Hinduism: Not for Induced Conversion

Sep 26, 2008

“Hinduism never opposes free will conversion. Violence in any form is condemnable regardless of the cause.”
Let us not deliberately try to mix up other issues with the above bold lettered/quoted statements. If we mix up, then it is nothing but big scam to hide the truth.
No one stops the people who trade their soul and god with free will. But assuming same for the helpless/poor/uneducated people is nothing but exploitation of their weakness.

We have heard stories of some parents selling their kids because of poverty and helplessness to look after their kids. It is their mental and physical inability due to various challenging factors driving for the same. So can we equate them to child traffickers? NO. If that person would have had the right environment, education and circumstances he would not have done so. So issues can be solved only when we have clear understanding of all factors.

So let us not forget the facts. If free will was not the case, we would not have seen 5 crore Christians. To justify purely on technical perspective, violence over conversion is seen only on some places in India. But Christians do live all over India. If free will was not the case, one should have witnessed violence all over India.

We as Hindu echo Karan Tappar’s article on ‘who is real Hindu’. But at one place he mentioned “If any one of us were to change our faith how does it affect even if it is through inducement?”  I view that statement as a technical justification for his article. It simply indicates he is plain out of touch in that matter. If every weakness of human being is viewed as the opportunity for some one else, what does mean by social responsibility, civilization, cultural affinity and betterment of human society? I feel, the real Hindu also do not believe or encourages of the notion of one religion is less equal than other religion.

Religion is not the game of chess:

Let me take two examples “untouchability and caste”; the two much talked social issue for the conversion propaganda. The ideas of different sectors in Hinduism enriched its culture and diversity. But certain people became more dominant and tried to misuse for the personal gain which resulted in a practice that some are more equal than others. These issues are not unique to any religion. Can anybody deny that such issues do not exist in Christianity, Muslims...etc? Do I need to list out the sectors in other religions? It is practiced everywhere at different level. . Great people like Gandhiji rightly observed and worked towards that. There are many Hindu organizations which are working to rectify these issues. I hope it is true with other religions also.

If any one, who denies “Slavery” is not part of Christianity, should be ready to accept “untouchability” is not part of Hinduism. Both “Slavery” and “untouchability” are not part of any holy scripts, but practiced by ignorant people. Lots of progressive people are working towards solving these issues. Let us be honest in accepting that evil exist in all parties. It is time to work for the betterment of the people instead of using that as the opportunity to demean other religion by having blind eye on their own.

So let us not play the game of chess. Every move has its own counter move. It is sure to end up in deadlock. What we really need to do is to understand the larger implication of our actions and solve the issues before it goes out of control.

To whom should we stand for?

All Hindus do condemn fundamentalist people for resorting to the violent root in the name of conversion. I call upon them to change their approach and use different form of protest which does not involve any harm to the people and property. I also condemn some evangelical organizations who think service as the business of conversion propaganda [proofs can be cited].  Both of their approach leads to same thing; that is hurting the peaceful co-existence. . Evil does not mean just violence. Let us believe in society of “humanity, morality, equality and respect for each others faith”. To deal with the issues of our nation one should have the guts to be brutally honest. Let us not give blanket cover for good and bad under the same roof.

It is wise to learn from past for the betterment of future. Let us be clear that scratching the surface does not solve problem. I do want to mention Dr Sudharshan (there are many) who is serving for decades in the tribal belt of BR Hills in Karnataka. There are many other Christian organizations also doing the same. I don’t think these type of truly service minded people are facing any opposition. Their service never comes with any price tag or strings attached. They respect indigenous cultural heritage, belief and values. People of India appreciate it and it is called TRUE SERVICE.

How sad if we compare such great service minded people from the opportunistic people? It is nothing but dangerous to society if the so called service undermines peoples good tradition and beliefs. Induced conversion belongs to that. If someone denies it is not the issue, it is nothing but hypocrisy.

Hinduism has the history of more than 5000 years. It has sailed through most violent times. It has witnessed the most sordid and criminal exploitation of one nation by another in all recorded history. Yet it displayed its most tolerant and liberal beliefs. It is not the fear, but the idea of cultural advancement that makes us to think induced conversion is wrong for the health of society.

We need to maintain people’s cultural heritage, beliefs without any notion of undermining it.  That’s what India witnessed. Why do we need to be dictated by any others when we have our own rich heritage? Let me quote from Macaulay, British Parliament,1835.

"I have traveled across the length and breadth of India . Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage"

As true secular and democratic Indians let us not forget “Religions are many and diverse, but reason and goodness are one.”

