Mangalore's Pride - Reshma Rodrigues Bags 4th Rank in Junior Division Judge Exams

Jul 31, 2008

Pics: Praveen Tauro Kulshekar

Recently these very columns had carried a story about Vijeta Pinky D'Sa who had done every Mangalorean proud with her stupendous achievements.  Today Daijiworld is glad and proud to present a success story of another young woman who has scaled greater heights with an astounding achievement.

She wanted to work in the management field. But destiny had other plans. And better ones at that. Meet Reshma Rodrigues from Bejai, Mangalore, an achiever of an enviable milestone by securing the 4th rank in the recently concluded State-Level Junior Division Civil Judge Exams. 

About 8,000 candidates appeared for the exam and 539 were selected for the final interview. Finally, 232 were selected as junior division judges. 

Reshma did her Primary schooling at Lady Hill Carmel School, Urwa and pursued her High School schooling at Lady Hill Victoria School, Urwa. A commerce enthusiast that she was, she opted for the commerce stream in her PUC at the Canara Pre-University College, Mangalore. She completed her B.Com from St Aloysius Evening College. She then went on to attain LLB from the SDM Law College, Mangalore, followed by an M.Com degree from the Karnataka State Open University via correspondence.

So why the shift from Commerce to Law? "I was actually looking for a post of a company secretary. So I thought LLB would be a good qualification to have in my armoury before applying for the post. But during my period of law study, I got interested in the subject of law and I decided to go ahead with the practicing of law. Besides, the examination results also proved to be an encouraging factor" she reveals.

Initially she worked with K Prabhakar Achar, criminal lawyer, Mangalore, for a period of one year. She then took up teaching and worked in St Agnes Degree College as a lecturer teaching law subject, besides simultaneously practicing as a lawyer. Later, she started practicing with A C Gopal, civil lawyer. At present, she is an independent practicing lawyer. One of her major clients is a company called 'Allegro Ventures'. 

The encouragement given by her father Aloysius Alban Rodrigues certainly is one of the major aspects that determined the paradigm shift in her career prospect. "Although I am not educated, I have a lawyer's mind. Many a time I give tips to lawyers myself. I had so many business related cases in the courts that I almost became a constant visitor of the courts, thereby knowing quiet a few things about law. Therefore, I felt that my children should take up law. Reshma was not interested in law initially, but I knew she had the innate ability to excel in the filed. I persuaded her to take up law and today when I look at her success, all I can say is that my dream has translated into reality" he exalts. 

Reshma is the younger of the two children of Aloysius. Her elder brother Ashok Rodrigues works in a private company in Mangalore. Her father is an auto consultant. He is also the vice-president of Mangalore Auto Rickshaw and Car Drivers' Society.

So how does she find working in the field of law, a field that is not considered advisable for women? "Yes, if you are a practicing criminal lawyer, you do feel it is not your cup of tea as a woman, wherein you have to deal with criminals, run around the police station time and again and so on. But practicing as a civil lawyer is not all that a headache for women and that is what I am doing at the moment. I deal with civil related issues such as property matters etc." she informs.

Law is one field where truth is what you prove it to be. Many consider law today is not the honest of professions and by Reshma's own admission, many lawyers 'lie' or support a lie in order to win a case. "Sometimes we are up faced with cases which we know are not going to go our way. There are times when a lawyer's conscience questions him/her. But one thing that we are taught in law is, if you have a client, your job is to defend him/her. It is the court's job to find out what is true and what is false. That is the way we have to show respect to our profession," she discloses.

We might well see her as a judge in the near future. When asked if she would contemplate bringing about some changes in the way law is practiced in our country, she says that reducing the delay of cases will be something that will be one of her top priorities. "Some cases do take a lot of time. But there are many cases that are deliberately dragged for a longer period. If I become a judge, I will try my best to finish such cases off as soon as possible" she reveals. 

Speaking about the scope of law she says that an LLB qualification is not just to become a lawyer or a judge. Nowadays many corporate companies are looking for LLB graduates since almost every company requires a legal advisor. She adds that even in the competitive exams they prefer people who have a law background. 

