Lenston Dsouza, Nandalike/Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Zeitgeist, Mangalore
    You are throwing communal venam, even such like you people indirectly tempting the communal peoples to create more incidents in peaceful costal.

    DisAgree [13] Agree [3] Reply Report Abuse

  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    What??? me ??? throwing communal venom???

    DisAgree [1] Agree [13] Report Abuse

  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Yes, mangalore has become a spineless society. I am ashamed to say that i am from mangalore. Recently a guy who is native to bangalore told me that mangalore is well known for moral policing. Just type mangalore in youtube and you will get moral policing videos. Moral policing has a very large passive support and from both of the communities. Though one side does it more openly due to political support.

    The people who assaulted in the latest case will be released soon and they will be back on streets again to carry out another such assault. The people who are responsible for law and order in the society are good for nothing.

    DisAgree [15] Agree [73] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ramchandra, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Definetly this is shame on us and it shouldnt have been happend and we are spoiling the image of our Mangalore. And we feel shame on another issue is that people and media condemn only if it happens on minority community and they dont bother about the other communuty and they will not publish if it happends to them and this is the responobility of the responsible media if they are ready to take responsibility

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