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by Bharath Shetty Kateel-USA
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Comment on this article

  • Roshan, Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 11 2008

    A very Nice article.A true Indian wherever you are.

  • Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/Bangalore

    Mon, Sep 29 2008

    Come-on ladies and gentleman, let’s not divide India on our religious issues, let’s become better human being first and allow each other to practice their religion peacefully. Let us not fall in political crooked games. We should know that most of our so called political leaders are utter failures in their profession. How they can control well educated bureaucrats’ and corruption? Let’s pray that someday we are ruled by some professionally successful leaders in the best interest of our country.

  • Anita, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Sep 28 2008

    Everyone has the right to speak their mind. However Bharath Shetty in your article your views reflect a certain kind of animosity against induced conversions and it clearly attacks the so called missionaries portraying them to be they are on a MISSION of conversion.

    You support the act of violence by Bajarang Dal/VHP. Even if there is a case of conversion, we have law in this land and Bajrang Dal & VHP need not go on a rampage with their Goonda act terrorising everyone. I truly agree with Karan Thapar where he says “If I want to sell my soul and trade in my present gods for a new lot, why shouldn't I? Even if the act diminishes me in your eyes, it's my right to do so. If any one of us were to change our faith how does it affect the next man or woman? And even if that happens with inducements, it can only prove that the forsaken faith had a tenuous and shallow hold.” This truly applies to conversion from any religion Christian to Hindusim or vice versa. Finally there is only one God we came from and One God we will be returning to, so why dont we just live and Let live peacefully and in harmony.

    We have enough of Bomb attacks happening all around the world killing innocent people, lets not kill more in the name of religion, this is more deadly than the bombs!

  • don frank, Mangalore, India

    Sun, Sep 28 2008

    There are so many non-hindu girls who are married to Hindus, and are induced or forced to become Hindus, since Hindus are powerful and stronger, both economically and politically. I can give so many examples. No one talks about them. Conversion is only an excuse for the anti-Christian forces to harrass the Christians.

    Christian missionaries have heen helping the weak and the oppressed people to get social justice, which some people, inclduding Mr. Bharat, cannot to digest. First we have to solve the problems of the poor people and enable them to get social justice. Mr. Bharat's article is creating more confusion and hatred.

  • Mohan H Naik, Mangaluru

    Sun, Sep 28 2008

    Yes kids must sing star spangled banner while at USA. But who will educate KIDS FATHERS, to get up and respect, when National anthem is being sung in Bharat desh?

  • Alex, Kuwait

    Sun, Sep 28 2008

    What a hipocricy, the author goes away from so called diversified heritage and culture land of India, and is in USA for what? Do what you preach.

  • Santosh, Udupi / Bahrain

    Sun, Sep 28 2008

    Dear Mr. Bharat Shetty.........Very nice article.......Please ignore the negative & sarcastic comments...Its only a matter of sour grapes....Keep writing...there are enough of us who enjoy your articles and gain knowledge

  • Alfred J. Rebello, Kundapur/Dubai

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Bharat, can you please tell us who is opposing Conversion, christians or some hindu fanatics? If violence is condemnable, then why the so called religious people or their groups like BD, VHP & RSS did not condemn the violence on christians?

  • Ravi Kadri, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 28 2008

    Dear Bharat, It is appeared that most of the readers did not understand what you have written or their prejudiced mind did not allow them to work on your article. There are many do understand your article but may not bother to write their opinion on this column. Please don’t be disheartened by the biased comments and keep writing such good article.

  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Sun, Sep 28 2008

    The Article is a vivid elaboration of orrors in some and other religions and some religions are greater than others may be?? God is One. Human Blood is red. There is only two religions ( Male and female - of course now we discover that there is are two new ones which we did not know till now, Gay and Lesbian). The point is nothing but political.

    There is nothing religious about the whole issue. If it is religion then it has to be nothing but peace. Because every religion, advocated peace and harmony if read and understood with a clear mind with out any bent of mind, without being of any sect or self appointed interpretory authority. Religion nothing but Peace and tranquility and harmony within.

    It is a way of staying in unity with the Super power (God) Only one, called and worshipped in defferent forms and invoked with different names to acknowledge and accept that power over the creature by the CREATOR (God as Father and God as mother) If one feels that urge and that need for union with the creator there is religion. What we see today is CLEAR POLITICAL DRAMA.

    All these players on stage do clearly know that religion is clearly is not their cup of tea and would have very little knowledge of the faith. Any one belittles the other religion it clearly is evident in their actions and their ideas and ideology that they do not have any idea what religion is and have practically have no knowledge of the religion they profess externally for the other to see.