Besides, she adds that knowledge of law can mould people into better citizens of the country. "When we lawyers go to a shop, we are aware of consumer rights. When we buy a property etc, we will be aware of the property laws. This way, we know we cannot be cheated in any way, for if someone does, they will be in for a lot of trouble later. Similarly, if all people are made aware of the laws, many will be aware of their rights and how best they can use them. Yes, Constitution, human rights and environmental studies have been made mandatory in almost all courses taught in degree colleges. But I feel issues such as consumer rights etc should be added in that syllabus, so that people are aware of what they can do," suggests Reshma.

Well, looking at this inspiring transition from a commerce student to an independent practicing lawyer, one can only say 'Commerce's loss was Law's gain!'

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Comment on this article

  • gagandeep pahwa, ludhiana

    Fri, Jul 23 2010

    i would like to thank miss. reshma and your family because u are so talented about your study as well as practice in law.

    gagandeep pahwa

  • namrata kapoor, faridabad

    Mon, Sep 29 2008

    hey congratulations!!! u knw ur article has motivated me.even i m a commerce graduate from hansraj college and planning to take up law. I m also doing cs side by side...thanx....n goodluck!

  • Fr. Vincent D'Souza, New Delhi

    Thu, Aug 14 2008

    Hi Reshma. my heartiest congratulations on ur great success.My prayers n blessings r with u.May Mother Mary love u n guide u.Everything is possible 2 God. Let us put our trust in Him.

  • Gretta Pinto, Agrar/Bombay

    Mon, Aug 11 2008

    Our Dearest Darling Reshma, Hearty Congrats. This is really a great achievement. We are really proud of your. May God bless you, protect you, keep you in good health and guide you in your future endeavours. God bless you dear. With Love and Sweet kisses from Aunty Gretta, Uncle Vincy, Chevone and Clevvone


    Mon, Aug 11 2008

    Dear reshma congratulations on ur success.. may god bless u and may u have a great future ahead..!

  • Sr.Severine Menezes, Belur, Hassan

    Sat, Aug 09 2008

    Congratulations, Reshma. May you remain a role model to all the youth of today. All the Best.... God Bless

  • Valerian Dalmaida, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Aug 05 2008

    Dear Reshma, You are saying,"Sometimes we are up faced with cases which we know are not going to go our way. There are times when a lawyer's conscience questions him/her. But one thing that we are taught in law is, if you have a client, your job is to defend him/her. It is the court's job to find out what is true and what is false. That is the way we have to show respect to our profession,". This means you will defend your client even when you know that he/she is wrong. What justice you can do as a judge. Be true always, in all circumstances and I am sure you will shine and people will say, here is a true Christian.

  • Jeffrey D Souza.t, Agrar,Kuwait

    Tue, Aug 05 2008

    Dear Reshma Congratulations. God Bless You. Wish you all the best for your future.Great achievement

  • Fr Alfred pinto, Kinnigoli

    Tue, Aug 05 2008

    Dear Reshma, The Church in India is proud of you, for we need people like you to impart justice to the poor and downtrodden people in the country. Being a Junior judge you will have a lot of scope in this judicial system to give justice to the deprived. May god inspire you to remain firm in this line influenced by the values of christ. God bless your endeavours.

  • Reshma, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 04 2008

    Congratulations Reshmaon bagging 4th Rank in Junior Division Judge Examinations. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

  • wilson, udupi

    Mon, Aug 04 2008

    Congrats Reshma, may u suceed in ur profession as u have succeeded in your exams. Best of luck for your future.


    Mon, Aug 04 2008

    Congratulations. You will be inspiration to many in the future.

  • shameer.zh mangalore, dubai

    Sun, Aug 03 2008

    Congrats reshma god bless u

  • John D'Cruz, Bantwal

    Sun, Aug 03 2008

    Hi Reshma My heart goes out to congratulate you.what a amazing achievement..!!!keep scaling higher and higher

  • Christle Dsouza, Bejai/Dubai

    Sat, Aug 02 2008

    Hi maam, Congaths!!!! I am proud to be your student (Agness 2007 batch)....