    If one is truely religious then they will not get into discussing other religions to be insuffecient or inferior. What Matters is the true inner acknowlegement of the scarcity of knowledge and understanding of self and the soul and the PARAPATMA. That much for religion. The present wave of so called religion bashing is nothing to do with TRUE RELIGION.

    It is clearly evident in the actions of the perpetrators who are not religious but political activists who do not subscribe to any religion. It is nothing but OPPORTUNISTIC AND CALCULATED POLITICAL MOVE and this should not be misunderstood and made to look like a religious freedom fight. No it is a Political freedom fight froma party that has tried various ways to come into the main stream politics.

    YES I SAY MAINSTREAM through the major RELIGION IN THE COUNTRY. It is nothing but a form of political identification and religious devide. When most of the paths taken in the earlier years to political power have been lost and diverted this one (religion) seems to be a uniting factor for a major Vote Bank. Sure enough the term Vote Bank Politics / Or VOTE BANK RELIGION. It is only to be seen that in India the population ( the common man) has much more pressing issues like Roti Kapda and Makaan to look for before going into religion.

    And it is then when the Basic necessities are catered to and when the next need of religion comes in we have sugar coated issue which says THE RELIGION IS IN DANG

  • Yajna, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 28 2008

    It is ver clear that many people commented here are totally biased. They want to hear what they think is correct. Simply they resort personal attacks to the author being bling to their side of wrong doings...

  • Roshan Pais, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    I think lot of readers have made very good comments Vinci and Ashok for example. I sincerly think that "CONVEERSIONS" IS ONLY AN EXCUSE HERE TO DEVIDE PEOPLE. Slavery - zamindars - BONDED laborers - its all part and parcel of India. To be able to see poverty and devide between URBAN and rural INDIA ONE HAS TO GO TO VILLAGES! I urge chritian institues to have MANDATORY CAMPS for all the students to RURAL SET UPs at least once a YEAR! That way when they grow up and go to USA - they dont have false perception that INDIAN CULTURE is being wiped out by CHRISTIANS!!!!! Yes I DEMAND IT from EVERY CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE IN INDIA. This will greately remove the MISCONCEPTION OF CONVERSIONS!!

  • Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/Bangalore

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Good article the word inducement, weakness and opportunity can be passed on to any human act. For example, Why Bharath is in USA? Certainly Inducement and that could have been higher education or employment of higher remuneration. What weakness Bharath had to go to USA? Certainly, better opportunity or selfishness.

    Slavery was there in every part of the world, but not anymore in the developed countries. Your justification shows that, you want slavery to continue in India. You love USA knowing the fact, the kind of bomb they dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ignoring the fact that these very same people are now trying to stop the whole world from acquiring one.

    Why? Because they don’t want anyone to do the same mistake what they have done? They want to save the world. Please refer some books and find out how they eradicated slavery and write an article, we would appreciate that. You do advocate the act of violence by Bajarang Dal. Even if there is a case of conversion, we have law in this land.

    Bajrang Dal is trying to control the country with their goon attitude and people like you sponsor such act. Why don’t you advise Bajarangis and such groups, to reach to those remote areas and educate the poorest of the poor and serve those suffering from leprosy, before any missionary could reach? If they do, the purpose is served and the problem is solved.

    Mr. Shetty, Please try to solve the problem, don’t create any new problems. Conversion theory is just an excuse to attack and now Bajrang Janatha party is surveying their Hindu support for the election. Have you ever seen any comments from Mr. Advani on this issue? That itself gives you the answer.

  • Prashanth, Thokkottu

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Bharath…good work! All the best…In India you will become secularist only if you appease minorities, even if they plant bomb to your home or convert your family…you have really balanced both the religion…..you can make out the people through their comment…..anyway we are free to say anything!

  • Ravi, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Shettre, I don't want to comment on the article, but you have put up a lovely picture with the article. Just want to know the religion of the four people on that boat. For me they look like Indians. Thank You.

  • Rasheed., Dubai

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Mr. Ashok Kumar(udupi)I agree your opinion. Thanks Ashok Kumar


    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    All these discussion on Mr.Bharath Shetty's article doesn't take us anywhere. Every one feels/ thinks that ' he is right'. The one's love attachment to one's relegion is understandable. To debate which religion is great & which God is mighty is childish and amusing. If any one of you has suffred / suffering from hunger and need of a shelter to live a dignified life - would have not ventured in to this useless stuff.

    I am supporter of selfless NAXALITE movement as their concern is same as mine -uplifting 'less fortunate'.You guys who have wealth & money resort to all these discussions..Let you be hungry for a day...and feel the pain & agony of millions of hungry people..for once I am sure these discussions will never cross your mind.

  • Chandrashekar, Bangalore

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    It is very sad people branding only VIOLENCE AS EVIL..They turn blind at the act of induced conversion which also wrong. How on earth one can say one god is better than other god? Unless we solve root cause issue (i.e. conversion), violence is bound to continue

  • Ashok Kumar , Udupi

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Everyone has the right to speak their mind. The comments clearly shows the personality of the individuals. My dear friends, why don't you all think that you are Indians and forget about the religion. When god created this earth, I don't think he had religion in mind.

  • Vince, Mulky/Dubai

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    The article of Mr. Bharat, USA, on conversions, is the GENERAL PERCEPTION of majority of Hindu Community. Therefore instead of ridiculing the writer, it is necessary to address. What is the GENERAL PERCEPTION of majority Hindu’s? 1) Conversions are systematically done with money and force, with money coming from Vatican and other western countries. 2) Ridiculing Hindu society/ religion is done indiscriminately, to confuse the person and then promote conversion. 3) Minorities are treated with privilege, discriminating majorities, in jobs, educations etc. 4) Congress party favors (for its vote bank) only minorities, while BJP with its natural ally's only defends for majority Hindu community. Christians being pro-congress eversince its formation, help divide the nation into religious minority/majority. Majority thinks this is plain truth, therefore denying outright is certainly dangerous as these very perception suddenly turned as truth and THE Fact.

    It is therefore necessary to take it head on. Countering the above perceptions in reverse order 4) Pro-congress: Christians in general believe politics is filthy and politicians are dirty. They only need pro-people and clean administration.

    However, polarization enforced by VHP/RSS/BD with no factual evidences, made them to sway congress way for survival, rather than as principle. 3) Minority Previleges: The privileges are there only in paper like every other Govt. Policies, it’s never trickled down to masses. Nobody (at least in Christian community) knows of the additional privilege one gets in comparison to his majority counter part. 2) Generally Christians believe they are not so far away from a normal Hindu.

    I don’t think a normal Christian or Hindu go to the extent talking about their own religious belief in their day to day life. It's always seen either party becoming part of the celebrations. So, its everyone's imagination. 1) Re: Conversions - nobody in particular in Christian community know how to counter this perception. It’s come as a surprise and Shock to many in Christian community, which is logically, factually and ideologically INACCURATE. To put it in other way someone saying “hey Vince you are an Antinational! If I ask him why? He will reason out – you are pro congress, you are Christian, you live in Dubai and you send mails to counter my arguments. In what way I can defend, when the accuser has already drawn conclusions and very nature of the argument is impossible to connect the two?

  • kailas, bangalore

    Sat, Sep 27 2008


  • Donald Pinto, Chickmaglore/Abu-Dhabi

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Hi, Bharath Shetty Kateel-USA , This all problems not by hindu pepole , this is by Terrorist group like R S S , V H P & some nonsense activists . They are spoiling our Indian Peace & growth just to support the personal selfish purpose. Please don’t mix up Hindu & such stupid group together.

  • JayRao, puttur/sydeny

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    For me, leaving one's religion is equivalent to disowning one's own mother because one doesn't agree with everything the mother believes or mother can't provide everything one asks for. But, there are substantial number of people who disown/neglect their parents - particularly when they old or sick and are of no use to them !!! .

    So, I am not surprised when people get converted and find some excuse to justify it! There are also those who remain in their religion and don't follow the teachings of their religion. I also get offended by those who study(read ?) scriptures of other religions with the intention of finding material to criticise or ridicule.

  • laveena, mangalore

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Hey bharat, first come down and live up to your religion, dont just write on blank papers to others to follow, as you think India is yours come down and live here.

  • Theo D'Silva , Kadri.Mangalore/Toronto,Canada

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Hey, Bharath you should thank Nagappa Aalwa and the Indira Ghandi to come to this status. There is no justification on this planet. Might is right and majority is right. But there is one god like rigveda says about same Jesus Christ in Bible so, rigveda may be a interpretation written in indian language. so, be literate like max before you write article justiifying the attrocities done by the people and police.

  • Ivy, India

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Jesus came into this world for the entire mankind (incl Hindus) to show to the world how to worship and please the One & Only God, Our Creator. During His life on earth, He too was misunderstood/ misinterpreted and killed. Jesus says in Jn 15:18 “if the world hates you, just remember that it has hated me first. If you belonged to the world, then the world would love you as its own. But I chose you from this world, and you do not belong to it, that is why the world hates you…”

    No Bharaths will understand this. Yes, Hinduism is the oldest religion. But, God did not make any religion and God could not stand idol worship. If the missionaries are continuing the work of Jesus, why are you jealous?