  • Philu /Dubai, Puttur

    Sun, Aug 03 2008

    wow!Hearty Congrats and Hats off to you dear Resma!May you do justice to the noble profession

  • Abdul Sattar, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 02 2008

    Best wishes.... Keep up the Good Work

  • Manoj Kumar Prlnt Point Vittal, VITTAL/DUBAI

    Fri, Aug 01 2008

    Congratulation Reshma. This is a great achivement. We are proud of you. God Bless YOU

  • Laveena,Thelma , Bondel,Kuwait

    Fri, Aug 01 2008

    Congrats dear, wish you good luck .We are really proud of you.Do u remember Lavina, she is your college mate.

  • Steven D'souza, Kanajar/Kuwait.

    Fri, Aug 01 2008

    Congratulations Reshma, Good achivement.All the best for your future.


    Fri, Aug 01 2008

    Congrats Reshma, Keep up the good wark.

  • nahla, katipalla buraidah ksa

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    congrats reshma may god bless u

  • imthiyaz, manlore riyadh ksa

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulations!!!! great achivements

  • justin, mangalore/australia

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    congrats, well done This is truly an inspiration for many including me...hello kids out there take a leaf out of this young ladys book....God bless you Reshma- justin- Melbourne australia

  • gilbert d'souza., pakshikere,u.s.a ca.dublin

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulations.Reshma.keep it up.

  • CGS, Qatar

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congrats Reshma! May God grant us some more civil judges and lawyers as well.Mangalorean Catholic Community is really proud of Vijetha and Reshma.Best of luck!!

  • savil prakash mascarenhas, vittal/mangalore

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulation Reshma. This is a great achivement. We are proud of you.(I did my B.Com studies together with you in St. Aloyius college)

  • Joachim Vaz, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    hearty congrats upon yr succesful achievement let god bless in abundence in yr future life regards

  • Shwetha / PLAMA , Kulshekar

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congrats Reshma!!!! All the best for your future.

  • Montu D'souza, koppa/kuwait

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulations to Reshma.We are proud of you.Now a days girls excels in competative exams.What about mangalorean boys,still speeding the bikes in M'lore? or increasing the sizes of byseps to impress girls.Boys wake up from sleep.Knowledge is power.Aim for higher qualifications.Don't waste time on silly matters.

  • Fr.J.B.Crasta, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulation Reshma. This is a great achivement. We are proud of you. God bless you. Fr.J.B.Crasta,On behalf of the Diocesan Laity commission

  • rajesh, mangalore/dubai

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulations.Wish you all the best in your future endeavours.Really proud to see an Aloysian achieve this honour.

  • Arun Kamath, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Its indeed a proud moment for Mangaloreans. All the best. May you do justice to the noble profession.

  • Austin Prabhu, Nanthur/Chicago

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulations to Reshma Rodrigues on bagging 4th Rank in Junior Division Judge Examinations. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors! Keep up the good work!!

  • bharath shetty , Kateel -USA

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulations!!!! Keep up the great work!!

  • Susan (Veigas) Lobo, Bendore, M'lore / Canada

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congrajulations!! Reshma, All the very best for your future.

  • Gracy Dias, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    Dear Reshma, Hearty Congratulations to you on securing 4th Rank in Junior Division Judge Exams. I am very happy and glad for you. It makes me feel proud that one of my college-mate has secured rank. (I did my B.Com studies together with you in St. Aloyius college) Wish you well in your working field and pray for God's blessings upon you. God bless you and all the best!

  • William Mascarenhas, Moodbidri / Dubai

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulations.......... Good Achievement.All The best for your future...

  • Rasheed., Dubai

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Congratulation Reshma. God bless you. Keep in future, next achievement in your life. Thank you

  • Lancy Moras, Bajjodi, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Hearty Congrats and Hats off to you dear Resma. You have not only upgraded youself but made proud to you parents. Let God guide you in each of your future steps and endevours. Bravo.

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