  • Gerald Dsouza, chikmagalur

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Please try to Ban all illegal religious groups,VHP, Bajarang Dal, New life etc.

  • latha, mangalore

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    I am sorry to read the artical which you writen, as someone said it is easy to get information from the book, than live in reality.let us not condemn one another. each one is free to choose thier religion. i feel sorry to tell you this but it is the reality.

  • Max, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    I really want to give the author the benefit of doubt that he cares for the secular fabric of our country, though there is reason to believe that he could be overreacting to the unmerited criticism that is meted out at Hindus and Hinduism after the spate of attacks on christians by a few miscreants. While we have no control over our past, we do have control over our present. So quoting whatever just to expose christians by the author (or Hindus or Muslims by anybody else) without getting a hand to the ground reality is really unbecoming of the intelliegent Indian citizens. Did someone quote, "Nero played fiddle when Rome burned". So when violence is perpetrated by goondas, we intellectuals are busy tacitly justifying it, or am I wrong?

  • Kirthi, Ballabhag

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    I do not think that BD whoever that attacked the Church represent the "Hindu's". So let us please stay clear of this, just so that we do not end up in an endless debate. The key here is "conversion", free or forced. In my opinion on Thapar's statement " “If any one of us were to change our faith how does it affect even if it is through inducement?” " - I found it enlightning, what he subtly meant is "if the end result's in a change of faith, then what does it matter it it was free or forced".

    In other words, who is to say it was free or forced. The missionaries do a terrific job, but if there is a potential for conversion.. it will go ahead. Now, if we were to ban conversion, then what difference would it make?. Let people believe in whathave you.

    Let us get out of the cult / ghetto mentality. There is more to life than religion. Nation's struggled to seperate the religion from state. More over, if there is indeed a God, I would expect him to be by my side everytime I need him. I don't have to pray or publicize my prayer to get brownie points from him.

  • Elias Mascarenhas, Mangalore, Australia

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Dear Mr.Bharath, Before you write any article on religion, I suggest you take note of the following:

    1.As Indains, irrespective of the religion one belongs to, you are inducted into deep faith by your parents/community and it remains deeply rooted in you.

    2. While writing articles about religion, it is advisable only to appreciate the good things of other religion, as people of other faith generally not willing to listen to your criticism and suggestions due to their strong beliefs( one may call it as a biased views!) but it is true. You could sense it from the debate your earlier and current article generated in this web portal.

    3. Any suggestions and criticism one could make is only of your religion and faith but then you should be prepared to accept the challenges from followers of your religion asking for the authority to speak or write on behalf of them!

    4. While accusing and challenging certain practices of other or your religion, whether real or hypocritical, collecting information from some books/magazines, does not make it a good article. One need to practically involve himself and have first hand experience on the matter with full facts and realties. If you had met at least 10 people who were converted from Hinduism to Christianity or cited your experiences in living in those vulnerable tribal areas, your article would have made it more realistic.

    5. It’s better to light a candle than blaming the darkness! Come out with some specific self practiced suggestions and concrete steps to ameliorate the current problem.

    6. It's wise to follow the Toastmaster International base principle not to speak or write on religion, politics and sex as different people have different perceptions on these topics.

  • Philomena D'Souza, Moodbidri/Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    As I go through all the comments on the above article of Bharath Shetty, I am truly pained and distressed to see how hindus and Catholics in Mangalore are divided on religious lines. This is not the Mangalore i knew of where Hindus, Muslims and Christians, each community although had a rich variety of differences in terms of food, language, dress and cultural habits, yet each one contributed beautifully to the growth and advancement of the district. Where is the beautiful, colourful, peace-loving, fun-loving, enterprising, broad-minded mangalorean gone? The recent happenings in mangalore have shattered all that we have held dear for ages... all that our ancestors have built together - the intermingling of cultures and communities - the mangalorean spirit which gives us that unique identity within the state of karnataka, or better in all the four corners of world! Wake up mangalorean... don't ape narrow ghetto mentalities, allowing yourself to be divided by borrowing ideologies coming from outside!


    Sat, Sep 27 2008



  • Antony T. D' Souza, Karkala, Doha-Qatar

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Mr. Bharath, instead your name should have been Mr. USA, (may be I am little bit sarcastic). because you have lost the touch with the reality in India. Even a school child can write better articles by referring books from the library or perhaps by anonymous advise.

    You are destroying honey, attempting the honeycomb by club instead of by both hands. You are trying to swim just by referring the books instead of stepping into the water. Just come down to our country have the first hand knowledge of the forcible conversion whether it is “TRUE” or a “MYTH”. As far as I know in the history of Karnataka not a single case has been registered against any Christian religion group on conversion basis.

    By this do you mean that it is the hypocrisy of police personnel ? You could have employed in India instead in USA. What are the reasons behind it (regret for asking a personal question, just treat as a analytical tool !) Is it to be better off in life? for a social status or for a green card?. Same case holds good when untouchable or deprived lower caste hindus might convert to ANY other religion for a green card of to be recognized in a society, for religious equality and freedom, social justice etc.,

    As Hindu priests preach about Hinduism so Missioneries preach about Christianity to ALL without any segregation or layers and so other religions might be. Therefore, it does not mean that only ALL weaker section of the society will take it and ALL other educated, rich people (proofs can be cited) will leave it. For everything God as a plan and purpose. Finally and honestly ALL Christians are against cunning and forcible conversions. But if it is out of free will Let it be Gods WILL!


    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Being philosphical is a sort of escape from reality.For few questions in my mind I am yet to get proper reasoning. They are

    1) Why Christain missionaries/sects slect remote villages and tribal areas to serve the humanity

    2) Time and again people say chritians remain 2% of Indian population for over a decade?

    3) If a human being has notihg to eat for himself and family..who ever offers him one meal is the God as for he is concerned

    4) If a poor community/sect in a relegion does not get due respect/opportunity they are prone to go away to those offer them. The basic necessity of a human being is Roti, Kapada and Makan and who gives these?...hard work hleped by God - whoever it may be.

  • Dennis Menezes, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Bharat's article "Hinduism never opposes free will conversion" is nothing but hypocrisy.Today several states In India have passed laws aiming at "Preventing conversion" by self-will. Gujart is an example. From India the Hinduism spread to the outside world and from Arabia the Islam spread to Asia and Africa and from Palestine the Christianity spread to the world.

    Would Bharat tell these all are forced conversion.?As per Justice Wadhwa commission the Hindu population rose to 2.52% from 1991 to 1998, where as Christianity decreased from 2.7% to 2.2% during this period.In India every year over 5 Millions student are go through the portals of Christian institutes . Can Bharat point out a single conversions in a million of these students? This conversion allegation are nothing but an instrument the politicians are using to fool the public for getting elected in the next general election.

  • Roshan Pais, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    I am very happy that Bharath has taken pains to write this second article in a lucid way. In a sense what he really means is that the word HINDU means INDIAN. If we agree to this then we irrespective of religion are all Indians.

    Hurray great job Bharath. Second aspect is If we are Indians we need to respect Indian culture he says. Well our culture of non violence , goodness indeed needs to be practiced. so is being open to ideas and new thoughts.

    For us humans culture is continuously evolving thing and especially for India its a melting pot of assimilation. Other cultures enrich this 5000 year old culture. Thirdly talking about 2% indian population of christians are a product of forceful conversions reveals a retrograde streak which puts people in defensive mode.

    Lets say for argument sake its true - is it relevant here to talk- does it make sense? Were the xians of today born as xians or were forcibly converted? Oppression of dalit is PRESENT DAY phenomenon ( read maharashtra death sentence case) slavery in western civilization is history. Bharath has made a very controversial statement: linking Western slavery to Indian chrisitianity!. Come on SHettre... Dont talk about slavery and christianity ...... Ultimately no one belittles our culture- LETs NOT BE PURISTS.

  • A.D'Cunha Shenoy, Mangaluru

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Mr. Bhatath Shetty your views reflect a certain kind of anamosity against induced conversions and it clearly attacks the so called missionaries potraying them to be they are on a MISSION of conversion. You term this as exploitation. And you are wrong. This is social justice which lacks in our HINDU NATION, if I may call that way. If they are "forced to convert" then it is clearly wrong. But I dont think it is happenning. Even if you claim that it is happenning, it would be negligible in my mind. Do you as a real hindu term this as exploitation? Please reflect before you write an article on the topic of conversion. If you know about Mahatma Gandhi, he was against exploitation and untouchability.

    A real HINDU (unlike the people who managed to vandalise Churches and other holy places) who saw the exploitation of a nation by British and exploitation through untouchability of your like and kind. He wanted social justice and gave us hope to be a nation of social jutice. Yes, as you say, this nation of ours cannot be broken away due to high spirituality and culture but I would caution you, what does spirituality and culture achieve without SOCIAL JUSTICE. Let us treat our fellow brothers and sisters as equals, then only we will live in harmony. This is real Hinduism and in many ways exceeds Christianity or any other.

  • DAX, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    There are 10 books in the Rigveda. Ten mandalams. First nine mandalams refers to a God and presents methods of worship as rituals. In the tenth mandalam, besides this Lord Almighty, there is the mention about a man. The first born and only born son of the God. His name is ‘Prajapathy’. Prajapathy, the son of the God comes to this world at the appropriate time. After coming to this world he travels around advising mankind, what is sin and what is not sin what is to be done and what is not to be done what is wrong and what is right.

    To those human beings, who accept his advises and obey his orders, he offers prosperity and peace in this worldly life and salvation at the time of their death. And being the completion of his venture to redeem mankind from sin, he gets sacrificed at the end his specified period on earth. In verse 7 chapter 90 of the 10th book of the Rigveda, the sacrifice of Prajapathy the Son of God, is well explained. ‘At the time of sacrifice, the son of God will be tightly tied to a wooden sacrificial post using iron nails by hands and legs, he will bleed to death and on the third day he will regain his life in a resurrection.”

    Evidently none of the avatars meets this description. Nor are they expecting another incarnation, which will fit the description and attributes. The attributes of Prajapathy are given in the Rigveda and as in Sathapadha Brahmana, a supplement to Yajurveda. The next avatar is Kalki who is simply the destroyer. sa paryaghachachukrama virunamsnaviram shudhhama papavittham kavirmanishi : paribhur swayambhur yadhatha ityadhorthan viyadhadhacha chiviyaha samabhyaha” A self realized person visualizes that supreme personality of God head as

    (1) paryagathaha – omnipresent

    (2) Shukramaha – omnipotent

    (3) akayamaha – having no phenomenal body

    (4) avranamaha – in this person there are no imperfections that of gross physical body

    (5) Asnaviramaha – without any vein (his actions do not depend upon the viens for emulation of blood to the limbs of his body which is perfect on his own occord, in other words no blood in his veins)

    (6) shukthamaha – he is pure, perfect, no impurity

    (7) appapavidhham – he is beyond any mundanity as maya never can have any hold ( dark ness can’t enter him)

    (8) kavihi – he becomes the efficient cause for the creation and preservation of the universe and therefore he is omniscient

    (9) manishihi – he is the first philosopher who destroys the darkness of the heart of the soul with his spiritual light

    (10) paribhuhu – controller of everything

    (11) swayambhuhu – self-existent, from the beginning, he is not of the father and mother by flesh -isha upanishad “Purusha evedam sarvam Yadbhutham yachabhavyam Uthaamruthathwasya esaana Ya daannenathirohathi” This man, the first born of the God is all that was, all that is and all that has to be. And he comes to this world to give recompense t

  • Bomi Parekh, Mumbai

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Mr.Bharath, Do your kids sing the star spangled banner or do they sing Jana gana mana. Are you scared your grandchildren may not be following the same religion that you do. Won't you be responsible for this by staying in the USA?.

  • sangeetha, Kundapura

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    It is very sad to know that all these so called christians were once Hindus few centuries back and got converted forcibly by western rulers. They should remember the agony and the plight their ancestors gone through and respect one of the oldest religion- HINDUSIM. Thy love neighbours

  • Guru Baliga,

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Mr. Bharat, I feel we should allow sometime to simmer down the hard feelings of fellow christians. The debate will not be fair at the point of a gun. Lets wait for some time and then let Daijiworld itself initiate a inter religious dialogue between both religions. Let scholars (I am sure you are one of them) speak on the issue in that platform.

  • santhosh, mangalore/USA

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    What Bharat wrote in this article is only his mere book knowledge. Like Richard mentioned, you must read your holy book ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ and also Bible at least once. That will enlighten your view and wisdom towards any religion. Let’s be practical and digest what you wrote. Being in USA you think like this? How sad. God Bless America!

  • Haorld D'cunha , Mangalore/India

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Dear Readers. Due to the incident of desecration of churches and holy cross by the fanatic pro saffron affiliation has shown their culture. The Christians also showed their patience. Hindus & Christians who watch the behaviour of both Hindus and Christians through Media are the people feel the difference among these communities and they will be converted by the attitude of these Hindus and Christians. Please give witness to your religion by respecting each other before it is too late for you to loose your own fellow believers to other religion.

  • Joe D Silva, Mangalore / Sharjah

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Richard, you have conveyed what I wanted to write. Its a pity that Bharath in spite of living in the US has the same thinking as the terrorists who vandalised the Churches and are torching the houses of innocent Christians in Orrisa even today. I feel it’s a waste time trying to educate people like Bharat - it’s just simply a waste of time. I am proud that we have saints like Mother Theresa to boast.

  • bandhavya, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Mr. Bharath Shetty don't try to fool people by projecting yourself as a fair person. Don't think that your subtle ways can't be undertood. If you have remained fanatic inspite of being in USA then we can nothing wrong in people in India becoming fanatics. We welcome more fanatic articles from you in the coming days.

  • Rakesh, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Mr Bharath, its dam easy to sit in other corner of the world and write in stories and self thoughts in blank papers and Emails, i really appreciate your writings and thoughts, why dont you turn your writings into reality. why dont you present yourself here back in India and help the needed and teach them better living, if not open a system where you can help the poor Indians whom you think Innocent and helpless, coz i do lot of help to the poor and needed. hope you wil take this serioues and you wil do something for Indians.

  • Pramod, Yellur/USA

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Good article Mr Bharath..keep up the good job.Please send these article to the national mainstream papers also.There are black spots in every religions..

  • Lancy Rajesh, Mangalore/Prague

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Mr.Shetty, again wondeful writing, (only to arouse the sentiments of the minority). you tried to quote Mr. Thaper out of context. he also continues to say that forsaken faith mighth have failed to offer them what they wanted. In thier miserable situation someone came to help them and they moved by his generosity embrased his faith. it was not in respect for that man but a deep devotion for the God that he worshiped. secondly have you met any converted party and taken thier opinion to make such a bold statement. i dont think anybody went to their temple or home with leathel weapons like our friends did these days and asked them to get converted. dear friend dont try to pour oil on the burning fire.

  • girish rakesh, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Dear Richard, what is there insensible in this article? Is that because it points out real issue? As mentioned in article "one should have the guts to be brutally honest."...Good job Bharath!!

  • Purushottama, Byndoor

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Good article Mr. Bharath. keep on writing.

  • Bonnie, USA

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Can you explain how this inducement is working if at all when these sections of society already receive the reservation/ benefits form the govermnet. I, for one do not believe that people are foolish enough to forfeit the benefits they receive and convert to some other religion. This is just not going beneath the surface.

  • Deepa , Bangalore

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Hello Bharat, When i read the bold letters "Hinduism never opposes free will conversion. Violence in any form is condemnable regardless of the cause.” Are you really aware of the attacks on Roman Catholics ? Have you seen the attack on the cloistered nuns in the monastry who pray for 24 hours a day,who are never allowed to visit anybody. When you highlight your views on the helpless/poor/uneducated people i would like to add my views on that.

    God creates rich and poor he judges the rich who reach out to the poor. We are all his creation, he never sends rain only to good people but also on the sinners. There is no conversion happening in the name of jesus. When you help you poor brothern of your own religion do you go out in the public and make everybody know that you have given some alms to the poor, no you are wrong when you help from your right hand your left hand should not know that you have helped the poor. You have also made use of the word Trading the soul and god with free will. Trade is used for non living things. Soul and GOD and living things. Violence in India to the Catholics is seen in places wherever our present karnataka's government is there.

  • Blaan Mendonca, Mangalore/USA

    Fri, Sep 26 2008


  • Mohan H Naik, Mangaluru

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    One more candid write-up from Bharat.Good job. Keep on writing.

  • Richard, Karkala/Bahrain

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Once again an insensible article from Mr. Shetty to cover-up the agony from the responses received for your previous article. First of all you must read your holy book ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ and also Bible at least once. Being studied in Hindu School, I had such opportunity to your holy book, Ramayana and Mahabharata. You should have thought of facts behind the attacks on the minorities and the conversion before writing an article.

    To become a great writer on such issues, you must meet those people who are converted to Christianity/Islam or you must visit those places where a number of people converted to Islam and Christianity. We Christians feel pity for your knowledge regarding Christian missionary’s jobs in India and their approach & method of conversion. Your article proves that you are a fanatic Hindu and fanatic people like you in any religion (including Christian & Muslim) are dangerous in the society. Also, your article proves Hindu's can be converted by providing good social service. All the best for your future articles.

  • vish, mangalore/usa

    Fri, Sep 26 2008

    I agree with Bharath, Hindu is a broad term, many people think that it is people who belive in vedas( as per suprem court judgement) But that is not true statement because if so then coummunist who dont belive in god and lot of smaller casts/tribe who dont belive in veda or have not heard of it are not hindus. In that case what is their religion.if this is truely followed then Hindu becomes minority. But Hindu means some thing different, it means people who practice religion which is originated in India and it is pre- islamic. It covers every tribe, cast, language, culture.

    You belive practicing indian culture which you got from here. If due to foriegn infulence and money if people start convert what will happen. the tribal culture what they follwing will die. why tribal any culture will die because he has to follow the type of life style what that religion prsicribe. live like that.

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